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with Tim Lyons Auctioneer (KY #P1699) is pleased to present

Important Auction of Native American Artifacts with over 400 Top-Quality Authenticated and Well-Documented Consignments Commencing at 10:00am on

February 4th, 2012 Preview 8:00am-10:00am

at the Clay Community Center, Mount Sterling, Kentucky

The Ar tif act Com pan y Artif tifact Compan pany P.O. Box 1005, Mount Sterling, Kentucky 40353 (800) 466-3836 View Items Online at


The Artifact Company with Tim Lyons Auctioneer (KY #P1699)

is pleased to present

an Im por tant A uction of Impor port Auction N ativ e Amer ican Ar tif acts tifacts ative American Artif Commencing February 4th, 2012 at 10:00am at the Clay Community Center, Mount Sterling, Kentucky We are proud to present this Top-Quality Sale of fine relics in our first major sale of the 2012 Auction Season. Represented are a number of top-quality Clovis points, Taino and PreColumbian Artifacts, Slate, Quartz, and over 34 Axes! Beaded Goods and Historic Items, Basketry, Pottery, and as always, Excellent Quality Flint of all forms. Also featured in this auction is a wide selection of items have been previously papered by top authenticators such as Jackson, Stermer, Motley, Rogers, Dickey, Bennett, Berner, Perino, Partain, Baker, Davis, Johnson, Cox, Howard, Putty, Tatum, Fisher, Williams, Sievers, Meadows or E. Rowe.

Terms of Sale

We have attempted to accurately describe all items being sold, but all property offered for sale is strictly ‘as-is’.

We have provided substantial images of all items offered to best inform potential absentee or online bidders with regards to item condition. It is the bidder’s responsibility (whether in-person, by phone, by mail, or via the Internet) to determine the exact condition of each item. No statement in this catalog, sale bill, invoice, or other documents by associates of The Artifact Company or the Principle Auctioneer, shall be deemed to warranty, or as representation or assumption of liability with respect to age, condition, size, quality, importance, rarity, variety, provenance, or historical reference as related to any sale items. Any such statements are strictly matters of opinion. If an item already has a certificate from one or more authenticators listed above the sale shall be considered final, NO EXCEPTIONS. Everything else (with the exception of decorative or contemporary items) is guaranteed for 30 days from auction date to paper by any authenticator living and mentioned above. Any item eligible for return with request for refund must be accompanied with a full written report of the examination. Authentication is a matter of scholarship and we welcome you to utilize the experience of your preferred expert for consultation prior to sale. You may arrrange to have your expert inspect a potential purchase prior to a sale by calling 1-800-466-3836. Reserve and Buy-Back rules are in effect for this sale. The Auctioneer will be the final judge as to which bidder is the highest bidder. In event of any dispute in this matter the Auctioneer shall use his own discretion to decide whether to reopen bidding or not. Title to all merchandise shall pass to the highest bidder at the fall of the Auctioneer’s ‘Hammer’. The Purchaser shall assume full risk and responsibility for the lot purchased once title has passed. The buyer must pay Kentucky State Sales Tax (6%) unless exception is allowed under laws regulating such tax. Out of state sales tax numbers will be accepted. You do not pay Kentucky Sales Tax if items are shipped out of state. All accounts must be settled by sale’s end for Floor Bidders, or within 14 days of receipt of Invoice for Absentee/Internet/Phone Bidders, unless other arrangements have been made. Payment may be made by cash, personal check (with id), Money Order, or major credit card (a 3% convenience fee will be added to credit card purchases). No items removed until paid in full, The Artifact Company reserves the right to hold items until payment clears. The Artifact Company or its Auctioneers are not responsible for any typographical error or omission in this catalog. Photographs in this catalog are of the actual items being sold, but exact condition of the objects offered is their condition the day of the sale. There will be absolutely NO returns or adjustments of any kind made 30 days after Auction date. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to any individual or group. Customers interested in acquiring additional documentation or certificates should make arrangements prior to the sale. Additional documentation is only available at current market rate and should not be considered ‘complimentary’.

Subscription Information A complimentary catalog may be requested by calling us directly prior to a sale (supplies are limited). Catalogs are always free to view online. Customers registering to bid either absentee or by phone, or winning bidders will automatically receive a catalog for the next sale free of charge. Floor bidders will receive a catalog free of charge the day of the sale. Catalog purchase includes a ‘Prices Realized’ list sent after conclusion of the sale with the subsequent catalog. Prices Realized Lists and remainder sale catalogs are available for purchase for a minimal cost after a sale via our website or by calling 1-800-466-3836. Those wishing to subscribe without bidding may do so at a cost of $40.00 per year.



Buyer’s Premium Absentee and Floor Bidders the day of the auction will pay a 10% buyer’s premium on any successfully executed purchase. Internet and Phone bidders will pay a 13% buyer’s premium on any successful purchase. Shipping We will ship and insure items purchased through Absentee and Internet bidding to your wishes. A nominal Shipping and Handling fee will be assessed per package with regards to postage and insurance requirements. Absentee Bidding Absentee Bids must be received no later than 8:00pm Eastern Time, Friday, February 3rd, 2012. Please call (800)-466-3836 or (859) 499-0204 to leave an absentee bid. Your bid will be made by an experienced bidder on your behalf. This system is not foolproof, but completely honest. Phone Bidding Call (800) 466-3836 or (859) 499-0204. Please call by 8:00pm Eastern Time, Friday, February 3rd, 2012 to arrange this service. Our Staff will call you when the artifact is ready to go up for auction. Calls made to the above numbers the day of sale unfortunately cannot be answered. Incoming calls the day of the sale will NOT ring to the auction floor. Please plan ahead. Internet Bidding We are pleased to offer Internet Bidding via the website. You must register with LiveAuctioneers well in advance for this sale even if you have previously registered an account. Feel free to contact us if you are having difficulties registering online.

For Phone Consultation and Additional Description, please contact:

The Artifact Company Alexander C. Przygoda KY #AHO3486 P.O. Box 1005 Mt. Sterling, KY 40353 (800) 466-3836 or (859) 499-0204 This catalog is available for viewing and additional download at Many additional pictures are available on our website as well, many featuring translucency, flaking detail, and other views of the items in this catalog. Directions and Accomodations: Take I-64 to Exit 110 at Mt. Sterling, head South on Route 11 to the KY 686 Intersection. Turn right and follow 686 to the Venue, which will be on the left-hand side. The Clay Community Center is located on the South Side of Mount Sterling on Indian Mound Drive. (Hwy 686). The address is: 3400 Indian Mound Drive, Mt. Sterling, KY 40353 There are several motels and hotels in the area: Ramada (859-497-9400) Fairfield Inn (859-498-4050) Days Inn (859-498-4680) Call for more complete listing.

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1. 1 13/16" ‘Hixton’ Agate Basin - Jackson COA - Perfect example. Heavily ground stem edges. Beautiful translucent champagne colored Hixton. Found in Wisconsin. Jackson COA. 2. 1 5/8" Hells Canyon Basal Notched - Awesome Petrified Wood example. Long extended needle tip with lots of color and flaking to die for. Found in Washington State. Ex- Hammond Collection. 3. 1 1/2" Hendricks - Jackson COA - Super fine example. Ultra thin and highly translucent. Beautiful mauve Agate with unbelievable flaking. Found at Sauvie’s island, Oregon. Jackson COA. 4. 1 5/8" Pinto Basin - Classic early form with unique basal configuration. In great condition and loaded with mineral deposits. Found in Southeastern Oregon. 5. 1 1/2" Rabbit Island Dart - Yellow chert with nice translucency. Super serrations and blood red needle tip. Found in Washington State. Ex- Hammond Collection. 6. 1 1/2" Black Rock Concave - Jackson COA - Truly a showstopper. Highly translucent streaked and mottled Ice Obsidian. Elko Co., Nevada. Ex- Sam Demaline Collection. Jackson COA. 7. 1 5/8" Contra Costa - Jet black glossy translucent Obsidian. Perfect unique and rare form. Found in Lake Co., Oregon. 8. 1 7/16" Columbia Plateau - Jackson COA - Big, beautiful, and translucent. Found in Washington State. Ex- Floyd Hammond Collection. Jackson COA. 9. 1 7/8" Elko Split Base - Gorgeous Pigeon Blood Agate with tremendous translucency. Found in Grand Co., Utah by Hersel Nokes. 10. 1 7/8" Nodena - Arrowhead COA - ‘World Class’ example. Ultra thin. Beautiful multicolored high gloss high quality fossil chert. Amazing flaking and a needle tip. This piece truly has it all. Found in Arkansas. Arrowhead COA. 11. 2" Rose Springs - Massive example in terms of length but ultra thin and meticulously flaked. Made of high quality Dacite. Found in Lake Co., Oregon. 12. 1 3/4" Plainview - Jackson COA - Gorgeous multicolored banded chert from Eastern Colorado. Literally perfect condition. Jackson COA. 13. 1 3/4" Eden - Jackson COA - Perfect condition. Heavily ground stem. Made of an extra pretty and extra well patinated sparkly Spanish Diggings champagne colored quartzite. Found in Baca Co., Colorado. Jackson COA. 14. 1 7/8" Duncan - Classic heavily patinated Knife River Flint example. Great form with nice long ears. Found in North Dakota. 15. 2 1/16" Clovis - Sweet little Boyle Chert example with nice translucency. Great flutes and color. Found by Joe Fairbanks in Bath Co., Kentucky. 016. 2 1/8" Dalton - Bennett COA - Excellent mineralization on this example found by Mack Ashman at the famed Olive Branch site in Alexander Co., Illinois. Bennett COA 17. 2 1/8" Clovis - Excellent translucent example from Ohio in white Flint Ridge. Super! 18. 2 1/8" Quilomene Bar - Jackson COA - If you have been waiting for a great one, this is ti!! Drop dead gorgeous maroon, red, and yellow Jasper. Found at The Dalles, Oregon. Jackson COA. 19. World Class 2 1/4" Paddle Drill - Perfect example. Gorgeous two-tone fossil chert with a slight degree of very pleasing river polish. Found in Sumner Co., Kansas. 20. 1 7/8" Opalized Agate Drill - Truly a piece of jewelry, not a tool form. It is that beautiful and fine. Completely translucent and blanched white Opalized Agate found by Hersel Nokes in Grand Co., Utah.

