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Thearle Publications and Brendon Thearle presents

Murder at the Manoel Theatre A murderer is amidst and everyone must find this murderer before opening night

Brendon Thearle; Thearle Publications Š 2015


Mature Content Warning: This play contains scenes that involve mature themes which include sexual themes, language and violence. If you are easily offended or easily disturbed, please do not read this play. This play is not intended for young audiences.

Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


2: Murder at the Manoel Theatre Brendon Thearle

Cast of Characters: Edward: The play's director Martin: An actor Jessica: An actress Steven: An actor Andrew: Sound and light operator Tony: Theatre manager Lucy: An actress Melanie: An actress Malcolm: An actor Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


3: Prologue Complete darkness. Sound plays. "A new production is in the works at the Manoel Theatre, experienced actors and actresses needed, for further details about the production and audition details including an audition pack, please contact our drama company through our e-mail address"

Scene One Audition Day Complete darkness Edward: I wonder if anyone will come...

Fade in; we see the director and the theatre manager on a desk, waiting for potential actors and actresses Tony: I sure bloody hope so, I'm losing money by the minute by keeping the Manoel open, plus I'm missing the F.A. Cup final! Edward: It's not like your missing anything special, football is all the same Tony: Piss off! Edward: Well it's true, I mean, all you do is kick a hard ball to one another until someone hits it in the goal, what's the point in that!? Tony: Football is an art! Edward: It's a shitfest, that's what it is... Tony: Fuck off!

A door opens, they both look in excitement, however, it's Andrew Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


4: Andrew: Hey guys, Burger King was full so I had to go to McDonalds, and with the amount of people there are in Valletta at this time, it's ridiculous! Tony: Did you get me a McFlurry with Oreo? Andrew: They didn't have, so I got you one with M&M's Tony: Why do fast food restaurants never have the things you want? Edward: I know, it's annoying! Andrew: Anyone turn up? Both: No Andrew: Well, I think your production is down the drain Tony: That's what I was tellingEdward: It's not being cancelled! I spent too long writing it Andrew: Yeah, like this one took... Tony: Well, the way it's going, you would probably have to find a new venue; the company is up my ass asking when it's going to end

A door opens, a person enters Tony: Um, can I help you? Martin: Hi, I came for the audition, is it here or at the studio?

Tony and Edward look at each other, both happy Tony: Yes, yes! This is the right place; can I have your name please? Martin: Martin, my name is Martin Tony; Well Martin, if you would just have a seat here, can you read the monologue that was provided to you with the audition pack please, and when you feel you’re ready, you may start Martin: Um, what is this play about exactly? Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


5: Edward: It's a mixture of crime and horror. A detective is hired to find out the killer of many victims who were brutally murdered Martin: Oh, so kind of like Jack the Ripper? Edward: Yes, sort of...

A few minutes pass by Martin: Okay, I think I'm ready Tony: Okay, begin

Fade out. Fade back in, we see the director and manager satisfied and looking at some notes they've taken Tony: I like this guy Edward: Yes, he has a strong masculine body and is pretty good in his acting skills Tony: Yes, and he starred as the lead role in Les Miserables Edward: Okay, so now we have Martin, Steven, Malcolm and Lucy... we still need two more women Tony: Well what about her? Edward: No, she exaggerated too much; I think she's still an amateur Tony: Now what about Jessica, I liked her! Edward: Her acting skills? Or her large breasts?

