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The Heart of a Grand:

International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright is quickly becoming known as one of our country’s strongest advocates for the elderly. Using her experience as the example, Grand Basileus Wright is changing how our communities view the care of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens.

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Thunders Back!

An interview with the International President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.


2020 Vision

Road to Centennial

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated is gearing up to commemorate its milestone of 100 years of service.




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Sorors Exhibit Excellence in Culture


Undergraduates on the Yard


Undergraduate Transitioning


National Elder Care Initiative


Membership Snapshot

RECAP: Phi Beta Sigma Centennial Gala

How to successfully transfer to a graduate chapter

A look inside the Grand Basileus’ signature program ZETACARES™

National First Anti-Basileus Scarlet H. Black gives membership statistics and European expansion report


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Life Members


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Sorority Recap: March on Washington


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A listing of Zeta’s newest Life Members and Diamond Life Contributors

Zetas commemorate the 50th anniversary


Sorority Recap: Zeta Day on the Hill


Sorority Recap: ZOL




Undergraduate spotlight and National Third Anti-Basileus Anjylla Y. Foster

Zeta takes over Capitol Hill

ZOL heats up Indianapolis with record attendance

On The Front Lines

Chapters who make a difference with programming excellence in their cities


On The Front Lines: International


Auxiliary Spotlight: Amicae


Auxiliary Spotlight: Youth


Triumphant Sorors


Military Appreciation

International chapter spotlight and acknowledgements

Zeta’s adult auxiliary is on the move National youth team shares exciting updates from our youth groups In Memoriam: A tribute to sorors who have transitioned Service to our sorority and country - A look at the work of the Military Advisory Board



Highlights from Regional Director Janet Y. Bivins, Esq. Highlights from Regional Director T. Diane Surgeon, Esq. Highlights from Regional Director Michelle Porter Norman Highlights from Regional Director Samantha Hughes Highlights from Regional Director Nui Brown Highlights from Regional Director Dr. Constance Hendricks Highlights from Regional Director Dr. Felicia Scott-Strickland Highlights from Regional Director Kay Jones Rosebure

Sorors OnThe Move!



Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated FOUNDERS

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Stephanie L. Arnold

ARCHON EDITORIAL COMMITTEE MANAGING EDITOR Monica N. Britton, Atlantic Region ART DIRECTOR/DESIGN Tonicia L. Kelly, Southeastern Region ASSOCIATE EDITOR Amber Pratcher, Great Lakes Region ASSOCIATE EDITOR Nina R. Bailey, Pacific Region ASSOCIATE EDITOR Vicki Pearson, Southeastern Region STAFF WRITER Denise Snow, Atlantic Region COPY EDITOR Sheryl A. Collins, Southern Region







Dr. Constance Hendricks SOUTHEASTERN REGIONAL DIRECTOR Dr. Felicia Scott-Strickland SOUTHERN REGIONAL DIRECTOR Kay Jones Rosebure




Archon to the

Greetings sorors,

I am honored to greet you as the International Grand Basileus of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. During the past two years, we have introduced new methods of communication and increased our use of technology to ensure that everyone is informed. Quarterly Tele-Town Halls were held and could be accessed via audio and the Web to update the sisterhood on the state of the Sorority. It is my intent to use this as a forum to promote our existing programs and present new programs and initiatives. Our ZOL webinars have benefited many of our sorors by reinforcing their existing leadership skills for the betterment of Zeta and our communities that we serve. As you peruse this publication, remember that YOU made it possible. I want to thank every soror and auxiliary member for being serviceoriented and keeping Zeta at the forefront. Congratulations to Soror Stephanie Arnold and the Archon team for producing a magazine that highlights our work in various communities throughout the country and around the world. It is rewarding to know that Zeta is making a difference in the lives of thousands of people. We will continue moving forward and Building on the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths. Serving for the Love of Zeta,

Mary Breaux Wright International Grand Basileus Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. International President Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. 6



Archon The Archon magazine is the official publication of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. First published in 1929, the Archon is one of the oldest, continuously published African-American magazines still in circulation today. The Archon is published periodically and communicates to its readers the programmatic thrust of the sorority, articulates partnerships, outlines Zeta’s position on public policies and social issues, features individual members and publishes stories of interest to women. The Archon is a long-standing source of pride for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and its members. It is preserved in libraries and archives around the world as an historical record of occurrences in the African Diaspora. PUBLISHER Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated International Headquarters 1734 New Hampshire Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20009 Phone: 202.387.3103 WEBSITE www.zphib1920.org Submissions Members, chapters, states, regions and auxiliaries of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated may submit articles for consideration for inclusion in the Archon to the Archon staff at thearchonmag@ gmail.com. Political and campaign ads or articles are not accepted for publication. EDITORIAL DISCLAIMER The Archon reserves the right to edit submitted articles or ads to ensure they adhere to the publications design and editorial standards and requirements of the publication. Articles submitted for inclusion may appear in any issue of the Archon as deemed appropriate by the Editor in Chief. Every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the submitted content. Inaccuracies or corrections should be submitted in writing. ABOUT ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY, INCORPORATED

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated is an international women’s organization that has established itself as the foremost network of socially and politically conscious activists working to empower disenfranchised communities. Founded on Jan. 16, 1920, Zeta has been and continues to be the “Sorority of Firsts” creating best-in-class educational programming models like Stork’s Nest and Z-HOPE and a family of youth and adult auxiliary groups to advance our local communities. With more than 120,000 members inducted, Zeta has become one of the world’s foremost movements for social justice and civic change. Members of Zeta are called to a higher purpose of Finer Womanhood. Zeta women are achievers and leaders in every field in more than 800 communities across the United States, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe.

From the Office of the




iner women are definitely blazing new paths as evident in this edition of the Archon. Each page will reveal the phenomenal path our sorors travel in their communities to advance the power of Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood. Zeta has carved paths in the countries of England, Belgium and Abu Dhabi to be first again in establishing a Black Greek letter organization in the United Arab Emirates. Closer to home, headquarters staff is busy with processing the chartering for four letter graduate chapters, shipping materials to our new members, archiving files, preparing for the upcoming fiscal year, planning Boule’ 2014 and assisting our brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. with their thunderous journey to their centennial jubilee celebration. As we continue on the sojourn to our own centennial in six years, I leave a few inspiring words familiar to many of us penned by poet Sam Walter Foss: “I see from my house by the side of the road. By the side of the highway of life, The men who press with the ardor of hope, The men who are faint with the strife, But I turn not away from their smiles and tears, Both parts of an infinite plan Let me live in a house by the side of the road, And be a friend to man.” Zetas, friends and youth, always remember the importance of being a friend to man while blazing your life’s path. Sincerely,

Stacye Montez Executive Director THE ARCHON MAGAZINE | SPRING 2014


Letter From the


It gives me great pleasure to extend greetings on behalf of the National Executive Board of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated to the Zeta sisterhood. I am extremely excited about this publication of the Archon, the official organ of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. For more than 84 years, the Archon has provided valuable information about the accomplishments and work of our beloved sorority. Zetas are phenomenal women who continue to make phenomenal accomplishments, and who are committed to our founding principles of Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood. As you thumb through the following pages and read the articles, you will gain an appreciation for the work that is happening in our local chapters, states and regions. This work is a shining example of the founding principles of Zeta. If by chance you have not done all that you could do to let your Zeta light shine, I implore you to do a little more. Go that extra mile and let your Zeta light be a shining beacon representing our founding principles. Enjoy the Archon.

Katy Smith Campbell Katy Smith Campbell Chair, National Executive Board




Letter From the


Greetings, sorors and supporters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated,

It is indeed a pleasure to greet you on behalf of the Archon editorial staff and welcome you to the first issue of Zeta’s official organ under the leadership of International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright. When Grand Basileus Wright appointed me, she made it clear that she wanted a magazine that reflected the essence of our programming, the spark of our leadership, and the spirit of Zeta’s most valuable resource – you. Because of Grand Basileus Wright’s vision, what you see before you is the culmination of the work of not only the Archon staff, but your work. Many of the articles you’ll see on these pages were contributed by our local chapters and individual sorors. When we sent out our call to submissions, we anticipated a few dozen chapter would submit. We were wrong. We received hundreds of submissions from across the country highlighting your commitment and dedication to making our communities better through your involvement in Zeta Phi Beta. We are so proud of you. We couldn’t spotlight everyone. If you don’t see your chapter or article in this edition, please know that it is not a reflection on you or the work of your chapter. Zetas worldwide contribute countless hours of community service, demonstrate advanced leadership skills and continue to provide best-inclass programming. So much so that we simply couldn’t fit everything in one edition. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t honor and thank the six amazing sorors who performed their jobs beautifully and made my job so much easier: Sorors Monica Britton, Vicki Pearson, Amber Pratcher, Nina Bailey, and Denise Snow are absolutely amazing sorors. I simply could not have done this without them. A very special note of gratitude to the Art Director, Soror Tonicia Kelly, who is responsible for the look and feel of the magazine. I truly hope you enjoy this edition of The Archon. It has been our pleasure serving you. In Service,

Stephanie L. Arnold Editor In Chief THE ARCHON MAGAZINE | SPRING 2014





When Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright’s life changed, so did her mission. Now she is on the path to help others caring for the elderly not repeat her mistakes. By Soror Stephanie L. Arnold Editor In Chief

International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright’s reputation for being an enthusiastic leader in Zeta – a crowd-moving orator who never allowed titles to impede her willingness to work on the front lines of the sorority – has been supplanted by another: Primary caregiver.


For the last eight years, she and her brother have taken care of her mother Margaret Arceneaux Breaux, who lives in an assisted living facility in Texas. For the last 22 months of Grand Basileus Wright’s administration, she has spoken candidly and frequently about the physical and emotional toll of such a commitment. Her plight is far from an anomaly. Aging baby boomers, living long past this country’s base retirement age of 65, are making caregiving a more common experience. According to a report in Psychology Today online, AARP found that 44.4 million Americans are providing unpaid care to an adult, and the estimated annual value is $257 billion. “While it’s a beautiful act of love and devotion”, the report said, it can also be a devastating drain on the provider’s physical and psychological resources. Why would someone with this kind of responsibility, volunteer to be International Grand Basileus?


The answer is simple, according to Atlantic Regional Director and Personnel Committee Chair Janet Y. Bivins, Esq.: “Compassion.” Grand Basileus Wright was elected to Zeta’s highest office on July 9, 2012, during the International Grand Boulé in Chicago, Ill. Grand Basileus Wright, or “The Grand” as Zetas typically refer to the soror who holds the office, manages more than 100 national appointees and committees, in addition to the staff in Washington, D.C., at International Headquarters. Additionally, she is responsible for maintaining the relationships with nearly two dozen community and corporate partners. She’s required to travel to regional and national meetings within the sorority and make appearances to represent the organization at other national partner conferences and events. The role of International Grand Basileus is a volunteer, unpaid position. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE | SPRING 2014


If you happen to speak with Grand Basileus Wright on the phone throughout the day, there’s a good chance she is with her mother at the assisted living facility. When she’s not traveling for Zeta, she’s there supervising the aides assigned to her mother’s care. There, in the room with her elderly mother, she approves contracts, holds conference calls with executive leadership, and manages projects among dozens of appointees simultaneously.

- Authorized a total audit of repairs for International Headquarters - Established new partnerships - Updated the National Protocol Manual and established the sorority’s new Visual Identity Guidelines

Soror Surgeon understood her challenges. She said the Grand Basileus Wright was thrust into the caregiving role and did not understand how difficult it would be for her and her brother to navigate a system that is not user-friendly.

It’s an ironic juxtaposition. Ironic, but relevant. “The fact that she sacrifices the time spent in the duties she takes very seriously as a daughter, and the sacrifices that she makes as Grand to ensure that we’re all educated in order to be able to avoid some of the hurdles that she has had to face in dealing with her own family, is why she wanted to do this,” Bivins said. “Compassion is all it really can be.” Grand Basileus Wright’s life as she knows it was the impetus for her decision to launch the national program Elder Care, a comprehensive initiative that focuses on elder abuse awareness, financial peace, supporting the caregiver and volunteering at senior care facilities strives to provide education and awareness about preparing for your senior years. Each of Zeta Phi Beta’s more than 800 chapters globally are responsible for implementing this initiative into local programming. In addition to launching the national Elder Care program, she has established many firsts and commissioned numerous initiatives including: - Appointed the first National Membership Intake Selection Process Review/Revision Committee to revise the sorority’s intake procedures first established in 1990 - Commissioned the first National History Committee to develop an accurate account of the sorority’s history - Increased the rigor and re-established the Zeta Organizational Leadership certification program for present and future leaders - Instituted national retreats and training for undergraduates, youth and Amicae - Established an electronic method of payment for the sorority’s invoices - Conducted quarterly Town Hall Meetings

Grand Basileus Wright launched the initiative during the Eastern Regional Conference in Virginia Beach in 2013 and appointed the Eastern Regional Director, T. Diane Surgeon, Esq., an elder law attorney, to lead the initiative and its rollout.

“I can’t think of anything more important than helping people prepare themselves for the future. We plan for college. We plan to get married. We plan for anything we think is important in our lives, but we don’t prepare for long term care once we retire,” Surgeon said. “There’s just nothing more important than that. I commend the Grand. I think what she’s doing is bold, empowering and courageous.”

International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright featured along with 33rd International President of Phi Beta Sigma, Brother Jimmy Hammock, on the cover of the Fall 2012 edition of Phi Beta Sigma’s official publication, the Crescent Magazine. She is the first Grand Basileus to be featured on the cover. For the first time in known history, the serving International Presidents of Zeta and Sigma have Zeta and Sigma spouses.

With all of her accomplishments in just under two years as Grand Basileus, Elder Care is clearly her brainchild. She is quickly becoming a national voice and one of our country’s strongest advocates for this vulnerable segment of the population.

Through this experience, Soror Surgeon said, Grand Basileus Wright recognized the magnitude of the phenomenon of Long-Term Advanced Care Planning. With its hundreds of chapters and more than 120,000 members, she recognized that Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated could be the consummate leader of this incredible, life-changing movement and can help change the face of aging, starting with her own membership. ___ For more about Zeta’s Elder Care initiative, please visit www.zphib1920.org.

Grand Basileus Wright said the African American community is least prepared when it comes to retirement, estate planning and understanding the legal and financial needs to care for parents, grandparents and ultimately, for our own longterm care. “It is not easy. I wanted Zeta and the communities we serve to learn more about all aspects of being a caregiver and preparing for our golden years, she said. “It’s a complex issue that we don’t think about until we’re faced with the circumstance.”


with providing service on the campus and in the community. WHO WAS GRAND BASILEUS WHEN YOU BECAME A MEMBER? WHERE WERE YOU BORN AND RAISED? DID YOU ALWAYS WANT TO BE GRAND Mildred C. Bradham Opelousas, Louisiana BASILEUS? No, I did not. I always wanted to serve as WHEN DID YOU MEET YOUR HUSBAND? WHERE DO YOU CURRENTLY RESIDE? Historian and I so wanted to establish and In 1968 at Grambling State University Houston, Texas maintain a museum at our Headquarters. But God opened another door. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN MARRIED? WHAT’S THE BEST PART ABOUT BEING 43 very happy and blessed years and God GRAND BASILEUS? WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES OF blessed us with one precious son, Randall J. Visiting and meeting with sorors, Amicae and BEING GRAND BASILEUS? Wright, M.D. Youth around the world. Being away from family and friends is very hard and challenging. WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE TO SOMEONE WHO WHAT WAS IT ABOUT ZETA THAT MADE YOU ASPIRES TO BE GRAND BASILEUS? DECIDE TO BECOME A MEMBER? The unity that I saw within the chapter at Grambling State WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST LEADERSHIP ROLE IN Learn ALL you can about Zeta, take leadership ZETA? positions, be of service to others, get all the University and their bond with Phi Beta Sigma Secretary of Psi Beta Chapter at Grambling training you can, always have a positive attitude Fraternity, Inc. They were also very involved State University and remember it is all about Zeta!!! 12



©2013 ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


Angiel’s got stuff to do.

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St. Jude patient Angiel: Big Dreamer

TRANSFORMING THE BOND OF SIGMA By Soror Denise Marie Snow Archon Staff Writer

An interview with the International President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.


ince becoming the 34th International President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Jonathan A. Mason, Sr. has wasted no time working to “transform” the brotherhood. His progressive agenda serves as an example of why Greek Letter Organizations remain relevant in the community today. Only one month following his election on July 12, 2013, President Mason joined prominent Sigma leaders, including the Hon. Congressman John Lewis and the Rev. Al Sharpton, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. He attended a reception at the White House hosted by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority’s International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright. He also served as a panelist for the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. Council of Presidents Forum on Civil Rights during Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) week in September 2013.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. International President Jonathan A. Mason, Sr. in the lobby of Phi Beta Sigma International Headquarters in Washington, D.C.




EXCLUSIVE | PHI BETA SIGMA Widely loved and respected for his servant leadership, business savvy, and ability to motivate, President Mason is aptly leading the fraternity to its landmark 100-year celebration in July 2014. The seeds of transformational leadership planted by the Honorable Founders A. Langston Taylor, Leonard F. Morse, and Charles I. Brown, continue to bear fruit. President Mason explains, “They founded an organization committed to service, committed to humanity, and seeing society [become] a better place because of their impact.” The historical significance of honoring this milestone century of service for the fraternity is underscored by the sheer excitement of the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma and sisters of Zeta Phi Beta. “Being able to be alive, active, and a participant during this 100 year birthday is a privilege. It is an honor for me as president to have the responsibility to execute a Centennial celebration that our Founders and brothers can be proud of.” Phi Beta Sigma’s “Century of Service” commemoration is a multifaceted celebration that rolled out in regal fashion from January 9-11, 2014, in Washington, D.C. The Founders’ Day weekend included community service projects; a visit to Founder A. Langston Taylor’s gravesite; a step show, and a Founders’ Ball where legendary singer, songwriter, actor and social activist Harry Belafonte served as keynote speaker. The event recognized the Sigma Founders and heroes of the Civil Rights Movement, such as Hank Thomas, Hosea Williams’ Feed the Hungry, and the A. Philip Randolph Institute. The affair also featured an appearance by honorary member and former U.S. President Bill Clinton via live video stream, and the Centennial charge given by International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright. “We did not get to 100 years easily. There were hills and mountains we had to climb on this journey,” President Mason said. “It is because of their sacrifices that we can celebrate.” Seven galas from regions around the country were simulcast to showcase the elegance of each commemorative celebration. President Mason has invited members of the fraternity’s sister sorority, Zeta Phi Beta, to participate in the upcoming Centennial festivities. Another hallmark of the Sigma Centennial commemoration is a seven-month march,

International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright (center) and Phi Beta Sigma International President Jonathan A. Mason, Sr. (2nd from right) with several members of the Council of Presidents during their 2013 annual meeting.

to raise $1 million to be donated to the A. Philip Randolph Institute, National Action Network, and Howard University. President Mason is determined to achieve this objective as he emphasizes “Culture for Service, Service for Humanity” in his administration.

and sister bond is stronger than it’s ever been. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority has the right president at the right time. [International Grand Basileus] Wright is dynamic, enthusiastic, and embodies everything that a Zeta represents. I am proud to call her my sister and excited to work with her.”

“I told the Sigma brothers when I became president that celebrating is one thing, but service is legacy. Our goal is to present checks to these organizations at the march and we cannot come up short. We invite everyone to join us and make this a reality,” President Mason said.

Beyond the exhilarating events of centennial, President Mason wants to ensure that Sigma is on the front line of change and activism in local communities.

In July 2014, the Centennial experience will open with a gospel concert featuring the iconic Pastor Shirley Caesar and Dr. Bobby Jones. The soul band Maze featuring Frankie Beverly will also rock the house as a part of a soulful line up of artistic talent joining the celebration. Zeta Soror Syleena Johnson is headlining a Day Party, and a hip-hop concert featuring Wale will immediately follow the Centennial step show. President Mason said he is ecstatic to work side by side with Grand Basileus Wright and the sisters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority as the fraternity unveils its Centennial plans. He affirms a heartfelt desire to uphold the constitutional bond of Sigma and Zeta as envisioned by the founders of each organization. The sorority will host its international convention in Washington, D.C. to coincide with the fraternity’s historic celebration. Joint activities will unite brothers and sisters in memorable experiences until July 2014. “This brother

“There is no excuse for one black child to receive a subpar education. There is no excuse for one of our future leaders to end up in jail because they don’t have a mentor to help guide and direct them. There’s no excuse for us to stand idly by and watch the violence that is permeating our communities,” he said. The leadership challenge is not only for the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma, but for all of the “Divine Nine” fraternal organizations. President Mason is motivated as a change agent to achieve his vision for the fraternity. He says, “As you work to shift paradigms accept the fact that the going will get rough, but perseverance and faith conquers all. We’ll thunder back along the line, our cause speeds on its way.”

March on brothers!



Soror Anjylla Y. Foster National Third Anti-Basileus


Undergraduates on the MOVE!

he most stressful, yet memorable task serving as National Third Anti-Basileus, was planning and executing our beloved organization’s inaugural National Undergraduate Retreat. I did my best to provide undergraduate sorors with the opportunity to have an affordable and worthwhile experience. Many of the sorors thought that we would ease in to the work, but we did not have a moment to waste. We learned about each other, we helped each other, and we built friendships with one another. There were 95 undergraduates registered. Those in attendance gained valuable knowledge about our history, our ideal image, our new Membership Intake Process, how to manage our chapters, and how to be better sorors. I could not have asked for a better group of young women to work for. They were attentive, fun, and worked hard until the last minute. At the conclusion of the retreat, sorors were asked to present innovative and creative solutions or idea opportunities for Zeta. After witnessing their work, I have no doubt that Zeta has knowledgeable, energetic, responsible, well-trained, and talented young leaders ready to serve when Zeta calls. I look forward to assisting our next Third Anti-Basileus with her Undergraduate Retreat. I could go on and on, but it was truly one of those moments you had to witness for yourself. I hope more sorors will be encouraged to attend the National Undergraduate Retreat in the future. Thank you to all sorors who attended. It has been an honor to serve you.




Nikita Jones, Omega Tau Chapter University of Alabama Huntsville

I learned that the undergraduates are the future, and it is up to us to stand and take our place in this organization. We must lead our future sisters by example, showing them the Light of Zeta by forming better relationships with our graduate chapter members through conflict management and transferring immediately into a graduate chapter.

Brianna Lundy, Basileus - Lambda Rho Chapter Wright State University

I really enjoyed my experience at my first national undergraduate retreat. There were many things about it that were very thought provoking, entertaining, and informative. My favorite part of the retreat was the ”Phireside Chat” with the International Grand Basileus. Not only did she refresh my zeal for Zeta through her obvious passion for the sorority, but I felt like an important and valued member by having direct access to the International President.

T’Keyah Gray, Basileus - Zeta Alpha Chapter North Carolina A&T State University

My first undergraduate retreat was absolutely amazing. I had a great time. I am so excited and I learned so much over the two very long days. Meeting the International Grand Basileus and getting to sit and listen to her speak is something that I could not imagine. I have so much to take back to my chapter and share. I am overwhelmed, but I take on the challenge with a huge grin. My torch is brighter now than before.




Sigma Alpha Social Action

As the presidential elections grew closer, Sigma Alpha Chapter at Kent State Universit y wanted to do their part to support of voter registration. With the help of Phi Beta Sigma Brother Chris Sierra, Sigma Alpha sorors provided voter registration forms at every information table and event they held during the fall semester. Sorors also updated their voter registration information to ensure they were able to vote in the elections as well. On Sept. 26, 2012, U.S. President Barack Obama, visited Kent State University’s campus for a FORWARD event. He spoke to a crowd of thousands in Kent’s Memorial Athletic and Convocation Center. Several Sigma Alpha sorors had the opportunity to volunteer. Soror Brittany Battle registered students to vote and Soror Alexis Pastor served on the press team. Soror Nichele Scott had the honor of singing the National Anthem at the event.

1. Pi Eta Chapter - Florida Atlantic Univ. 2. Eta Rho Chapter - Clarion Univ. of Pennsylvania 3. Omega Gamma Chapter - Prairie View A &M 4. Sigma Epsilon Chapter - Univ. of Central Florida 5. Kappa Gamma Chapter - Fisk Univ. 6. Gamma Delta Chapter - Univ. of Michigan 7. Kappa Nu Chapter - Univ. of Washington 8. Omicron Theta Chapter - Univ. of Texas at Austin 9. Mu Epsilon Chapter - Univ. of Florida 10. Nu Sigma Chapter - Northwestern Univ. 11. Phi Epsilon Chapter - University of Houston 12. Alpha Chapter - Howard Univ. 13. Gamma Gamma Chapter - N.C. Central Univ. 14. Gamma Alpha Chapter - Florida A & M Univ. Source: Sorority/chapter Facebook pages




Here are five reasons, why joining a graduate chapter is imperative for you as a recent graduate:


You can continue your growth and service to the organization you pledged to uphold for life. This is key because so many people don’t understand what it means to be in something for life - to love and cherish the bonds created with like-minded women.


Soror Tonya Goodwill graduated in 2012 with a B.A. in accounting from the University of Houston

You will always have family wherever you go. This is not to say you will be without the same family if you do not join a graduate chapter, but once you move to a new city, you have an entire group of women who assemble on a regular basis and can help you get acclimated to your new surroundings.



Too Much


When Joining a Grad Chapter is

I graduated from college two years ago, and recently joined a graduate chapter. It is a privilege to continue to grow in the sorority even after graduating from college, but for a while, I didn’t know why I should. Granted, some PanHellenic sororities do not have the honor of joining graduate chapters. Even though they are sisters for “life,” many are not given the opportunity to continue to grow with their organization. We, on the other hand, spend every day of our lives connected to Zeta through graduate chapters. Though special, it is the most difficult part of being a Zeta.

By Soror Jazmine Blake Beta Nu Zeta Chapter

Joining was the easy part, it is the staying in that’s hard. Why is this? Well, after graduation, real life sets in. You may have had a job before, but you also had a refund check at the beginning of the semester. Now, your only income is once or twice a month in much smaller increments. You have student loans and other bills you may not have had before. As you struggle to find a job in your field and pay your bills, you have to also pay dues and work with women in your graduate chapter old enough to be your mother and grandmother.

Why bother? Easy.

IT IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY. There are going to be plenty of times where you long for the comfort of your chapter’s signature programs, and the strolls you spent all night making. You will miss walking campus, people you know, and the semblance of Greek unity that may have been on your campus. You might not think so, but you will even miss the long meetings you had to sit through. However,




You will pay less in dues (most of the time). If you join fresh out of college, there often is a lower fee. I know money is a touchy topic, but it is really nice to not come out of pocket to pay the full graduate member fee, especially when conferences roll around. You will always have someone looking out for you. It is easy to be surrounded by ladies on campus with you who are focused on planning Z-HOPE programs, an occasional step show, and going to class. What is challenging is to adjust to new settings on your own, even if it is in a city you’re familiar with. Luckily, you do have those sorors who are like mothers and grandmothers. They will help take care of you. They even help you find white in the off season.


You are forever a Zeta. When we take the oath we vow to love Zeta for life. In undergrad, we spend so much effort going to programs and letting our interest be known, we have to do that as a graduate as well. We have to show up and show out for Zeta even if we move back in with our parents, relocate to a new city, or just work some job until we use that degree we keep paying Sallie Mae for. Either way, we can only fully support Zeta from within Zeta.

there is nothing like learning the ways of Zeta from someone who has been in it longer than you have been alive. Or saving up to become a Life Member or even being celebrated for 10 or 20 or 50 years of service not only by those close to you, but by your state and regional directors as well. You should join a graduate chapter once you graduate. We are the minority and by staying active and financial, we continue to let our Zeta light shine for all the world to see.




ur population is aging.