21. 2" Lovell - Rogers COA - High grade highly translucent Caramel Chalcedony. Thin and exceptionally well made. Papered as Lovell by Rogers. Has terrific Paleo flaking and other Paleo characteristics. 22. 2 1/8" Flint Ridge Clovis - Rogers, Partain, & Putty COA’s - Simply beautiful and perfect multicolored Flint Ridge sweetie pie. Found by Jason Vaughn in Vinton Co., Ohio. Ex- Bill Rose Collection. Rogers, Partain, & Putty COA’s. 23. 2 3/16" Redstone - Jackson COA - Very pretty high grade glossy multicolored Ft. Payne. Deeply fluted 85% on one side. Found in Stewart Co., Tennessee. Jackson COA. 24. 2" Dovetail - Made of a beautiful green and cream Sonora with a nice indented base. Great condition. Barron Co., Kentucky. 25. 2" Showstopper Dovetail - Made of gorgeous gun metal and light gray Wayne County Chalcedony with tremendous translucency. Found in Pulaski Co., Kentucky. ExCarter Collection. 26. 2 1/8" Clovis - Jackson COA - Extra pretty Coshocton Chert multi-toned blues . Found in Stark Co., Ohio. Jackson COA. 27. 2 1/8" Scottsbluff - Thin with exquisite transverse flaking. Heavily ground square base. Made of glossy high grade jet black Obsidian. Found in Lake Co., Oregon. They simply don’t get any better than this one!!! 28. 2 1/4" Goshen - Jackson COA - Beautiful beyond belief Petrified Palm Wood. Highly translucent with lots of color. Ground edges with great flaking and thinning. ExBurton Collection. Found in Eastern Colorado. Jackson COA. 29. 2 1/8" Cache River - Great example. Great notches. Expertly crafted. Made of pretty pumpkin colored Burlington. Found in Greene Co., Arkansas. 30. 2 1/4" ‘Gigantic’ Snake River Dart - Jackson COA - Amazing relic. Huge example with phenomenal flaking. Great basal configuration. Made of high grade Purple Jasper with great gloss. Columbia River, Oregon. Jackson COA. 31. 2 1/4" Dalton - Jackson COA - Fabulous example. Made of a very pretty pumpkin Burlington and serrated all along both blade edges. Pleasing ‘classic’ right hand bevel. No damage whatsoever. Found in Clay Co., Arkansas. Jackson COA. 32. 2 1/4" Goshen - Cream fossil chert example from Missouri. Richardson COA 33. 2 3/8" Merkle - Awesome color and style. They don’t get any better than this. Found in Southern Missouri. 34. 2 1/4" Evans - Good as they get. Pumpkin Burlington with brown highlights. Perfect form and symmetry. Saline Co., Arkansas. 35. 2 3/8" Clipped Wing Decatur - Heavily mineralized example from Shelby Co., Kentucky formerly of the John ‘Shooter’ Albright Collection. Boyle Chert. 36. 2 3/8" Goshen - Jackson & Earthworks COA’s - Translucent and fabulous. Flaking to die for. Thin and literally perfect. Made of beautiful rich and glossy Chalcedony. Found by James Oliver in Prowers Co., Colorado. Ex- Oliver & Redmond Collections. Jackson & Earthworks COA’s. 37. 2 1/4" Northern Side Notched - Extremely translucent Ice Obsidian example that is thin and very well made. Found in Oregon. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection.

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38. 2 5/16" Eden - Jackson COA - Thin with killer Cody parallel flaking. Made of an extra pretty cream and white fossil chert with auction mini-snail fossils evident embedded flat on the surface. Truly beautiful under a microscope. Found in Western Nebraska. 39. 2 1/4" Clovis - Found in Jackson Co., Michigan. Very pretty streaked cream/gray high grade chert. Unfluted variety in perfect condition. Jackson COA. 40. 2 5/16" Pinetree - Thin with great symmetry and expertly crafted. Nice serrations. Classic Fort Payne Chert. Found in Fayette Co., Kentucky. 41. 2 1/4" Augustin Knife - Gorgeous translucent Agate. Found in Pima Co., Arizona. Ex- Abbinante Collection. 42. 2 1/4" Dalton - Perfect example from Clay Co., Arkansas. Made of glossy beige Burlington. Nominally fluted on both sides. 43. 2 1/4" Plateau Pentagonal - Super example made of a gorgeous piece of highly translucent glossy smoky Ice Obsidian. Found in Oregon. 44. 2 5/16" Clovis - Rogers COA - Extra pretty blue gray Coshocton. Great color and nice flutes. Found in Scioto Co., Ohio. Rogers COA. 45. 2 5/8" Lost Lake - Deep notches and made of a beautiful grade of Carter Cave flint with lots of pastels. Found by Bud Clem in Jessamine Co., Kentucky. Ex- Dix Collection. 46. 2 3/8" Browns Valley - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Outstanding example from Lee Co., Iowa. Beautiful with multi-toned fossil chert with lots of color and sheen. Heavily ground basal area. Thin and perfect. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 47. 2 1/2" Evans - Killer Evans. Made of beautiful maroon/yellow Jasper from Louisiana. 48. 2 5/8" Eva Drill - Exotic form and is in great condition. Made of Dover chert. Found in Dickson Co., Tennessee. 49. 2 5/8" Dalton - Jackson COA - Extra pretty horizontally striped Ft. Payne Chert. Nice serrations. Clark Co., Kentucky. Jackson COA. 50. 2 3/8" Northern Side Notch - Beautiful translucent Ice Obsidian with smoky streaks running the entire length of the item. Needle tip. Great condition. Deeeeeep notches!! Found in Lake Co., Oregon. Ex- Kirkpatrick Collection. 51. 2 1/2" Castroville Drill - Unique form. Looks like a bird in flight. Heavy mineralization. Nice long sharp drill and tip. Found by David McIntosh in Travis Co., Texas. 52. 2 1/2" Clovis - Davis ‘G-8’ COA - Beautiful Clovis made of cream and tan and brown Ft. Payne Chert with great flutes and a distinct ‘lightning strike’ in white running lengthwise on both sides. Found in Franklin Co., Tennessee by R. Grammer. Conservatively rated ‘G-8’ on Davis COA. 53. 2 9/16" Dovetail - Montgomery Co., Kentucky. Breathitt Chert. Ex - Humphries Collection. 54. 2 1/2" Flint Ridge Coldwater - Stermer, Partain, & Howard COA’s - Pretty translucent champagne colored Flint Ridge. Heavily ground basal edges. Interesting twist to the blade with divot/channel on one side. Ex- Charles West Collection. Stermer, Partain, & Howard COA’s. 55. 2 1/2" Clovis - Jackson COA - Made of an extra pretty high grade St. Genevieve Chert from Logan Co., Kentucky. Great example with super flaking. Ex- Higdon Collection. Jackson COA. 56. 2 5/8" Lost Lake - Very thin for the type with nice deep notches. Made of a pretty two tone light gray banded chert. Found in Fayette Co., Kentucky. 57. 2 5/8" Beaver Lake - Great form. Beautiful Buffalo River material from Tennessee. First cousin to a Cumberland. 58. 2 1/2" Clovis - Davis & Jackson COA’s - Made of pretty Boyle Chert with nice translucency around the perimeter. Found in Pike Co., Ohio. Davis & Jackson COA’s. 59. 2 5/8" Agate Basin - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Beautiful glossy maroon/burgundy Jasper with blue streaks. Found in Yakima Co., Washington. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 60. 2 5/8" Castroville - Ultra thin and completely translucent. Simply a ‘killer’ example with great symmetry and a nice needle tip. Found in Travis Co., Texas. 61. 2 1/2" MacCorkle - Beautiful streaked two-tone gray Tyrone Chert. Relic in perfect condition. Found in Clark Co., Kentucky.
















62. MASSIVE 9"x7"x3 7/8" Taino Three-Pointer / Trigonolito - Davis G-10, Puttera COAs - Incredible example from Hispaniola in a metamorphic limestone with intricate engraved circular designs. Ex - Sadofsky Collection #S1012 Circa 1100-1500AD. Davis G-10 and Puttera/Hanna COAs 63. 12 1/4"x9 1/2"x6" Taino ‘Potiza’ Heart-shaped Vessel - Davis, Puttera COAs - Excellent example formerly of the Sadofsky Collection (#S1053) from Hispaniola. Circa 1100-1500AD. Appears solid with no visible restoration. It is rare to see Taino Pottery, let alone intact examples such as this. Davis, Puttera/Hanna COAs. 64. 6 5/8"x4 1/8"x3" Taino Macorix Head - Davis G-10, Puttera COAs - Excellent example from Hispaniola formerly of the Sadofsky Collection (#S1504) in calcite. Features nicely done engraving across the forehead/headband. Davis G-10, Puttera/Hanna COAs 65. 5 3/8"x5"x2 7/8" Taino Zemi Frog Stamp - Davis G-9, Puttera COAs Excellent example of a Taino animal effigy from Hispaniola formerly of the Sadofsky Collection (#S1079). High grade polished basalt or dark hardstone. Davis G-9, Puttera/ Hanna COAs




Davis COA

Davis COA


Davis COA

Davis COA

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Davis G-10!

Ex - Theler




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66. 6 7/8" Cobbs Knife - Long slender example from Missouri in a gray fossil chert. Big! 67. 6 3/4" Adena Knife - Davis ‘G-10’ COA - Beautiful Carter Cave flint with browns and reds. Amazing size and color. Literally perfect condition. Found in Boyd Co., Kentucky. Ex- Dr. Fred Cory and James Willis Collections. Davis ‘G-10’ COA. 68. 6 1/16" Cougar Mountain - Rogers COA - Large dendritic chert example from Montana typed by Rogers as Cougar Mountain. Rogers COA. 69. 6 1/4" Wadlow - Big beautiful example. Pleasing white Burlington with excellent size and form. Loaded with minerals. Found in Franklin Co., Missouri. 70. 5 13/16" Cobbs Knife - Heavily mineralized example in Burlington chert from Pike Co., Illinois. 71. 5 11/16" Bipointed Knife - Stunning example in well-patinated Hornstone formerly of the George Zalesky collection. Miami Co., Ohio. 72. 5 5/8" Squaw Blade - Superb example. Very large yet very thin. Pretty flint. Really fills up a display frame. Ex- Clyde Theler Collection. Indiana. 73. 4" Bar Weight - Jackson COA - Beautiful green banded slate. Very thin and well executed. Actually has ‘chisel’ ends. Ohio type and material. Jackson COA.


Cache of 13 Howard Points!!

Good Perino COA!



74. 5 5/8" Elliptical Gorget - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Super fine example. Extra pretty green banded slate. Tallied on one end with interesting incising elsewhere. Well developed form with nice polish and literally no damage save some minor plow scratches. Found in Ohio. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 75. 3 1/2" Pendant - Darke Co., Ohio. Green Banded Slate 76. 3 5/8" Pendant - Jackson COA - Heavy block form example. Made of an extra pretty green banded slate. Found in Ohio. Ex- Eric Wagner Collection. Jackson COA. 77. 3 5/16" Pendant Preform - Davis COA - Literally perfect example in green banded slate from Morgan Co., IN. Ex- Schwartz & Eric Wagner Collections. Davis COA. 78. 3 1/8" Green Banded Slate Pendant Preform - Beautiful piece of polished green banded slate with great banding. Undrilled. Many believe undrilled forms are rarer than drilled and were intended for ceremonial purpose to be drilled later. Found in Montgomery Co., Kentucky. Ex- Willoughby Collection. 79. 3 1/2" Pendant - Davis & Jackson COA’s - Extra nice form. Pretty green and red banded slate. Ex- Eric Wagner Collection. Shelby Co., Indiana. Davis & Jackson COA’s. 80A. 4 5/16" Biconcave Gorget - Jackson COA - Green Banded Slate example from Sandusky Co., Ohio. Jackson COA 80B. Cache of 13 Howard Points - Auction Highlight!! 13 Super quality all translucent and heavily serrated champagne, orange, and pink Novaculite Howard Variant darts ranging from 31mm to 20mm. All perfect!! Found by James Freeman in Howard Co., Arkansas. Perino COA 4/12/2002 81. 3 3/4" Anchor Pendant - Jackson/Partain COAs - Muskingum Co., Ohio. Ex Jack Litchfield Collection. Banded slate. Jackson, Partain COAs 82. 4 5/16" Anchor Pendant - Nicely finished example from Pike Co., Ohio. Ex - Al Wakefield Collection. Jackson, Putty, Partain COAs 83. 4 3/4" Pendant - Jackson COA - Wonderful example of a large green banded slate pendant. Extra well made. Found in Morgan Co., Ohio. Ex- Eric Wagner Collection. Jackson COA. 84. 6 5/8" Pendant - Jackson COA - Extra large example. Interesting material. Mottled and speckled creams in nice green banded slate. Ex- Scanlon & Jackson Collections. Jackson COA.

