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Jennifer’s Watercolor detail, Piazza Maggiore Liberty style arches

One was a photography studio and gallery, another had Chinese contemporary art and yet another housed a painter and potter who also offered classes to children. The Little Treasures exhibition, in its twelfth year at Galleria de Marchi, is a pop-up exhibition. Paola borrows the site for the length of the exhibition. Having had this experience in Bologna, is there anything for your artist’s resume that’s new and exciting? Any upcoming plans related to what you have participated in this time around? Jennifer: The Little Treasures Exhibition was our primary reason for traveling to Bologna. Meeting some of the 90 or so international artists, from Denmark, Norway, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Britain and those who could not physically attend, but met on Instagram such as Ayairo, from Japan, 44 • JULY 2019 THE ARTFUL MIND was crazy great! What was over the moon crazy great was the award of excellence my four paintings, Over the Pond Suite received. As for the future, there are a few things in the works with curator Paola Trevisan. Spoiler alert, they may involve Budapest and Puglia! We all love Italian food! Was there a particular restaurant that was exhilarating and had knock out food and décor that you visited? Jennifer: Gerry and I are funny. We really like eating locally. We were very lucky to have two excellent home-style restaurants on our street! Osteria Solferino, _SolferinoBologna_Province_of_Bologna_Emilia_Romagna.html and Trattoria Trebbi,

Bologna_Province_of_Bologna_Emilia_Romagna.html Each had traditional Bolognese cooking that included traditional seasonal dishes of Tortellini in Brodo and Stinco, roasted pork and of course, Pasta Bolognese. As always, the food is fresh and locally sourced. Bologna is particularly known for its Mortadella. It’s not anything like its’ American bastardized version baloney. One wafer thin slice on fresh bread with a little olive oil is all that is needed to supply one of the greatest taste sensations in the world! While staying with friends in Parma we were treated to the freshest and most delicious prosciutto di Parma that we have ever tasted. And tell us about a typical day for you spent in this beautiful place, please? Jennifer: We arrived two days before the opening, so had time to get our bearings. It was an easy walk north, about 12 minutes mostly under portico-covered sidewalks from our accommodation to Piazza

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