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with Tim Lyons Auctioneer (KY #P1699) is pleased to present

Important Auction of Native American Artifacts with over 450 Top-Quality Authenticated and Well-Documented Consignments Commencing at 10:00am on

July 30th, 2011 Preview 8:00am-10:00am

at the Clarion Hotel, Lexington, Kentucky

The Ar tif act Com pan y Artif tifact Compan pany P.O. Box 1005, Mount Sterling, Kentucky 40353 (800) 466-3836 View Items Online at


The Artifact Company with Tim Lyons Auctioneer (KY #P1699)

is pleased t o pr esent to present

an Im por tant A uction of Impor port Auction Nativ e Amer ican Ar tif acts tifacts ative American Artif Commencing July 30th, 2011 at 10:00am at the Clarion Hotel, Lexington, Kentucky We are proud to present this Top-Quality Sale of fine relics in our third major sale of the 2011 Auction Season. Represented are over 35 fine Axes, large Western Blades including a massive California Wealth Blade, the largest intact Mississippian Pot we have ever seen, along with provenanced MidWestern flint, slate, and stone. Also featured in this auction is a wide selection of items have been previously papered by top authenticators such as Jackson, Davis, Stermer, Motley, Rogers, Dickey, Bennett, Berner, Perino, Partain, Baker, Johnson, Cox, Howard, Putty, Tatum, Fisher, Williams, Sievers, Meadows or E. Rowe. Customers interested in acquiring additional documentation or certificates should make arrangements prior to the sale. Additional documentation is only available at current market rate and should not be considered ‘complimentary’.

Terms of Sale We have attempted to accurately describe all items being sold, but all property offered for sale is strictly ‘as-is’. We have provided substantial images of all items offered to best inform potential absentee or online bidders with regards to item condition. It is the bidder’s responsibility (whether in-person, by phone, by mail, or via the Internet) to determine the exact condition of each item. No statement in this catalog, sale bill, invoice, or other documents by associates of The Artifact Company or the Principle Auctioneer, shall be deemed to warranty, or as representation or assumption of liability with respect to age, condition, size, quality, importance, rarity, variety, provenance, or historical reference as related to any sale items. Any such statements are strictly matters of opinion. If an item already has a certificate from one or more authenticators listed above the sale shall be considered final, NO EXCEPTIONS. Everything else (with the exception of decorative or contemporary items) is guaranteed for 30 days to paper by any authenticator living and mentioned above. Any item eligible for return with request for refund must be accompanied with a full written report of the examination. Authentication is a matter of scholarship and we welcome you to utilize the experience of your preferred expert for consultation prior to sale. You may arrrange to have your expert inspect a potential purchase prior to a sale by calling 1-800466-3836. Reserve and Buy-Back rules are in effect for this sale. The Auctioneer will be the final judge as to which bidder is the highest bidder. In event of any dispute in this matter the Auctioneer shall use his own discretion to decide whether to reopen bidding or not. Title to all merchandise shall pass to the highest bidder at the fall of the Auctioneer’s ‘Hammer’. The Purchaser shall assume full risk and responsibility for the lot purchased once title has passed. The buyer must pay Kentucky State Sales Tax (6%) unless exception is allowed under laws regulating such tax. Out of state sales tax numbers will be accepted. You do not pay Kentucky Sales Tax if items are shipped out of state. All accounts must be settled by sale’s end unless other arrangements have been made. Payment may be made by cash, personal check, or major credit card (a 3% convenience fee will be added to credit card purchases). No items removed until paid in full. The Artifact Company or its Auctioneers are not responsible for any typographical error or omission in this catalog. Photographs in this catalog are of the actual items being sold, but exact condition of the objects offered is their condition the day of the sale. There will be absolutely NO returns or adjustments of any kind made 30 days after sale date. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to any individual or group.

Subscription Information A complimentary catalog may be requested by calling us directly prior to a sale (supplies are limited). Catalogs are always free to view online. Customers registering to bid either absentee or by phone, or winning bidders will automatically receive a catalog for the next sale free of charge. Floor bidders will receive a catalog free of charge the day of the sale. Catalog purchase includes a ‘Prices Realized’ list sent after conclusion of the sale with the subsequent catalog. Prices Realized Lists and remainder sale catalogs are available for purchase for a minimal cost after a sale via our website or by calling 1-800-466-3836. Those wishing to subscribe without bidding may do so at a cost of $40.00 per year.



Buyer’s Premium Absentee and Floor Bidders the day of the auction will pay a 10% buyer’s premium on any successfully executed purchase. Internet and Phone bidders will pay a 13% buyer’s premium on any successful purchase. Shipping We will ship and insure items purchased through Absentee and Internet bidding to your wishes. A nominal Shipping and Handling fee will be assessed per package with regards to postage and insurance requirements. Absentee Bidding Absentee Bids must be received no later than 8:00pm Eastern Time, July 29th, 2011. Please call (800)-466-3836 or (859) 499-0204 to leave an absentee bid. Your bid will be made by an experienced bidder on your behalf. This system is not foolproof, but completely honest. Phone Bidding Call (800) 466-3836 or (859) 499-0204. Please call by 8:00pm Eastern Time, Friday, July 29th, 2011 to arrange this service. Our Staff will call you when the artifact is ready to go up for auction. Calls made to the above numbers the day of sale unfortunately cannot be answered. Incoming calls the day of the sale will NOT ring to the auction floor. Please plan ahead. Internet Bidding We are pleased to offer Internet Bidding via the website. You must register with LiveAuctioneers well in advance for this sale even if you have previously registered an account. Feel free to contact us if you are having difficulties registering online.

For Phone Consultation and Additional Description, please contact:

The Artifact Company Alexander C. Przygoda KY #AHO3486 P.O. Box 1005 Mt. Sterling, KY 40353 (800) 466-3836 or (859) 499-0204 This catalog is available for viewing and additional download at Many additional pictures are available on our website as well, many featuring translucency, flaking detail, and other views of the items in this catalog. Directions and Accomodations: The Clarion Hotel is located at the intersection of I75 (Exit 115) and Newtown Pike in Lexington, Kentucky. This is the same location as the Green River Archaeological Society Lexington Show. The address is: 1950 Newtown Pike, Lexington, Kentucky 40511 There are several motels and hotels in the area including the Holiday Inn (859-233-0512), the Griffin Gate Marriott (859-231-5100), the Embassy Suites (859-455-5000) and the Four-Points Sheraton (859259-1311). Call for more complete listing.

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1. 4 1/8" Etley - Pretty Jefferson City Chert example found by a Ms. Reader prior to 1950 in Pettis Co., Missouri. Ex - Eugenia Foster (1977), Anderson Collections. 2. 4 5/8" Dovetail - Great big serrated example made of pretty light gray and blue Hornstone. Found in Henderson Co., Kentucky. Davis COA. 3. 5" Gary - Truly wafer thin. Executed by a master craftsman. Pretty cream colored Burlington with a strawberry blush and speckles. Found in Calhoun Co., Illinois. Old collector #342A written on the arrowhead. Accompanied with a Davis G-9 COA. 4. 4 7/8" Etley – Pike Co., Illinois. Burlington chert example with perfect tip, ears and base. Davis G-10 COA. 5. 4 13/16" Lost Lake - Fine LARGE Example from Knox Co., Indiana in a pretty Fort Payne with two-tone patina leaving one side lighter than the other. Small amount of restoration present along one blade edge, but hard to catch. A great buy for someone looking in the 5" range. 6. 4 1/2" Dovetail - Large Dover Chert example from Humphries Co., Tennessee. Used but thin and well made. Davis COA. 7. 4 1/8" Adena - Hornstone example from Jefferson Co., Kentucky. Nice weight on this one. Made to do a big cutting job. 8. 4 5/8" Stanfield Blade - Mercer Co., Illinois example in Burlington Chert. Old collector number. 9. 4 1/2" Etley - Great size and color. Material looks like Mozarkite. Found in Kansas. Davis COA. 10. 4 1/8" Pedernales - Edwards Plateau Chert example from Travis Co., Texas. Needle tip and big! Great eye appeal. 11. 5 1/16" Stanfield Knife - Long and slender with precise flaking. Found in Walker Co., Texas. Davis G-9 COA. 12. 4" Hidden Valley - Extra large example of a quite rare type in great condition. Pretty high grade cream colored chert. Found in Arkansas. Old writing in pencil says ‘Berryville, ARK’. Davis G-9 COA. 13. 4 7/8" Polished Sedalia - Polished example from Clinton Co., Illinois. Ex - Lamoine Kaufman Collection. Great mineralization! 14. 4 7/8" San Gabriel - Super large but still extra thin and well made example with great excurvate form.. Classic Edwards Plateau Chert. Found in Walker Co., Texas. Davis COA. 15. 4 1/2" Covington - Big, nice translucency and form, and loaded with minerals. Guaranteed to paper by anyone. Made of Edwards Plateau Chert from Bell Co., Texas. Saline River Artifacts COA. 16. 4 7/16" Cobbs Knife - Large wide blade made of Bayport chert from Eaton Co., Michigan. Nice and all there.

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17. 4 7/8" Adena Blade - Superb example. Very pretty banded white, cream, and gray Cobden Chert. Found in Daviess Co ., Kentucky. Accompanied with a Davis G-10 COA. 18. 4 3/8" Thebes - Nice long example from Pike Co., Illinois. Burlington. 19. 4 7/16" Clovis Preform - Wonderful example similar to pieces from the Lincoln-Ready Clovis site. Burlington. 20. 4 9/16" Red Ochre Blade - Pretty colors in this example found by Tony Podkanowicz in November, 1981 in Partridge Township, NE 1/4 Sec. 33 in Woodford Co., Illinois. 21. 5 1/16" Tennessee River - Huge example. Great flaking and form. Found in Alexander Co., Illinois. Davis COA.


