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As a mum to be, you don’t need the extra stress about what you need to get before your baby arrives. We’re here to help! We created a Baby Essentials Checklist, featuring all essential products for your little one to cover the first few months. Download the checklist here, and start thicking off..


☐ Rompers (wrap) (3)

☐ Baby’s first suit

☐ Baby suits (2)

☐ Tops, sweaters or knit (3)

☐ Cardigans (2)

☐ Pants or leggings (2)

☐ Hat, bonnet or beanie (2)

☐ Jacket or overall

☐ Pairs of (wool) socks (3)

☐ Baby booties


☐ Co-sleeper, crib or cot

☐ Mattress

☐ Molton

☐ Fitted sheets (2)

☐ Flat sheets (2)

☐ Wool blanket (1)

☐ Heat bag (electric*)

☐ Nest

☐ Nursing pillow

☐ Nursing pillow cover

☐ Babyrocker

☐ Baby monitor *


☐ Bump book

☐ Baby book

☐ Nursing bra

☐ Nursing pads *

☐ Breast pump *

☐ Vitamins *

☐ Bump oil *


☐ Canopy

☐ Woolen cocoon

☐ Night light

☐ (Music) mobile

☐ Bed pocket

☐ Cuddly toy

☐ Babygym

☐ Moses basket

☐ Warming pillow

☐ Lambskin


☐ Dresser

☐ Changing mat *

☐ Changing mat cover (2)

☐ Baby wash body and hair

☐ Baby oil

☐ Baby cream

☐ Soft hairbrush

☐ Small swaddles (10)

☐ Large swaddles (2)

☐ Washcloths (2)

☐ Pacifier

☐ Hooded baby towel

☐ Laundry soap (natural)

☐ Diapers and wipes

☐ Thermometer *

☐ Vitamin D & K *

☐ Baby spoon

☐ Bath (& thermometer) *

☐ Baby Bottle & brush

☐ Formula Dispenser *

☐ Formula sachets


☐ Baby carrier

☐ Diaper bag

☐ Essential bag, etui

☐ Change to go

☐ Pacifier cord or holder

☐ Pram *

☐ Footmuff or nest

☐ Extra woolen blanket

☐ Maxi-cosi *


The first outfit your baby wears will hold a special place in your heart. They are the first little pieces of clothing you are buying for your newborn and these will always remind you of the first few weeks after birth.

1. Onesie with collar cream, Gray Label €34,00 2. Fonzie merino beanie newborn grey melange, Hvid €34,00 3. Newborn suit cream, Gray Label €52,00. 4. Wool top natural, Joha €30,00 5. Heavy pants wool natural, Joha €30,00 6. Baby ribbed booties grey melange, Gray Label €24,00 7. Wool wrap body natural, Joha €24,00 8. Newborn bonnet off white, Hvid €29,00 9. Merino baby booties off white, Hvid €36,00 10. 2 Piece Baby Pyjama Lapin Creme €83,00 11. Paknit Cotton Cashmere babyset grey, Bonton €110 12. Newborn Baby Set Pakittendre, Bonton €83,00. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
10. 11. 12.

Choosing your newborn’s first clothes should be an exciting experience. While choosing, there are a couple of things you should think about. You want the clothes to be practical, carefully curated and cute. We’ve selected high-quality, timeless pieces that can also be passed on to a new family member or a friend’s baby. Adorable pieces that your little one will love.

A Wool/Silk (depending on the season) wrap body is easy to put on and serves as a soft, basic layer to keep your little one warm. We always advise to add a woolen newborn suit on top, unless your little one gets born in the summer. You should not leave your little one’s wardrobe without a pair of Hvid booties, classics that never go out of style and are the perfect addition to any outfit. Wool would also be good for summer, but use fewer layers. Wool regulates your baby’s temperature; it gives warmth when it’s cold and is cool when temperature rises. In the field of first baby suits, you should absolutely have a look at Bonton, as their suits are elaborate, refined, and timeless. The ewborn Suit from Gray Label is the perfect basic, made of the softest material and easy to put on and take off.

