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The Williamson Aftermath: sharing stories from students and alumni



illiamson was a type of home that is difficult to describe. You’d meet people there you’ve never met, but they instantly feel like family. You could walk in one morning and the smell of Cass and her classes cooking could turn your whole mood around. You could relax in our little lounge area between classes cooking could turn your whole mood around. You could relax in our little lounge area between classes. We would celebrate Christmas, Student Appreciation Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, everything. Williamson was a small historic building on the far side of campus. You might not have even noticed that it was there. It could have just been that place where tailgates are for football. But to us, it was a home. We spent mornings, nights, and weekends there. It was a forgettable small old building. But it was our building. It was our home. And now it’s gone.” -Lydia Gates, current senior, hospitality administration


am the event coordinator and an instructor for Dept. of Parks, Recreation, and Hospitality admin. I plan the events that happen in Williamson Dining Room. I have been there at all hours of the day planning and working these events. Students in my classes are the event staff and I have seen students come in nervous and anxious and leave with confidence and an understanding of Williamson hospitality. Williamson hospitality is knowing the guest and creating the best experience for them. It is also sharing the unique history of Williamson. This building is a monument and provided so many students, faculty, staff, and community a wonderful experience with all the different programs that were housed in the building but also the wonderful meals served at events and the Thursday meals. I have laughed, cried, and enjoyed fellowship in this building. It holds a special place in my heart.” - Cass Capen-Housley

On Wednesday, April 3, a fire broke out at Williamson Hall. The building, which has a rich history on the Tech campus, is home to parks, recreation and hospitality administration. The Arka Tech has asked students and alumni of the programs to share their memories of the building and its importance.


’m a graduate from 2015 of the Hospitality program!! My heart is broken because of the fire!! There are SO many memories but one of my fondest memories of Williamson Hall is Swest’s (Susan West, assistant professor of hospitality administration) office!! All the pineapples always made it feel homey and familiar!! She always gave the BEST advice too!! Others are any event that went on in the dining room, whether it be a lunch or a dinner. All the activity that went on in the kitchen and dining room to get everything prepped for those events really helped all of the students in those classes bond and get to know each other!! My senior year, there was a mural that was painted on the curved wall to brighten up our lobby and it brought some great collaboration between the art department and the PRHA department and it was really awesome to see the different departments come together to help each other!!” - Adrian Speck


here’s a lot of memories in that building. It’s just one of those buildings that just has an atmosphere, and most of the reason for the atmosphere is because of the staff...It’s funny because we used to joke about it. We all hated going to classes in buildings that were not in Williamson. We joked like it was the fraternity house because we just hung out there all the time. You know, the group of us that were in the hospitality program at the time, they had a small library and a room with computers and a small study room and we were always there. Whether we were doing homework or not, it seemed like we were there.” - Justin Misheler, hospitality administration graduate


he building itself is rich in history. How the building itself was willed to ATU... the building housing both ROTC and the music department. The history of the dining room... it was previously a shooting range. If the walls of Williamson could only talk!” - Dr. Cathi McMahan, department head of parks, recreation, and hospitality administration and Tech alum


was undeclared for two years and when I took a hospitality class I decided that this building and all the people in it were my favorites! Not to mention they had the cutest little pig running around all the time.” - Shelby Fitts


hen I started photography my senior year at Tech, I used to climb up on top of Williamson and take long exposures on the roof. There was less light pollution on that side of campus and it was fairly easy to get up there. Those nights were some of the most serene and relaxing times I’ve had at Tech. I used to spend hours up there.” Jordan Craig


hen I was in high school I was in the band, Marvin (we called him George) Williamson was our band director & also Tech director. Our HS band also had our practice in Williamson. I witnessed several times him throwing his baton at a boy (never a girl) when he was frustrated or when a boy was acting up.” - Margaret Baker Grant


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We’re pro-life, but pro-life for all

Along with the feminist movement, abortion has been a hot topic for 2019. Generally, like with all political discussion, people will either support pro-life or pro-choice arguments. However, there is a middle ground. Recognizing that Planned Parenthood does more good than harm can actually allow for polite civil discourse on the topic. Perhaps 2019 is the year that Americans can put the discussion to bed once and for all. Roe v. Wade is a supreme court case that ruled that a state law that banned abortions (except to save the life of the mother) was unconstitutional. Even though it legalized abortion, it left a gray area for states to place restrictions on abortions as seen fit. Without making the discussion only about what the definition of life is, we can come to a general consensus that protecting life is important. However, why is it that we do not discuss the lives of the women who are having these abortions? If you claim to be pro-life, you can not pick and choose what lives are worthy to be saved and what lives are not. Life is life. Arkansas is a trigger state, which means that if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned, abortion is automatically made illegal. Pro-lifers cheer at this thought. However, suddenly there is a new victim in this situation. The women who would have abortions are at a loss. Mike Pence, the vice president of the United States, said that making abortion illegal will save lives. The problem is these women will likely still have abortions by illegal means. In countries where abortion is forbidden, many women die each year from unsafe practices.

