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Rick and Caryn

off from the pond, and the sad discovery of a turtle’s nest being dug up by a skunk on our night camera. Also, sightings of many birds such a Baltimore Oriole, the showiest today! Are you planning anything new to do with your life that you hadn’t done so far in Vermont? Anything you are glad to not have to do any longer? Caryn: Making my studio and Rick’s office/studio work, were very important in the first weeks here. It’s an ongoing endeavor and finding studio painting time is becoming easier. We were very happy to find two wonderful teachers to continue our Qi Gong. Rick has joined the Berkshire Ukulele Band, and we have found several great places to continue our walks. We were in our Vermont community, and I’m sure it will happen here, too. On the ‘work’ side of our new life, we have art festivals close by and lined up to go to, such as Berkshire Crafts Fair in Great Barrington August 9, 10, and 11, Stockbridge Summer Arts and Crafts Show August 17 and 18, and Berkshire Botanical Garden Harvest Festival October 12 and 13. I will also be exhibiting at the New Marlborough Meetinghouse Gallery Members Show in September. We are ready for studio visits here in Southfield by appointment. Yes, you are in the groove! Have you discovered great places to paint around here? I love Gould Farm in Monterey for its population of beautiful cows and farm buildings. Also, Hancock Shaker Village for its animals, herbs, history, and more. Caryn: Thanks for the ideas - I just put Gould Farm on my list. It’s a long list of places we want to visit and explore! Rick is my photographer, and together we enjoy the search for animals and farms. This week, we visited the Mount, the Berkshire Botanical Gardens, and went to the Unicorn Theater. We have gone twice up to Hancock Shaker Village, and I am working on paintings of two young Sheep and a Rooster who live there. Also, the prints Rick makes from my originals will be in the gift store there, so besides the wonderful animals, gardens and buildings, we have another excuse to visit Hancock Shaker Village. I do make time to go plein aire painting in the summer. I am hoping to this summer— put on a lot of bug repellent and get out there!

Photograph by Edward Acker

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