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235 240 236 221. 2 3/16" Cone - Strikingly beautiful example in black and cream Gneiss. Highly polished. Found near Portsmouth in Scioto Co., Ohio. Ex- Ron Cherney. Jackson COA. 222. 3 7/8" Birdstone - Beautiful banding with creams running through the greens. Decatur Co., Indiana. Literally damage free. Ex- Bill Cain. Jackson COA. 223. 4 1/8"x1 9/16"x1 3/8" Boatstone - Deeply humped example from Ohio in Cream and Black Granite. 224. 2 9/16" Birdstone - Killer green banded slate birdstone. Found 3 miles North of Peru a mile or two off Hwy. 19 in Miami Co., Indiana. ExCharles Gish and Jeremy Siperly Collections. Jackson COA. 225. 3 5/8" Bar Amulet - Pretty Tan & Black Gneiss example from Ohio. Nicely weathered. 226. 4" Bar Amulet - Unfinished quartzite example with partial drilling. Collector Label ‘A-14’ from Logan Co., Ohio. 227. 8 3/4" Bi-Pointed Knife - High grade basalt with sheen and loaded with alkaline salts mineralization. Found by Jeff Kilpatrick in the 1960’s near lake Malheur, Harney Co., Oregon. Dates to the 1600 A.D. range. Ex- Brian Rice. Perino COA. 228. 8 1/2" Cascade Knife - A true G-10 in anybody’s book. Massive Cascade Blade from Washington State. Obsidian. Finely flaked. Superb example! Jackson COA. 229. 2 5/16" Northern Side Notch - Taffy-swirled translucent obsidian e x a m p l e f r o m t h e B o d l e Fa m i l y Ra n c h i n K l a m a t h C o ., O r e g o n . 230. 3 5/16" Kelsey Creek Barbed - Banded totally translucent obsidian. Really nice! Northern California. 231. 6 11/16" Cascade Blade - Large example found on the Bodle Family Ranch in Klamath Co., Oregon. Very pretty example in Mahogany & Black Obsidian. Jackson COA. 232. 2 1/16" Pinto Basin - Obsidian example from the Bodle Family Ranch in Klamath Co., Oregon. Beautiful flaking. 233. 2 7/16" Cascade - Translucent Obsidian with a needle tip. Great flaking. Oregon.




234. 4 11/16" Stemmed Paleo Knife - Unique stemmed piece found on the Bodle Family Ranch in Klamath Co., Oregon. Paleo bifacial resharpening with excellent mineralization to boot! Jackson COA. 235. 3 5/8" Humboldt - Awesome banded translucent Ice Obsidian. Transverse flaking to die for. Oregon. Ex- Bill Heap Collection. Jackson COA. 236. 2 5/8" Hohokam Eccentric - Nice obsidian example from Pima Co., Arizona. Excellent Desert Wind polish present. 237. 2 7/8" Elko Corner Notch - KILLER!!! A true G-10+!! Finely serrated example from Washington State in highly translucent obsidian with a long extended needle tip. Amazing that it survived the ages in it’s original condition. Jackson COA. 238. 4 3/4" G-9 Western Scottsbluff - Almost a full inch longer than the recent example that brought $6,000 in our last sale! Beautifully flaked with some translucency in a banded obsidian. Found on the Bodle Family Ranch in Klamath Co., Oregon. Jackson COA. 239. 6" Pre-Columbian Dagger - Well made example in a silver-sheen obsidian which would have had a leather-wrapped handle. Excellent condition. 240. 7 3/8" Deschutes Knife - Rare type which would have had a leatherwrapped base (See Perino Vol. 1). Rogers types as ‘Cascade’. Exceptional artifact with textbook flaking and basal grinding 2/3rds of length. Rogers COA as Cascade. Jackson COA as Deschutes Knife.

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