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by 16. A few years later, she began showing Arabian Scrabble+//


(Monopolii x *Saletra), earning scores as high as 77.50% at Grand

pare it to the difference of driving a sports car and driving a bus.

Prix and winning many championships.

Of course the sports car is more fun to drive.


amantha Hodgson started riding at 5 years old and began showing in dressage at 10. With her mother as her trainer, she schooled Arabian Kalabask (Cash-

van Baskin x Somali NA) to second level by age 11 and trained her mare EA Helen+ (EA Tspartacus x TC Special-K) to Grand Prix

Samantha currently trains at Superior Dressage Horses in Southampton, NJ with her mother, Dawn.

What are their strengths and weaknesses for the sport? I would say their strengths are definitely their stamina and

What attracted you to Arabians as dressage mounts?

ability to stay sound through the hard work. They are highly in-

I’ve always been attracted to the beauty of the breed, but the

telligent and are amazingly fast learners that seem to advance

real reason I started riding Arabians in dressage was due to their

through the levels of dressage quickly with correct training. I don’t

size. When I was 10 years old, my mom wanted to buy a dressage

necessarily think the breed has any specific weaknesses, as long

schoolmaster for me to learn on. We tried many horses, mostly

as you pick an Arabian with solid and correct confirmation. I tend

warmbloods, but I was tiny and all the horses were over 16 hands,

to like Arabians with Polish, Russian, and Crabbet breeding. Most

so it was not a good match. They were too big and difficult for me

of the successful dressage Arabians I have ridden have *Bask in

to ride. So, we decided to start looking for an Arabian instead. We

their bloodlines.

took a trip down to Everglade Arabians in Micanopy, Florida and found the perfect horse, an Arabian mare named EA Helen+ that

Do you do anything different when training an Arabian?

was trained to Prix St. Georges. Because of her size, she was super

I don’t do anything different when training an Arabian. If any-

easy for me to ride. I grew to love the breed and have decided

thing, I find Arabians are easier to train than other breeds. They

over the years that their size really suits me. For me, they are just

seem to grasp new concepts easily and quickly. For instance, when

plain easier and more fun to ride than a bigger horse. I would com-

I teach an Arabian a new movement, I usually only have to go over it a few times, they grasp the concept, and then we move on to the next. After that, we just practice the movement to make it better, but I never have to go back and reteach it. With other breeds I have found that I have to go back and reteach a lot. Almost like

EA Helen+ Photo by David Adams

Sure Is Bright+++// Photo by Stacy Lynne

August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.

August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.