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The Artist Within – Follow up project Name and contact of the person/oragnisation: -

Szamosi Judit, / Target group Adults (from around age 20-to age 60)

Description of the activity The name of the activity is: Bodytime workshop. I am a trainer of somatic movement, and dance. Bodytime is a technique influenced by: - Somatic approaches: Feldenkrais, Klein technique, Body Mind Centering, Skinner Releasing Technique. - Movement improvisation, contact improvisation, composition -

Relaxation techniques: autogenic training, progressive relaxation, mindfulness techniques and other meditative practises Quigong and hatha joga

In the last couple of years (2011- ) I have been working on developing this system, and it is still evolving in it’s own way. Every interaction with dance, movement, art and therapy have been influencing (and is influencing) this work. The artist within training organised by IKTE also had an impact on this work. In this description I am trying to grasp what aspects of the training was influential on my work. I also find this a difficult task, as the approach I am using is very similar. (There are many differences, however this document is focusing on the follow up project, which does not reflect on these differences.) I am going to outline one of my workshops as a follow up project that occurred after the training. This workshop was held in 2015 September the 10th at the conference of the Hungarian Psychology Association, in the frame of “Summer University”. (Magyar Pszichológiai Társaság: Nyári Egyetem) Out of hereby undescribed reasons my follow up project was held and written much later than the deadline. I would like to express my apologise for this delay. I hope this paper is still relevant within these circumstances.

local pilot activity expression dance therapy szamosijudy pilot hu  
local pilot activity expression dance therapy szamosijudy pilot hu  

local pilot activity done in 2015 in Budaoest hungary in the frame of the european strategic partnership "the artist within"