Tony thinks Tony: Breasts Edward: (He giggles) Tony, we can't judge a woman based on her breast size or her ass Tony: Oh, she had a nice ass! Edward: TONY! Tony: What? I am single ain't I? Edward: Yes, but your judging a woman based on her sexual features, you remember that

Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


6: interesting discussion we had about judging woman and howTony: Oh don't fucking start with that fucking discussion, man. All I did was rate a woman that I saw at a club in Paceville, nothing more... nothing less. Besides... she was so hot! Edward: Are you the horny hyperactive teenager that I once knew or are you the civilized person that society expects you to be Tony: Man, fuck society! I just say what I feel okay? Edward: But apart from her bodily features, what about her character and most importantly, what about her acting skills? Tony: Well... I guess your right Edward: Well, what do you think? Tony: She looks experienced Edward: And her cast roles look pretty decentTony: Decent? She played Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, pretty good role, especially for her sexy bodyEdward: YES, whatever! So, what do you think about her? Tony: Well... apart from her breasts and assEdward: Seriously? Tony: Yes, I think she would have a good role in your play Edward: Yeah... right. Okay, we need another woman. Who would you pick form these women for the other female role? Tony: Not her... not her... not her... not- well... maybe her? Edward: Hmm... her? Melanie? Tony: Yes! Her, she seems good Edward: True, she acted very well, okay! So, we now have a full cast! So let's inform them that rehearsals will begin as soon as possible! Tony: FINALLY! Hey, Andrew? Andrew: (Offstage) Yeah? Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


7: Tony: We got a full cast! Andrew: (Offstage) Oh finally!

Blackout End Scene

Scene Two Rehearsal Fade in; we see all the cast together getting to know each other Edward: Okay guys! I am very grateful that you all made it to this first rehearsal, your characters have been cast and now we are on the road to forming this play! This is Tony, our theatre manager Tony: Hi! Edward: And this is Andrew, our lighting and sound engineer Andrew: Hey! Edward: And I am Edward, I will be your director for this performance, we also have a few other crew members here and there, now we would like to get to know you a bit more Martin: Hello, my name is Martin, I am a theatre and film actor and I am currently writing a book Jessica: Hi, I am Jessica; I am a new upcoming theatre actress so I may be a bit rusty Tony: (Whisper) Bet your ass isn't rusty Edward: (To Tony) Thank you Tony... (To Jessica) You may continue Jessica: I was recently in Legally Blonde and I am hoping to be Audrey in the new production of Little Shop of Horrors Edward: Oh wow, interesting, I love Little Shop of Horrors. Good luck! Jessica: Thanks

Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


8: Edward: And you? Steven: Hi guys, I'm Steven, I recently graduated in Bachelor of Communications from University and now I want to continue my theatre work Tony: Ah, cool. Congrats! Steven: Thank you Lucy: Hi everyone, I'm Lucy, I've just moved from the UK and I want to continue my experience here in Malta and see the theatre world from the eyes of Malta Edward: Welcome to Malta then! Lucy: (Giggles) Thanks Melanie: Hello everybody, my name is Melanie. I've just finished 6th form and I am going to start University soon Tony: What are you going to study? Melanie: Theatre Studies Tony: Ah, good luck then! Edward: Yes, good luck! Melanie: Thanks Tony: And finally? Malcolm: Yep, me. My name is Malcolm; I am a drama teacher at a local drama school as well as a TV show host Martin: Oh, really? What programme are you in? Malcolm: Oh, it's not out yet. It's coming out this October, and sadly, I cannot share any details about it Martin: Oh, okay...

A slight awkward pause of silence Edward: Okay, well I hope that we will get to know each other over the course of the production and I hope you are all excited in doing this production Lucy: How long is it till opening night? Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


9: Edward: Well, Tony can answer that Tony: Well, we have precisely four weeks to plan and form the production then an additional week for production week where we get to do the technical and dress rehearsals and then it will be the opening night! Edward: So that means we have four weeks to make this show a success! So we have no time to lose!

