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Dual State Kitty: The Next Episode. [How the World Never Ends]: by Kyle Jacobs

Cosmic Afterthought and Gratitude: AHGFT woke up in the middle of the night, in that place where dreams and waking experience come to shore; The Prophetic Landscape [TPL] Out their window was a view of a wooded hill of evergreens cast under a full moon, with the sea expanding into the horizon. Occasionally, there was evidence of a meteor shower, and for all intents and purposes, AHGFT was walking along the shoreline, taking in the bewildered panorama that surrounded them.

The Sailboat tells us a story of the process of navigating the dream. It is a reminder that while we may not be sturdy, we are capable. Further still, there is a Captain who lives in a world below the deck. The cognitive dissonance that comes from the conceptually simple vessel, which contains a living system of infinite magnitude, is the sound that The Sailboat makes.

The Sun is a standard symbol across cultures, but its placement in the night sky is a sort of antiquated humor, or philosophical observation that makes light of a sobering reflection: namely, that it is dark, and we cannot make any claim that we will see the sun again. The Sun Constellation is a memory of hope, by drawing the absent symbol in the sky. One could think of it as gratitude for warmth and food.

The Cross with the two serpents: We don’t know if this is a heretical symbol or not. The Cross, naturally refers to the Crucifixion of Jesus [COJ]. The Double Helix Serpent [DHS] is theoretically about the ascension of humanity to heaven, or union with the divine. The heretical imposition comes from the bible verse referring to the crushing of the Serpent’s head as the conclusive point of the COJ.

The Cakra System dates to the New Agers, and before that, Vajrayana Buddhism, and some Yogic systems; referring to the Lotus Flower and Siva’s Third Eye respectively. The Double Helix is also the form of DNA, which brings the symbolism in question into a present context. Still another, more dubious instance appears in the pattern described by the rise of Kundalini Energy. The juxtaposition of serpents across religious symbolism does not go unnoticed. In One Hand1, the DHS is found, at least as a tangential symbol of humanity’s ascension process, across multiple systems of thought. On the Other2, if ascension is the value we are attaching to the COJ, then symbolically, the Serpent is being destroyed, not necessarily trans-substantiated.3 1

Perhaps, the Left One. That would be the Right. 3 One of the basic questions here is concerning the nature of evil. If actions which lack empathy or compassion toward myself or others, are those actions too, part of the Divine Nature? Huge amounts of commentary exist on this subject; several of the following examples come to mind: “What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry?” – William Blake, concerning the Tyger; JOB, The Holocaust – One of the ‘boil down’ questions may be phrased in the following manner: “If god is good, then why is bad?” Theologians even have a category for these sorts of questions, though I forget what the name is at the moment. If evil is an absence, then no one will be around to miss it when it has dissipated. If evil is a corruption, then there is a degree of recycling what is not corrupted and transmuting that which is separate from the divine. The question may also be interpreted as the Salvation of a Demon, vs. the Salvation from a Demonic State. Now seems like the appropriate time to insert some notes taken from sermons of a Progressive Methodist / Advocate of Emergent Christianity. Again, these are my notes, on another person’s sermon [Now also seems like a good time for a dyslexia joke: “Are you part of the LSD Church?”, “Yea, LDS.” I’m certain I’ve said that before.]: 2

Entheology? -

Expressed as a need for regenerative healing - What is healing? What is being regenerated? Faith= examining religious experiences / what is prophecy as life? Prophecy as Direct Revelation. Suspensions of disbelief Jung = as though they were real - Shamanic / dream experience. Animals given respect and life, Owls asking questions Emerson? – “sermons of babbling creek” – Christianity, animism, panentheism Junction of “NOW” and christ’s reign. Junction of Zen and Bodhisattva / Christ o What kind of leader is Christ? o What is the death ,resurrection and Christ of “NOW”. o Be bewildered. o Knowledge of vs. knowledge about [personal revelation] o Difference between personal revelation of and about Christ o Manifest Christ NOW. o Mysticism and madness as a continuum –Submission v. Pride [satanic / luciferic downfall] o Mysticism as personal revelation of divine. o What does it mean to go to perfection? o Dharma.

