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Dog is one of the most adopted pet. Three to four years is the most suitable age for the dog to breed however, your dog must pass conformation, temperament, health and genetic testing

Cats are really fast and easy to train, however they are difficult when it comes to breeding. It is advised to be well-versed with the procedure or take help of a pet sitter/veteran before getting your cat involved.

These innocent yet fast furry pals can breed at age of 5-6months. It's usually a good idea to select rabbits to breed whose ancestry has evidence of good productivity and good genetics.

Guinea Pigs are easy to mate and easy to rear. They mostly breed at age of five to 12 months. Just be sure you can find good homes for the resultant babies.

Ferrets mostly breed at age of 8-12 months. However Ferret breeding is not as easy as it sounds. It’s a huge responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Baby hamsters may be the cutest animals in the world. They grow up playing, fighting, running on the wheel for that first time. Two to three months of Hamster is best to be companioned.

2.5 to 3 months is the best age for Gerbils to reproduce. However, if you have decided to breed Gerbils it is important to consider what to do with any young produced. One pair of Gerbils may have more than 50 babies during their reproductive life.

The procedure for breeding turtle is quite different as compared to other animals and the time may vary.

The breeding period for Fishes and Birds vary with different kinds.

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Best age for breeding your pet  
Best age for breeding your pet  

Along with being a good listener, a loyal companion, and cute pal, pets are a huge responsibility. Any negligence in this responsibility can...