More women are at work. Baby boomers are working past retirement, while others are re-entering the workforce in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. Even adults with disabilities are seeking ways to enhance their personal and financial independence. Medical advances, better health habits and behaviors are extending our lives. Hospital stays are shorter. Families are smaller, and our society is more mobile. The need: Fewer family members are home to help needy relatives who want to remain at home and in the community. The problem: There is little to no advanced planning as to how this can be accomplished. The need: A long-term health

care system that provides a wide spectrum of care settings, multiple agencies and providers within our health care spectrum that do not collaborate or coordinate services for seniors or disabled adults, rendering the system of long-term support and services fragmented, duplicative and complex. The problem: The elderly, disabled adults and their families need urgent assistance. For 94 years, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated has responded to the urgent, incredible unmet needs of the communities it serves, nationally and internationally. Zeta has always been at the forefront to serve others by raising awareness and financial support for many causes, including homelessness, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and by partnering with many agencies

and entities that provide education and assistance like the March of Dimes and the American Heart Association. With the emergence of the new phenomenon of “Caring and Preparing for Aging,� and having been thrust into the role of caregiving without prior warning, preparation, knowledge or training as so many people are, Grand Basileus Wright learned very quickly that proper, advanced preparation for your long-term care is absolutely critical. No one can afford to wait. You can not just sit around hoping and praying that you will live a long, happy life and that Medicare will take care of you. It will not. Medicare does not provide for your long-term custodial care.

challenges. She had to learn how to navigate the unrelenting healthcare world while balancing family life, church, career and sorority, in addition to her own health and well-being. Realizing that her sorority members and their families, like most Americans, are ill-prepared for their own elder care journey, with the intent to spare them heartbreak and emotional overwhelm, International Grand Basileus Wright proclaimed the National Elder Care Initiative as her signature program. Through this experience, she recognized the magnitude of the phenomenon of long-term advanced care planning. With its hundreds of chapters and more than 120,000 members, she recognized that Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated could be the consummate leader of this incredible, life-changing movement. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority could help change the face of aging, starting with her own membership. Sorority members have been trained on the importance of advanced legal and financial longterm care planning to protect themselves and their families, including receiving information on Healthcare Powers of Attorneys, Durable Powers of Attorney, Wills, Living Wills and other Advanced Directives, Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Benefits for longterm healthcare. (continued on page 20)

Being a primary caregiver, Grand Basileus Wright had to face many legal and financial THE ARCHON MAGAZINE | SPRING 2014



Working cooperatively in our communities with an increasing number of partners, including the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, ComForcare Home Care Corporation, the Estate and Long Term Care Planning Corporation, and the National Family Caregivers Alliance, sorority members will now help educate the masses about proper advance estate and long-term care planning, financial independence, fiscal security and well-being. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority is always at the forefront of service to others, and through ZETACARES™, sorority members will sponsor workshops and seminars to educate and train seniors, adults with disabilities, family caregivers and community advocates about advance life care planning and asset protection. Chapters will continue to sponsor Elder Care seminars and workshops presented by experienced Elder Law Attorneys and partnering with the Family Caregiver Alliance through training portals and webinars designed especially for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Sorority caregivers will learn how to care for themselves while caring for their loved ones. Chapters will help community caregivers learn the same skills.

served. Chapters are writing and mailing friendship cards, making phone calls, providing music and art therapy, leading meditations and discussion sessions, and hosting fellowship parties and celebrations. Clusters of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Workshop participants have begun throughout the sorority and members are learning to budget and live debt free. In honor of Elder Abuse Awareness Day, chapters across the country displayed customized table tents to educate and inform the community about this important issue.


Chapters will also continue working with adult day care centers and home care agencies and provide much needed volunteer services to the adult day care participants, their families and staff. Providing a minimum of two hours of service by a minimum of four members, chapters are making an incredible difference in the lives of the seniors 20



Through ZETACARES™Collaboration, Advocacy, Resources for Elders, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated has established great collaborations with several entities that primarily serve the elderly population and those that provide care for them. The network of Collaborations include: NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ELDER LAW ATTORNEYS Sorority Contact: Abby Matienzo Communications Associate 703-942-5711 Ext. 230 amatienzo@naela.org THE ESTATE AND LONG TERM CARE PLANNING INC. Sorority Contact: Jasmyn Winey 800-785-9569 jwiney@paeldercounsel.com NATIONAL FAMILY CAREGIVER ALLIANCE Sorority Contact: Leah Eskenazie 800-445-8106 www.caregiver.org leskenazi@caregiver.org DAVE RAMSEY FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY Sorority Contact: Brent Walker 877-378-2667 Ext. 5161 brent.walker@daveramsey.com NATIONAL ELDER ABUSE AWARENESS ALLIANCE Sorority Contact: Soror Rauchelle Jones

713-444-9824 zetanatlprog@yahoo.com




HELPING other people EXCEL


By Soror Rauchelle Jones National Director of Programs


orors, it is with great honor that I serve as your National Director of Programs. I am grateful to the International Grand Basileus and to you for allowing me to serve. Grand Basileus Wright asked that we focus on our partnership with the March of Dimes, assess and make recommendations to foster growth and stability in our Stork’s Nests, build stronger relationships with our partners and affiliate organizations and educate and strengthen consistency in the application of Z-HOPE points. The following organizations were contacted to determine our membership status and to ensure

next steps for the future. We established regular meetings to occur throughout the year to maintain the partnership. The National Co-Coordinators of Stork’s Nest and I developed a Stork’s Nest Registry to locate and identify existing Nests as well as document the services provided and the donations being received annually. We have been diligently working with Nests that are experiencing problems with third-party organizations and those Nests which continue to experience challenges. We have provided several teleconferences to address needs and ways to make our Nests stronger. We are in the process of editing the Stork’s Nest Implementation Guide to make it HIPAA-compliant and relevant to today’s maternal/child health concerns. I participated in the development of the following toolkits: International Women of Color, Elder Care Initiative, Adopt-ASchool and Sunday of Hope.

we are meeting our obligations: Black Women’s Agenda, NAACP, Urban League, National Council of Negro Women, Leadership Conference of Civil Rights, National Council of Women-USA, American Cancer Society, Black Women’s Health Imperative and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As your representative to the Black Women’s Agenda, I have led our efforts to bring awareness and education to the community about Triple Negative Breast Cancer which disproportionately affects young African American women. I participated in a meeting with the March of Dimes to discuss the state of Stork’s Nest and our

We partnered with the National Center on Elder Abuse for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, which occurs every year on June 17. Although it was an impromptu request, sorors reached more than 10,000 people with the table tents project. The St. Jude partnership was launched in October 2013. We are excited to join forces in the fight against pediatric cancers. The Sunday of Hope project was held in April and May of 2014. Girlz Night In is an option for undergraduates, Amicae and Archonettes, which starts the last week in September and the full month of October in 2014. We are blazing new paths while serving in our communities and all over the world. Thank you, sorors.

By Soror Karen Gipson National Director of Z-HOPE


uilding on the principles of Zeta, while blazing new paths is exactly what our national service program Z-HOPE provides in communities Zeta serves. It meets the critical societal needs that we face. The program Z-HOPE: Zetas Helping Other People Excel, is a holistic multidimensional outreach program designed to enhance, cultivate and empower participants to develop health promoting lifestyles across the lifespan. Z-HOPE targets five major populations utilizing a lifespan approach. The five major populations are Women, Men, Seniors, Youth and International Women of Color through spirit, mind and body. The National Z-HOPE Team has been charged with getting back to basics, and we have done just that. The team has developed a comprehensive toolkit with an easy to read format, at-a-glance feature to find program choices and a key points page to help chapters begin. The Z-HOPE team has also developed the following in collaboration with other program coordinators: Eldercare toolkit, Adopt-ASchool toolkit, St. Jude and revised the International Women of Color toolkit as well as revised chapter, state and regional reporting forms. The team has also worked with the National Director of Program and Initiatives Soror Rauchelle Jones, the National March of Dimes Representatives, the National Social Action Coordinator, the Military Advisory Committee, the National Director of Amicae Affairs, and the National Youth Director. The National Z-HOPE team is working to revise the CD with current programs, creating a recognition program for the Boule’ and presenting Z-HOPE webinar training that chapters can view online. Lastly, I leave you with this: As leaders of the organization, we must continue to embrace the national programs and implement them in grand fashion. Each chapter and auxiliary should continue to develop innovative ways to achieve the objectives of our sorority and share them throughout the communities we serve and beyond. THE ARCHON MAGAZINE | SPRING 2014



Let’s Do MORE ! Newly Revised Membership Selection Intake Process (MIP) Launched at ZOL


...Membership Growth by 2020

Sisters … “We Want You Back!!” This is How We Do It! ...Recruit-ReclaimRetain

Membership growth is the lifeline to a viable Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. Under the administration of International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright, National First Anti-Basileus Scarlet H. Black developed four concentrated membership growth campaigns during Boule’ period 2012-2014. The four membership campaigns produced a focused collage of activity and promoted a sense of urgency about the importance of growing Zeta’s membership by 2020. In six years, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority will celebrate its Centennial. It is imperative that our membership reflects this milestone in the sorority’s history. The efforts in recruiting, reclaiming, and retaining Zeta’s membership must be goal-oriented and results-driven. Membership growth is every Zeta’s responsibility. I ask you, sorors, “Are you in?”

On Oct. 5, 2012, International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright commissioned a national committee to review and/or revise the 1990 Membership Selection Intake Process (MIP) of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. The sorority had not examined or revised its MIP since its 1990 adoption. This historic committee was composed of sorors who represented a span of different stages of service to the sorority, including those who are legacies. The committee also received a comprehensive and standardized national history to incorporate into the newly revised MIP as part of the formal Course of Study. The National Executive Board adopted the revised MIP on Jan. 5, 2013, in Houston, Texas. The program was launched at the Zeta Organizational Leadership Conference (ZOL) on July 21, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana, by National First Anti-Basileus Scarlet H. Black. More than 1,100 members were certified under the new process and were added to a newly established national registry of those who have been MIP certified. The National MIP Review and Revision Committee: Scarlet H. Black, National First Anti-Basileus, Chair Barbara West Carpenter, Past International Grand Basileus Cheryl Williams, Past National First Anti-Basileus Anjylla Y. Foster, National Third Anti-Basileus

On Dec. 5, 2012, International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright, and National First Anti-Basileus Scarlet H. Black, attended the national Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors’ (AFA) National Conference in Orlando, Florida. Each vice president or membership coordinator, of the historically Black Greek Letter Organizations (known as the Divine Nine) was asked to present a “snapshot” of the Membership Intake Selection Process for their respective organizations. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated was well represented.



National Legal Advisory Committee Ava N. Jackson, Esq., Chair Krishna A. Walker, Esq., Co-Chair Regional representatives Yolanda Goodwin-Humphrey, Atlantic Region Nancy Watkins Flanagan, Eastern Region Linda W. Edwards, Great Lakes Region LaKeisha D. Driskell, Midwestern Region Patricia Johnson, South Central Region Cutia Blunt, Southeastern Region LaTanya M. Tatum, Southern Region Diane Fisher, Pacific Region International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright, Ex-Officio


MIP STATS 2012-2013 New Memberships Total 1,967 Total Reclamation 1,273 *Unprecedented on a NonBoule’ Year Top Three Regions 2012-2013 Southeastern, South Central, Great Lakes Top Regions by Membership Percentages 2012-13 Atlantic, Midwestern Top Ten States 2012-13 Florida, North Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Illinois, Alabama, Ohio

Top Three Undergraduate Chapters 2012-13 Gamma Alpha Florida A&M (32) Southeastern Region Lambda Beta Jackson State University (25) South Central Region Gamma Gamma North Carolina Central University (21) Eastern Region Top Reclamation 2012-2013 Omega Mu Zeta (32) Atlantic Region

Top Three Graduate Chapters 2012-13 Tau Eta Zeta (Maryland) (12) Atlantic Region Nu Psi Zeta (New York) (11) Atlantic Region Gamma Omicron Zeta (New Jersey) (11) Atlantic Region

NEW MIP FIRSTS First Approved Graduate Chapter Sigma Eta Zeta Chapter Long Beach, California Pacific Region First Approved Undergraduate Chapter Omega Nu Chapter University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro, North Carolina Eastern Region First Legacy Candidates Rho Alpha Chapter (Two Legacy Candidates) Hampton University Hampton, Virginia Eastern Region First Chapter with 10 or more Upsilon Chapter Delaware State University 12 New Members Atlantic Region


International Expansion

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated continues to expand its brand internationally. History was made on Wednesday, March 12, 2014, when Alpha Alpha Eta Zeta (Greater London, England) and Alpha Alpha Theta Zeta (Belgium) were chartered. The use of technology allowed International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright to administer the oath through Skype. National First Anti-Basileus Scarlet H. Black and Atlantic Regional Director Janet Y. Bivins, Esq., presided

over the ceremony. In addition to these two historical charters, four new sorors were added as members of the established Germany chapter, Mu Theta Zeta. Prior to the chartering of the two new chapters, members were certified in the new revised MIP. Following the chartering, members participated in a series of workshops on Chapter Management, Financial Management, Organizational Management, Leadership and Promoting the Zeta Brand led by the National

First Anti-Basileus, Atlantic Regional Director, Eastern Regional Director T. Diane Surgeon, Esq. and Great Lakes Regional Director Michelle Porter Norman.

Alpha Alpha Eta Zeta (Greater London)

Alpha Alpha Theta Zeta (Belgium)

Mu Theta Zeta New Members (Germany)

Dr. Vickie Bannerman, Basileus Romanda Miller Saunya Bright Crystal Ballard April Dunham-Rhett Tasha McFarlande Vannessa Menefee Erica Robinson

Rhonda Lawson, Basileus Kisha Wood Tawa Seabrook Angelique Bowles Utrania Key Stephanie Lynum

Christina Bhatt Yvonne Davis Majorie Simon-Meinefeld Tamika Shepherd

Zeta continued to make history as it expanded its membership to the Middle East. On May 23, 2014, Zeta chartered its newest international chapter, Alpha Alpha Lambda Zeta, in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Alpha Alpha Lambda Zeta (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) Natasha Fuller, Basileus Trena Thomas Kendra McCray Terri Randolph April Sturkey Chakalah Crawford Rachandra Menner La Tonya Bell Bettye Bellamy Janine Jackson Bianca Brown Natalie Duperme Amanda Coleman-Henry

Katrina Michelle Ngalle Sharron Glover-Wilson Ameila Amos Sharice Welch Phyllisa Deroze Tawanda DeShazior Ashaunda Calloway-Giles Nailah Stamp Pamela Shuntae Lovett Zeta Across The World, Literally! International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright (left, front) with the sorors of Alpha Alpha Lambda Zeta Chapter, United Arab Emirates, the newest chapter in the Eastern Region with Regional Director T. Diane Surgeon, Esq. (right, front)




Are You In? Come Home to Zeta!

In less than six years and counting, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, will celebrate 100 years of outstanding Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood, and Finer Womanhood. The 2014 reclamation campaign, entitled “Are You In”, was launched on January 16, 2014, and ended on March 31, 2014. The 2014 reclamation campaign focused on encouraging all inactive members to recommit to the sorority and get actively involved with the programs/initiatives of the sorority. For the first time in the sorority’s history, a survey was distributed to gather information that helped connect an inactive member with a direct local chapter contact. More than 800 inactive members responded to this outreach effort. As a result, many unique reclamation activities were held during this special period.

In the Pacific Region, a regional Reclamation Team (RT) was assembled by Regional Director Nui Brown to ensure that personal contacts with inactive members residing in the region were made. Pennsylvania, led by State Director Barbara Cousar, implemented many creative reclamation events within the state. One such event, “Painting with A Twist,” brought together inactive members with the presidents of local Zeta chapters. Members were able to obtain reclamation information and complete the required paperwork. As Zeta moves towards our Centennial in 2020, and continues to position the membership globally,” the question remains,


Double Digit Club “WOW!” To increase membership intake numbers in Zeta’s graduate and undergraduate chapters, the National First Anti-Basileus implemented the “Double Digits Club” to recognize chapters in good standing whose outstanding recruiting efforts resulted in extraordinary membership intake. In one intake, the following chapters gained 10 or more new members: UNDERGRADUATES Zeta Alpha (NC A&T State Univ.) (21) Greensboro, North Carolina Tau Delta (Western Michigan Univ.) (20) Kalamazoo, Michigan Mu Beta (Bethune-Cookman Univ.) (18) Daytona Beach, Florida Lambda Beta (Jackson State Univ.) (17) Jackson, Mississippi Omega Gamma (Prairie View A&M Univ.) (16) Prairie View, Texas Psi Alpha (South Carolina State Univ.) (16) Orangeburg, South Carolina Pi Beta (Albany State Univ.) (15) Albany, Georgia Alpha (Howard Univ.) (14) Washington, D.C.

Omicron Delta (East Illinois Univ.) (14) Charleston, Illinois

Mu Epsilon (University of Florida) (10) Gainesville, Florida

Zeta (Alcorn State Univ.) (13) Alcorn, Mississippi

Kappa Beta (Benedict College) (10) Columbia, South Carolina

Psi Beta (Grambling State Univ.) (12) Grambling, Louisiana

Pi Iota (Syracuse University) (10) Syracuse, New York

Rho Epsilon (Louisiana State Univ.) (12) Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Upsilon (Delaware State Univ.) (12) Dover, Delaware Kappa Gamma (Fisk Univ.) (11) Nashville, Tennessee Epsilon Alpha (Tennessee State Univ.) (11) Nashville, Tennessee Epsilon Xi (Georgia Southern Univ.) (11) Statesboro, Georgia

Gamma Alpha (Florida A&M State Univ.) (14) Tallahassee, Florida




Omicron Gamma Zeta (15) Houston, Texas Alpha Zeta (12) Baltimore, Maryland Epsilon Tau Zeta (10) Macon, Georgia Alpha Beta Zeta (10) Newport News, Virginia Alpha Delta Zeta (10) Jackson, Mississippi

THE CULTURE OF HAZING HAS PLAGUED OUR GREEKLETTER ORGANIZATIONS AND SOCIETY FOR DECADES. On Sept. 6, 2012, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated, and the National Action Network, led by Brother Al Sharpton, took a collective stance to eradicate hazing from the Greek-letter community. International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright asked that Zeta Phi Beta Sorority’s response to the culture of hazing be an ongoing initiative. As a result, the “Finer Women Don’t Haze” (FWDH) initiative was developed and introduced in September 2012 by National First Anti-Basileus, Scarlet H. Black. Now in its second year of implementation, which began on Sept. 5, 2013, all Zeta chapters were asked to review Zeta’s anti-hazing policies and procedures with the members of their chapters and continue to implement the ongoing activities that were put into place in 2012. Regions, states, and chapters were also asked to host Town Hall Meetings and other events to get the

community involved in this anti-hazing awareness campaign. Individual sorors were also encouraged to wear FWDH T-shirts or pins made available, through the National Trustees, to promote Zeta’s commitment to anti-hazing. Screen

chapters on Zeta’s stance against hazing and Zeta’s policies surrounding anti-hazing. New this year were the FWDH video projects, produced and performed by sorors from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Atlantic Region) and “You Are Always Wearing Your Letters” (YAAWYL) project (presented by Southern Region’s Ashli McDonald, through the work of T. J. Sullivan). Both of these media productions are shown by the National First Anti-Basileus, regional and state directors during the newly revised MIP certification training. Hazing has a direct impact on our recruiting, retention, and reclamation efforts, as well as a financial impact on the sorority as a whole. We can do better and collectively, we will.

savers found on electronic devices and/ or media displaying the FWDH logo were also encouraged. Finally, sorors seeking ZOL certification completed PowerPoint presentations to be viewed in their local

Photo: Sigma Brother Rev. Al Sharpton (center) making an impassioned point on the subject of hazing as National First Anti-Basileus Scarlet H. Black (left) and 33rd International President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Brother Jimmy Hammock (right) listen intently.




LifeZETA’S Members LIFE LINE By Soror Bonita Gillespie National Life Member Director


National Life Members Committee Chair Bonita Gillespie

uring the past two years, Life Members have been revitalized, energized, enlightened, and encouraged to move to a higher level of awareness and commitment, as the true lifeline of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. The co-chair and I have been charged with helping to bring about a change in the way Life Membership has been viewed, not only by our existing Life Members, but by the membership in general. In order to be successful agents of positive change, a number of sorors were assembled from across the country to join the team as regional coordinators. Our coordinators represent the eight regions proudly. They are a great group of women to work with and they are about getting the job done. While our list of completed goals and objectives is impressive, we have a ways to go from completing our overall goal, which is to keep the momentum going toward revitalizing, energizing, and enlightening our Life Members across the country. The team has worked on developing attainable goals for the 2013-2014 fiscal year and has revisited a couple of the ongoing goals in order to keep them at the forefront of the process. The goals/objectives are aggressive but achievable and we will move forward with the zest and zeal we feel as a team, to ensure that the work is accomplished. As you can see, we have been diligently working and we are confident that we will complete at least 90 percent of our goals for this fiscal year. We can make it happen with your assistance. So remember, as Boule’ 2014 approaches, let us do as T.D. Jakes exhorts, “Get Ready”, “Get Ready”. It is going to be a blast. We are active, full of spirit, zest and zeal. Life Members are on the move and will be in the forefront as the lifeline of Zeta. Ultimately, our success in taking our organization to the next level will have been worth all the effort we have expended for the love of Zeta. Congratulations to all the new Life and Golden Life Members, and Diamond level contributors. You are an important lifeline to our organization. Thank you for your commitment.




Co-Chair Michele Whitted National Liaison Valerie Hollingsworth Regional Coordinator, Atlantic Region Charbet Duckett Regional Coordinator, Eastern Region Dee Curtis Regional Coordinator, Great Lakes Region Cheryl A.B. Christie Regional Coordinator, Midwestern Region Helen Beteet Regional Coordinator, Pacific Region Shamar L. Walker Regional Coordinator, South Central Region Patricia Johnson Regional Coordinator, Southeastern Region Brenda Reynolds Regional Coordinator, Southern Region Julia S. Carnes

Accomplishments 2012 – 2013 Developed special initiatives to address Elder Care, particularly targeted for Life Member participation. This initiative will continue throughout the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Developed a Life Member newsletter: After much deliberation, the team agreed on “Zeta Life Line” as the title of the newsletter. The inaugural issue debuted in August 2013. Conferences: The regions had their first rounds of Life Member business meetings for the 2012-2013 sorority year, and will continue during the 2013-2014 sorority year. Reporting: The team ensured that reports from Life Member Coordinators on the Regional, and State levels were included in conference workbooks for review by the membership. Re-established a Life Member’s business meeting at the Grand Boule’: This goal has been approved by the International Grand Basileus and the co-chair and I are currently working on an agenda for Boule’ 2014. There has not been a formal Life Member business meeting at Boule’ in over ten years. There will be much to discuss and celebrate. Be counted not absent. This long-awaited event is not to be missed. Reviewed Diamond and Platinum levels of giving - (i.e.; criteria, incentives, recognition of levels of giving): A proposal was presented to the National Executive Board in January 2013 to consider the possibility of the Diamond and Platinum levels as new levels of Life Membership. The National Executive Board approved the proposal and asked that it be forwarded to the National Phylacter to be included with the proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws for consideration at Boule’ 2014.


Life Members

JANUARY 31 - DECEMBER 31, 2013

ATLANTIC REGION Valerie Acham Dr. Terri Lynne Alston Nana Anane Julie Ann Arzu Billie Bailey Katrina D. Banks Sameea L. Belle Natalie Boyce Deidra Boykin Andrea Braxton Deborah Briscoe Benity Brunache-Sewell Jannina Bryan Cheryl Ann Burton Brandy Bush Martha S. Butler Melissa A. Carroll Felicia Charles Arlinda J. Clark Idi Aisha Clarke Nikosa Collins Erlinda Colon Gwenneth Corujo Barbara Cousar Jodi Cox Shante’ C. Dash Jennifer R. Davis Jennifer Delatour Tamara Edwards Oredola Edwards Mary Ellen Forte Melissa Gardiner Bonnye Jones Gillison Katherine Gilmore Celeste Glenn Elise N. Glenn Lisa Grant Delna Gray Denise N. Gray Danielle Green Rosita Henley-Purney Anjanette Highsmith Natoya S. E. Gibson Hill Kathleen Hodges Vickie Davis Holm Andrea Jack Monica R. Jackson Jeanette B. James Gwendolyn Jennings Tamara M. Johnson Sarecia Johnson Ardania L. Johnson Crystal Wright Johnson Lytanja Jones-Beulah Cynthia Kendrick Constance Kinder Rhonda Lawson Theresa A. Lewis Bridget Lewis-Burgess Erika D. Lively Melanie Lopez Clarissa Lowe Bernardine Lowery-Crute’ Ivory B. Marrero Iva P. McBride Bertha McCabe Deseree McFarlane Farrah V. McIntosh Brenda McKinley Ebony N. Mclean Miya M. McMillion Marjorie Messidor Jovita Minor Frenchetta Montgomery Melva C. Moore Meta Morrison Ainka Munroe Chandra Berry Owens Lavonia A. Page Kimyatta Pitts Lillian T. Pyatt-Castro Cassandra Redd Gerri Reed-Harris

Chasity L. Richardson Nilda Rivera Natalie Roach Angelica Russell Sharon Barkley Samuels Karen Wright Sanders Berthlyn Scoulios Dr. Keena Seward Sharae Sharp Vernicka Shaw Titessa Smith Letitia Smith Irene M. Stewart Shawana L. Stewart Lisa D. Stovall Veronica Straws Lisa Sutton Beverly S. Tatham Charlotte Taylor Tanaya Teamer Latasha Teemer Andrea Todman Patricia Twitty Jacqueline Waiters Chevelle McCray Ward Julliahann Washington Sabrina White Lisa L. White Sherl Woodland Trina Lynn Yearwood

EASTERN REGION Deneanne Adams-Knight Patricia Belton Bates Janet Boyd Andrea Breazeale Carolyn L. Corbin Marie Cornwall Crystal Daniels-Davis Tameko T. Friend Kendra R. Glover Bernice Golden Sylvia W. Gore Emmanuella D. Greene Mary L. Greene Vivian Henderson, Esq. Serelda Herbin Colette B. Hill Jonia Holley Doris E. Jennings Michelle Joachim Nicolette C. Johnson Krysta Jones Donna W. Jordan Leslie Rhines Joseph Alison Michelle King Claressa Leary Pamela N. Lewis Doris C. Love Danielle May Michelle L. McIntosh Bridget McRae-Butler Tricia Miles Carlitta M. Moore Yasmin Morton Moses, Esq. Nicole Obey Vera J. Palmer, Ed.D. Grace Pearson Karen S. Pierre Kimberly Pope Laketha Prioleau Valerie Sinclair Cynthia Redfearn Kristen Richardson Jennifer Robinson Verna Reynolds Sellers Dr. Shirley Smith Pamela Sutton Martine L. Swain Deborah Lindsey Walker Adora Williams Greta L. Williams Joyce Wilson

GREAT LAKES REGION Angelyn Michelle Anderson Regina Baker Felicia Bohanan Leslie Buckner Shervonne Bufford Gwendolyn M. Carson Taniqua Carter-Brown Deborah Carter Me Lee Causey Pamela Clanton Shelia Clifton Keona Cowan Sarah L. Davis Shelly A. Davis-Jones Cassandra Fellows Linda Flowers Janet Gardner Erica R. Goldston Anita Harrell Bernadette Harrell Fannie M. Harrell Kristian Harris Adrianne Henderson Carlotha Hughes Darlena Johnson Susan D. Johnson Elsie Jones Kyeesha Karriem Toniya L. King Rosalind Lane-Ragland Lacasha Lee Patricia B. Lewis Samantha Moore Vanessa Morgan Gwendolyn Myers Darcell Norwood-Baugh Latonda Page Linda M. Parker-Cross Betty C. Peeples Dolphin W. Pierce Logis DeKhara Pinion Michele H. Pondexter Kelli Saizon Tracey Silas-Patterson Jennine Swafford Elizabeth R. Stevenson Adrienne Turner Queen E. Weiner

