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n behalf of Downtown Pretoria Church of Christ, it is with great pleasure that the editorial team is presenting you with the first issue of what is going to be our bimonthly e d i t i o n of ‘The Archangel’. Our aim is that through this magazine your life will be spiritually enriched and transformed for the glorifying of the Father as well as the edification of the saints. In preparing this first issue the editorial team has been captivated by a great sense of anticipation and excitement for its launch. Please be part of this great endeavours in m a k i n g a mark for the Archangel’s first launch, and a promise of many fruitful ventures to come. With your full support, and faithful assurance, anything is indeed possible. God bless you!

an introduction to the Archangel At the outset, we felt a sense of urgency to begin with a brief introduction of this magazine, The Archangel. Archangel is a term meaning an angel of high rank. The Hebrew word for angel is “malach,” which means messenger, for the angels are God’s messengers to perform various missions. Our philosophy of the Archangel is to primarily stay true as an anchor of the Christian tradition of spreading God’s word through various forms of teaching, praying, worship, and the encouraging and continuous fellowship of the community of believers. In other words we are God’s special messengers. We are God’s mouthpiece: Mal. 2:7- For the lips of a priest ought to preserve knowledge, because he is the messenger of the LORD Almighty and people seek instruction from his mouth. NASV 2 Tim. 4: 2- preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction. 5- But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfil your ministry. NASV Col 4:3 - And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. NIV By virtue of preaching the word of God, we take on the unique role of appointed messengers of God’s celestial message. 1 Pet 2:9: But you are A CHOSEN RACE, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE FOR God’s OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the Excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvellous light; - NASV The magazine functions as a special messenger encompassing the Christian message through the church’s outreach programs (ministries), which cater for both the believers and unbelievers. Therefore the title Archangel is coined on its value.


“the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step“ - confucious

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Creating Better Relationships By Stanley Netshiya


n our quest of becoming better in life, we are also faced with a reality of relationships and its challenges. These relationships have an impact in building or stalling our growth rate towards becoming better. This article is prepared with you in mind, preparing you for a better relationship. Check some of building blocks of a better relationship 1. Your partner’s behaviour in a better relationship is not your partner’s true essence. You were born pure and perfect. You then learned behaviours from your parents, teacher, coaches, church etc. (who did their best to teach you about the best kind of relationship to have). These behaviours have become the backbone for your way of living, and inform how you think about your relationship. 03

“never give up your unique character”


o illustrate, consider a common behaviour that can irritate the day to day smoothness of a relationship, such as leaving the toilet seat up. This is merely behaviour; it is not the essence of the person who commits the act. Remember this difference, because focusing on behaviours rather than the core of the person can lead to constant worry about your compatibility. Loving every last thing about your partner is simply unrealistic. Therefore creating a better relationship is not about pushing a person to change certain behaviours but focusing on the core person. These behaviours will change over time without you stressing about them. You love your

partner because of special qualities or characteristics that you admire and appreciate. You need to focus on those qualities--rather than on the things that need “fixing”--in order for the two of you to grow into a strong relationship 2. Never give up your unique character – Maintain your unique character When God created the first human relationship, He made sure that he used two different people with complete different characters in order to create “suitability” between them. God has put a different character in a man in order to match perfectly with a different character in a woman. It is very much sad to realise that there are people who quickly

changes their true identity and character in order to attract or impress their partners. These are the people who later will “change” their character after the have you as a marriage partner. Your partner must learn to appreciate you as you are and he/she should enjoy your special and unique character. There is no need to have a clone of your self because better relationships require some variety in personality and character. A strong relationship is based on the unique qualities of you and your partner. When you give up your unique qualities you rob yourself of the passions that comprise a creative and loving relationship 3. In a better relationship there are no superior partners, just equal partners. Better relationships are not built through instilling fear in your partner or imposing yourself to her/him due to any kind of advantage. In a love relationship, we speak of equality regardless of your financial status. If you find that you are always apologetic in your relationship and your partner seems to be the

driver of this relationship, you are heading to a challenging marriage setup. Better relationships are built from trust and respecting your partner for whom she/ he is and not make them feel like they are pleading or begging for your love.

munication crushes your chances at achieving a strong partnership. Strong communication involves learning to understand your partner and also be willing to be understood. Your views and feelings can only be heard and appreciated if you express them without any fear of loosing your partner.

