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August/September 2013 predictable, and we were both “green.” I

the change from hunt seat. He was quick

with Ty. I spent a lot of alone time with him

learned about hunt seat at that time, and

about learning it and did his job well with

on the ground, just trying to figure him out.

Al did not like just going around in circles.

no complaints. We had finally found our

He was complex, and I did not understand

He put a fear in me that I did not have with

niche and really grew to love one another.


Ty or any of my other horses. Al was too

A life changing moment happened

Al had finally realized that being a

young at the time to do really any damage

when Ty passed away from colic when I

dressage horse was his new job and he

to me, and thankfully my trainer was very

was 15. Ty’s death was one of the hardest

had to accept it. He had had his guard

safe with us.

things I have had to deal with in my life.

up for so many years, but finally broke

I finally got to buy all the cute hunt at-

Some people may say that he was “just a

through with me on a more emotional

tire from the magazine and rode Al in his

horse,” but they are so wrong. Ty had been

level. He is an incredibly sensitive horse,

first show. I got to the gate, and Al ended

the perfect horse and my escape from my

and he needed patience to help him un-

up stepping on me during my showman-

difficult one. Ty taught me to be confident

derstand all of these new movements. So

ship class, which resulted in me face plant-

and brave while Al could shatter my con-

many people told me to give up on him,

ing. I was a mess, and Al was the worst be-

fidence with an asking of the trot. After

but we just needed time to figure each

haved horse at the show. I kept riding him,

Ty’s death, I was determined to make Al

other out. I needed to believe in him, and

and our lessons would just grow longer

my new Ty. Though no other could ever

he needed to believe and trust me as his

and longer. We had a lot to work on before

replace that precious horse, that was my

rider. I still have my doubts about myself

I went into any of the big Arabian shows.

thought process at the time.

as a rider, but never in Al. He carries me

We eventually got better and grew to like

Years passed with countless hours in

each other a little more each day. I gave

the saddle and more progress was hap-

him plenty of apples, and I think he actu-

pening. Missing proms,

ally enjoyed my presence because of my

homecoming and so-

strategy. Showing eventually became sec-

cial events were my

ond nature for us, but then Al got ring sour

norm in high school

from showing hunter pleasure.

along with many other

My mother and I decided to bring Al

competitive riders my

home for a couple of months to let him

age. Lessons would go

“grow up and be a horse.” That was a poor

on for what felt like

decision, and Al was a wild man. He even

forever at the time, but

had dreadlocks, and tried kicking us when

I had no other option

we went out to the pasture to catch him.

for a new horse. I put

He needed to be back in training as soon

the time and effort into

as possible.

him, and I was going

We found a nearby trainer that spe-

to perfect riding this

cialized in Arabian Sport Horses. I had

horse. I would have

never heard of that at the time, and I was

never gotten to have

intrigued to find out more about it. She

this breakthrough with

worked with him during the worst of his

him if I was just having

times and I was right there alongside him.

the trainer do all my

It was there that we decided to find out

work for me, just as I

more about the art of Dressage and sport

would have never had

horse. We started Al out slow, and he loved

a relationship like I did

and reminds me to trust him every ride we have together.


August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.

August/September 2013  

The August/September 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.