MIDWESTERN REGION Tobytha Battle Ramona Collins Algeretta Ellis Felicia Gipson Janelle Jackson Danne Johnson Patricia A. Tripp Akella Wicker Lydia Daniel Young

PACIFIC REGION Julie Agosto Valarie Anderson Jo Ann Blake Miikeda M. Brackett Dr. Letitia T. Bradley Nilaja Bush Keena Byrd Tennisha Brame Carter Annette Ward Clark Jocelyn Edel Dr. Shelonda Finch Tanya Fitergerald Reba Freeman Michele Gray-Samuel Helaire Hamilton Kenya Henderson Alisha Johnson Pamela King

Angla Dawson Milton Curly Noya Brenda F. Palmer Alison Reed Jaynene Smith Jamian L. Smith Iyesha Turner Siniva Walker Natalie Young


Mary Anderson Hattie H. Barnes Tilantine L. Benjamin Pamela W. Bethea Jaclyn M. Buford Shirley Carpenter Natasha S. Clarke Juanita Cook Shirley F. Corry SoJuan Crenshaw Tangie L. Dotson Shayla Edwards Sherrolynn Edwards Diana Evans Genea A. Flowers Mary Ann Foster Phyllis Galloway Neffie Gatewood Carla Hamilton Everlyn D. Roberson Hildreth Audrey Johnson Camille Miller-Young Senora Moore Carolyn Morris-Saterfield Faye L. Parker Igina Demetria Perteet Treva Ross-Sanders Janice Picket Rowe Alexis S. Smith Yalaunda Y. Taylor Daria L. Weddington Bobbie J. White Kimberly D. Wright Vernita Reena Young

SOUTHEASTERN REGION Sheila D. Acevdo Shawnika Anderson Deanna Andrews Lurline Baker-Kent Karen Blount Nicolette Bostock Sheryl Brown Victoria Bryant-Riggins IrisEllena Calder Charlise Clark Dr. Genae Brown Crump Vi Dennis Anita L. Dowdell Stephanie L. Dukes Vanessa Elkins-Rogers Latonia Evans Mary O. Evans Deborah Evans Dr. Rosemarie Farnagolo Danine Fleming Sherry Ford Novella Franklin Jocasta Hillman Frazier Dorothy Gay Portia Faye George Leslie Harriott Godfrey Miranda Griffin Conneva M. Hall Peggy Harris Rebecca B. Heath-Brown Kimberly Y. Smith Higgins Fallon Holmes Katherine R. Howard

Tracee Howard Stacy Humes Malinda J. James Usher F. James Lizzie R. Jenkins Julia Jones Shelby J. Jones Joyce Kerce Erma Gore Killings Kendra King Apryl L. Kirnes Evon Mazyck Regina Lynn McClaurin Edna O. McClendon Dr. Mildred McCoy Joanne McDougal-Patterson Shirrie B. Miller Louis M. Montgomery Lottie Muldrow Elizabeth S. Munnings Darnell Pratt Gladys R. Salley Sandy D. Simpson Darlene Sparks Loutricia Talps Mae Taylor Jessie P. Terry Maureen Walker Kathryn Williams Francine G. Williams Dianne M. Williams

SOUTHERN REGION Dr Annette Aron Esther Bailey-Young JeNeika Smith Boone Stephanie Brown Andrea Charlton Shirley Chevalier Keesha Dancy Stephaney Gipson Louise Graham Collette N. Griffin Tanya Harrison Cornelia Hicks Yvonne D. Hicks Adrian Hunt Ida Thomas James Felicia D. Jones-Abdullah JaiVaughnda O. Lacy Josie P. Lewis Rosalind Lloyd Rosemary Lloyd Chrischeryl McDaniel Barbara T. McGary Bettye Murphy Halfreda A. Nelson Jannet Ponder Shashonah D. Redmond ChiQuia J. Roberson Eugenia Rodgers Cynthia Sampey Kimest Sanders Clarice L. Sayles Ceskina S. Sewell Donalda Smith Dr. Joanne H. Smith Raisha Stevens Shirley D. Sutton Joyce Thomas Shirley Thompson Toi N. Thurman

Irene Toliver

Faye Walker-Dixon Lisa M. Lopez Ware Angela J. Waters Della B. Warner Carla Whitlock Marcia E. Williams Jacqueline Wilson-Woods Mwanaisha Woods Carla L. Wyatt Rachel Young





ATLANTIC REGION Nana Anane Joan Arnold Janet Y. Bivins, Esq. Isabelle Brown Shirley Bryant Marguerite Carter-Terrell Christie Cash Lorraine Clement Yendi Daniels-Lherisson Jennifer Davis Sarah Diamond Amandalores Everett Annie France Pauline Gibson Ayris Granby Danielle Green Margaret Gregory Tamara Harris Cheryl Harrison-Murray Portia Harvey Barbara Hazelwood Paquita Henderson Kathleen Hodges Valerie Hollingsworth Lisa Hudley Wilhelmine James Loree Jeanmarie Saniah Johnson Patricia Jones Maxine Jones-Bryant Candace Keeby-Elliott Jacqueline Lemon-Denton Theresa A. Lewis Robyn Lockett Bernardine Lowery-Crute’ Ivory Marrero Margaret Marsh Iva McBride Farrah McIntosh Jovita Minor Ainka Munroe Shernette Morrison Chandra Berry Owens China Pankey Kimyatta Pitts Shanell Robinson Maggie Robinson Simone Safford Lynn Sampson Eunice Samuels-Lewis Sharae Sharp Dolores Smalls Dara Monifa Tippitt Gertie Tippitt Jacqueline Waiters Mala Walker Deirdre West Nikola White Carolyn Whitley Sherl Woodland Rita Woods G. Joanne Yarde Trina Yearwood Janette Zeigler

EASTERN REGION Hildra Abram Melissa Barnes Veronica Bell-Ferrell Janet M. Boyd Marilyn Brooks Stephanie Brown Cynthia Bunch Carolyn L. Corbin Crystal Daniels-Davis Pamela Eason Marcia Exum Quanda Finch Karen Gipson Kendra Glover LaKeshia M. Holley Elva Williams Hunt, Ph.D. Sandra Ingram-Johnson Michelle Joachim Neller Johnson Donna W. Jordan Leslie Rhines Joseph Bethesda D. Kearney Mary Kimbrough Juanita King Deneanne Adams-Knight Pamela N. Lewis Maryam Lynch-Tate Lorita Mayo Bridget McRae-Butler Carlitta Moore Bettye A. Murchison Emma Newberg Kimberly Pope Julia Reed Tilola L. Mitchell Robinson Diane Sales-Smith Kim D. Sawyer Lynette Smith Wanda Smith T. Diane Surgeon, Esq. Dr. Patricia Thomas Dr. Elizabeth Thomas-Reeves Dr. Amelia Williams Dawn Young-Johns GREAT LAKES REGION Rhonda Arterberrie-Tysinger Ernestine Baker Rita Barksdale Janet Bell Felicia Bohanon Gwendolyn Carson Deborah Carter Mel Causey Cheryl Christie Alice Craft Cynthia Dawkins-Terrell Kimberly Dawson Deedra Dwyer-Minter Rhonda Eberhardt Dawn Edwards Linda Edwards Angela Hardison Kristian Harris

Barbara Hartgrove-Holley Myrtis Holder Tonia Jenkins Susan D. Johnson Patricia Jones Detra Kelly-Newton Kimberly King Sylvia Lacy Cathy Mock Dolphin Pierce Michelle Porter Norman Connie Pugh Bobbie Qualls Brenda Reed Carla Robinson Cheryl Rutherford Kelli Saizon Doris Stokes Arlene Taylor Dr. Jylla Moore Tearte Trina Vinson Rosalind Walker-Lewis Queen Weiner Leslie Wilson-Smith MIDWESTERN REGION Helen Beteet Sarah F. Bivins Monique Brock Sherry Brooks Marqetta Burks Ramona Collins Norma J. Collins Tanya Dixon Della D. Harris Emma Kindle Patricia A. Tripp Krishna Walker Sonya M. Warder Akella Wicker PACIFIC REGION Dr. Letitia T. Bradley Nilaja Bush Yvette Clark-Blake Jocelyn Edel Dr. Shelonda Finch Kenya Henderson Gabriella Jones Raynia T. Lewis Myrthe McClain Dr. Bennie Reams Jaynene Smith

SOUTH CENTRAL REGION Hattie Barnes Darneta Brown Brenda Butler Lula Carter Mary Chambers-Huff Natasha Clark Beverly Cook Ida Crawford Shayla Edwards Sherrolyn Edwards Wilma Evans

Phyllis Galloway Bonita Gillespie Vicki Hammock Audrey Johnson Beverly Jolly Wanda Jones Calandra Jones-McDonald Harriet Littlepage Stephanie Lockett-Peeler Vivian Marvray Charlotte Miller Doris Owens-Smith Eleanor Randolph Valeria Smith Mary Jo Square Kathy Tatum Marvelyn Thompson Donna Williams

SOUTHEASTERN REGION Carol Alderman Deanna Andrews Yvonne Barnes Victoria Belin Cheryl Berry Sherry Bess Scarlet Black Vivian Bush IrisEllena Calder Frances Caldwell Christie Cash Alma Cooper Vitalis Dennis Anita L. Dowdell-Littlejohn Vanessa Elkins-Rogers Latonia Evans Mary Evans Rosemarie M. Farngalo Novella Franklin-Munson Gianna Gardner Marion M. Gary Rebecca B. Heath-Brown Stacy Humes Linda Isabel Malinda James Usher James Wilhelmina Jefferson Julia Jones Joyce G. Kerce Apryle Kirnes Nicole W. Lowry Elizabeth Mannings Dr. Tiawana May Rosetta Mayo Evon Mazyck Fran McTier Shirrie Miller Barbara Moore Latorsha Murray Dr. Phyllis Perkins Thelma Perkins Brenda Phillips Claire Porter Brenda Reynolds Dr. Felicia Scott-Strickland Sallie Smith

Gladys Smith Kimberly Y. Smith Darlene Sparks Maureen Walker Kathryn Williams

SOUTHERN REGION Dr. Annette Aron Nelda Augustus Keisha M. Beasley Kimberly D. Brackett Stephanie Brown Julia S. Carnes Mary Charles Andrea Charlton Eleasha Counts Victoria Cox Keesha Dancy Dena Downey-Garrett Lillian Ebanks Joseph Bettye Fisher Bobbie Foster Betty Franklin-Munson Traci L. Gibson Brenda Green Collette N. Griffin Tanya Harrison Yvonne Hicks Beverly Renee Holloway Donnie Faye Hull Adrian Hunt Twylah L. Jenkins Michelle Joachim Verta Johnson Michelle A. Joubert Sadie Kay Laura Knighten Dr. Bernestine McGee Maxine Moore-Allen Halfreda Nelson Gwendolyn M. Oquendo Joyce J. Parker Elaine Patin Ginger Pope Kay Jones Rosebure Cynthia Sampey Clarice Sayles Ceskina Sewell Geraldine Simms Ida Stevens Christine Stringer Shirley Sutton Shirley Thompson Toi N. Thurman Della Blount Warner Rhetta Washington McCoy Hattie White Linda White Robbye Williams Lorraine Woods Mary Breaux Wright Althea Yancy-Lacey Vertie Young Source: International Headquarters





ZETA the 50th SUPPORTS Anniversary of the

March On Washington WATER HOSES. WHITES ONLY. FOUR LITTLE GIRLS. BOYCOTTS. The Civil Rights era was a challenging time for our nation, and in 1963, hundreds of thousands of Americans came to together on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to march for jobs and freedom.

Zetas Taking a Social Justice Stand! International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright (center) surrounded by sorors from across the country at the 50th anniversary celebration of the historic March on Washington.

Fifty years later, Zetas are still advocating for all people. On Aug. 24, 2013, Zeta was proud to participate in the anniversary March activities to reflect on our progress as a nation, and discuss how we can continue to collaborate with our partners for jobs, education, and health care. Like the sorors who came before us, we are still committed to work for a better nation for all.

SEVERAL ZETA MEMBERS WERE LEADERS IN THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT AND AT THE ORIGINAL 1963 MARCH Zeta member Autherine Lucy was the first Black to attend the University of Alabama in 1956.

pleasure of listening to the speakers and being mesmerized by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech.

Zeta member Clara Luper led the 1958 Oklahoma City Sit-In Movement.

Soror Marian Barnwell took a gypsy cab to D.C. from New York City and even though there was a lot of traffic, it was well worth it when she arrived.

Soror Zelda Perry Hutcherson climbed a tree to get a solid view of Dr. Martin Luther King at the March on Washington. Soror Vera Butler said, “The atmosphere was electric, everyone was happy and proud to be in the March. The crowd was unforgettable. A day I will cherish.” Dr. Rita L. Robinson tells her daughters (who were then toddlers) the story of sitting on the Mall and having the

Looking Back

Soror Kathleen Turner Thomas recognizes the striking perspectives: “My parents attended Marian Anderson’s historic Easter morning concert at the Lincoln Memorial. My brother and I attended the “March on Washington.” My children attended the first Inauguration of President Barack Obama. I leave my granddaughter to inherit this legacy and to move forward with the great events coming for her.”


at The March On Washington


am a graduate of Howard University, Alpha Chapter, where I pledged in 1961. A Zeta Dove, I was present at the historic

March on Washington in 1963. I climbed a tree to get a solid view of Dr. Martin Luther King. It was truly a life-changing experience and one that I will always cherish and never

forget. I would love to participate again. I would also love to March (not too far). I am retired, but still have relatives in Washington D.C.


was there in Washington, D.C. on the Mall in 1963. I was 27 years old at that time. My husband (who can’t stand crowds) dropped me and my daughters off on the Mall. My daughters at that time were Gail, age 2, and Carol age 1, of course they have no recollection of this event.

I tell them the story of sitting on the Mall (on a blanket with a diaper bags, food and assorted toys) and having the pleasure of listening to the speakers and being mesmerized by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s speech.

Soror Zelda Perry Hutcherson Lambda Pi Zeta Chapter

I will definitely be retuning and participating in the 50th Anniversary March on Washington.

Dr. Rita L. Robinson 30



Zeta Day

On The Hill

LIVING OUR LEGACY OF BEING ADVOCATES OF THE PEOPLE By Soror Krysta Jones National Director of Social Action


ur role as one of the largest black female organizations in the world requires that we advocate for our communities, as our founders intended, ensuring that all people are represented at the proverbial table. We are living the legacy. On Wednesday, Sept. 18 and Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated was at that table—convening in Washington D.C. for Zeta Day on the Hill during the 43rd Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s (CBCF) Annual Legislative Conference. Joining thousands of community leaders who were in D.C. to participate in CBCF brain-trusts on topics including health care, voting rights and gun violence, Zeta Day on the Hill gave Zeta leaders from over 15 states a platform to voice our concerns. Sorors attended workshop sessions with our program partners and learned about the policy and legislation for our key sorority initiatives of maternal and child health, youth bullying and elder abuse prevention, and proposed grassroots solutions to our legislators. After a year of civil rights setbacks forced us to reflect on new strategies for our communities, Zeta Day on the Hill was right on time. We returned to our communities invigorated, inspired and motivated to take action, and recommitted ourselves to focusing on influencing government for even more impact.

SPECIFICALLY, ZETAS CAN WORK TO TRANSFORM OUR COMMUNITIES BY DOING THE FOLLOWING: Follow your elected officials’ social media page and share and retweet relevant ideas. Add a legislative component to your existing programs, i.e., show a video of government officials discussing sex education during the Z-HOPE program “How Crowded is My Bed”. Invite an elected official to bring remarks at your next community event. Ask your committees to add a governmental component to their events. Share your chapter’s work at a public hearing, i.e. you might talk to your school board members at a public hearing about your Adopt-A-School program, and advocate for improvements at your school. Encourage collegiate sorors to participate in student government. Add a civic education component to your youth auxiliary calendar. i.e., conduct the Z-HOPE Election Night Counts program, hold mock elections, or invite an outside speaker to share insights about governmental affairs. Run for elected office and pursue appointed leadership roles in our community.

National Director of Social Action Kyrsta Jones addresses attendees at Zeta Day on the Hill 2013 in Washington, D.C.

SPECIAL THANKS The following chapters generously contributed to the success of Zeta Day on the Hill by sponsoring our breakfast:

Delta Zeta Zeta Chapter, Prince Georges County, Md.

Diamond Sponsor Nu Xi Zeta Chapter, Alexandria, Va.

Tau Delta Zeta Chapter, Laurel, Md.

Sapphire Sponsors Beta Zeta Chapter Washington, D.C.

State of Maryland

Omicron Phi Zeta Chapter, Washington, D.C. Supporter Soror Malica Fleming

As we approach our centennial, it is a time to reflect not only on our accomplishments as a sorority, but also to think about where we are as a nation and a world. If our founders were alive today, five women who dared to challenge the status quo in Greekdom in 1920, what example would they expect us to set for recognizing and acting on the other injustices we see in 2013 and 2020?

Maryland Social Action Coordinator Nicole A. Butler-Talley with former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at Zeta Day on the Hill 2013 in Washington, D.C.







skillfully use appropriate technology to meet objectives. This was Zeta’s first attempt to implement such a large-scale “green movement”. Based on the responses from the sisterhood, Zeta should continue to “go green.” “There is no stopping us now,” remarked one ecstatic ZOL participant.


Indianapolis, Indiana – July 16-21, 2013. ore than 1,100 attendees converged in Indianapolis, Ind. for the Zeta Organizational Leadership Conference (ZOL) 2013 in pursuit of knowledge, guidance, skill acquisitions, leadership refinement strategies, and a desire to be part of a progressive, relevant, timely teaching/ learning experience for both leadership development and ZOL certification. This unprecedented attendance included graduate and undergraduate sorors, and members of the Zeta Amicae auxiliary who were also being trained during the conference. International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright tasked the ZOL Steering Committee to include the National Undergraduate Retreat, Undergraduate Advisors’ Training, Amicae Sponsors’ Training, and the 2013 National Amicae Retreat in the week’s events. This history-making event saw the expected enrollment more than triple what was projected during the initial planning forecast. The committee used the 2012-2016 goals for the sorority and the vision of Grand Basileus Wright as another major planning cornerstone for the 2013 Indianapolis ZOL experience. Feedback from assessment data gathered from the sisterhood was also incorporated into the planning. Prior to their arrival in Indianapolis, participants received an Advanced Study Guide. The purpose of the Advanced Study Guide was to assist registrants in gaining knowledge that, when internalized and used appropriately, promoted the successful completion of the leadership certification program. In addition, the advance use of the guide enabled participating sorors to attend sessions with knowledge relevant to the areas that were covered during the on-site training. The Advanced Study Guide served as a support document for the on-site certification training and followup process. Every participant was expected to be familiar with its content and successfully complete all activities by the deadlines, as indicated in the guide. Additionally, it was expected that sorors would use the content of the guide as a useful mechanism to become more effective leaders and embrace the ZOL Certification Training as an important leadership investment strategy. Not only were the colors blue and white everywhere, but the notion of “going green” was in full force, starting from the spring “save the date” notification of ZOL. Extensive use of technology was incorporated throughout the pre-training, training/certification, and post-training processes. Each registrant was expected to be computer literate and able to




Now that the webinars and certification are complete, the ZOL Steering Committee will continue to be supportive and vigilant to ensure that the certification guidelines were completed by all certification candidates and documentation is maintained and preserved. The web-based learning opportunities are not only offered to sorors seeking ZOL certification, but also available to sorors participating in leadership development. The Steering Committee will be presenting recommendations to the Grand Basileus for consideration regarding re-certification. A critical component for sorors’ input will be responses from 2013 ZOL participants. The re-certification recommendations will reflect current practices, innovative delivery models, and opportunities for leaders to continue to acquire relevant leadership tools for their toolkits and use. Thanks are extended to all members of the ZOL Steering Committee for your commitment to the success of ZOL 2013, and for the ongoing work to perpetuate this training arm of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated: Dr. Nell Ingram, Chair Dr. Rosie Pridgen, Co-chair Dr. Denisha Hendricks Donnie Faye Hull Anjylla Y. Foster Vicki Hammock Cheryl Brown Dr. Denese Wolff-Hillard Dr. Elizabeth Fran Johnson 22nd International Grand Basileus Barbara C. Moore

Dr. Denese Wolff-Hillard, 22nd International Grand Basileus Barbara C. Moore, Soror Rosie Pridgen, Soror Vicki Hammock, Dr. Denisha Hendricks, Soror Anjylla Y. Foster. On stage: From left: International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright, Dr. Nell Ingram, Soror Michelle Porter Norman and Dr. E. Fran Johnson.




Alpha Zeta Chapter (Baltimore, Md.) celebrates 90 years. Sigma Nu Chapter (Providence, R.I.) celebrates 25 years. Chi Chapter (Cheyney University) celebrates 60 years. Xi Mu Zeta Chapter (Markham, Ill.) celebrates 25 years. Omicron Rho Zeta Chapter (Inglewood, Calif.) celebrates 20 years. Alpha Epsilon Zeta Chapter (Kansas City, Kan.) celebrates 75 years. Tau Delta Zeta Chapter (Laurel, Md.) celebrates 10 years. Psi Epsilon Chapter (Bowling Green State University) celebrates 40 years.

STORK’S NEST UPDATES The local March of Dimes chapter awarded the Eta Iota Zeta Chapter $11,000 to remodel its local Stork’s Nest. The Stork’s Nest also received donations from Sierra Providence Medical Center and Destiny Family Christian Center. Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Theta Theta Sigma Chapter and the Eta Iota Zeta Chapter members gathered together to clean, paint and re-design the interior of the Stork’s Nest. Volunteers such as registered dietitians, nutritionists, nurse practitioners and resident doctors from Texas Tech University Health Science Center teach pregnancy complications, labor and delivery, newborn care and toddler nutrition once a week at the Stork’s Nest. Having a program coordinator (Delise Coleman) and manager (Soror Betty Halliburton) ensures the Stork’s Nest is meeting the needs of the El Paso community. South Carolina is proud to report that Soror Charlene Moore-Peterson, S.C. Stork’s Nest Coordinator, along with Soror Mahogany Graham, former S.C. Stork’s Nest Coordinator submitted a grant proposal to the March of Dimes S.C. Community Grant and received $10,000 in 2012. The money will be utilized by the S.C. Zetas Graduate and Undergraduate chapters, along with the Amicae Auxiliaries to promote Prematurity Awareness Month throughout the state of South Carolina. The Upsilon Pi Zeta Chapter in West Memphis, Ark.. received a Safe Sleep Grant by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Foundation in January 2013 and conducted 3 Safety Baby Showers serving up to 75 to 100 expectant and new moms on child passenger safety, folic acid, safe sleep practices, and injury prevention. The West Memphis Chapter trained local sororities and caregivers on conducting safety baby showers in conjunction with Arkansas Injury Prevention Center and Arkansas Health Dept. Minority Health Division in “ Sisters United” Initiative. In partnership with the Louisiana Chapter of the March of Dimes and the Dr. Leo S. Butler Community Center, the zealous and dedicated members of Omicron Sigma Zeta Chapter re-opened its Stork’s Nest on Saturday, March 30, 2013.

The Amicette and Archonette youth auxiliaries of Iota Pi Zeta Chapter were selected by Region 4 of the New York State Minorities in Criminal Justice (NYSMICJ) to receive their National ”Make a Difference Award.” The group was nominated by the Region 4’s President-Elect CO T. France with the approval of the MICJ Statewide President Officer, Emily Williams. The auxiliaries were applauded for their active community service and their efforts in the fight for a better tomorrow. Eta Iota Zeta Chapter (El Paso, Texas) was recognized by the El Paso Chapter of the NAACP for outstanding community service on Aug. 17, 2013. Mu Upsilon Chapter (McDaniel College, Westminster, MD.) On May 10, 2013, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated chartered a new undergraduate chapter. President Roger Casey, recognized that Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated would be the first Black Greek-letter organization on the campus and financially sponsored the intake of the chapter’s charter members and officially welcomed Zeta and Mu Upsilon to the campus along with our International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright. Mu Upsilon chartered with five dynamic honor students: Sorors Dovetta Blair, Jewel Engram, Shanice Hackley, Kristina Karim-Makle and Natarsha Towner. When asked what drew her interest in Zeta, Soror Towner stated she connected with the sorority’s four founding principles – Sisterhood, Scholarship, Service and Finer Womanhood. In the Marvelous State of Maryland “Healthy Living” is not just a coined phrase; it’s a way of living for the sorors in the Old Line State. Annually, more than 3,000 women gather from across the country to participate in the Baltimore Women’s Classic, the oldest all women’s race in the country. June 15, 2013, Maryland State Director Danielle R. Green and more than 75 sorors converged onto Baltimore’s Rash Field for the 8 a.m. start. The 5K race passed Baltimore’s tourist spots, such as the Inner Harbor, the American Visionary Art Museum, Solo Gibbs Park and the Maryland Science Center. The Magnificent sorors of the Marvelous State of Maryland raised an impressive $4,000 and Soror LeTonya Smith of Tau Eta Zeta Chapter, was the first Zeta to cross the finish line with a time of 27 minutes and 27 seconds. We are proud of our sorors’ choices to live a healthier life. Congratulations to Xi Zeta Chapter (Forest Park, Ill.) for hosting its 7th Annual College Fair on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2013 at Michele Clark Academic Preparatory High School located in West Harrison Street in Chicago, Illinois. More than 15 universities and colleges were represented and close to 100 students attended the event.


Soror Kendra Hatcher King was nominated and elected to serve as the chair of the American Advertising Federations’ Mosaic Council, the advertising industry’s premier “think tank” on diversity and multiculturalism.






By Soror Denise Marie Snow Archon Staff Writer



eta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated is gearing up to commemorate its once-in-a-lifetime milestone of 100 years of service.