Partain COA

3 1/8” Clovis - Ohio


3 COA’s!

3 1/4” Clovis - Missouri

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48 22. 4 3/16" Dovetail - nice piece of blue/tan Flint ridge from Lake Co., Ohio. Some rainbow blush on one side as well. Partain COA. 23. 3 13/16" Dovetail - Hornstone example from Boyd Co., Kentucky. Ex - Dr. Bill Fethz Collection (St. Louis, MO). 24. 3 1/2" Dovetail - Pretty cream mottled flint with slight serrations found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana. Really nice! Jackson COA. 25. 3 3/4" Dovetail - Marshall Co., Illinois example in pumpkin-colored Burlington Chert. Fine serrations. 26. 3 9/16" Dovetail - Pretty banded Carter Cave flint example from Hart Co., Kentucky. Ex - Gilbert Dilly Collection. 27. 3 5/8" G-10 Plainview - Textbook perfect example from Pike Co., Illinois. Burlington. ‘G-10’ Museum Grade. Jackson COA. 28. 3 3/8" Dovetail - Nicely made serrated example from Cape Girardeau Co., Missouri. Old collector script present. Dover Chert. 29. 3 5/8" Plainview - Textbook Missouri example in Burlington chert. Flaked to a median ridge with a diamond cross-section. Minor modern rework to tip, but otherwise an excellent displaying relic. 30. 3 5/8" G-10 Pinetree - River-stained example from Trigg Co., Kentucky in Hornstone. Interesting mottling on this perfect example. Partain COA. 31. 4" Dovetail - Nicely done in banded hornstone, This example was found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana. 32. 3 1/2" Dovetail - Flint Ridge example from Coshocton Co., Ohio in ‘Button Base’ form. Partain COA 33. 4" Hardin - Exceptionally well made example in cream and strawberry blush Payson Chert. Adams Co., Illinois. Virtually perfect. 34. 3 9/16" Paleo Square Knife - Pretty mottled Fort Payne Chert example from Spencer Co., Tennessee. Ex- Al Wakefield Collection. Nicely flaked. 35. 3 5/8" Dalton - Thin and literally perfect. Pretty high grade Burlington with translucency around the perimeter. Needle tip. All in all, just an excellent example. Illinois/Missouri type. Ex- Sheldon Orr Collection. Jackson COA. 36. 3 1/8" Clovis - Excellent Clovis. Perfect form, craftsmanship, and condition. Pretty multi-toned Bishers Chert. Noble Co., Ohio. Ex- Marion Young Collection. Partain COA. 37. 3 1/4" Clovis - Rare high grade glossy Yellow Jasper. Thin, great flutes, and extra well made. Found in Boone Co., Missouri. Rogers, Davis, & Putty COA’s 38. 3 5/8" Dovetail - Multicolored Fort Payne Chert. Tennessee. Accompanied with a Davis COA. 39. 3 3/16" Thebes - Substantial artifact in a beige chert. Found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana. Excellent mineralization.

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40. 3 5/16" Clovis - Nicely made example in a blue/cream mottled flint found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana. Flute on one side extends more than 50% of length. 41. 3 13/16" Hopewell - Boyle Chert example from Central Kentucky. Good size and all there. 42. 3 1/2" ‘Classic’ Snyders - Classic example made of glossy gray Indiana Hornstone from Indiana. Ex- Will Burchett Collection. Baker COA. 43. 3 5/8" Agate Basin - Fort Payne Chert example fouind in Jefferson Co., Kentucky. Rare type for the area. 44. 3 1/4" Buck Creek - Nice example from Cumberland Co., Kentucky. Ex - Rocky Hall Collection. Fossiliferous Chert. 45. 4 13/16" Etley - Burlington Chert example from St. Charles Co., Missouri. 46. 4 1/4" Hidden Valley - Great symmetry and form. Found in Pike Co., Illinois. Davis COA. 47. 3 3/16" Thebes - Big wide example in high grade Burlington Chert. Loaded with original minerals. Found in Illinois. Davis COA. 48. 3 7/8" North Blade - Cache Quality - Perfect example. White Burlington with a pinkish blush. Old collector # ‘L-1008 over 2831’. Also labeled ‘Cass Co., ILL.’ 49. 4" Snyders - No-Brainer example from LaSalle Co., Illinois. Burlington. Excellent mineralization on this near first-stage example. 50. 3 13/16" Red Ochre Blade - Incredibly THIN is the word for this fossil chert example. Nicely flaked to boot. Burlington with a strawberry blush. 51. 3 5/8" Snyders - White Burlington stained light brown on one side from exposure in a collectors frame. Great form and extra sharp extended tip. Labeled ‘Pike Co., ILL’. 52. 5" Etley w/ Extended Drill Tip - Huge example from Cole Co., Missouri. Ex- P. Jones Collection. Burlington.


3 5/8” Plainview - Jackson COA


















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53. 3" Pinetree - Nice large example with excellent craftsmanship. Pretty two tone light brown and tan Fort Payne Chert with white specks. Found in Morgan Co., Alabama. Davis COA. 54. 2 9/16" Clovis - Nicely translucent example in high grade light gray Flint Ridge with fluting literally 90% on one side and 80% on the other. Partain, Stermer, & Putty COA’s. 55. 2 1/2" Hickory Ridge - Really pretty translucent blue and white Novaculite from Pike Co., Arkansas. Sam Johnson G-9 COA. 56. 2 3/8" Newnan - Labeled ’43rd. St. Site’. Greasy Agate. Nice thinness, symmetry, and translucency. Ex- Orr Collection. Florida. 57. 2 1/2" Dovetail - Hornstone example from Mercer Co., Kentucky. 58. 2 3/4" Thebes - Coshocton flint example from Ohio. Nice notches and color variation. 59. 2 3/8" Thebes - Allen Co., Ohio. Pretty example in a blush/tan fossil chert. 60. 2 3/4" Clovis - Pretty three-tone Bishers Chert. Great fluting on both sides. Found in Putnam Co., Ohio. Ex- Russell Clausen Collection. Partain & Putty COA’s. 61. 2 3/8" Jacks Reef - World Class craftsmanship, form, and symnmetry. Identified as Zaleski Chert. Found in Ohio. Davis G-10 COA. 62. 2 1/4" Clovis - Extra thin, extra nice color, and extra long 60% flute on one side and 40% on the other. Pretty gray, brown and tan streaked chert from Ohio. Davis COA. 63. 2 11/16" Coshocton Clovis - Deeply fluted 80%+ on one side and 70% on the other. Pretty mottled blue, brown, and white Coshocton. Found in Ohio. Baker & Partain COA’s. 64. 3 7/16" Culbreath - Hernando Co., Florida. Ex - York Johnson, Al Wakefield, Anderson Collections. Orange Honey colored Coastal Plains chert. Translucent! 65. 2 7/8" Beaver Lake - Beautiful Hornstone example.Great symmetry, form, and flaking. Kentucky. Ex- Orr Collection. Davis & Howard COA’s.







66. 3 7/8" Harrison-type Turkeytail - Great example. Nice and thin with precise flaking. Classic Indiana type. Ex- Clyne Collection. 67. 2 3/4" Clovis - 4 COA’s - Classic Fort Payne Chert. Found in Carter Co., Kentucky. Ex- Larry Walker Collection. Partain, Stermer, Putty, and Howard COA’s. 68. 2 15/16" Clovis - Pretty Flint Ridge with nice colors. Thin and well made. Nicely fluted approximately 70% on one side and 60% on the other. Found in Morrow Co., Ohio. Ex- Paul Moran Collection. Stermer, Partain, & Putty COA’s. 69. 3 11/16" Knife - Gorgeous rainbow-sherbet agatized wood example found near Winslow, Arizona. Ex - Gordon Pond Collection. 70. 3 5/8" ‘Plano’ Lanceolate - Ohio Coshocton example. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. 71. 3 3/8" St. Mary’s Hall - Phenomenally RARE Paleo type. Limited area for a limited time. Wafer thin and made of a highly translucent high grade Edwards Plateau Chert. Found in Central Texas. Don’t miss this one. It is the first of its type we have ever offered. Jackson COA. 72. 3 3/8" Polished Sedalia - Rare aboriginally ‘polished’ over its entirety example. Calhoun Co., Illinois example. Ex - Len Weidner Collection. 73. 4" Adena Blade - Pretty light gray two-tone Hornstone. Ex- Justin McMinn. Found in Indiana. Baker COA. 74. 3 11/16" Archaic Knife - Nice example in a gray mottled chert from Nevada. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection 75. 4 1/8" Adena - Dover chert example from Stewart Co., Tennessee. Well made with deep-chocolate tones. 76. 3 3/4" Pike County - Excellent example from Cole Co., Missouri. Some would argue ‘Unfluted Cumberland’ but reported from an area just outside the accepted distributional range. great relic in any case. Creek Stained Burlington. 77. 4" Adena Narrow Stem - Long and sleek. Made of cream chert. ExClyne Collection. Indiana origin.

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Davis G-10













Jackson COA


78. 6 3/8"x4 1/8" Saddle-Top Pestle - Incredibly rare form of pestle from The Dalles, Oregon in a brown hardstone. Ex - Terry Allen, Anderson Collections. These rarely make it to auction as most are traded privately. Davis G-10 COA. 79. 11 7/8" Roller Pestle - Nicely made example from Fayette Co., Kentucky in Quartzite. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 80. 11 1/2" NW Coast Salmon Packer - Washington/Oregon example from the Columbia River Valley. Used for packing dried salmon into storage containers. Some examples may have been used also as a stone club. Late Prehistoric Circa 1500 A.D. Jackson COA. 81. 4 7/16" Perforated Plummet - Stunning example in Porphyry with excellent polish. Pike Co., Indiana. Ex - Byron Knoblock Collection. ‘P15’ catalog marking. 82. 6 7/8" Atypical Chisel - Unusual form with dogleg at bit-end. Definite use wear and bit polish. Broken & Glued. Northwestern US. Possibly a whale effigy or slave killer form? 83. 8 1/8" Hoe - Nice smaller hoe probably for weeding or working in mixed ground. Mottled Burlington. MO/IL. Broken & glued. 84. 9 1/4" Cahokia Mounds Spade - Mill Creek Chert Example. Ex - Ed Payne, Fain King (King Mounds Museum), T. Hugh Young, Willis Tilton, Clarence Wilkerson, Bobby Onken Collections. Great relic with an exceptional history!! 85. 10 5/8" Hoe - Mill Creek Chert example from Western Kentucky. ExDr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 86. 3 7/8" Hohokam Shaft Straightener with Animal Icon - World-Class example. Perfectly executed diorite shaft straightener with lizard effigy in high relief on reverse side. Central Arizona. 87. 4 5/8" Notched Ovate Bannerstone - Auction Highlight!!! ‘G-10’ if there ever was one. Beautiful green banded slate with light cream worm tracks throughout. From Lorain Co., Ohio. Jackson COA. 88. 3 13/16" Crescent Bannerstone - About as good as they get!! Classic PA Whales’s Tail form. Show-stopping highly polished very pretty Chlorite. Mississippi Valley type. Ex- Collection of Chet Wildemuth. Jackson COA. 89. 7 1/8" Hopewell Snake Effigy - Fantastic piece made from a Conch Spondylus. No-Brainer mineralization with suspension hole. From Ross Co., Ohio. Jackson COA. 90. 5 1/8” Full Groove Axe - Granite example from Illinois. Old collector number ‘022’ on one side.