Fade out Fade back in; we see the cast leaving after a day of rehearsals Edward: Great job everyone, well done! See you all for the next rehearsal

Everyone says goodbye and leave; Edward and Tony are still onstage Edward: So, what did you think? Tony: Well I am happy now that my money is not being burnt day by day into nothing Edward: Okay, but what did you think of the cast and the pace of the rehearsal? Tony: Oh, I feel we madeEdward: We? Tony: Oh I'm sorry; I mean you made a good casting decision and the pace of rehearsals are great too Edward: Yes, I am really happy with the cast and that we have already reached half of Act One of the performance Tony: How many acts are there? I forgot... Edward: Four acts Tony: Brilliant! Then you are on the right track! Okay, I'll lock up the theatre Edward: Okay, I'll pack my stuff Tony: Say Ed, you want to go out and have a drink? Edward: Um, yeah sure why not! Tony: Brilliant! Okay, I'll check the backstage area and then lockup, you'll wait outside?

Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


10: Edward: Yeah, I'll wait outside

Blackout End Scene

Scene Three The Bar Fade in; we see Edward and Tony in a bar. They receive a bottle of wine from the waiter Tony: A toast, to this fantastic production! Edward: What kind words Tony Tony: Really? Must be the alcohol kicking in Edward: Fuck off, you haven't even started drinking! Tony: I'm sorry; I was just pulling your leg!

Edward and Tony have a sip of wine Edward: Mmm, nice wine Tony: It's the best Edward! Local Maltese wine! Edward: Ah! I thought so!

They continue drinking, fade out Fade in; we see them finishing the bottle. Tony is half drunk, Edward is still sober Tony: Jesus Christ, we almost finished the whole bloody bottle! Edward: We? You almost finished the whole bottle! Tony: Well, it is good wine Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


11: Edward: Yes, from what I could taste Tony: Oh come on Edward, I did let you have enough to drink, didn't I? Edward: Yes of course, I'm just teasing you! Tony: Anyway you finish the rest, I'll go pay the bill Edward: Nah, I'm not really in the mood for more wine Tony: Oh fine, then I'll have it

He drinks the rest from the bottle Edward: You should have become a wine taster not a flipping theatre manager Tony: I know eh, my fucking ego got to me before my actual reasoning... anyway it's getting late; we should start heading back home Edward: What time is it? Tony: Um, 11.30pm. Why? Edward: Oh shit! I missed the last bus! The night service must have started by now! Tony: Wait, don't you have car? Edward: Tony, I would drive in the centre of London rather than driving anywhere here in Malta, so no, I don't drive here and I never intend to Tony: Way to take honour in your own country Edward: Could you take me back home? Tony: Sure! Edward: Okay thanks

They start walking off Edward: (Offstage) And drive carefully

The stage is left empty; we then see a mysterious hooded figure walk by the bar Blackout End Scene Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


12: Scene Four Another Rehearsal Fade in, we see Steven and Jessica on stage practicing their lines, Edward is directing the play and watching them whilst Tony is too busy looking at Jessica Edward: Okay brilliant! Well done guys, um Tony could you get Melanie and Lucy for their scene please?

Tony is too busy looking at Jessica Edward: Tony? TONY? Tony: Huh, oh sorry. Who did you want? Edward: Melanie and Lucy Tony: Of course right away

Tony leaves Edward: Okay guys, you can have a break whilst I do the other's scene

Edward and Steven leave. Lucy enters Lucy: Hey Jessica! Jessica: Hey! Lucy: How did your scene go?

Tony peeps in looking at Lucy and Jessica, he is hidden from them Jessica: Brilliant! We are moving at such a fast pace! Lucy: I know! We are in week two and we are almost finishing Act Two! Jessica: Yeah, Edward is such a great director! Lucy: You like him don't you? Jessica: (She giggles) Maybe... maybe not Lucy: Well... why don't you ask him out? Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


13: Jessica: Are you serious? Lucy: Oh come on Jessica! He is a good looking guy Jessica: Well... maybe. Anyway come see my costume before you go do your scene, its brilliant!

