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Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments

How to Assemble Acererak

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Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments

How to Assemble Acererak

Assembley: Getting started You will need: • Plastic Glue • A set of Plastic Side Cutters • Miniature File • Hobby Knife • And, of course, your miniature Have all you need? Then we are ready to crack on!

Step 1: Clip, Clean, Glue - Repeat All the individual pieces of the model have been numbered on the sprue to make it easier to follow this guide. Should you still want a bit of extra help after reading the guide, go to our YouTube channel and watch Adam’s more detailed video on assembling Acererak. Below you will find the base steps you need to complete every time you put together a part of the model:


Start by finding the numbered part you need. Then cut it out of the frame using your Plastic Side Cutters. Cut as close to the model as you can - but be careful not to damage it!

Remove excess

Use either a miniature file, or the Hobby Knife to remove excess plastic (also known as “flash”) from the model - this will be important for the fit of the model.


Once the two parts are ready to assemble, start out with a “dry fit”. Simply squeeze the two parts together to make sure you have a snug fit. Then take them apart, add a small drop of glue and press the two parts together again.

ATTENTION! Be careful when using glue and sharp tools The Hobby Knife from The Army Painter is a very sharp object and should be handled with care! For young hobbyists we always recommend getting help from an adult when working with tools and glue.

We suggest using Plastic Glue in this guide as it works great with plastic miniatures. But you could also use Super Glue. No matter which glue you use, we strongly recommend that children only use glue under adult supervision.

Step 2: Body

Step 3: Shoulders A

Remove parts 1, 2 and 3 from the sprue. Remove flash. Then dry fit parts 2 and 3 using the two pegs in the bottom. Separate, add Plastic Glue and assemble. Once dry, you are ready to glue them to the base (part 1). Add a bit of glue to the square recess on the base and insert the square in the bottom of parts 2 and 3.

Remove part 4 from the sprue, remove flash. Then dry fit part 4 to the top of the body using the square on the bottom of part 4. Use glue to weld fast.

Step 4: Shoulders B

Step 5: Stave and Arms

Remove part 5, remove flash. Now dry fit the three pegs of part 5 to the back of the model. Separate and add a bit of Plastic Glue to bond each peg to each hole.

Remove part 6 from the sprue, remove flash. Then dry fit part 6 to Acereraks back. Bonds using plastic glue.

Step 6: Head assembley Remove parts 7, 8 and 9 from the sprue. Beware! These parts are very small. Use a small bowl to make sure you do not lose them. Remove the flash from parts 8 and 9. Then glue the peg of part 8 to the hole of part 9.

Step 6a

Remove all three parts from the sprue and clean excess flash.

Step 6b

Pick up part 7 and dry fit it to the bonded parts 8 and 9. When it fits, use a bit of Plastic Glue to adhere the face to the two head parts.

Bond parts 8 and 9.

Step 6c

Bond part 7 with the assembled parts 8 and 9.

Step 7: Head to Torzo

Bond the newly assembled head of Acererak to his shoulders. Dry fit the peg of the shoulders to the hole of the head. Separate, add a bit of Plstic Glue and merge to two parts.


Now that Acererak stands tall and terrifying, he is ready to come to life using the colours of Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments*. Visit The Army Painter on YouTube to watch our detailed painting guide and make Acererak ready for action!*

/thearmypainter * Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments are not magical, and miniatures will not come to life

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