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The Arc of Baltimore 2008 Annual Report

Lucy crosby lived at the Rosewood Center for almost half a century, from the time she was two years old. The institution is in the process of closing, and she needed a community-based residence that could accommodate her need for safety and supervision.

Dawn sutton lived with her elderly parents. Dawn wanted to have her own house, but her parents were strongly opposed to her moving away from them. Still, Dawn held on to her dream.

Lucy anD Dawn connected through The Arc of Baltimore. Now each has a best friend—and a place they’re proud to call home.


when pLanning began for Lucy’s move from Rosewood, The Arc of Baltimore was chosen to be her service provider. The decision was a positive one for Lucy because The Arc already had a strong connection with her; she has worked at the association’s Loch Ridge Center for many years. Maren Rohde, a program manager from The Arc, visited Lucy at Rosewood. Her goal was to learn about Lucy’s daily routines so she could help Lucy make a smooth transition into community living. Maren discovered that Lucy ate meals with large groups of people and slept in a bedroom with five other women. Her only possessions were two bags of clothing, a CD player and a mini-refrigerator. Period.


arounD the saMe tiMe, things were going downhill in the Sutton household. Gerald and June, both riddled with health problems, were told that continuing to handle Dawn’s physically demanding needs could endanger their lives. The couple agreed to talk to a member of The Arc’s support staff. June explains that she and Gerald didn’t want Dawn to live in a home with a lot of other people. “The outreach staff reassured us that no more than three roommates live in any Arc residence, and she said every person gets lots of individual attention. Hearing that made us feel better.” With the Suttons on board, a team from The Arc began advocating for Dawn to be moved off of the state’s Waiting List. Nine months later, funding was approved for community-based residential support that would provide the additional services Dawn—and her elderly parents— needed. Finding a housemate who would be a good match for Dawn was the next hurdle.


at first gLance, Dawn and Lucy seemed to be unlikely housemates. Lucy was shy and anxious. Her behavior could be erratic, her energy frenetic. Dawn was outgoing and chatty; her movement, aided by a walker, was slow and deliberate. When staff realized that Dawn and Lucy were both born on St. Patrick’s Day, the coincidence seemed like destiny or—at the very least—a good place to start. An outreach specialist from The Arc took Lucy to meet Dawn, who worked at the Dundalk Center. After a few visits, the two women bonded. Sitting side by side, Lucy held Dawn’s hand as Dawn announced, “Lucy’s my friend.”


now it was tiMe for The Arc to buy a house. The Arc’s property manager connected with a realtor to let him know exactly what kind of residence and neighborhood would best meet Dawn and Lucy’s needs. The result: a beautiful rancher in the Nottingham area of Baltimore County, convenient to the Loch Ridge and Dundalk centers as well as to the Suttons. Staff had only 30 days to equip the house from top to bottom. Lucy and Dawn chose bedspreads and other accents. When Dawn saw the house completely decorated, she kept exclaiming, “Oh my God! I can’t believe this is my home!” Move-in day was exciting for Lucy and Dawn but tough on June and Gerald Sutton. Both parents say that watching Dawn move out of their house was the hardest thing they had ever done.“It was devastating,” Gerald recalls.“We cried for a week.” Now, he says, their tears have turned into smiles. “We can’t imagine a better place for Dawn.”


Lucy anD Dawn have changed a lot in the seven months since move-in. Lucy’s vocabulary has grown; she is more outgoing and smiles more readily. Lucy loves being able to fix a snack or a cup of tea whenever she chooses. She has learned to load the dishwasher, a skill that appeals to her preference for keeping things tidy. Finding knick-knacks to decorate her bedroom makes Lucy happy. Dawn is a big fan of the Food Channel. She helps prepare meals and has learned to make scrambled eggs, pancakes and pizza. One of the highlights of Dawn’s week is when David, her boyfriend, visits. She also likes playing computer games and listening to music in her room, which is filled with photographs of loved ones. The housemates have become close friends. They enjoy eating out, going to dances, window-shopping and watching television together. Dawn considers Lucy a sister and calls her “Lucy Goosey.” Both women love their support staff, Kemi and Mary.