International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright recently announced the launch of Zeta’s Centennial Commission with 20th International Grand Basileus Jylla Moore Tearte, Ph.D. tasked to chair the historic event. The official announcement generated tremendous excitement across the sisterhood as Zetas worldwide are eager to know what 2020 will bring. Past Grand Tearte sat down with the Archon for an exclusive discussion on Zeta’s Centennial celebration and why this occasion will spark a heightened sense of Zeta’s collective purpose as Finer Women. BRINGING THE VISION TO LIGHT Zeta Phi Beta’s Centennial will encompass a five-year introspective journey into how we demonstrate our commitment to upholding the founding principles of the sisterhood. The foundation for the centennial will be laid strategically by Zeta’s active membership. “In order to commemorate the specialness of the year, we have to prepare ourselves. We have to think about what [centennial] looks like and what we want to feel like,” Past Grand Tearte said. There will be plenty of glitz and glamour as members gather to fellowship and celebrate, but Past Grand Tearte is focused on how this experience will galvanize sorors to think about Zeta’s sustainability and legacy in the future. Accomplishing this goal will require every soror to consider how they are actively contributing to the sorority’s mission, principles, and longterm viability. She asked: “Have we truly lived the vision our Founders wanted to see? Are we the sisters they envisioned? Are we focused on the big issues of our time? Are we providing the services that we, as Black women, would take on that no other sorority would take on and address?” ACTION ORIENTED Past Grand Tearte wants members to be empowered to embrace the openness of the celebration, and contribute in ways that leave an




indelible mark on Zeta’s global celebration. There will be several ways for sorors to volunteer, showcase their talent, or contribute financially. Members in circles of influence with potential partners are encouraged to recommend ways that new opportunities can be explored and present their ideas or concepts in proposal format. “We are responsible for executing something we can be proud of and that our founders would be proud of. We need to have a self-funded centennial, and as a matter of principle, contributing to the finances of Zeta is a level of commitment that we should all have.” She points to the richness of Zeta’s history of service and scholarship through the National Educational Foundation, Z-HOPE initiatives, and the Stork’s Nest program as examples of lasting achievement. Zeta’s social action initiatives have increased the organization’s level of advocacy on legislative topics that enhance the quality of life for more vulnerable populations such as disenfranchised groups, children and elders. The sorority is proud of its more than 40-year partnership with the March of Dimes and recent collaboration with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Past Grand Tearte adds, “We know how to bring resources together in a collective manner. Zeta has demonstrated a long term ability to execute successful partnerships, and we are excited to be expanding our reach with organizations who share our mission in lifting others in the world.” LASTING LEGACY Past Grand Tearte is an enthusiastic advocate of expanding Zeta’s legacy and encourages sorors to think differently about what creating legacy means. She says “Legacy doesn’t have to be blood. Those we are mentoring, or coaching, or helping see the Zeta light…that’s legacy. We may not be blood, but the way we feel about each other is legacy. That’s the light that we have to embrace on our journey to 2020.” As the sisterhood prepares for the centennial kickoff in 2015, identifying our values, securing resources for future success, and building a strong infrastructure for attracting finer women are paramount to the fruitfulness of the experience. Dr. Tearte declares, “The world should see and the world should know why we do what we have done for 100 years, and why we are committed to greater contribution in the next 100 years.”

By Soror Rauchelle Jones National Director of Programs

Zetas Have Heart is an exciting program designed to help sorors have a healthier heart and adopt positive life-changing behaviors. The program was designed to measure behavioral changes and not weight. The premise is if your thinking changes, your behavior will change. Dr. Randall Wright serves as our consultant. He is a practicing Neurologist and a Board Member of the Southwest Affiliate of the American Heart Association. Other committee members include the Project Coordinator Soror Rauchelle Jones, Z-HOPE National Director and Certified Personal Trainer Soror Karen Gipson, Registered/ Licensed Dietician Soror Faye Walker and Program Specialist Hellen Fissihae.

We wanted to develop a program that provided guidance but not pressure. The program would provide support from your sisters and have a Captain to encourage you along the way. There would be no judging but just fun healthy challenges. We also knew that all of the research and data showed that participating in some physical activity at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes per day would lower our risk for heart disease, stroke and cancer. It helps regulate our blood sugar and lower blood pressure. Therefore our main goal became to get the sisterhood moving. The goal was to register 300 members and have them report on their success at the end of each 30-Day Challenge. We have

1,200 registered members and 79 chapters. The chapter with the largest number registered is Alpha Eta Zeta in Tennessee. Because they are the winner, they will get to submit 3 potential slogans and have the members vote on which slogan will be placed on our Zetas Have Heart T-shirt. First Challenge - Move Something Second Challenge - Bon Appétit Third Challenge - Making You a Priority The excitement about the program has grown and sponsorships or partnerships have been sought by other organizations.



Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated is proud to partner with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude is a leader in pediatric treatment of children with cancer and other catastrophic disease. In April and May 2014, graduate and undergraduate chapters participated in Sunday of Hope, an education and fundraising campaign to raise awareness for treatment, prevention and cures of pediatric cancers. This effort allowed St. Jude to continue to provide high-quality treatment regardless of race, gender or religion at no cost. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, St. Jude and the selected places of worship partnered to execute the initiative which had the potential to garner the chapter 25 Z-HOPE points for each participating site. An award will be given at Boule’ for the chapter and region which raised the most money for St. Jude.




90 Years

Strong Alpha Zeta Chapter: Celebrating 90 Years of Sisterhood, Scholarship, Service and Finer Womanhood in the Baltimore Metropolitan Community


lpha Zeta Chapter had a lot to celebrate in 2013. On Sept. 21, 2013, Alpha Zeta celebrated 90 years of Finer Womanhood, Scholarship, Sisterhood, and Service in high style with a gala at Martin’s Valley Mansion, one of Baltimore’s premier banquet venues. Since 1923, Alpha Zeta has been instrumental in developing and supporting initiatives for community growth at the local, regional, and national levels and committed to scholarship and community service. International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright, Atlantic Regional Director Janet Y. Bivins, Esq., Eastern Regional Director T. Diane Surgeon, Esq., and Maryland State Director Danielle R. Green, joined the celebration. Additionally, our Sigma Brothers, members of the Divine Nine, family and friends were also in attendance for the festivities. The 90th Anniversary Gala was the culminating activity of a whirlwind week of activities designed to highlight our founding principles including: Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013 - A Sister-to-Sister dinner at a local restaurant to kick-off the celebration. Maryland State Director, Soror Danielle R. Green, attended and brought greetings. Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013 - Zeta Healthy Aging Partnership (Z-HAP) Prep Team partnered with 15 community health agencies to host a community health information and activities event where more than 200 older adults and other residents from the community participated. Z-HAP is a REACH initiative under the auspices of The Office for Healthy Aging, founded in June 2010. Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013 - Alpha Zeta Chapter worshiped together at the church of our Basileus, Soror Sherl B. Woodland. Monday, Sept. 16, 2013 - Alpha Zeta Chapter appeared on the local News’ early morning television show, “Manic Monday”, to highlight the Chapter’s contribution to the community and its 90th Anniversary activities. Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013 - Alpha Zeta members participated in Zeta Day on The Hill in Washington, D.C. 36



Friday, Sept. 20, 2013 - At the Zeta Center for Healthy and Active Aging, Alpha Zeta Chapter and the City of Baltimore renamed the corner of Reisterstown Road and Wylie Avenue, “Zeta Phi Beta Sorority AZ Way.” Afterward, guests headed inside for the unveiling of a picture of one of our Founders and Alpha Zeta member, Founder Myrtle Tyler Faithful. The unveiling was followed by an open house and welcome reception to honor our International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright. Sorors of the Atlantic and Eastern Regions attended this event. Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013 - 90th Anniversary Gala at Martin’s Valley Mansion. Alpha Zeta Chapter is the oldest graduate chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. Over the past 90 years, Alpha Zeta Chapter has upheld the ideals of our Five Pearls and those of the chapters’ charter members: Sorors Iradelle Bond Williams, Nellie A. Buchanan, Florence Purviance, Ethel Thompson, and Jeanette Johnson Moore (Laws). The chapter extends special thanks to those who made Alpha Zeta’s 90th anniversary momentous. Special thanks to International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright, Atlantic Regional Director Janet Y. Bivins, Esq.; Maryland State Director Danielle R. Green; Alpha Zeta Chapter Basileus Sherl B. Woodland; Alpha Zeta Chapter’s 90th Anniversary celebration chair Dr. Bettina Scott; The entire Alpha Zeta 90th Anniversary celebration committee, members of Alpha Zeta Chapter, our brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., including Eastern Regional Director, Brother Leonard Lockhart; the Zeta Amicae of Greater Baltimore, Alpha Zeta Youth auxiliaries and members of the Divine Nine. Additionally, we would like to thank our community partners: Baltimore City Council President, Mr. Bernard C. “Jack” Young, Baltimore City Comptroller, Mrs. Joan Pratt, Baltimore Councilwoman, Ms. Sharon Middleton, representatives from Senators Benjamin Cardin and Barbara Mikulski’s offices. If you would like to stay informed of Alpha Zeta events and activities, please visit us online at www.az1923.org.



On Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014, Grammy and Academy Award-Winner and Weight Watchers spokesperson Jennifer Hudson visited the Zeta Center for Healthy and Active Aging along with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and representatives of ‘B’More for Healthy Babies’ to announce the expansion of ‘B’More Fit. Alpha Zeta is honored that the City of Baltimore selected the Zeta Center for this occasion. Alpha Zeta Sorors in attendance included: Sorors Sherl B. Woodland, President, Dr. Freeda Thompson, Chair of the Myrtle Tyler Faithful Fund (MTFF) and Betsy D. Simon, Founder and Director of Zeta Healthy Aging Partnership (Z-HAP).


Lambda Upsilon Chapter at the University of Dubuque dedicated nine hours of silence to those affected by domestic violence. Chapter members walked around campus with index cards that explained their silence and engaged teachers, faculty, staff and students in the activity by having them sign their vision board signifying their stance against domestic violence. Sorors were fortunate enough to have others join in the effort as well as having the support of the University of Dubuque Board of Trustees. The chapter was commended for its dedication to educate others on the topic of domestic violence awareness and prevention and plans to make the activity an annual event. Lambda Upsilon Chapter also had the opportunity to volunteer at the March of Dimes Chef’s Auction on Sept. 19, 2013.

Z-PACK IT UP IN SUPPORT OF EDUCATION Across the country local Zeta Phi Beta chapters hosted events to support children in disenfranchised school districts by providing school supplies necessary for academic excellence.


Alpha Phi Zeta Chapter, Richmond, Va. partnered with “A Grace Place”, Adult Day Care Center where they have provided dozens of service hours to the facility. In an effort to support the entire caregiving community, the chapter planned a holiday fellowship for the Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group on Dec. 14, 2013. The chapter also partnered with Alpha Lambda Zeta and The Alzheimer Caregiver Support group to host a community workshop for caregivers.


On Sept. 21, 2013 the Eta Phi Zeta Chapter fulfilled its duty to the children of Central Elementary School in Hillsborough, N.C. during its “Z-Pack It Up” event. More than 150 students attended the back-to-school event receiving a variety of school supplies such as pencils, folders, crayons, books, rulers, and other important tools that they otherwise would be without. “We give back to communities because it’s the right thing to do. By positively touching children’s lives we are helping them excel,” said Eta Phi Zeta President Lashena Washington. Select students received free haircuts and gift certificates to get their hair styled. “Parents and community were thank to receive the much needed support,” said Soror Efua Obeng. Eta Phi Zeta Chapter will continue Z-Pack It Up annually in honor and recognition of the chapter’s chartering day.

Blazing New Trails

magine receiving a call from a predominately white college inviting your organization to be the first Divine Nine sorority to grace the campus within a period of nine weeks? Under the direction of the Maryland State Director Danielle R. Green and Maryland State Undergraduate Coordinator Josalyn Bryant, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated answered the call to charter on the campus of McDaniel College in Westminster, Md. Pi Omicron Zeta Basileus Veronica Huntley developed, presented and implemented a project plan that was mutually agreed upon by McDaniel College and the sorority. A team of Pi Omicron Zeta sorors served as the Undergraduate Council, providing MIP training exercises and embellishment.

With the tight time constraints of the University’s requirements for membership intake, finding and observing qualified young women was not an issue. Finding women who had the financial means within weeks of membership intake presented a challenge. Reminded of the scripture, “You have not, because you ask not”, Soror Huntley requested from the McDaniel administration to grant the women financial assistance in their quest into the sisterhood. Within days, Pi Omicron Zeta was awarded a $2,500 grant to charter the chapter. On May 10, 2013, Atlantic Regional Director Janet Y. Bivins, Esq. chartered Mu Upsilon chapter welcoming Sorors Dovetta Blair, Jewel Engram, Kristina Karim-Makle, Natarsha Towner and Shanice Hackley. Additionally, Pi Omicron Zeta welcomed their first MIP initiate, Soror Dominca Mendes.






i Xi Chapter at the University of Arizona was the 2013 Pacific Region Premier Undergraduate Chapter of the Year. While this was a great honor, how the chapter achieved the honor is the true story. Pi Xi started the 2011-2012 academic year with only three members and a ranking as a probationary organization by the University of Arizona (UA) Office of Fraternity and Sorority Programs, which correlates to an academic grade of “C.” In spite of the designation, the sorors of Pi Xi Chapter proved to be the epitome of undergraduate Zetas by setting their sights on increasing their numbers, maintaining high academic standards, and excelling in their service to the sorority, university, and surrounding communities. Among its many accomplishments, the chapter hosted last year’s Arizona State Leadership Conference, sponsored the school’s first anti-hazing initiative with the “Finer Women Don’t Haze” workshop, “Zumba with the Zetas”, and hosted a Haunted House during the campus wide “Greek or Treat” event. Under the leadership of Basileus Nita Ocansey and the support of Undergraduate Advisor Patricia Spencer of Omega Rho Zeta Chapter, Pi Xi shed its probationary status and achieved the designation of Chapter of Achievement from the University’s chapter evaluation process. The chapter was assessed based on academic performance, campus leadership and involvement, membership education, chapter management, recruitment and health and wellness programs. Pi Xi was honored for its achievements at the 2013 Greek Awards, sponsored by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Programs (FSP) and the Order of Omega (OO). The chapter earned several honors including five Chapter of Excellence awards and other honors for their participation in campus activities and contributions to the school and community. Out of 51 fraternities and sororities on the UA campus, Pi Xi received more awards than any other organization. The awards included:




Chapter’s Choice Award (given by OO): This award recognizes the best overall chapter. Outstanding Intercommunity Relations Award (given by OO): This award is for sponsoring activities which bring together all Greek-lettered organizations Chapter of Excellence in Chapter Management; Recruitment and Outreach; Membership Education and Development; Leadership and Involvement. This recognition was for the Anti-Hazing Workshop; Wellness - for sponsoring programs that promote wellness like their skincare workshop and Zumba with the Zetas. Most Improved Chapter for Chapter of Achievement Award. The university sent a letter to Zeta International Headquarters praising the chapter. Greek Woman of the Year: Soror Nita Ocansey, former Chapter Basileus Chapter President of the Year: Soror Nita Ocansey, former Chapter Basileus Chapter Advisor of the Year: Soror Patricia Spencer, Undergraduate Advisor, Omega Rho Zeta Chapter In addition to its many awards, the chapter quadrupled its membership and maintains over a 3.0 GPA. The sorors of Pi Xi Chapter exemplify the principles of Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood.


Zumbathon for

Multiple Sclerosis

Psi Pi Chapter members have taken a special interest in partnering with the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. The disease has had a direct impact on family members of sorors in the chapter which inspired the chapter to take a broader, more active approach to bring attention to the cause. Born from this desire was a Zumbathon to raise funds toward MS medical research. The Zumbathon took place on Monday, Sept. 16, 2013, in the Main Lounge of the University Center at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. The event was well-attended with more than 60 guests and contributors. Zumba instructors Lynn Langone and K.J. Bryant volunteered their time to promote physical exercise and health for the Seton Hall students and community participants in attendance. A $3 entry fee was suggested, but by the end of the night, more than $200 was raised and donated to the New Jersey Metro Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The chapter also conducted a raffle to raise additional funds as an opportunity for non-participants to get involved. Other Greek organizations, including Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Delta Sigma

Theta Sorority, and Alpha Phi Sorority, as well as the sorors of Gamma Omicron Zeta Graduate Chapter of Essex County, New Jersey showed great support through advertising and participation. Seton Hall’s Housing and Residence Life also provided housing points to students as an incentive to attend. The Zumbathon promoted health and is aligned with the Z-HOPE target of Mind, Body, and Spirit. To learn more about the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, please visit www.nationalmssociety.org.

Expanding Our Reach:

Z PHI B on Your TV

along with invited guests, discuss timely topics such as prematurity and breast cancer awareness, community service and other issues. Often, our youth and Amicae can also be seen. Check us out! Thursdays may be “Scandalous” but Wednesdays are Finer. “The Royal Blue Connection” is the weekly public access television program created and produced by Sigma Phi Zeta Chapter. Each week, residents of Lake County, IL can look forward to learning about the events, programs and initiatives of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated right from their living rooms. The chapter hosts a halfhour broadcast in Chicago on the Comcast Local Access Channel 17. Through this unique outlet, members of Sigma Phi Zeta Chapter,

Produced by the chapter’s Public Relations Chair Soror Kim Woods, and directed by Soror Tiera Gray, “The Royal Blue Connection” is a permanent community fixture. While waiting patiently to see us on the small screen, you can hear us right now on our website, www.sigmaphizeta1920.org where the show’s podcasts can be found.


Changing the Face of Prenatal Education

In partnership with the Louisiana Chapter of the March of Dimes and the Dr. Leo S. Butler Community Center, members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Omicron Sigma Zeta Chapter, reopened the chapter’s Stork’s Nest on Saturday, March 30, 2013. The event began with a rededication program followed by a meet and greet among chapter members, guests and clients as information about the partnership and the Stork’s Nest program was shared. Special guests included District 10 Councilwoman Tara Wicker; Dr. Leo S. Butler Community Center Executive Director Sherman G. Ruth Esq., and Makesha L. Judson, MPA, March of Dimes State Director of Program Services and Governmental Affairs. Ranked at 49 out of 50 on many of the National Statistics for Birth Out-

comes, Louisiana received a grade of “F” on the 2012 March of Dimes Premature Birth Report Card. Omicron Sigma Zeta Chapter Stork’s Nest program seeks to help change this abysmal rating through implementing programming that encourages pregnant women in the East Baton Rouge area to seek prenatal care, adapt healthy behaviors, and participate in programs sponsored by March of Dimes and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. Clients earn points towards baby care items by participating in various positive, health-promoting activities such as prenatal care appointments, prenatal education classes and keeping appointments for well-baby visits.




Sisters are Building it for



n the fall of 2012, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated Sigma Kappa Zeta Chapter Amicette auxiliary and four members of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, Sigma Kappa Zeta Chapter Archonette auxiliary participated in a program sponsored by the U.S. Navy. The program, which is administered throughout the United States, was for the first time held in New York City. It introduced middle and high school students to Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Within a period of five to six months of preparation, the participants built a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) from scratch and prepared to compete in the city-wide competition at CUNY City College in Harlem, New York. The Amicette and Archonette auxiliaries were the only two all-female teams that competed. Although the teams did not win the competition, they received honorable mention for showing the most team spirit. They also were mentioned specifically by Naval representatives as being the only all-female teams.


2012-2013 Amicette Auxiliary members, Archonette Auxiliary and Phi Beta Sigma Epsilon Sigma Chapter Sigma Beta Club members at the 2013 NYC Naval SeaPerch Competition

The youth auxiliaries met for several sessions between October 2012 to April 2013. Despite the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the workshop schedule was revamped several times to allow for the building and operating of the ROVs, and for preparation for the citywide competition. The ROVs built by the youth weighed 7-10 pounds. The ROVs were built using low-cost and easily obtainable water-safe items. The youth were separated into teams and built five ROVs which were named: “The SS Archonettes,” “The Great White,” “The Party Boat,” “The Crazy Ship,” and “Da Bomb.” The participants learned hands-on tool safety, mathematical, engineering and science concepts. They also learned safety concepts including the use of safety glasses, the importance of proper attire and grooming when using power tools and how to use a soldering iron safely. The United States Navy donated the kits that included supplies to build the submersible. Additionaly, the youth auxiliaries used the Greater New York YMCA – Bedford Branch’s swimming pool for the testing and operating of the built ROVs.

GIRLS’ RETREAT/FINER WOMANHOOD CAMP N.C. Chapter & Local Mentoring Group Partner in Sponsorship of Girls’ Retreat In celebration of Finer Womanhood Month, the ladies of the Eta Phi Zeta Chapter (Chapel Hill, N.C.) partnered with Blue Ribbon Mentor–Advocate program to host an all-day retreat, “Girls’ Retreat/Finer Womanhood Camp,” which targeted middle and high school girls from disenfranchised and at-risk groups. The event, which took



place on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014, at Carrboro High School in Carrboro, N.C., featured dynamic programming through which the young ladies were educated about healthy living and proper etiquette, explored their definition of self-image and its relation to colorism, created an empowerment craft, and was visited by renowned author,


Soror Margaret Brunson, who delivered the keynote address. As hoped, these activities had a positive impract on attendees and prepared them to contribute to their communities. - Submitted by Soror Angela Baker Eta Phi Zeta Chapter

ON THE FRONT LINES | CHAPTER SPOTLIGHT Rho Chi Zeta Chapter members and UPLIFT participants take part in the “Girls to Pearls” Ceremony


Utilizing Potential


& Life Interest FOR TEENS

he UPLIFT (Utilizing Potential and Life Interests for Teens) Mentoring Program was launched in November 2000, shortly after the chartering of Rho Chi Zeta Chapter. UPLIFT is a 10-week program to assist in directing high school girls on a positive path as they journey through their teen years. The life skills being taught are applicable whether the participants plan to attend college or gain immediate employment. Ridley High School in Folsom, Pa., was selected as the pilot school for the program. Since its inception, the program has included participants from Chester, Ridley, Springfield, Strath Haven, and Village Charter High Schools. The program has even extended beyond Delaware County. On Oct. 19, 2013, the chapter kicked off its Fourteenth Annual Mentoring Program. Through interactive workshops, the participants:

Received tips on how to properly manage their finances. Learned the importance of social graces (manners, respect, dining and business etiquette) Gained practical tools for safety, assertiveness and self-defense. This year’s theme is “Destination UPLIFT.” The culmination of the UPLIFT Mentoring Program is the Finer Womanhood Blue Revue, “From Girls to Pearls” luncheon. This is an opportunity for the young ladies to showcase the skills and talents that they have developed during the mentoring program in front of family, friends, and community leaders. The UPLIFT program is also a prerequisite to join the Archonette Auxiliary. Rho Chi Zeta to has the honor of sponsoring the largest Archonette Auxiliary in the Atlantic Region.

Improved their communication skills by reducing the fear of speaking in public and learning to effectively convey their thoughts and ideas. Participated in a panel discussion regarding hot topics such as dating, boys, peer pressure, etc. Received instructions on how to properly care for their skin and apply make up, and they had a professional photo shoot. Learned the importance of making a great first impression - verbal, written and face-to-face.

Rho Chi Zeta Chapter Basileus Sandra Casimir




LAND of the


Calm Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright (Center), Pi Eta Zeta Chapter members (L-R) Cinthia Wright, Audra O’Neal, Courtney Burks, Regina Lewis, Jaynene Smith, Brandielee Johnson



eta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated Pi Eta Zeta Chapter was honored to host International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright during her visit to Seoul, Republic of Korea, Feb. 12-17, 2013. Grand Basileus Wright, accompanied by her spouse, Brother James Wright, toured Seoul’s cultural sites and sampled traditional Korean cuisine. She and Brother Wright fellowshipped with the Blue and White Family from Korea and those who traveled from Okinawa and Tokyo, Japan, for this special weekend. The other members of the Divine Nine welcomed Grand Basileus Wright to commemorate her visit

to the “Land of the Morning Calm’” at a reception hosted by the chapter in her honor. Grand Basileus Wright culminated her visit by attending and serving as the guest speaker at the Blue and White Ball, the premier Black History Month event on the Korean peninsula. This event, hosted annually with the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Alpha Omega Sigma Chapter/ Korea, recognizes community volunteers and Zeta youth scholarship recipients. The event of fers an opportunity to collaborate with the military and host nation communities that Pi Eta Zeta Chapter serves. Gyeongbokgung Palace, a Korean National Treasure – Seoul City Tour Jaynene Smith, International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright, South Korean Sergeant of the Guard, Brother James Wright, Sorors Courtney Burks, and Cinthia Wright.

Submitted by: Soror Cathy Billingslea Asian-Pacific Antipokritis






Blazes New Trails in

GERMANY By Soror Rhonda M. Lawson Mu Theta Zeta Chapter


eing active in a Greek-letter oganization in Europe poses a number of challenges. Aside from being spread geographically throughout the continent, many of the members are assigned to military organizations that are subject to deployment at any time. Others are stationed in non-deployable units for the first time in many years and prefer to spend their time in Europe traveling and reconnecting with their families. Despite the challenges, the fraternities and sororities stationed in Europe - most chartered in Germany - enjoy an active and supportive relationship. Through monthly socials, community service events and event attendance, the organizations have established a sustainable bond. Most recently, the organizations took a new step toward solidarity by chartering Germany’s first-ever National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) chapter. Formerly known as the European Network Council, the chapter consists of all nine African American Greek-letter organizations, including Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated Mu Theta Zeta Chapter, and the Germany chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. “Zeta Phi Beta Sorority is engaged in cooperative planning and programming in an effort to avoid conflicts of events and functions among the Divine Nine sororities and fraternities in Germany, thus meeting the intent and goal of the NPHC of Germany,” said Steve Yearwood, president of the NPHC of Germany, and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

NPHC Abroad! Jimmy McMikle, Polemarch of the Northeastern Province of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. (second from left), and Soror Ameica Banks (far right), pose with the new members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council of Germany

The chartering ceremony took place May 4, 2013, in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and was presided over by Jimmy McMikle, the Polemarch of the Northeastern Province of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Currently, Mu Theta Zeta president Ameica Banks is the NPHC treasurer, and Mu Theta Zeta treasurer Miranda Lee is the NPHC’s financial secretary. Following the ceremony, the newly formed NPHC celebrated with a barbecue that was open to the public. “It was a unique experience to witness the chartering of the NPHC of Germany, and an honor to represent Zeta as one of the founding officers,” Banks said. “We have a partnership that’s truly sincere and genuine. We represent what the Divine Nine is intended to be.” Consisting of only eight members, Mu Theta Zeta is one of the smallest member chapters of the NPHC. Iota Phi Theta is the smallest with only three members, but has made a definite impact in Germany. Currently, the NPHC has adopted the Iotas’ I-PhiT program, which promotes physical and spiritual fitness, and recently partnered with the local Harley Davidson chapter’s Hog Toy Run by donating new toys to less fortunate children. They are now working on a partnership with the Germany NAACP chapter to organize a panel discussion on the issues that will affect military members and their families during the midterm elections.





Blazes New Trails in

Members of Alpha Alpha Eta Zeta Chapter gather for a photo with National First Anti-Basileus Scarlet H. Black and Atlantic Regional Director Janet Y. Bivins, Esq. Standing: Sorors Tasha McFarlande, April Dunham-Rhett, Vannessa Menefee, Erica Robinson, Crystal Ballard, Saunya Bright-Howard Seated: AATZ Basileus Dr. Vickie Bannerman and First Anti-Basileus Romanda Miller.


By Soror Rhonda M. Lawson Mu Theta Zeta Chapter

dream does not have to just stay a dream. When a group of forward-thinking Zetas come together, it can be a reality. Just ask Dr. Vickie Bannerman, who, during her first tour as a military spouse at Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England, expressed to another soror a desire to charter a local chapter in the UK. The dream did not come into fruition then, but came closer to reality during her second tour, when she met Sorors Saunya Bright-Howard and Crystal Ballard. They later met Soror Romanda Miller, a doctoral student. “I mentioned the idea of chartering a local chapter to them and they shared that they had thought about doing the same,” Dr. Bannerman said. “We agreed that I would reach out to both national and regional level leadership to attempt to get information as to the feasibility of our interest in expansion.” Meanwhile, Soror Rhonda Lawson, a master sergeant in the Army, moved to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Belgium. Since there was not a local Zeta chapter in Belgium, she transferred to Mu Theta Zeta Chapter in Germany, located nearly four hours away. Although active with the chapter, eventually becoming the chapter’s vice president, she expressed her dream of one day chartering a chapter in Belgium. “I just wanted to do the work of Zeta,” she said. “Mu Theta Zeta had been the only Zeta chapter in Europe for nearly 31 years, with members spread across Germany, Belgium and Italy. To know that my [Mu Theta Zeta] sisters shared the dream of expanding was exciting.” Shortly after Soror Lawson’s arrival in Belgium, Soror Mary Breaux Wright was elected International Grand Basileus, and Soror Janet Y. Bivins, Esq. was appointed Atlantic Regional Director. She soon took an active interest in making Mu Theta Zeta a more viable part of the Region, including appointing Soror Lawson as the region’s March of Dimes Coordinator, and enabling the chapter to attend the Atlantic Regional Leadership Conference over video teleconference—a first for Zeta. Sorors Bannerman and Lawson finally met in November 2013. Soror Bannerman had already contacted Regional Director Bivins, and during a teleconference with Soror Stacye Montez, Zeta’s Executive Director, the ball began rolling for a UK and Belgium chapter, with Soror Lawson being the MIP Coordinator for Germany and Belgium, and Dr. Bannerman serving as the MIP Coordinator for the UK.