T 4. Love in a better relationship is active not passive. You will NOT create a loving and better relationship if you decide to seat back and expect your partner to do all the work. Better relationships require compromise and sacrifice from both partners in order to shape the relationship of your choice. You need to actively take part in shaping your relationship. Learn to be proactive rather than reacting to what your partner does because this suggests that you are not up-front about your relationship. Every relationship requires quality time in order for it to grow and such must be created by both partners. 5. Lack of com-

“An open rebuke is better than hidden love”- PR 27:5

he dating and courtship days are the perfect days of truly expressing yourself so that your partner can fully understand the person you are and learn to appreciate you as you are. Many people believe in body language as an expression of their approval or disapproval of certain ideas. Though there is nothing wrong with this method of communication, it can be strongly advisable that you truly express yourself other than just “quietly” leaving the relationship. If this is your preferred method, how many relationships are you going to go through before you get the right one? Learn to communicate and relax before your partner.<



MANAGEMENT By Tshifhiwa Nematswerani


ecently during a discussion in my classroom, I asked my students to give me their financial goals. I was very interested in the two answers I received from one of them. He called one spiritual and the other general. The spiritual one was very vague and general; it had no specifics in it whereas the general and non- spiritual one was very specific with measures as well. He wanted to make at least R2 million within two years from his business initiatives.


directed me to one of the most misinterpreted scriptures in the Holy Book, 1 Tim (the love of money is the root of all evil). There are so many Christians today- youth in particular- who lack business ambitions and are struggling through life because they are scared that having money or wealth is very evil and goes against the will of God. They go through life with confusion of not knowing whether it’s good or not to have money. The few that have it are not enjoying their money because they are looked at as the worst sinners with no chance or hope of eternity. Youth need to work to acquire income to support them. Because many of our youth are receiving income each month, it is very important to look at the financial control mechanisms which can be helpful in their lives.


Budgeting: (Luke 14:25-26 & 16:10)

If you don’t respect the cents then you will struggle to re-

spect the Rands. This statement calls us to be accountable for every cent that we have at our disposal. If you cannot account for the income/money at your disposal, then you are destined for financial shortfalls. The only way you can account for every cent you have, is if you keep and follow a regular budget. Many youth don’t make a budget; they live from hand to mouth. Budgeting demands that you become disciplined in your spending; it demands that you become aware of your needs and allocate their money’s worth accordingly. Search for a good budget template and familiarize yourself with it, but more importantly follow it. You will fall out of your budget every now and then, but don’t be discouraged by that, remain disciplined and consistent and you will reap the rewards of keeping and following your budget. You will learn to know where all your money is going and you will also learn to live within your means.

Investment: (the story about the ants collecting and sav-

ing food) It is a tragedy that South Africans are known for not saving/investing. We live each day from hand to mouth. God encourages us to think about tomorrow, today. This is to say we must save something today to use tomorrow when we need finances. You need to familiarize yourself with different investment options out there, get as much advice as you can from the learned brethren and professionals.

God wants us to be rich, He has given us power and au-

thority to rule and guide the world and this also includes matters of finances. Unless we keep a regular budget and also discipline ourselves to investing at least 10% of our monthly income, we will never realize the financial freedom that few disciplined and committed life students are enjoying.

MAXIMIZE Your Ministry By Dimpo Motimele


his year marks 10 years of the establishment of Downtown Church of Christ. As we celebrate our achievements of the last 10 years we also need to pause and reflect and make this callmaximise! Having adopted a theme for the year “Becoming A Better You” in essence we’re saying, let us raise the bar, let us maximise the ministry.

The Book of Luke 10: 30-37, there was a theological debate between Jesus and an expert in the law; in my view the debate was all about ministry. Let me say that ministry happens when divine resources meet human needs, I’m even reminded of a story of an old lady who stayed alone in an apartment in one of the flats. She would telephonically order medicine and get them to deliver it. When asked why waste so much money on telephone and delivery costs while the pharmacy is just at the ground floor? Her response was, I love it because when I use the telephone they send somebody with the medicine. See this old lady who took advantage of the ministry that was there and available.

Let me say that we’re all ministers.

That’s what God called us to be the day we made our confessions and got baptised. We automatically became ministers or servants. There are points I like to share about ministry and especially about “Becoming A Better Ministries” (About maximising our ministries according to Luke 10:30-37) RECOGNIZE THE NEED: This is exactly what the Samaritan did, he saw someone in need. Ministry is about seeing the NEED.