June anD geraLD Sutton have connected with Lucy, too. “We have such a tender feeling for her,” says June. “All of her life, Lucy never had a home. That is so hard for us to imagine. Now she is part of our family.” The Suttons give Lucy clothing and gifts, and they include her in family events. Dawn’s sister and aunt are equally gracious to Lucy. The Suttons are proud of their daughter. Gerald believes Dawn has matured.“She calls her mom to tell her to take care of me, and she is more assertive about her preferences.” Adds June, “Dawn enjoys visiting us, but she looks forward to returning to her own home. Knowing that she is so happy makes us happy. In the past, I made myself sick with worry about Dawn’s future, but now I have peace of mind, and so does my husband.”


throughout 2008,

Although we were challenged by a reduction in funding and

The Arc of Baltimore connected thousands of people with

not—and never will be—an option for The Arc of Baltimore.

developmental disabilities to programs and services that

We stand firm in our resolve to deliver unparalleled services

honor their preferences and enable them to live more fully—

and overcome roadblocks. Likewise, we have a strong

just as we did for Lucy and Dawn. In the process, we made

presence in Annapolis and an active role in the “End the Wait

connections of our own—with families, employers,

Now” campaign so that people like Dawn Sutton and her

congregations, service providers, health care professionals,

parents get the support they need.

volunteers, schools, legislators, fellow advocates…the list goes on.

the need for staff furloughs, sacrificing program quality was

Our connection to people with disabilities and their families is more powerful than ever. So, too, is our gratitude

That we were able to accomplish so much in the face of a

to all of the administrators, support staff, donors and

national economic crisis is a testament to the strength of our

volunteers whose efforts reinforce that connection. On behalf

connection to the people who turn to us for assistance.

of our board of directors, we thank each and every one of you very, very much. Respectfully,

Eric L. Gross

Stephen H. Morgan


Executive Director


suMMary of serVices proViDeD 2008 PROGRAM/SERVICE


● Employment and Day Services


Total — 1024 Persons

● Family & Children Services Division

Vocational Training Centers

5 Centers

449 Persons

Foster Care

Adult Medical Day Care

2 Centers

75 Persons

Respite Care/Family Support

Landscape Employment Services

317 Contract Sites

114 Workers

In-home Family Supports

Janitorial Employment Services

38 Contract Sites

106 Workers

Parent Education Programs

Supported Employment Services

146 Employers’ Sites

280 Workers

● Community Living Division

Total — 179 Sites

Total — 5203 Children/Adults

66 Foster Homes

77 Children


1231 Adults & Children

Varied living situations

49 Children

Various locations

279 Persons

Summer Vacation Adults

1 Site

85 Vacationers

Summer Camp Children

2 Sites

105 Children

Trips/Travel Dances

73 Individuals 328 Individuals


300+ Individuals

Total — 308 Persons Recreational/Social Programs

Licensed Alternative Living Units


199 Persons

Individual Family Care


8 Persons

Recreational Newsletter Circulation

Family Homes


38 Persons

Special Education Advocacy

Various Schools

16 Children

Owned or Leased by Individual


63 Persons

Information and Referral

Phone Contacts

2700 Contacts



● Quality Support Services Outreach and Community Access (intake, information and referral, etc.)



stateMent of financiaL position

stateMent of actiVities

JUNE 30,2008


(in thousands)

(in thousands)

ASSETS Current assets .............................................................. Property and equipment—net ...................................... Other assets................................................................. Total assets.............................................................. LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Liabilities Current liabilities ..................................................... Long-term liabilities ................................................. Total liabilities..................................................... Net assets Unrestricted............................................................. Temporarily restricted .............................................. Total net assets ................................................... Total liabilities and net assets .............................

$ 13,485.6 7,302.1 20,787.7

SUPPORT AND REVENUE Government agencies .................................................. Contracts and other revenue ........................................ Public support.............................................................. Total support and revenue ....................................... EXPENSES Program services.......................................................... Management and general ............................................ Fundraising .................................................................. Total expenses.........................................................

6,585.5 478.5 7,064.0 $ 27,851.7

Change in net assets before effect of SFAS 158 regarding pension expense.......................................... Effect of adoption of SFAS 158 ..................................... Change in net assets....................................................