Lucy and Jessica leave. Tony enters, all sad Tony: That bitch... she likes him, but I like her... and... oh fuck this! I'll find a way to change her mind

Tony leaves the same exit where Lucy and Jessica left. Fade out Fade in; we see Jessica and Lucy in the backstage area looking at a costume Lucy: Oh Jessica, it’s beautiful! Jessica: I know right? Edward: (Offstage) Lucy? We need you now Lucy: Coming! See you later Jessica Jessica: Good luck!

Lucy exits. Jessica checks her mobile phone. Lights dim, Jessica still continues looking at her mobile phone until she starts to cough a bit, then a bit more. She starts looking around, she coughs even more Jessica: What the hell is in here? It's gotten so stuffy!

Jessica heads to the backstage door, she tries to open it but it's locked, Jessica starts coughing even more Jessica: Oh shit, it's locked

Jessica starts bashing the door Jessica: Hello? Is anyone out there? It's really stuffy in here and I can't get out

No answer, she keeps on bashing the door. She coughs even more, she still keeps on bashing the door but coughs so much that she cannot hold her Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


14: strength to keep on bashing the door. She keeps on coughing so much that she falls to the floor, breathing very heavily. She gives her last breath. Jessica is dead. Fade out Martin: Hey, who the hell locked the backstage door? I can't seem to open it... Steven: Well it was open when Jessica and I finished practicing our scene Martin: Wait, where is Jessica? Steven: I don't know, she could beMartin: (He bashes the door) Jessica? Are you in there?

Silence Martin: She's not answering Steven: Oh fuck, you don't think sheMartin: Go get Edward and Tony!

Steven continues asking for Jessica while bashing the door Edward: What the hell is going on here, can't you see we are practicing a scene on stage Martin: I know Edward but it seems that the backstage door is locked and we think Jessica is in there Tony: What's going on? Edward: It seems that the backstage door is locked and Jessica might be in there Tony: Oh Edward: Could you go and get security, they must have an extra key Tony: Yeah, sure

They manage to get an extra key and open the door; the lights fade in a little bit. We hear a loud scream from Lucy Lucy: AH! She's dead! Edward: Call the ambulance!

Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


15: Blackout End Scene

Scene Five Bad News Fade in, we see all the cast worried. Edward enters all sad Edward: I have some bad news about Jessica; the coroner has confirmed that Jessica died of air poisoning. Something in the backstage room must have made her choke to death

Everyone is in shock Edward: No need to worry, the security and the health department have checked the backstage room in case of any gas leakages or dangerous chemicals that may cause harm and they have found nothing, so there is no need for worry Melanie: So, what happens now? Tony: The show goes on as planned, just a few changes to the casting, nothing major Edward: Shame, Jessica was a good actress Tony: (Mumbles) Yes, she was wasn't she?

Edward looks at Tony suspiciously Edward: Um, okay everyone, if you could go get ready in the backstage room

All the cast head backstage, Edward goes next to Tony Edward: Tony? What's wrong? Is something troubling you? Tony: Oh no, nothing is wrong with me Edward: Tony, what's wrong? Tony: Nothing honestly! Edward: Tony come on! Tony: OH FOR FUCK SAKE! JESSICA LIKED YOU AND I LIKED HER OKAY! Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


16: Edward: Oh, really? Well, why are you so- Wait, don't tell me you're the one that poisoned Jessica! Tony: OF COURSE NOT! WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I AM? I wouldn't do something like that just because I'm jealous! I may be desperate but I'm not that fucking desperate... Edward: Okay, sorry. Well, if I made you jealous. I'm sorry I didn't mean toTony: Oh fuck off Edward please

Tony exits Edward stares into nothing Edward: She liked me... cool

Fade out Fade in; we see all the crew and Edward entering Edward: Okay guys, so with the sudden death of Jessica, I have had to make some casting changes. So, the part that Jessica played will now be played by Melanie and the part that she had will be given to Lucy Lucy: So, Melanie is now the main actress? Edward: Yes Lucy: Oh... I see Edward: So, production still goes as follows. Melanie and Lucy if you could learn your new lines but not later than next week, that would be perfect. Okay guys, let's get back to work!

