The Army Painter Colour Conversion Chart

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Painters everywhere are making the switch to The Army Painter Warpaints. To help them in their transition we’ve comprised this handy conversion chart. This conversion chart allows you to pick the closest match between our Warpaints, Metallics & Quickshade Washes to other popular paint manufacturers. Our Warpaints are comprised of our own formulations using our patented high-quality, heavy


pigments. These suggestions are often very close, but not exact matches. While we’re making comparisons, The Army Painter Warpaints all come in our spill-proof dropper bottle design, that includes 18ml of our acrylic paint. That’s more paint for your money! Further, all of our Colour Primer Sprays have a corresponding Warpaint that is a 100% Colour Match as you’ll see below. Good luck with your conversion!

= 100% Colour Match to The Army Painter Colour Primer of the same name - This Conversion Chart is completely unofficial and in o way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited or Acrylicos Vallejo