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Classes have been in for over a month. Time for a sexy date! Date locale can make or break a relationship. A bad first date can keep romance from ever taking off. Use this road-map to avoid some of the notorious `Bad Dates’ in the city of Fredericton.

The mor Rick wor -Ma

Deep down everyone loves a good café. Ordering a ‘Chocolate Monkey’ can be cute. A big plus for guys; ordering a delcious drink without comprimising masculitiny.

- Mackenzie Adams

During the movie... you’re totally not even paying attention to what the movie is about...Waste of money.

People think bowling is lame but it can be fun. Get to know the person! Embarrass yourself, but bond!

-Erin Lindsay

-Erin Lindsay

When they say you’re going to use your free pass for transit and sit on the bus all evening. But with the right person, any of the horrible dates can be absolutely hilarious.

-Kathryn Crossman

The movies, lazy, boring, no talking. Just don’t do it!

-Whitney Neilson

20/20 features re cougars than ky Bobby’s rst nightmares. ackenzie Adams


My best bet is iRock... what fun to go on a date just to be grinded by a bunch of creepers. My version of a date is getting drunk in my boyfriend’s garage.

-Samantha Both

Going out to the bars and clubs is bad because it’s overly crowded and full of drunk of people being obnoxious and hitting on your date.

Dinners for me are lame. I like the Clay Cafe, or an art museum, or going to the playhouse. Clay Cafe because you can be creative together and it’s very laid back. -Amanda Gallant

The new market is a great date, but it’s awkward because it’s so early. The worst is when you just get invited to an apartment to sit around for a glass of wine. ‘Ulterior motive dates’ are bad! -Meghan O’Neil

Cora’s has amazing fruit and smoothies. The environment is homey and relaxed even when it’s packed. The fruit does it for me. Give me Cora’s,I’m yours. -Laura MacDonald

-Greg Riddell

A great date spot is M and T deli for breakfast and lunch. It’s comfortable and affordable.

-Robert Johnson

Go to Saint John

Seems like Fredericton just doesn’t have any places to have a date but the theatre, except if you want to be all hipster. -Jon Richard

A shitty date spot is having a picnic at Forest Hill Cemetery. Creepy and cold.

-Robert Johnson

Don`t limit yourself. A memorable date is one that`s original, fun, and rarely done. Pet stores, people watching, or sometimes just great coffee conversation can make for fantastic times with your new interest. Just have fun and don`t fart.

- Shane Rockland Fowler

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