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It’s a freaky Halloween!

The Arbour News November 2012

Pumpkin carving and freaky cake decorating are skills highly prized in a Volunteer at The Arbour. Bringing vitality, friendship, multiculturalism and specialised skills to our annual events, our Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation. By involving themselves with the Mentoring Project, volunteers such as Nancy (pictured far left) help teach women from around the world about the joys of celebrating other peoples beliefs and interests as well as picking up a few new ones of their own along the way – as well as a few new, and spookily dressed, friends. If you would like to volunteer with us visit us as

Connecting Mums Launches! Connecting Mums welcomes the community as we open our doors to mothers, babies and service providers across Tower Hamlets... With entire rooms filled with prams and the delighted squeals of under-5’s echoing in the corridors it could only mean one thing – the launch of Connecting Mums had begun... The spacious layout of stalls focusing on mum and baby activities from Baby Massage to Smoothie making was soon overrun by toddlers crawling and toddling their way through toy castles and in to the world of stories as The Ideas Store excitement of reading to littleuns and their mums.

Play corner was a particularly popular spot as mums got as immersed in the world of playdoh and musical bells as their toddlers did. With mum and baby interaction and the promotion of learning activities key aspect of Connecting Mums the launch proved a tremendous success, giving the migrant mothers of Tower Hamlets ever increasing opportunities to grow both as individuals and as parents. To find out more or join a class visit us at

Support Our Day! The Migrants Rights Network has launched its campaign for establishing an International Migrants Day on the 18th December. Show your support at

In their own words…

She was very nice. It means a lot that she took the time to meet us and it’s very important that she was the first Muslim woman from Bangladesh in the House of Lords Nigur – ESOL Level 2

I met her in Bangladesh many years before at my brother’s fashion show. He makes Saris. I am so excited to meet her again after she has achieved much Mariam – Peer-Educator Connecting Mums Project

Empowerment & Leadership

” Our future leaders meet a community icon... This month saw The Arbour visited by the formidable community role model that is Baroness Uddin. Inspirational and hugely personable, the Baroness was warmly received by women from across our services, all in awe of a woman who rose to the top of her game by serving her community.

emphasised the vital importance of mastering the English language in order to pursue a career in Great Britain. But just using the language and overcoming the internal fear of making mistakes is key to mastering it. Building a woman’s selfconfidence in order to allow her to express herself is at the centre of our work here at The Arbour.

Showing migrant women what they can do by pursuing their passions To find out more or join a class visit and interests, Baroness Uddin us at

Our Funders... Special thanks to the Evan Cornish Foundation for their continued support

Next month… Our Projects 

The official launch of Lead to Inspire – Empowerment & Leadership Project, Tuesday 5th December, 1:00pm Our Stories in Pictures – the women of The Abour take up their camera

Our Events   

Graduation! English Language & Mentoring classes celebrate their Winter Graduation We launch The Arbours new website! We go Xmas Carolling at South Ken Tube

& Elsewhere This project is supported by the European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals

We support the fight against domestic violence as we welcome PC Conneely for educational sessions

The Arbour News November 2012  

The Arbour News November 2012

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