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Migrant & Refugee Woman of the Year Awards This month the Migrants’ Right Network has launched the 2013 Migrant and Refugee Woman of the Year Awards.

The Arbour News October 2012

The Awards recognise and celebrate women who having migrated or fled persecution themselves, find time to provide essential support and inspiring leadership at a grassroots level to others starting a new life in the UK. In 2012, three exceptional women were recognised – Nazek Ramadan, Luljeta Nuzi and Clara Osagiede – and this year the awards have expanded to cover two categories, Migrant and Refugee Woman of the Year & Young Migrant and Refugee Woman of the Year.

…Mentoring makes the news BBC Asian Network interviews mentor & mentee match, Victoria & Mazeda ‘Standing in the queue at a coffee shop in Mile End in East London, Mazeda Chowdhury looks somewhat apprehensive about the upcoming order. Until a few months ago the 21year-old from Bangladesh had never ordered herself a drink, her husband would always do it for her’ Inspired by the work we do here at The Arbour, BBC Asian Network stopped by to meet Mazeda Chowdhury and the woman who has helped her gain independence and confidence in London, Victoria Briggs.

The article, entitled ‘London project gives immigrants lessons in being British’, highlights that beyond the learning of English, the projects run by The Arbour are about becoming part of Britain. Learning how to get by in the UK begins with the basics of learning how to use the tube network but it is through introducing women to the history, institutions, cultural life and fundamental norms and values of British society that we enable them to become a true part of it.

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Eid Mubarak! Eid got underway here at The Arbour with a celebration as tasty as it was joyful. With food brought from home, the women of the Mentoring & Social Inclusion Project, both mentors and menteers brought a truly global spread to the table. The highly intricate, and equally difficult to master, mehndi was also on show. The Arbour is now adorned with pattern!

In their own words…

The British Museum is beautiful, we were excited as we saw many people, so much noise! We saw so many things, pictures, books, coins, rings, pipes and maps

We looked at a famous map called London ‘The Long View’. I found this very interesting because I learnt that it was handmade by sewing in cotton. I learnt about how life was 400 years ago from pictures of London City

During medieval times rich people liked to wear famous clothes… we saw a jacket owned by a very rich man made by weaving decoration, covered in people playing games each different and it looks like a tree

The British Museum welcomes the world… English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is the backbone of everything we do here at The Arbour Women’s Services and expanding women’s minds is top of the agenda. The acoustics and vibrancy of the British Museum has the power to make many speechless but the women who visited the ‘Shakespeare – Staging the World’ exhibition last week found plenty to talk about.

The exhibition provides a unique insight into the emerging role of London as a world city, seen through the innovative perspective of Shakespeare’s plays as they provided the residents of England with a window to the world. The intricacy and beautiful craftsmanship of the clothing and theatrical pieces on display were truly appreciated and coveted by the class. But it was the portraits of Queen Elizabeth I that drew the most admiring glances as the power of a woman who ruled the world - even without a husband – provided novelty, if not a little inspiration.

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The Arbour News October 2012  
The Arbour News October 2012  

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