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About Speckle Central Central West Speckle Park Studs, Almarlea and Wattle Grove joined forces under the Speckle Central banner in early 2010. A commitment to producing great cattle and creating honest and mutually beneficial relationships has lead Principals, Mark Pointon (pictured right) and Dale and Andrew Humphries (pictured below) to create Speckle Central. Both studs see an enormous future in Speckle Park cattle and also recognise that there is strength in numbers. Speckle Central now has a very successful Show team and has on offer an extensive range of genetics both local and direct from Canada. Combined they currently have over 250 head of purebred Speckle Park cattle, with plans to expand the herd every year. Speckle Central is committed to bringing you the highest quality cattle with the best genetics. They will work closely with other breeders for the benefit of the Speckle Park breed as a whole. A purchase from Speckle Central comes with the promise that our word is our word and a handshake means something.

Almarlea Speckle Park Almarlea is home of one of the largest Speckle Park Studs in Australia and is located between the towns of Bathurst and Oberon in the Central tablelands of New South Wales. Almarlea has invested in the best semen and flushed some of the best cows that the breed and Canada has to offer. This enables them to offer progeny that will show off the best characteristics of the breed here in Australia.

Wattle Grove Speckle Park Wattle Grove, located in Oberon NSW, has had a long and successful history of farming dating back to Dolph Humphries and his Poll Hereford Stud. Now after twenty quiet years, the next generation of Humphries, Andrew and Dale are excited to present Wattle Grove Speckle Park. This new chapter for Wattle Grove began in March 2009 when Andrew and Dale purchased Six Star Legendary and Six Star Diligent. Now in its third year Wattle Grove Speckle Park is clearly focused on the future, producing and marketing cattle with qualities directly relevant to today’s end users. Wattle Grove Speckle Park are in the enviable position of having direct access to Canadian genetics.

About Speckle Park cattle

Speckle Parks are a carcass orientated yet maternal Pure Bred (not a composite), breed of beef cattle. They are Polled and British Bred originating from Canada. Speckle Parks are moderate sized. Speckle Parks are easy calving, calves average 30kgs to 40kgs at birth.

Speckle Parks come in four colour patterns - Speckled, Leopard, White and Black. The speckle pattern is predominantly black with white top line and underline, with speckled hips and sometimes shoulders and with a black or black roan face. The leopard colour pattern is similar to the speckled pattern but there are definite black spots on the animal instead of just speckles. The white animals with some black hair on the body are considered 'leopards'. The white animals have white hair on the body and face but have black points. i.e. eyes, ears, nose, and hooves. There is a very small percentage of blacks but they do crop up from time to time. The solid black bulls and heifers are registrable and can be used in the purebred herd. Speckle Park cattle have a very docile nature – the key to more weight gain and less stress on man and beast. The gentle disposition of these cattle makes them a pleasure to work with. Speckle Parks are continually proving themselves as a carcass breed throughout Canada, and are showing great results in Australia and around the world.

Speckle Park beef really stacks up!

The Bottom Line

- low maintenance and easy keeping - polled - efficient users of feed

Breeding Characteristics - calving ease with low birth weights - extremely vigorous newborns - tractable mothers - moderate framed with impressive weight gains

High Quality Carcasses

- consistent top grades - moderate sized carcasses - well marbled with minimum fat cover - finished on feed and/or grass - huge demand by Butchers and top quality restaurants

The balanced beef breed.... .... with the colour bonus!

Join in our success.... Speckle Central is on the winning path.... and the commencement of the 2011 Show Season is evidence of the quality of type that form Speckle Central. With spectacular results in these events already competed in, our goal is to always produce a consistent, top quality line of cattle. Consistent results is always a testament to quality, and our show records speak for themselves.

Visit our website to read about our latest show results and travels, and view photos from these. Also on the website are details about upcoming events Speckle Central will be attending. Find out where you can meet the Show Team and join the dots! Visit Speckle x Brahman = Brahckle

Opportunities available now... Speckle Central is fortunate to have access to some of the best genetics in the world. Available for purchase: - Working age bulls - PTIC heifers - 12 month old bulls and heifers - 8 month old bulls and heifers - Embryos (great range of genetics), and - Semen straws from quality proven performers. Whether you are a purebred breeder, or commercial breeder - Speckle Park Cattle is the ideal choice. Contact Speckle Central today to discuss your involvement with the breed taking the Australian cattle industry to new heights!

Dale & AndrewHumphries

Phone 0429 360 419 / 0419 463 213 Email

Mark Pointon

Phone 02 6336 3101 Email

Stud Manager - Chris Garvin - Phone 0408 180 407

Speckle Central  

An informational booklet for Speckle Central, Australia.

Speckle Central  

An informational booklet for Speckle Central, Australia.