Everyone exits, except for Lucy Lucy: Who the fuck does he think he is, giving the main female role to her? Bitch, I'll find a way to convince him to change the casting decision, just you wait and see

She leaves and giggles Blackout End Scene Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


17: Scene Six Spotlight Check Fade in, we see Andrew on a ladder checking the spotlights. Everyone has left except for Tony. He is leaving until he sees Andrew Tony: What you doing Andrew? Andrew: Huh? Oh hey Tony, I'm checking the spotlights and fixing the ones that don't work. You heading home? Tony: Yeah, tired and bored... Andrew: Hey, you heard about Jessica? Tony: Yeah... Andrew: Yeah, you had a thing for her didn't you? Tony: Yes... Until I found out she liked Edward Andrew: Ouch, that's got to hurt. Oh well, love is a bitch Tony. Don't worry about it! Hey, there is gonna be a party at a club down in Paceville this Saturday, wanna come? Tony: Nah, I'm not in the mood Andrew: Oh come on, they'll be some hot girls you can hit up on and I can be your wingman if you want. Tony: (He giggles) I'll think about it, I'll let you know Andrew: Brilliant! Tony: Anyway I'm going home, oh, you'll close the theatre? Andrew: Yeah, hey, do you have the key to close the theatre? Tony: Um, yeah. Here ya go

He throws the keys to Andrew Andrew: Thanks, night Tony Tony: Night Andrew. Oh, and thanks for the invitation Andrew: Nah, no problem. Night! Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


18: Tony leaves; you hear a door open then close. Andrew continues fixing the spotlights, then a sudden drop is heard, Andrew looks Andrew: Hello? Tony?

Silence. He shrugs and continues working. The lights dim, Andrew continues working on the spotlights. Then the ladder he's working on moves a bit Andrew: Woah, fucking hell. This whole theatre is so fucking unstable...

He continues working; a rope falls down with a knot. Andrew doesn't notice, the ladder moves even more then gets pulled and falls on the floor, Andrew's arm and head fly through the knot in the rope. He is dangling Andrew: Um, Tony... anyone... I'm in a weird situation

Andrew tries to move his arm so he can lower down, he pulls his arm too much and his neck fits through the knot perfectly. He chokes slowly. Andrew is dead, fade out It's morning; a security guard enters the theatre. Lights fade in; he walks in and sees Andrew dangling Guard: Il-Madonna tal-hniena! (Mary of mercy!) (Through his walkie-talkie) I need an ambulance, now!

Blackout End Scene

Scene Seven Telephone Call Fade in, we see Edward in his home fast asleep. His mobile rings, he wakes Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


19: up and looks at the time, it's early in the morning, he answers Edward: Hello? Tony: (Offstage, on the phone) Hey Edward, sorry for calling you at this early hour Edward: No it's okay, what's up? Tony: I just received a telephone call from the theatre's security and they... they found Andrew dead... hung to be precise Edward: HUNG!?! Are you serious? Tony: Well if I wasn't fucking serious I wouldn't be calling you in the early morning now wouldn't I!?! Edward: Yes, you’re right sorry. Who found Andrew like that? Tony: One of the security guards found him hung this morning. Ladder toppled over on the floor and apparently the spotlights were focused on him and set to the colour red... Edward: How odd... does anyone know of this? Tony: No, the police will look into it but will not tell anyone in the media or the public so as not to ruin the performance's reputation Edward: Oh good, should we tellTony: No one will know of this, not even the cast Edward: Okay... Tony: Well I'll let you carry on, see you in a few days’ time Edward: Yes, see you. Goodbye

He hangs up and thinks Edward: We have someone lurking in the dark...