Though the transformation of mundane existence through conjoining with the Godhead is a Mystical Inclination, the transformation of evil into divinity calls into question: What is being redeemed in Christian thought, by the COJ? If the answer is ‘Sin’ [or the nature of existence while separated, consciously4, from divinity / the Godhead / a Sacred Interpretation of Perception – and a motivation for action, which is in service to the continuity of this State of Perception], then the question concerns the ascension of evil, vs. the ascension of existence -- from the state of separation from the divine, to unity with the Godhead. To say unity with God implies a motion toward the most complete reality. Furthermore, the notion is one of absolution, dissolution, or a transformation of identification from ‘our’ reality to ‘the most complete reality’. In the construction of this idea, God is a monistic entity, represented in a plurality of forms and existences, while still retaining a fundamental substance. Morality, of course comes into play whenever discussing the character of God, in the face of cruelty or subjugation. Dominance of The Individual over The Collective, or An Other Individual comes to mind, when referring to evil.5 -- Objection toward submission to the divine.6 Are we redeeming satan7 himself, or is an abdication from satan, the same action as submission to divine existence / will.


Ignorance is Immaturity, Willful Ignorance is Irresponsible, if not Adversarial. Admittedly, and arrogantly to a fault, this is my most common conception of evil. ‘Admittedly’, because it is likely that you will come to another conclusion – and I have heard a few, and ‘arrogantly’ because the conception of ‘self’ and ‘liberty’ are loaded terms, and a perceived violation against one form of ‘self’, may be the ‘liberty’ of a more inclusive concept of ‘self’. *See Atman / Brahman, the COJ and other forms of martyrdom, and Ego v. Psyche. 6 Liberation Theology seems to be needing mention here. Again, speaking of lucifer, there is this funny correlation between rebellion and heresy amongst religious traditions. I once heard the transformation of dogma described with the following departing statement: “I want more than anything to be a part of your greater theological structure or understanding, but I can no longer continue within the dogmatic parameters that you have established. You have forced my hand, I will seek and seed religious ideas which are opposed in some manner to your establishment, and form my own.” – *See Luther’s Reformation, amongst an infinite spectrum of segregation, and branching, within religious systems. Likely the most radical of these ideas, is that of Direct Revelation [DR], which suggests that the best way to experience God, is to do so directly, and personally – the same way we experience the entirety of our lives, including second-hand information / opinions, such as you are reading right now. 5

Placing Lucifer in this category of rebellion is tragically humorous, in the sense that rebellion is modeled mythically, as rejecting Divinity in favor of claiming ones-self to be God, or As God. – Not sure if there’s a distinction there, A.K.A: Pride, Megalomania, all matter of Actions Derived from a Dominating Paradigm [ADDP]. The book Ishamel, by Daniel Quinn describes the gods as having the ability to correctly determine what will live and what will die; to claim this power for ourselves, seems an equivalent to ADDP. Is my liberation theology a heretical, adversarial, luciferic impulse, encouraging separation from a deity in favor of anointing myself with said divinity, or decisive and willful submission to DR, implicit with a trust that ADDP are boring, old hat, and by-inlarge, a prevalent and destructive theme in human existence? DR – an empathetic method of relating to those around us. As for the joke, a paraphrase of William Blake claims, “An excess of Sorrow, Laughter, An excess of Joy, Tears.” If it feels like a bad trip, pay attention – could be a form of summary for this entire Cross Constellation

You will see at the top of the Cross, if you flip to the appropriate page, an opening where the energy / form that constitutes the DHS is essentially released from its specific form, and given to that which surrounds it [heaven, everything, the god-ness of things.] Three Points of Contention come to mind: 1) The definitions of ‘sacred’, ‘divine will’, and ‘satan’, will no doubt have to be approached by each person. To be given a definition of these terms by a storyteller or charismatic is to ignore a history of cruelty, justified by religious ideology. The petition toward DR precludes an Attractor8, or some fundamental reality, toward which existence ultimately unfolds.9 These are murky waters, but empathically understood, trans-subjective ethical norms caution us of willful dominance and cruelty by shared experience of participation in reality. Ultimately, how we participate in reality is the question posed to us by this constellation; that and, “What is the constitution, or nature, of reality?” 2) The constitution of God comes into question, to which there are several phrases that have been established in response: a. [Balance, Unity] Take the good and the bad [It is.] b. [Transformative] All things for the good of those that believe in Him. [There is a higher meaning.] c. [Declarative] Shit Happens. [Nothing to be done about it – lends itself to willful ignorance.]