According to the National Library of Medicine, “Some 68,000 women die of unsafe abortion annually, making it one of the leading causes of maternal mortality (13%).” The best way to keep this from happening is to keep abortion legal in the United States, but to maintain restrictions. As much as pro-choicers hate it, their life is not more important than a fetus. Following that same logic though, a fetus’ life is not more important than their mother’s. Since an increase in protected sex is not likely, legalized, yet restricted, abortion is the only way for everyone to win. In this way we can come to a decision of what stage of development is too far along, and yet still give women the services they need. This will also force women to stay up to date with their own health which, in turn, is positive, for it can allow women to stay up to date with their own health. By eliminating abortion, states will likely defund Planned Parenthood. Many conservative Americans claim that this organization is an economic drain on tax dollars. Let’s put this into perspective. Planned Parenthood received $1.5 billion between 2013 and 2015, according to The Heritage Foundation. If you crunch the numbers, that means each year every citizen gives roughly one dollar and fifty cents to this foundation. A dollar and fifty cents that likely won’t be missed. But suppose the United States Federal Government does defund Planned Parenthood. Will that lower tax rates? No, that money will just fund some other organization. Considering Planned Parenthood does have positive attributes such as

Editorial: ed·i·to·ri·al

[ed-i-tawr-ee-uhl, -tohr-] noun: An article that represents the official viewpoint of a newspaper on a topic of public interest. providing general health services, hormone therapy, sexually transmitted disease checks and treatments and patient education services, a dollar and fifty cents a year doesn’t seem all that threatening to the average person’s wallet. To truly combat abortion, we need to get rid of the stigma behind pregnancy. We should not shame young women for deciding to have a child. We should celebrate the decision. Pro-lifers love the saying “adoption is an option.” Adoption is great. But foster care services are underfunded, without anyone truly doing anything about it. We do not see many pro-lifers standing on the White House steps supporting more funding for foster care and adoption centers. If we truly want women to choose adoption over abortion, we must to change the status quo. What young women see is an institution where children are placed in home after home, never finding a family. The Department of Human Services has seen a huge growth in the number of overall children in foster care but they have not seen a growth in the money that funds them. This leads to poor living conditions and children not receiving the personal care they need. Pro-lifers should support sex education rather than negate the relevance of abortions. If conservatives really want to combat the abortion rates, they need to attack the source; unsafe sex increases

pregnancy rates. Areas that are increasing emphasis on abstinence education is correlated with a rise in teenage pregnancy and birth rates. Teaching abstinence only is the primary cause for an increase in pregnancy for upcoming generations. So, in order to see a decline in abortions schools need to change sex education. Sex is going to happen in promiscuous youth and we need to acknowledge this in sex education. What really matters is whether youth will be smart about it or not. Abortions decrease when teenagers and young adults are consistently being safe. If we do not change the teachings of sex education, we are at risk to seeing an increase in STDs and unplanned pregnancies. And if we defund Planned Parenthood and like health clinics, we risk untreatment of these. On the other hand, if we cut off access to abortions, we risk illegal abortions and an increase of death rates among women. Abortions will happen whether they are legalized or not. We cannot support some lives and then turn our backs on others. As pro-lifers we need to advocate for protected sex, increased funding for foster care and restrictions on safe abortion clinics for women. Pro-lifers need to keep expectations realistic. In this way, we can compromise with the general public and still protect the lives of the women who find themselves faced with such decisions.

Free speech on campus: the clash of ideas GEORGE J. WEWER III

Staff Writer

College is the avenue many young people choose to transition to the professional workplace, but it is also the avenue where the modern-day equivalent of the marketplace of ideas flourishes. The marketplace of ideas is a concept that suggests freedom of expression in the market will eventually lead to the discovery of the truth by society. In essence, critical thinking skills are learned and honed in a young citizen’s life by the deluge of diverse ideas battling it out. College campuses are essentially the epicenter of an intangible warzone. Freedom of speech, or the upholding of free speech, is paramount to the foundation of the concept of the marketplace of ideas. This warfare is waged by the barrage of ideas, not bullets, and the weapons can often have kickback. College campuses are under fire from many who do not think they are doing enough to keep the torch of freedom of speech alive. Some college campuses across America have implemented limited free speech zones, much to the ire of these irked. The zones, as the name suggests, restrict where speech can occur and more importantly how and when it can occur. Other college campuses have drawn even more sharper criticism due to the fact they have disallowed certain guest speakers to appear on campuses. One such ex-

The liberation and continuation of free speech starts on college campuses. ample is the California State University at Los Angeles denying political pundit and conservative writer Ben Shapiro to speak when students vehemently spoke out against him. The controversy has even reached the national stage. At the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, President Trump spoke about free speech on campus and guaranteed he would issue an executive order that would deny federal research funds to colleges and universities that do not support free speech. On March 21, the president lived up to his promise and signed this executive action. Thankfully, on a state level, strides concerning freedom of speech have already taken place. Asa Hutchinson,


the Governor of Arkansas recently signed a new law expanding free speech on Arkansas public college campuses. Known as the “Forming Open and Robust University Minds Act,” the law would essentially discontinue limited speech zones on Arkansas public colleges and universities. Furthermore, the law would make all out door areas on campus free speech zones. Eight states have passed similar legislation. The law has made changes to the polices on two campuses in Arkansas: Arkansas State University and the University of Central Arkansas. Tech is largely unaffected by the law. Tech used to have limited free speech


zones but enlarged the zone in 2017. In a way, college campuses have become the hotbed of contention and increased attention for what freedom of speech means in America. Our founding fathers enshrined freedom of speech in the constitution when they prioritized it in the Bill of Rights because they knew it was integral to not only democracy but also the concept of the marketplace of ideas. The question that confronts students today is what role they will play in the battle, if the battle can be won, or if campuses will continue to remain the modern-day equivalent of the marketplace of ideas.