1. 2. 3.
1. Baby cardigan Peanut, Gray Label €39,00 2. Onesie with collar Lavender/Cream, Gray Label €37,00 3. Bib Peanut, Gray Label €18,00 4. Baby footies nearly black/cream, Gray Label €34,00 5. Long ribbed socks Cream, Gray Label €12,00 6. Baby beanie lavender, Gray Label €18,00 7. Heavy pants wool grey, Joha €30,00 8. Pamail body with collar girl rose, Bonton €46,00 9. Baobab baby overall rose, Bonton € 89,00 10. Woolen newborn socks, Hirsch Natur €13,00 11. Merino baby booties brick, Hvid €37,00 12. Wool baby jacket natural, Engel Natur €47,50 13. Wool overall grey, Engel Natur €66,00 14. Paknit cotton cashmere newborn heart sets, Bonton €100,00 4. 5. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 6.


For The Newborn Guide, we styled this stunning nursery in gorgeous whites and creams. A neutral nursery is fresh, timeless and chic. Combine different materials and fabrics to make it come alive and you’ll have a nursery that feels serene and warm.


Dream away with this unique, handmade Lighting Balloon With Paper Cover from Zoé Rumeau. A piece of decoration that will elevate your nursery and create a magical surrounding for your little one. (€175, Zoé Rumeau)

Adding natural materials, such as jute or rattan is a small effort that will add a lot of warmth to your space. (Natural Carpet from €100, Tine K), (Large Basket White €52, Numero 74).

An open bookcase, or shelves on the wall are perfect to display all your precious keepsakes. Baby’s first Booties (€37, Hvid), Teddy Bear (€189, Steiff), Motherhood Journal (€54, Nona).

It would be a shame not to display your baby’s most beautiful outfits. The Metal Clothes Stand (€95, Hazel & George) can be used to neatly hang up your little one’s clothes. With its industrial look with a rustic touch, it stands out in any room.

Dreamers We’re the

Your baby will sleep a lot in those first few months, so you want to make sure your little one feels calm while trying to fall asleep. Create a little nest that’s soft and comfortable and will make your newborn feel snug and safe. Let’s start with one of the most important things, the bed for your baby. There are different options to choose from: a Crib, Cot, Co-Sleeper or Moses Basket.

1. Wood Mini+Cot incl. junior kit white/oak, Oliver Furniture €1.259,00 2. Lola crib with mattress, Bermbach €1.055,00 3. Amazing Maize cocoon baby lounger, Cocoon Company €99,00 4. Cocoonababy babynest, Red Castle €159,00 5. Moses basket, Numero74 €55,00 6. Bed baby & junior Jetty beige, Sebra €989,00 7. Martha side bed with closure piece and mattress, Bermbach €922,00 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


The Lola Crib stands on a metal stand. The small feet are made of oiled oak to ensure an even base which is gentle on floor surfaces. The weave of the basket offers transparency allowing the little one to get the best views of everything going on all around. Firmly laced leather straps provide additional stability while a thin wooden floor on the underside connects the main body with inconspicuous screws to the fine latticed yet extremely stable underframe. The mattress has a filling of coco-core and organic sheep-wool. The cover is from organic cotton. Lola crib with mattress, Bermbach €1.055,00

The multifunctional baby bed

For the first couple of months of your little one’s life, you’ll want to choose a bed that keeps your baby snug and close while you’re asleep. That’s where the Wood Co-Sleeper from Oliver Furniture comes in handy. It’s a multifunctional baby bed that can be converted into a co-sleeper a cradle and a bench.

When both sides of the bed are up, the Wood Co-Sleeper functions as a cosy cradle that can be used for daytime naps. At night, the bed’s side can be lowered to couple the co-sleeper quickly and securely to your own bed. You can wheel the co-sleeper smoothly and quietly from room to room with its rubberized wheels.

Wood Co-sleeper, Oliver Furniture €629,00

Finish it with

Wood holder bed canopy co-sleeper & mobile oak, Oliver Furniture €57,00

Wood bed canopy co-sleeper, Oliver Furniture €53,00

Make it special with

Linen bedpocket Craie, Hazel & George €45,00

Lucky mobile, An.nur €109,00

The clean Nordic design is the perfect base for every nursery, as it is easy to combine with other pieces of decoration: a canopy, a bed pocket, a mobile and beautiful bedding.

From Cot bed to Junior bed

Another option to choose from is the Wood Mini+ Cot Bed, which can be used from birth to the age of 3. The base can be adjusted in height with 2 different positions and 3 bars that can be removed to make it easier for your little one to get in and out of bed independently.