Discourse. To be trite, Death and Rebirth seem to be the conclusion of every bad trip that I’ve ever had. Perspective can be a luxury. 7 You’ll notice ‘satan’ and ‘lucifer’ tend not to be capitalized. I’m not inclined to believe in a dualistic system of gods. I’m comfortable with a polytheistic structure of mythic representation – which is to say stories are useful and images are powerful, but I just don’t feel as though it is productive to claim that ‘good’ vs. ‘evil’ is happening. The decision is a point of dissent on my part. The devil is a ‘big red dick’, and I’ve wasted enough energy worrying about cartoon devils, wondering if they need to be rescued. Cartoons don’t exist. Or actually, cartoons do exist, but the only devils I need to be worried about are the kind that walk around in my clothes, calling themselves Kyle Jacobs. “Calling something that is outside of myself the devil – that, is evil.” *See religious persecution, sexism, racism and other ADDP. 8 I never read Teliard de Chardin [TC], but I heard he talks about this kind of Attractor. Incidentally, so did Terrence McKenna [TM], though TC is supposed to be a Christian, and TM is supposed to be a shaman / techno-pagan. 9 I’m more in line with TM on this point, as he is concerned with Novelty, and to my understanding, Creativity. A brief stab at the metaphysics of creativity – the divine creates, human beings express this characteristic, however modified or destructive those creations may be, and thus I’m inclined to believe that creativity is an expression of the divine. As a human, I must choose to participate in the creative process [a term which is not detailed here],which may be considered ‘my thread of the divine tapestry’. Even if I’m only responsible for a thread, that’s still enough work for a lifetime [right?], and I want my thread to be an excellent component – which approaches the concept of ‘novelty’, in the process of discovering the structural integrity and design of such a thread. TM commonly referred to our current culture as located within the Dominance Paradigm, a phrase which he borrowed from the author of “the blade and the chalice”, the woman who wrote it has a name that I don’t remember, but from what I recall, she coined the terms, ‘dominator / partnership society’ to describe humanity. That’s what you get with kyle’s brain, a bunch of echos, observations [correct or not], assemblies and loose connections.

References can be made at this point to Buddhism or Tao, to Infinity, Ouroboros, Popular Christian Theatrical Dualism, the story of Job, Gnosticism, Pantheism, Panentheism, Polytheism, Animism, Depth Psychology, Mystic Traditions, or Gross Nihilism / Meat-Puppet Materialism, but our tendency is to live in a way that ‘makes sense’, according to our personal experiences, understanding, and perceptual process.10 Gross Nihilism seems to be courting the satanic, due to what would appear to be a sterility of experience. Whether, or not, there is a deeper experience than our biological process is also a point of faith / subjective conclusion-making-process. 3) The third point, and one that Actual Christians will have, no doubt, seen immediately, is that the COJ is about Christ taking on the suffering / sins of the world, and sinking into death with them, as a sacrifice. If anything, according to this understanding, the event of the crucifixion is a descent, not ascension. The Ascension would be three days following the crucifixion, when Christ comes back to life from the tomb, having conquered death, and subsequently ascends into heaven. If anything, the Cross Constellation describes the ascension toward the divine and the descent toward death as having a conjoined or reflexive relationship; bluntly: “Give the Two Serpents To the Divine While Being Crucified.”