“This was probably one of the hardest things I had ever done for Zeta, ” Soror Lawson said. “We were basically conducting MIP in three different countries.” The process was not without its challenges. Communication took place mostly over email, Skype and phone conferences. Some of the Belgium interests left the process, so Soror Tawa Seabrook in Germany, and Sorors Angelique Bowles and Kisha Wood in Italy stepped in and reclaimed their membership to make the chapter happen. In the end, Alpha Alpha Eta Zeta was chartered with eight sorors in Greater London, with Dr. Bannerman being elected Basileus, and Alpha Alpha Theta Zeta was chartered with six sorors in Belgium, with Soror Lawson elected Basileus. Mu Theta Zeta also gained seven new members in the process. In all, Zeta gained 11 inductees and seven reclaims. Technology was an integral part of the chartering. The ceremonies took place in London, presided by National First Anti-Basileus Scarlet H. Black and Regional Director Bivins. Grand Basileus Wright administered the oath via Skype. Also in attendance were Sorors Michelle Porter Norman, Great Lakes Regional Director, T. Diane Surgeon, Eastern Regional Director, and Ameica Banks, Mu Theta Zeta Chapter Basileus. Immediately following the chartering ceremonies, all three Regional Directors presented chapter training to start the new chapters on the right note. “This was a monumental feat for the Atlantic Region and Zeta as a whole,” said Regional Director Bivins. “Congratulations to Grand Basileus Wright for her European Expansion vision and thank you to National First Anti-Basileus Black for her hard work to ensure necessary certifications to grow Zeta abroad. The Atlantic Region embraces these 14 progressive, path-blazing women, and I look forward to working with them to implement the ideals and programs of Zeta in their respective countries.” “I am so honored to have been a catalyst for turning our vision into action,” Soror Bannerman said. “On behalf of the eight charter members of Alpha Alpha Eta Zeta, I’d like to express our love for the organization, our love for our sorors, and our zeal to continue to grow and nurture the seed of expansion planted here in the UK.” Soror Lawson echoed her sentiment. “We are the first NPHC organization to charter in Belgium and we are proud to have that distinction,” she said. “Our goal is to make Alpha Alpha Theta Zeta flourish in Belgium. Our sorors are motivated, excited and equipped for the challenge.”

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irst giving thanks, the Atlantic Region would like to thank Grand Basileus Wright for initiating, international headquarters for administering and the Sorors, Amicae, chapters, states and regions for donating to the Hurricane Sandy Relief effort. Your gifts of finances, prayers and love continue to support and uplift us. Leadership Lives Here As the residence of three of the Five Founders and eight of the 23 past national presidents, it is no wonder that the mantra of Janet Y. Bivins, Esq., Atlantic Regional Director is “Leadership Lives Here!” And this past year has been no exception. Home of two national elected officers—Jacqueline Lemon-Denton, National Second Vice President and Alexis Maisonet, National Undergraduate Member at Large, the Atlantic Region is the only region in which the membership for both Zeta and Amicae increased; the home of the largest chapter in Zeta—where graduate membership began in 1923—Alpha Zeta in Baltimore, Maryland, with 122 members; and not far behind, the fourth largest chapter in Zeta, Beta Delta Zeta in Philadelphia, Pa. with 105 members. The home of the largest graduate intake class (12) for 2012-2013 sorority year —Tau Eta Zeta Chapter of Greater Baltimore, Md.; the most new Life Members – 131 and counting; and the most Diamond Life Contributors at 62. Our membership includes 2,194 sorors, 198 Amicae, and 703 members of our Youth Auxiliaries. The Atlantic Region continues to build on our Sisterhood, Scholarship, Service and Finer Womanhood to impact our society in innovative ways. Over the past year, the Atlantic Region’s blue and white family has been unwavering in its dedication to our national Z-HOPE initiatives by donating $112,211; 17,423 items through 1,145 programs with 64,203 people in attendance. As we worked with the March of Dimes to prevent birth defects, we raised $78,655 for March for Babies. The enthusiasm is evident as we growing Zeta. With the addition of 179 new sorors and 46 new Amicae, we are broadening our demographics. The Zeta Amicae of Silver Springs, Maryland was reactivated in December 2012. Theta Upsilon Chapter was chartered on the campus of the University of New Haven in Connecticut on March 3, 2013; Kappa Upsilon Chapter was chartered on the campus of Ramapo College in New Jersey on April 24, 2013; Zeta Amicae of Glen Burnie, Maryland was chartered on Dec. 14, 2013; Pi Iota Chapter was reactivated at Syracuse University in April 2014; and Zeta Amicae of Middle/Southern Middlesex County, N.J. has been approved for chartering. Mu Upsilon Chapter was chartered on the campus of McDaniel College on May 6, 2013. At McDaniel, the college welcomed us as the first member of the NPHC to their campus by paying the membership fees of the charter members. Additionally, 213 sorors across the Region came back home to Zeta by reinstating their membership.



55th Atlantic Regional Leadership Conference Our growth does not stop there. In October, this year’s bi-annual leadership conference had record-setting attendance with 610 registrants. For the first time, Mu Theta Zeta Chapter sorors were able to audio visually teleconference the business sessions from their location in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The region partnered with Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and The Loft as they not only provided sponsorship but interviewed onsite for job opportunities. As a result, Sam’s Club hired five and Wal-Mart hired one for a total of six “outstanding candidates.” We strengthened our family bond by convening our regional conference in tandem with the New York State Meeting of Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity Inc., and were blessed with the support of our brothers throughout the conference. Recognizing that the purpose of the conference is to provide attendees with the tools and skills to advance Zeta’s initiatives and goals, each day emphasized a Zeta ideal as we developed our leadership proficiencies to become better equipped agents of change. Our quarterly newsletter, The Atlantic Advance, as the Leadership Edition, focused on our members that hold leadership positions outside of Zeta and was included in every conference bag. Life Members dined and saw the manifestation of their fundraising sponsorship with the attendance of three undergraduates at the regional conference. The initial day’s concurrent workshops included The Anatomy of Your Personal Path to Leadership; Strategic Planning and Leadership Initiatives; Stork’s Nest; Publishing Zeta!; and Starting Up, Retaining and Sustaining an Amicae Auxiliary. Membership Intake Process certification training was conducted for all to provide the necessary means for our newly revised process and awareness was raised as we delved into Grand Wright’s signature program—Elder Care—as we learned how to properly prepare and protect ourselves and others from the potential financial downfalls and physical abuse that can come with advancing age. As a part of this initiative, we furthered our outreach by donating $6,000 to Friends to the Elderly Center in Buffalo, N.Y., as the region’s Z-HOPE project and through our AdoptA-School Program, we worked with Buffalo’s Kappa Upsilon Zeta Chapter and sponsored the Highgate Height Elementary School - PS #80 fifth grade class for our “Community Leader for A Day” Regional Essay Contest. Prizes were awarded to three creative students: First Place – MacBook Pro; Second Place– iPad Mini; and Third Place—a Nook. Continuing our first day’s theme of Scholarship, the Arizona Cleaver Stemons Scholarships were awarded to five deserving sorors for the continuation of their undergraduate or graduate studies. Emphasis on the fact that “leadership lives (and often begins) here,” the national initiatives of our partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and our furtherance of our International Women initiative were launched during the Opening Program. A


highlight of the evening was homage that was paid to our Zeta Doves and to those chapters and auxiliaries that had Zeta anniversaries over the past two years and our keynote address by Dr. Ronald Rochon, Provost and Professor of Education at the University of Southern Indiana.

Atlantic Region’s Legacy of Leadership Regional Directors over the years (left to right, standing front: Beryl T. Battle, Dr. Kathyrn Malvern, Nathalia M. East-Roberts, Valerie Hollingsworth, Barbara A. Henderson, Jacqueline Lemon-Denton (National Second Anti-Basileus), International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright, Jacqueline McNair, and Atlantic Regional Director Janet Y. Bivins, Esq.

Our second day focused on Sisterhood and began with the Passing of the Gavel Ceremony highlighted symbolically by each Past Regional Director passing the ceremonial gavel to her successor to exemplify the strong foundation of the region and the unified passage of leadership to the 16th Atlantic Regional Director. The business was handled throughout the day including the celebration of our collegiates during the Undergraduate Luncheon. The fun began at night with our Sister Friend Social— night of games, fashion shows, fun and prizes —closed to Zetas and Amicae only. Taking this event to officially congratulate our Amicae for the anniversary of 65 years of service with Zeta, on each day of the conference, each Amica received a gift from the Atlantic Region. Service was our focus on day three commencing with honoring the service of our deceased and rededicating ourselves to our mission. Business sessions concluded mid-afternoon to allow for tours of Niagara Falls, outlet shopping and the African American Cemetery Tour that featured the final resting place of our 6th National President Ruth Tappe Scruggs—the first to hold the title as Grand Basileus and to be married to a National President of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Brother Ivorite Scruggs. Our new national logos were launched and the Atlantic Region voted to donate funds to our National Headquarters and Operation Homefront. The First Edition of the Atlantic Region History Book was introduced. During the Z-HOPE and Awards Dinner, states and chapters were acknowledged for outstanding contributions in their service to Zeta; four individuals through their service in Zeta and other organizations by the induction of the second class of DOARS—Documenting Our Atlantic Region Success; and (continued on page 47)

AROUND THE REGION | ATLANTIC (continued from page 46) the Zeta Legacies of the region were recognized. The Zeta and Amicae Choir showed up and showed out! And when it was over, we evidenced our genuine commitment to our sisterhood by reconvening at midnight to 3:30 a.m. to complete the business of Zeta. Finer Womanhood reigned supreme with our Sunday morning Inspirational Breakfast as we donned our hats, praised God and were motivated to return home armored with the tools, passion, and determination to blaze new paths in our local and world communities. The Onset of Spring Spring represents new life and renewal. On the cusp of the new season, the Atlantic Region broadened its presence as Zeta’s borders were expanded to include England and Belgium. On March 12, 2014, Alpha Alpha Eta Zeta Chapter was chartered in Greater London, England with eight charter members and Alpha Alpha Theta Zeta Chapter was chartered in the country of Belgium with six charter members. Charter day consisted of their ceremonies and chapter training regarding Organizational Structure, Chapter Management, Financial Management, New Membership insights and the State of the Atlantic Region. Congratulations to Dr. Vickie Bannerman, newly elected President of Alpha Alpha Eta Zeta and to Rhonda Lawson, newly elected President of Alpha Alpha Theta Zeta. All Atlantic Region State Leadership Conferences convene in the Spring and offer the vitality of new beginnings Tri-State (comprised of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut) Leadership Conference, led by State Director Annette Draper-Moore, was held in Providence, R.I., and featured an undergraduate workshop with our International Grand Basileus. In addition, Sorors and Amicae were able to engage in one-on-one conversations throughout the conference and the Tri-States inaugural Tri-State service project at Charlesgate Nursing Center. Thank you to Grand Basileus Wright for “covering” the leadership conference while Regional Director Bivins was

with the Sorors in England and Germany. Next up was the State of Maryland’s conference held in Cambridge on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Directed by Danielle R. Green, the State of Maryland adopted Choptank Elementary School and presented over 1,000 books, installed 13 Lexile-Leveled Libraries at an estimated cost of over $10,000 in classrooms throughout the Title 1 school. A state M4B team was established; Blue Jeans for Babies was conducted during the preliminary Executive Board Meeting collecting over $850. Each chapter will continue the activity through the end of 2014, donating the funds collected to the Maryland Team’s effort. And for a very special treat, R & B artist, Soror Syleena Johnson, performed an intimate show with her band. The conference was green with the use of the Guidebook app for all reports and agenda. State Director Martha Sims-Wilson convened Delaware Leadership Conference in Newark, Del. with nearly half of the financial membership of the state in attendance. In addition to handling the business of Zeta, highlights of the conference included a workshop on Team Building. The workshop enabled the members an opportunity to work together and construct bridges. Delaware used the Guidebook app as well. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania featured a professional photo shoot for all registrants that signed up; a community and family focused Old School Block Party; a College Fair; presentation of two scholarships totaling $3,000; successfully tackling 32 proposed constitution amendments (through utilization of the consent calendar); $1,000 donation to the Elder Care initiative; a Bless the Nest drive whereby items for two local Stork’s Nest were collected; and a midnight talk show with special guest International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright during its leadership conference in Philadelphia, Pa. Past State Director Geraldine A. Kinney was inducted as the 7th member of the Pennsylvania Hall of Fame. State Director Barbara A. Cousar also held an exceptional paperless conference. The Zetas and Amicae of the Garden State convened in Princeton, N.J. to do the work of Zeta. State Director Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq., presented

the State’s “Annual Report” and charged the blue and white family to focus on leadership, membership, financial controls, operations, the risks to our organization and the opportunities to enhance operations. The discussions included a review of the definition and liabilities of a corporation, and how each member of Zeta must put personal agendas aside and promote what is best for the sorority. The State celebrated several accomplishments, including: the 2014 State Z-HOPE Initiative, with $1,500 collected for donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; over $15,000 raised in the 2013 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks; over $4,000 in scholarships awarded to NJ sorors, including the Deborah Cannon Wolfe Life Membership Scholarships; the inaugural NJ Social Action Awards; $500 to NJ Youth for essay, poster and scrapbook; “Ask the Regional/State Director” workshop, addressing Zeta “hot topics”; and MIP Certification of 54 Sorors. The New York State  Leadership Conference was convened May 2 – 3, 2014 at Long Island University – C.W. Post Campus in Brookville, NY. Membership Intake Certification was held on Friday, May 2, 2014  and our business sessions were held May 3, 2014 with State Director Shanell R. Robinson, presiding. Highlights included an outstanding presentation on constitution and bylaw amendments, providing conference attendees with strategies on how to effectively maneuver making and amending our governing documents; workshops on “Boulé Bootcamp,” “Exempt – Steps For Starting Your Own Nonprofit Organization” and “Special Events: Tips For Making Your Event Finer and Fabulous!.” The installation of officers was conducted by Sorors Jacqueline Lemon-Denton, National Second Anti-Basileus and Maryanne Douglass-French, 9th New York State Director. The Atlantic Region Fundraiser Would you like a Mercedes Benz 2014 CLA? For a $50 raffle ticket, this could be yours. Purchase your raffle ticket from any Zeta or Amica in the Atlantic Region. The drawing will be held at Boulé 2014 in Washington, D.C.



The Atlantic region wants to put you in this new Mercedes Benz! For a $50 raffle ticket, this could be yours. Purchase your raffle ticket from any Zeta or Amica in the Atlantic Region. The drawing will be held at Boulé 2014 in Washington D.C.




the Electrifying EASTERN REGION


ince Jan. 16, 1920, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. has been enriching and enhancing the lives of women, children and men throughout the communities we serve. Following the precepts of our beautiful five Founders, our Pearls, our overarching mission has been to

address societal mores, ills, prejudices, poverty, and prevalent health concerns. Their guideposts, our founding principles - Sisterhood, Scholarship, Finer Womanhood and Service - provide for us an effective blueprint that has endured for over 94 years. Since Aug. 3, 2012, under the august leadership of International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright, with her inspiring theme “Building On the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths,” the electrifying Eastern Region has endeavored to effectively serve our sisterhood, communities and indeed our world from a position of substantial and sustained power and influence. The Eastern Region is Building and Blazing with synergy through enhanced Z-HOPE projects; renewed commitment and increased support for long-term partnerships and new, innovative initiatives that challenge and inspire personal and professional growth and development. We recognized and honored our Zeta Doves, sorors who have served our wonderful sisterhood for 50 years, and for the first time, our Zeta Roses, sorors who have served our sisterhood for 25 years. The Eastern Region is especially proud of our Eastern Region Hall of Fame and we inducted five sorors who have excelled in their careers, church, community and in the sorority. We paid tribute to Past Regional Director Soror Millie Veasey who was a World War II veteran; Past Regional Director Soror Bettye Murchison who has excelled in leadership in the church and community and has been honored as an “Unsung Hero,” Past Regional Director Marilyn Brooks, a new Zeta Dove, who has excelled in 48


higher education, Soror Dorothy Colson retired college administrator; and posthumously Soror Yvonne Miller who was a great political leader who continuously pushed for better, fairer laws. Recognizing that we are only as strong as our members, the Eastern Region accepted the Let’s Move! Challenge and worked diligently to increase our membership through graduate chapter growth and membership development and growth through reclamation, recruitment and retention. In the state of Virginia, we reactivated Tau Lambda at Radford University, chartered three new graduate chapters, two on the May 18, 2013 in two different cities - Omega Phi Zeta in Charlottesville and Omega Chi Zeta in Christiansburg, and the historic chartering of Alpha Alpha Alpha Zeta of Fredericksburg - the first four-letter chapter. Continuing the growth trend, North Carolina saw tremendous increases including 21 new members at Gamma Gamma in Durham- which was the largest new member intake for several months. Eta Delta Zeta, Shelby, N.C., was reactivated on June 2, 2013 and Pi Kappa Zeta in Burlington was reactivated at the North Carolina State Leadership Conference on Oct. 6, 2013. Two Amicae Auxiliaries were chartered - Woodbridge, Va., in the Spring of 2013 and Morrisville, N.C. on June 23, 2013. Supporting the 41-year old partnership with the March of Dimes is vitally important for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and the Eastern Region made incredible strides during March for Babies. States, chapters and sorors were honored and recognized at the 68th Eastern Regional Leadership Conference in March 2013 in Virginia Beach, Va. The Eastern Region welcomes and congratulates our new 47 Life Members and 28 new Diamond Life Contributors. Our graduate and undergraduate chapters and auxiliaries are building and blazing with synergy as we implement the signature programs of the International Grand Basileus: Elder Care and Adopt-A-School. The region collectively raised and donated over $75,000 in scholarships to deserving students and we enthusiastically embrace and support Finer Women Don’t Haze and the new MIP - with Omega Nu from University of North Carolina at Greensboro being the first chapter in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority to be approved under the new membership intake process. Following one of the Eastern Region’s largest conferences in March 2013, sorors and Amicae exhibited excitement, motivation and (continued on page 49)


THE EASTERN REGION OF ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY, INC. IS HERE TO PLAY A BIGGER GAME – ON A BIGGER STAGE! Regional-Level Awards: (11) TOP STATE-REGISTERED FUNDRAISING WALKERS: North Carolina, 89 walkers TOP STATE-MOST FUNDS RAISED: North Carolina, $20,679 TOP STATE-REGISTERED FUNDRAISING AUXILIARY GROUPS: District of Columbia TOP 5 REGIONAL FUNDRAISING TEAMS 1st Place: Delta Zeta, $3,525.00 2nd Place: Nu Xi Zeta, $3,505.74 3rd Place: Gamma Upsilon Zeta, $3,421.23 4th Place: Alpha Beta Zeta, $2,652.86 5th Place: Beta Zeta, $2,303.50 TOP 3 REGIONAL “CHAMPIONS FOR BABIES” 1st Place: Charlisa Davis, Gamma Upsilon Zeta, $3,202.23 2nd Place: Mary Brown, Omicron Theta Zeta, $1,485.00 3rd Place: Bethesda Kearney, Chi Xi Zeta, $1,285.00 2012 EASTERN REGIONAL TOTALS: State

Total Money Raised

District of Columbia



N. Carolina






West Virginia






Total Paid Walkers

2014 Eastern Region Hall of Fame Inductees with Regional Director T. Diane Surgeon, Esq. (far left) and Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright (far right)

(continued from page 48)

enthusiasm to grow the region with increased membership by chartering new chapters and auxiliaries while “Building on the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths.” We experienced a number of historic and significant firsts at our 2014 Eastern Regional Conference in Durham, N.C. where we came to Synergize With the Eastern Region Where It All Began. The region honored Past Eastern Regional Director Millie D. Veasey and Ms. Christine Stewart were honored as the region’s first African-American Legacy Award recipients for courageous service in World War II. We recognized and pinned Zeta Doves for 50 years of service to our sisterhood; Zeta Roses for 25 years, and for the first time ever, we recognized Zeta Pearls for 40 years of service. Our five Hall of Fame inductees showed a wide range of life-changing service to our communities and sisterhood. Inductees included Past Eastern Regional Directors Melissa Barnes, College Administrator; Eloise Melvin, Judicial Official and Trainer; Ellis Jones, minister and advocate for drug addicts, homeless and others who need spiritual guidance; Soror Priscilla B. Leazer, retired educator and committed community servant; and Dr. Marjay Anderson, Howard University Professor, and sorority and community leader. Our first ever Undergraduate Professional Career Summit and Job Fair

offered sorors career preparation and development workshops and a Job Fair with potential employers from the Research Triangle Park, the world’s largest research park. The Professional and Business Networking Group was established to bring together Zeta professionals and business owners to support each other as they build and climb in their careers and businesses. Launching the Regional Youth Program - Zeta Entrepreneur, Academic and Leadership Focus was a hit as our young CEO marketed the youth newly established business. Their self-packaged “Z-Nuts” sold out before they left the room. The Youth donated half of the proceeds to the region’s 1920 fundraising campaign. We re-activated the Eastern Region Legacy Club started by Past Regional Director Bettye Murchison, established and launched the new Zeta-Amicae Legacy Club and the Amicae Legacy Club in a beautiful induction ceremony. A highlight of the conference was the reactivation of Zeta Rho Zeta Chapter, Wilmington, N.C., and the chartering of Zeta Amicae of Concord, N.C. Most gratifying to our sorors and Amicae was the building of our bond as true friends. We embraced our Amicae and made them a part of the conference as never before experienced. For the first time, the Amicae were invited to attend the presentation of the Grand Basileus’ State of the Sorority Report and the Regional Director’s State of the Region report. Additionally, they participated in workshops designed especially for Zetas and Amicae, and we participated in the inaugural Zeta-Amicae Necrology Service. The Eastern Region is proud of its 51 new Life Members and 28 new Diamond Life Contributors. We have seven nationally certified trainers for our undergraduates, youth and Amicae; donated more than $1,900 to Operation Homefront; supported the March of Dimes with 62 active March for Babies teams and 14 Stork’s Nests; have formally adopted 17 schools and have supported over 70 Elder Care programs and centers. We proudly welcome our first international chapter Alpha Alpha Lambda Zeta in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and July 2014, as we host the 2014 Grand Boule’, we will welcome our sorors home to the Eastern Region - where it all began.

Leadership legacy of the Electrifying Eastern Region.




the Greater GREAT LAKES REGION Great Lakes Regional Director Michelle Porter Norman in front of the “Parade of States” – banners at the Great Lakes Regional Leadership Conference.

“We are not the largest region and we are not the smallest region, BUT we are the GREATEST region!”


nder the direction of our Regional Director Michelle Porter Norman, the region set a sorority-wide regional registration record during its 79th regional conference in Indianapolis, Ind., April 25-28, 2013, having registered 765 Sorors, Amicae and youth.

senior and resident of Indiana and contributed to the National Educational Foundation, Zeta’s non-profit philanthropic arm. Chapter milestones were recognized and our Zeta Doves, which are members who have achieved the milestone of being members for more than 50 years, were honored at the opening session. Sorors, chapters and auxiliaries pledged thousands toward the burn the mortgage campaign. This past summer, the Great Lakes Region was host to the Zeta Organizational Leadership (ZOL) confererence - and was the first time a ZOL conference was held outside of Washington, D.C. The region set one more record by having more registered attendees at the conference than any other region. The Great Lakes Region sponsored four undergraduates to attend the conference: T’Keyah Alexander (Ky.), Symona Gregory (Ohio), Olivia Hobson (Mich.) & Darlene Reyes, (Ill.). The region gifted all attendees with a mobile travel desk. As ZOL came to a close, Regional Director Porter Norman and Board Chair Patricia Jones presented Grand Basileus Wright a check for $20,000 towards burning the mortgage and repairs to our International Headquarters.

Conference attendees included: International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright, past International Grand Basileus Jylla Moore Tearte, a member of the Great Lakes Region, and a number of other national elected and appointed officers, including 11 National Executive Board members.

The Great Lakes Region would like to thank Grand Basileus Wright for her continued leadership and vision. A heart-filled thanks to the Iota Zeta Chapter for serving as the 2013 host chapter. The 2014 conference in Cleveland, Ohio was top notch with the Nu Theta Zeta Chapter of Warrensville Heights as the host chapter.

Soror Frances Faithful, daughter of Founder Myrtle Tyler Faithful, was in attendance along with seven of nine past regional directors: Lizzie Miller, Annye Roberts, Doris Stokes, Norma Dartis, Ira Ebbs, Daisy Davis and Cynthia McCoy. The region partnered with three social service agencies and donated nearly 5,000 items and more than $3,000 to the Ronald McDonald House, Beacon of Hope Center for Women and North Capitol Nursing and Rehabilitation as part of Zeta’s national programmatic thrust – Z-HOPE. Additionally, the region awarded five scholarships including a high school

Special thanks to the state directors, regional executive board members, regional appointees, sorors, Amicae and youth for making this region truly great. Our region is honored to have a significant number of national appointees. Congratulations to all those who serve. The Great Lakes Region is excited, energetic and will continue to break records in our sisterhood. Just watch out and continue to anticipate GREAT things from the Great Lakes Region. (Continued on page 51)

Greater Great Lakes Regional Directors, past and present seated with Soror Frances Faithful – daughter of Founder Myrtle Tyler Faithful, Ira Ebbs, Alice Craft: (left to right, seated) Daisy Davis, Annye P. Roberts, Jylla Moore Tearte (20th International Grand Basileus), Michelle Porter Norman, (standing) Doris Stokes (left), Norma Dartis (right)




AROUND THE REGION | GREAT LAKES (Continued from page 50)

CHAPTER AND AUXILIARY MILESTONES 2012, 2013, & 2014: The oldest chapter in the Great Lakes Region, Eta Zeta Chapter of Louisville, KY, celebrated its 85th anniversary in May 2013. Others include: ILLINOIS: Zeta Zeta, Dolton (25); Beta Iota Zeta, Bloomington (20); Eta Chi Zeta, Joliet (40); Mu Eta Zeta, Carbondale (30); Xi Mu Zeta (25); Tau Alpha Zeta, Richton Park (10); Tau Xi Zeta, Forest Park (10); Tau Psi Zeta, Alsip (10); Delta Kappa, Southern Illinois University-E (35); Epsilon Iota, Lewis University (35); Lambda Epsilon, Illinois State University (40); Phi Delta, Bradley University (40); Omicron Kappa, Western Illinois University (35); INDIANA: Eta Upsilon Zeta, Ft Wayne (40); Mu Tau Zeta, Speedway (30); Delta Epsilon, Indiana University (40); Iota Theta, Indiana State University (35); Tau Nu, Ball State University (25); Omicron Pi, Indy City-wide (15); KENTUCKY: Omega Delta, Western Kentucky University (4); Delta Theta, University of Louisville (35); Mu Lambda, Eastern Kentucky University (30); Iota Mu, University of Kentucky (30); Alpha Rho, Northern Kentucky University (15); MICHIGAN: Zeta Beta Zeta, Flint (55); Zeta Nu Zeta, Inkster (50); Zeta Omega Zeta, Saginaw (45); Lambda Rho Zeta, Pontiac (30); Pi Rho Delta, Grand Rapids (15); Rho Delta Zeta, Ypsilanti (15); Rho Theta Zeta, Portage (15); Chi Iota Zeta, East Lansing (5); Chi Kappa Zeta, Benton Harbor (5); Phi Gamma, Michigan State University (45); Pi Delta, Eastern Michigan University (4); Tau Delta, Western Michigan University (40); Nu Nu, Oakland University (25); Chi Xi, Grand Valley State University (2); Zeta Amicae of Detroit (50); Zeta Amicae of Flint (50); Zeta Amicae of Inkster (20); Zeta Amicae of Highland Park (25); MINNESOTA: Iota Zeta Zeta, Minneapolis (35); Kappa Pi, Minneapolis City-wide (15); OHIO: Beta Zeta Zeta, Cincinnati (70); Gamma Zeta Zeta, Columbus (65); Delta Phi Zeta, Dayton (60); Mu Rho Zeta, Akron (30); Xi Beta Zeta, Springfield (25); Pi Sigma Zeta, Forest Park (15); Chi Beta, Central State University (50); Xi Gamma, Ohio State University (45); Beta Epsilon, Ohio University (40); Iota Epsilon, University of Dayton (40); Gamma Epsilon, Wilberforce (40); Psi Epsilon, Bowling Green University (4); Psi Theta, Cleveland State University (35); Kappa Rho, Otterbein University (15); Zeta Amicae of Columbus (35); WISCONSIN: Eta Iota, university of Wisconsin-Madison (35); Xi Pi, University of Wisconsin-Parkside (15);

CHARTERS & REACTIVATIONS: Omega Pi Zeta, Evanston, Illinois Chartered Nov. 9, 2012

Alpha Alpha Delta Zeta, Beloit, Wisconsin Chartered Nov. 9, 2013 Beta Epsilon, Ohio University Reactivated March 2013 Mu Lambda, Eastern Kentucky University Reactivated October 2013 Tau Delta, Western Michigan University Reactivated October 2013 Alpha Rho, Northern Kentucky University Reactivated November 2013

Great Lakes Region attendees are at the 2013 Zeta Organizational Leadership Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana




the Magnificent MIDWESTERN REGION The region increased its 2012 and 2013 membership numbers with a 5 percent growth in over 2012, ranking second in the nation Chartered two new chapters and reactivated one chapter Regional Team:

Midwestern Regional Director Samantha Hughes (center in white) pictured with Bethany Sherman, Kansas State Director, Artisha Woody, Oklahoma State Director, Gloria Magwood, Colorado/ Wyoming State Director, Deborah Davis, Missouri State Director, Kimberly Ward, Nebraska State Director.

