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READING REFLECTIONS By Dawn Jones-Low Books have always been important to me. As a child, I spent countless hours reading at home and at the public library. Growing up in the suburbs in a non-horsey family, books were also my main entryway to the world of horses and provided fuel for my dreams. Several decades into adulthood, books are still a treasure to me as they continue to inspire and inform all areas of my life –including riding and horsemanship. This column gives me an opportunity to use some of those books as a springboard for sharing ideas and inspiration with readers.

A few years ago, I was contacted by Jeff

egon Dressage Society in 1971. Accounts

books included The Golden Book of Ara-

Tracy, the “Cowboy Cook,” who was a fam-

from his students indicate that he was a

bian Horse Showing, Dressage: a Study of

ily friend and riding student of Ward Wells

kind and patient teacher with horses and

the Finer Points of Riding by Wynmalen,

because I had mentioned Ward Wells on

riders. These students express deep admi-

Training the Horse and Rider by Stecken,

my farm’s website. For those of you who

ration for his riding skill and for his teach-

The Olympic Dressage Test in Pictures by

have not heard of him, Ward Wells trained

ing; none seem to have felt intimidated

De Romaszkan, and Modern Horsemanship

several Arabians to advanced dressage in-

by him. He must have been a remarkable

by Rodzianko. When Jeff offered me the

cluding haute ecole decades before the

teacher. The ODS established the Ward

books at a very fair price, of course I said

discipline was popular in the US. He bred

Wells Memorial Trophy in 1983 following


eleven Arabian foals from the mid 1940’s

his death the previous year and awarded it

to the mid 1950’s. He performed dressage

for many years.

Opening the package of books felt like discovering buried treasure.


exhibitions with the Arabian stallions,

Jeff inherited several of Ward Wells’

from a personal collection sometimes

Sharik and The Count of Al-Marah. Photos

books, but they were idle on the shelf

include connections to the individual to

reveal a rider with a superb seat and quiet

since Jeff was no longer involved with

whom they once belonged. In this case

aids. Oregon’s “Father of Dressage,” Ward

horses. He searched on the internet for

each book was inscribed with “Ward W.

Wells taught lessons and clinics and was

someone who might appreciate the books

Wells,” there is a charming letter from a

instrumental in the formation of the Or-

and their connection to Ward Wells. The

friend, and, most intriguingly, the dres-

February/March 2013  

The debut Issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine

February/March 2013  

The debut Issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine