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BAD MEAT Ron Seitz

pieces of a long poem, writ on the run when young for J. Laughlin so let it be across the Whole Earth the endless hiccup of yr high priest I’m nervous circling the moon on broom with hee hee cackle laugh a wart on my nose who walked from the womb blond hero bald human sob to the endless Godhead born bleak the plop of Basho’s frog History hungered some now forgot leap of flame broke into face floating 1935 away

Meat the Beast of my pinched

* *


hear now Canticle One Canticle of Pain TELLS ME THIS POEM! left numb in the shiver of my sex Christ bloomed this chestcage flowery vision blanked clean & angel to rust Kafka darkened my page an earphone to his leafy key nada passingthru


no miracle

lastlight nod of

thunderclap word writ in Church this poor long energy sing lit by candle I am scribble machine filling space with language an outlaw icon hero Myth/Blues Antipoem to end America

a big piece of my mind hurt forever inside now I walk FORCED TO SCRAWL HUGE GHOST SONG THE SWATH OF OUR YEARS & beg you accept unchecked this axed hosanna hymnless pnson of a fist the Zoo of my Legend freaked in flowery benediction a quick cremation * *


America I am Death/yr Angel BAD MEAT mine the loud voice melting flesh shoots straight the line explodes yr sight to eat the etch & why imagine I AM my skull wrapt obscene bandage of sound running shockwave OM in song & old hag toothgape the nightmare creak that clowns my rage SPREADS WIDE THE WINGS APOCALYPSE its terrible joy come round * *


BAD MEAT this poem vault reeling film lids flepping the lens shuttering live footage along the arteries of memory a cartoon bloop laugh litany bubbling hero heads afloat to the margin to sweet strut this boneyard syllable trace a blurred tattoo to trophy my tomb a surreal mockery psalm pelvic shift of ashes the blanched horizon mystery cloud nailing my temples blue

with music * *


THE ANGST OF THIS CHANT RAZOR YOU ITS FLOOP IDIOCY! moon you bare ass shine/the Judas kiss a smoking eyeblink prophet plague kill Cold Mountain naked of rose stoned Yaqui climb/ savage say to stick stale crumb my cowl unwritten poem in my shoesole I DELIVER YOU BLACK SERMON OF FUTURE TRAFFIC! what armed the belly with gypsy giggle hysterical pimp singalong Calypso Bukano ghost gulp & mojo ghoul tune Coyote peyote hand you raw red meat/my vision ecstatic tongued magician weeping MIND AT THE END OF ITS TETHER! MADNESS IN THE SADDLE! too long held back the golden wrinkle my eye spiked by daybreak Chickasaw Bird Clan survive the bolt/Hopi lightning Brother Touch heyoshka sad the last migraine headbeam be Zuni Pueblo Mudhead to spook this trance lean the mirror in grave grin praise the worm that eats the entrail let loose the Birds of Appetite

to feast my carrion


* *


DAMN THIS UNHOLY GESTSURE! THIS FINGER REVELATION! am I become Shrieker bending before Zossima? maybe Zen Fool/Holy Jester bound in box by clock limbs taut a bloodless dummy I raise my wrists to cold knife breakthru the bare blood flow from cockroach groan to jawbone glee in bleak need caressed the geek wingflip bat fanning whose crypt? mute hieroglyph to laurel whose skull? unknown the wink of guillotine I kneel to my graveplot THIS CLOT OF SOUND KNEEL YOU IN SHAME TOO! Artaud cruel the diamond stare hallelujah jingo whoreson warhoop MARS!ARS!ODIN!BELLONA! Earth the gaunt step/Golgatha a good place to die from

* * with no dreamdrowze to blur BAD MEAT I be Ranter! rags aflame what matter my vision landscaped with age too many years I’ve bled this movie


no hope to crown my sorrow halo me I’m out of youth & time hangs heavy clock in my veins who now gong my morning watch on Eternity? who dare smile at this absurd odyssey/Meat Song? a year from now chill on the air skeleton melancholy the nerves of all children jerk come last monk buried

no throne to a


disappearing before your eyes the collapse of this flesh final testimony I AM BECOME MY POEM

Ron Seitz is the author of several books of poetry, including Death Eat and Mechanic of Tears, as well as Song for Nobody, a remembrance of Thomas Merton. He lives in Louisville, KY.