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102 99 Tablet! Davis G-9 COA


85. 3 5/8" Adena Pendant - Putty/Partain COAs - Heavily encrusted example from Ross Co. Ohio in Banded Slate with Putty, Partain COA’s. 86. 3 1/2" Trapezoidal Pendant - Slate example from Lawrence Co., Ohio. Ex - AlWakefield Collection. Jackson, Putty COAs 87. 3 3/8" Fringed Pendant - Putty/Partain COAs - Clinton Co., Ohio example in banded slate. Putty/Partain COAs 88. 6 3/8" Glacial Kame Sandal Sole Gorget - Jackson/Partain COAs - Excellent example from Defiance Co., Ohio in a dark banded slate. Ex - Frank P Everman, Frank Otto, and Jim Tilman (T-2610) Collections. Big! Jackson/Partain COAs 89. 2 5/8" Fossilized Shell Plummet - Jackson COA - Phenomenally rare relic reportedly found in Florida. Extremely heavy fossilized shell example in terrific condition. Old collector writing reads - ‘375 CRL’. Jackson COA. 90. 4" Fish Effigy Charmstone - Davis & Jackson COA’s - Unique effigy form in the shape of a fish. Made of a really pretty deep green Steatite. Drilled for suspension. Found in Northern California. Davis & Jackson COA’s. 91. 4 13/16" Chisel - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - World Class piece in flawless condition crafted from Diorite. Extremely highly polished over its entirety. This is the finest Chisel we have ever handled - bar none!! Truly a ‘centerpiece’ for any stone collection. Found in Ohio. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 92. 3 11/16" Square Sided Chisel - Jackson COA - Nice perfectly crafted example made of Speckled Granite. Exceptional size. All there with completely intact bit. Found in Ohio. Jackson COA. 93. 3 1/8" Chisel - Extra pretty green and cream speckled granite polished over its entirety. Found in Bath Co., Kentucky. Ex- Demaline Collection. 94. 3 1/2" Conical Copper Point - Perino COA - Rare form. From the Old Copper Culture, Archaic Period, dating in the 5000 to 2000 B.C. range per Perino. Excellent condition. Very stable. Found in Kewaunee Co., Wisconsin. Made of Native Copper. Ex- Scott Swanger Collection. Perino COA. 95. 2 13/16" Semi-Keeled Gorget - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Wonderful example made of green banded slate. Found in Loveland Co., Ohio. Ex- Eric Wagner Collection. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 96. 4 3/16" Glacial Kame Gorget - Davis & Jackson COA’s - Highly developed form in highly polished green and cream banded slate. Ohio. Davis & Jackson COA’s. 97. 4 9/16" Atl-Atl Weight - Jackson COA - Magnificent piece. Beautiful highly polished green banded slate. Anciently salvaged and re-drilled. Found in Ohio. Jackson COA. 98. 4 1/4" Shaft/Awl Straightener - Extremely rare type of artifact. Made of black hardstone. Excellent form. Ex- Snyder Collection. California. 99. 4 11/16" Hopewell Tablet - Davis ‘G-9’ COA - Extremely rare artifact. Made of highly smoothed sandstone. Perfectly crafted and in literally flawless condition. Ex- Gilbert Dilley Collection. Clermont Co., Ohio. 100. 32" Shell Necklace - Large number of shell beads with several made from prehistorically traded Conch from the Gulf of Mexico including one bead 3 1/4" long! All found at a Mississippian site in Hamilton Co., Ohio. Circa 1300 A.D. 101. 8" Strand of Shell Beads - Two different types of shells present (possibly used as a bracelet?) on this strand found in Hamilton Co., Ohio. Excellent mineralization. Mississippian - circa 1300 A.D. 102. 12" Strand of Trade Beads - Nice grouping of 36 different colors and styles of beads! 43 beads total. Very colorful mix of many sought after styles! 103. 23" Trade Bead Necklace - Superb mix of over 26 different styles of beads present in this highly colorful strand - 95 beads in all! Really nice strand!










118 116






104. 4 1/16" Fractured Base Dovetail - Davis COA - Thin example from the Clark/ Fayette Co., Kentucky line. Banded high grade Hornstone. Delicately flaked with well done narrow notches. Davis COA 105. 3 15/16" Flint Ridge Clovis - Jackson, Partain, & Putty COA’s - Auction Highlight!!! Highly translucent Flint Ridge Chalcedony Clovis. Found in Licking Co., Ohio. Ex- Al Wakefield Collection. Huge for a translucent Clovis. This would be an amazing addition to any top quality collection. 106. 3 13/16" Dovetail - Jackson COA - Extra pretty Cobden Chert example with perfect symmetry. Old collector label reads - ‘Pittsfield ILL. Pike Co. 6/93HE/25’. Jackson COA. 107. 4" Hardin - Tremendous example. Made of high grade white Burlington. Super flaking. Thin with no stacks or divots. Old writing reads -’Pico, IN. Fessler’. 108. 4" Big Slough - Davis COA - Pretty example from Montgomery Co., Tennessee in Dover Chert. Davis COA. 109. 3 7/8" Stilwell - Pretty example from Grayson County, Kentucky. Hornstone. Ex - Grady Steele Collection 110. 3 13/16" Dovetail - Pretty banded high grade gray Tyrone flint. Central Kentucky. 111. 3 3/4" Quad - 4 COA’s - Found by Bob Barker in 1994 near Wild Cat Creek in Boone Co., Indiana. Beautiful glossy dark gun metal gray Hornstone. Ultra thin with killer flaking. Davis ‘G-9’, Jackson, Rogers, & Stermer COA’s. 112. 4 3/16" Dovetail - Davis COA - Great cream and gray Indiana Hornstone with a Classic Bullseye. Found in Indiana. Davis ‘G-8’ COA. 113. 4 5/16" Crescent Knife - Rogers COA - Gray high grade flint example found by Wilma Burton in California. Rogers COA 114. 5 11/16" Crescent Knife - Ohio masterpiece in creek stained chert. Excellent use polish as well to the blade. Gorgeous flaking. 115. 4 1/16" Crescent Knife - Rogers COA - Found by Wilma Burton in California. Creek stained high grade chert. Rogers COA. 116. 3 15/16" North Blade - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Truly fabulous. Heated Burlington Chert to a beautiful rich maroon color. Found by Joe Stevens in Grant Co., Wisconsin. Ultra thin for the type. Absolutely the best one we have ever handled. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 117. 4 3/8" Angostura - Well flaked example from Eastern Oklahoma. Creek stained chert. 118. 4 5/16" Dovetail - Jackson COA - Exceptional example. Made of glossy high grade hornstone. Found in Clark Co., Kentucky. Jackson COA. 119. 4 3/8" Ashtabula - Jackson COA - Tremendous form and material. Made of blue and white Coshocton. Old collector number and label. Jackson COA. 120. 4 1/8" Dickson - Burlington chert example from St. Francois Co., Missouri. Ex Humphries Collection. Nice! 121. 3 13/16" Grand - Davis COA - Gorgeous banded Cobden Chert. Really stands out in a frame because of its size and striking swirls in the material. Found in Illinois. Davis COA.

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122. 4 9/16" Gary - Tri-Color Novaculite example from Arkansas. Ex - Humphries Collection. Translucent! 123. 4 3/8" Hopewell - Gorgeous Jewel Flint-Ridge flint found by Bill Klegment around 1959-1960 near Monroe in Monroe Co., Michigan. 124. MASSIVE 1 1/2" Fancy Brown Bennington ‘Boulder’ Marble - Multiple colors of yellow, green, red, brown, and blue mark this nice example. One of the larger sizes made. Excellent glaze and shine. 125. 29 Brown Bennington Marbles - 6 Shooters approx 7/8" each, 8 Regulars approx. 5/8-3/4", and 15 Peewees for a great set of brown Benningtons! Glaze is decent on most present in this lot. 126. 7 Blue Bennington Marbles - 1 Boulder approx. 1", 2 Shooters approx. 7/8", 1 Regular approx. 5/8", and 3 PeeWees make up this nice grouping of blue-glazed Benningtons. 127. 2 13/16" Discoidal - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Truly beautiful and good as they get!! Highly polished white and rusty orange colored ferruginous Quartzite. Literally perfect condition. Ex- Floyd Ritter Collection. Found in Southern Illinois. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 128. 3 3/16" Biscuit Type Discoidal - Jackson COA - Found in Kentucky. Made of a cream colored granite. Well developed and completely intact form. Jackson COA. 129. 2 5/8" Double Cupped Discoidal - Jackson COA - Extra nice discoidal with nice double cupping made of granite and found in Missouri. Old collector label reads - ’1130-75'. Polished smooth over its entirety. Jackson COA. 130. 2" Deeply Double Cupped Discoidal - Jackson COA - Very attractive black, green, and cream colored speckled granite with nice high polish over its entirety. Found in Missouri. Jackson COA. 131. 5 3/8" Chumash High Grade Mortar - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Found by Bill Jackson in Ventura Co., California. Highly developed form with deep and highly polished bowl. Very rare especially in this size and quality. Made of a very pretty speckled granite. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 132. 3 7/16" Salt River Type Discoidal - Jackson COA - Perfect condition and nicely polished over its entirety. Classicly cupped and ridged for the type. Made of diorite. Found in Illinois.

11 127















133. 1 3/4" Biscuit Type Quartz Discoidal - Highly polished over its entirety. Very pretty. A very pretty cream color with rust and black colored splotches throughout. Found in Montgomery Co., Kentucky. 134. 2" Biscuit Type Discoidal - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Highly polished literally perfect discoidal made of black diorite. Found in Kentucky. Ex- Collection of Bill Jackson. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 135. 2 1/2' Fluted Ball Bannerstone - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - This is the finest Ball Banner we have ever offered. Great size. Perfect condition. Exceptionally well made. Distinctly deeply fluted. And the banding in the multi-toned green slate is truly gorgeous. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 136. 3 3/4" Winged Bannerstone - Jackson COA - Beautiful green banded slate. Banner in great condition. If you found this in the field you would still be jumping up and down!!!! Tennessee. Jackson COA. 137. 2 5/8" Winged Bannerstone - Jackson COA - Very pretty green banded slate. Nice form. High polish. Great condition. Found in Tennessee. Jackson COA. 138. 1 7/8" Ball Bannerstone - Jackson COA - Classic form. Pretty green banded slate. Found in Tennessee. Jackson COA. 139. 2 1/2" Saddleface Bannerstone - Jackson COA - Super example in a highly polished Gneiss. Found by John Walker and Johnny Darnell near the Zinc Plant in Clarksville, Tennessee. Ex - John Duncan Collection 140. 3 1/16" Geniculate Bannerstone - Mason Co., Kentucky example formerly of the Charles West Collection. Jackson, Putty, Partain COAs 141. 3 1/16"x2 9/16" Hourglass Bannerstone - Triple Papered! - Ferruginous Quartz Example found by Ted Kell in 1932 in his garden 3 miles south of LaGrange, Indiana. One with more damage just sold for over $9k! Jackson, Putty, Partain COAs.