$ 11,246.3 13,319.9 3,285.5 $ 27,851.7

$ 31,534.9 10,406.6 695.0 42,636.5 37,167.7 4,672.8 127.3 41,967.8


668.7 (531.8) 136.9

where the Money goes Employment and day services Community living services Family and children services Administration and general

49% 30% 10% 11%




boarD of Directors anD officers Officers


President ERIC L. GROSS Consultant

BARBARA BAILEY Riderwood Retirement Community

Vice President MATTHEW G. YANCISIN, CPA Eyemaginations Secretary JAMES A. LIST, ESQ. Attorney at Law Treasurer MARK T. PARÉ Enterprise Community Investment, Inc. Immediate Past President GILBERT F. KENNEDY, III Bay National Bank

JAMES P. CLEMENTS, PH.D. Towson University J. JOSEPH CURRAN, III, ESQ. Saul Ewing LLP TONIA FERGUSON Baltimore Families First MICHELLE HART Parent advocate


STEPHEN H. MORGAN Executive Director

AARON ATKINSON Director of Community Living

MICHAEL G. MARSHALL Director of Quality Enhancement

STEPHEN J. SFEKAS, ESQ. Attorney at Law

KATHLEEN MCNALLY DURKIN Associate Executive Director

SYLVESTER (SLY) BIELER Director of Day Services

LORI J. MILLER Director of Community Living

JOYCE TARRANT Verizon Communications

DAVID L. EVANS Chief Financial Officer

MICHAEL POLLUTRA Director of Facilities

JOSEPH P. WARD, ESQ. Miles & Stockbridge P.C.

GREGORY M. DERWART Chief Operating Officer

HILARY CHRISTIAN Director of Outreach and Community Access


JOSEPH F. ANASTASIO Assistant Executive Director, Family and Children Services

Directors Emeritus

LORETTA LETKE Unisys Corporation JANET R. MAYER Parent advocate CARLA N. MURPHY, ESQ. Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver EDMOND B. NOLLEY, JR. Delmarva Data Center DENNIS F. RASMUSSEN Rasmussen Group, LLC JEFFREY REVER Self-advocate PATRICIA A. ROSNER Parent advocate DORIS A. ROWE Self-advocate



JERRY BULLINGER Assistant Executive Director, Employment and Day Services RONALD C. CHRISTIAN Assistant Executive Director, Community Living Services KATE MCGUIRE Director of Advancement

KIMBERLY A. DIEM Director of Human Resources PATRICIA L. DREISCH Director of Community Employment MONIQUE DUBOIS Director of Community Living PETER C. DWYER Director of Foster Care CHRISTIAN EHRHARDT Director of Information Technology JOANNA FALCONE Director of Project SEARCH JK FERRELL Director of Safety LINDA GERMANO Director of Behavioral Supports ALLIS KENSING Director of Supported Employment

MARY E. SCOTT Baltimore County Public Schools



DELE SANGODEYI Director of Community Living ERNEST SMITH Director of Nursing DEBBIE STAIGERWALD Director of Volunteers and Interns DONALD G. WATTS Director of Janitorial and Landscaping Services DIANE WESTGATE Director of Finance

annuaL giVing Major Gift $10,000 + Scientific Plant Service, Inc. The Wachovia Foundation The Ellen W.P. Wasserman Foundation The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

Special Gift $5,000 – 9,999 Allegis Group Foundation, Inc. The Jerome & Sonia Baum Charitable Foundation The Campbell Foundation, Inc. Mr. William F. Cochran, Jr. Mr. Michael J. Conelius Mr. and Mrs. James P. Daly, Jr. Erickson Retirement Communities The John J. Leidy Foundation Princinsky & Associates Mrs. Lois Lee Speed Venable Foundation

Founder's Circle $2,500 – 4,999 Bay National Bank Blades & Rosenfeld, P. A. Constellation New Energy Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Davison Dundalk Vocational Center Parents Club The Louis J. and Ruth G. Herr Foundation Kelly & Associates Insurance Group, Inc. Ms. Loretta Letke Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Morgan Oak Contracting, LLC Mr. and Mrs. William H. Oliver Riggs, Counselman, Michaels & Downes, Inc. Ms. Sharon A. Reuwer Mr. Robert Smelkinson Stout, Causey & Horning, P.A. Texas Liquids Commercial Motor Fuels UBS Financial Services Mrs. Margaret Black Ulle Wise Consulting Associates Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Young