91. 18 3/4" Pomo Dance Blade - Large obsidian blade collected prior to 1931. May be attributable to Ted Orcutt. We are listing as early 1900’s piece likely used for dances like the ‘White Deer Ceremonial’. Ex - Standley, Depew (Los Angeles), Anderson Collections. Includes old label.

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11 1/2” 92. 11 1/2" Colima Threshold Cache Blade - Gorgeous mostly red with some black Mahogany Obsidian. Huge and slender with awesome transverse flaking. From the Lake Chapala Region on the border of the states of Jalisco and Michoacán. Tabasco Culture. Circa 800 A.D. ExRussell R. Ludwick Collection. Grandfathered. 93. 8 1/4" Black & Red Obsidian Blade - Found near Iguala approximately 60 miles from state capital Chilpancingo in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Truly awesome. This piece exhibits some of the best flaking we have ever seen a relic from anywhere in the world! Ex-Ludwick Collection. Grandfathered. 94. 8 1/2" Morse Knife - Museum Grade without a doubt. Very thin yet huge!! Found near Springfield, Illinois. Burlington. Ochre residue on one side. This is the largest and best example of this type we have seen in years. Davis G-10 COA. 95. 9" Robbins - MASSIVE Hopewell form from Licking Co., Ohio. In fact, we believe this is the biggest of its type we have ever handled!! Great history. Ex- B.W. Stephens Collection, #S-799. Unusual fossiliferous chert with numerous shades of color. 96. 7 7/8" Caddo Knife - Another extra large artifact with tremendous collector hsitory. This gorgeous example is made of highly sought after and beautifully banded Kay County Chert from Butler Co., Missouri. ExB.W. Stephens Collection, #S-749. this is a rare opportunity to acquire a true masterpiece!! 97. 8 1/4" Harahey - Huge Obsidian example. Found in Harney Co., Oregon by Nancy Luedtke in 1954. Covered with all of its terrific original mineralization. How does somethiung this big lay there for all those years and not get stepped on by a deer or something!!??!! Accompanied with a Davis G-9 COA. 98. 8 1/8" Paleo Ovoid Knife - Masterfully made large example from Jersey Co., Illinois. Burlington Chert. Another showstopper from the B.W. Stephens Collection, #S-504. These are incredibly rare and hard to come by, especially in this size. 99. 10 1/4" G-10 Bipointed Knife - Auction Highlight!!! Simply stunning massive piece of multicolor Jasper found in 1965 by Jack Litchfield at Harney Lake, Harney Co., Oregon. Museum Grade Example. Jackson COA. 100. Right at 12" Colima Threshold Cache Blade - Gorgeous Mahogany Obsidian. Huge and slender with awesome transverse flaking. From the Lake Chapala Region on the border of the states of Jalisco and Michoacán. Tabasco Culture. Circa 800 A.D. Ex- Russell R. Ludwick Collection. Grandfathered.




EX - J.G. Braeklein - Missouri. FANTASTIC!

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101. 8 5/16” 3/4 Groove Axe - Large example from Bath Co., Kentucky in a green hardstone. Big! 102. 5 5/8" 3/4 Groove Axe - Slate example from Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. Decent. 103. 7 1/4" 3/4 Groove Axe - Excellent example from Madison Co., Kentucky in a granite. All there. 104. 7 3/4” Full Groove Axe - Unique Full Groove example from Monroe Co., Pennsylvania. Granite. Unusual hafting perhaps more like an adze than a axe. 105. 8" 3/4 Groove Axe - LARGE example in corroded granite from Bath Co., Kentucky. Big axes don’t come along very often in Kentucky. 106. 4 13/16" 3/4 Groove Axe - Refined example from Brown Co., Illinois with fluted top and bottom edges. Virtually perfect bit. 107. 6 3/4" 3/4 Groove Axe - Nicely made axe with an interesting rocking base. Green Diorite from Ohio. Sits back on its haunches. Accompanied with a Davis G-10 COA. 108. 4 7/8" Maul - Made from a glacial cobble, this maul would have been a fearsome weapon in the hands of a properly trained warrior. Found in Illinois. 109. 6 11/16" Full Groove Axe - Nice honest axe in granite with excellent size. Brown Co., Ohio. Great mineralization. 110. 6 3/4" Hohokam 3/4 Groove Axe - Diorite example from Central Arizona. Good heft and breadth on this heavier example. 111. 6" 3/4 Groove Axe - Nicely done Ohio example in Diorite. Decent polish overall. Nearly perfect bit. 112. 6 5/16" Full Groove Axe - Nicely done example in corroded granite from Ohio. BIG! 113. 6 1/2" 3/4 Groove Axe - Granite example from Bath Co., Kentucky. All there and BIG! 114. 5 1/4" 3/4 Groove Axe - Pretty gray, black, and cream speckled granite example from Ohio. Highly polished over its entirety. Ex- James Clyne Collection. 115. 5 3/4” 3/4 Groove Axe - Well defined ridges on this Effingham Co., Illinois example in a gray hardstone. 116. 7 1/16" 3/4 Groove Axe - Thin example from St. Clair Co., Illinois in a green speckled granite. Marked ‘228/1’.




117. 6 3/8" 3/4 Groove Axe - Unique axe from Wapello Co., Iowa formerly of the Terry Allen and Garrett Collections. Granite. 118. 3 3/4" 3/4 Groove Axe - Ohio example in fine grained granite. Sits nice on a shelf with a fluted top edge. 119. 4 5/8" Full Groove Axe - Nice example in speckled green granite from Madison Co., Kentucky. 120. 5" Full Groove Axe - Black hardstone. New Mexico. Ex- James Clyne Collection. 121. 7 7/16" Raised Ridge 3/4 Groove Axe - Nicely built refined form from Missouri. Nebo Hill. 122. 4 11/16" G-10 3/4 Groove Axe - Ex - J.G. Braeklein - Nicely done G10 example found near Sibley in Jackson Co., Missouri. Ex - J.G. Braeklein Collection of Kansas City, Missouri. Ex - Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. Granite. A really fine example. 123. 4 11/16" 3/4 Groove Axe - Fluted top-edge on this Missouri Axe. Brown Hardstone. Sits nicely on a shelf. 124. 7 5/8" 3/4 Groove Axe - Massive axe from Illinois. ‘Fluted’ base. Ex - Chestnut Collection. Granite. 125. 4 7/8" 3/4 Groove Axe - Gray black diorite. Arizona example. ExClyne Collection. 126. 5 3/16" 3/4 Groove Axe - Nicely done raised-ridge axe found near White Oak in Colerain Township, Hamilton Co., Ohio. Heavily mineralized granite. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. Nice finish and form. 127. 6 3/4" Hohokam Axe - Arizona example in green polished diorite. Bit in decent condition with good polish overall. 128. 9 1/2"x6" Full Groove Axe - MASSIVE example in brownish hardstone from Fulton Co., Illinois. If you like your axes big, look no further! 129. 5" Keokuk Axe - Nicely done example in green diorite from Stark Co., Illinois. Bit undamaged. 130. 8 3/4" Full Groove Axe - Nearly 10 Pounds! - Large well-loved axe from Livingston Co., Illinois. Made of Diorite. Excellent use polish and wear! This axe weighs an amazing 9lbs, 10oz’s.

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135 136




145 139



131. 6" Stanfield Blade - Found in Callaway Co., Missouri. Ex- B. W. Stephens Collection, #S-0745. Mottled Burlington Chert. Accompanied with a Davis G-10 COA. 132. 6 1/16" Caddo Blade - Nice example from Boone Co., Missouri. Ex - Ben Thompson, Tucker Collections. Burlington. Note classic expertly ex ecuted secondary edgework. 133. 6 7/16" Bi-Pointed Blade - Large example in pretty multicolored fossil chert. MO/IL/KY piece. 134. 7 1/16" Harahey - Large example from South Dakota in a quartzite material. Virtually first stage form. Davis G-10 COA. 135. 5 5/8" Dickson - Tremendous length. Really pretty Strawberry Chert. Old collector tag reads - ‘COLE COUNTY MO.’ and that side is nicotine stained from years of exposure in collection. 136. - Pair of 5 1/8" Turkeytail Preforms - Nicely made pair of Turkeytail preforms found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana. Hornstone. Found together. 137. Excellent 8x12 Frame of New Mexico Points & Artifacts - 32 GREAT Birdpoints in various agates along with multiple gaming pieces and three carved bone items including a small flute and pendant. All were found by Gordon Pond in the Galisteo Basin of New Mexico between 1940-1944. An excellent display with great proveance. 138. 6 3/8" Archaic Knife - Found North of Prescott, Arizona. Ex- Anderson Collection. Brown Chert. Nicely flaked. 139. 6 1/4" Morse Knife - Nice example with heavy mineralization from Peoria Co., Illinois. Ex- Tucker Collection. Has sticker which states ‘Pictured in Central States Journal’ but no specifics. Perhaps a diamond in the rough. Burlington. 140. 6 13/16" Morse Knife - Gorgeous strawberry Burlington Chert from Calhoun Co., Illinois. Really pretty with great size and form. Ex- Craig Helm Collection. 141. 6" Preform Blade - MASSIVE blade the size of a man’s hand. Found in Wisconsin. Honey colored Hixton with cranberry bleed on one side. Ex- Rentz Collection. 142. 6 11/16" Nebo Hill - Big example from Pike Co., Missouri found by Dodge Bergman Hughes in May, 1971. Burlington. 143. 5 1/8" Nebo Hill - Great form and symmetry. White Burlington laced with blue and gray. All there. Long extended tip. Missouri type. 144. 5 11/16" Crescent Knife - Found in Belmont Co., Ohio. Flint Ridge piece with good mineralization. 145. 9" Spear Point - Highly polished over its entirety and made of black slate. Simply a Killer relic!!! Here again, this is the largest relic of this type we have ever handled. Extremely rare in this size and condition. Davis G-10 COA.