The Fire is a standard symbol. I would say this constellation has much in common with the following ideas: a) Refiner’s Fire b) Carrying the Torch c) Burned Sacrifice d) A light or candle of consciousness. Lucifer, Prometheus, and an entire cast of mythic characters who steal the sun come to mind here. The tricksters and Prometheus are stealing light from some ‘secure’ or typically exclusive location, and then sharing it with the world. The traditional story of lucifer’s fall has a great deal

to do with self-righteousness, a lack of submission, and aspirations toward exclusive dominon / godhood. The reason lucifer is brought up at all is because the name means “light-bearer” or “light-bringer”, to my knowledge, and the whole connotation of the constellation is “I keep the fire.” The saying implies a terse responsibility for the welfare / health / functional integrity of the fire itself. The fire is that little piece of the divine that we are responsible for, until relieved of that responsibility – which, if considered with gravity, does not appear to be any time soon.11 There is some distinction between the fire, and the one holding the fire, just as there is a distinction between a pre, and post-fall lucifer. Regardless of the associations, the focus of the constellation is twofold 1) The functionality of the Fire 2) Our responsibility to maintain that functionality. The train of thought follows to a little lucifer singing, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. Won’t let satan blow it out (whooooo!), I’m gonna let it shine. Won’t let satan blow it out (whooooo!), I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!”12 Picturing a little human singing the song may be more useful. A reaffirmation of the following is necessary: a) Who does the Fire belong to / represent? b) What is the functional purpose of the Fire? c) To what end are we responsible for Its continuity? A direct reply would be: a) The fire is divinity manifest processing. b) To redirect attentions and energies toward the fundamental substance / reality / divine13 c) Certainly until death, and perhaps following death.


Another Heretical point of Contention -- Are we ever truly off the hook? How does the COJ relate to the decision making process which constitutes our lives? 12

To my understanding, that is not how things ended up. Hell is a state of separation. “The Empire never ended.” – PKD [stylistically repeated for effect also PKD] 13 See Jewish Mystic: Issac Luria.

The Sickle and the Heart, as represented by a human organ, is a fairly self-explanatory constellation; it represents death to the heart in form of a harvest -- One of the more sobering observations of the people who have come, and gone, before us. The heart is being harvested by the cosmos. “Live life in the realization that we will die, and try to make the best of it.14


Memento Mori – Remember death.

The Infinity Sign with a crown is a constellation that signifies the End and the Beginning; the endless, incomprehensible interdependence / continuity of all things. Every religious symbol carries an identity that is deeper than the symbol used to represent it. One remarkable aspect of symbolic thinking is the capacity of a single character to impart a suggestion of metaphysical theory. Music, and the taboo of writing, knowing or speaking the name of God come to mind. The relationship between symbols and their content appears to be that the symbol is a means of processing the content. Infinity would then be the crown of all symbolic processing. These constellations may only be present as long as we are considering them. The content of the corresponding symbolism has a half –life based on efficacy.

Can you imagine observing and participating in the complete lifespan of an idea?

Floating world. Distinguish between Body and Environment. Conceptions in Circulation.

When AHGFT woke up from the dream, their apartment space looked much like it did prior to when they went to bed. The apple was stacked on top of the books, next to the DVD on home gardening that they hadn’t gotten around to watching yet [there was always something else that they gave their attention to.] The books were on the bureaucratic and profit-driven undertones surrounding the history of medicalization of deviant behavior, such as schizophrenia, manic depression, and degrees of excessive misanthropy or sexual promiscuity. There were some positive aspects to it; namely it described two forms of successful healing and resocializing / integrating persons, manifest in holistic, relationship based programs, run by untrained, nonmedical personnel; first by the Quakers, and second by a community house near Esalen. Both occasions were out-moded by industry and professional interest, and were not significantly recognized, so as to secure additional funding for their operation. “Today,” AHGFT thought, while considering the tastiness of the apple, “We will be a magnetic tuning rod.” And so they did their morning stretches.

AHGFT entered the line of dark-faced workers, and one at a time, each approached the extraction machine. Each body stripped down, placed their flaccid penis in the receptacle, and within thirty-five seconds, each were given to sharp increases in breath, ejaculation, and convulsions. The whirring of the internal sampling trays and the flush of bleach water punctuated each departure, as the cold vacated form of the donor shuffled to retrieve his coat and bag. When AHGFT approached the extraction terminal, the following events took place:


DSK - Two