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142. 2 1/2"x4 1/2" Bannerstone - Unusual drilled example which was done to reinforce the haft. Clearly a heavily used example. Found by Anthony Angelo in 1950 near Springdale in Hamilton Co., Ohio. Slate. 143. 2" x 1 1/8" Tube Type Bannerstone - Jackson COA - Very translucent and pretty piece made of highly polished white Quartz. Nice mineral accumulation. Found in Scott Co., Missouri. Jackson COA. 144. 3 3/16" Tube Bannerstone - Davis COA - Nicely made example from Allen Co., Ohio with slick polish. Davis COA. 145. 3 3/4" Chumash Pipe - Jackson COA - Rare faceted block form. Extremely well patinated super hard Steatite. Excellent condition. Santa Barbara Co., California. ExHelm Collection. Jackson COA

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146. 3 1/4" Dovetail - Superb example. Completely intact and very pretty. Old writing reads - ‘Pike Co., Ill 789’. High grade ‘G-9’ anyway. 147. 3 3/16" Archaic Side Notch - Bennett COA - Gray Flint Ridge flint. Hocking Co., Ohio. Bennett COA. 148. 3 1/16" Dovetail - Nice example in translucent caramel-gray Carter Cave Flint. Nicholas Co., Kentucky. 149. 3 1/8" Dovetail - Strawberry chert example from Missouri. 150. 3 1/16" Goshen - Rogers, Jackson COAs - Lincoln Co., Nebraska example in a cream fossil chert. Rogers, Jackson COAs. 151. 2 7/8" Lost Lake - Hornstone example from Mason Co., Kentucky. 152. 3 1/4" Knife River Burin / Perforater - Form dates from the Paleo times. This example is beauiful, perfect, translucent, patinated root beer and white, and expertly crated. Found in North Dakota. 153. 3 3/16" Dovetail - Pictured in Who’s Who #10, Bennett COA - Pretty Harrodsburg Chert example from Kentucky formerly of the Fred Eiserman Collection. Pictured in Who’s Who #10, page 95. Bennett COA. 154. 3 1/8" Copena Classic - Dickey COA - Found by Sam White in Webster Co., Kentucky. Fort Payne Chert. Dickey COA. 155. Classic 3 1/4" Dovetail - This one has it all. High grade multi-toned Hornstone, perfect condition, and loads of serrations. Found in Montgomery Co., Kentucky. 156. 3 1/4" Dovetail - High grade translucent Carter Cave example from Bath Co., Kentucky. Excellent flaking and form. 157. 3 3/8" Hopewell Blade - Licking Co., Ohio example in olive and red Flint Ridge. 158. 3 1/4" Pedernales - Highly translucent root beer colored Edwards Plateau Chalcedony. Found at Camp Bend along Onion Creek in Hays Co., Texas by David McIntosh. Really a great example with sharp tip, tangs, and base. 159. 3 1/8" Big Sandy Drill - Made of beautiful green, brown, and cream St. Louis Green. Found in Hart Co., Kentucky. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 160. 3 5/16" Agate Basin - Highly translucent caramel colored Edwards Plateau. Great flaking. All there. Nicely ground lateral edges. Found at the Bluff Site along Onion Creek in Travis Co., Texas by David McIntosh. 161. 3 5/8" Drill - Fabulous example made of heat treated Burlington with pretty pink and maroon highlights. Rare to survive with this kind of length. Found in St. Charles Co., Missouri. 162. 3 3/8" Copena - Cookie cutter example made of glossy Ft. Payne. Found in Stewart Co., Tennessee. 163. 3 1/4" ‘Exotic’ Graham Cave - Wildly exaggerated basal configuration. Really unique. Made of a beautiful Crescent Quarry translucent around the perimeter. Minute serrations up and down both blade edges. Found in Franklin Co., Missouri. 164. 3 1/2" Turkeytail - Davis COA - Nicely made example from Stewart Co., Tennessee in Fort Payne or Camden Chert. 165. 3 3/8" Buck Creek - Superb example. Found by David Westfall in Clark Co., Kentucky. Made of very pretty Boyle Chert with lots of creams, browns, yellows, and whites.





162 163







166. Exceptional 3 5/8" Big Sandy - Jackson COA - Ultra thin with flaking to die for. Made of high grade multi-toned Fort Payne Chert. Found in Clark Co., Kentucky. ExThomas Collection. 167. 3 3/8" Pinetree - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Magnificent example. Made of a pretty multi-toned Dover Chert and in literally perfect condition. No stacks, divots, or other surprises. Found in Livingston Co., Kentucky. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 168. 3 5/8" Pedernales - Extra nice and extra large example from Travis Co., Texas. Classic Edwards Plateau Chert with nice mixture of colors. Needle tip and needle tangs. 169. 3 5/16" Pinetree - Well flaked long Kentucky example in mottled Fort Payne Chert. 170. 3 3/4" Drill Form - Big beautiful glossy white example from Illinois. Extra nice and all there. 171. 3 9/16" Suwanee - River stained example from the Suwannee River in Northern Florida. Big and nearly all there! 172. 3 1/2" Agate Basin - Missouri example in a heavily fossil-laden chert. 173. 3 5/8" Dovetail - Stunning banded caramel and toffee Carter Cave flint from Clark Co., Kentucky. 174. 3 3/8" Pickwick - Made of a very pretty yellowed highly translucent quartz. Found in North Carolina. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 175. 1" Desert General - Beautiful tri-flow Obsidian example. Lots of translucency and in perfect condition. Found in Lake Co., Oregon. Ex- Kirkpatrick Collection. 176. 15/16" Edwards - Exquisite workmanship. Pretty pink flint with great serrations and a needle tip. From the Sprio Mound area in Oklahoma. 177. 7/8" Rose Springs Stemmed - Jackson COA - Gorgeous three-toned reds and maroon Agate. Literally a perfect arrowhead. Found in Washington State. Jackson COA. 178. 1" Columbia Plateau - Jackson COA - Superbly well made. Fine serrations along the edges. Pretty glossy gray with maroon highlights. Perfect ‘kissing lips’ basal stem. Found in Washington State. Ex- Hammond Collection. Jackson COA. 179. 3/4" Columbia Plateau - Jackson COA - Beautiful two-tone gary and maroon Jasper. Found in Oregon. Jackson COA. 180. 1 1/16" Desert Sierra - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Translucent and perfect. Ice Obsidian. Lake Co., Oregon. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA 181. 1" Eastgate Split Stem - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Superb example. Made of glossy red/maroon Jasper. Found in Washington State. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 182. 3/4" Rose Springs - Perfect arrowhead made of highly translucent mottled purple Agate. Found in Washington State. 183. 3/4" Rose Springs - Translucent yellow Agate. Completely intact. Really nice. Found in Washington State. 184. 3/4" World Class Gunther Barbed - Perfectly symmetrical with great serrations and made of a very pretty yellow brown Jasper. Ex- Floyd Hammond Collection. Washington State. 185. 7/8" Rose Springs - Totally translucent example in purplish clear agate. Washington State. Ex - Hammond Collection.

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186. 7/8" Rose Springs Stemmed - Beautiful yellow Agate with red highlights. Found in Washington State. 187. 1 1/2" Rose Springs - Killer relic. Highly translucent Ice Obsidian. Thin and perfect. Found in Lake Co., Oregon. Ex- Kirkpatrick Collection. 188. 1 1/2" Columbia Plateau - Jackson COA - Has long tang that extends past base and therefore could be considered a Gunther Barbed. Awesome in either case. ‘Kissing lips’ basal stem. Perfect flaking and overall condition. Made of a two tone Jasper. Found In Washington State. Ex-Hammond Collection. 189. 1 1/4" Columbia Plateau - Killer example. Ultra thin with amazing flaking. Glossy high grade root beer colored Agate with nice translucency. No stacks, divots, or other surprises. Just an excellent example. Found in Washington State. Ex- Hammond Collection. 190. 1 5/8" Scallorn - Extra nice large example of the type. Pretty mauve colored Jasper. 191. 1 1/2" Gunther Triangular - Good as they get ‘cookie-cutter’ perfect example. Glossy translucent Ice Obsidian. Lake Co., Oregon. Ex- Kirkpatrick Collection. 192. 1 7/16" Columbia Plateau - Really interesting striped multicolored Agate. Great size and color. Found in Washington State. Ex- Hammond Collection. 193. 1 1/2" Goshen - Partain & Putty COA’s - Beautiful translucent root beer colored Knife River Flint. Rare type in a rare material. Found in Wyoming. Ex- John Lees Collection. Distinctly deeply fluted on both sides like Folsom. Partain & Putty COA’s. 194. 1 3/16" Columbia Plateau - Jackson COA - Made of showstoppingly beautiful black and red Mahogany Obsidian. Perfect form, symmetry, tip, etc. Found in Washington State. Ex- Hammond Collection. Jackson COA. 195. 1 1/2" Scallorn - Jackson COA - Classic form with killer serrations. Made of creamy Edwards plateau Chert. Thin and perfect. Central Texas. Jackson COA. 196. 1 7/16" Rabbit Island - Multicolored chert with serrations up and down both edges. Perfect form and symmetry. Long extended needle tip in red!! Ex- Hammond Collection. Washington State. 197. 1 1/4" Hells Canyon Corner Notched - Superb example. Translucent yellow Butterscotch Agate. Perfect form. Found in Washington State. 198. 1 5/16" Columbia Plateau - Stermer & Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - One of the best we have seen in a long time. Made of multicolored highly translucent Agate. From the collection of Rudy DeJong found along the Columbia River of Washington/Oregon. Stermer & Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 199. 1 1/2" Haskell - Spiro Mound Oklahoma. Translucent high grade flint. Nice big wafer thin example. 200. 1 3/16" Folsom - Jackson & Partain COA’s - Made of a very pretty highly translucent root beer and cream colored Agate. Found in Dona Ana Co., New Mexico. ExLudwick Collection. Rogers & Partain COA’s.

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201. 1 3/16" Klickitat Dagger - Literally perfect example with classic basal configuration and nice wide shoulders. Pleasing black dacite with nice gloss and great serrations. ExKirkpatrick Collection. Found in Oregon. 202. 1 1/4" Hells Canyon Basal Notched - Beautiful translucent perfectly symmetrical example. Found in Oregon. 203. 1 1/8" Columbia Plateau - Jackson COA - White translucent Opalized Agate with fire!!! Found in Washington State. Ex- Hammond Collection. Jackson COA. 204. 1 1/4" Hells Canyon Corner Notched - Completely translucent opalized Agate. Found in Lake Co., Oregon. Ex- Snyder Collection. 205. 1 3/8" Shumla - Awesome translucent opalized Agate. Superb form with great style. Found in New Mexico. 206. 1 3/8" Priest Rapids - Finest we have ever handled. Every flake meticulous and made of completely translucent opalized Agate. Found in Washington State. Ex- Hammond Collection. 207. 1 5/16" Hells Canyon - Found in Grand Co., Utah. Opalized Agate with white blanching and tremendous translucency. Found by Hersel Nokes.