If you’re anything like me, then you understand what I mean when I label myself a perfectionist. I work hard to stick to my own standards while also attempting to maintain my mental stability (striving for perfection is tiresome, you know). This illusion of flawlessness doesn’t last long before I’m completely, utterly wrecked. And yet, sometimes I refuse to admit that life is messy. I often deceive myself and pretend that I have everything under control. I got this. “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way” a concept explained by Michael Scott. That’s usually how it goes when I write. Even as I’m typing out this piece currently, I have no idea how it’ll end. I often have moments where my polished outer aura crumbles to the ground and floats away like dust. For example, a certain midterm I took last week (ahem, modern American literature, anyone?) that I had studied AT LEAST 4 hours for, well… let’s just say it didn’t go as I had planned. This happens with conversations I have with people all the time. Being the avid planner that I am, when I talk to others and they veer of onto a subject I hadn’t accounted for, I sometimes lose my train of thought and can’t remember what I was going to ask them. And that’s okay. If I’m brutally honest, life isn’t going to be rosy skies and sunshine all the time. In fact, I don’t think it should be. This world is corrupt, it is harsh, it is evil. Even if I check off every neat, colorful box in my planner and complete my extensive list of reminders that pop up on my iPhone, life. will. never. be. perfect. I am not telling you this to discourage you; I’m trying to do the opposite. If you’re naïve and you merely float through life expecting the best… honey, that’s not gonna work out. I’m convinced that being aware of the negative aspects the world and being adamant to not let these sway you are effective antidotes for not being directed by the world.

Campus 3


“I do know about the Mueller Report. From what I understand, for a while now the democratic party has been trying to figure out if Trump is involved with Russia. This has been ongoing for two years.” Logan Hunt Rehab Science Pottsville

PLC accepting applications


Staff Writer

Each spring, the Presidential Leadership Cabinet releases applications for new students to join their ranks. For the 2019-2020 academic year the PLC now has 51 members. The Presidential Leadership Cabinet works closely with the leadership and administration office at Tech to help share the student, alumni and family perspectives of their daily lives at and involving Tech. Additionally, these members must maintain higher than a 3.0 GPA, be in good standing with the university, be considered a full-time student with 12 credit hours per semester and be of good moral character. Members of PLC help across the campus at administrative functions, alumni events and during Tech athletic events. Benefits that come from joining the PLC are early registration for classes,

Sarah Gilleran Graphic Design Hot Springs

“I feel like I should definitely know about the Mueller Report, but unfortunately I don’t know anything about it. I don’t watch a lot of news and politics.”

sellville. At the end of the year they will also host and help the Because We Can organization on campus with a good drive in the residence halls that will start and end during finals week. The cabinet is hosting several upcoming events including the Tuesday April 23, Arkansas Tech Baseball game against the University of Arkansas-Monticello Boll Weevils. The festivities for the “Student Alumni Association Baseball BEAT T-shirt Game” will commence at 5:45 p.m. PLC will begin handing out free T-shirts until 7 p.m. Make sure to go get a free t-shirt and watch Tech and the Wonder Boys best UAM. Those interested in being a part of the PLC must fill out an application that is released by the cabinet in the spring and then go through an interview process in April of each spring semester.

compete for the College Relays number one spot this year. The Tech Recreation and Park Club is planning a field trip to Kansas City over Easter break. The trip will give students in the department an opportunity to tour the Kansas City Recreation and Parks Department, Onyx Cave, Pea Ridge, Silver Dollar City and much more. Students interested in the trip should contact David Reed in Old Main. The trip will leave early Monday and return the following Sunday.

Switzerland. They will be performing on April 17 in Witherspoon at 7:30 p.m. The performance will include work by several renounced composers including Jean Phileppe, Claude Debussy, Henry Cowell and Aaron Copeland. Students are encouraged to attend the class and performance for the opportunity to learn more about the art of music. Arkansas Tech’s radio station, KXRJ Russellville 91.9 FM, is officially ten years old. The station is holding a free concert for Tech’s students and local residents to celebrate the occasion. The concert will be held in Doc Bryan lecture hall Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Link, Willis, Utopia and Narrow Road are bands that will be performing. Donations are welcomed and merchandise may be sold by the bands. Everyone is welcomed to come celebrate the first concert sponsored by KXRJ.

50 & 20 years ago: These stories made headlines in The Arka Tech 50 years ago:

“I asked my dad about it one time and he talked for literally hours about it.”

networking with alumni, meeting with the university president Dr. Robin Bowen and the administration, as well as gaining leadership and communication skills, volunteer work and being a face for spirit and inspiration for all Tech students. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of being a part of PLC, I’ve gotten to make so many new friends and meet new people that have really helped my success socially and in school,” said Callie Harper, a sophomore nursing student from Farmington, AR, “We do some awesome things for this community here at Tech and this has been such an awesome opportunity to help out or students and to voice their opinions to the powers that be in administration.” PLC hosted its annual clothing drive in November and December of the fall semester and helped raise several dollars in donations as well as tons of clothes for the less fortunate in Rus-

The Techsters will host State College of Arkansas, AM&N, Harding College, Philander Smith and Southwest Missouri at Buerkle Feild for the annual College Relays. Athletes from these colleges will begin competition at 1 p.m and will continue throughout the day. John Montgomery, Tech’s head coach, talked about Tech’s runners for the event. “We have to make up our minas to beat some people in our district that have been turning in better times than us and shouldn’t be, stated Montgomery. The Techsters will be entering the mile medley relay with Larry Crook, Bill Wright, Roy Eoff and Tom Vincent. AM&N will pose a challenge for competitors during the 100, 220 and 440 yard dash with their competitors Basey and Francis. The Tech team will have to lead the relay with strong times to

20 years ago: Ute Gareis and Klaus-Georg Pohl will be coming to Tech, April 16th, at 3:30 p.m. to present a lecture on “Avoiding and Coping with Pianists’ Pains”. The guests are internationally recognized as a piano duo from St. Gallen,


Russell Murdock Biology Harrison

“I have no idea what the Mueller Report is, should I know about it?”

