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Gatsby & Bagel

Gatsby and Bagel might not come from the same mom, but they are brothers at heart. They both had the same misfortune early in life, and they have found the best forever home together!

· March 23, 2017 · Join the entire state of Nevada for a single day of giving in support of the charities that support our communities, like The Animal Foundation! — Log on to — to schedule your donation today, and be a part of making a difference in your community!

Gatsby was found wandering the streets and was brought to The Animal Foundation in 2014. Underweight and timid, it was obvious that this young pup had been on his own for a long time. Even though he was afraid, he was so desperate for love that when staff tried to sit on the floor and assess him, all he wanted to do was curl up in their laps and snuggle! His health improved quickly in our care, and soon he was on his way to a new forever home. “Gatsby was still a baby at 9-months-old, very shy and reserved when we first brought him home. Within a couple weeks, though, his tail went from between his legs to up and wagging all the time. Gatsby is king of the house now, and he really is the best friend a dog could possibly be.” — The Arellano Family Life seemed complete, but in May 2016, the Arellano family saw a posting for a special adoption discount and decided to come down to The Animal Foundation. “The day I adopted Bagel, I was actually leaving because I wasn’t able to find who I had in mind to adopt. I decided to go into one random kennel I’d already walked through one more time before I left. I walked in and saw the most beautiful pair of eyes I’d ever seen on a dog. I knew then that I had walked into that kennel for a reason. We were meant to be!” Gatsby and Bagel took to each other right away. Gatsby, always intuitive to his family’s pain, seemed to understand that Bagel was sad and scared. He stuck by his side, and in no time at all, Bagel’s true colors began to shine. Bagel is still a little shy, but every time you look at him his tail starts to wag or he stands on his hind legs like he can’t contain his love. The two little dogs are always playing or snuggled up sleeping together. Together, they make the Arellano family complete. PA G E 1 • T A I L S N E W S L E T T E R • F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 7

Donate Supplies

for our shelter:

• Linens (including new and gently used blankets, towels, sheets, etc.) • New cat litter pans • Glass fish/reptile tanks (new or used, all sizes) • Collars, harnesses and leashes • Newspaper • Paper Towels • Peanut Butter (unopened) • Letter size office copy paper • Spray Bottles (new/unused) • Mops & mop buckets • Disposable latex gloves

Find more supplies for our shelter pets on-line, shop our Amazon Wishlist.

s ’ $ r u Yo RK @ WO

$85 PROVIDES spay/neuter surgery for one animal $35 PROVIDES a complete set of vaccines $100 PROVIDES a week’s worth of food for a shelter animal $250 COVERS the average cost for a shelter pet’s entire time at The Animal Foundation To make an online donation, please go to



Dear Friends and Supporters, The story of Bagel and Gatsby from the front page is just one of thousands of “Happy Tails” that are shared with us each year. I’m always thrilled to hear each and every one of these successful adoption stories as they confirm the good work The Animal Foundation is doing in our community with the help of generous donors like you. I begin 2017 with an abundance of excitement and gratitude, as I wish our many life-saving and life-changing programs continue to gain momentum in our community. I want to share some impressive statistics from 2016 made possible with your support: •  29,245 animals came into our care, which is a 4% decrease from 2015 and 14% less than 2014. As this number continues to decline, we can dedicate additional live-saving resources to the animals in our care. •  Our life-saving programs were responsible for some wonderful outcomes, including 3,443 animals transferred to our dedicated Paw Partners (that’s 904 more than last year!) and 4,626 lost animals being reunited with their owners. •  Our numerous outreach and adoption events, happening weekly and sometimes daily, helped 11,239 animals find their forever homes. All of these successes make me want to stand up and cheer! I know the news that our Mission: Possible 2020 initiative has taken root excites and motivates our staff and volunteers to give 110% every day. Did you know The Animal Foundation takes in an average of 80 animals every day? That’s 80 lost, unwanted, neglected and abandoned animals coming through our doors… EVERY DAY! Our staff works tirelessly finding creative ways to save more lives while our family of volunteers dedicates their free time to showering these animals with love, affection and play time! But, we need you too! To achieve our mission to save the lives of all healthy and treatable animals in the Las Vegas Valley, we need more foster families, volunteers, pet supplies and donations. It will take all of us joining together as a community to solve this problem. Your contribution is never too little or too late. Thank you for your consideration and generosity! With gratitude,

Christine Robinson CEO, The Animal Foundation

PA G E 2 • T A I L S N E W S L E T T E R • F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 7

Two Paws Up for Pets for Life Congratulations to all of the employees and volunteers who helped to make our fall Pets for Life outreach event a success! The Animal Foundation believes that community is an essential key to saving every healthy and treatable animal in the Las Vegas valley, and we are proud to offer support to the community that supports us. Pets for Life is a community outreach initiative that strives to reach pets and their families who live in underserved communities that – because of economic, social, linguistic, or cultural factors – don’t have access to veterinary care or pet care information, resources or related services, despite an often great need. Pets for Life is just one of the many programs The Animal Foundation utilizes to help keep pets in their loving family home and out of the shelter. At our December event, we were able to help hundreds of local pet-owners with free pet supplies including food, treats, beds and toys. We were also able to vaccinate 240 dogs and cats, and we scheduled 75 free spay/neuter surgeries.



the · AP R I L 2 DATE 3, 20 17 ·



Featuring more than 50 remarkable shelter dogs from The Animal Foundation, available for adoption at the conclusion of the show.

For event information, please visit

Your Holiday Giving at Work The holiday season is always a time for giving, and The Animal Foundation would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of our supporters during November and December of 2016!

Having fun with a great new toy from our wish-list!

Volunteers and staff are enjoying all of our new toys, too!

New family in foster care in a playpen from our wish-list!

We were awed by the amazing response on Giving Tuesday in November, when donors like you bought every single item on our Amazon Wish-list and stocked every department in the shelter with much needed pet supplies that will last us for months to come! In total, we received more than 1,000 items and donations, with a value of over $21,000! The giving continued in December, with a matching donation offer from our friends, Jeff and Jane Gale. For every donation we received during December, the Gales donated an equal donation up to a total of $10,000. Online and in the mail, the donations poured in from all of our friends and neighbors. Not only did we reach our goal of $10,000, we surpassed it with a total of $85,423 in donations for the month. Combined with the Gales’ gift, we raised $95,423 in December through our year-end appeal, almost twice as much as any other December appeal in The Animal Foundation’s fundraising history! Thank you to our friends and supporters – with your help, we will reach our goal of saving every healthy and treatable animal in the Las Vegas Valley!

2016: A Yea in R r


In 2015, The Animal Foundation announced a bold plan to save the lives of all healthy and treatable animals who enter our care by the end of the year 2020. We call this initiative:

Pets KEPPT in Homes The Animal Foundation knows how important it is for owners and their pets to stay together. The KEPPT program was launched in the fall of 2015 with a goal of Keeping Every Person and their Pet Together. For those who find themselves in difficult situations and feel their only option is to give up their beloved pet, this program provides resources like food, medical care and pet supplies. Pets get to stay in their loving and familiar home! The Animal Foundation needs your help as we continue to successfully keep happy pets in happy homes and out of the shelter.


2016 has been another monumental year as we strive towards our goal. We continue to see more animals positively placed, fewer animals entering the shelter unnecessarily and fewer animals euthanized. For details on our year-end report, please visit:







3,443 2,576 1,016




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The Animal Foundation Feb 2017 Tails Newsletter