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READING REFLECTIONS A Series by Dawn Jones-Low Books have always been important to me. As a child, I spent countless hours reading at home and at the public library. Growing up in the suburbs in a non-horsey family, books were also my main entryway to the world of horses and provided fuel for my dreams. Several decades into adulthood, books are still a treasure to me as they continue to inspire and inform all areas of my life –including riding and horsemanship. This column gives me an opportunity to use some of those books as a springboard for sharing ideas and inspiration with readers.

While there is no substitute for real

base that we apply to the practice of good

and well-being, and assist with rehabilita-

life experience handling, training, and

horsemanship. In recent years, interest in

tion after injury.

riding horses -- books and other media

equine biomechanics has grown among


can broaden and deepen the knowledge

riders and trainers so a plethora of books

analysis, riders will learn to understand

on the subject are available. Equine bio-

the horse’s physical requirements for the

mechanics combines physics with anato-

movements he has to perform. It will high-

my and physiology to explore and explain

light the horse’s limitations when perform-

how horses move – as well as examining

ing certain movements, and will thus teach

how the rider and horse influence each

the rider to make requests in such a man-

other. The field of equine biomechanics

ner that the horse does not lose balance

includes study of the functional anatomy

in his attempt to comply. Knowledge of

of the horse, gait analysis, postural analy-

biomechanics determines which actions

sis, the effects of various conditioning

will improve both the horse’s and rider’s

regimens on the horse’s body, and a va-

performance but, most importantly, it dis-

riety of other sub-fields. Principles from

tinguishes fact from misconception about

equine biomechanics can be applied to

equine movement.” (Karen Blignault)

improve performance, support soundness



Writings about functional conforma-

April/May 2013  

The April/May 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.

April/May 2013  

The April/May 2013 issue of The Arabian Sport Horse Magazine.