Jocelyn Flores Business Administration Fayetteville HALEY WEBB

“I’m ready to hear Mueller’s Report over the Russian interference with the 2016 election. I know just the basic facts about this.” Zayne Parker Anthropology Benton “It’s about the election in 2016, it’s where rumors say that Trump made a deal with Russia and that they helped him exceed Clinton to win the election. I know Mueller was an employee of Trump, so he knows inside information and this maybe the only evidence we have.” Jennifer Runzheimer

Business Administration Germany


Stephanie Freeman

David J Eshelman


HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TEACHING AT TECH? I have teacher at Arkansas Tech since 2006. I have been here for 13 years.

This is my third year.



I wanted to be closer to my parents. I sent in my CV to the theatre department and they gave me a job.

I got my PhD at the University of Missouri and Arkansas Tech had a similar attitude as my home.

WHAT LEAD YOU TO TEACHING? I’ve always known I wanted to teach. I was originally teaching English and after a trip to acting school in New York I knew I wanted to teach theater.

WHAT ARE YOUR BASE CLASSES YOU TEACH EVERY YEAR, IF YOU HAVE THEM? I always get an introduction to theatre. I also do public speaking for business and professional speaking. This fall I actually have my first acting class on the Tech campus.

WHAT LEAD YOU TO TEACHING? Before I got my PhD, I thought of myself as a playwright and in my opinion, it isn’t a big jump from playwright to teacher.

WHAT ARE YOUR BASE CLASSES YOU TEACH EVERY YEAR, IF YOU HAVE THEM? I usually teach acting and writing for performance. I also run the theatre practicum.

WHAT LEAD YOU TO CHOOSE YOUR FIELD OF STUDY? I think I was cut out for theatre and communication almost from birth. As a child I choose to express myself through puppet shows and little cartoons.


4 News

Campus Environmental Coalition hosts Earth Day events AMANDA HAMPTON

Staff Writer

On April 18 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Campus Environmental Coalition at Arkansas Tech will be hosting an Earth Day event at the Hindsman Bell Tower. CEC has the goal of educating not only members of the Tech community but also of the Russellville community on the importance of Earth Day and protecting the planet as much as possible. CEC President Grace McMahon, a sophomore environmental science major and honors student, aims to educate others about environmental issues, particularly regarding recycling. Recently, Tech has just placed several more bins and two new recycling dumpsters by Jones Hall and M Street. The Earth Day event at the bell tower will have several Registered Student Organizations from campus as well as community organizations such as the fisheries and wildlife department, Agriculture Club, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Denali Water Solution and many more. Each organization

AMANDA HAMPTON/THE ARKA TECH Recycling bins are being placed across campus due to the efforts of the CEC. will outline how they make their mark to keep our Earth beautiful. Jerry the Bulldog will also be making a guest appearance to

celebrate. At every booth, the organizations will have giveaway items as well as saplings and

flowers to share with those who attend. CEC will be doing its annual tree planting for our community. “It’s a way to put ourselves out there and show others that there is a club on campus that cares about the environment,” said Grace. “Every day should be Earth Day. It’s a day to reflect a lifestyle in thinking how to be more sustainable, I can turn off more lights, I can use less water, and that consciousness.” CEC’s goal is to have you walk away not only having learned something interesting about the planet. Furthermore, CEC will have ample information set up regarding different ways to recycle on campus and in every day life. This is an initiative it is trying to highlight and spread awareness of on the Tech campus. “Personally, I want people to come so they can be more aware of recycling on campus. It is so frustrating when I walk by the trashcan and it is full of plastic bottles when the recycling bin is 10 feet away,” Grace said.


Phi Mu cheers during Greek Games on Monday night. In addition to Greek Games, Greek Life hosted service days which included collecting food items for elementary schools in the Russellville School District. In total, Greeks collected 33,152 during the event. “It’s just a great opportunity for us to be able to give back to the community that’s given us so much," said Thomas Strahan, coordinator of fraternity and sorority life.

Possible BazTech changes proposed LAINEY BOONE

Staff Writer

The Student Government Association met during its regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday and announced the possibility of a replacement of Chick-fil-A with Slims Chicken. The results from a recent focus group conducted on campus show that students are in favor of the replacement. “We made a poll on Twitter and the results showed students votes were 52% Slims and 48% Chick-fil-A, which is a pretty close vote,” Tech purchasing buyer Tammy Rye said. “I’m here today to take any opinions or suggestions you might have back for further proposal to the board.” Key points made about the change included an option not found anywhere else in Russellville, more menu variety and Sunday

hours. The Slims menu would allow students to have a choice between four different meal trade options, opposed to the two Chickfil-A offers. The university is still in the process of approving the replacement, but if approved, Slims could be in BazTech this summer. Secretary of Community Outreach Greydon Turner reminded SGA senators about its upcoming blood drive next week. “We have a blood drive the 17th, 18th and 19th,” Turner said. “Make sure to tell your friends. They can go to to sign up.” The drive will be conducted Wednesday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day at Young Ballroom. SGA will also have its elections next week. Applications are due by midnight Friday on theLink and elections will begin Tuesday.

