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Pilot Activity Re: The “Artist Within” 3rd Training “YOUR INNER CLOWN, HUMOUR STRATEGIES AND OTHER COMPETENCES” Leipzig, Germany

Humor and Integral Expression and Dance Therapy

Event: KAB 2016, Conference of the Hungarian Association for Expressive Arts Therapy Venue: SÍN Culture Centre, 1139 Budapest, Gyutacs u. 10. Date: April 30th 2016 Time frame: 1,5 hours Number of participants: 12 Number of participants on the whole event: cca. 100 Group leaders: Tibor Cece Kiss and Krisztina Zsiday How: based on the experiences, learning, process, approach gained during the training course in Leipzig about humour strategies and clowning, integrated with the professional knowledge of group work and Integral Expression and Dance Therapy Why: Our aim was to test how we can incorporate the experiences and approach into our work with other helping professionals Name and contact of the persons / organisation doing the workshop: Tibor Cece Kiss, ​ Kriszta Zsiday, ​

Clown pilot ikte kriszta cece  
Clown pilot ikte kriszta cece