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ecently, I’ve been confronted with changes in circumstances that offer me new opportunities and choices. Transitions are often unsettling, but they

really do help to clarify priorities and to open space to consider how best to achieve goals. Denny Emerson’s recent book How Good Riders Get Good: Daily Choices that Lead to Success in Any Equestrian Sport is both aspirational and inspirational. Denny Emerson is a (retired) world class 3 day eventer with an exceptionally broad and deep involvement in equestrian activities including Morgan breed shows, endurance riding (he’s owned and ridden Arabians in endurance including completing the Tevis), leadership positions in several national equestrian organizations, stood stallions at stud for purpose breeding top eventing horses, as well as coached riders and trained horses to elite levels. Although elements of the advice in this book can be utilized by equestrians with modest goals, the core intent is aimed at assisting horsemen and women who wish to attain a high level of achievement in some aspect of equestrian activity. There’s no mollycoddling. Denny makes it clear that in order to achieve high goals, hard work is constant and difficult choices and sacrifices are necessary. The book provides a number of examples to illustrate the principles of the consequences of the choices that a rider (trainer/breeder) makes in each of several critical areas that include discipline, life circumstance, support network, character traits, physical fitness, attaining knowledge and experience, and the horses. If

by Dawn Jones-Low Books have always been important to me. As a child, I spent countless hours reading at home and at the public library. Growing up in the suburbs in a non-horsey family, books were also my main entryway to the world of horses and provided fuel for my dreams. Several decades into adulthood, books are still a treasure to me as they continue to inspire and inform all areas of my life –including riding and horsemanship. While there is no substitute for real life experience handling, training, and riding horses -- books and other media can broaden and deepen the knowledge base that we apply to the practice of good horsemanship.

riding is a true passion-and

June/July 2013  

The June/July 2013 Issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.

June/July 2013  

The June/July 2013 Issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.