(479) 858-6150


Feature 5

L ight The

Night SYDNEY HENJUM/THE ARKA TECH Light the Night on Thursday, April 4 was hosted by the Department of International Student Services. Students from six countries and two regions shared native dishes with attendees, while also sharing information about their respective cultures.


6 Entertainment

Discover Russellville Let’s Play is dedicated to local children



Staff Writer

Filled with a variety of toys and play sets, Let’s Play is the perfect place to let children truly be children. Let’s Play is a local imaginative play center that whole heartedly cares for providing a safe and fun environment for children in the River Valley. The play center provides a wide range of toys, playsets and games to insure every child has a positive experience. Let’s Play welcomes all children from new born to 10 years old. Owner Ashely Farr said, “Let’s Play is an indoor imaginative play center that also offers birthday parties and now carries toys for sale as well.” Let’s Play has been apart of Russellville for a year this coming May 2019. It is owned and operated by Ashely Farr. Ashely had been a stay at home mother of two for the last ten years, so she understands first hand the importance of having a safe environment for children. Ashely said, “Our business goals are mainly to give the city of

Russellville something fun and safe parents can do with their kids. It’s nice to be in a safe place where you can sit as a parent and watch your kid or play with your kid, but either way you are still with your child and your child will always have those memories of you being there with them.” Ashely’s favorite part of the business is “The excitement of children being happy to see the toys and watching them use their imaginations, and to know that they are not just sitting in front of a screen. Another really nice part is, moms meet here for playdates and are able to socialize with other moms without messing their homes up.” Let’s Play is passionate about children and ensuring their wellbeing. The business operates on a simple method that ensure each time someone brings children to play it is always an easy process. Ashely said, “We have all day play passes that are $8.50 plus tax, where people can come and go all day as they please, so if they want to leave to eat lunch or go take a nap they can and then they can come right

back. We also have discount punch cards, that are punched each time you come in.” Aside from implying going to play, Let’s Play also offers private birthday party options. Ashely said, “What we do for birthday parties is, we close down the center so that the party is private. We offer everything you would need in our party packages. We set everything up, so that all you have to do is come in and bring your own cake.” For all local parents, grandparents, or sitters Let’s Play is a great local option for children. Let’s Play offers coffee, Wi-Fi and comfy couches so that one can sit back and relax while spending time while engaging in quality time and letting

Unique and familiar? All is possible with ‘Monsters of Verity’ CAMDEN BURRIS

Contributing Writer


kids’ imagination come to life. Let’s Play is located at 407 North Arkansas Avenue in the Russellville City Mall. They are opened Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed Saturday and Sunday. Call them at 501-7335039 or keep up with its Facebook page.

‘Masters of Sex’ is an intimate character study SHELBY ARNOLD


William Masters and Virginia Johnson were at the cutting edge of scientific exploration in the mid1950s with the introduction of their study on the bodily responses to sexual stimulation both alone and with a partner. It was a study that revolutionized people’s understandings of the human body and sex. In an era where sex and radicalization were taboo, Masters and Johnson bucked the norms and proved to be forces to be reckoned with. Showtime’s “Masters of Sex” is the epitome of late night cable with sensuality, titillation and occasional gratuitous sex scenes, but the true strength of the show lies in the character study the audience is given. Michael Sheen excels as the buttoned-up Dr. Masters while Lizzy Caplan, best known for her comedic performances, gives a nuanced turn as Ms. Johnson, who is a woman ahead of her time in both gumption and sexual prowess. Put together, Sheen and Caplan sizzle with a chemistry that cannot be put into words. The audience needs to

see it to understand the sheer raw power behind it. However, it isn’t just Sheen and Caplan who carry the show. The series introduces a gamut of beautiful people from Libby Masters (Caitlin Fitzgerald), Bill’s beautiful wife who wants nothing more than to have a family but whom Bill can’t stand to touch, to Betty DiMello (Annaleigh Ashford) the lesbian prostitute who is Bill’s first test subject. There is also Monroe-esque Jane (Helene York), a secretary who participates in the study to have sex with playboy doctor Austin Langham (Teddy Sears). The incomparable Beau Bridges rounds out the cast as the provost of Washington University, Barton Scully, who is a closeted homosexual yet married to Margaret played heartbreakingly by Allison Janey. However, the true stars of the show are Fitzgerald and Caplan. The normal gender roles in television are thrown out the window in “Masters of Sex” as Libby and Virginia are best friends and they actually like each other despite both of them being tied to Bill so intricately. Not only that, Libby and Virginia are two sides of the same coin. Where Vir-

ginia is a no-nonsense career girl who sleeps with friends, Libby is the epitome of typical 1950s ideals but there is a change in their character dynamics as the first season progresses. Virginia becomes a bit more Libby and Libby becomes a bit more Virginia, but both do so to varying results. In the shadow of these interminable women is Sheen. There is a power and charm in Sheen, that makes Masters almost likeable despite the fact that he is a monster, and that is the reason “Masters of Sex” is so watchable. The sex scenes are clinical in nature and treated as such. They serve a purpose, but watching Sheen as Masters softens and comes to terms with his repression and his dislike of Libby and his admiration and, dare I say, love of Virginia is the bread and butter of the show. The fact that Sheen never won an award for his portrayal as Bill is a travesty. The sex scenes in “Masters of Sex” are what will pull some viewers in and that’s okay. This show is a guilty pleasure but, to be honest, there should be no guilt about it. What should keep viewers binging (if viewers can find it on streaming) is the beautiful character development and relationships these characters have with one another.