REARRANGE YOUR SCHEDULE: See this Samaritan took time out from his schedule/ journey to assist and do something. ‘Don’t just sit there and look, do something!’ RUSHED TO THE SITUATION: There has to be a sense of Urgency, hence the Gospel call, is an urgent call. PERSONALLY INVOLVED: This Samaritan Ministered first. SENSITIVITY: Verse 34- says he poured oil and wine on the wound. When we minister a certain level of sensitivity is required. We must remember that a church is a hospital not a hotel. We have wounded people and our approach to them must be inspired and joyful (oil speak of the holy spirit, while wine speaks of joy, there must be joy as we preach the Gospel, there must be Joy as we minister) TAKE TO A PLACE OF SAFETY: The Samaritan took this wounded man to a place of safety. We need to make sure our church becomes a place of safety. PARTNERSHIP: The Samaritan partnered with the right people. May I ask: who is partnering with you? Bear in mind, Jesus sent his ministers two by two. RELEASED SOME MONEY: The Samaritan paid for the care and promised to pay for more or again. You might not be called to mission work or ministry, but you have a role to play. Ministries need money. RECOMMEND: Jesus said “Go and do likewise” In ministering to others, you will always be recommended, so let’s go out this season and maximise our ministry out there!

“Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it”




hat you are witnessing today is not a victory of a group of few individuals, but a celebration of consecutive victories over many years achieved by a host of young people. They have at different times sought to question the dogma of the time in order to make improvements in the way they worship. These young people have come from far and near to advance their education and careers. The church of Christ at Downtown Pretoria is a good example of how well education can influence our worship.

Our Technical Ministry has

taken advances in world technology and computing to enhance the way we communicate as a church and the way we spread the gospel. These young men and women behind the ministry understand that such technologies can cater for the church’s needs. We can


say that for these young men and women education has not only made them better, but has also made them better worshippers. It has impacted the way they interact spiritually and in their service to the church. Moreover they have generally made the church better in meeting its responsibilities to its members and society.

In the book of Genesis 1:26, God said that men should

rule the earth as in taking care of creation. Thus man has been given a responsibility of taking care of everything else including proper care of himself. This says that men have the power, the intellect and wisdom to do such things. Therefore should man not take care of such things, then man is at fault, and is neglecting his responsibilities. Man should take care of the river, the mountains, the forests, the animals, the atmosphere and mostly himself. This is a huge responsibility that requires you and me to not be lazy.

We should all be at the forefront of Geography, Botany,

Medicine, Economics, Accounting and Technology in order to take care of these responsibilities. In the same book of Genesis 4:20, we see the mentioning of further division of labour when those who are to deal with steel, those to deal with music and those to deal with agriculture are explicitly mentioned as to be having fathers in this book. This suggests that everyone must use the talent that God has given them to assume their role in these many fields. As such we collectively take care of what God has entrusted in us. Without argument, that is not a choice for Christians, because it is fulfilling the Law of God.

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude”

We do not need to be forced to take care because we have to eat, but because the ruler

ship responsibility preceded the “work” punishment. You would realise that though at a macro level we might be expected to excel in few disciplines yet at micro level we are all expected to practice these disciplines as expected of us. Each of us at a personal level need to do some accounting on our finances, we need to apply medical science on our body, we need to do some economics on our need for prioritization. We need to apply some industrial engineering techniques as in having an integrated approach in meeting our individual needs for our own good. That makes us a better youth and better people.

Economic Science explains itself as a science that seeks to come up with better ways of

meeting our unlimited wants with limited resources. This says to us, those resources that we have which need prioritization need attention as to how it is distributed. If we are to analyse life we would realize that our individual time on earth is diminishing as we grow up while our responsibilities increase. There is another proverb that says, “Time lost will never be regained”, though this sounds unreal, yet very true. We have already lost a lot of time and we need to begin to use our time wisely as young people who build themselves a foundation when the sun still shines.

The truth of the matter is that the foundation of life is built when we are young, and we still

have an opportunity to influence that foundation, which then dictates how our lives continue onwards. Without proper education we will make our lives, our children’s lives, our families’ lives, the church administration, and the government’s work extremely difficult. Mostly we will have neglected the God’s command.