When the time has come and your little one has outgrown the bed, you can convert the Cot Bed into a Junior Bed by using the few extra parts. That way, you can use the bed up to 9 years.

Wood Mini+ Cot incl. junior kit White/Oak, Oliver Furniture €1.259,00


A step by step guide

Building it up

Start with a fitted sheet. The neutral linen ones from Hazel & George are beautiful to pair with either a matching linen sheet or a contrasting printed one from Garbo&Friends for example. Top it off with a blanket to keep your child warm.

Step 1 The bed protector

To make up your newborns bed start with a bed protector. The mattress protector goes on top of the mattress, underneath the regular fitted sheet. Cocoon’s breathable and waterproof mattress protector is a comfortable and discreet solution to protect the mattress from any nightly accidents. The mattress protector is very comfortable to sleep on due to the its unique combination of untreated cotton flannel and breathable membrane. This gives your child the best conditions for a good night’s sleep.

Step 2 Fitted sheet

At Archive Store we offer a wide selection of fitted sheets made of the softest organic cotton or linen, plain or with a sweet print. The most common size is 60x120 cm or for Sebra 70x110cm. All sheets will fit both cot sizes.

Step 3 Flat sheet

Underneath your woolen blanket, you can use a flat sheet to tuck in your baby. A tip from us: instead of a flat sheet, you can use a large swaddle that matches your bedlinen as well. You need many of them anyways and they’re so multifunctional! Plus, it will protect your woolen blanket.

Step 4 (Woolen) blanket

An absolute must-have if you ask is, is a woolen blanket. Preferably in 100% wool and yes, you can use it in summer as well. The advantage of wool is that it regulates the temperature of your little one. Merino wool doesn’t itch, is antibacterial and you don’t have to wash it frequently.

for baby: sleepingbag

The moment your baby starts rolling over or kicking, you can start to use a sleeping bag. This will avoid bare little baby feet and will keep your baby warm.

Step 5 Decoration

This step is optional, but will definitely contribute to the most comfy and inviting bed for your little one. Add a cot bumper, a canopy, a (music) mobile or bed pocket to store small things like the pacifiers or cuddly toys.

Step by STEP

Step 1 -The bed protector Mattress Protector, The Cocoon Company €20,00 Step 2 Fitted sheet Linen fitted sheet blanc, Hazel & George €35,00 Step 3 Flat sheet Linen fitted sheet blanc, Hazel & George €39,00 Step 4 (Woolen) blanket Georgia merino wool blanket Milk, Hazel & George €89,00 Step 5 Decoration Baby bear beige, Senger €35,00 Step 5 Decoration Canopy natural, Numero74 €105,00

Step by STEP

Step 1 -The bed protector Mattress protector, The Cocoon Company €20,00 Step 2 Fitted sheet Fitted Sheet Bluebell, Garbo & Friends €55,00 Step 3 Flat sheet Top flat bed sheet plain natural, Numero74 €42,00 Step 4 (Woolen) blanket Blanket with dots, An.nur from €89,00 Step 5 Decoration Floppy rabbit large beige, Senger €65,00 Step 5 Decoration Cot Bumper Ice Blue, Numero74 €72,00

There’s no doubt that beautiful bedding is worth the investment. Because your baby spends so much time between the sheets, you want them to feel safe and comfortable. In addition to that, special bedding makes a great eye-catcher. After choosing a crib and a well-fitting mattress, it’s time for the bedding! While you’re on the lookout for your favorites, you’ll come across an infinite number of options. We’ve gathered a selection of our favorites. Fluffy wool blankets from Hvid, light and breezy linen from Hazel&George and mesmerizing prints from Garbo&Friends. The soft shades from Numero 74 are easy to mix and match with all your other choices.

We recommend to invest in at least two bed sets. An absolute luxury, but something we totally agree with is “one on the bed, one in the laundry and a clean one on the shelves”.