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157 158




162 166




165 167



146. 1 15/16" Humboldt Constricted Base - High grade three-tone Red Jasper with terrific gloss. Lots of transverse flaking. Really, really pretty. Found by Justin Matthews in Klamath Co., Oregon. 147. 1 3/4" Ensor - Very thin with a great needle tip. Found in Central Texas. 148. 1 1/8" Bitteroot - Obsidian example from the Jack Litchfield Collection. Northern California. 149. 1 1/8” Paleo Dart - Nice little dart in a gray flint from the Midwest. 150. 2 3/4" Canalino Triangular - Great G-10 example from San Miguel, California. Still has residual asphaltum hafting! Beige high grade chert. Ex- Anderson Collection. 151. 2 1/4" Columbia Plateau - Perfect example in a translucent bluegray flint. Thin and HUGE for the type. Washington State. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. 152. 2 1/8" ‘G-10’ Snake River Dart - Gorgeous dark maroon Jasper. Minute serrations to die for. Found in Oregon. 153. 1 9/16" Scallorn - Cream chert example from NE Texas. Perfect. 154. 1 5/8" Pelican - Arkansas example in a high grade translucent chert. Thin with mineralization. 155. 1 3/4" Folsom - Found in the 1960’s on a ranch near Canyon Ferry Lake in Broadwater Co., Montana. Ex- Thomas, Anderson Collections. Translucent Agate example! 156. 1 3/8" Snaketown Triangular - Perfect heavily serrated example from Arizona. Extra nice high gloss gray chert. Jackson COA. 157. 1 1/2" Northern Side Notch - Brown chert example from the Litchfield Collection. Nevada. 158. 1" Serrated Desert - Unique example with fine serrations. Thin as a dime. Northern California and in a striking ‘silver-sheen’ obsidian. ExLitchfield Collection. 159. 1 1/4" Desert Sierra - Obsidian Example from the Jack Litchfield Collection. Northern California. Obsidian. 160. 2 1/8" Ensor - Thin as a dime. No joke. Serrated and awesome craftsmanship. Highly translucent colorful chert. Texas. Jackson COA. 161. 1 13/16" Rose Springs - Glorious example in banded clear obsidian from Northern California. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. 162. 2 3/16" Ensor - Awesome artifact. Made of high grade nicely translucent Edwards Palateau Chert. Ultra thin with dozens of serrations up and down both blade edges. Found in Texas. Jackson COA. 163. 15/16" Wallula - Great translucent Obsidian example found in Oregon. 164. 1 5/16" Cahokia - Extremely rare type with Classic Tri-notched form in excellent condition. Found in St. Clair Co., Illinois. creamy Burlington.


165.1 1/8” Greenbrier - Found in Livingston Co., 173B Illinois in Newton Township, Section 12. Fossil chert example and all there. 166. 1 1/2” Unfluted Clovis - Cream fossil chert example from Putnam Co., Illinois. 167. 1 7/8" Hell Gap - Plains type example in a beige chert. Ex - Chestnut Collection. Nice basal grinding. 168. 1 1/4" Bitterroot - Obsidian example from Northern California. Nicely notched. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. 169. 1 1/4" Atl-Atl Dart - Nice small point from Northern California. Ex- Litchfield Collection. Obsidian. 170. 1 5/16" Columbia River Gem - Completely translucent Obsidian with a long extended needle tip and great flaking. Distinct ‘Kissing Lips’ variety base. Great addition to any quality Gem and/or Obsidian collection. Found by Justin Matthews in Klamath Co., Oregon. 171. 1 7/16" Stockton - Great obsidian example from North-Central California. Ex- Jack 173C Litchfield Collection. 172. 2 1/16" Crescent - Nice high grade Dacite. Paleo. Found in Oregon. 173A. 2" Crescent - Pretty Malheur Chert. Paleo. Found in Oregon. 173B. 6 1/4” Colima Figurine - Excellent mineralization on this redware example from Colima, Mexico. Ex - Kermit Lee Collection. 173C. 4 9/16” Nayarit Figurine - Nicely made example from Nayarit, Mexico with excellent root-tracks. All there! Ex - Dr. Cosby Collection.

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14 174













187 188







174. 5 1/4" Paleo Lance - 3 COA’s - Very pretty dark blue Coshocton. Shelby Co., Ohio. Ex- Keith Russell. Partain, Howard, and Putty COA’s. 175. 5 3/8" Sedalia - Nice white Burlington from Missouri. Big!! Shows great. Davis COA. 176. 5" Clovis - Auction Highlight!! 2nd Biggest Clovis we have ever offered at auction. Awesome relic. Pretty multi-toned Fort Payne Chert. Found in Franklin Co., Tennessee by Randall Grammer in 1975. Ex- Robert Kurfees Collection. Rogers COA. 177. 4 1/4" Dovetail - Interesting example in a Bullseye-Cobden chert. Found near Anna in Union Co., Illinois. Great eye-appeal. 178. 4 11/16" Etley - Found by Dave Bruce in the 1960’s in the St. Louis area. Ex- Floyd Licklider Collection. Burlington. 179. 4 1/4" Dickson - Virtually perfect. Old collector tag reads - ‘Pike Co., ILL’ and one side of the white Burlington is nicotine stained from years of exposure in collection. 180. 4 1/8" Scottsbluff - Gorgeous translucent champagne colored Hixton example with amazing Cody flaking. Found at Poplar Grove, Illinois. Old collector label reads - ‘023’. Ex- Kenny McNeil Collection. Jackson COA. 181. 4 1/16" Adena - Burlington example. Ex - Harry Henson Collection. Pike Co., Missouri. 182. 4 7/16" Etley - Needle-tipped example from Pettis Co., Missouri. Strawberry chert. 183. 4 1/8" Dovetail - Superbly flaked Early Archaic example from Russell Co., Kentucky. Hornstone. Lightly serrated with a nice cross section. 184. 4 7/8" Clovis - 4 COA’s - Two-tone Fort Payne Chert. Big rugged knife form. Found in Indiana. Rogers, Partain, Putty, and Howard COA’s. 185. 5" Adena - Really pretty Strawberry Chert. Old collector tag reads ‘SALINE CO. MO.’ and that side is nicotine stained from years of exposure in collection. Another old tag reads - $2.50. Oh the day…. 186. 5 1/2" Sedalia - Exquisite example. Pretty multi-toned chert. Extra well made and very thin example of the type. Perfect symmetry too. Found in Missouri. Davis G-10 COA. 187. 5 3/4" Cobbs Knife - Near first stage example from Central Kentucky in a banded Tyrone flint. 188. 5 5/16" Dovetail - Big and beautiful. Classic Indiana two-tone gray Harrison County Chert. Found near Pelzer in Warrick Co., Indiana. ExTerry Fenton & O.L. Meyer Collections. Rogers COA. 189. 5 3/8" Cobbs Knife - Beautifully proportioned example in Harrison flint from the Crib Mound, Spencer Co., Indiana. Features a solution cavity which runs from one side to the other. Neat! 190. 5 3/16" California Knife - Nice example found near Lompoc, California. Franciscan chert. Ex - Anderson Collection.

191. 5 1/4" Hidden Valley - Burlington example found near Berryville in Carroll Co., Arkansas. Big! 192. 5 1/2" Red Ochre Blade - Burlington chert example from Cap Girardeau Co. or Pike Co., Missouri. Big! 193. 5 3/16" Paleo Square Knife - Ohio Flint Ridge example. Good mineralization. Some translucency 194. 5 11/16" Ovate Knife - Large example from the Central California Valley region in a pretty maroon and blue Franciscan Chert. Broken & Glued. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection.

176 Rogers COA

5” Clovis


Jackson COA

4 1/8” Hixton Scottsbluff


BIG KNIVES!! 6”-7”+









6 7/8”




195. 6 1/4" Gary - Massive Arkansas example in a black chert with great cave deposits. 196. 6 1/16" Paleo Ovoid Knife - Nice example in a brown fossiliferous chert from Spencer Co., Indiana. Great mineralization and true to form. 197. 6" Chilcotin Plateau - Largest example we have ever seen! Oregon. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. Nicely thin and made from a striking orange colored high grade chert. 198. 7 3/16" Adena Bipointed Knife - Incredibly thin example with great mineralization reported from Fairfield Co., Connecticut at the far eastern fringe of the Adena influence. Ex- John Grosner Collection. Killer Eastern U.S. Coast artifact! One end burined. Jackson COA. 199. 6 1/4" Fulton Turkeytail - G-10 example. THIN and well made from Carlisle County in Western Kentucky. Cobden Chert. If you could only own ONE, this one would be a strong contender! 200. 6 1/4" Motley Knife - Huge example. Virtually perfect. Old collector tag reads ‘RALLS Co. MO.’ and one side of the white Burlington is nicotine stained from years of exposure in collection while the down side remains snow white. 201. 6 7/8" ‘Engraved’ Little River - Truly unique. Great basket weave pattern etched into one side of this wafer thin monster!! High grade fossil chert. Great form! Found in Eastern Texas. Davis G-9 COA. 202. 7 1/8" Serrated Crescent Knife - Dacite example from Northern California - likely Stockton Culture. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. Serrated and well-flaked. 203. 6 3/4" Bipointed Knife - Big blades like this from California are usually few and far between. In this auction we have a few but may never have any more. Who knows. Don’t miss out on these!!! Found in Northern California. Obsidian. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. 204. 6 3/8" Bipointed Knife - Obsidian. Northern California. Ex- Bill Heap Collection. Pretty translucent banded Obsidian. 205. 6 3/8" Ovate Knife - Gorgeous multicolor Franciscan Chert blade from Northern California. Found with Stockton-related material. Broken & Glued. Marked ‘CA 115’. 206. 6 5/16" Preform Blade - ‘Killer’ big example in a fine grained Hixton Silicified Sandstone/ Quartzite with great translucency from Wisconsin. 207A. 6 7/8" Stockton - Rare beyond belief!!! MASSIVE finely made cremated offering point with textbook serrations. The high heat from the cremation of this artifact caused the obsidian to melt, and trapped gases to expand and ‘puff’ up the material, creating a popcorn effect at the last third. California. 207B. 8x12 Frame of Bone and Shell Artifacts - Excellent display containing a bracelet, needles, awls, and hooks, along with 4 beads. Kentucky/Ohio. Super!