Leadership $1,000 – 2,499 Advance Business Systems & Supply Co. Allstate Leasing Mr. Joseph F. Anastasio The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore Austin Pharmacy & Medical Barrett Business Services Mr. Sylvester G. Bieler Blue Dot Services of Maryland Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP Jerry & Carol Bullinger CFS Medical Supply Group Capmark Finance, Inc. CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Mr. and Mrs. George F. Carter Ron & Hilary Christian Collins/Snoops & Assoc., Inc. Delmarva Data Center Mr. and Mrs. William F. Dooley Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Duke, Jr., CLU Ms. Allison Duquette Mr. Brian J. Durkin and Mrs. Kathleen McNally Durkin Mr. and Mrs. David L. Evans Finch Services, Inc. Fireline Corporation Sister Vincentia Goeb Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Gross Mr. Barry D. Hecht Mr. and Mrs. Earle P. Hurley Knights of Columbus Council #12048 Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Krempel Kronos, Inc. L. H. Cranston & Sons, Inc. Lafarge North America, Inc. Leonard Paper Company Mr. James A. List, Esq. Ms. Isabel C. McCullough McCormick & Company, Inc. Ms. Kate McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Harry Merriken Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Moag Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Mohler Mr. and Mrs. Edmond B. Nolley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Paré Mr. James M. Pontier The Propeller Club of Baltimore Provident Bank of Maryland Mr. Dennis F. Rasmussen Ravens Roost #82 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rohde Rosenberger & Company, PA


Mr. and Mrs. James F. Rosner, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. David Salkever Schmitz Press Mr. Thomas J. Shearin Dr. David R. Shortle Waste Management of Maryland Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP Mr. Ryland M. Willis Ms. Kathleen R. Worthington XO Communications Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Yancisin

President's Associates $500 – 999 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Althoff, Jr. Ms. Barbara Ayres, Esq. Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Bonham Ms. Rosie L. Bridgeford Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bryant, Jr. Ms. Amy Bullinger Classic Food Service, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William S. Corey, Jr. Dataprise Mr. Gregory Derwart Ms. Patricia L. Dreisch Mr. Christian Ehrhardt Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ellis, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Ferrell First Industrial Investment, Inc Fleming Transportation Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Geerling Mrs. Linda Germano Mr. and Mrs. William L. Henn, Jr. Hollins Organic Products Mr. Russell Kapustensky Mr. Douglas A. Kelso Laser Line Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Leonard Dr. and Mrs. Philip D. Levinson Mr. Mark Locklear Longo's Appliance Service, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Macsherry, Sr. Mr. Steven Masuch Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Randall F. W. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Ken Mays McEnroe Voice and Data MetLife Microsoft Giving Campaign NEU-ION, Inc. National Title & Tag Mr. Howard M. Ories The Perennial Farm Ms. Susan Plitt Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Pritchett

Professional Press, Inc. Mrs. Alyce D. Reiter Rosemore, Inc. Ms. Sharon K. Russell Mr. Thomas L. Sand Ms. Mary E. Scott & Mr. Gary Heinlein Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Sfekas, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shearin Ms. Donna M. Sills, Esq. & Mr. Michael J. Sloneker Mrs. Cheryl Smith Stanton Communications, Inc. Ms. Mary M. Stemler Mrs. Arlette S. Stewart Mr. Michael Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sullivan The T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation TAC Worldwide Mr. Joseph Talbert Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Valentine Joseph & Laura Ward Mr. Richard Watts Ms. Diane Westgate Mr. Alvin Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Gary Yeldezian

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Mr. Earnest Woodard Mr. Eric M. Woods Mr. Dorsey Yearley

