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Reading Reflections Appreciating the Foundation of Horse Behavior A Series By Dawn Jones-Low Books have always been important to me. As a child, I spent countless hours reading at home and at the public library. Growing up in the suburbs in a non-horsey family, books were also my main entryway to the world of horses and provided fuel for my dreams. Several decades into adulthood, books are still a treasure to me as they continue to inspire and inform all areas of my life—including riding and horsemanship.

My undergraduate degree was earned in the field of zoology

lyzing some different approaches to training, what I found most

with course concentrations in physiology and behavior so I am al-

fascinating were the questions and solutions that arise from criti-

ways interested in examining horsemanship and husbandry prac-

cally examining how different husbandry and training practices

tices from a scientific vantage point. I recently read a book based

impact horse behavior.

on an international scientific conference devoted to a broad

The editors comment in the introduction, “Given the impor-

spectrum of studies of horse behavior. “The Domestic Horse: the

tance of the horse’s behavior and management to its utility it

Origins, Development, and Management of Its Behavior” edited

may seem surprising that research into these aspects of its biol-

by Daniel Mills and Sue McDonnell was compiled from the pres-

ogy remains largely piecemeal, with strong but relatively small

entations at this conference with some additional contributions.

research groups scattered around the world.” Pg. 1 One of the

While each chapter provides a thorough examination of re-

goals of the conference and the book is to examine how horse

search on topics from the archeological records of the domesti-

behavior is impacted by how horses are raised, fed, socialized,

cation of the horse, to the heritability of aspects of temperament

handled, and trained to illuminate practices that are beneficial to

and behavior, to feeding, breeding, social, and other behavior of

the horse and its utility to people and determine which manage-

feral horses, to behaviors observed in domestic horses, to ana-

ment practices are less than optimal for the welfare of the horse.

Winter 2014-2015  

The Winter 2014/2015 edition of the Arabian Sport Horse Magazine featuring the 2014 Arabian and Half-Arabian Sport Horse National Championsh...

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