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robert wilk ! Interview by H. Candee

Robert, soon you will be returning to the Berkshires for another great summer of fun, entertainment and sculpture by you to see and share. While wintering in Florida, tell me, what have you been up to?   Robert Wilk: Sarasota was very civilized, a culturally classy town. It’s been a very creative and productive time. I’m now in a very good gallery in the lively Burns Court area, and I received several new commissions, which were both satisfying ... and fun. You are a minimalist sculptor using bright red, blue, orange and yellow onto steel / aluminum. Have you added to your color palette? Robert: I’m actually using fewer colors. And my pieces are now one solid color. It’s another mini16 • JULY 2019 THE ARTFUL MIND

malist attitude, I suppose. One color. It’s focused without other colors to distract from the essential form. And more powerful, too, I feel. My main love is RED. I like to say, “RED: the color every other color wish it were!”. For me it’s the most ALIVE color there is, and I like being alive. What works of sculpture have you started and finished over the long winter ? Robert: I’ve started shaping metal with my bare hands.  The first time was so surprising to me that it could be done and that I could do it. I started fooling around with red paper, which I often do, but usually in folds or origami style forms. In this case it just started to be so much fun, and I just went on and on for hours. It was rather thrilling and captivating.

Robert, have you been always been an artist? Robert: I’ve been creating since I was about five years old, mostly painting and always for pleasure and for friends. You are a friendly sculptor, Robert! Always striking up a good conversation with people, often times with strangers who you become friends with, who then, you may sell art to. Art and people go well together for you, yes? Robert: I like people. They are my favorite thing, “Best show in town”, as I say. So, I’m always meeting people and striking up an acquaintance if not, a new friend. One thing leads to another! I met Natalie Tyler in Great Barrington when I stopped by her gallery. I found out she lived in Venezia, studying glass-making on Murano during the same

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