Do you ever read a book and it’s both similar and different to something you’ve read before? It reminds you of something and is also completely original? It’s totally weird, right? I felt that way towards the ‘Monsters of Verity’ duology. The duology is comprised of the first novel, “This Savage Song” and its sequel, “Our Dark Duet.” The series has all the makings of a good young adult fiction read. It follows 17-year-olds Kate Harker and August Flynn in their battle against monsters to take back their country-city, Verity. Kate is a total badass who can hold her own when it comes to kicking monster butt. Her and August cross ways when he is sent on a mission to spy on Kate. At first, there’s tons of angsty tension between them when Kate realizes August is a monster that has taken the form of an awkward teenager. Eventually, they team up to rescue Verity from the clutches of the worst monsters of them all. Let me start off by saying that Victoria Schwab’s

(BOOK REVIEW page 7)

From record store worker to producer


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With the final weeks of the semester coming upon the campus, this week’s artist is DJ Khaled. His presence is never hard to miss in any songs that he helps produce. His beginnings in music were already set because he was born in the most historically musical city of New Orleans, Louisiana. According to, Khaled used to work at record stores and helped artists before they made it big themselves, such as Lil Wayne and Birdman. He decided to move from record stores to his own radio show, going through many names before settling on “DJ.” His debut album, “Listennn… the Album” released in June 2006 made it big as it reached #12 on the Billboard 200 charts. The album has 12 songs and

features Pitbull, Fat Joe, John Legend and plenty of more artists. This album gave Khaled a great jumpstart as it put the attention on his next album “We the Best,” which enabled him to launch his own record label. His latest album “Grateful” (2017) is actually a tribute for his young son and shows his skills as an executive producer. He has also talked about an upcoming album for May 2019 called “Father of Asahd.” DJ Khaled also seems to be growing his presence in television and social media. Quite recently he hosted in the 2019 Kids’ Choice Award, a Nickelodeon award show that has been going on since 1988. He also been a guest star of many shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ridiculousness and The Talk, to name a few. He even got to play as himself in 2017’s movie “Pitch Perfect 3.” One of his greatest social media pres-


DJ Khaled at the 2016 American Music Awards. ences is Snapchat, which he blew up on in 2015 with his inspiration series of snaps called “Keys to Success.” I do enjoy what Khaled produces because he seems to help artists in almost any genre. He’s had work with rappers like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne along with pop singers like Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato.


I will say that his music career has definitely rose since his earlier music, especially with the birth of his son. DJ Khaled does have a warm, welcoming presence and isn’t afraid to show his confidence. I do look forward to the release of his new album in May and what he brings to other people who pursue music as their own career.

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Entranced by 'A Mother’s Reckoning'


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“As a mother, this was the most difficult prayer I had ever spoken in the silence of my thoughts, but in that instant, I knew the greatest mercy I could pray for was not my son’s safety, but for his death.” “A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Afterman of Tragedy” was one of the rare books that I’ve read that has changed my mind and opened my eyes to the most difficult tragedies in life. This autobiography was written by Sue Klebold. On April 20, 1999, her son Dylan and Eric Harris walked into Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado armed with four firearms, 99 explosives and four knives. In a span of an hour, they killed twelve students and one teacher and wounded 24 students, before they killed themselves. At that time, it was the deadliest school shooting in United States history. “A Mother’s Reckoning” was published in 2016, more than a decade after the massacre. For the past 17 years, Sue Klebold has lived with the heartache and shame of what occurred that day. In this haunting tale, Sue chronicles her journey as a mother trying to come to terms with what happened and losing her son while hoping to gain insight and understanding as well as helping families recognize when a child is in distress. I came across the Columbine High School massacre in January 2017. Before that day I hadn’t heard anything about it. I was a child when it happened. But when it came up in a class

discussion, it captured my attention in a way that a lot of heartbreaking tragedies seem to do. For the next few months, I spent a lot of my time researching what occurred on Tuesday, April 20. I’ve always been interested in finding out why people do what they do. I’m also the type of person that must know every detail; both good and bad. The Columbine massacre rocked my world more than anything ever has in my life. I read many books on this subject. I read autobiographies of the parents of victims telling their stories as well as friends of the shooters, but this book hit me differently. Klebold genuinely sounds like she wants answers and tries to make sense of why her son did what he did. Even though she knows she will never get those answers, I can hear her honest concern. She calls upon personal journals, videos and writings that her son left behind, and adds in countless interviews with mental health experts. It was interesting to learn about what happened from a parent’s perspective of one of the perpetrators. It’s a side of the story one doesn’t typically hear and is worth a read whether you are a parent or not. I can’t stress this enough: I highly recommend this book. Another great thing about this book, I should add, is when you buy a copy, whether it’s an audiobook, paperback, hardback or eBook, all proceeds go to suicide prevention charities. “The ultimate message of this book is terrifying: you may not know your own children, and, worse yet, your children may



Personal writing and interviews tell this mother's story. be unknowable to you. The stranger you fear may be your own son or daughter.”


