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August/September 2013 tic came back.

Training Junior Division and finished 3rd.

petitions throughout the US. Camp provid-

I figured we would need a school-mas-

She has started 2013 at Training level

ed them with the opportunity to fine-tune

ter for a while and that Mystic would still

and has done well. She finished on her

some of the skills needed to compete at

take several months until she would be

dressage score in March again at Texas

the international level.

ready to be Gaby’s full-time horse com-

Rose Horse Park and finished 9th out of 25

They will continue to train with the Area

peting at horse trials. Once again, she de-

kids. She was entered in two more shows

V Young Rider Coach Mike Huber and they

fied the odds and began to take Gaby to

this spring, but we had to withdraw as Mys-

are planning on doing clinics with Olympi-

the jumps and really enjoyed her job. She

tic had an infected tooth that needed to be

ans such as Boyd Martin.

had competed in a couple of Young Event

removed. She had started being winded

I would say that before being blessed

Horse Shows and once again did well. She

after cross-country for the first time ever,

with this amazing mare, I wouldn’t have

was the 2011 USEA Area V Young Event

as an abscess from the tooth had blocked

shopped specifically for an Arabian cross

Horse Champion 4-Year-Old. She was also

one nostril.

since it is not a usual breed for eventing.

the 2012 USEA Area V Young Event Horse

Gaby and Mystic went to USEA Area V

I certainly would now. They are graceful,

Young Rider Camp for the second year in a

athletic and have fabulous stamina. These

In the fall of 2012, Gaby competed her

row. This year it was held at the site of the

three things are what is needed in eventing

at Area V horse trials in the Novice division.

2013 American Eventing Championships at

in order to be successful and competitive.

She competed in just two horse trials; in

Texas Rose Horse Park in Tyler, Texas. Gaby

They are loyal and have a work ethic that

the second one, they placed second and

and Mystic have qualified for this year’s

is amazing!

finished on her dressage score. She also

AEC’s at Training level. This year at camp,

I am often approached by people who

qualified for the American Eventing Cham-

they were in the prelim group as they con-

comment on Mystic’s beauty and grace.

pionships for the first time! The following

tinue to prepare to move up to the higher

Most are in awe when they see her jump, as

show, her trainer, Mike Huber, moved her

levels of their sport.

she is quite scopey! I think she and Gaby

Champion 5-year-old.

up to Training Level. This was the Holly Hill

Gaby and Mystic are aiming for the

will have many more years together and

Horse Trials in Louisiana in October, and

North American Junior and Young Rider

will continue to go where no one thought

she finished 5th. That same month, she

Championships in July 2014. They must

they would go.

competed at Texas Rose Horse Park in the

qualify at the one-star level at select com-

Photos Courtesy of Cheryl Stephens


August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.

August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.