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August/September 2013 saw something very special in his very

serve Champion Fourth Level Freestyle

fresh, very naughty face.

award and the CDS Reserve Champion

Over time, muscle formed where bones stuck out and he started to get pret-

Fourth Level Freestyle award at the California Dressage Society annual show.

ty. His junior rider liked to jump, so Hazen

Two weeks before the 2009 Sport

would show as a child’s jumper, winning

Arabian Championships in Idaho, Hazen

his speed classes and ripping at least one

strained his lateral collateral ligament in

buck a round (his teenage rider got real

his left fore playing in the pasture. It was

sticky in the saddle) and at the child’s par-

a disappointment to have to stay home,

ents’ request, I showed him in dressage

but up until this point, we had been injury

because they felt that was the best train-

free, and I just figured it was our turn.

In an instant, I knew something was very, very wrong.

ing for the naughty beast. We hit Third lev-

I have always been competitive and

el when his rider went off to college, and I

enjoyed showing, but the responsibili-

purchased him from the family.

ties of a young family and full-time job

In October, I handed the reins over to

We moved up the levels like most rid-

put showing on the back burner. Hazen

my then 12-year-old daughter Cyd to ride

er/horse combinations and were lucky to

continued to show and train through In-

in her first third level test. She had out-

avoid any major soundness setbacks. As a

termediare I including a fun I-1 freestyle.

grown her little Arabian whom she had

result of a skiing accident, I had to have my

Snowy winters and two more minor hu-

shown through Second level. That first

wrist re-built which required multiple sur-

man surgeries probably contributed to

test had a bunch of us laughing. Cyd took

geries and six months of non-riding time,

Hazen staying fairly sound through all of

the extended canter to mean gallop like a

but my horses often sit out the winter due

the work. He has a very straight gaskin so if

wild brumby and watching Hazen collect

to our snowy residence and I always figure

there’s ever a bit of unsoundness, it’s in his

himself before the corner was priceless.

it gives whatever strains and sprains we

hocks. I have had them injected only twice

Everyone pointed out the grin both horse

aren’t even aware of time to heal.

in his 18 years, so I’m getting a lot of miles

and rider had from ear to ear through out

per injection.

the entire test.

I sought the help from FEI trainer


Volker Brommann. At this point, Hazen was

Last summer was a big step forward;

And then things went bad. I could start

still very hot to show and the FEI work was

although I did not show due to financial

the story with “It was a dark and stormy

continuing to heat him up. Volker’s calm

reasons, he was ready for I-2. With the

night,” because, well, it was. Mid-Novem-

approach was a huge turning point in Ha-

help of FEI trainer Michael Etherly, I could

ber on a Friday night, snowing, wind howl-

zen’s career. Hazen’s trot has always been

start and stop the one tempis on com-

ing, and temperature in the teens, I went

his weakest gait as he has more knee ac-

mand and his passage was nothing short

out to feed at 5:30 PM. Hazen normally

tion than reach. Volker saw that as a po-

of just plain fun. If anything, the strength

meets me at the gate but instead he was

tential gift for the piaffe and passage work.

required to do the very collected work

standing near his shelter and his pas-

He really gave me the confidence that we

made Hazen even sounder. Physically, he

ture buddy was galloping madly around.

could go all the way. Hazen, in turn, taught

was massive. You could play chess across

I called to Hazen thinking he didn’t see

Volker that non-traditional dressage hors-

his topline. And yet, he was still just our

me. He didn’t move. In an instant, I knew

es can be very successful. Volker still to-

family horse living life like other normal

something was very, very wrong. I ran out

day calls Hazen “Big Man” because of the

horses. He lived out in the pasture most of

and there in the bit of light from the back

size of his heart, not his stature.

the time with his best friend, “Roc,” going

of the barn, I could see he was three leg-

In 2007, Hazen earned the USDF Half-

for swims at a lake near our home and trail

ged, non-weight bearing.

Arabian/Anglo Arabian All Breeds award

riding with our dogs down to the creek

for Fourth level, the Region 7 USDF Re-

most days.

I couldn’t see the extent of the wound, but his knee was ripped open and already

August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.

August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.