Pitch It! Thursday: A ‘Secret’ affair

the story of Mary Lennox, a surly, sallow, pre-teen who loses her parents in a cholera epidemic. When she is recovered Co-Editor from the Lennox house in India, she is sent to live with her only living relative, an equally surly and distant Mr. ArPeople who know me should not be surprised when I chibald Craven who lives in Yorkshire at a great house called say that “The Secret Garden” is both my favorite mini-series Misselthwaite Manor. and my favorite book. While I’ve always had a soft spot for While at Misselthwaite, Mary meets Dickon Sowerby, his “Anne of Green Gables,” “The Secret Garden” consistently sister Martha, Collin Craven and Ben Weatherstaff who all remains my go-to piece of literature and entertainment that teach her how to be a child again and how to love again after I enjoy no matter what mood I’m in. However, the “Anne” being neglected by her parents. Of course, a “magical,” seseries is one that requires a certain mindset. cret garden also helps in her journey, hence the novel’s title. With that in mind, my next pitch is actually something It’s been 26 years since the last iteration of “The Secret I’m currently working on and have been working on in some Garden” has graced movie screens. The film was released in shape or form for the past few years. So, be a dear and don’t 1991 and starred the incomparable Maggie Smith as cantansteal it. I’ll be very unhappy if that happens. kerous head maid Mrs. Medlock. There have also been vari“The Secret Garden” is a classic children’s novel that tells ous mini-series created based on the novel as well as a YouTube series called “The Misselthwaite Archives.” “The Misselthwaite Archives” updates the novel and makes it a series of vlogs set in modern times. Co-Editors: GENERAL POLICY My pitch is similar in that it’s a). time for a new film News stories printed in The Arka Tech SHELBY ARNOLD based on the novel and b). must be accurate, fair and as unbiased it’s time to update it and HANNAH BUTLER as possible. Any mistakes in fact found make it modern. The BBC in an issue of The Arka Tech will be and CBS have had tremenOnline Editor: dous success with their upcorrected in the first possible issue. dated “Sherlock Holmes” Opinions expressed in The Arka BRUCE THOMAS adaptations, so who is to Tech are not necessarily the opinions say that “The Secret Garof Arkansas Tech University or its den” can’t capitalize on that Layout Editor: success? students. Individual copies of The There would be a few Arka Tech are free to members of the KIERRA HILDRETH changes from the novel to Tech community. Contact the adviser the book, namely relationfor pricing of multiple copies. Cartoonist: SHELBY ARNOLD

The Arka Tech

CONTACT US Office: Energy Center 138 General email: Ads email:



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ships and the color of the characters. “The Secret Garden” is historically whitewashed, mostly because the novel was published in 1911. So, I would love to see a multi-racial cast. I think it would add depth to relationships within the story. I’m on a bit of a Michael Sheen kick, so he is my pick for Archibald Craven in the updated version of the novel. I also like the idea of Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Martha Sowerby, but maybe Dickon could be another race and adopted? Again, it could be an interesting change to reflect societal relationships and familial relationships in the modern era. It’s a rough draft that I’ve written too many times, but this pitch is dear to my heart and one day, it’ll get made. Until then, I can only dream.


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version of fantasy is unlike anything I’ve ever read. She made fantasy urban. The setting is urban; there are cars, high-rise buildings, subways and modern plumbing. Any other fantasy novel I’ve read (excluding supernatural or paranormal) is set in a fictional country that has yet to have an industrial revolution. The character development is phenomenal. I got to see Kate and August go through highs and lows. They started off as completely different people than who they ended up being in the end. It wasn’t just thrown in there, either. Each little crest in the plotline changed a part of them, and even better, it made sense. It’s absolutely brilliant how Schwab created the monsters. There’s the Corsai, the Malchai and the Sunai. All the monsters spawn from an act of violence committed by people against other people. The people who create monsters

have souls permanently marked red. It just really makes you think about every person the novels mention. Have they created a monster? I hate to ruin all this series had to offer, but the whole time I was reading it, I had to ask myself, “is this derived from ‘Twilight?’” The connections are uncanny. August is a good monster. Edward is a good vampire. August and Kate meet at school. Bella and Edward meet at school. August and Kate can’t be intimate because August might kill her. Literally, this is“Breaking Dawn: Part One.” Besides “Twilight” ruining it for me, the “Monsters of Verity” duology is something I didn’t think I needed. The average YA fantasy novel will always hold a place in my heart, but once in a while, I could use a little originality.


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Golden Suns crush Rangers


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The Golden Suns went on the road to face the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Rangers in a four game series this past weekend. The Golden Suns started the series off quickly at the plate in game one. They got an RBI single by Sydnie Henson, from Greenwood, to take the early lead. Henson scored later in the inning to give the Golden Suns a two run lead after the first inning. The Rangers cut the lead to one in the bottom of the inning with an RBI single by Morgan Neve, from Henderson, Nevada. Sarah Coronado, from Frisco, Texas, put the Golden Suns back up by two runs with a solo home run to start the second inning. The Rangers got two runs in the bottom of the second inning to tie the game at three. Kalie Johnson, from Tecumseh, Oklahoma, reached on a fielder’s choice which drove in a run and another runner scored on a throwing error on the play. The Golden Suns took a 4-3 lead into the fifth inning when they pulled away with a big six run inning. The big inning was led by Coronado’s second home run and this time it was a grand slam. The Golden Suns used the inning to win game one with a final score of 14-3. The Rangers got game two started in a strong way with back-to-back home runs in the bottom of the first inning from Johnson and Alexus Bailey, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Rangers held a 2-1 lead until the third inning when the