Friend up to $50 ARC Water Treatment Company Ms. Omolola Alafe Mr. Vincent Anastasio Ms. Frances Aubrey Ms. Melissa Austin Ms. Anita Bailey Mr. and Mrs. James A. Balko Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Bartosz Ms. Tridonna Beads Ms. Janice M. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Edmond K. Bennett Ms. Sylvia Beser Mrs. F. Claire Bevans Mr. Christopher Beverly Ms. Etna Blackwell Ms. Georgia Blain Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bloomberg Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bochniak Mr. Frank Bochnowicz Mr. James Bolton Ms. Keyanda Booker Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boyd Mrs. Mary E. Brady Mr. Edward Brady Ms. Sue Breen Ms. Claire Brown Ms. Kelly Brown Ms. Ethel Buggs Hadassah Bullock Ms. Starr Burbic Ms. Colleen Rae Calhoon Mrs. Judith Carney Carney Chiropractic Center Ms. Victoria Cearfoss Mr. Grant Chism Mr. Christopher Christensen Ms. Nancy Cirincione Mr. Ronald Clapper Mrs. Jane B. Clemmens Ms. Edna Clevenger Mrs. Shirley Cleverly Ms. Phyllis Cohen Ms. Gayle Cole Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas D. Connelly Mrs. Doris Coscia Ms. Shirley Craig Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Creamer Ms. Sandra Croy

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cuneo Ms. Beth Cushing Mr. Gislin Dagnelie Ms. Cori Daniels Ms. Sandra Darrow Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Davis Ms. Deborah DeCarlo Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dederer Ms. Dorothy DiCarlo Mr. and Mrs. Carl N. DiDominicus Mr. Jason Dilger Ms. Theresa Dockery Ms. Hilda Dopkin Mr. Martin Dramou Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dubel Ms. Ida Dubick Ms. Angela Dudley Ms. Patricia A. Dudley Ms. Lillian M. Duke Mr. Thomas Dushel Mr. and Mrs. John Edgar Mr. & Mrs. Morton Esterson Mrs. Pearl Etelson Mr. George Eyler Mr. James Lee Farnsworth Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius J. Feehley Ms. Miriam P. Fine Ms. Cicely Finkelstein Mr. William S. Finlayson, Jr. Ms. Rosemary Fleming Ms. Angela V. Flood Ms. Carissa D. Fowlkes Ms. Kathleen France Ms. Shirley L. Garrett Ms. Wanda Garrison Ms. Shawn George Amy and Erik Gerhardt Ms. Dorothy D. Gerhardt Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Germano Ms. Mildred V. Gertman Ms. Barbara Gewirtz-Israel Ms. DeVera Gilden Mr. John Gilbert Ms. Anita Glick Ms. Diane Gollnitz Ms. Philomena Goray Ms. Almeretta Gray Ms. Dorothy Greenwood Ms. Annette E. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Warren Gregory Mr. Irvin Greif, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Groomes Ms. Zina Gurman H & S Bakery Ms. Renee Y. Hall


Ms. Doris Harris Mr. and Mrs. James E. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Neal Haynie Ms. Emily Heinlein Ms. Elizabeth A. Himmer Ms. Ann Hochwarth Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hoffman Mrs. Eleanor R. Hoffman Mr. Craig Hoffman Mr. Chris Hoke Mr. Christopher Holbrook Mr. and Mrs. W. Carl Hossfeld, Jr. Ms. Joan Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hubbert, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James Ingram Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Jenkins Mrs. Gloria H. Johnson Mr. Edward Johnston Ms. Dorothea Jordan Ms. Maureen Jorio Mr. James Kearney Mr. Richard B. Kelly Mr. Joe Kelly Ms. Kathleen Kenney Mr. Bertram Kestenbaum Mr. Charles Keyser Ms. Erica King Mr. Kent Kisenbauer Mr. Neal Kitt Mrs. Doris Klapp Mr. and Mrs. Norman I. Klein Ms. Kelly Klima Ms. Colleen Kohler Mr. Daniel W. Konick Mrs. Mary A. Kutcher Mrs. Virginia Lamp Ms. Justine Lazar Lazy Lake Homeowners Association Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Leake Ms. Mary Lehmann Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Lessner Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Levie Ms. Judith Levy Mr. Theodore J. Lingelbach Ms. Marian Lipinski Ms. Linda Lippa Mr. and Mrs. Bill List Ms. Gilda Litrenta Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Losin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Lovelace, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Maits Mrs. Jeannette Maskell Mr. Christopher Mayer Mr. Patrick McConnell Ms. Lorraine A. McFaul