Felix Merino Blanket Terracotta,

blanket breeze,

€92,00 2. Deedee

€60,00 3. Cuddly Goose large

Senger €75,00 4. Sleepingbag Floral Vine, Garbo&Friends €100,00 5. Duvet Cover Baobab Rose, Numero74 €90,00 6. Heart Cushion Dusty Pink, Numero74 €20,00 7. Flower Of Life Blanket, Numero 74 €85,00, 8. Canopy Ice Blue, Numero74 €105,00 9. Linen Fitted Sheet Dore, Hazel & George €39,00 10. Classic Pigmee Doll Cinnamon, Hazel & George €45,00 11. Linen Duvet Cover Cinnamon, Hazel & George €95,00 12. Bed Bumper The Four Seasons, Garbo & Friends €165,00 13. Baby Pod Mimosa, Garbo & Friends €140,00 14. Merino Baby Cocoon Otter, Hvid €73,00

1. Hvid cotton Hvid grey,
4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
14. 3.

THE DREAM Department

Within all the bedding, all fabrics and colors can be easily mixed; we have already curated our collection for you so that everything fits nicely together. The way we like it best is no screaming colors or outstanding prints, but subtle and colorful in a smooth and charming way.

A tip from us; some items can be used for multiple purposes. A large swaddle blanket can also be used as a flat sheet, by folding the flat sheet around the mattress to replace the fitted sheet. A changing mat cover can serve as a cover for all small mattresses. Use it in your pram, your co-sleeper or as a cover for a number of baby nests.

1. 2. 3.
1. Linen pillow cover Dore, Hazel & George €29,00 2. Linen bed pocket Craie, Hazel & George €39,00 3. Baby muslin Between the Branches, Forivor €45,00 4. Winter blanket natural, Numero74 €91,00 5. Linen flat sheet off Black, Hazel & George €39,00 6. Hazel merino baby blanket nuages, Hazel & George €79,00 7. Cot bumper natural, Numero74 €72,00 8. Bed bumper fauna forest, Garbo & Friends €140,00 9. Linen flat sheet pyjama stripe, Linge Particulier €89,00 10. Sleepingbag Botany, Garbo & Friends €100,00 11. Linen nursing pillow cover naturel, Hazel & George €39,00 12. Linen duvet cover Dore, Hazel & George €95,00 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 11. 10. 12.


The Cuddly Goose from Senger is a cuddly toy and warming pillow in one. Your little one will love to keep this one close.


Life with a newborn baby contains many changing moments. Even more important that you have a dresser with enough storage space and room to change your little one. For the clothes you love the most and daily outfits, it’s a great idea to use a hanging rail or clothes stand to display the gems.








1. Clothing ring, Hazel & George €75,00 Wooden clothing hangers set of 5, Hazel & George €10,00 3. Metal clothing hanger kids, Numero74 €15,00 4. Hanging rail black, Tine K Home €201,00 5. Wood nursery dresser 6 drawers white, Oliver Furniture €1.149,00 Metal clothes stand, Hazel & George €95,00 Wood nursery top small, Oliver Furniture €139,00 8. Changing unit white, Sebra €829,00 Changing unit drawers grey, Sebra €849,00 Ruby metal star hook, M et M €22,00 Seaside laundry bag, Oliver Furniture €52,00 Wood dresser white/oak, Oliver Furniture €979,00 13. Wood nursery dresser 6 Drawers white oak, Oliver Furniture €1.149,00 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 7. 6. 8. 9. 10. 11.
12. 13.

The Oliver Furniture Wood Dresser combines a stunning design with a practical aim. Enough space to change your little one, put your most used care products on view and store all the cute little clothes.

IT’S A KIND OF magic

A jumble of keepsakes, exactly how we love it the most. Decorate the room with various items and combine old and new to create a lively and warm space full of memories.

Tremendous TREASURES

Let’s talk about decoration. Combine some of our beautiful wall decoration pieces to create a beautiful collage. The lights and wire words from Zoé Rumeau give every room that little bit extra sparkle.

1. Boo Boo Bunny, Kat Klerks €150,00 2. Lucky mobile, An.nur €109,00 3. Mini star garland mellow yellow, Numero74 €28,00 4. Personalized plate small, Anouk Kramer €110,00 5. Bonjour wire word gold, Zoé Rumeau €42,50 6. Wall pocket powder pink, Numero74 €59,00 7. Amour cushion gold, CSAO €99,00

8. Fabric letter liberty Olive, Hazel & George €29,00

9. Wall lamp pale nomade sienne intense, Georges Store €190,00 10. Birthposter, Forivor €65,00 11. Animal head hare, Fiona Walker England €79,00 12. Evil eye ornament, Skippy Cotton €28,00 13. Lighting rainbow, Zoé Rumeau €170,00 14. Stacking toy pear €37,50 15. Rabbit led nightlight, Heico €59,95

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

The smell of the products you use during the first moments of your little one’s life will always remind you of this special period, so choose products that you love the smell of.