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16 213











219 220




223 224


227 226

229 230

232 231


208. 2 1/16" Pinetree - Pretty fossil-laden Harrodsburg Chert example found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana. 209. 2" Folsom - Excellent example in Hixton Silicified Sandstone from Wisconsin. Ex- Anderson Collection. Flutes are 1 3/16" and 1". 210. 2 1/16" Plainview - Super fine example. Great early flaking. Made of a multi-toned brown chert with a great sheen. Found by Russell Pollack along Montgomery Creek in Limestone Co., Texas. 211. 2 7/8" ‘G-10’ Firstview - G-10 Example found by Gordon Pond (M164) in 1944 North of Abiquiu, Rio Arriba Co., New Mexico, 2 Miles north on ‘clean hardpan’. Museum grade example with great history! 212. 2 9/16" Firstview - G-10 Example found by Gordon Pond (M161) in 1944 North of Abiquiu, Rio Arriba Co., New Mexico, 2 Miles north on ‘clean hardpan’. Museum grade example with great history! 213. 2 7/8" Angostura - Pretty red, maroon, and cream Crowley’s Cobble. Found by Jacob Sigite in Jersey Co., Illinois. Baker COA. 214. 3 1/16" Angostura - Exceptional example in a high snow white Burlington. Missouri. Ex- Jim Crawford Collection. Baker & Motley COA’s. 215. 2 13/16" Cody Complex - Pretty example in a translucent Trout Creek chalcedony. Jackson COA. 216. 2 5/8" Cody Complex Knife - Stunning butterscotch yellow agate. Ultra thin. Found by Justin Matthews in Klamath Co., OR. Jackson COA. 217. 2 15/16" Dickson - Extra thin and well made. Pretty heat treated chert. Labeled ‘Cotaco Creek’ (possible locale of find?). Ex- Clyne. 218. 2 7/8" Archaic Bevel - Attica chert example found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana. Great form and color. 219. 2 13/16" Dovetail - Serrated example in Harrodsburg chert found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana 220. 2 7/8" Dalton - Quartzite. Arkansas. Great example. Jackson COA. 221. 2 1/4" Exceptional Intrusive Mound - Tremendous symmetry. 3 toned Ohio chert with pinks. Very thin. old collectors labels#930. Ex- Clyne. 222. 2" Dovetail - Perfect G-10 example of a ‘mini’ Dove in a pretty multicolor banded Sonora. Found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana.




Awesome pair of Firstviews! Found 10’ apart from each other! 212





Found by Gordon Pond in Rio Arriba Co., New Mexico


17 238







Chlorite! 6 1/8”


7 5/8” 245





Virtually 100% Intact!!!


11” x 10 1/2” 249


12 5/16” Engraved

18” x 18”

Questions? Comments? Call Today! 1-800-4663836 223. 2 5/16" E-Notch Thebes - Nearly perfect rare ‘E’ variety Hornstone Thebes example found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana. 224. 2 1/2" Lost Lake - Lightly serrated example found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana. Pretty multicolor Hornstone or Sonora flint. 225. 2 3/4" Stilwell - Serrated Hornstone example. Found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana. 226. 3 1/16" Pinetree - Hornstone classic with deadly serrations from Meigs Co., Kentucky. Virtually perfect 227. 3 1/16" Beaver Lake - Ex- Shively Collection. Beautiful gray hornstone. Pictured in Who’s Who #10, page 309. One ear restored. 228. 2 1/4" Dovetail - Pretty gray Hornstone. Found along the North Fork of the Licking River in Bracken Co., Kentucky. Ex- Joe Macik Collection. Old Macik # “JM F-132' written on point on top of an applied lacquer strip. 229. 2 7/8" Pinto Basin - Beautiful very interesting translucent Agate. Thin and exceptionally well made. Found in Nevada. Accompanied with a Jackson COA. 230. 2 3/8" Hardin - Very pretty greenish multicolor Hornstone or Sonora flint example found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana. 231. 2 13/16" Big Sandy - Excellent Carter Cave flint example from Mason Co., Kentucky. 232. 2 15/16" Pike County - Burlington Chert example found at Fort Russell in Madison Co., Illinois. 233. 2 11/16" Goshen - Thin and extra well built example from Dewitt Co., Illinois. Early collector label. Attractive gray flint. 234. 2 1/2" Clovis - Richland Co., Ohio example formerly of the Dr. James Woods Collection. Gray Mottled Flint. 235. 2 3/4" Clovis - Kentucky. Fort Payne. Ex - Horsefly Bush Collection. 236. 2 3/8" Clovis - Nice quartzite example from Sarpy Co., Nebraska. Ex - Bill Finley (Springfield, Nebraska), Anderson Collections. 237. 2 5/8" Dovetail - Nice Paoli Chert example found by John Miller in Clay Co., Indiana. 238. 7 5/8" Mississippian Stone Statuary Head - MASSIVE stone head with remnant ochre paint ‘hair-do’ on back. Made from a porphyritic hardstone from Tennessee. Most likely part of a much larger statue. For reference see ‘Speaking With the Ancestors’. Incredibly rare and important artifact.

239. 2 5/8" Tube Bannerstone - Warren Co., Ohio. Ex - Carter Johns. Great piece of deep emerald green Chlorite. Killer artifact. 240. 3 3/8" Tube Pipe - Really nice example from Maricopa Co., Arizona. Ex - Kermit Lee, Anderson Collections. Most likely Hohokam. 241. 2 1/8" Toltec Figural - Jadeite example from near Tula, Mexico. Grandfathered. 242. 1 15/16" Toltec Figural - Found near Tula, Mexico. Jadeite. Drilled for suspension at mid-back. Grandfathered. 243. 7 7/8" Adena Pipe Preform - Nice sandstone example from Central Kentucky. Ex - Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. Pipes of this form are fairly rare in Kentucky, as most were made into simple tube-pipes. 244. 6 1/8" Adena Preform Blade - MASSIVE piece of Boyle Chert from Fayette Co., Kentucky. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. Nice mineralization with large fossils. 245. 4 1/16"x 2 5/16" Wells Fargo Vesta ‘Match Safe’ - This nicely polished Match or Message Safe reads ‘Property of Wells Fargo & Co Express S.F. Division. Brass. Late 1800’s. Missing the original leather case. 246. 4 5/16" Brass Revolutionary War Bullet Mold - ‘Gang’ type mold with 7 cavities for 2 different sizes of shot. Ball (.69 Caliber) and smaller buckpellets (.32 caliber?). Revolutionary War period - 1750-1800. 247. 11"x 10 1/2" Redware Mississippian Strap-Handled Pot - Found along lower Beaver Creek in Wayne Co., Kentucky by George Ramsey in 1935. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. Rare example of redware from Kentucky with shell temper. Excellent mineralization and less than 5% restoration. Virtually intact. 248. 18" Mississippian Strap-Handled Pot - AUCTION HIGHLIGHT!!! Incredible virtually intact example from Bath Co., Kentucky. Pots this large are generally very fragmentary and have more than 50% restoration. This one has a little restoration to the rim, and one repaired hole on the side. Simply incredible! Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. This is the largest pottery piece (by far!!!) we have ever had the privilege to offer. 249. 4 1/4" ‘Triskele’ Shell Gorget - Excellent example found on the Rolf Lee Farm in 1964 at the famed ‘MS-51’ site. Ex - Kenny Kapp and Tom Davis Collections. Pictured in W.Va Archaeologist #18, July, 1965. 250. 12 5/16" Engraved Powder Horn - Engraving depicts a hunter about to bludgeon a bear out of a tree. Rare, completely intact, and in fabulous condition. Circa 1790-1860.

18 252




256 257




262 263

268 269









251. 3 3/8” Thebes - Great relic. Ex- Garth’s. Pretty two-tone gray and light gray Coshocton. Found in Ohio. 252. 3 1/4" Kirk Serrated - Fantastic heavily serrated example in pretty three-tone Dover. Found by James Boatwright in Decatur Co., Tennessee. Davis and Partain COA’s. 253. 3 1/4" Clovis - Pretty Fort Payne Chert from Southern Indiana. Ex Litchfield Collection. 254. 3 1/2" Neosho Knife - Cole Co., Missouri example in a grayish chert. Wafer thin and excellent. 255. 4" G-10 Fractured Base Decatur - Stunning wings on this example from Lewis Co., Kentucky. Paoli Chert. G-10 example with great ‘nobrainer’ mineralization. 256. 3 5/8" Dovetail - Really nice example. Classic creek stained Dover Chert. Completely intact. Found in Western Kentucky. Partain, Putty, & Davis G-9 COA’s. 257. 3 1/4" Dickson - Excellent example with interesting to look at patterning in the high grade material. Missouri / Illinois type. 258. 3 3/8" Dovetail - Good size on this Fort Payne Chert example from Scott Co., Kentucky. 259. 4" Sedalia - Perfectly symmetrical. Nice white Burlington with loads of minerals. Literally damage free. Missouri / Illinois type. 260. 3 1/4" Clovis - Nicely translucent Boyle Chert in near perfect condition. Found in Defiance Co., Ohio. Jackson and Partain COA’s. 261. 3 1/2" Thebes - Caramel tan Fort Payne Chert. Found in Kentucky. Nice big wide example yet very thin. Baker COA. 262. 3 3/4" Dovetail - Burlington example from Lincoln Co., Missouri. Nice fossils and great mineralization. 263. 3 1/4" Pedernales - Baylor Co., Texas example in Edwards Plateau Chert. Truly a fabulous example of the type in literally perfect condition. 264. 3 9/16" Drill - Great length. rare to survive in this size. Looks to have been a Thebes. Kentucky example in a tan chert. 265. 3 9/16" Elko Corner Notch - Gorgeous piece of Red Jasper material from SE Oregon. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. 266. 3 5/8" Hopewell - Ohio example in very pretty blue/gray/cream Flint Ridge. Great mineralization.