Ms. Diane McGahagan Ms. A. Elizabeth McQuay Ms. Miesha Melton Ms. Diane Mick Mr. Robert Milan Mr. Patrick Miles Ms. Francine Miller Ms. Helene Miller Mr. and Mrs. Leroy W. Miller Ms. Cheryl M. Mitnick Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mohler, Jr. Ms. La Tonya Moore Mr. and Mrs. Albert Morgan Ms. Mindy A. Morrell Ms. Edith Moses Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nahum Mr. Joshua Neiman Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Newman Ms. Fran Nickey Ms. Lindsay Nicoll Adwoa Nkansah-Gyekye Mr. George Norfolk Mr. Gene Novak Ms. Louisa Nwachuku Mr. and Mrs. John O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Vinny and Monica O'Grady Ober, Kaler, Grimes & Shriver The Omelette Queen Caterers, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ossakow Mrs. Alice L. Owens Ms. Heather Owens Ms. Willie M. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Patten, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Pikounis Mrs. Grace L. Patterson Mr. Michael D. Patton Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Peller Ms. Laura Perry Ms. Sandra Petrovich Mr. and Mrs. William H. Pfeifer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Plecker Mr. Albert Polovoy Mr. and Mrs. George Price, III Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Price, Jr. Ms. Jacqueline Pritchett Mr. Kevin L. Reilly Ms. Yvonne D. Richards Mr. Samuel P. Ritch Mrs. Elizabeth Romanowski Ms. Odessa Rose Mr. Milton Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Rosenstadt Ms. Doris A. Rowe Mrs. Cynthia Russo Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Ruddie

Ms. Susan Russell Ms. Tamara Salkever Ms. Victoria Salvano Mrs. Marjorie Sampson Mr. Howard Sandbank Mr. Ryan Sasser Ms. Kate Lynn Schirmer Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Schueler Mrs. Minna M. Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Schultz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Scott Ms. Lauren Seabolt Ms. Maxine Seidman Mr. Anthony Sekulow Mr. Cory Sekulow Mr. Thomas Sessomes Ms. Dawn Sexton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sgroi, Jr. Ms. Kim Shealy Mr. Preston G. Shelton Mr. Norman Shillman Ms. Bernadette R. Sibiski Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Shorter Ms. Carol L. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. H. Evans Smith Ms. Bernetta Smith Ms. Amanda L. Smith Ms. Sabrina Smith Ms. Marga Smolin Mr. Donald L. Spritzer Mr. Jack Stakem Mr. and Mrs. James D. Stiff Mr. and Mrs. Lennart A. Sundquist Ms. Sonya Sugarman Mr. Neser Talo Ms. Ruth Taubman Ms. Dorothy Thomas Mrs. Louise Tibbs Mr. Joseph Tobash, Sr. Ms. Normina L. Torres Mr. Amos Tracey Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Trinkoff Ms. Rebecca Truesdale Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Trump, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Uhrin Mr. and Mrs. George F. Vaeth, Jr. Ms. Kathryn Lee Vecchioni Ms. Judith R. Volkman Ms. Harriet Waldman Ms. Joan Walen Ms. Kathleen Wales Ms. Kay L. Walker Ms. Christine Walz Ms. Karen Washington Ms. Barbara Watkins


Mr. and Mrs. John A. Weakland Ms. Betty F. Weitz Mr. Jumary B. West Mr. Bennie L. Williams, Jr. Ms. Crystal Williams Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Williams Mr. Hester W. Williams Mrs. Jo Anne Williams Mr. Matthew Wills, Jr. Ms. Lois A. Witte Ms. Donna M. Wixted Ms. Jean A. Woodly Ms. Deborah Woods Mr. James Wooster Ms Lena Wright Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Wright Mr. Eugene L. Wu Mr. and Mrs. Harold Youra Ms. Anita Zellner Ms. Phyllis Zollicoffer

