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August/September 2013


I had been riding to compete in the sports of eventing and show jumping. I had also ridden our homebred Arabians for pleasure, but to compete in show jumping and eventing, I had Thoroughbreds. John talked to my mother about leasing his Irish Draught Stallion and crossing it with the Arabian mares to produce a horse that was sound, athletic, quiet, graceful and has the amazing jump athleticism of the Irish Draught coupled with the endurance of the Arabian.

So, we

leased the stallion It’s the Luck of the Irish and started crossing him with her Arabian mares. She loved what the cross was producing! Later, It’s the Luck of the Irish was

Diane and Charles Player

sold, and my parents purchased their current stallion, PL Diamond Hill.

in the farm house years ago.

How many Arabians/Half-Arabians have

es that get sold in utero, or before registra-

you bred?

tion, or are only Âź Arab and, therefore, not

When you first decided to breed Arabian

We have bred and registered 169 hors-

eligible for registration within the Arabian

horses, what were your goals?

es that are on file with the Arabian Horse

Horse Association. We have also dabbled

The original goal was to produce a

Registry. 79 of the 169 are purebreds,

with some Irish/Connemara and Irish/

beautiful horse that was easy to handle

while 90 are Half-Arabs.

Thoroughbred crosses.

and train with good conformation and dis-

Out of those

I have no doubt

Half-Arabs, some have been crossed with

that over 200 horses have been bred and

Saddlebreds to make the National Show

born here on the farm throughout the

Horse, but most have been crossed with

years at Playland Farm.

the Irish Draught to make a sport horse. Our actual number of horses bred is

Some of our records have been lost through computer crashes and a fire with-

position. Over the years, the goals and focus have somewhat changed to also include increasing size and performance capabilities, including jumping.

Maya Kuntze Photo

even higher. There are always a few hors-

August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.

August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.