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BIG 221 POINTS! 208. 5 1/4" Dovetail - Jackson COA - Big Burlington Dove. Exceptionally well made with obvious tremendous size. Found in St. Clair Co., Illinois. Jackson COA. 209. 4 15/16" Dovetail - Jackson COA - HUGE example from Southern Indiana. Excellent bullseye banded Hornstone. Ex - Billy Bush, Matt Moeller, Steve Condra Collections. Jackson COA 210. 4 5/8" Lost Lake - Davis ‘G-10’ COA - Literally a perfect example. Deep notches and all there including fine serrated edges. Rich dark chocolate brown Dover Chert. Found in Tennessee. 211. 5 3/4" Robbins - Jackson COA - Large perfect example in Flint Ridge from Ohio. Jackson COA. 212. 4 1/2" Adena Robbins - Gorgeous champagne colored Hixton. Found in Grant Co., Wisconsin. Really a nice big hefty arrowhead. Obviously made by a mastercraftsman. 213. Huge 5" Pickwick - Perfect example made of high grade glossy Ft. Payne Chert. Extended needle tip. Killer relic. Found in Humphreys Co., Tennessee. 214. 5 7/16" Plainview/Scottsbluff Knife - Substantial example of this rare form identified by Perino. We have 2 in our private collection. St. Clair Co., Illinois. Burlington. Ex - Humphries Collection. 215. 4 3/4" Snapped Base Dovetail - Amazing craftsmanship with tremendous serrations all the way up and down both edges. Really pretty orangish creek stained Fort Payne Chert. Display as is proudly or would make a tremendous restoration candidate. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. Kentucky. 216. 5 1/16" Knobbed Kentucky Hardin - FANTASTIC example found in September, 2011 in Lincoln Co., Kentucky. Pretty two-tone patinated Fort Payne Chert. 217. 5 3/8" Dovetail - 5 COA’s - Made of an extra pretty high grade Delaware Chert with good mineralization. Great length and symmetry. Ex- Paul Nelson, Peter Hansen & Wayne Morris Collections. Found in Delaware Co., Ohio. Stermer, Howard, Partain, Earthworks, & Putty COA’s. 218. 4 13/16" Smith - Jackson COA - Nice large example from Saline Co., Missouri. Ex- Don Seamans Collection. Burlington Chert. Jackson COA. 219. 4 15/16" Cobbs Blade - Fine example found by Lois Mulligan in Putnam Co., Tennessee. Dover Chert. Near First Stage. 220. 5 1/8" Cobbs Knife - Great color. Great form. Extra well made of multicolored high grade Hornstone. Found in Fayette Co., Kentucky. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 221. 5 7/16" Cobbs Knife - Excellent near first stage example from Montgomery Co., Kentucky. Ex - Humphries Collection.


222. 5 1/16" Beavertail Adena - Incredible orange-red banded Hornstone from Central Kentucky. Ex - Humphries Collection. 223. 5 7/8" Squaw Blade - Jackson COA - Ultra thin, extra pretty, great history, and perfect condition. Distinctly bubble gum pink and white high gloss. Ex- Taylor Collection. Pike County, Illinois. Old style Jackson COA from 1999. 224. 4 1/2" Cobbs Knife - Beautiful multi-toned greens and browns Breathitt Chert. Found in Fayette Co., Kentucky. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 225. 4 3/8" Adena - Really nice multicolored Boyle Chert. Thin and extra well made. Found in Fayette Co., Kentucky. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 226. 5" Lerma - Nice basal polish on this example from Putnam Co., Tennessee. Found by Lois Mulligan

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227. 3 1/4" Clovis - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Stunningly beautiful translucent Smokey Wayne County Chalcedony. This Clovis is as good as they get. Literally perfect in every detail. Personal find of Steve Moore in Pulaski Co., Kentucky. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 228. 3" Clovis - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Awesome example. Literally perfect condition. Pretty mottled Ft. Payne Chert. Found in Posey Co., Indiana. Deeply fluted 60% on one side, 40% on the other. Super addition to any Paleo collection. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 229. 3 1/16" Clovis - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Ultra thin and well crafted. Nicely fluted on both sides. No stacks, divots, or other unpleasant surprises. Ex- Higdon. Christian Co., Kentucky. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 230. 3" Hamilton - Jackson COA - Exceptionally pretty material with swirls of yellows and maroon. Found in Alachua Co., Florida. Jackson COA. 231. 3 1/16" Quad - Jackson COA - Beautiful piece of speckled blue, green, tan, white, and brown Harrodsburg Chert. Found many years ago in Pulaski Co., Kentucky by Bill Carter. Thin and exceptional with flaking to die for. Repointed in ancient times. Jackson COA. 232. 2 7/8" Clovis - Davis & Ritter/Weidner/Brockman COA’s - Creamy beige high grade fossil chert from Western Tennessee. Found by Tim Stevens. Davis & Ritter/ Weidner/Brockman COA’s. 233. 3" Archaic Drill - Pretty cream colored chert with mottled tans and browns. Great length. Found in Stoddard Co., Missouri. 234. 2 7/8" Decatur - Davis ‘G-10’ COA - Superb example. Thin and perfect. Made of light gray Hornstone. Found in Noble Co., Ohio. Just about as good as they get. Davis ‘G-10’ COA. 235. 2 15/16" Clovis - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Extremely well executed. Nice deep flutes on both sides. Very pretty high grade glossy white Burlington with light gray splotches. St. Clair Co., Illinois. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 236. 2 3/4" Clovis - Davis COA - Pretty Dover Chert example with nice flutes. Found in Humphreys Co., Tennessee. Davis ‘G-7’ COA. 237. 2 3/4" Decatur - Jackson COA - Made of light gray Hornstone with great serrations and overall classic form. Perfectly symmetrical heavily ground fractured base. Found in Jessamine Co., Kentucky. Ex- Stoddard Collection. Jackson COA. 238. 2 7/8" Cumberland - Jackson COA - Nice flutes on both sides. Found in Logan Co., Kentucky. Pretty tan and cream Ft. Payne Chert. Ex- Williams Collection. Jackson COA. 239. 2 3/4" Goshen - Nice example from Eastern Kansas. Exhibits river tumbling and polish. Rare type well made and thin with nice colors. 240. 2 7/8" Scottsbluff - Beautiful material. Black with baby blue quartz streaks. Found in Jefferson Co., Kansas. 241. 2 11/16" Cascade - Perfect form. Completely translucent Ice Obsidian. Extended needle tip intact. Found in Lake Co., Oregon. Ex- Kirkpatrick Collection.











242. 2 5/8" Clovis - Jackson COA - Hornstone example from Scioto Co., Ohio, formerly of the John Bevis Collection. Jackson COA. 243. 2 5/8" Big Sandy Type Drill - Classic Mozarkite. Very pretty. Great form with ‘T’ shape. Found in Missouri. 244. Extra Rare 3 1/8" Rainy Buttes Pryor Stemmed - Absolutely authentic example of Rainy Buttes Jasper from Nebraska. Killer rare relic. 245. Outrageously Rare 2 7/8" Adena Double-Notched - Only the second example we have ever seen. Made of an extra pretty striped Dover. Found in Tennessee. 246. 2 7/8" Lost Lake - Pretty example in Hornstone from Kentucky. 247. 2 7/8" Cougar Mountain - Jackson COA - Rare type from Southern Oregon. Heavily ground stem and great flaking. Jackson COA. 248. 2 11/16" Castroville - Excellent example and THIN from Central Texas. Edwards Plateau Chert. Ex - Humphries Collection 249. 2 11/16" Eden - Rogers COA - Found by Wilma Burton in Lake Co., Oregon. Black chert with good flaking. 250. 2 7/8" North Blade - Absolutely the greatest ‘Bulls-eye’ piece we have ever handled. It’s perfect. Even a little bit scary when you peer into it. Found in Stoddard Co., Missouri. 251. 3" Stemmed Lance - Jackson, Dickey COAs. - Found by Ken Ratcliff in Knox Co., Ohio. Coshocton flint. Jackson, Dickey COAs. 252. 2 5/8" Beaver Lake - Or Unfluted Cumberland. Made of tan high grade Fort Payne Chert and found in Tennessee. 253. 2 7/8" Flint Ridge Adena Robbins - Phenomenally translucent and extra well made. Found in Licking Co., Ohio. 254. 3 1/8" St. Charles Dovetail - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - This is the finest Dove we have ever seen from New York State. Made of a deep green rhyolite and simply beautiful. Every flake in place with expertly executed minute serrations all along both edges and a great sharp tip. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA.


Jackson COA

Translucent Smoky Wayne Co. Chalcedony!







259 260




268A 263




255. 5 5/8' 3/4 Groove Hohokam Axe - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Auction Highlight!! This is a perfect axe in every detail. Great form, color, extreme polish over its entirety, and flawless condition. They simply don’t get any better. Made of jet black diorite. ExWilliamson Collection. Arizona. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 256. 5" Full Groove Axe - Jackson COA - Tremendous diorite example w/ natural desert varnish on one side leaving a highly polished brownish caste. Other side is the highly polished natural gray stone. Unique!! Great form and condition. Found by Lance Voss in Coconino Co., Arizona. Jackson COA. 257. 5 3/4" 3/4 Groove Axe - Jackson COA - Black diorite beauty with high polish over its entirety. Highly developed form with a somewhat slanted groove. Found in Kentucky. Jackson COA. 258. 5 1/8" 3/4 Groove Axe - Found near the Meramec River, Franklin Co., Missouri. Granite. 259. 5 3/4" Fluted 3/4 Groove Axe - Davis G9 COA - Substantial example reported from Indiana by Davis, but researched as likely Dodge Co., Wisconsin by Milner. Ex - Jack Robertson, Steve Fuller, Tom Davis, Montie Milner Collections. Granite. Davis G9 COA. 260. 5 5/8" Full Grooved Axe - Highly developed form. Distinctly squared side on one edge with a wide poll and good bit. Made of light green colored stone. Found in Fayette Co., Kentucky. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 261. 5 1/2" Celt - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Magnificent example in cream colored granite with black speckles. Polished over its entirety. Perfect form. Provenace reported as ‘found near Fort Harrod, Harrodsburg, Kentucky. VON - 96- #530, Ex- Gary Noel’. Jackson’G-10' COA. 262. Big 6 1/8" Celt - Highly polished green and cream speckled granite. Found by Richard White in Bath Co., Kentucky in the 1970’s. 263. 5 1/16" Celt - Extremely pretty light blue and cream colored speckled granite. Virtually perfect condition. Found in Ohio. Ex- Gary Mumaw Collection. 264. 6" Celt - Jackson COA - Awesome black diorite example found in Kentucky. Extreme polish over its entirety. Jackson COA. 265. 6" Tapered Poll Celt - Granite example from Ohio. Marked ‘M-4.43’ 266. Big 5 3/4" Flare Sided Celt - Exceptional example. Made of highly polished black diorite. Found in Bath Co., Kentucky. Ex- Richard White Collection.

267. Huge 7 3/8" Speckled Granite Gouge - Rare form with tremendous size. Found in Upstate New York. Ex- Dana Scanlon Collection. 268A. 6 1/16" Copena Celt - Davis ‘G-10’ COA - Museum Quality example for sure. Extra pretty green diorite. Perfect, perfect condition, form, and symmetry plus it is highly, highly polished over its entirety. Distinctly Tennessee type. Ex- Bill Jackson Collection. 268B. 6"x7 1/4" Moche Bird Effigy Vessel - Polychrome example with crest and strap-handle. Peru. Grandfathered. Includes custom lucite stand for excellent display. Circa 300-600AD

268B Moche Bird! Great Display!