267. 4 1/8" Base Tang - Extremely nice example. Big, thin, pretty, and in excellent condition. Found in Coryell Co., Texas. Ex- Bill Arnold Collection. Rogers and Baker COA’s. 268. 4" Clovis - Unique streaked chert looks like Petrified Wood. Wide, thin, and excellent. Nice flutes as well. Pinal Co., Arizona. Davis G-9 COA. 269. 3 13/16" Scottsbluff - Nice flaking on this river-stained example from Missouri. Ex - Jack Litchfield Collection. Mottled Chert. 270. 3 1/2" Clovis - Stupendous example. Literally perfect condition. Very interesting looking speckled material from Western Kentucky. Thin with nice long flutes. Loaded with minerals. Davis ‘G-10’ COA. 271. 3 11/16" Clovis - 4 COA’s - Fort Payne Chert. Nice flutes. Classic form. Found in Perry Co., Tennessee. Ex- Ralph Fite Collection. Perino, Partain, Putty, & Stermer COA’s. 272. 3 5/8" Clovis - Auction Highlight!! Literally perfect. Very pretty multicolored Fort Payne Chert. Ex- Harold Bell Collection. Bath Co., Kentucky. Rogers and Jackson COA’s. 273. 3 3/4" Dovetail - Tremendous example. Literally perfect in every detail. First stage form. Sharp tip. Creamy colored material with some blue quartz inclusions. Found in Mongo Co., Indiana. Davis COA. 274. 3 1/2" Scottsbluff - 4 COA’s - Auction Highlight!!! G-10 all the way!! Unbelievably beautiful Petrified Wood!! Ex- Rick Larkin Collection. Found in Lake Co., Oregon. Rogers, Howard, Putty, and Partain COA’s. 275. 4 1/16" Archaic Knife - Incredible patination on this high-quality brown flint example from California. Ex- Litchfield Collection. Superb! 276. 4" Stone Square Stem - Found in Illinois. Pretty gray chert with lots of minerals. Davis G-9 COA. 277. 4 13/16" Pendant - Clermont Co., Ohio. Banded Green Slate. Nice example. Has some restoration to the lower edge. 278. 4 15/16" Anchor Pendant - Interesting example from Central Ohio in Green Banded Slate. Features a secondary unfinished hole at one end, along with collector # ‘132’. Also has two snakes engraved into one edge. 279. 4 5/8" Tallied Trapezoidal Pendant - Green Banded Slate example from Ohio. Pair of tallies on each edge. 280. 3 7/8" Trapezoidal Pendant - Pretty Green Banded Slate example from Ohio.

19 277














Atl-Atl Spur

Atl-Atl Spur

Atl-Atl Spur






MASSIVE 18 3/4” California Wealth Blade!

281. 4 1/8" Anchor Pendant - Simply amazing color and form. Easily the prettiest Anchor pendant we have ever seen. Gorgeous Red Banded Slate. Wood Co., Ohio. Jackson COA. 282. 8 1/8" Tallied Sandal Sole Gorget - Wafer thin and beautiful. Labeled as Pope Co., Arkansas. Glued along one clean break line at the middle hole. Has a Davis COA. 283. 5 3/16" Anchor Pendant - Found in Miami Co., Ohio. Old collector labels. Really pretty green banded Slate. No damage. Made exactly as shown. Nice polish over its entirety. Davis COA. 284. 1 13/16" Pendant - Nice small granite example from Jersey Co., Illinois. Hardstone is rare compared to the preponderance of these being made in slate. 285. 7" Pendant - Early collector relic! Engraved script on one side reads: ‘ L.P. Geyer Found this in Auglaize County (Ohio) in August 1881. Ex - Dean Driskell (S/53) Collection and pictured in Who’s Who #2 on page 63. Green Banded Slate. 286. 2 5/8" Anchor Pendant - Nicely made example in banded slate from Fayette Co., Kentucky. ExLicklider (2/1973) and Anderson Collections. No brainer artifact. 287. 2 7/16"x1 7/8" Cone - MASSIVE example from the Ohio Riv er Valley. Made of a beautiful Red Hardstone. Ex - Chestnut Collection.


Jackson Davis G-10

288. 1 13/16" Hohokam ‘Sun Disc’ - Unique item. Buff-colored basalt. Arizona. Engravedon both sides. 295 289. 1 1/2" Atl-Atl Spur - Fantastic example from near Tulare Lake, California. Incredibly rare find as most are made from wood. Archaic period. 290. 2" Atl-Atl Spur - ‘Snakehead’ variety in granite from near Tulare Lake, California. Superb example as most hooks do not survive. Archaic in age. 291. 1 15/16" Atl-Atl Spur - Fantastic example with longer hafting area. Archaic example from near Tulare Lake, California. Ex- Litchfield Collection. 292. Pair of Ear Spools - 1 9/16"x7/16". These sandstone example were found together in 1963 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Marked ‘Hopewell’ but much more likely Caddo or even Spiro influence. 293. 18 3/4" California Wealth Blade - SALE HIGHLIGHT!!!! - STUNNING! Museum-grade relic that must be seen to be believed! Excellent mineralization on this dacite example from Northern California. Great appropriate mineralization along with dozens of serrations. Truly a work of art and nocomparison on record. Has an AAR. 294. 2 3/8" Shell Maskette - Superb example from the MS-51 site in Mason Co., West Virginia. Jackson & Davis G-10 COA’s. 295. 15"x 17" NW Coast Birdpoint Plaque - Fantastic plaque made by a member of the Grand Army of the Republic (1866-1956). GAR members were limited to Union Army Veterans of the Civil War. Dozens of nice little points probably built around the turn of the century. A doubledose of American history in a great piece of true American Folk Art.








Ohio Jackson COA

Ft. Ancient Spool COA

Washington 303

Allen Co., Ohio



298 304


Kalamazoo Co., Michigan



299 305


Ohio Ex - Chestnut

ARK 310


Mini Slavekiller! 301

Arctic Circle!


Davis G-9


Mini Slavekiller! 296. 6" Tube Pipe - Missouri example formerly of the Chestnut Collection. Nicely finished Sandstone in virtually perfect condition. BIG!! 297. 6 1/2" Human Face Effigy Pipe - Large Pipe with excellent surface patina in this dark steatite/argillite example from Vantage, Washington. Late Prehistoric/Proto-Historic piece. Jackson & Davis G-10 COA’s. 298. 4 1/2" Tube Pipe - Found in Orange Co., California. Steatite. Ex- Dr. Sanders, Knoblock, and Edwards Collections. Davis COA. 299. 7" Tube Pipe - Nice example in pink Arizona sandstone. We have 3 similar examples in our private collection. Ex- Chestnut Collection. 300. 11 1/8" Tube Pipe - Arizona pink sandstone example. Large example with unique grooves running length of piece on either side. Ex - Anderson Collection. Broken & Glued. 301. 6 1/2" Inuit/Eskimo Pipe - Unique example from the Arctic Circle in a tan stone. 302. 4 1/16" Birdstone - Show-stoppingly beautiful piece of Banded Slate. Maybe the prettiest slate birdstone we have ever seen. ‘G-10’ form and condition. Lorain Co., Ohio. Jackson COA. 303. 4" Birdstone - Pretty green banded slate. Fully drilled front and back. Some defoliation in three small areas but no modern damage. Overall excellent condition. Labeled Allen Co., Ohio. 304. 5 1/4" Birdstone - Elongated form. Great Green Banded Slate example from Kalamazoo Co., Michigan. Drilling has popped out (worn through) both front and back. Ex- Loudon Collection. 305. 3 7/8" Birdstone - Regal form. Green Banded Slate example from Ohio. Ex- Chestnut Collection. Great form with nice polish. 306. 8 13/16" Hohokam Raised Ridge Axe - Excellent example from Western New Mexico in Diorite. Davis G-9 COA. 307. 1 13/16" Fort Ancient Pipestone Spool - Unusual example in Ohio Pipestone formerly of the Cyriss Plow Collection - President of the Ohio Historical Society in the 1950’s. Weidner/Brockman/Ritter COA.

308. 3" Quartz Bannerstone - Auction Highlight!!! Beautiful maroon quartz hourglass bannerstone, Old collectors labels read - B-53 (or 63), Cross Co., ARK., and 136 ARK. Maybe the finest we have ever handled. 100% highly polished and literally damage free. Investment grade for sure! 309. 2 15/16" Bottle Bannerstone - Hematite example from Mississippi Co., Arkansas formerly of the S. Heineman Collection, Newport, Arkansas. 310. 4 5/16" Miniature Slave Killer - Found by Dr. H.H. Stewart at Gunther Island, California on 5/17/1928 underneath a badly fragmented 17" Slave Killer. Black slate and 100% intact. Rare beyond belief artifact. 311. 3 1/16" Miniature One-Legged Slave Killer - Found by Dr. H.H. Stewart at Gunther Island, California on 4/1/1930. He stated that 2 other Slave Killers were found with this one, one was 12" long and badly damaged, and another miniature that was broken in 4 pieces. This example has one glued break. 312. 2 5/8" Rose Quartz Discoidal - Beautiful!, beautiful!, BEAUTIFUL!! 100% high polish and PERFECT! Old collectors label reads - ‘St. Clair Co., ILL’. Oh my gosh! This is the one you have been waiting for. Don’t miss it!!! 313. 2 3/4" Discoidal - Highly polished nicely double cupped speckled hardstone discoidal. Illinois type. Literally damage free. 314. 4 3/4" Discoidal - Ex- Dr. T. Hugh Young Collection and Ex- W. Tilton Collection. Found in Wilson Co., Tennessee. Highly polished speckled gray and black granite in perfect condition. Deeply cupped on both sides. As good as they get investment grade artifact. Davis ‘G-10’. 315. 3 1/2" Discoidal - Speckled hardstone polished over its entirety. Literally perfect. Slightly cupped on both sides. Found in Pike Co., Illinois. Ex- B.W. Stephens, (#D-24). Davis COA.

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21 312










Davis G-10














CA 331


Davis COA


Davis G-10 330

Davis COA



Davis G-10 CA 335




316. 3 1/4" California Discoidal - Rare example found by Joe Cote of Long Beach in a plowed field in 1950 at the Hellman Ranch on a bluff 1mi N of Seal Beach in Orange Co., California. Original collector tags present. Really neat! Not many discoidals have been found in Southern California. 317. 6 1/2" Discoidal - Ex- Russell P. Neuwerk Collection. Pictured on pg. 34 of the Illinois State Archaeological Society Journal, April 1948 (actual entire book included with sale). Highly polished diorite and perfect!! Mercer Co., Illinois. Davis G-10 & Jackson COA’s. 318. 3 5/8" Discoidal - Pink Quartz example found in 1963 near Hughes, Illinois. Ex - S.R. Beckwith Collection. Super! 319. 4 1/8"x1 1/4" Discoidal - Mississippian form found near Winchester in Randolph Co., Indiana. Ex - William Kieley Collection. Limestone. Great condition and form. 320. 4 3/8"x1 1/2" Quartzite Discoidal - Great example formerly of the T. Hugh Young and John Waggoner (D-19), C.T. Love Collections. Decatur Co., Tennessee. 321. 1 7/8" Mini-Mortar - Small mortar possibly for grinding medicinal items. Found in Kentucky. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 322. 2 3/4" Hopewell Platform Pipe - Ohio example formerly of the Chestnut Collection. Pipestone. Broken & Glued. 323. 1 1/2" Elbow Pipe - Nice pipestone example from the Midwest. Ex Kelly Chestnut Collection. 324. 2 1/2" Steatite Tube Pipe - Rare California Coastal example. Made of a pretty and interesting black, green, and cream colored Steatite. ExJames Clyne Collection. 325. 1 3/4" Disc Pipe - Ohio Pipestone example with minerals and surface degradation. 326. 4 3/8" Hopewell Platform Pipe - Pipestone example with great polish from Southampton Co., Virginia. Fine. Ex - Anderson. Late Woodland, 1,500 B.P. 327. 17" Tube Pipe - MASSIVE example found by Jack Litchfield on July 3rd, 1959 with 10 others at a rock shelter along Espola road in Poway, California. Dark colored Steatite. Davis G-10 COA.