Sarah Coronado throws a pitch in a game last weekend Golden Suns got a four run inning led by a three run home run by Ashton Sangster, from Van Buren. This gave the Golden Suns the lead for good in game two as they won 13-4. Game three was all Golden Suns. Tymber Riley, from Bentonville, got the scoring started with a two run home run in the third inning. Paty Loredo, from Fort Worth, Texas, added another run with an RBI single to give the Golden Suns a 3-0 lead after the third inning. Megan Goodnight, from Cabot, hit

Wonder Boys sweep Rangers ALLEN LEONARD

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The Wonder Boys were at home this past weekend for a three game series against the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Rangers. The Rangers got the scoring started in game one. Carlos Andujar, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, brought the first run in with an RBI single. This was followed with back-to-back RBI doubles by Johnnuelle Ponce, from Vieques, Puerto Rico and Justin Bundy, from Edgewood, Texas. The Rangers had a 4-0 lead after the first inning. The score stayed the same until the fourth inning when the Wonder Boys started scoring. Justin Hastings, from Bryant, hit a two run single to cut the Rangers lead to two. The Wonder Boys took the lead in the fifth inning with three runs led by an RBI single from Tristan Thomas, from Glendale, Arizona. Zack Kesterson, from New Hartford, New York, added to the lead for the Wonder Boys with a two run double in the sixth inning. The Wonder Boys pulled away from the Rangers for good in the eighth inning with a five run inning. The scoring was led by an RBI double by Patrick Miner, from Tyler, Texas. The Wonder Boys won game one with a final score of 12-7. The Wonder Boys started game two

with a big four run first inning. Britt Stroth, from Conway, and Kesterson started the inning with back-to-back

back in the bottom of the first inning with back-to-back RBI singles by Thompson and Hastings to tie the


a two run single in the fourth inning to make it 5-0. Makenzie Addis, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, put the exclamation point on the blowout win with a two run home run in the fifth inning. The Golden Suns took the third game of the series with a final score of 10-0. Game four was more of the same as the Golden Suns exARKANSASTECHSPORTS.COM ploded on offense. They got three runs in the first inning lead by RBI singles from Sangster and Coronado. Loredo helped tack on to the lead with a two run double in the second inning as the Golden Suns scored six runs in the inning. This was all the scoring that was needed as the Golden Suns completed the sweep with a final score in game four of 17-1. The Golden Suns will look to keep their 14 game winning streak going this weekend when they face the Southern Arkansas Muleriders on the road for a four game series.

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Tristan Thomas throws out a base runner in a win last weekend singles. Stroth scored the first run of the game on a sacrifice fly out by Thomas. Miner and Korey Thompson, from Bryant followed with back-to-back RBI doubles. The inning was capped off with an RBI single by Hastings. The Wonder Boys put the game away in the fourth inning. They put five runs on the board in the inning led by the second home run in the game by Miner which brought in three runs. The Wonder Boys took game two with a score of 10-3. The Rangers scored first in game three with a two run home run by Ponce. The Wonder Boys came right

game. The Rangers took a 7-3 lead with help from a second home run by Ponce in the fifth inning. The Rangers held the lead until the seventh inning when the Wonder Boys exploded with nine runs in the inning. The scoring was led by a two run single by Thomas, who went 4-5 at the plate in the game. The Rangers tried to rally for a tie in the ninth inning but the Wonder Boys held on for the sweep with a final of 12-11. The Wonder Boys will be hosting the Southern Arkansas Muleriders this weekend for a three game series.

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14-14 14-16

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Goldens Suns can’t overcome Muleriders 2018-2019 GAC Men's Baseball Standings


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The Goldens Suns went to Magnolia, Arkansas to attempt to take on the dominating Southern Arkansas Muleriders but couldn’t overcome the task. They fell 4-1 last weekend. The Golden Suns will return home to host Southeastern Oklahoma tomorrow. The match starts at 1 p.m. Megan Bell, from La Paz, Mexico, and Katharina Drebka, from Stuttgart, Germany, won in their doubles match but this win was not enough to earn the doubles point for the Golden Suns. Teresa Sanchez, from, Tomball, Texas, and Daniela Baez, from La Orotava, Spain, both went unfinished after two rounds in their singles matches. Drebka was the only Golden Sun to win in their singles match of the day finishing 6-1 and 6-3 in the No. 1 singles spot.



Southern Arkansas


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Katharina Drebka returns a serve in Golden Suns only singles win last weekend.

THIS WEEK IN SPORTS April 12, 2019 Women’s Tennis vs Southeastern Oklahoma - 1 p.m. Softball @ Southern Arkansas - 2 p.m. Softball @ Southern Arkansas - 4 p.m. Baseball vs Southern Arkansas - 6 p.m. April 13, 2019 Softball @ Southern Arkansas - noon Baseball vs Southern Arkansas - 1 p.m. Women’s Tennis vs Oklahoma Baptist - 1 p.m. Softball @ Southern Arkansas - 2 p.m. Baseball vs Southern Arkansas - 4 p.m. April 14, 2019 Women’s Golf @ Great American Conference Cham-

pionships Men’s Golf @ Great American Conference Championships April 15, 2019 Women’s Golf @ Great American Conference Championships Men’s Golf @ Great American Conference Championships April 16, 2019 Women’s Golf @ Great American Conference Championships Men’s Golf @ Great American Conference Championships Baseball vs Pittsburg State - 6 p.m.


17-7 14-10 13-10

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