Blackout End Scene

Scene Eight Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


20: It’s just a flesh wound Fade in, we see Edward talking to Martin and Malcolm, Tony is with them Edward: Okay, for the scene we are going to work on includes a dagger fight. Now obviously we won’t be using real daggers for this scene so we are going to use these fake daggers. These fake daggers look like real ones however when you stab the victim like what happens in the scene you will be performing, this is what will happen

He sticks the fake dagger into Tony; the blade retracts when in contact with Tony's body. Tony yelps. Edward, Martin and Malcolm laugh Tony: Fuck you Edward: Anyway, let's leave the daggers here and we'll go on with the staging of the dagger scene

They exit, the lights dim, we see a dark figure appear with a dagger, fade out Fade in; we see Malcolm and Martin doing their dagger scene. Edward is really into it. Malcolm "stabs" Martin, a large yelp comes from Martin and starts to die a slow painful death. Malcolm continues his dialogue; we see Martin's stab wound start to bleed and his mouth starts coughing with blood. He starts falling to the floor slowly; Malcolm continues his dialogue without noticing Martin. Martin on the other hand starts pointing to his stab wound until he falls to the floor gagging with blood. Martin is dead. Malcolm finishes his dialogue and sees Martin in a pool of blood. Edward stands up and starts clapping Edward: Oh well done! So realistic, I loved your death sequence Martin, well done, and the addition of blood was superb!

Malcolm is looking at Martin in shock Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


21: Edward: Malcolm?

Malcolm looks at Edward Malcolm: He's dead Edward: WHAT?

Tony rushes onto the stage and checks Martin's pulse. No pulse, he snatches the dagger from Malcolm and feels the blade, it’s sharp Tony: Edward, this dagger is a real dagger Edward: Impossible, you saw the daggers, they wereTony: I know they were fake! But these are real! Malcolm: (Still in shock) Oh my god, I killed a man. I killed a man! Tony: Okay Malcolm, calm down

Blackout End Scene

Scene Nine Drunk and drunker Fade in; Melanie and Malcolm have finished a scene. A new sound and lighting operator has replaced Andrew. Malcolm notices him Malcolm: Say, what happened to the old sound and light operator

Edward looks shocked Edward: Um, oh. He's a bit under the weather so we decided to replace him Melanie: What, you replaced him just because he was a bit under the weather? Malcolm: Yeah Melanie is right, it is a bit odd Edward: Look just drop it okay? It's none of your business anyway, it’s between me and Tony. Okay? Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


22: Malcolm: Okay, sorry for asking

Edward leaves Malcolm: What's gotten him so worked up? Anyways I'm heading over to the little cafe in the main street, want to come? Melanie: Oh thank you, but I think I'll stay here Malcolm: You sure? Everyone is going out for lunch Melanie: Yes I'm sure Malcolm: Okay, see ya later then! Melanie: See you Malcolm

Malcolm leaves, Melanie is alone on stage. She picks up her script and continues learning her lines. We see Lucy, she has a bottle in hand, and she’s been drinking Lucy: (Drunk) Enjoying your new part, eh? Melanie: Oh Lucy, you scared me! Lucy: Oh, that's a shame Melanie: Have you been drinking? You know that's against the rules here! You could get fired! Lucy: I don't give a shit, fuck it. Now that I don't have the main role, why should I bother? Melanie: Don't tell me you’re jealous of me getting the female role? It's doesn't matter, everyone has to start somewhere right? Lucy: Not for me, I have the looks. You, you look like a whore who’s been dragged from the streets and fucked too many times Melanie: HEY! YOU FUCKING CUNT! TAKE THAT BACK! Lucy: What did you just call me you whore? Melanie: A CUNT! Lucy: Fuck you, you worthless whore! Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


23: Melanie: STOP CALLING ME A WHORE, YOU DRUNK FUCK! Lucy: FUCK YOU! Melanie: Right, if that's how you wanna play...