The Magnificent Midwestern Region is the birthplace of Founder and Grand Basileus Emeritus Arizona Cleaver Stemons. In 2012-2013 the region broke the following records: The largest regional conference in a non-Boule’ year with 45 percent participation of the Midwestern Region sisterhood. The region increased Zeta Organizational Leadership (ZOL) participation by 300 percent. Fifteen undergraduates from the region participated in the National Undergraduate retreat at ZOL and had a wonderful time. Two undergraduates participated in ZOL training. The region has retained their 2012 membership numbers with a 5 percent growth. Oklahoma and Missouri hosted International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright and National First AntiBasileus Scarlet H. Black during its state meetings. Both states had record attendance. Escorted the International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright to Hannibal, Missouri, to the grounds of the Douglass School where Founder Arizona Cleaver Stemons taught when she returned to Missouri. First Place winner in the “Finer Women Don’t Haze” T-shirt Campaign – Phase 1 Largest 2013 Regional Conference in a non-Boule’ year with 45 percent participation of the Midwestern Region sisterhood and largest 2014 Regional Conference in Iowa.




Colorado/Wyoming: Gloria Magwood, State Director • Salute to the Military • Toiletry care package drive for the USO Iowa: Janet Lockhart-Johnson, Iowa State Director • Charters first NPHC organization, Lambda Upsilon, at the University of Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa • Hosted largest regional conference in Iowa’s history Kansas: Bethany Sherman, Kansas State Director • Recreated regional website, improved regional conference registration, and implemented online post conference evaluation • Hosted largest Regional Conference (2013) in an non-Boule’ year Missouri: Deborah Davis, Missouri State Director • Hosted the International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright and the National First Anti-Basileus Scarlet Black at state meetings. • Chartered first NPHC Sorority, Eta Upsilon, at Missouri Valley College, Marshall, Missouri • Reactivated, Tau Omicron, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Nebraska: Kimberly Ward, Nebraska State Director • Received special recognition by the Health and Human Services Region VII for hosting a “Rock the Red Pumps” for women and girls HIV/AIDS awareness day. • Produced state newsletter Oklahoma: Artisha Woody, Oklahoma State Director • Hosted the International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright and the National First Anti-Basileus Scarlet Black at state meetings. • Revitalized the youth auxiliary in the State of Oklahoma • Chi Zeta, Oklahoma City, Okla., awarded Midwestern Region 2014 graduate chapter of the year. • Lambda Alpha, Langston University, Langston, Okla. awarded 2014 Midwestern Region Undergraduate Chapter of the Year. • Lambda Alpha received Langston University Sorority of the Year (two consecutive years). 2015 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated Midwestern Region Leadership Conference will be held in conjunction with our brothers of Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity, Inc. Southwestern Region Tulsa, Okla. – the beginning of the Midwestern Region.



the Phenomenal PACIFIC REGION

s we embark on another sorority year, we do so phenomenally with great promise and expectation. In the words of Les Brown, “Life has no limitations, except the ones that you make. You do not have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” The Pacific Region is powerful beyond measure. We are continually striving to be the best women we can be. We have fully embraced the Grand Basileus’ theme of “Building on the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths.” We strive every day to be the persons God has called us to be and to give our all for the love of Zeta. Undergraduates: The Pacific Region has reached a pinnacle of firsts with the support of our undergraduate chapters attending state and regional conferences. We had a record number of 40 undergraduates in attendance at our regional conference. The undergraduate chapters are on fire to serve the sorority and these women have excelled in all areas of their undergraduate experience. In New Mexico, Nu Tau Chapter at the University of New Mexico, excels on an academic level with the highest GPA in the region. Also, congratulations to Soror Angelina Vega (Nu Tau Chapter) on having the highest individual GPA of 4.0 in the region. At Arizona State University, Pi Xi Chapter was recognized by the University as a Chapter of Focus to the Highest Honor as the Chapter of Excellence. Pi Xi Chapter is a dominant leader in all-around performance on a predominately white university with 150 organizations represented on that campus. We are proud that all of our undergraduate chapters are working hard to excel in academics while continuing to support our national initiatives on their campuses and in their local communities. National Programs: Graduate chapters throughout the Pacific Region are participating in Adopt-A-School or Adopting a Classroom. Our presence in the schools we currently serve has made a difference. Additionally, the Pacific Region launched Elder Care at the 45th Pacific Region Leadership Conference under the Director of Elder Care, T. Diane Surgeon who is also the Eastern Regional Director. She did a fabulous and outstanding job. Sorors in the region have begun to embrace Elder Care and are starting to implement programs in their chapters. Many chapters are working with adult care facilities and are developing seminars on this important initiative. Amicae: Soror Sonja Wilson was named at the 45th Pacific Regional Leadership Conference as the new Regional Coordinator of Amicae Affairs. We are excited to have this former California State Director serving in this role. Also in attendance was National Director of Amicae Affairs Donnie Faye Hull who educated sorors on the importance of Amicae auxiliaries. We adore our “Friends” and it is always wonderful to have their love and support.

Finer Women Don’t Haze: The Pacific Region got on board with the National Trustees in promoting and supporting the FWDH T-shirt Campaign. Every state in the Pacific Region participated in purchasing shirts and promoting the campaign. We look forward to continuing to support this antihazing ef for t and promoting positive images about our sorority and ourselves. Prematurity Awareness (March of Dimes): Chapters across the Pacific Region are currently participating in Prematurity Awareness and the Zeta Prematurity Awareness Program. Award Night and MOD: At the 45th Pacific Regional Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, NV, sorors were all smiles on award night. Everyone practically walked away a winner. For the past fiscal year, the Pacific Region is proud to say that we raised $21,259 for March for Babies. Congratulations Pacific Region on a job well done. Life Membership: The Life Members in the Pacific Region are excited about the revitalization of our responsibilities to this great sisterhood and the work of the National Life Membership Committee. We have 76 Life Members in our region (13 Diamond Life Contributors, 21 Golden Life Members, and 42 Life Members) with several new pending applications. We are on fire and serious about maintaining our commitment to be active participants in moving the sisterhood forward. The Pacific Region the 2014 Pacific Region Executive Board Meeting was held on April 11-13, 2014, in Universal City, California. The meeting was hosted by the local graduate chapter, Nu Omicron Zeta located in the San Fernando Valley. The following national elected and appointed officers were in attendance: - International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright - Past International Grand Basileus Sheryl P. Underwood - National First Anti-Basileus Scarlet H. Black - National Pylacter Brunhilda Williams-Currington - National Trustee Bibliana Bovery - National Graduate Member-at-Large Patricia Jones - National Director of Honorary Members Natalie Brannon - National Co-Director of Youth Royetta Perry - Executive Director Stacye Montez

A public reception in which local community partners were honored kicked off the weekend events. Pledgerville Senior Citizens Villa, Inc., Boys and Girls Club of San Fernando Valley, Black Infant Health Program of Mission Hills, and Windsor Terrace Healthcare Center located in Van Nuys, Calif., were recognized for being exemplary community partners: actors Duane Martin, his wife Tisha Campbell-Martin, and Meagan Good, were also honored for their exemplary work and ties to the local community. Wal-Mart representatives were on site to offer local job opportunities to qualified conference attendees. Pacific Regional Director Nui Brown and Pacific Regional Tamias Diane Fisher traveled in April 2014 to Tokyo, Japan, to attend the Asian-Pacific State Conference. Tokyo is one of the world’s most populous metropolitan cities with diverse culture, unlimited entertainment, museums, historic temples and beautiful gardens. Sorors were treated to a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at the Imperial Palace Hotel and welcomed by Zeta chapters Phi Eta Zeta, Pi Eta Zeta and Omega Theta Zeta. Sorors were also greeted with brotherly love by Japan Sigma State Director, Brother Terrell Bennett and local Chapter President, Brother David L. Sledge. Led by State Director Jaynene Smith, the AsianPacific State Meeting was a great success.

Photo caption: (Above) Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright seated with sorors of the Pacific Region




the Unconquerable SOUTH CENTRAL REGION


OGETHER WE HAVE CONTINUED TO KEEP THE ZETA LIGHT SHINING BRIGHT IN OUR REGION OVER THESE 84 YEARS AND THEREFORE REMAIN, THE “UNCONQUERABLE SOUTH CENTRAL REGION!” Since Boule, the South Central Zeta family has been busy implementing Zeta initiatives in their communities. The South Central Region’s chapters, Amicae and youth auxiliaries continue to excel in the implementation of Zeta national initiatives and find time to launch a few regional-specific ones too. Whether it is Z-HOPE, Stork’s Nest, March for Babies, the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Finer Women Don’t Haze, Adopt-A- School, Elder Care or Zeta Across the Miles, our home communities look to Zeta to promote quality programs that foster an improved quality of life. Our goal is to keep the “Unconquerable South Central Region” moving forward as we always remember we are “Building on the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths.” Each state has held wonderful conferences with record attendance.

The South Central Region awarded four scholarships at $1,000 each (two undergraduate and two graduate). Scholarship recipients were Soror Carmen Moore, Lambda Theta (University of Southern Mississippi); and Soror Wa’kasha Carter of Epsilon Beta at (Alabama State University); Soror Kristen Taylor - Pi Epsilon (University of Tennessee) Graduate. We also want to celebrate our new South Central Life Members and those Life Members who made the Diamond Life Member contributions. South Central Region had a wonderful representation at the 2013 Zeta Organizational Leadership conference. The South Central Region contributed $30,000 toward the immediate renovation of “Our House.” As a whole, ZOL attendees and other Regions contributed a total of $115,000 toward the immediate repairs of “OUR HOUSE.” This year Zeta celebrates 65 years having the Amicae Auxiliaries, so of course we also took the opportunity to acknowledge our regional Amicae Auxiliaries and say thank you for being our friend. Joining in the celebration was the International Grand Basileus Mary B. Wright, National Director of Amicae Affairs Donnie Faye Hull, as well as our own Regional Amicae coordinators. Yes, they serenaded us with….We love Amicae, deep down in my heart written by Clarksdale, MS Amica Beatrice Hines. South Central Amicae profiled in with their baby blue hats and outfits. The region’s undergrads rose to exceed our expectation as they presented the Scholarship Breakfast program on Saturday morning. Each executed her assigned task with eloquence and grace. Other celebrations included: The opening of our 18th Stork’s Nest in the region-Psi Beta Zeta, Southaven, Miss. Our 2012-2013 Double Digit MIP chapters (13 chapters with 173 new members)

South Central Regional Director Constance Hendricks (center) and the regional delegation at the 2013 Zeta Organizational Leadership Conference.

The 84th South Central Region Leadership Conference was, once again, one for the record books. The blue and white family took over the Chattanooga Convention Center and several hotels as the message, “Welcome to SCR Zetas” scrolled across the outside of convention center in blue lights. This was the first year we asked the entire state to serve as the official host. Tennessee stepped up and set a wonderful model for the other states to follow. State Director Donna R. Williams and the Tennessee Zeta family were gracious hosts. This year’s special conference treats were: 1) The corporate partnership with Wal-Mart/Sams to provide on-site job interviews and job offers. Fourteen attendees were hired on the spot; 2) Our own, Tennessee Soror Lisa Jones’ production company presented a play “Letters in a Box” to attendees and provided a special showing for persons in the community at a local high school courtesy of sorors and Amicae who purchased a play ticket that also provided a free ticket for a local resident to attend the play. 54



Lambda Beta (Jackson State University, Miss.) - 25 intake Epsilon Alpha (Tennessee State University, Tenn.) - 18 intake Lambda Theta (University of Southern Mississippi, Miss.) - 15 intake Pi Epsilon (University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Tenn.) - 14 intake Epsilon Theta (Mississippi State University, Miss.), Epsilon Beta (Alabama State University, AL) - 13 intake Psi Gamma (Mississippi Valley State University, Miss.)- 12 intake Zeta (Alcorn State University, Miss.), Tau Eta (University of MS) and Tau Phi Zeta (Canton, Miss), Pi Alpha (LeMoyne Owen College, Tenn.)- 11 intake Alpha Eta Zeta (Memphis, Tenn.) and Psi Beta Zeta (Southaven, Miss.)- 10 intake


the SOUTHEASTERN REGION - Second to None!


he Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) was proud to welcome the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority’s 79th Southeastern Regional Leadership Conference to the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center, Nov. 21-23, 2013. More than 510 sorors and Amicae from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands attended the conference with visiting sorors and Amicae from other regions in Zetadom. Hosted by local Zeta Phi Beta chapters and auxiliaries from Augusta, Hephzibah and Georgia Regents University, the regional conference was held to provide opportunities for chapter members and their auxiliaries to gain further knowledge of community service program implementation and sorority operations and to foster sisterhood. Conference attendees participated in three service projects in Augusta. Two projects supported the elder care initiatives; a workshop for the caregiver that was open to the public and $1200 donation to purchase equipment for the W.C. Ervin Towers housing complex. The third project, an Adopt-A-School project, resulted in over 100 book bags full of school supplies and over $2600 was collected for Diamond Lakes Elementary School. The conference was time to share successes from the past year. Here are a few that we are extremely proud to share with all: The Southeastern Region is “Still Second to None” boasting 265 life members, 49 undergraduate chapters, 98 graduate chapters and having had the largest new membership intake for 2013-2014 at Florida A&M University at the Gamma Alpha Chapter. There are 51 Zeta Amicae Auxiliaries in the Southeastern Region with more than 430 members. The region reactivated two chapters - Chi Rho at the University of the Virgin Islands and Iota Sigma at Clayton State University (GA). The region chartered four chapters and two auxiliaries: -Omega Omicron Zeta – Melbourne, Fla. -Omega Upsilon Zeta – St. Thomas, V.I. -Zeta Upsilon – Johnson and Whales University, North Miami, Fla. -Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta - Newnan, Ga. -Zeta Amicae of Hephzibah, Ga. -Zeta Amicae of Lawrenceville, Ga. Sorors and Amicae of the Southeastern Region donated a total of $114,135 in scholarships, had 100 percent Z-HOPE participation in 2012-2013, donated more than 39,000 items and had more than 195,000 attendees present at Z-HOPE programming.

Southeastern Regional Director Dr. Felicia Scott-Strickland with sorors at the U.S. Virgin Islands 2013 State Conference.

The region also raised more than $438,308 toward the sorority’s capital campaign through new Life Members, Diamond Life Contributors, assessments and donations. The region raised more than $53,000 for the March for Babies and $8,850 for Relay for Life. Conference Planning - CART, LOOP and/or Sign Language Interpreters While sitting in a room where people are talking such as a cafeteria or conference workshop, place your fingers in both ears to block the sound. Watch what is happening around you. Can you understand the interchanges going on next to you? How does it feel to be left out? Soror Tanya Williams (Psi Zeta Zeta Chapter) helped the Southeastern Region Executive Board understand this feeling by educating them on the services that are available to ensure our sorors who are hearing impaired can fully participate. During the 79th Southeastern Regional Conference, both a sign language interpreter and a hearing LOOP system (provided by the Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center) was used to ensure the information shared verbally was equally accessible for hearing-impaired sorors. Soror Williams is helping others on many levels as well. She founded the “Whoville Hearing Me,” a support group for deaf and hard of hearing families, the first in Florida. This support group has made such a difference for so many children that Soror Williams’ employers are supporting her by providing additional education funding and time away from work to promote and spread the news. Also, in November, she received an appointment as a new board member on the Hearing Loss Association of America-Florida Board. Congratulations, Soror Williams! Celebrating Excellence in Education and Community Service The Southeastern Regional Marian H. Shannon Scholarship The Southeastern Region has established a scholarship in the name of Soror Marian H. Shannon for two deserving sorors, one graduate and one undergraduate, for their scholarship and community service efforts. Distribution of applications will be held on July 1, 2014. The region will present and celebrate the inaugural scholarship recipients during the 80th Southeastern Regional Conference in Charleston, S.C. Memorial donations are being accepted to assist with the funding of the scholarships. All donations can be sent to the Southeastern Region. (continued on page 56)



AROUND THE REGION | SOUTHEASTERN (Continued from page 55)

The matriarch of the Southeastern Region, Soror Marian Harris Shannon, became a triumphant Zeta on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011, in Miami, Florida. Soror Shannon was a genuine symbol of the principles of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and her impact can be felt in the lives of many from Virginia to South Florida. She was a champion for education. Soror Shannon was an active Life Member of the Hampton University Alumnus and the first female to serve as the editor of the Hampton Script, the university’s newspaper. She also earned a master’s degree from the University of Miami. She was a champion for youth. Soror Shannon received numerous awards prior to her retirement in education and served many tireless days as a Journalism and Economics teacher at Booker T. Washington Junior and Senior High Schools in Miami, Florida. She was a mentor to scores of young black men and women who went on to college and became professionals in various fields. Soror Shannon was a champion for service. She was an active member of Greater Bethel A.M.E. Church, The Black Archives, The History and Research Foundation of South Florida, Inc., and the Moseley House. Soror Shannon also served as the last full term president of the Florida Teacher’s Association in 1965 and was in office during the merger with the Florida Education Association.

Soror Shannon entered the sisterhood of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. in 1946 as a member of the first class of the Beta Tau Zeta Chapter, and was an extremely active member on all levels for 65 years. To that end, Soror Shannon served in various capacities on the national level as the 1963 Boule’ Marshal, 2006 Honorary Boule’ Marshal, Trustee, Editor of the Archon and Advisor to Grand Basilei. Regionally, Soror Shannon served as Grammateus, Antapokritis, Associate Director, Public Relations Chair, Regional Marshal and Historian Emeritus. Soror Shannon was also inducted into the Southeastern Region Hall of Fame. In Florida, Soror Shannon served as the State Director from 1951-1963, organized efforts to support struggling undergraduates on all Florida campuses, introduced and cultivated the idea of Area Coordinators and was honored with special recognition as a “Zeta for all Seasons.” Soror Shannon has also left her mark on the local chapter of Beta Tau Zeta as the 6th and 9th president, Executive Board Chair, Historian, Amicae sponsor and Zeta of the Year. In 2010, Soror Shannon became one of the first sorors to become a Diamond Life Contributor donating member and was honored as a Zeta Dove at the Boule’ in Dallas, Texas, by the 23rd International Grand Basileus Sheryl P. Underwood. Marian Shannon was truly a lifetime achiever as an educator to many, community activist for some and a mentor to all. Her presence will truly be missed but her love for Zeta still runs deep in the hearts and minds of all who were touched by her wisdom and knowledge.


llen University honored two members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated on Nov. 3, 2013 - both crowned “Miss Allen University”. Most schools have only one queen, so why was Allen University doing double duty?

Soror Camika Beaton (Lambda Chapter) was crowned Miss Allen University 2013 and to complete a long overdue chapter in Allen’s history. Soror Ruth Black (Beta Beta Zeta Chapter) was pleasantly surprised with being crowned Miss Allen University 1948 on the same night. Both were chosen by their peers, but 1948 campus rules were very different than the current ones. Soror Black got married while still a student and was told that the school would not crown her “Miss” Allen University since she was a “Mrs.” Over the years, Soror Black never let that decision dampen her love for her alma mater and she has worked tirelessly as a volunteer, as a paid employee and as a past Lambda Chapter Advisor at different points. We salute Sorors Black and Beaton on their crowning. 56







Chapters and auxiliaries were rewarded and recognized for their outstanding work in the community during our 84th Southern Regional Leadership Conference, Youth Retreat and Amicae Workshop, which was hosted by Omicron Beta Zeta Chapter and the Zeta Amicae of Lancaster in Irving, Texas. This was a historic event for the Southern Region as it was the first time that all three groups convened together. The conference concluded with an Auxiliary Awards Luncheon and the announcement of the 2013-2015 Southern Region elected officers: Recording Secretary Assistant Recording Secretary Financial Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Editor Assistant Editor Director of Public Relations Undergraduate Member at Large Nominating Committee Chair Nominating Committee Member Nominating Committee Member Nominating Committee Member Nominating Committee Member National Nominating Committee Member Assistant Treasurer Assistant Undergraduate Member at Large

Belinda W. Rodgers Kimberly Goodly Linda Batiste Alice L. Richardson Collette N. Griffin Twylah L. Jenkins Shannan Smith Jo Ann Rice Jana Myles Lanette Stanley Williams Crystal A. Corsey Ashli McDonald Carmelita Roberts Mwanaisha Woods JeNeika Smith Boone Toi Thurman Karrington Taylor

During the month of July, more than 70 sorors and Amicae from Texas and Louisiana traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana, to participate in the Zeta Organizational Leadership (ZOL) Conference. Pre- and post -conference activities afforded sorors the opportunity to share experiences and ideas, be recognized for their achievement, and participate in innovative sessions to ignite the flame of Service, Sisterhood, Scholarship and Finer Womanhood. Armed with an arsenal of skills gleaned from ZOL and a renewed excitement for the sisterhood, plans were soon underway for the Southern Regional Area Workshops. Sorors and Amicae in the Southern Region attended the Area Workshops in recordbreaking numbers during the months of September, October and November where information was shared to update members on the national, regional and state goals. Sorors and Amicae both participated in workshop presentations that provided information on financial management, insight as to what to expect with the new branding materials and effective implementation of our programs. In addition, while the Amicae received one-on-one training on how to effectively operate their auxiliaries, sorors eagerly received training on the new MIP. Sorors and Amicae also participated in Z-HOPE projects during the Area Workshops and were able to meet the needs of Stork’s Nest, pre-schools and elementary schools.

Southern Region sorors with International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright (center) at the 2013 Zeta Organizational Leadership Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana.

media outlets along with members of the Gamma Kappa Zeta Chapter. The Gamma Kappa Zeta Chapter is very active in their community and this provided an opportunity to continue to spread the good news about how Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. continues to help others excel. Sorors and Amicae celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness by honoring members who were breast cancer survivors during the Area II Workshop held in Austin, Texas, and the Area VI Workshop held in Lafayette, Louisiana. Each survivor was presented with a special Breast Cancer Survivor gift and all in attendance received a beautiful, commemorative Breast Cancer Awareness scarf from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Thanks to Dr. Bo for making that happen. The Area VI Workshop in Lafayette, Louisiana included the chartering ceremony for Alpha Alpha Beta Zeta chapter of DeRidder, Louisiana. Five sorors were inducted as charter members of this historic chapter. They are Charese Mack (Basileus), Kimberly F. Miller, Georgia Louis, Jacqueline WilsonWoods and Lisa Marie Wilson. It was a beautiful ceremony enjoyed by all. The Area I Workshop was held in Lubbock, Texas and showcased three Zeta Doves that remain very active with the sorority. They shared a lot of knowledge and wisdom with everyone in attendance throughout the workshop. Everyone left the workshops excited and focused on meeting the needs of their respective communities to ensure that we are catalysts to “Building on the Principles of Zeta While Blazing New Paths.” The Southern Region is looking forward to 2014 as it will be a year of celebrations. Not only will we celebrate with our brothers at their centennial, the Southern Region will celebrate its 85th Anniversary and the Amicae will celebrate their 66th anniversary.

Highlights from the Area Workshops: During the Area III Workshop held in Texarkana, Texas, our Regional Director, Kay Jones Rosebure and our East Texas State Director, Gwendolyn Oquendo, were featured in local THE ARCHON MAGAZINE | SPRING 2014



...that’s what

FRIENDS are for...


ndianapolis was the place to be in July during the first Zeta Amicae National Retreat held July 19-20, 2013 at Marriott Downtown Indianapolis. The location was prime to house the soror for the Zeta Organizational Leadership Conference (ZOL), and the Amicae for the Retreat. There were a total of 70 Amicae registered with representation from all regions: Atlantic-1, Eastern-7, Great Lakes-30; Midwestern-6; Pacific-2; South Central-8; Southeastern-11; and Southern-5. Over the course of the weekend, the training offered overall knowledge about Zeta’s organizational practices, policies and procedures. Also, it is training that invokes critical thinking abilities which is at the core of effective leadership. The culminating event was the Amicae Reaffirmation ceremony led by the Great Lakes Regional President, Amica Janice Brown. Additionally, the Amicae welcomed Grand Wright to their ceremony. They presented to her $650 raised by the auxiliary to the help burn the mortgage. It wasn’t just all work and no play. During the evening, the group fellowshipped with each other during a reception Grand Basileus Wright hosted for the Amicae. This truly served as an inspiration to kick-off the sororal year.

Zeta Amicae from across the country and International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright (center) at the first ever National Amicae Retreat, July 2013.

On Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013, the first auxiliary to be granted a national charter by Grand Basileus Harrison, the Zeta Amicae of Houston, Texas celebrated its 65th Anniversary in grand style. The theme of the celebration was: “Sixty-five Years-Built on Love and Friendship, Living in the Present and Blazing into the Future!” The evening began as more than 25 Amicae marched into the banquet room each carrying a “burning light” representing the shining spot they brought Houston and the blazing light they will bring to the future. Many highlights were celebrated throughout the evening, among them was the celebration of Amica Mary Hinton, a charter member of the Zeta Amicae of Houston. She has been active since 1948, served the auxiliary as its sixth president in 1972, and has been a Project Chairman and Regional Workshop Reporter. She has received many awards and recognitions throughout her 65 years of service. Other firsts celebrated: Adelaide Forde was recognized nationally as the first Amicae president; Linda Holmes, of Houston, was recognized as the first president of the Southern Region Amicae; Denise Purdy, of Houston, was recognized as the first Miss Zeta Amicae Queen of the Southern Region. The guest speaker for this great event was International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright, who gave a riveting motivational speech on service and sisterhood. Also present were the National Director of Amicae Affairs Donnie Faye Hull, Southern Regional Director Kay Jones Rosebure, Regional Coordinator of Amicae Affairs Regina Holmes, Southern Regional Zeta Amicae President Kimberly Evans, and many other Amicae regional officers and Amicae from throughout the region.