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269. 4 1/4" 3/4 Groove Axe - Found in Missouri. Highly developed form with square sides and high crisp ridges. Pretty cream and green speckled granite. 270. Perfect 5" Celt - Highly polished cream and green speckled granite in literally perfect condition. Old red and white collectors label reads - ‘48’. From old Kentucky Collection. 271. 5 1/8" Celt - Jackson G-10' COA - Made of pretty black and cream speckled granite. Perfect form and condition with extreme polish. Found in Bath Co., Kentucky by Richard White. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 272. 4 1/2" Iowa 3/4 Slant Grooved Axe - Motley COA - Terrific condition with no damage whatsoever. Nicely fluted with distinct crisp high ridges. Made of brown and tan speckled hardstone. Found in Lewis Co., Missouri. Ex- Terry Allen Collection. Motley COA. 273. 4 11/16" 3/4 Groove Hohokam Axe - Jackson COA - Gorgeous desert varnish with a distinctly green caste. Really stands out amongst other axes because of its color and polish. Diorite. Ex- Dana Scanlon Collection. Arizona. Jackson COA. 274. 5'” Celt - Great form. Made of black and green speckled granite. Nice polish. Very nice addition to any quality hardstone collection. Found in Kentucky. 275. 4 7/8" Celt - Jackson COA - Pretty speckled black and cream granite in undamaged condition. Nicely thin with great polish. Found in Kentucky. Ex- Bill Jackson Collection. Jackson COA. 276. 4 1/8" 3/4 Groove Axe - Jackson COA - Very pretty cream and black speckled granite. Highly developed form with flat top poll and nice polish. Old collector # ‘1794’ written in red paint. Found in Missouri. Jackson COA. 277. 4 5/16" Hohokam 3/4 Groove Axe - Super example. Made of a pretty black hardstone with green speckles that shimmer in the material. Fabulous desert varnish over its entirety. Ex- Snyder Collection. Arizona. Jackson COA. 278. Perfect 4 5/8" Celt - Beautiful cream and green granite with huge speckles. Square sided with high polish. Found in Ohio. Ex- Gary Mumaw Collection. 279. 4" Celt - Perfect example. Thin, polished, and damage free. Green speckled granite. Found in St. Charles Co., Missouri. 280. 4 3/16" Hohokam 3/4 Groove Axe - Jackson COA - Perfect form and highly polished over its entirety. Made of a pretty greenish/black diorite. Ex- Snyder Collection. Arizona. Jackson COA. 281. 4 3/4" Chisel - Granite example from Kentucky. Nice! 282. 4 5/8" Full Groove Axe - Super granite example with great history. Old label reads - ‘Found near Haywards Creek by Jona Hayward in 1848’. We believe this find date attribution is the earliest we have ever offered. 283. 4 1/2" Teardrop Celt - Jackson COA - 100% polished over its entirety. Pretty light green hardstone. Found in Ohio. Ex- Snyder Collection. Jackson COA. 284. 4 9/16" Nayarit Figurine - Jackson COA - Extremely fine example. Vibrant intricate yellow paint on buff. Statue completely intact and stable. Stands for display. ExKalman & Coughlin Collections. Nayarit, West Mexico. Circa 200 A.D. Jackson COA. Grandfathered. 285. 5 1/8" Jalisco Figurine - Awesome example. Has a very life-like feel. Pretty buff female with cream colored paint. Completely intact with no damage whatsoever. Stands erect. From West Mexico dating to 200 A.D. or so. Grandfathered.


286. 5 1/2" Nayarit Figurine - Jackson COA - Extra nice with pleasing subject and form. Mother holding a full bodied baby. Paint vibrant. Completely intact. Ones this nice not often seen available for sale anymore. Ex-Giron & Coughlin Collections. Nayarit, Mexico. Jackson COA. Grandfathered. 287A. Pair of 2 3/4" Diameter Ear Spools from SPIRO - FANTASTIC pair of Ear Spools with great copper mineralization and incredibly rare preserved feathers on exterior. Minor restoration/regluing present but barely noticeable. ‘double-footed’ spool mounting type Spiro Mound, LeFlore Co. Oklahoma 287B. 5 3/4"x3 3/8" Aztec Polychrome Pot - Excellent paint on this example with skull/bat themes. Mexico. Grandfathered. Circa 1400AD

287B Aztec Bat Design

Polychrome Jar


10 1/2” Deptford 4/4!!





288. 10 1/2" 4/4 Square-Poll Axe - Jackson COA - Massive example from South Carolina. Jackson COA. 289. 8 3/4" Full Groove Hematite Axe - What a brute!! Weighs 10 lbs. Found in a cave by Lance Alletzauser in Rowan Co., Kentucky in the presence of Professor Tom Eversold (now deceased) formerly of Morehead State University. Great polish. Perfect bit. Museum Grade. 290. 8 1/4" 3/4 Groove Axe - Davis COA - Substantial example from Ohio with highly formed, concave top edge and flat base. Dark Diorite with a Davis COA 291. 8" 3/4 Groove ‘Nebo’ Axe Davis G-10 COA - Large example from Audobon Co., Iowa. Granite axe. Ex - Floyd Ritter Collection. Davis G10 and Putty COAs. 292. 15" Knobbed Pestle - Davis ‘G-10’ COA - Massive ‘Museum Quality’ pestle from Oregon made of tan quartz. Weighs a hefty 8.8 lbs. Truly amazing relic. Easily the biggest and best we have ever seen. Ex- Dr. Hawes Collection. Hawes #’Ha-46' written on pestle in white. Davis ‘G-10’ COA. 293. 11 1/4" Engraved Club/Pestle - Davis ‘G-10’ COA - Truly museum quality hardstone intricately engraved over a 4" X 2 3/4" geometric retangluar field. This is the finest of its type we have ever handled. Polished over its entirety and perfect. Dates approxinately 1500 A.D. Oregon origin. Davis ‘G-10’ COA. 294. 9 3/4" Roller Pestle - Jackson COA - Literally perfect example made of granite found in Arizona. Ex- Scanlon Collection. Jackson COA. 295A. 7 1/4" Hardstone Pestle - Great example. Found in Kentucly. Made of brown hardstone with a purplish caste. ExDana Scanlon Collection.


Great Display!

Davis G-10


12 1/2” Ammonite

Davis G-10! Ex - Dr. Hawes Collection! Oregon. 15”!!!



Davis G-10! Oregon. 294



Hopi Pot

Mammoth Tooth

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6”-7”+ Axes!! 295B. 12 1/2"x10 7/8" Ammonite - LARGE and excellent displaying example of this collectible fossil-type. Finger-like sutures are very striking. 295C. 6 1/2"x4 3/4" Mammoth Tooth - Large fossilized example from this long extinct beast. Heavily mineralized. 295D. 6 3/4"x4 1/4" Hopi Pot - Unsigned example from New Mexico. Ex - Humphries Collection. Middle 20th Century. 296. 6 7/8" 3/4 Groove Axe - Davis COA - Nearly perfectly symmetrical axe finished overall. Excellent mineralization. Davis COA. Pike Co., Ohio 297. 7 3/16" Full Groove Axe - MASSIVE Kentucky axe in a well-mineralized fine grained green diorite. Nice polish. 298. 6 1/2" Full Groove Axe - Davis G10 COA - Superb axe with excellent polish and form. Brown and black speckled granite from Ohio. Davis G10 COA. 299. 7 1/8" 4/4 Groove Axe - Fayette Co., Illinois example with Raised ridges and a well developed form. Granite. 300. 6 7/8" 3/4 Groove Axe - Granite example from Kentucky. Nice! 301. 7 1/4" 3/4 Groove Axe - Truly unique. Great conversation piece. Patinated light gray on one side from laying flat in the ground and darker gray on the other side. Made of diorite. Found in Ohio. 302. 7 1/8" Celt - Jackson COA - Nice large celt with good polish from Boone Co., Missouri. Ex - Roachelle Collection. Jackson COA 303. 6 5/8" Celt - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Basic perfection. Big ‘Ceremonial’ example made of two tone green speckled granite and polished over its entirety. Ex- Bill Jackson . Found in Bath Co., Kentucky. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 304. 6 3/8" Celt - Jackson COA - Gorgeous highly polished black and green speckled granite. Extra wide at the 3 inch plus at the bit (which is perfect by the way). Found in Southern Ohio. ExBill Jackson Collection. Jackson COA. 305. 7 1/2" 3/4 Groove Axe - Large, granite example from Ohio. 306. 7 5/8" 3/4 Groove Axe - Diorite example from Ohio. Big! 307. 7 1/2" 3/4 Groove Axe - Davis COA - Big example from Pine City, Minnesota. Granite. Davis COA. 308A. 7 5/8" Squared-Poll Celt - Nicely made Ohio example in speckled granite. Marked ‘103-C’. 308B. 1 15/16” Unfluted Clovis - Light gray Coshocton flint example from Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. Jackson COA. 309. 1 7/8" Ft. Ancient Pipe - Jackson COA - Effigy pipe example from Ohio in Pipestone formerly of the Kelly Chestnut Collection. Jackson COA 310. 2 5/8" Adena Pipe - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Fantastic piece from the Adena period that is beautifully crafted from Green Banded Slate. Literally damage free with gorgeous banding. Found in Marion Co., Ohio. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA.





7”+ Axes!! 308B



Pipe te! Sla

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311. 3 5/8" 3/4 Groove Axe - Pretty speckled cream and green Granite with nice high polish over its entirety. Attractively written on axe - ‘Found in Pettis Co., Missouri along Muddy Creek by Virgil Gearheart’. Ex- Theler and West Collections. 312. 3 5/8" 3/4 groove Axe - Excellent example. Nicely polished cream and green speckled Granite. Found in Illinois. Ex- Theler and West Collections. 313. 3 1/2" 3/4 Groove Axe - Nice speckled granite example. Found in Brown Co., Ohio. 314. 3 3/8" 3/4 Groove Axe - Jackson COA - Superb small example of a perfectly executed 3/4 Groove Axe. Labeled ‘Adams Co., ILL. #035’. Pretty creams and browns speckled granite. Jackson COA. 315. 3 5/8" 3/4 Groove Axe - Creamy gray brown stone with excellent overall polish. Ohio type with well defined ridges. Ex- Theler and West Collections. 316. 2 7/8" Hematite Axe - Excellent full-groove example from Missouri with remnants of a second (earlier?) groove at the poll. Ex - Humphries. No-Brainer authentic with mineralization! 317. 3 1/8" Full Groove Axe - Truly a little sweetheart. Made of speckled granite and has no damage whatsoever. Missouri. 318. 4" 3/4 Groove Axe - Highly polished diorite example. Arizona. 319. Killer 3 3/8" Adze - Truly unique extra pretty blue/green diorite with 100% polish over its entirety. Found in Montgomery Co., Kentucky. Ex- Thompson Collection. 320. Beautiful 3 1/4" Porphyry Celt - Hard to find porphyry example from Ohio. Superb condition. Old collector label reads - ‘A5-8’. Ex- Bill Jackson Collection. 321. Perfect 3" Celt - Found in Bath Co., Kentucky by Richard White in the 1970’s. Perfect form and highly polished. Green and cream speckled granite. 322. Perfect 3 1/2" Celt - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Found by Russell McLanahan in Estill Co., Kentucky in the 1960’s. Truly a stupendous example. Made of pretty black and green speckled granite with nice square sides and polished to perfection. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA 323. Perfect 4" Celt - Green and cream speckled granite with nice overall form. From an old Ohio Collection. 324. 3 3/8" Adze - Extra pretty cream colored granite with black speckles. Found in Montgomery Co., Kentucky. Ex- Willoughby Collection. 325. 2 7/8' Adze - Jackson COA - Exceptionally pretty tan, green, and black speckled granite. Polished over its entirety and virtually perfect. Found in Fayette Co., Kentucky. Ex- Thompson Collection. Jackson COA. 326. 4" Celt - Exceptional squared and flared sided celt from Fayette Co., Kentucky. Made of black and green speckled granite. Nicely polished over its entirety and in excellent condition.