In The Sunnyside Homecell, we love reading from Luke 9, which brings to light how we need to utilize our talents. The chapter states that God’s love is that we make profit of the talents we have. God’s love is that we become a better youth. Therefore let us make sure that we succeed in that. I love expressing that young people are radical, strong, have time and young people can go far. Let me now say that after ten years of Downtown Pretoria Church of Christ, let’s begin another legacy; the legacy of young people who are strong Christians, young people who are at the forefront of their educational courses and young people who are exemplary in every way. Hence Downtown will be the best place to achieve these goals. God Bless! “Education is the most powerful tool which one can use to change the world” - Nelson Mandela


Chatting UP

... with: Dziphathutshedzo Matamela The conversation began on an early Sunday morning. Catching up with this young man’s highly enthusiastic energy is no walk in the park. But it was worthwhile and only rewarding...just keep reading and you’ll find out why this self-proffessed man of class, with a luminous career ahead of him, is just too classy to ignore. Archangel interviews: A- Who are you? D- My name is Dziphathutshedzo Matamela. I’m a young Christian born in Venda. I passed my Matric in Mbilwi Secondary school, after which I came to live in PTA for school. I’m a sports fanatic, and I like to keep up to date with world events. (He says while nodding- indicating he takes pride in himself thus far) A- What is your reason for coming to Pretoria? D- Well... (he ponders with a confident tone)I came to Pretoria to further my studies at TUKS (University of Pretoria), there I’m studying Accounting Science. I wanted to change from normal routines to something completely different- I’m more of a corporate guy, you know! A- Why Downtown? D- (He takes pleasure in answering this one as someone who takes pride in every strand of himself- his smile widens his cheekbones even more) When I got here, it was the first place I was introduced to by my sisters. I like the Downtown environment; people here are friendly, they’re always smiling and vibrant. It’s very welcoming, I must say. A- What don’t you like about Downtown? D- The circles! (He delivers a bellyful punch on what seems like an assuring answer not only he can identify with) The thing is I had to break into the social circle. Believe it or not, it took me about 8-9 months to break into that social Downtown scene. It’s not easy I’ll tell that much, because groups are never easy to break into. A- What would you like to see done different? D- Students come here a lot; we should keep a useful record of this folks. Appoint people who will track record of every movement on people, where they stay, what they do. (He blushes while Rofhiwa interrupts his flow). But anyway ...Yeah, I think that’s what should be done!


“When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends”

A- Memorable moments in Downtown? D- I’ve been here for a year and 5 months (17 months), and the Grand opening was the day that stood out for me. It was fantastic! (An assuring answer) A- What are your current dreams? D - Academically: Get my degree and complete my qualification. After that would be to get a satisfactory job that meets all my needs. - Generally: (he leaves interview to attend church responsibility. It was a Sunday service and it could only be fair that he displays a level of integrity that runs with his well nourished and mannered charm. He reserves the interview to continue after church)...Continued- Helping others and getting involved in community projects, it’s kind of like giving back to the community for me. General likes: Favourite car: don’t have a specific car in mind, but anything by Mecedez- why because it’s classy. Class...!! (He sasses the word like a man of class) - Favourite Food: I’m very old school so I prefer pap and chicken...Yes!!! (He does it again, something must have happened during the church service because his level of confidence and self awareness was up another level compared to the morning session) - Favourite Church and general Songs: At church there’s a song called ‘when the trumpet of the Lord’. Generally, I just like deep house...end of story! A- Favourite bible verse and why? D- Romans Chapter 8: because it’s about spirituality, the distinction between spirit and physical living. A- If you lived in Bible times which character do you see yourself as and Why? D- I’d say King Solomon because of his wisdom...only that part! The way he could solve problems with his wisdom was recorded and illustrated to be amazing. Also king David for his bravery, I mean he was a kid and he wanted to fight in the war, plus he faced a giant and never ran. That was just courageous. But that’s all... (I nearly asked him if that was the only reason, knowing David to be a man of many conquests, but Dziphathu covered himself well with the final statement) A- If you were to be written in the bible, what would they say about you? D- I’d like them to talk about my background, how I came to be a Christian, the process of how I make a transformation of what, to where, and how I did it. Though the bible is absent about certain details, I believe that’s how we have contradictions. I’d like them to be specific about how I grew, covering every aspect of my Christian life. A- Favourite bible character? D- Joshua! That was that. Archangel’s interview ended with the busy young man rushing to yet another station point on another busy Sunday. But we thank him for giving us his time, and when you bump into him along the road, be sure to say ‘hey King David! We hope you achieve all your dreams with the Wisdom of Solomon and a classy Mercedes Benz. Nice!!’