in-kinD giVing Advance Business Systems & Supply Co. AirTran Airways Applebee's Neighborhood Grill Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor at Camd Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel Beltway Fine Wine Best Western Kent Narrows Inn Betty's Gardens Bill Bateman's Bistro Bluestone Boardwalk Fries and Burgers CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Chick-fil-A Coca Cola Compass Point Mortgage Corporation Constellation New Energy Country Club of Maryland Mr. Brent A. Davidson Mr. Christian Ehrhardt First Industrial Investment, Inc. Don and Renee Gorman Hunt Valley Golf Club Hyatt Regency Baltimore Image is Salon Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Educational Fd Leonard Paper Company Linens & Lingerie Mr. James A. List, Esq. The Logo Shop

honorariuM recipients Joseph Anastasio Jerry Bullinger The Calsbeeks Brent Davidson Christian Ehrhardt Tyrone Johnson Chris Lasber Joshua & Elana Liebow-Feeser Mary Scott & Annie Heinlein Hugh and Lucy Mohler Lorane Montgomery Steve Morgan Ori Natividad Mike Pollutra Kevin Reilly Dele Sangodeyi Sandy Schleicher Fran Thomas Richard Walen

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Macsherry, Sr. Richard and Janet Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Morgan Ms. Jeannette Myers* Mr. and Mrs. Edmond B. Nolley, Jr. Ms. Margaret Palmere* Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. ParĂŠ Mr. Dennis F. Rasmussen Mrs. Alyce D. Reiter Mr. and Mrs. James F. Rosner, Esq. Ms. Mary E. Scott Mr. Chris Serio Mr. Harry R. Shriver, Jr.* Ms. Donna M. Sills, Esq. and Mr. Michael Sloneker Ms. Kathleen Sweeney* Mr. Robert Sweeney Mrs. Margaret Black Ulle Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Winterling, Jr. Mr. Eugene H. Wood, Jr.* Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Young * indicates deceased

bequests Legacy society

MeMoriaL recipients

The Legacy Society is comprised of individuals who have included The Arc of Baltimore in their estate plans. To date, they include:

Raymond C. Bryant, Sr. Christine Jane Canavan Janine B. Coble Billy Cochran Marre Fanning Margareth French Beck Brian Michael Hecht Steven Lessner Alex Linowitz Andrew List Carolee List Bobbie McAleney Jim O'Conor, Jr. Marie Parr Nigel Robinson Robert L. Walters Mary Frances Webb Michael Wegner Raymond Wilkerson Rita Wise

Gen. and Mrs. William C. Bilo Mr. Marvin G. Burris* Mr. and Mrs. George F. Carter Mr. Philip W. Chase, Jr.* Mrs. Susan Critzman Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Davison Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Duke, Jr., CLU Mr. and Mrs. David L. Evans Ms. Marre F. Fanning* Mr. Thomas C. Goeb Sister Vincentia Goeb Ms. Katherine Lambert Hays Taber and Rick Hook Mr. and Mrs. Jerome G. Katz Mr. Donald E. Kauffman* Mrs. Helen M. Kauffman Mr. Steven L. Lessner* Mr. James A. List, Esq. Mrs. Edith M. Lowry Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lyon


Mr. Philip W. Chase, Jr. Ms. Marre F. Fanning

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you feel there is an error, please contact our Development Office 410-296-2272 ext. 5208

copy/concept/design • photography Howard Korn

Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Mayer Michael's Cafe Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Res Naden/Lean, LLC Padonia Station Patrick's Restaurant The Peppermill Perring Place Restaurant Pet Depot Ms. Susan Plitt Regal Cinema Hunt Valley Renaissance Harborplace Hotel Riggs, Counselman, Michales & Downes Roy's Restaurant Mr. Allan Sanders Shuckers of Fells Point Souris' Saloon Stevensville Crab Shack SYMS The Tan Company Towne Tavern & Spirits Towson Golf and Country Club Turf Valley Resort and Conference Ctr. Ugly Muffin Unisys Corporation Universal Mortgage and Finance Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Valentine Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Watts Westminster's Island Green

MISSION STATEMENT To ensure that people with developmental disabilities have maximum opportunities to actively participate in all aspects of community life and to offer programs and services that support them in doing so.

7215 York Road Baltimore, MD 21212 410-296-2272 Maryland Relay 800-735-2258 / 410-583-0060 (voice) Advocacy, resources and community for people with developmental disabilities.

Annual Report - FY08  

The Arc Baltimore's FY08 Annual Report.

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