Davis COA


CA 328. 7 3/8" California Tube Pipe - Steatite example from the Northern California Coastal region. Ex - Kelly Chestnut Collection. Proto-Historic. 329. 5 5/16" Inlaid Tube Pipe - California example with inlaid shell. Unique orange-colored soapstone or chlorite. Ex- Anderson Collection. Has a Davis COA. 330. 7 1/2" Tube Pipe - MASSIVE example found by Jack Litchfield on July 3rd, 1959 with 10 others at a rock shelter along Espola road in Poway, California. Greenish Steatite. Davis G-10 COA. 331. 4 7/8" Killer Whale Effigy - Gray steatite example from the California coast, likely near Santa Barbara. Outrageously RARE form. Historic Era. 332. 6 5/16"x 2 7/8" Taino ‘Trigonolito’ - Nicely made example from the Dominican Republic with classic features. Numerous examples in museums worldwide. Davis COA. 333. 4 1/4" Seal Effigy - California coast - likely near Santa Barbara. Gray steatite example. Early Historic period. Accompanied with a Tom Davis G-10 COA. 334. 3 3/4"x 2 5/8" Canopa - Peru. Nice example in a variegated hardstone with tallow still present in chamber. Grandfathered. 335. 4 1/2" Inlaid Chumash Canoe Effigy - Excellent dark steatite example from near Santa Barbara, California. Inlaid shell seed-beads with excellent weathering. Late Prehistoric circa 1500-1600. Davis G-10 COA. 336. 8" Chumash Canoe Effigy - Santa Barbara Co., California. Grey Steatite example with Ochre and deposits. Circa 1500-1600 A.D. 337. 5 3/8" Chumash Canoe Effigy - Nice example with great mineral accumulation noticeable on one side. Gray steatite. Davis COA. 338. 4 3/4" Plummet/Net Weight - MASSIVE teardrop shaped example in a dark hardstone from Maine. L-Drilled suspension holes. Biggest we’ve seen from the area.

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351 352










339. 5 3/8" Parman - Incredible piece formerly in the Jack Litchfield Collection. Northern California. Mahogany Obsidian with excellent alkali mineralization. Big and virtually perfect. 340. 5 1/8" Harahey Knife - 2-bevel example from Southeast Oregon. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. Obsidian. 341. 4 9/16" Cascade Knife - Obsidian example from Southeast Oregon. Ex- Bill Heap Collection. Very well made and proportioned. 342. 4 1/4" Northern Side Notch ‘Fox Ear’ - Central Oregon example from the Bill Heap Collection. Translucent swirled and banded obsidian. Stunning flaking!! 343. 4 1/4" Western Scottsbluff - Finely flaked to a median ridge in a cloudy translucent obsidian. Northern Oregon. Ex - Litchfield Collection. 344. 3 3/4" Harahey 4-Bevel Knife - Orange-Black chert example found near the town of Lovelock, Nevada. Ex- Bill Heap Collection. 345. 4 1/16" Northern Side Notch - Large Dacite example formerly of the Jack Litchfield Collection. Northern California. 346. 4 1/16" Stockton Knife - Northern California example extremely similar to material found at the Kee Mound in Sonoma Co., California. (see Prehistoric American, 2008 #4) although smaller. Obsidian. ExJack Litchfield Collection. 347. 4 5/8" Cordilleran - High grade Dacite. Long and lean with treacherous tips. Found in Oregon. 348. 5" Parman - Obsidian example with pretty flaking. Southeastern Oregon. Ex- Litchfield Collection. 349. 5 1/16" Kelsey Creek Barbed - Found 1910-1920 in Malheur Co., Oregon. Ex - H.M. Worcester Collection then Ex Anderson Collection. Anderson purchased in 1966. Excellent example for the type in Obsidian with great mineralization and sweeping shoulders. 350. 5 1/2" Parman Knife - HUGE example from Nevada in obsidian. One side shows great wind-wear. Ex- Litchfield Collection 351. Stockton Curve - Obsidian example from Northern California. ExJack Litchfield Collection. Nice with double notching. 352. 5 3/8" 4-Bevel Knife - Northern California example from the Litchfield collection in a dark-green and black chert. 353. 4 1/2" Cascade Knife - Glossy Jet Black Obsidian. Nice form and nicely thin. Found in Oregon. 354. 5 1/16" Parman - Auction Highlight!! Optically clear obsidian example from Southeast Oregon. Ex - Jack Litchfield collection. Burined. 355. 5 1/4" Cougar Mountain - Pretty example in a banded obsidian from Northern California. Ex - Jack Litchfield Collection Well flaked and nice. 356. 6" Archaic Knife - Large well-made piece with bi-convex crosssection. Northern California. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. 357. 4 5/8" Crescent Knife - Translucent obsidian example from Southeast Oregon. Ex - Bill Heap Collection. Very pretty with banding. 358. 4 5/8" Paleo Knife - Glossy Jet Black Obsidian. Great condition. Found in Oregon.

359. 5 3/8" Northern Side Notch - HUGE EXAMPLE!!!! And, phenomenally well made. Overall flaking is amazing. Jet black glossy Obsidian loaded with alkaline salts. Really a terrific ‘Centerpice’ grade relic. Found by Justin Matthews in Klamath Co., Oregon. 360. 4" Cascade-style Translucent Obsidian Knife - Big fabulously translucent jet black glossy Obsidian Archaic Knife. Great relic!! Found in Oregon. Baker COA. 361. 4" Cache Quality Knife Blade - Glossy Jet Black Obsidian. Tremendous quality and great eye appeal. Found in Oregon. 362. 2 3/4" Northern Side Notch - Completely translucent ICE Obsidian with precise flaking over its entirety. Found in Oregon. 363. 2 7/16" Stockton Side Notch - Found with two others which showed Stockton-crematory offering evidence which were sold in a previous sale. Translucent banded Obsidian. Northern California. Ex- Litchfield. 364. 2 1/4" Oxbow - Nearly clear Obsidian example from Nevada. Ex Jack Litchfield Collection. 365. 2 5/16" Cascade Leaf - Finely made thin example from Northern California. Ex- Litchfield Collection. Obsidian. 366. 2 1/4" Elko Eared - Wafer thin and beautiful. Great form and symmetry. Has a greenish translucent caste to the Obsidian. Found by Justin Matthews in Klamath Co., Oregon. 367. 2 5/8" ‘World-Class’ Gypsum Cave - Made by a true ancient master craftsman. Stupendous transverse flaking over the entirety of both sides. Found by Justin Matthews in Klamath Co., Oregon. 368. 2 3/16" Northern Side Notch - Pretty flaking in a translucent obsidian with dark clouds. Nevada. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. 369. 2 1/8" Humboldt Triangular - Truly fabulous. Completely translucent smoky Ice Obsidian. Perfect form. Exquisitely transverse flaked on one side and lays perfectly flat on the reverse uniface side. Found by Justin Matthews in Klamath Co., Oregon.

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389 370. 2 1/4" Elko Corner Notch - Obsidian example from Nevada from the Jack Litchfield Collection. Well made with great flaking. 371. 2 3/4" Humboldt Triangular - Thin and extremely well made with transverse flaking. Dark black dacite covered with original alkaline salts. Really superb. Found by Justin Matthews in Klamath Co., Oregon. 372. 3 1/8" Atl-Atl Valley Triangular - Really pretty glossy black Dacite. Extra fine. Expertly crafted. Thin with great flaking. Found in Oregon. 373. 3 7/16" Pinto Basin - Stunning Oblique flaking to a median ridge highlights this virtually perfect example found by Jack Litchfield in Southeastern Oregon. Obsidian. 374. 3 1/4" Nightfire - Highly translucent Obsidian with smoky swirls throughout. Needle tip!! Awesome flaking. One of the finest Nightfires we have ever seen. Found in Oregon. 375. 3 1/8" Gypsum Cave - Finely done oblique flaking on this opaque example from SE Oregon. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. 376. 4 1/8" Parman - Obsidian example from Southeast Oregon. ExLitchfield Collection. 377. 3 3/8" Nightfire - Beautifully flaked ‘G-10’ example of this Great Basin Type. Southeast Oregon. Ex- Litchfield Collection. Obsidian. 378. 3 9/16" Cougar Mountain - Textbook example for this rare Paleo type. Found in Northeast Oregon. Obsidian. Ex - Litchfield Collection. 379. 2 7/16" Bifurcated Knife - Northern California. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. Obsidian.

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380. 2" Elko Split Stem - Glossy swirley translucent Obsidian to die for!!! DEEEEP split stem. Truly a killer relic. Found by Justin Matthews in Klamath Co., Oregon. 381. 2 1/16" Buchanan Eared - Flaking beyond belief!!! And translucency to die for. Obsidian Classic. One ear appears to have uniquely notched along the way. Great rock!! Found by Justin Matthews in Klamath Co., Oregon. 382. 3 3/4" Northern Side Notch - Great example for the type from Sotheast Oregon. Ex- Litchfield Collection. Obsidian. 383. 2 3/4" Elko Eared - Obsidian example with oblique flaking. Southeast Oregon. Ex- Litchfield Collection. 384. 2 3/4" Northern ‘Fox Ear’ - Pretty dark obsidian from Northern California. Ex- Jack Litchfield Collection. 385. 2 7/8" Elko Corner Notch - Banded translucent obsidian piece from SE Oregon. Obsidian. Ex- Litchfield Collection. 386. 3" Haskett - Fabulous flaking to a median ridge on both sides. Glossy Jet Black Obsidian loaded with minerals. Found in Oregon. 387. 3 1/4" Haskett - Classic precise parallel flaking to a median ridge on both sides leaving a distinct diamond shape overall form. One of the best Hasketts we have ever offered. Found by Justin Matthews in Klamath Co., Oregon. 388. 3 7/8" Humboldt - Beautifully made midnight black obsidian with oblique flaking. Nice. Ex- Litchfield Collection. 389. 2 1/2" Crescent - Nice example from Northwest Nevada. Ex- Jack Litchfield and Anderson Collections. Black dacite.