Chatting UP...with: Ronewa Ramaano

Archangel concurrently decided that the interview will take place at the spacious comfort of Fidel’s place. So we broke the ice with a little take away snack box of chicken to bite while we mingle together. So she cooked pap to go with the lunch, and man, can she cook! After our small Sunday after-church fellowship, we began the interview. She sat on the executive chair, poised like a lady; a manner that gave the impression that we ought to be straight to the point on the matter, because she was a bit nervous. A- Who are you? R - I’m Ronewa Ramaano. (That was it; she is very frank and straight to the point) I’m 25 years old. I come from Vondwe in venda, but I was attending Tshidimbini Church of Christ. I like socialising and I have many friends. (She takes her time to reflect on her answers) I’m very emotional, so I cry easily and I love cooking. I love to play netball as well - I played it since high school. (She says the last blushing. But it isn’t a wonder she’s keenly involved in the success of the Fellowship ministry. It was all but a blissful confirmation of the satisfying lunch we’d just had- so we needed no further convincing of that). A- What is your reason for coming to Pretoria? R - Because of school. A- Why Downtown? R - First time I came, I was introduced by Farwi. I found Downtown to be interesting. People were young and dedicated. It’s always good to be around a positive environment. 11 “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to

A- What don’t you like about Downtown? R- Gossips, they can cause someone to stop coming to church, especially those who are weak in their faith. Most people, depending on whom, don’t like to be spoken about a lot. It would be better not to gossip about someone, rather just confront the person; that way they won’t hear it from others. If I’m having a problem with the next person, I should learn to just deal with the person myself rather than talking to someone else about it. A- What would you like to see done different? R- I would like to see Downtown having its own full-time resident preacher. A- Memorable moments in Downtown? R- When I went to Warmbaths with the ladies on a Ladies Fellowship Outing; we enjoyed a lot, we had a braai, and we danced like crazy. Most importantly it was a spiritual fellowship. Also when we went to Magnolia outing when I ran so much that I tripped and took the last position. It was so embarrassing, but fun! A- What are your current dreams? R- Academically - I’d like to see myself as an HR manager in one of the top companies in South Africa. I would like to start my own company someday. - Generally: Regularly visiting people in hospitals. Getting involved in charity work...or begin one of my own. General Likes: - Favourite car: Golf 6 - I love the speed. But I fell in love with the new VW Scirocco design. - Favourite Food: I love Buffalo wings. But not any Buffalo wings though, Spur’s Buffalo wings. (That alone warmed up the conversation as she giggled) -Favourite Church and General Songs:

Song number 545, ‘this world is not my home’, out of them all. Music in general I like Afro-pop music, R&B as well. A- Favourite bible verse and why? R- Psalm 23: every time I read the chapter I feel uplifted. A- If you lived in Bible times which character do you see yourself as and Why? R- Mary, the mother of Jesus. Who would not love that title. (For some time she struggled to give the right one as she was aware of so many bible characters, she wanted this on to be personal) A- If you were to be written in the bible, what would they say about you? R- I’d like to be written as someone who is caring, checking on everyone of my friends who I have in my cell phone; a charitable person. A- Favourite bible character? R- I’d say the woman who suffered from chronic bleeding. She seemed to be a person that suffered a lot and until the day she saw Jesus and said, if only I could touch his Garments, I will be healed. She touched his garment and after everything, Jesus said “your Faith has healed you, suffer no more” (Confident answer!) And Archangel wraps it up. The interview ended with smiles and ponders of what a car named scirroco was? When you see this socially calm lady of stature, be sure to ask her as many questions as possible, you’d be amazed at what’s behind the answers. Better yet, invite her to cook for your house or friends or party, we promise you won’t regret it.

change things I can, and wisdom to know the difference” ~ Reinhold Niebuhr


Events & Picture Page What really makes Downtown Truly the BEST place to be At ? It’s where you’ll see JOY as on these faces.

We’d love to have shown you many others, however this is but a spoof of Downtown’s past and present in its promising decade. Have a Blessed Day!



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“The elies and u” gifies greet yo

“The future depends on what we do in the present”- Mahatma Gandhi



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by Fidel Tshivhasa I am a young man walking...a youth But walking the talk is not the same as talking the walk I’ve walked through the valley of the shadow of death And today I breathe the shadows of my past I am a walking youth walking with many faults But I choose my failures not to be my falls Walking with Intuition is my mission to achieve my vision To empower my generation with nothing but Imagination The inclinations of my fears will turn to resolutions My freedom to fear is a spear that enlightens revolutions Being the personification of a young nation Means I can turn my frustrations into affirmations Working in this recession feels like walking with depression But alienation will only lead me to deterioration My footprints should give inspiration that needs no explanation That’s why I won’t look back because the only back I have is broke And I walk... CHURCH CONTACTS church tel: 012 324 2278 Pastor Motimele: 083 278 0961 Pastor Netshiya: 082 328 3849

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A christian magazine that seeks to promote the love within the christian community.


A christian magazine that seeks to promote the love within the christian community.