A moment to unwind and to connect with your little one. Bath time. You want to use products that nourish the sensitive and fragile skin of your little one. Our carefully curated skincare collection is all natural.

1. Swaddle folia, Garbo & Friends €38,00 2. Baby brush, An.nur €15,00 3. Bath cape with bunny ears, An.nur €59,00 4. Soothing bath oil mama & baby, Kenkô €25,00

5. Gentle cleansing gel hair & body, Minois €24,00 6. Changing mat cover eggshell, Garbo & Friends €40,00 7. Cream wash baby, Kenkô €13,50 8. Baby muslin fluttering flight, Forivor €45,00 9. Nana swaddle powder pink, Numero74 €19,00 10. Gentle cream, Minois €25,00 11. Towel dark grey, Numero74 €43,00 12. Poncho towel powder pink, Numero74 €62,00 13. Horn comb small, An.nur €22,00 14. Muslin cloths blackberry, Garbo & Friends €30,00

The Minois Cleansing Gel does it for us; it’s a soft, natural cleanser you can use right away. The Gentle Cream is one of our other favorites. Use it for your kids or for yourself. Now our kids are older, we still carry this cream in our handbag and it keeps reminding us of the times when they were little.

After the bath, use a terry towel to dry off your little one for the most part and then continue with a hydrophilic towel (swaddle) for all folds of the delicate skin.

In the end, your baby’s skin really doesn’t need that much so we want to share this grandmother’s tip with you: put cornstarch in a shaker and use it as the softest, odorless talcum powder. It doesn’t get any softer than that…

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

As bath time is either the start or the end of the day, choose your favorite products to make sure it’s becoming an enjoyable ritual, for both you and your baby.

Ready, set , GO

While you and your baby are out and about, you want to make sure you have everything you can possibly need while being away from home. We’ve got you covered! Some musthaves are: a changing mat for on the go, swaddles, diapers and an extra clothing set, a toiletry bag to keep your smaller belongings together, a pacifier cord and a bib. And a big tip for every parent: the Artipoppe Carriers, to keep your little one close while you keep your hands free.

1. 2. 3.
1. Zeitgeist baby carrier Leopard Classic, Artipoppe €390,00 2. Bib blue grey/cream, Gray Label €18,00 3. Toiletry bag Khaki, Archive Store x Minikane €29,00 4. Angel doll Cinnamon, Hazel & George €35,00 5. Pram chain cherry, Konges Slojd €40,50 6. Swaddle clover, Garbo & Friends €38,00 7. Change to go Botany, Garbo & Friends €48,00 8. Bag with stars and blue zipper, Bonton €53,00 9. Up&Go liner Studio Romeo x Binibamba, Binibamba €110,00 10. Lemon stroller rattle, Konges Slojd €27,00 11. Suitcase medium dark grey, Numero74 €53,00 12. Nana swaddle natural, Numero74 €19,00 13. Travel changing pad dusty pink, Numero74 €38,00 14. Pacifier woodchuck, Bibs €4,95 15. Linen pacifier cord natural, Hazel & George €15,00 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Wondering what to pack in your hospital bag for labor? We gathered the essentials in a checklist so there is no last-minute rush to fill a suitcase between contractions.. Time to start packing!


☐ Bump Book or other book with notes

☐ Comfortable clothes

☐ Woolen socks

☐Nursing bra

☐ Breast pads*

☐ (disposable) knickers (6x) *

☐ Front-opening or loose-fitting nighties

☐ Slippers *

☐ Toilet bag & toiletries

☐ Body balm or oil

☐ Books, magazines, music, podcast *

☐ Healthy snacks and drinks *


☐ First baby suit

☐ Extra baby suit or pants

☐ Rompers long sleeve (2x)

☐ Hats (2x)

☐ Woolen baby socks or booties

☐ Woolen blanket

☐ Large swaddles

☐ Small swaddles (2x)

☐ Jacket or outdoor onesie

☐ Maxi Cosi *


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Gift Registry

Something to celebrate? For every celebration that involves gifts, you can use our Gift Registry to create your wish list and to let your friends and family know what you would love to receive.


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