24 390







400 401













390. 5 1/2" 3/4 Groove Axe - Nicely polished example from Marshall Co., Illinois. Fluted top edge. Granite. Site very nicely on a shelf. 391. 3 3/4" Keokuk Axe - Small example from Missouri in a dark Granite. 392. 5 1/4" 3/4 Groove Axe - Nicely refined example with almost 100% Polish. Pole & Bit in excellent shape. Illinois. Granite. 393. 4 1/16" 3/4 Groove Axe - Nicely made with well-defined groove. Granite. Illinois. 394. 6 7/16” Hohokam Axe - Nice green diorite example from Arizona from the Kelly Chestnut Collection. Good remnant Alkali deposits. 395. 8 3/4" Tapered Poll Celt - Nicely polished Greenstone. Ohio. Big!! 396. 6" Celt - Tapered celt with nicely done square sides. Granite. Fayette Co., Kentucky. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 397. 7 5/8" Celt - Nicely done example from LaSalle Co., Illinois. Cream Speckled Granite. Finished all-over with no significant flaws. 398. 3 13/16" Square-Poll Celt - Granite example from Central Kentucky. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. Fantastic bit and overall polish. 399. 4 1/6" Adena Square Poll Celt - Excellent example from Fayette Co., Kentucky in Green Speckled Granite. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 400. 9 1/4" Gouge - Davis COA - Highly polished Black and Gray Speckled Hardstone recovered in California. Fragment broken off and glued back on one side . Very well done, hardly noticeable. Killer ‘rare’ relic in this size and overall condition. Davis COA. 401. 4 7/16" Chisel - Fayette Co., Kentucky example. Fine grained Diorite. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. Excellent Form. 402. 7 5/8" Flared Bit Celt - MO/IL type. Granite. Ex - Chestnut Collection BIG and nice. 403. 6 7/8" Celt - Large example with a finished poll and good allover polish. Decent bit. Fayette Co., Kentucky. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 404. 5" Celt - Ohio example in dark granite. Adena Culture 2,500 B.P. 405. 5 1/8" Tapered Poll Celt - Nicely done with squared sides. Missouri. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 406. 5 3/8" Neolithic Danish Boat-Shaped Battle Axe - Boat shaped axe collected prior to World War II on 6/20/1936 according to old faded label. Circa 4000-2000 B.C. Exceptionally nice example. 407. 4 5/8" Bell Pestle/Corn Grinder - Nicely done Kentucky example in fine grained Diorite with excellent mineralization and a flared top.

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408. 4 7/8" Bell Pestle - Nicely made example in a Porphyritic Granite. Fayette Co., Kentucky. Ex- D r. J o e D a u g h e r t y C o l l e c t i o n . 409. 5 1/4" Bell Pestle - Green granite example from Newtown, Ohio. ExDr. Joe Daugherty Collection. Nice! 410. 5 3/4" Top-Grade Bell Pestle - Superb example from the Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. Fayette Co., Kentucky. Quartz.


Engraved Pipe!

‘Presented to Peter Evans by Mrs. M….by his daughter who departed this life…….1856’

5 1/4”x 3 1/16” Catlinite

25 411























411. 5 5/8" x 2 3/4" Anasazi Black on White bowl - Pretty bowl with diamond pattern on inside. Some restoration, not more than 20%. 412. 6 5/8" Anasazi ‘St John’s’ Redware Bowl - Beautifully decorated Polychrome bowl from the 4 corners area of AZ/NM/UT/CO. Broken & glued with approx. 5% restoration. Includes Davis COA and Disclosure letter from Monica King. Davis COA. 413. 8 3/8" Quapaw Engraved Swirl Bowl - Unique redware bowl with a spiral engraved into base. AR/MS Type. Restored. Ex- Chestnut Collection. 414. 10 5/8" Nayarit Polychrome Bowl - Red & beige painted LARGE example with a great mineralization on this 100% intact (un-restored) example from W. Mexico. Ex- Chestnut Collection.Circa 300BC-300 A.D. 415. 4 7/8" Anasazi Mug - Davis COA - Fabulous. Restored. Davis COA. 416. 5 1/8" Nayarit Polychrome Bowl - Red, buff, & cream slip on this example from West Mexico. Excellent root tracks and mineralization along with the geometric patterns on the outside. Exceptionally nice example. 417. 14 3/16" x 9 3/8" ‘Replica’ Quapaw Dog Effigy Teapot - Very nicely made contemporary replica of a Quapaw red & white Dog Effigy Teapot. Highly decorative. 418. 6 5/8" x 2 1/2" Mississippian Grayware Bowl - 100% intact with no restoration example from Central Kentucky. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Excellent mineralization with shell temper. Mississippian ca. 1300 A.D. 419. 3 1/8 "x 3 3/8" Pottery Trowel or Jar Lid - Shell tempered clay example from Kentucky with no restoration. Mississippian Era 1000700 B.P. Ex- Col. Vietzen Collection. 420. 3 1/2" Southwestern Clay Pipe - Glazed example with remnant cream, blue and pink/red paint. Southwestern U.S. Reservation period. 421. 4 1/8" Fish Effigy Pipe - E. Tennessee form Fired clay. Proto-Historic. 422. 2 1/4" Effigy Head - Carved from Red Quartz this unique piece of early American artwork displays good mineralization and unique form. 423. 3 15/16" Columbia River Mini-Mortar - Small hand-size mortar likely for grinding medicinal items or pigments. Basalt. Washington State. 424. 6" War Club - Superb drilled and highly polished biconical ‘Plains Type’ War Club from the Historic Era in California. Davis G-9 COA. 425. 4 15/16" Human Effigy Pipe - Unique example formerly of the Harvey Boukinac Collection. Green Banded Slate from Ottawa Co., Michigan. We place this as a historic form dating somewhere between 1700-1850 A.D. 426. 3 3/4" Pipe - Ohio. Sandstone. Excellent Late Woodland/ Mississippian form with a Jackson COA. 427. 5 1/4"x3 1/16" Inscribed Catlinite Trade Pipe - Nicely patinated example featuring a rare post-mortem gift inscription: ‘Presented to Peter Evans by Mrs. M….by his daughter who departed this life…….1856’. Broken & Glued at the base of the bowl, but still a great show-piece. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty of Lexington, Kentucky Collection.

428. 6" Indented Gorget - True ‘G-10’ form and condition. From Wood Co., Ohio. Great green banded slate loaded with worm tracks. Jackson COA. 429. 3 11/16" Biconcave Gorget - Banded Slate. Wayne Co., Indiana. 430. 5 3/16" Iroquois Wooden Pipe - Unique burlwood pipe with inlaid seed beads and a unique stem. Stem made from a hollowed out .303 cartridge placing this pipe sometime between 1890-1940. Could be earlier if bullet casing was added later. Even patina so no real way to know. Incredible conversation piece. 431. 5 9/16" Ovate Gorget - Found 5/25/1969 in a plowed field East of the Thompson House Historical Site and 1 mile south of Setauket on Long Island in Suffolk Co., New York. Chlorite. 432. 4 3/8" Ovate Gorget - Green banded slate with worm tracks and ochre/mineralization on both sides. Ohio.

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433. 1 9/16" Scallorn - Completely translucent and serrated all the way. Great arrowhead!! Texas. 434. 1 1/4" Morris - Extra fine and a rare type. Extremely colorful and heavily serrated example from Oklahoma. 435. 1 5/16" Chaco Corner Notch - New Mexico type. Translucent and perfect beyond belief!! 436. 1 3/16" ‘World-Class’ Novaculite Rockwall - Super high grade Pink Novaculite. This is the one you have been waiting for! Killer, awesome, amazing, outlandish, on and on. Maybe none finer or prettier. Recovered in Arkansas. 437. 1 1/2" Bonham - Great length. Great serrations. Great symmetry. Just a great point. Texas. 438. 1 3/4" Haskell - Glossy brilliant maroon Jasper with a blush of yellow. Simply beautiful. Extra large for the type too. Recovered in Arkansas. 439. Great 1 1/8" Keota - Super color, translucency, symmetry, flaking, thinness, and form. Oklahoma type. 440. 1 3/8" Snaketown Triangular - Awesome translucent Agate serrated up and down both edges. Arizona type. 441. 3 ‘Showstopping’ Texas Birdpoints - Biggest is translucent and measures 1 9/16". Other two high grade materials with perimeter translucency. One is a rare wide based Washita in perfect condition. All have excellent form. Texas.” 442. Pair of Texas Corner Notched Translucent Beauties - 1 ¼” & 1 3/16" virtually matching pair of translucent Luna Agate West Texas beauties. 443. 3 Texas Birdpoints - All shades of Butterscotch. Biggest 1 1/16". Great symmetry, flaking, and thinness. Texas. 444. 3 ‘BIG’ Texas Perdiz Points - All right at 1 3/4" each. All translucent and well executed. Texas. 445. 3 Beautiful Texas Birdpoints - Longest is 1". Translucency and color to die for!!! Texas. 446. 2 ‘Killer’ Texas Mauds - Root Beer and Glossy Gray. Translucent, serrated, and ultra thin. Longest 1 3/8". Found in East Texas.









447. 3 Stunning Texas Birdpoints - Right at 1" each. Symmetry, thinness, and translucency galore. Texas. 448. 3 ‘Awesome’ Texas Birdpoints - All right at 1" each. Symmetry, thinness, and all super translucent.. Texas. 449. 3 Large and Beautiful Texas Birdpoints - Pink, purple, and root beer. Exquisite symmetry, color, and translucency. Texas 450. 3 ‘Killer’ Texas Triangles - Longest 1 1/4". All wafer thin. All very translucent. Great flaking. Texas 451. 3 Matching Texas Birdpoints - All 1 1/4". All have excellent form. Two are nicely translucent. Texas.

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Important Auction of Native American Artifacts  

Over 450 lots in this excellent sale.

Important Auction of Native American Artifacts  

Over 450 lots in this excellent sale.