Melanie rushes a grabs a big wooden box, Lucy rushes and hits Melanie with her bottle. Melanie stops, she is hit on the head so much that she becomes out cold and drops the wooden box on Lucy's head. They are both out cold. Lights dim, in the shadows we see a figure with a knife, fade out Fade in, Malcolm enters from his lunch and stops and sees both Melanie and Lucy all bloodied up. Both they're chests have been opened with a knife. Malcolm: Oh no, not again…

He feels sick and runs out Blackout End Scene

Scene Ten Something’s not right Fade in; we see Edward, Tony and the rest of the cast shocked. All of them sitting down. Steven is up on a flight of stairs setting up some props Edward: No, I'm sure they're something not right here. Martin: What you mean? Edward: I mean come on, how come we have already lost four cast members Steven: Four? Don't you mean three?

Tony and Edward look at each other Tony: Andrew was found hung when he was checking the spotlights Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


24: Martin: Oh... and you didn't bother to tell us? Edward: We didn't want to affect the publicity of the performance Steven: Are you serious? What's more important to you? The publicity or the wellbeing? Tony and Edward: Well... Steven: You are not serious are you? I don't fucking believe it...

Steven walks down the stairs but trips and falls down the stairs, we hear that his neck cracks. Steven is dead Edward: Oh no, oh no, no, no, no, no! Malcolm: No man, fuck this place! This place is cursed or something!

Malcolm runs to the exit but falls through a trap door. Malcolm is dead Tony: Oh for fuck's sake! Edward: No Tony, this place and this play are both cursed! Tony: Don't believe in curses and shit! Edward: THEN WHAT DO I BELIEVE IN TONY!?! Tony: Don't panicEdward: DON'T PANIC!?! WE HAVE JUST LOST TWO MORE OF OUR CAST MEMBERS, OPENING NIGHT IS IN A COUPLE OF DAYS AND THE POLICE ARE RIGHT TO OUR FUCKING NECK TO STOP THIS PERFORMANCE FROM HAPPENING... WHAT'S NOT TO PANIC!?!

Lights cut off Tony: Aw shit, the lights have been cut off. Probably the power station losing its shit again Edward: Tony? Where are you? Tony: I'm here, give me a sec, and let me find a flashlight

Tony finds a flashlight and turns it on Tony: Edward have you got a flashlight? Edward: No, no I haven't... Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


25: Tony: Okay, give me a sec I'll find you

Tony is on one side if the stage and Edward is on the other side if the stage. Tony is looking around with his flashlight, he walks around then all of a sudden gets wrapped around by the neck, he starts chocking, Tony drops his flashlight and we hear him chocking to death. Tony is dead Edward: Tony? Are you okay?

Silence Edward: Oh shit

He moves slowly and finds the flashlight, he picks it up and sees Tony dead on the floor Edward: Oh my god! Tony is dead... Now I am the only one left aren't I?

A sound effect of a heart thumping starts to rise in volume. Edward moves centre stage, scared and alone. He turns around and sees someone Edward: Oh my god, it's you-

He gags, he turns around and we see his throat has been slit. Blood flows down his neck, he falls down to his knees then dies. Edward is dead Blackout End Scene Curtains close

Scene Eleven Opening Night Fade in; we see the curtains are closed. After a while the curtains open, we Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications


26: see dead bodies covered in blood on the floor, we also see an altar with one particular body, also all bloodied up. We see a man walking on stage, naked with only a surgeon's apron on him, all bloodied up with a head. It's the head of Edward. All the dead bodies are the cast, and the dead body on the altar is Edward's body, head chopped off. The man is Steven Steven: (Laughs) Now this is something I'm really going to enjoy, if I could just my character just right