Zeta Amicae Regional Coordinators with Soror Donnie Faye Hull (center), National Director of Amicae Affairs

ZETA AMICAE OF HOUSTON, TEXAS CELEBRATE 65 YEARS In 1948, at the Grand Boule’ of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, 12th Grand Basileus Lullelia Harrison recommended in her report that chapters be allowed to organize under the direction of the national body, auxiliaries to be known as Zeta Amicae.




Zeta Amicae of Houston President, Doris A. Volrie, was all aglow and blazing with excitement as she welcomed the Houston community, Zetas members, and Amicae while reading resolutions from the Houston city and regional officials. Mrs. Volrie was also pleased to present a check on behalf of the Zeta Amicae of Houston to the Grand Basileus for the Capital Campaign.

- Submitted by the Zeta Amicae Leadership Team


Zeta Youth Leadership Academy


he Zeta Youth auxiliaries have a new look and curriculum. The National Youth auxiliaries team designed a curriculum to empower girls and young ladies to be leaders in their schools, communities, and beyond. The purpose of Zeta Youth Auxiliaries Leadership Academy curriculum is to promote cultural awareness, social skills, provide educational enrichment, leadership development, and community services. The mission is to develop young leaders, raise consciousness in communities, and encourage creativity in education through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). There are four strands to the new curriculum: 1. Cultural Awareness and Social Skill Enhancement focuses on cultural awareness experiences specific to the local community that bridge the gap between the school curriculum and the African American reality that Black History is not taught in schools. Zeta Youth will learn to demonstrate their awareness of society’s expected behavioral norms by practicing their active listening, group dynamics, and conflict resolutions skills when interacting with their peers.

Pearlettes of Lambda Zeta Chapter present hand quilted blankets to Adopt-A-Ward recipients.

2. Educational Enrichment by participating in local activities that strengthen the youths’ knowledge in language arts, math, and science by incorporating STEM Education activities and writing contests at the local, regional, and national levels. 3. Leadership Development which consists of three components:

- Social Change Agents – local leaders who are social change agents in the community meet with Zeta’s future leaders for upfront and personal quality time to learn how to lead - Leadership Practice – Zeta youth research and organize one of their cultural field events

A. Renee Goodwin National Youth Director

- Parliamentary Procedures – Zeta youth study parliamentarian procedures with a Registered Parliamentarian and serve as a presiding officer in a real or mock meeting 4. Community Service - Zeta youth participate in community service opportunities that embrace the national programmatic thrust such as Z-HOPE, Elder Care, St. Jude and March of Dimes.

Sigma Kappa Zeta’s Archonettes, ages 14-18, were behind the scenes learning about the procedures of taping a live news cast of New York’s Columbus Day parade and toured the studio of Live with Kelly and Michael.

Royetta S. Perry National Youth Co-Director



In Loving Memory of Our

Triumphant Sorors ATLANTIC REGION DELAWARE Theta Zeta Zeta Betty Smoot Hamm (Charter Member) Phyllis Webb MARYLAND Barbara Ann McNeil Gillespie* Delta Zeta Zeta Alice G.S. Barnes Delores Bailey Poulson Alpha Zeta Sally Carter Theta Eta Zeta Dana Coleman NEW JERSEY Epsilon Xi Zeta Beulah Odessa Ball Omicron Omicron Zeta Kim Hunt NEW YORK Delta Alpha Zeta Willa Jones Delta Beta Zeta Josephine Carter Thelma Baker Gamma Xi Zeta Dr. Barbara Mason Katie Long Sallie Helen Parnell Jackie Hackett Barbara O’Banyoun West   Kappa Upsilon Zeta Connie C. Bowman

Epsilon Theta Zeta Ruth M. Perry Evelyn A. Perry


Pauline Vivette Senora Adams Lettie Ruth Hunter


Alpha Alpha Cynthia Parker Porter

Alpha Iota Zeta Juanita Wilson

Lambda Epsilon Celeste Caldwell

Phi Beta Zeta Sandy Perkins

Phi Delta Margie White Cubie


Psi Psi Zeta Laura Hester Banks Sylvia B. Patterson Judge Willie M. Whiting


Rho Zeta Mildred Hairston Batchelor Erica J. Holloman Leola Fitts Sadler Cheryl Bradshaw Skipwith Pi Lambda Pamela Denise Carter Omicron Zeta Rosa Drew-Curtis Hazel Sorrell Jones Beatrice Harrison Elsie Howell Almetta Revis Daisy Williams Almeda Glascoe Beta Lambda Zeta Agnes Jones

Delta Zeta Mildred Stevenson Harvey Geneva Gibson

Gamma Delta Zeta Helen Jefferson

Gamma Upsilon Zeta Voncyle Davis Nu Alpha Zeta Catherine Tucker Theta Eta Zeta Tracey Booth Snipes WASHINGTON, D.C.



Beta Delta Zeta Fannie B. Burrows Edith Rambeau Doris Newby Barbara V. Brown

Theta Zeta Carrie B. Hargo Demetra T. Lawson Ora P. Johnson Irisca Toler Pearson

Epsilon Omega Zeta Frances Williams Kappa Omega Zeta Alean Boyce



Zeta Pi Zeta Odessa Key Baker Lucille Wynn Jackson Annie Margie McDonald Fannie N. Saunders Alpha Phi Zeta Winona Boyd Edith R. Jackson Robnette Johnson Willie Lane Barbara Lee Catherine Ready Omega Zeta Gwendolyn P. Glaspie Geraldine I. Logan Audrey M. Wheaton

CALIFORNIA Alpha Psi Zeta Carol Davis Helen Gibson Omega Green Carolyn Johnson Barbara Samuels Epsilon Pi Zeta Allean Carter Irma Evans Hazel McGrew Lambda Pi Zeta Mary Roberson Nu Mu Angela Bukle


Gamma Zeta Zeta Marie Newman Clifton Mu Rho Zeta Ruth M. Anderson Travis Zeta Xi Zeta Mamie Graham KENTUCKY Eta Zeta Avil Janell Howard Harris Tracey Wheeler MICHIGAN Kappa Rho Zeta Johneta Marrow Lambda Rho Zeta Willie Redmond Zeta Beta Zeta Celestine Bronson Rosa Drew Curtis Odessa Jackson MINNESOTA Iota Zeta Zeta Effie McKerson MIDWESTERN REGION MISSOURI Xi Zeta Janet M. Love NEBRASKA Beta Psi Zeta Elwanda Deason KANSAS

Omega Kappa Renee Watkins Hithe

Alpha Epsilon Zeta Ersaline Porchia

Rho Eta Ingrid E. Hill

Omega Theta Courtney Newman



Eta Mu Zeta Robbie Beasley

Phi Beta Zeta Lesley Hyche-Turay

Beta Theta Zeta Senator Yvonne B. Miller Dyanne Buffington


INDIANA Upsilon Omicron Zeta Josie Williams Buchanon

Kappa Xi Zeta Jacqueline Alford

Alpha Pi Zeta Frances Claiborne Andrews Armond Anderson Belle

Zeta Tau Zeta Maurie S. Harris Josie Nyrienda-DeCosta Elayne Wheeler Isabella Connolly Taylor

Beta Nu Zeta Virginia Simmons Williams Mary Browning Sadler

Omicron Phi Zeta Christine L. Mance Sarah Tatum Honesty


Xi Mu Zeta M. Ann Sampson


Chi Zeta Alma Washington Willie Rose Shirley Darrell Emma June Johnson Geneva Burke Edwards Ola Lewis


Alpha Omicron Zeta Juanita R. Roland Pauline Evans Lewis Ruth Scott Lil Garvin Victoria Darby Marie Garner-Beavers Catherine Livingston Erma Tisdale Jones Lonnie Blakeney Delores “Del Rae” Moskowitz Myrtle McDaniel Vista Johnson Eddie E. Bellinger Beta Beta Zeta Mary L. Outin Margaret Lewis Epsilon Chi Zeta Margaret Planter Graham Epsilon Iota Zeta Nancy G. Griggs Epsilon Psi Zeta Eunice G. Baten Gamma Zeta Pearl W. Thomas Evelyn Wigfall Smith Florence Smalls Iota Mu Zeta Earline Bright Gilliard Iota Xi Zeta Merlene Montgomery Kappa Alpha Zeta MaryAnn Gethers Anna M. Ladson Kappa Chi Zeta Alease G. Samuels Lambda Nu Zeta Eula Mae Mood Lambda Ola Mae Toney Grooms GEORGIA Alpha Theta Zeta Annie Joyce Dorothy Canty Bass Dorothy Harden Scott Delta Lambda Zeta Ellen-Ethel Mack Epsilon Zeta Lorene Lawson Myra F. Reese Rosa Craig Mabel Green Epsilon Tau Zeta Jacqueline Brooks Mable W. O’Neal Eta Gamma Zeta Irene Gibbs Corrine Robinson Pearl Hankerson Eta Omega Zeta Beatrice T. Goodrum Eta Rho Zeta Alma Louise Crawford Kappa Iota Zeta Henrietta Howard

Marjorie Oden Rho Xi Zeta Jadda Stone Theta Chi Zeta Oshie R. Williford Theta Xi Zeta Willie Mae Jackson FLORIDA Alpha Upsilon Zeta Tiki Saurez-Brown Lizzie Brown Bessie McClendon Beta Alpha Zeta Sara Logan

Lambda Zeta Zeta Ethel Gatewood Payne Alpha Delta Zeta Mary Bell Hester Beta Eta Zeta Myrtle Edward Gray Edna Thompkins ARKANSAS Rosanna Carroll* Epsilon Zeta Zeta Vhanes Henderson Alpha Mu Zeta Christine Green TENNESSEE

SOUTHERN REGION LOUISIANA Alpha Gamma Zeta Lucille Bland Nancy Gilmore Minnie Miller Leatrice Roberts Juanita Smith Beta Epsilon Zeta Juanita Thomas Larine Pullen Beta Kappa Zeta Margaret Edwards Lenora Madison Evelyn Williams Theta Theta Zeta Inez Charles Gloria Spears Rachel Spears

Beta Sigma Zeta Lillie Campbell Essie Renee Jordon

Nu Zeta Lois Elizabeth Kilgore Kelly

Beta Tau Zeta Dorothy B. Baldwin Juanita Anderson Givens Claretha Cook Sara Askew

Pi Zeta Novella Bass Ophelia Turner Carolyn McLaurin Ossie Trammel Takeeta Dale Helene B. Gray Tennie M. Mcgill Inez Cain

Zeta Iota Zeta Helen Hedgemon Kay Frances Smith

Gamma Iota Zeta Mary O’Neal Pam Ragland Norman Ruth Rutland Mable Scruggs

Alpha Chi Zeta Lois Martin

Delta Epsilon Zeta Merian Brown Kathleen A. Jones Eleanor Spann Delta Eta Zeta Marjorie Davis Dorothy Johnson Ellyn F. Walters Gamma Phi Zeta Gwendolyn Strong Clarether Pickett Oates Iota Omicron Zeta Trudy Jones Omega Zeta Zeta Lizzie Floyd-Miles Dr. Bertha Minus Lambda Beta Zeta Annie W. Jenkins Xi Chi Zeta Ora K. Hollinger Zeta Eta Zeta Cassie Edwards Vera McNeil Tampa, Fl. Dorothy Harmon* SOUTH CENTRAL REGION ALABAMA Tommie Harper* Alpha Rho Zeta Gloria Huffman Gregory Mattie Bimbo Minnie Scott Myrtle Jones Hattie G. Anderson Carolyne Emery Lambda Theta Zeta Mary E. Jemison-Wilder Alpha Xi Zeta Rhussas Shelby Betty Jones Florence Breatrice Steves Storrell Psi Delta Zeta Willie Mae Cleveland Delta Omega Zeta Geneva Kirby Harris Fayte Fox Beta Epilson Zeta Ida Eaton Omega Zeta Addie B. Cook

Alpha Eta Zeta Barbara Neal Delois Callian Jean Brown Gloria Dentham Mildred Peace Horne Evelyn White Henry Chi Lambda Zeta Doris Williams MISSISSIPPI Delta Chi Zeta Rosalie Hawkins Zeta Psi Zeta Mary Aljean Lenard

Mu Zeta Joyce Christy Drucella Franklin TEXAS

Alpha Pi Zeta Catherine Huff Marye Gilford Gamma Kappa Zeta Idell Watson Lambda Zeta Hattie Bryant Velma Dew Margaret Dean Evans Betty Gordon Barbara H. Graves Pamela Levy Denise Jordan Moss Norris “Marie” Pointer Althea Renfro Velma Tatum Edna Grovey Walker

Xi Epsilon Zeta Hilda Lomax Little

Epsilon Lambda Zeta Clara Gordon Thommye Phillips

Delta Nu Zeta Naomi Bonds

Theta Mu Zeta Marian Brown Williamson

Theta Pi Zeta Annie Hicks Henrine Stewart Delta Chi Zeta Beatrice Washington Clotiel Fluker Gamma Beta Zeta Angeline Roberson Beta Xi Zeta Josie Tatum Maggie Allen Gamma Gamma Zeta Safronia Ballard Doris Payton

Omicron Beta Zeta Valencia Wallace Williams Kappa Zeta Andrea Hooper White Roverda Byrom Dorothy Benson Upsilon Alpha Tiffany Hood Alpha Kappa Zeta Bernice Hart Fanny Ruth Houston Margaret Urdy Sylvia Nichols

Kappa Tau Zeta Shirley Bilbro Pearl Taylor

Psi Zeta JaiVaughnda Odie Lacy

Lambda Xi Zeta Ruby Collins

- Humbly submitted by Soror Carrie KnottsJackson, National Director of Necrology ____

Rho Phi Zeta Betty Barnes Zeta Upsilon Zeta Emma Miller

[*]=Chapter unknown

National Pan-Hellenic Council


International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright is sworn in as Vice Chairman of the Council of Presidents by Soror Jennifer Jones, president of the NPHC.

Established in 1930 and headquartered in Decatur, Ga., the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated (NPHC) is composed of nine historically Black fraternity and sorority Greek-Lettered Organizations. Commonly known as the Divine Nine, the NPHC was formed on the campus of Howard University in Washington, DC. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated was one of five founding member organizations of the NPHC in addition to Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Alpha Kappa Alpha, and Delta Sigma Theta. It has been more than 20 years since Zeta has served in a leadership capacity within the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated Council of Presidents (COP). But, that all changed after Mary Breaux Wright was elected as International Grand Basileus.

In September 2012, our International Grand Basileus was sworn into the position of Vice Chairman of the Council of Presidents, alongside William “Randy” Bates, National President of Kappa Alpha Psi, Chairman of the Council of Presidents. The ceremony took place at Phi Beta Sigma’s headquarters and the National President of the NPHC, Soror Jennifer Jones, administered the oath. Beginning in January 2015, International Grand Basileus Wright will become the Chairman of the Council of Presidents and we will have another opportunity to record Zeta’s involvement within the NPHC. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated continues to be an instrumental member of the Divine Nine and remains committed to its core values and mission.

Council of Presidents meeting at Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc Headquarters





Culture in


Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, on a healthy diet of news programming, pop culture, black history and “snark,” Danielle Belton, daughter of loving “regular folk” and wife of no one, examines the irreverent side of American life. A proud legacy, Soror Belton was initiated into Delta Kappa Chapter (Southern Illinois University) in 1999. With 2 million readers in less than two years, Soror Belton is best known as the editor/writer of the pop culturemeets-politics blog The Black Snob. The site averages 75,000 to 100,000 unique visitors monthly and 170,000 to 210,000 monthly page views. The Black Snob has earned both critical acclaim, appearing in Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Observer (UK), The Daily Beast, Essence Magazine, The Associated Press, The American Prospect, as well as appearing on CNN, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, Good Morning America, HLN, ABC’s Nightline, Al Jazeera English and Russia Today. As a commentator, Belton is also a regular contributor to NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin, PBS’ To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe and CNN Sundays. Before that, she was a regular roundtable contributor on NPR’s News and Notes with Farai Chideya. Belton is Editor-At-Large for Clutch Magazine Online, and is part of the new writing team and on-air talent for BET Networks’ new late night news program Don’t Sleep, with former CNN news anchor T.J. Holmes. In early 2011, Belton wrote the biggest story in the history of the fledgling news site theLoop21.com, by securing the first Q&A with the woman caught in the middle of the “Craigslist Congressman” scandal. The story turned into multiple TV appearances, including ABC’s “Good Morning America” and MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.” As an advocate for mental illness, Soror Belton also blogs about Bipolar Disorder for BP Magazine’s online site. She penned her own profile in BP’s Summer 2011 and recently wrote about her battle with mental illness for the January 2012 issue of Essence Magazine. A sought-after public speaker, Soror Belton was a featured speaker and panelist during Harvard University’s Black Policy Conference in 2009. 62



DR. DENISHA L. HENDRICKS Dr. Denisha L. Hendricks is in her fifth year as Director of Athletics at Kentucky State University where she is responsible for the oversight of 13 intercollegiate athletic teams. She is one of only a handfull of African American women in the country to serve in the role.   Dr. Hendricks holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education/ Athletic Training from the University of South Carolina. She earned Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Higher Education Administration from Auburn University in 2001 and 2004, respectively. Her dissertation is entitled The Relationship of Hope and Self-efficacy to Health Promoting Behaviors among Student-Athletes Attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities. In 2007, Dr. Hendricks graduated from the National Collegiate Athletic Association Leadership Institute for Ethnic Minority Females. To her credit Dr. Hendricks has numerous local, state, regional, and national presentations and several publications that include, refereed journal articles, quantitative instruments, and health promotion training manuals.   An active Diamond Life Member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Psi Gamma Zeta Chapter in Auburn, Ala., Dr. Hendricks has served the organization on all levels and is currently the National Director of Undergraduate Advisors. In June 2012, Dr. Hendricks was one of 20 leaders selected for induction into the prestigious South Central Region Hall of Fame during the 83rd Annual Leadership conference in Jackson, Miss. The Hall of Fame was established in 2000 as a way of recognizing those members who provided distinguished organizational service beyond the local and state levels.   She is a member of Order of Eastern Star, Phyllis Wheatley Chapter #656 Selma, Ala. She holds memberships in numerous other professional organizations such as Phi Delta Kappa International, National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators, Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity, Inc. (Physical Education Honor Society), and National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics.  Most recently, Dr. Hendricks was selected to serve on the Board of Directors for Girl Scouts of Kentucky Wilderness Road Council.

In August 2011, Dr. Hendricks was added to the Division II Athletic Directors Association Board of Directors as the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC) representative. As a member of the D-II ADA Board of Directors, Hendricks will assist with supporting and engaging in the initiatives of the D-II ADA, including finding authors for the D-II ADA Corner, obtaining input from conference membership regarding D-II and NCAA issues and attending national conventions. Also in August 2011, she was chosen by Auburn as a member of its College of Education National Advisory Council. Dr. Hendricks serves on the Council’s Development Committee, which is responsible for assisting with the creation and review of the development strategic work plan, identifying long-term funding opportunities and hosting donor events and receptions.

DR. BARBARA L. HOWARD Dr. Barbara L. Howard has written two books, “Wounded Sheep: How to Heal Church Hurt” and “Wounded Sheep: How to Calm a Storm” published by Crossbooks Publishing Company. The Wounded Sheep books are a scriptural-based, practical way to navigate church relationships. Dr. Howard shared that “church hurt” doesn’t just happen at church. Some of the same devastations that occur in the church can occur in other places. Dr. Howard joined Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated on March 31, 1989, at the University of Mississippi and she held many local offices as an undergraduate including president. After joining the local graduate chapter, she served as advisor to her undergraduate chapter. Later she moved to Tennessee and served at the graduate level. She is a charter member of Sigma Chi Zeta Chapter and was the first president. She has also served in many positions at the state level in Tennessee, at the regional level in the South Central Region, and also served on the National Social Action Committee. Her books may be purchased at www.crossbooks.com. Reach Dr. Howard at dr.barbaraLhoward@gmail.com.

SOROR JENELL STEWART Soror Jenell Stewart, is the founder and Editor in Chief of the award-winning website, www.KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com. Soror Stewart dedicates her time to educating and uplifting women with naturally textured hair. She is a spokeswoman for the Shea Moisture product line and has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, and appeared on the Dr. Oz show as a world beauty expert. Soror Stewart has a M.S. in Education with a concentration on special education. Soror Stewart became a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated in the Spring of 2013 via Sigma Nu Zeta Chapter in New York City, N.Y.

SOROR TORIE WIGGINS Torie Wiggins is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati College- Conser vator y of Music with a BFA in Dramatic Performance. She went on to create three one-woman shows – Everywhere You Look, Everywhere Else You Look, and Torie on Ice. She has co-adapted and performed another one-woman show, Your Negro Tour Guide, at various venues in Cincinnati and across the country. Soror Wiggins has appeared on All My Children, in the feature film Love Me Through It and her voice can be heard on numerous national television and radio commercials for H&M, Home Depot, and Burger King, to name a few. In 2011, she performed as a Seasonal Resident Artist with the Know Theatre of Cincinnati. She also appeared in “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Crucible” with Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, and performed the title role in “Black Pearl Sings!” at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati, both of which she was nominated for an League of Cincinnati Theaters (LCT) Award. Soror Wiggins became a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated through Beta Eta Chapter in the Spring of 2002. She went on to serve with Sigma Nu Zeta Chapter in New York, New York. Soror Wiggins has been a Youth Auxiliary Advisor, First Anti-Basileus, and has served on numerous committees. As a professional actress, Soror Wiggins has lent her talent and expertise to Zeta through many avenues, from performing and coordinating performances for Founders’ Day events to performing her onewoman show to a sold-out house as a fundraiser for her chapter.

SOROR WENDY MCINTYRE A native of North Carolina, Soror Wendy McIntyre spent her formative years in the Washington, D.C .area. There she developed her voice in various choirs, talent shows and events around the city. A friend once told her that her voice had a special anointing, and throughout her life she has been encouraged to share her Godgiven talent with others. Her debut EP, The Anthem, is the culmination of years spent creating a collection of songs meant to inspire, encourage and share her musical gift with the world. Soror McIntyre is the 2014 Founders’ Day Chairman for Tau Delta Zeta Chapter. The talented singer, songwriter released her debut album “The Anthem” on her own record label. She is currently in the studio working in pre-production on her sophomore CD. To learn more about Soror McIntyre, also known as The Lady Soulsinger, visit her website at http://www.wendymcintyre.com.



Military Appreciation

“Service to Our Country, Service to Our Sorority”

Greta Williams Eastern Region

Natasha Sunday Clark National Military Attache

Valerie Hollingsworth Military Liaison

Jaynene K. Smith Pacific Region

Keesha L. Dancy Southern Region

The Military Advisory Board’s (MAB) mission is to advance and assist the International Grand Basileus and the National Executive Board of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated with the development of policies and programs for members of Zeta who are military service members, spouses of service members, Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) employees. The MAB represents military members around the world who work to establish conditions to implement positive changes in the sorority and to promote initiatives which benefit the concept of service in our communities worldwide. This past year, the MAB developed several goals, initiatives, and administrative actions that aided in moving Zeta forward while strengthening military chapters/membership. One of the largest initiatives to date was the adoption of Military Appreciation Week during the week of Veterans Day. The MAB worked tirelessly to donate $22,000 to Operation Homefront - an initiative supported by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. Additionally, Rear Admiral (Retired) Evelyn J. Fields, an honorary member of Zeta, attended the first gala reception, and extended greetings at the inaugural event.




Simone S. Safford Atlantic Region

Grand Basileus Wright, along with members of the Military Advisory Board and veterans, placed a wreath at the National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. In preparation for Zeta’s First National Military Appreciation Week, an interview was conducted in the home of one of Zeta’s very own hidden treasures. The Military Advisory Board reached out to Soror Fields with assistance from Maryland State Director Danielle R. Green. Soror Fields is the former director of the Office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Corps Operations and the NOAA Commissioned Corps. She was the first woman, and the first African-American, to hold this position. She shared her appreciation for the love of the military and how she was persistent in overcoming obstacles. Soror Fields discussed the privilege and opportunity she had to serve her country in the capacity of a researcher in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Teamwork, leadership, integrity, dedication and tenacity were all skills and abilities that Soror Fields developed and used during her tenure of service in the armed forces. Her journey through a primarily “male-dominated” organization is one that should be captured in history books.

Lisa Anderson South Central Region

Rahgna Lewis Midwestern Region

Iana Daniels Southeastern Region

Alisha Johnson Pacific Region

To expedite distribution of information flow from our Headquarters, we launched the Military Advisory Board Facebook page utilizing social media. Another milestone was the incorporation of cutting edge technology to broadcast the Atlantic Regional Conference to our Germany chapter. With the assistance of Soror Valerie Hollingsworth, sorors living in Europe who were not able to travel to the United States, were broadcast via webinar to participate in the Atlantic Regional Conference MIP Certification and three plenary sessions. This was a significant accomplishment for our military and DoD/DoDDS.

Angela Reed-Johnson Great Lakes Region

There were many more accomplishments and initiatives achieved during the last year. This includes the design of custom cards for birthdays and promotions signed by Grand Basileus Wright. In addition, we created a transition tracker for the managing of Military and DoD/DoDDS sorors moving from region to region. Through the help of Zeta, we plan to honor our great country by presenting our nation’s colors at state, regional and national conferences.

In honor of Zeta Phi Beta’s first Military Appreciation Week, Retired Rear Admiral Evelyn J. Fields was featured in a national sorority video about her prolific military career. She is the former Director of the Office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Corps Operations and the NOAA Commissioned Corps. Nominated by former U.S. President Bill Clinton in January 1999, Rear Admiral Fields is the first woman and first African American to hold this esteemed position. With three decades of military experience, Soror Fields has seen dramatic shifts in the military for women. She was the first female to serve as a commanding officer of a NOAA ship and U.S. government ocean-going vessel.

Maryland State Director Danielle R. Green (left) interviewing Retired Rear Admiral Evelyn J. Fields.

Soror Fields understands the challenges of military spouses who struggle to maintain order in the home for young children while their husbands are deployed. Soror Fields believes that Zetas have a tremendous opportunity to share the spirit of service by supporting military families during these challenging times. Scan the QR code below with your mobile device to view the video on YouTube or visit http://www.zphib1920.org/preview-soror-fields/






On July 20, 2013, Soror Charlise Clark, CPA, of Alpha Eta Zeta Chapter, along with her co-organizer Elizabeth Hart, answered the call of Sigma brother and nationally recognized community activist Al Sharpton, founder and president of the National Action Network, and organized a “Justice for Trayvon Martin” vigil in Memphis, at the Historic Lorraine Motel. Soror Clark became the primary organizer of the vigil in Memphis four days before vigils in 100 cities around the nation were scheduled. Driven by the mantras “community-conscious” and “actionoriented”, Soror Clark set out to ensure the vigil lived up to the legacy of the great city. Soror Clark and her co-organizer partnered with the Lorraine Motel, numerous pastors, community activists and media outlets. They executed an immensely successful event that garnered national media attention with more than 500 participants. Event speakers included the Shelby County Mayor, the local Democratic Party and representatives from the Memphis Urban League of Young Professionals. The desired outcome of this vigil was to turn a moment in to a movement and ensure the people of Memphis would be empowered to become educated about events, actions, and laws that impact them directly. Soror Clark indicated that one key area of focus was emphasizing the importance of voter education, political awareness and the involvement of our youth in social action at an early age. Soror Clark was initiated in 1997 via Kappa Pi Chapter at the University of Minneapolis. She has always been passionate about social activism and justice for all. She believes in living an “action-oriented” life, desires to seek opportunities to “be a friend to man” and continually lead by example.