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327. 7 3/8" Southern California Mission Basket - Early 1900’s. Ex- Munn Collection. Truly as good as they get. Great pattern and in literally perfect condition. Exceptionally tight weave. 328. 11 1/2" Pima ‘Whirling Log design’ Basket - ‘Classic’ highly collectable pattern. Nice large size. Excellent condition. Displays beautifully. Early 1900’s. Arizona. 329. 8 1/2" Jalisco Sheepface Figurine - Red clay with great white paint with lots of detail. Perfect intact condition. Sits upright and displays beautifully. Found in West Mexico. Dates to circa 200 A.D. Grandfathered. 329. 9" Yokuts Coiled Basketry Bowl - Circa Early 1900’s. Flared sides and very ornate patterns. Great form. In tremendous condition. Includes a 3-stitch signature stick near the rim. Could likely be linked to the maker. History from Bakersfield, California. 330. In-Situ Arrowhead in Dirt Clod - WOW! What could this be? A Clovis? A Hopewell? Who knows.. Bid on this lot to find out. The lucky winner gets to see what he’s won. 331. 4 3/4" Native American Indian Hupa Basket - Great design and in magnificent condition. Northern California. Early 1900’s. Ex- Lawrence Collection. 332. 6" Native American Indian Hupa Basket - Northern California. Early 1900’s. Terrific condition. Completely stable. Great designs. 333. 1 1/2" Personal Pipe - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Magnifient little ‘gem quality’ personal pipe. Pretty gray basalt. Perfect condition. Found in Elko Co., Nevada. Jackson’G10' COA. 334. 2 3/4" Incised Pipe - Jackson COA - Super example. Intricate cross-hatched incising over its entirety. Literally damage free. Made of a high quality fine grained sandstone. Found in Kentucky. Ex- Jerry Dickey Collection. Jackson COA. 335. 1 5/8" Tallied Pipe - Davis & Jackson COA’s - Great example made of a rich chocolate brown hardstone. Found in the Northeastern United States. Ex- Bradstreet Collection. Davis & Jackson COA’s. 336. 2 3/4" ‘Toe’ Pipe - Unusual example made from a fossil sponge. KY/IN type. 337. 1 3/4" Ft. Ancient Pipe - Davis & Jackson COA’s - Ft. Ancient Classic. Highly developed form. Had a longer stem but was salvaged and used right on. Made of fired clay. Ex- Scanlon Collection. Found in Southern Ohio. Davis & Jackson COA’s. 338. 1 13/16" Ft. Ancient Disc Pipe - Jackson COA - Incised cross on this example from Lawrence Co., Ohio. Sandston. Jackson COA. 339. 2 1/8" Ft. Ancient Disc Pipe - Jackson COA - Found at the famed ‘Fox Fields’ site in Mason Co., Kentucky. This pipe features ‘turkey tracks’ on one side, and a banded cross on the other. Jackson COA 340. 1 5/8" Ft. Ancient Disc Pipe - Jackson COA - Mason Co., Kentucky example in a polished sandstone. Jackson COA.



341. 1 3/4" Ft. Ancient ‘Bean’ Pipe - Jackson COA - Exceptionally fine example of this rare form. Made of shell tempered clay and fired to an almost pink color. Really pretty. The ‘beans’ or ‘nods’ are applied over the exterior. Found in Southern Ohio. Jackson COA. 342. Thompson River Lidded Coiled Indian Basket - Needs cleaning but has a nice design and is in good condition. Early 1900’s. Northwestern United States. 343. 2 5/8" Mississippian Pipe - Arkansas example with a single talon holding the bowl. Clay. 344A. 3 3/8" Hopewell Turtle Effigy Platform Pipe - Jackson COA - Nicely made example from Ohio in green Serpentine. Broken and glued with some modern polish from restoration. Jackson COA. 344B. 6 1/8"x5 1/2" Mochica Parrot Effigy Vessel - Painted features on this ceremonial drinking vessel from Peru. Grandfathered. Circa 800-1200AD


Mochica Parrot



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345. 3 3/8" Birdstone - Triple Papered - Very nice Gneiss example with excellent weathering. Formerly of the Frank Morast Collection. Darke Co., Ohio. Jackson, Perino (authentic) and Putty COA 346. 4 11/16" Birdstone - Jackson COA - Bar type example from Athens Co., Ohio. Ex - Skip Bauer Collection. Jackson COA. Banded Slate 347. 4 3/16" Birdstone - Red Slate example from Athens Co., Ohio. Putty COA. 348. 3 3/8" Mississippian Era Bear Effigy Pipe - Jackson COA - Extremely rare form. Iconographically identical to the Bear Effigy Pot found by Bill Rowlett at the Spanish Grant Site in St. Louis Co., Missouri in the 1970’s. This pipe was found just south in NE Arkansas. Basically priceless. Jackson COA. 349. 2 5/8" Bust-Type Birdstone - Davis G9 COA - Unusually formed birdstone in a Granite with high levels of quartz. Hawkins Co., Tennessee. Davis G9 COA. 350. 3" Bust Type Pop-Eyed Birdstone - Nicely polished and well defined form made of green and black speckled granite. Nicely drilled on both ends and in excellent condition. Reported found by Thomas Johnson in 1954 in Madison Co., Kentucky. 351. 4 3/4" Bird Effigy Pipe - Davis COA - rare beyond belief. Highly unique stone example found in Ohio. Sits flat and upright. Displays beautifully. Davis COA. 352. 1 7/8" x 1 1/4" Grooved Hematite Cone/Loafstone - Jackson COA - Great example recovered in Madison Co., Kentucky. Heavy, very stable, hematite with great form. Grooved on both ends. Jackson COA. 353. 3 3/4" Tennessee Boatstone - Nicely polished example in Cave Onyx from Tennessee. Broken & Glued, but still a nice example. 354. 2" Quartz Boatstone - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Very pretty pinkish maroon Quartzite. Highly polished over its entirety. Perfect form and condition. Ex- Thompson Collection. Found in Tennessee. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 355. MASSIVE 3" Cone - Atypical Example for its large size, this diorite example is from Madison Co., Ohio and is formerly of the Charlie West Collection. 356. 4" Bar Weight - Jackson COA - Thin and perfect. Made of dark black banded slate. Distictly laterally grooved three times - at the middle and toward both ends. Found in Scioto Co., Ohio. Ex- Snyder Collection. Jackson COA. 357. 2 1/4" Olmec Effigy Head - Excellent rare example of Olmec pottery, this example wearing a stoneyoke. Veracruz, Mexico. 358. 1 7/8"x2 1/4" Mayan Effigy Head - Nice example from Central America with paint. 359. 3 Nice PreColumbian Pottery Effigy Heads - Nice mini-collection of MesoAmerican Heads. Would make for excellent display. 360. 4 1/2" Expanded Center Lizard Effigy Pendant/Gorget - IAGA COA - Atypical form perhaps used as a tie-on Atl-Atl weight. Red Banded slate from Kentucky. Ex - Duane ‘Beanie’ Johnson Collection. IAGA COA 361. 5 1/8" Grooved Boastone - Jackson COA - Nice long grooved/cupped boatstone from Ohio. Made of brown hardstone and in great condition. Collector collector label reads - ‘#7’. Jackson COA. 362. 3 1/8" Salvaged Birdstone - Jackson COA - Nice example of a salvaged birdstone made of green slate. Anciently drilled on the front end for suspension. Found in Ohio. Jackson COA 363. 3 1/4" x 1 1/4" Boatstone - Jackson COA - Fantastic piece that is deeply cupped and crafted from an extra pretty a nicely polished over its entirety Green and Cream speckled Granite. Found in Stark Co., Ohio. Jackson COA.

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364. 10 7/8" Colima Blade - Mahogany Obsidian example from West Mexico. Big! Collected in the 1950’s by early collector Paul Fischer as ‘Yurok Knives’ 365. 10 9/16" Colima Blade - Fantastic Mahogany Obsidian example from West Mexico. Killer! Collected in the 1950’s by early collector Paul Fischer as ‘Yurok Knives’ 366. 8 3/8" Adena Blade - Stermer COA - High Grade Flint Ridge Chalcedony from Ohio. Formerly of the Dr. Roland H. Ellis Collection of Post Elizabeth, New Jersey, and collected in the early 1900’s. Stermer COA 367. 8 1/4" Duck River Sword - This one speaks for itself!! Rare form. Great size. A true centerpiece for any collection. Found in Tennessee. 368. 7" Agate Basin - Jackson COA - Superb example. Distinctly flaked to a median ridge and patinated differently side to side. Almost completely white on one side and mottled root beer float on the other. Appears to be Georgetwon Flint. Found in South Central Texas. Jackson COA. 369. 7" Lance - Beautiful multicolored Colha Chert. Found in Belize. Simply a beautiful relic. Literally perfect condition. Grandfathered. 370. 6 5/16" Sedalia - Rogers COA - Very pretty pink, cream & tan example from Fayette Co., Illinois. Rogers COA. 371. 4 1/2" Shaft Straightener - Jackson & Davis ‘G-9’ COA’s - Super fine example made of 3 shades of green Jadite. Only one we have ever seen in this material. Old label reads - ‘Owens Valley near Independence California’. Simply a fabulous piece with great form in terrific condition. Jackson & Davis ‘G-9’ COA’s. 372. 3 1/16" Pendant - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Beautiful black and white speckled granite. Superb condition. Stark Co., Ohio. Jackson’G-10' COA. 373. 3 7/16" Lizard Effigy - No-Brainer example with all original mineralization from Ohio . Ex - Humphries Collection. Slate.

