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August/September 2013 have had the good fortune to clinic with

and is insanely photogenic and knows

Stables in Santa Rosa and Kari Briggs at

several other wonderful trainers including

when the cameras are clicking,” says Lisa.

Otterbein College in Westerville Ohio. “I

Jimmy Wofford, Jane Weatherwax, Erica

About the future, Lisa says, “I will con-

Poseley, Matt Brown and many others who

tinue to listen to Milo to determine our

have helped me along the way,” Lisa adds.

future plans. For now, he is happy and

When asked about what his Arabian

healthy enough to continue competing

blood has lent to his success, Lisa says,

Preliminary in eventing and Third Level

“Intelligence, guts and endurance, which

dressage, and we continue to challenge

are imperative in three day eventing. He

ourselves with that. At 18 years old, he

has a huge heart and is ready to tackle

does not owe me anything; he has already

anything I put in front of him. It’s also

done so much for me. Whether we spend

very encouraging to have that extra bit of

the rest of his years jumping and compet-

cockiness when you’re galloping towards

ing or just playing and galloping on the

a huge table jump or drop into the water!”

beach, whatever he wants to do is fine

Keri Simpson Photo

tensively with Laura McEvoy at Idylwild

“Milo is smart, inquisitive, patient and ,most importantly, ready to handle any challenge I put in front of him. He is always eager to be the center of attention

Despite the Odds

great success in his show career, and

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I am blessed just to own this lovely

work for what I wanted, and I was bound

animal. My childhood dream horse

and determined to prove those people

has officially become my reality. Al

wrong – and after years of hard work, we

still has the odds against him, but he

finally did – not by winning a National

amazes me every time we enter the

Championship, but actually having a rela-

ring. He still is short, pigeon-toed,

tionship that is so much more meaningful

and grouchy, but I would not trade

than a rose garland.

him in for the world. I have learned

Regardless of my future with Al, I have

so much with this horse, and we have

come away from this journey having a new

a deeper connection than just a rose

perpective on life and how much these

garland. He has been one of my big-

animals have a part in mine. They are so

gest lessons, but also one of my big-

much more than a blue ribbon; they are

gest blessings.

life long teachers. They are teachers of

*Special thanks to my past and

patience, strength, endurance, courage,

present trainers; it has taken a village

bravery and many other characteristics. I

to raise this horse. My parents who

am beyond blessed to ride this breed, and

have supported me throughout the

I cannot wait for what the future holds.

years, and I could not be more blessed

Al is now 14, and I am still riding and showing him at Second level. He has had

to have you as my Mom and Dad.

with me!”


August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.

August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.