DR. ELAINE MCDOWELL On Oct. 25, 2013, Dr. Elaine McDowell was honored with a lifetime achievement award (the Marty Mann Founder’s Award) by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD) in Arlington, Va. Dr. McDowell has more than thirty years of experience in administering treatment, research and prevention programs in the alcoholism, drug abuse and mental health fields. During her tenure with the U.S. Government her accomplishments were innumerable and she rose to the highest career level (Level 6) in the Senior Executive Service: serving as deputy director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse and as acting administrator of both the Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration (ADAMHA) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA).  For eight years she served as the director of the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. She has served as an international expert consultant on alcoholism and drug abuse for the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Information Agency, the Department of Defense, the World Health Organization, the Organization of American States, and the International Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in 40 countries in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia.  Her most recent trip to Africa was to attend a public health conference in Ethiopia where she made a presentation on the relationship between addictions and HIV infection and how treatment of these disorders can help reduce HIV infection and AIDS. Upon her retirement from federal service, Dr. McDowell became a professor of social work for several years at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Md. She later became a senior fellow in the University’s Health Behavioral Institute. She has remained active in numerous professional, fraternal, and civic associations, having served as chairperson of many committees and on boards of directors of distinguished organizations, including the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Human Development; project advisory boards for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; the National Association for Children of Alcoholics and an elected board member of the Senior Executive Association. Dr. McDowell served 17 years as a non-alcoholic trustee of the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous (U.S./Canada) and became the first woman and first African American to chair the Board. She is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, both within the U.S. Government and from national professional and civic organizations.  (continued on page 67)

ON THE MOVE | SOROR SPOTLIGHT (continued from page 66) She has been honored with the National Medical Association’s Award for Outstanding Leadership in Improving Health Care in the Black Community, the Boys and Girls Club of America and the National Association of Native American Children of Alcoholics. In addition, she is the recipient of post federal retirement recognition by the City and County Council of Los Angeles, and lifetime achievement awards from  the U.S. Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, the National Drug Policy Coalition and most recently the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc.   Dr. McDowell holds a B.A. from Morgan State University and earned MSW and Ph.D. degrees in social work from the University of Maryland.  Dr. McDowell has served as Assistant Boule’ Marshal, Basileus of Nu Xi Zeta Chapter, Alexandria, Va., and a national appointed officer (Project Zeta) for six years.  She is the recipient of numerous citations from Zeta including the Distinguished Service Award.  She is currently a member of Alpha Zeta Chapter.


Soror Karen Arrington is an empowerment coach, the Goodwill Ambassador to Gambia and founder of the Miss Black USA Pageant. She helps African American women write new rules of power and opportunity with life-changing confidence. She provides women with the tools, inspiration and connections needed to redefine their destinies and defy expectations.   Soror Arrington has personally mentored more than 1,000 young women, and helped them land scholarships, record deals and modeling contracts. She also assisted with getting them into top medical and law schools and launch multi-city speaking tours.

  Soror Arrington believes that women are our greatest untapped resource. She believes that every girl has a magnificent talent waiting to be discovered and that confidence is the new “Black.”   She teaches “The 10,000 Hour Rule!” Ever heard of it? It’s the idea that the secret to success and mastery in any field, is to study and practice the craft for 10,000 hours.

Over the past 20 years, Soror Arrington has accumulated over 100,000 hours of speaking, mentoring, coaching, training, and philanthropic and community service. She has launched international campaigns to raise awareness and funds for heart disease research, and has been recognized by Women’s Day Magazine for her work in the fight against heart disease. Soror Arrington has also received leadership and empowerment awards from The Lifetime Network and Jones New York. Notably, she was

named a Goodwill Ambassador to Gambia by the last living relative of Kunta Kinte. Soror Arrington has negotiated multi-million dollar sponsorship deals with heads of foreign nations and co-founded the first Diabetes Awareness Day in Gambia, West Africa. She also created the nation’s first scholarship pageant for African American women, the Miss Black USA Pageant. Her influence has secured over $500,000 in financial aid for young black female scholars, artists & emerging leaders. Soror Arrington is currently a member of the Tau Delta Zeta Chapter based in Laurel, Md. by way of the University of Maryland College Park (Eta Epsilon Chapter). For additional information about Karen Arrington visit www.KarenArrington.com.

SOROR KIYA EDWARDS After graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism, Soror Kiya Edwards moved to Nairobi, Kenya on a one-way ticket to pursue her dream of a career in international media. Soror Edwards blogged about her two-year experience as an intern and employee at A24 Media Ltd. in Nairobi. She worked as a presenter and traveling field producer for Africa Journal, a weekly TV show that highlights positive stories from across Africa, and aired on almost 50 networks in 40 countries including the United States. Soror Edwards was featured in Nairobi’s leading newspaper as a fashion model and was the emcee for Kenya’s Fashion Week. She also hosted Mother and Child, a health series on urban parenting. Soror Edwards covered stories from fashion to politics in Kenya, Uganda, Italy, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, and Morocco. In addition to working for the show, she served as field producer on documentaries for various clients including the United Nations Development Programme. In her free time, she focused on music where she sang at local nightclubs and festivals. To read more about Soror Edwards’ international experiences, please visit www.kiyainkenya.wordpress.com.






After discovering her own fertility issues and recognizing the disparity between African Americans, other demographic groups and reproductive health, Soror Regina Townsend started The Broken Brown Egg blog, to provide a first-hand account of the journey through an infertility diagnosis. In 2010, Soror Townsend incorporated The Broken Brown Egg, Inc. as a foundation to connect African American and minority communities to reproductive health and infertility professionals and resources. The blog and accompanying social media pages reach close to 1,500 people each day, and serves as a bridge between a typically silent minority and a larger health community.

Soror Thometta Cozart (Brooks) is a charter member of Chi Theta Zeta Chapter in Tallahassee, Florida. She was initiated in spring 2002 through the Mu Beta Chapter at Bethune-Cookman College (now University) in Daytona Beach, Florida. Thometta is the former public relations manager and coordinator of the Women’s Health Program within the Florida Department of Health in Tallahassee. She is currently a Health Equity Fellow at the Ohio Commission on Minority Health in Columbus, Ohio as part of the Directors of Health Promotion and Education Fellowship Program.

In recognition of her work in infertility and reproductive health, Soror Townsend was named to The Root 100, a national list of the 100 most influential young African Americans, selected by the staff of TheRoot.com, including editor-in-chief Dr. Henry Louis Gates. She was awarded a Family Building Champion Award by the Tinina Q. Cade Foundation in Washington D.C., an Influential Award by Social Diary Daily magazine, and named a Resolve Super Hero by RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, for her work in the infertility community in raising awareness of adoption, foster care, and reproductive technology with a focus on the African American community. She is also a board member of Fertility Within Reach, a patient advocacy organization. TheBrokenBrownEgg.org was a finalist in the WEGO Health Activist Awards and the Black Weblog awards, and is listed in Answers.com’s “Top 6 Infertility Facebook accounts” and AllParenting.com’s list of “Best Infertility Blogs.” The blog was also listed as an infertility resource in the March 2013 issue of Essence Magazine. Through education, encouragement, humor and honesty, Soror Townsend’s goal is to move people beyond the stigma and silence of infertility and adoption in the African American and minority communities towards an open and safe dialogue that empowers individuals and couples to make informed decisions on family building and reproductive health. In her personal time, Soror Townsend enjoys spreading her love of books and libraries to her family and neighbors, serving the community and spending time with her husband Jahbari. She is an Outreach and Teen Services librarian at the Forest Park Public Library, in Forest Park, Ill. She holds a B.A. in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago and a Masters in Library and Information Sciences from Dominican University.




A native of North Carolina and Washington State, Soror Cozart established tcbrooks consulting. The consulting business assists community-based, academic and government organizations with achieving their community health outreach goals through strategic planning, event management, public relations, technical and grant assistance. Soror Coz a r t was appointed the 20102011 National Health Justic e Coo rdin ato r for the sorority by past International Grand Basileus Sher yl P. Underwood. In this position, she established health fairs as a standard for all of Zeta’s regional conferences and nurtured Zeta’s partnerships with national and international health organizations to promote health equity. During the Florida A&M University’s 2009 Homecoming, Thometta led the planning of Zeta Phi Beta’s Health Justice Health Forum in Tallahassee which featured 23rd Grand Basileus Sheryl Underwood. After her tenure at the Department of Health, Soror Cozart completed her Master’s of Public Health at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. She has a Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communications from Bethune-Cookman College and a Masters of Science in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from Florida A&M University. Upon the completion of her fellowship, Soror Cozart intends to pursue a doctoral degree in Public Health or Education. She is passionate about creating and strengthening existing pipeline programs to increase the number of minority students and researchers in the areas of public health and health science research.


SOROR AVA-JOYE BURNETT Soror Ava-Joye Burnett is the weekend anchor/reporter at WRIC-TV in Richmond, Va. Although she has been employed at the station for almost two years, the foundation of her career started many years ago. She started volunteering in TV production while still in high school in Maryland. Following her graduation from American University where she received a degree in broadcast journalism, she worked two years behind the scenes as a production assistant at WUSA-TV, the CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C. As a production assistant, she learned how to keep her composure in newsrooms, and the importance of hard work and striving for excellence. Soror Burnett’s hard work paid off. She traveled to Washington, D.C. on January 21, 2013 to cover President Barack Obama’s second inauguration. She also took her story-telling to a very personal place, when she documented her journey of learning to swim on camera. Her advice to young journalists: “Never give up! I have been told that I am not good enough, but that hasn’t stopped me in the past, and it will not stop me in the future.”


Non-profit Agency Receiving National Exposure After months without pay, “Restaurant Impossible” made serving others possible again. The past five years have been challenging for Soror Vesta Godwin Clark, Executive Director of St. James Social Service Corporation (SJSSC). Soror Clark’s nonprofit agency, which provides services to more than 15,000 people annually, was hit hard during the recession in 2008. SJSSC, one of the largest providers of food in the City of Newark and Essex County through its Emergency Pantry and Soup Kitchen, lost more than $100,000 in grants. The staff, including Soror Godwin Clark, worked without pay for more than 12 weeks. Everyone was laid off, including herself, at the end of the year. Still, during the next two years, the staff kept the doors open to help those who needed services despite their own needs for some of the same services. During this time, their building caught fire while grant funded renovations were being done. This caused major damage, but the staff and volunteers pulled together and opened the doors for some of their services the next day. The agency had also been

vandalized and robbed eight times by clients and volunteers. After being recommended by Soror Juliene Jean, the Director of Agency Relations for the Community Foodbank of New Jersey, SJSSC was featured on the Food Network’s “Restaurant Impossible” starring celebrity chef Robert Irvin. The soup kitchen, run by then 80-year-old volunteer Georgianna Loney, received a renovation of both the dining room and kitchen. This was the first kitchen Chef Irvin had ever renovated. Former Newark Mayor, now Senator Cory Booker, made an appearance on this episode which featured Soror Godwin Clark and Mrs. Loney. The airing of the episode has been a life-changing experience for Soror Godwin Clark and the agency. SJSSC is receiving new funding and individuals are donating as a result of the “Restaurant Impossible” episode. The agency is also featured in a new national promotional video for Lyfe Kitchen Foods and Whyhunger.

DR. VALLIE MICHELLE HOLLOWAY Vallie  Michelle  Holloway, Ph.D.,  a McKnight Doctoral Fellow, graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Pharmacology/ Toxicology from Florida A&M University in 2001. In 2002, Dr.  Holloway  was granted a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Ill. The central objective of her research and career development experience involved the elucidation of the intestinal of the T cell immune defense in the development of the state of immunosuppression, which frequently occurred in burn-injured hosts. During her tenure, the American Physiology Society granted her the honor of presenting one of the best abstracts. Additionally, she received three travel awards to various scientific meetings and a grantsmanship-training award by the Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology. Her work has been cited in numerous scholarly articles and she has been asked to chair various scientific workshops and committees. Dr. Holloway returned to Jacksonville, Fla., where she matriculated at the Mayo Clinic of Jacksonville as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Currently, she works as a Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry and Microbiology, Pathophysiology and Medical Law and Ethics at DeVry University, Chamberlain School of Nursing and Virginia College in Jacksonville, Fla. A Life Member and Diamond Life Contributor, Dr. Holloway  was initiated  into the Gamma Alpha Chapter in 1993. She is a member of Beta Alpha Zeta Chapter where she serves as the  State of Florida  Coordinator for  Stork’s  Nest, the local coordinator of three branches of The Stork’s Nest Jacksonville, Inc., the First Anti-Basileus, Z-HOPE Chair, and Co-Chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.



Strength In Partnerships Zeta and March of Dimes: 41 Years Strong

From left: Model Nikki Taylor, Soror Maryam Lynch Tate, Soror Rauchelle Jones, International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright, Soror LaTasha Wilson Lane, Soror Joanne M. Patterson, and LaVerne Council (chair of the MOD leadership conference) accepts the award for the Alpha-Zeta Challenge at the 2013 MOD Volunteer Leadership Conference.

also worked diligently to ensure that the 2012 Zeta Prematurity Awareness Sunday was successful. More than 84,000 participants at 344 churches across the country listened to presentations given by Zeta members on the impacts of premature births. We also are proud to report that there are more than 130 Stork’s Nests carrying out the mission to promote early prenatal care and healthy behaviors during pregnancy. During the 2012-2013 sorority year, the Stork’s Nest leadership team provided the sisterhood with application guidelines to assist in determining readiness to open new nests in their communities and migrated the annual reporting form to an electronic format. This enabled us to capture accurate data of our efforts to influence positive birth outcomes. In 2014, the focus will be to evaluate our active nests using a checkpoint system and provide computer assisted training to those interested in facilitating Stork’s Nest classes. We are thrilled that you love all things March of Dimes as much as we do and we thank you for your engagement, hard work and dedication.


eta’s commitment to mothers and babies in our communities during the past 41 years is wellknown among our friends at the March of Dimes.

Our March of Dimes representatives Sorors Maryam LynchTate and LaTasha Wilson-Lane led us to victory when we raised $312,000 for March for Babies and were crowned the winners of the Alpha Phi Alpha vs. Zeta Phi Beta Challenge this past summer at the March of Dimes Volunteer Leadership Conference. They


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Conference Financial Planning Tips

By Soror Ainka Munroe Life Member

Zeta conferences are an exciting time in our sisterhood. It’s an opportunity for some to visit a new city, take in the sights, eat at new restaurants, indulge in shopping excursions and enjoy the luxury of hotel living all while celebrating your chapter, region or state’s milestones in community service and programming. With all the excitement that mounts for such an occasion, you should have a strategy in place to make sure you aren’t wondering where all your money went! Here are some simple tips you can start implementing right now to help ensure you are financially prepared.

1. Have a plan

3. Automate your savings

Most of us decide early whether we will attend a conference. In most cases, plans have already been shared by your state, regional or national offices. Making your reservation in advance for hotels, events and gatherings could save you even more. As soon as a schedule is shared, reserve your tickets before it’s sold out or priced outside of your budget! This, of course, includes your travel plans too. Flights fluctuate, so make sure you’re keeping track for the best deals.

4. Finding the savings

Failing to plan is planning to fail! How many of us really make use of the early-bird registration? You sometimes save hundreds of dollars, and could use that money for an extra event like treating yourself to an excursion in the host city or staying an extra day to pamper yourself.

Once you have the basics, you can map your plans for each day months in advance. Having a plan early enough will also help you develop a thorough preparation list so you know what you need to buy, pack and to save!

2. Have a budget

You don’t want to look at your credit card statements and see your past purchases accruing high interest costs. After you’ve outlined the events you desire to participate in and their costs, break it down to how much you need to save on a monthly basis. Make sure you’re including extra cash for paraphernalia and unexpected new plans.

In general, you should have a separate account for big ticket items. Many banks offer a subaccount and you can allocate funds automatically into that account. It’s out of sight and out of mind. Before you know it, you’ll have your conference paid up and you didn’t break the bank to do it!

If you’re finding the costs to be overwhelming, see if there are opportunities for some savings. Since regional conferences and Boule’ are leadership conferences, you may be able to have your travel and registration paid for by your company. Also, find out who will be attending and combine resources. Get a hotel room and rental car together to reduce costs. You can save by packing your own snacks and reusing your suits. Many credit card companies offer discounts and rewards. So if you’re someone who has points to cash in, now’s the time to use them.

Soror Ainka Munroe Life Member Financial Professional www.AinkaMunroe.com AXA Advisors, LLC

5. Have fun

Prepare to enjoy, learn and grow! Conference time can be special and a rare opportunity for you to catch up with your favorite sorors. You want to be able to capture it all and share in this amazing experience. You will see sorors and frat you haven’t seen in years, and you will make new lifetime friendships. You’ve planned and saved. Now take it all in and enjoy!



Recap: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. CENTENNIAL GALA

The theme was “Stony the Road We Trod,” a fitting sentiment to Phi Beta Sigma’s decision to honor five men and women who fought for equal rights of African Americans and the country’s disenfranchised.

By Soror Stephanie Arnold Editor in Chief

The fraternity’s Centennial Founders’ Day Gala on Jan. 11, 2014, at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C., was more than just a ball. Although the affair offered the elegance and social construct of a black-tie event, it was an opportunity to reflect seriously on the history of our people, and pay tribute to those who fought on the front lines in juxtaposition to Sigma’s storied history. Hundreds of attendees packed the ballroom from Sigma brothers, dignitaries, members of other Greek Letter Organizations, and members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. It was a spirited affair full of emotional reflection, humor and pride. A special video message from former U.S. President Bill Clinton, an honorary member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, was also played during the program. Among those honored were: -Rev. Al Sharpton, founder and president of the National Action Network -Edolphus Towns, former U.S. Congressman -Clayola Brown, president, A. Phillip Randolph Institute -Hank Thomas, an original Freedom Rider -Elizabeth Williams-Omilami, president of Hosea Feed the Hungry -Rev. C.T. Vivian, civil rights activist, author, founder of the C.T. Vivian Leadership Institute, Inc.




From left: Phi Beta Sigma President Jonathan A. Mason, Sr., Brother Harry Belafonte and Brother Malik Yoba stand together on stage during the fraternity’s centennial gala in Washington, D.C. Brother Yoba served as the Master of Ceremony and Brother Belafonte was the keynote speaker.

Humanitarian and entertainment legend Harry Belafonte, who was inducted into the fraternity as an honorary member earlier that evening, served as the keynote speaker. He spoke eloquently about his struggle with dyslexia, the history of his family living in poverty, and the challenges of African Americans today. “What I like about having been inducted into the fraternity is not just the ego, the joy of it, the boastfulness of it, but because of what it says it stands for,” Belafonte said. “Often times I am asked what happened to our young people, why do they not understand that the legacy has been passed on to them? Why have they not stepped in to the space? I ask you, ‘What did you say to your children at the dinner table?’” The simulcast event, emceed by actor/producer, Brother Malik Yoba, carried live streams to Tinley Park (Illinois), Memphis, Fort Worth, Greensboro , Orlando and Los Angeles. The celebration was available for online Pay-Per-View for those unable to attend.

The gala was rounded out by International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright, the final speaker on the program, who was selected to deliver the charge to Sigma men for the next 100 years. Grand Wright electrified the audience during the delivery of her charge as she challenged them to become financial, recruit three brothers by July, participate in programs and service projects and take on leadership roles at the national, regional and state levels. She asked, “Are you a spectator or are you a participator?” Grand Wright reminded the Sigma brothers that, “The oath didn’t make you a Sigma. It made you a member. How you live the oath makes you a Sigma. So, I charge you, tomorrow morning, when you wake up, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself: ‘Am I a member? Or am I a Sigma?’” ___ To continue following Phi Beta Sigma’s Centennial Celebration, visit http://www.pbs100.org or “Like” the page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pbs100.

The Rev. C.T. Vivian engages the audience with a hearty laugh as he accepts his award.






The National History Team reflects upon Zeta’s chartering legacy. By the National History Team

September 2013 marked 90 years of Finer Womanhood, Scholarship, Service and Sisterhood in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated at the graduate level. Alpha Alpha Alpha Zeta Chapter, of the Eastern Region, was chartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia on Sept. 21, 2013, becoming the first four-letter chapter. Ever since our Five Pearls chartered Alpha Chapter at Howard University, Zeta Phi Beta has been in the business of making superb chapters and leaders. Each year, collegiate members come to Zeta sharing their time and God-given talents to advance our cause. Undergraduates leading the way is ubiquitous throughout the sorority’s history. Unique to our story is Gamma Chapter chartered on Nov. 2, 1921, at Morgan State College (now Morgan State University). While it is the second chapter within Zeta, it is named for the third letter of the Greek alphabet. Building upon the blue and white bond, Gamma would bear the same name as its brother chapter Gamma of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., also located at Morgan College. Morgan State University is the first campus beyond Howard University where both the Zeta and Sigma chapters bear the same name. However, this would not be the only impact Gamma chapter would have on Zeta Phi Beta’s history. The first graduate chapter, Alpha Zeta, was organized in Baltimore, Maryland, in September 1923 by five phenomenal alumni of Gamma Chapter. A legendary member of the Alpha Zeta Chapter was our illustrious Founder and second National Basileus Myrtle Lavenia Tyler Faithful. Founder Faithful was a member of the chapter during her years in Towson, Maryland until her passing (1976-1993). Alpha Zeta Chapter charter members Iradelle Bond Williams, Nellie A. Buchanan (4th National Grand Basileus), Florence Purviance, Ethel Thompson, and Jeanette Johnson Moore (Laws) convinced then college President John O. Spencer of the importance of continuing to promote the ideals and objectives of the organization



beyond the campus gates and throughout the greater Baltimore community. Upon graduation the young charter members met, organized, and chartered Alpha Zeta Chapter. The ceremony was held in the home of Soror Iradelle Bond Williams and Soror Jeannette Johnson Moore was elected the chapter’s first President. Soror Johnson Moore and the early members of Alpha Zeta toiled diligently to ensure their success as they developed the graduate chapter model from the ground up. Joining the five Morgan College Gamma chapter alumni were sorors who shared in belief of continuing the work of Zeta in their communities. Some of the first chapter members who played a crucial role in solidifying Alpha Zeta chapter’s presence included: Sorors Mary Laws, Alice Taylor, Bernice Naylor, Ethel Cummings Hodges, Ethel Taylor Payne, Mary Williams Fortune, Marian Webb, L.O. Goldia Smith (sorority incorporator), Alice Wilson, and Alma Kelly. Alpha Zeta Chapter has always attracted and developed leaders. Elected in 1923, Alpha Zeta Chapter member Soror Nellie A. Buchanan served as the 4th National Grand Basileus of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated until 1925. During her tenure as Grand Basileus, Past Grand Basileus Buchanan expanded the sorority by establishing new chapters throughout the United States. Beta Zeta chapter was established under her administration in Washington D.C., making it the second graduate chapter of Zeta Phi Beta. As a newly recognized national organization, Zeta was severely in need of a headquarters to conduct the business of the sorority. With Alpha Chapter at Howard University playing a key role in the day-to-day workings of the organization, Past Grand Basileus Buchanan established a centralized location for the operation of Zeta’s business. Zeta’s original headquarters was located at 1129 N. Calhoun Street in Baltimore, Md. While many members are familiar with the origin of Alpha Chapter, and the story of


Alpha Alpha Alpha Zeta Chapter, Eastern Region, was chartered in Fredericksburg, Va., on Sept, 21, 2013. The chapter is the sorority’s first four-letter chapter.

chapters like Beta, which for both Zeta and Sigma are distinguished as being the oldest Greek letter organizations on campus, or Theta chartered at Wiley College in 1923 (the first undergraduate chapter chartered south of the Mason-Dixon line and first black sorority to organize in Texas on a college campus), what happened after the chartering of the first twenty-six chapters while perhaps not as legendary, is no less important to the story of Zeta. In 1931, the 27th undergraduate chapter, Alpha Alpha, was chartered in Chicago, Ill. (Great Lakes Region). The cycle continued as Alpha Alpha Zeta Chapter was chartered in Salisbury, N.C. (Eastern Region). It is historically significant that each time Zeta has wrapped back around to the beginning of the Greek alphabet - with the exception of Alpha Alpha Chapter - it has originated in the Eastern Region. The legacy of Zeta Phi Beta is still on fire and continues to grow at an expeditious rate. Alpha Alpha Beta Zeta Chapter (second four-letter graduate chapter), chartered on October 19, 2013, in DeRider, La. and Alpha Alpha Gamma Zeta Chapter (third four-letter graduate chapter), of the South Central Region was also chartered in 2013 to help carry on the story of Zeta. From Alpha to our four-letter chapters, Zeta women continue to serve as leaders and move Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated forward.


Together Everyone Achieves MORE

Tasked with the responsibility of property oversight, the National Board of Trustees instituted a plan to raise more than $10,000 for the maintenance of International Headquarters. By the National Board of Trustees

Under the direction of the National Trustees, the Finer Women Don’t Haze (FWDH) T-shirt campaign combined talent, ideas and entrepreneurship into a truly successful endeavor. When Zetas come together, everyone achieves and the sorority benefits. The FWDH T-shirt project raised $10,000 toward the maintenance of International Headquarters at the Zeta Organizational Leadership Conference (ZOL) in Indianapolis, Indiana, in July 2013. Sorors who make a donation to the project receive a T-shirt. The competition component of the fundraising project awards trophies to regions with the largest percentage of participation and the largest number of shirts sold. Chapters that purchase five or more shirts receive a certificate of appreciation. The National Board of Trustees believes that the more we work together, the greater the reward. As Zeta moves towards its centennial celebration, the trustees are committed to the completion of our property maintenance. This project is only the beginning.

The National Board of Trustees present a $10,000 check to International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright (3rd from right) and National First Anti-Basileus Scarlet H. Black (2nd from left). The check represents funds raised from the Finer Women Don’t Haze T-shirt campaign. Also pictured: from left: Trustee Bettye A. Murchison, Eastern Region (far left); Trustee Antoinette Gordon (second from right), Midwestern Region, and Trustee Stephanie L. Dukes, (far right) Southeastern Region.

Bottom left: Eastern Region State Directors supporting the FWDH Campaign: From left: Soror Donna Jordan, D.C. State Director; Amelia McIntyre, Virginia State Director; LaKeshia Holley, North Carolina State Director Bottom right: Supporting the Finer Women Don’t Haze Campaign in fine style! Standing: Eastern Region State Directors with (seated left)) National First Anti-Basileus Scarlet H. Black and International Grand Basileus Mary Breaux Wright (seated right)



The American Cancer Society has been behind nearly every recent cancer breakthrough. Let’s end cancer once and for all so no more life lists are left unfinished. Donate now at cancer.org/fight. Š 2013 American Cancer Society, Inc.

The Finer Woman

An Acrostic Wriien by Soror Evelyn L. Foster, Lambda Chapter This acrostic was rst published in the 1925 edition of the “X-Ray”, Zeta’s rst official publication. The message is as true today as it was then. As our sisterhood continues to grow and our programming continues to evolve, who we are as Zeta women remains the same.

The Finer Woman is: Faithful to duty; Ideal of womanhood; Noble in character; Engaging in manner; Responsible to a trust; Womanly in conduct; Obedient to a higher self; Magnanimous in spirit; Affable in receiving others; Noteworthy in deeds; Hospitable to strangers and guests; Obliging to neighbors; Open hearted to the poor and needy; Deserving of praise.

1734 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, D.C ., 20009

July 15-19


Washington Hilton 1919 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, District of Columbia 20009

Profile for The Archon

Archon spring2014 final  

Enjoy the Spring 2014 edition of The Archon, the official publication of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.

Archon spring2014 final  

Enjoy the Spring 2014 edition of The Archon, the official publication of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.