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PETER DELLERT PRAY FOR PEACE, 2019. Vintage postage stamps on found metal, gold leaf paper, sewing pattern on laser print on washi. A4 297mm x 210mm. Artist’s frame.

PETER DELLERT OBSOLETE OIL CAN, 2017. Grape vines, wood on wood armature. 108” x 66” x 66” As photographed at Sculpture Now at the Mount 2018.

Hence the need to do more than one thing so when one isn’t happening you can divert to something else. What are you busy with when not in the studio and have separated your time from the art world? Might you be engaged in art of cuisine, theatre and entertainment, walking the pups, family adventures? Poetry by the sea? Hammock dwelling? Wallmart visits? Peter: I love to cook. I garden and always have. Everyone should have a compost pile. I go out to listen to a lot of live music, mostly jazz and mostly “outside” jazz. We started an organization to bring more of this music to the Valley and fund it like a farm share. I work a lot and always have. I have been self-employed for 36 years. I go to NYC with Motoko when she has business there. We go to a lot of museums and galleries. We share a love of contemporary art and architecture which is one of the things that brought us together. We cook and entertain for our friends. We ride our bikes to tag sales. I am always looking for “stuff” and I never know where I will find it. She works for a children’s book author and has been in the book business for years. So books, food, music, art. What else do you need? 38 • JULY 2019 THE ARTFUL MIND

Can you advise us on some of good places to buy art materials and supplies that may be off the beaten path? Peter: I buy necessities at my local art supply store or at Micheal’s. I find everything else or I pick it.. Leaves, onion skin, garlic skin, Hydrangea flowers I grow. Wasp nests I find or people donate. Old atlases come from flea markets and online once I know which ones are good. I pick a lot of rusted metal off of the roads around my house and everywhere I drive. The catalytic converter covers took me ten years to collect, and I still collect them for the next piece. The stamps are from my collection as a child. I saved them. I knew they would be good for something. I like tools. If you are in central Maine, go to Liberty Tool. It’s in Liberty. Amazing. Pearl Paint was great until it wasn’t. Life goes on. Make friends with your local hardware store and buy stuff there! We had a couple of art shows at our local store. The owner is a kind of outsider artist but he denies it. It is also a bike shop. Stop shopping at Depot! What is next for you, Peter? Peter: Sculpture Now at the Mount in Lenox for summer 2019, and then? I teach a class in Sculpture from Recycled Materials at North Country Studio Workshops in Bennington VT at the college there in January 2020. First time for me. Still a few spots left.

In October we go back to Japan. I have a small group of artists friends there and I am trying to expand my gallery connections. I am working on a grant to get myself back there for an extended stay. In summer 2020, a show at Anchor House of Artists in Northampton, MA. Also, in 2020, Motoko is retiring, so we might just buy a van and see the country. I have been an East coast boy all my life. When all is said and done, would you ever consider making another chair? Peter: I am not really a chair builder. I have made a few. One is in the Lark series, 500 Chairs. I drew a casual dining chair based on a chair by Warren Esherick. He was one of the few early studio furniture makers, along with George Nakashima and Sam Maloof. I have a rough model but will I get to soon, probably not. Thank you, Peter! I hope everyone gets the chance to see imMaterial reAction, at aMuse Gallery in Chatham, NY before the end of July and at the Mount, in Lenox this summer!

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