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August/September 2013


outweighs sense or as my grandmother, Grace Edna, used to say,

What makes someone decide to just take up horseback riding

“Courage takes having more strength and less sense.” Learning to

in midlife – a sport which most people who become really good

ride on horses with issues takes more strength and less sense for

tend to start as kids, Linda said, “It is nice to have something that is

sure and maybe a touch of insanity.

all mine after raising two fabulous daughters and then to see how

For Linda, learning to ride at forty-five and ride Pietra was a

proud they are of their old mom.” Women of any age can do any-

journey for the brave. Forty-five is about the age when midlife

thing we set our minds to do. It takes grit to decide to learn some-

horsewomen start to feel every childhood fall. Falling at 45 can

thing and achieve a certain level of success at it during a time in

be deadly. Pietra had serious baggage that made her dangerously

life when most equine athletes are slowing down and beginning to

spooky at times. Linda said, “ Pietra and I struggled for many years

spend more time on the ground teaching than in the saddle riding.

as she carried with her some horrid baggage. A ‘cowboy’ trainer

What made it work? My niece Mary Elizabeth says that some

had tried to cure her of her spookiness and really messed her

people have a “whatever” button meaning some people just don’t

up.“ Since Pietra came with all her western tack, Linda tried rid-

sweat the small stuff. If you are the kind of person who suffers with

ing western first. Then the pair switched to dressage when Linda

every little setback or inconvenience, you are unlikely to ever be-

figured out that it teaches you to use all of your rider aids and also

come a really good rider. You certainly won’t be able to enjoy the

makes the horse a fine athlete progressively.

ride. I think Linda has that “whatever” button that has allowed her

About her and Pietra’s journey, Linda will tell you that, “ We

to master horseback riding at a challenging point in life. She says

have a wonderful history together and hopefully it is inspiring

it is because of her journey with Pietra that she can now ride just

to other women. You are never too old to realize a dream, never

about any horse.

too old to try something that is hard but so satisfying. “ One of

It does not take much to get Linda talking about her desert

the best things about riding a bit later in life is that there are of-

princess. Watching them ride, it is not hard to imagine Linda as the

ten many other women at the same point in life doing the same

musician she is. Linda said, “ I always thought music was my pas-

things. Some will have a lifetime with horses. Some perhaps gave

sion and now I find Pietra is.” Music and riding are a lot alike. They

up riding for a while to raise a family or have a career. Life takes up

both take patience, commitment, gentleness, spirit and cadence to

time and sometimes dreams get put on hold.

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August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.

August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.