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374. 11" Nayarit Seated Figurine - Extremely ornate with big ear flares and lots of detail. Found in West Mexico. Circa 200 A.D. Small crack on right arm but very stable with no repairs. Very impressive on display. Ex- Dr. E.F. Simpson Collection. Grandfathered. 375. 7 1/2" Jalisco Female Figurine - Jalisco Culture Figurine dating to 200 A.D. Perfect condition. Attractive earth tone colors. Stands erect. Prominent exaggerated feminine features. Lots of detail and stable. Grandfathered. 376. 7 1/8" Nayarit Figurine - Exceptionally fine example. Completely intact and loaded with minerals. Nice polychrome paint still quite vibrant. Hat, necklace, pendant, has it all. Stands well for display. Ex- Sides & Coughlin Collections. Nayarit, Mexico. Grandfathered. Jackson COA 377. 5 1/4" Nayarit Chinesco Figurine - Full bodied figurine with fancy hair treatment, pendant, loin cloth, distinct fingers and toes. Circa 200 A.D. Grandfathered. 378. 8" Nayarit Figurine - Wonderful example. Has intricate black and white paint on red clay. Ornate earspools, nose ring , and hat. Stands erect. Loaded with manganese deposits. Great addition to any quality Pre-Columbian Collection. Grandfathered. 380. 5" Tall Mayan Copador Vessel - Wide shallow bowl well decorated in bold colors on the exterior. Dates to the Late Classic Period circa 700 A.D. Ex- Keith Finello Collection. Solid example with just one small rim nick. Great display very decorative. Grandfathered. 381. Mississippian Era Seed Pot - Sweet example. Perfect little seed jar/pot form completely solid with no damage or restoration. 3 3/4" Wide X 2 1/2" Tall. ExWilliams Collection. Livingston Co., KY. Jackson COA. 382. 4 3/4" Colima Female Bedded Figurine - Very detailed and in perfect condition. Displays beautifully. Loaded with manganese. From West Mexico dating to 200 A.D. or so. Grandfathered. 383. 5" Mayan Culture Clay Female Figurine/Ocarina - Ex- Dr. E.F. Simpson Collection - Plus 1 1/2" stand. Found at Jonota, Tabasco. Mayan ruins of Palenque are located just 11 miles away. Truly a great figurine. Nice presence and 3D form. Hat, ear spools, classic bluff terra cotta with lots of detailed red paint. Ca. 200 A.D. Grandfathered. 384. Pretty Jalisco Redware Bowl - Jalisco Culture of Mexico little sweetie. 3 1/4" Wide X 1 3/4" Tall. Pleasing











decorative red with yellow geometric patterning around the exterior top 1" of the bowl. Completely damage free and stable. Ex- Dr. E.F. Simpson. Jackson COA. Grandfathered. 385. 7 3/8" Mayan Cylinder Vessel - Truly exceptional. Late Classic Period circa 600 to 900A.D. Elegant orange ritual vessel with incised/fluted motifs and God glyphs around the exterior. Rare remnants of Mayan Blue paint still evident. Ex- Finello Collection. Guatemala. Grandfathered. 386. 6"x5 1/4" Hooded Owl Effigy Bottle - Jackson COA - Superb Ohio example with no visible restoration (Jackson notes ‘Appears 100% original’) in a shell tempered clay. Ex - Steven Kelley. Jackson COA 387. Hohokam Helmet Bowl - Exceptional solid example with nice flaring rim. 6 7/8" Wide X 3 1/2'” Tall. Expertly crafted. Perfect condition save one minor rim chip. Black with gray patina and loaded with wormstracks (root fibers). Displays fabulously. Circa 400 A.D. Davis COA. 388. 4 1/4" Caddo Bowl - Uniquely decorated with evenly spaced ‘double nodes’ around the rim. Completely intact and solid with no damage. Made of terra cotta. Dark gray/black. Great study and display. Ex- Faircloth Collection. Arkansas type. Jackson COA. 389. Mississippian Era Grayware Pot - 4 7/8" Wide X 3 1/4" Tall. Extra nice example. Pleasing form and overall appearance. Nice flaring rim. Livingston Co., Kentucky. ExWilliams Collection. Minor rim restoration virtually undetectable. Davis & Jackson COA’s. 390. 7 1/8" Hooded Pot - SUPERB example that appears 100% intact with excellent mineralization and dendrites. Lee Co., Arkansas example formerly of the Bill Rowlett Collection. Museum Grade. 391. 5 3/4" Nayarit Chinesco Figurine - Circa 200 A.D. Intact, well patinated, and mineralized. Grandfathered. 392. 5 1/8" Colima Bowl - Perfect example of a West Mexico Colima bowl dating to the early Classic Period in 250 A.D. range. Completely solid and intact. Has a pleasing partial coating of lime carbonate on the base where it sat for centuries. Jackson COA. Grandfathered. 393. Anazasi Childs Bowl - Jackson COA - 2 13/16" X 1 3/8". Mesa Verde Type reported from Colorado. Extremely, extremely rare. The only ‘Childs Bowl’ we have ever handled. Solid and completely intact. Classic gray with black paint. Ex- Manuel Collection. Circa 700 A.D. Jackson COA.






25 397















394. Cache of 5 Red Ochre Blades - Originally from a cache of 13, these blades from Summit Co. ,Ohio are made from Hornstone and are formerly of the Dilley Collection 395. Cache of 28 Dover Preform Blades - Ex- T. Hugh Young - Great cache with 28 well executed pieces from Humphries Co., Tennessee. Largest is 5 3/4". From the famous T. Hugh Young Collection. Jackson COA. 396. Cache of 7 Hornstone Blades - Excellent grouping of Cache blades similar to those from the Crib Mound. Found by David Platt in Caldwell Co., KY. Ex- Carl Easter & Jim Miller Collections. Largest is 5 3/4" and the smallest is 4 1/8". Davis ‘G-10’ COA. 397. 9 3/4" Female Skookum Indian Doll with Baby - Plains type. Ex- Dooley Collection. Great old woolen and trade cloth fabrics along with a nice strand of beads. Painted Leather Face. Supplied with stand. Really nice. 398. Plains Type Strike-A-Lite Beaded Bag - Tremendous 10" example with great beadwork, fringe, and cones. 399. Plains Type Native American Indian Strike-A-Lite Beaded Bag - Super example with US Flags in the beadwork. 9 inches overall including fringe. 400. Native American Beaded Bag - Plains type. Pretty with mostly purple and green beads. Bag is in excellent condition. Measures slightly over 12 inches with fringe. 401. Native American Indian Beaded Bag - Plains type. Beautiful example. Depicts American Flags with 35 Stars? Google says 1863 for 35 stars. We don’t think it is that old but it is extremely nice and highly decorative. 20 inches with fringe. Ex- Rowe Collection. 402. 11 5/8" Male Skookum Indian Doll - Large doll in great condition. Great woolen robe with trade cloth shirt, felt leggings, braided hair, strand of beads, and more. Plains type. Ex- Dooley Collection. Supplied with stand. 403. Rare Native American Beaded ‘Peace Medal’ Bag - Plains type. Extremely rare form. This is a beaded bag designed to hold an ‘Indian Peace Medal’ - not a mirror. Only one we have ever handled. Superb condition with great beadwork. 5 1/4" X 4" plus strap handle. Ex- Carson Collection.


404. 4" Steatite Cherokee Pipe - Superb example. Found near Tellico, Tennessee. Incised rings around the top of the bowl and at the end of the stem. Extra pretty black and green ‘rock hard’ steatite. Simply a magnificent pipe. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 405. 19" Anasazi Wooden Ladle - Extremely Rare!!! Wooden ladle from the Anazasi Culture in the Southwest dating to at least 900 years old. Huge and in superb condition. Ex- Snyder Collection. 406. 13" High Plains War Club - Early, early form. Circa 1840-1860. Sinew sewn leather, wood, stone, plus some beads. Shows good age but very stable. Typically these earliest ones don’t survive. Ex- Dana Scanlon Collection. Great display. Jackson COA. 407. Native American Indian Beaded Pipe Bag - Plains type. Superb condition. Intricate and classic design with beautiful beadwork. Considered a ‘womans pipe bag’ being just 25 inches long with the fringe. Truly a killer example. Ex- Rowe Collection. 408. Plains Type Natve American Indian Knife Sheath - Excellent early example with great beadwork, fringe, and cones. 409. Sioux Beaded Knife Sheath - Plains type. Super condition. Lots of fringe and cones. Highly decorative. Measures 13" long with fringe. Ex- Rowe Collection. North Dakota provenance. 410. 12" Plains Indian Beaded Moccasins with Eagles - Old sinew sewn but in superb condition. Great design with blue white, yellow, orange, and dark blue pony beads. Rare to see American Eagles as part of pattern. Possibly made and given in presentation? Ex- Mary Carson Collection of Torrance, California. 411. 12 5/8" Tube Pipe - Jackson COA - Highly developed extremely large Tube Pipe preform found in Pima Co., Arizona. Ex- Abbinante Collection. Made of a distinctly red sandstone. Broken and mended but very stable and still spectacular. Jackson COA. 412. 7 7/8" Engraved Catlinite Letter Opener - Davis ‘G-10’ COA - Perfect condition with inticately carved fish handle complete with scales and other ornate decorations. Davis stipulates ‘Historic’ on his ‘G-10’ COA.

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413. Huge 3 5/8" Plateau Pentagonal Knife - Right at 2 inches wide with flaking and translucency to die for. Found in Warner Valley, Oregon. Ex- Kirkpatrick Collection. 414. 3 7/8" Cascade Knife - High quality Cascade with tremendous flaking. Glossy jet black Obsidian with nice translucency and a greenish caste. Found in Lake Co., Oregon. Ex- Hulse Collection. 415. 3 3/4" Western Scottsbluff - Exquisite Cody flaking with great length. Nice sharp tip with burin and heavily ground stem. Basically all one would expect from this ‘Classic’ type. Found in Lake Co., Oregon. Ex- Hulse Collection. 416. 3 5/8" Haskett, Type 1 - Jackson ‘G-10’ COA - Beautiful high grade Dacite with nice sheen and tremendous flaking. Found in Lake Co., Oregon. Ex- Kirkpatrick Collection. Jackson ‘G-10’ COA. 417. Huge 3 1/4" Triple -’T’ - Rare form with tremendous size. Heavily desert polished Obsidian found in Elko Co., Nevada. Completely intact. Truly a unique piece. Will definitely enhance any Western U.S. Collection of quality. 418. 5 3/4"x6 1/4" Sprocketed NW Coast Mace Head - Found by Claire Serfling in the 1930’s in the ‘Lost River Circle’ of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Pictured with article in Prehistoric American 2010-#4 pg 42-43. Light colored volcanic stone 419. 4 1/4" Chavin Culture Mace Head - Extremely fine example. Highly developed 7 noded form made of speckled granite. 1200-200 B.C. Grandfathered Collection. From Peru. 420. 9 1/8" Hoe - Jackson COA - Huge example with a unique and very interesting fossil cavity. Loaded with minerals. Old writing says - ‘Jim Thompson #42 and 198’. ExSnyder Collection. Livingston Co., Kentucky. Jackson COA. 421. 10 1/16" Hoe - Jackson COA - Huge example made of Mill Creek Chert from Pike Co., Illinois. Old collector number ‘218’ in white ink - could be Titterington . Great polish on the bit. Ex- Snyder Collection. Jackson COA. 422. 10 1/4" Spade - Substantial example from Childersburg, Alabama in green chlorite/schist as marked with old collector labels. 423. 5" Flint Celt - Jackson ‘G-9’ COA - Perfectly formed example. Made of an extra pretty blue and white Jefferson City Chert from Eastern Missouri. Jackson ‘G-9’ COA. 424. 7 7/8" Dalton Adze - Jackson COA - Magnificent example. Found in Franklin Co., Missouri by Dale Rutherford. Pretty creamy colored Burlington with nice gloss. Jackson COA. 425. 6 1/8" Notched Hoe - Missouri example in a heavily fossiled Burlington Chert. Nice. 426. Huge 7 1/4" Cache Blade - Gorgeous hunk of Kentucky Sonora. Great piece. Old collectors label reads - ‘CASH found in Caldwell Co, Kentucky’ (could be Calloway Co.). “CASH” - Can you believe that? Anyway, huge and literally perfect. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection. 427. Huge 7" Cache Blade - Truly gorgeous chunk of Sonora. Extra large and wide yet nicely thin for the type. Old label appears to read - ‘Calhoun Co., Kentucky’. Ex- Dr. Joe Daugherty Collection.





Thank you for your consideration....... UPCOMING AUCTIONS The Artifact Company holds between 6-10 auctions per year. If you are interested in consigning items for an upcoming auction, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-466-3836 for details. Some upcoming auction dates are listed below. We accept most types of authentic collectible artifacts. Papered pieces a plus!

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February 4th, 2012 Important Native American Artifact Auction  

Please join us for our first sale of 2012. This incredible sale features over 34 fine quality axes and celts along with Taino artifacts, Mid...

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