The End Epilogue This scene is optional and is at the director's discretion to add this scene or not Fade in, we see Steven still in his surgeon apron all bloodied up with a wine glass and a bottle full of blood, he pours the blood in the wine glass and looks at the audience Steven: You know, many people may say I am the villain, some people may say I am a psychopath; some people may also say I am a murderer. I don't mind these labels that you people give me, I love them. Just as much as I enjoy the people I've murdered over the years. It’s fun, killing people you don't know. Even better when it's someone you do know. Like my own dog, or my mom or dad. The way they screamed and shouted when I slit open their throats in the cover of night. You may wonder how I did all the murders, but ah... a murderer never shares his secrets. But, I'll give you a clue. I stayed covered in the shadows at all costs Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


27: very neat trick, and to not act suspicious, and for you people out there who say to themselves, "but wait a minute, how is he still alive after he tripped over and cracked his neck", well ask yourselves one question, do you ever question yourselves when you read a fictional book and see something out of the ordinary?... I don't think so. How I killed my fellow cast was fun and challenging, people could have caught me at any moment, but I was cunning, as cunning as a fox. And now, I bid you all farewell, and be careful, for I might be behind you, in the cover of the shadows... (He laughs)

Blackout End Scene

Playbook Š 2015 – Thearle Publications



Did you know? That this is the first play to include mature content and was intended for teenagers and adults, plus this is the first one act play, which basically means that the whole play is made up of one act. The story, although short, has a deeper meaning and a deeper backstory to it that if you read carefully and find all the clues you might just get the references to popular films, TV series, etc… The genre of this play is a mixed bag, the author wanted to bring in black comedy into the mix (which there is a bit) but also settled with the subject of horror and bloody violence. This play also includes a lot of 4th walls, more than you think! (The play was written between January, June and July of 2015, the backstory however, has been in development since 2013) “Thank you very much for reading this play, and I hope you enjoy acting it out as well! This was a play that has been stuck in my mind since 2013 and I have now finally plucked up the courage to write it, this is also my first ever adult/mature play that I have written and I do intend on writing more! I love adding 4th walls and backstories into the mix as it makes my mind spin wildly whilst I’m writing. Although I have written mainly slapstick comedy mainly intended for children and adults alike, this one on the other hand, it has given me the chance to dig deeper into my wild mind and honestly for me, this play reminds of The Shining mixed in with the dark humour of BBC’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which I both love!” – Brendon Thearle Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications



Brief History of the Manoel Theatre Edited from Wikipedia: The Manoel Theatre (also known in Maltese as It-Teatru Manoel) is a theatre and important performing arts venue in Malta. It is named after Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Hospitaller, Fra Antonio Manoel de Vilhena, who ordered its construction in 1731. The theatre is reputed to be Europe's thirdoldest working theatre, and the oldest theatre still in operation in the Commonwealth of Nations. The theatre is a small, 623 seat venue, with an oval-shaped auditorium, three tiers of boxes constructed entirely of wood, decorated with gold leaf, and a pale blue trompe-l'oeil ceiling that resembles a round cupola. More information about the Manoel Theatre can be found on: Or visit the Manoel Theatre's official website: THIS IS NOT A PAID PROMOTION AND THIS IS NOT OFFICIALLY SPONSORED BY TEATRU MANOEL A ND/OR ITS AFFILIATES Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


30: The Story The Manoel Theatre, one of Malta's most beloved and cherished theatres, however, all of that is about to change when a group of young aspiring actors and actresses set up a new play. A murderer is amidst the group and everyone must find this murderer before opening night, otherwise... it will be the end of the Manoel Theatre for good

--Written by: Brendon Thearle Published by: Thearle Publications --© 2015 – Brendon Thearle and Thearle Publications ---

Playbook © 2015 – Thearle Publications


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Murder at the Manoel Theatre  

The Manoel Theatre, one of Malta's most beloved and cherished theatres, however, all of that is about to change when a group of young aspiri...

Murder at the Manoel Theatre  

The Manoel Theatre, one of Malta's most beloved and cherished theatres, however, all of that is about to change when a group of young aspiri...