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“By supporting carefully selected projects, we have shown how we can utterly transform the lives of those in need, creating lasting change.� HRH The Prince of Wales Founder & President of The British Asian Trust

Photograph: Chartlotte Anderson

What do a celebrity chef in England, a teacher in a remote village in Pakistan, a social entrepreneur, a globally acclaimed finance expert and IT students from an urban slum in India have in common? They are donors, charity partners and beneficiaries of The British Asian Trust.

Making Extraordinary Links 0WFSNJMMJPOQFPQMFTVSWJWJOHPOMFTTUIBObBEBZJO4PVUI Asia. With competing charities dealing with problems such as chronic malnutrition, lack of education and employment, health problems and the marginalisation of women and girls, it is little wonder that people who want to donate money are uncertain as to where to start. Our experience shows that donors are keen and passionate to make a difference. The most common questions we get asked are:

Who can I trust?

Can I really make a difference with my money?

How can I achieve the most with my money?

This is where The British Asian Trust comes in. We are committed to bringing together leading members of the British Asian diaspora from celebrities and entrepreneurs to some of the world’s largest companies and charitable foundations with existing local grassroots charities to make a difference. These extraordinary links together with the power of collective giving is what sets us apart from other charities. Every individual donation that comes to The Trust enables us to support charities in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the UK. It is a long-term investment which creates a greater impact for those in need. By supporting handpicked charities, we are able to empower local communities on the ground and transform lives by offering innovative and practical solutions to social and economic problems, enabling them to move towards self-sufficiency.

The Trust has so far raised over ÂŁ2 million USBOTGPSNJOHUIFMJWFTPG QFPQMF

Photograph: Chartlotte Anderson

The British Asian Trust takes the worry out of giving to South Asia. We work in the poorest communities to transform lives through education, health and livelihood initiatives - areas that our donors feel most passionate about supporting.

What We Do Differently We do all the research to find the most effective organisations to support. Charities are selected after passing a rigorous selection criteria and extensive on the ground research through our team members and local co-funders in country. Our aim is to raise the bar of philanthropic giving through the power of collective giving. For every ÂŁ1 donated by our individual supporters, we have leveraged five times that amount from corporate and institutional donors. This helps to significantly multiply the effect on the ground enabling our charities to scale their work and reach out to more people in need.

What we do for Our Charities The Trust has a three step approach to our investments that is not just financial. We do not just help those in need, but we do it in a sustainable manner ensuring long term change in their lives.


We identify and support projects that address the most critical issues, that have a track record and a capacity to grow. We ensure your funds go to significantly scaling and sustaining these solutions.


We provide support to ensure that our charities are resourced to meet the rigorous targets we set. We believe strong organisations enable real social change.


The effect on a charity we support means brand visibility and a bigger profile for them which, in turn, attracts long term supporters and increased funding.

Photograph: Vinita Agarwal Teja

India has the largest illiterate population in the world, a quarter of the population still cannot read or write. Literacy levels are particularly low for girls from rural BSFBTBOEFTUJNBUFTTVHHFTUUIBUGPSFWFSZHJSMTJO rural India only one will complete their education to age 18.

Educate Girls Poverty and the poor quality of public education mean that many families do not view educating their daughters as a priority, early marriage and motherhood also mean that girls drop out of school. With limited education and economic opportunities, these girls are condemned to a life of poverty and poor health. To tackle these barriers to girl education, The Trust handpicked Educate Girls, an award-winning charity that drives educational reform by engaging rural communities at every level, from the girls themselves to their families, neighbours and villages. The Trust was struck by Educate Girls’ comprehensive and costeffective model, which mobilises entire communities to deliver sustainable improvements to girls’ attendance and educational attainment in government schools. 4JODF 5IF5SVTUIBTMFWFSBHFEJUTQPXFSPGDPMMFDUJWFHJWJOHUP TVQQPSUPWFS DIJMESFOJOBEEJUJPOBMTDIPPMT8FIBWFBMTP provided critical funds to help Educate Girls access business skills and WJTJCJMJUZUPSFBDIUIFJSBNCJUJPOPGSFBDIJOHNJMMJPOHJSMTCZ Dimple is one of those girls that The Trust supports through Educate Girls. By the time she was 13, Dimple’s parents had planned to get her married. “Without education, I knew my life would be just like my mother’s,� she says. With EG’s support, Dimple is no longer condemned to the life of a child bride and can pursue the bigger dreams she has for her future. Today she aspires to become a teacher. By investing with The Trust, you invest in the future of Dimple and thousands of girls like her and in a solution that has the potential to transform the gender imbalance not just in Rajasthan, but all of South Asia. Most of all it provides value for money; leveraging government and corporate funds through The Trust.

The Story So Far 

The Future Friendship Cup, a One Day Cricket International between India and Pakistan, hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales, officially launches The Trust and raises initial funds

HRH The Prince of Wales hosts first event to discuss the work of The Trust with the British Asian Community

Eight high-impact charities in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and the UK selected to build the The Trust’s portfolio

“Having seen the effect of poverty first-hand, the work supported by the Trust makes a real difference. Investing in the future through The Trust, I am assured that my contribution will have an effective impact for those most in need.” Seema Sharma, Entrepreneur and ‘Secret Millionaire’

“We see our partnership with The British Asian Trust as both strategic and long term. The Prince of Wales and the Trust have taken an effective approach to address the issues in South Asia that needs us all to come together.� Arif Naqvi, Group CEO of Abraaj Capital

The Trust takes over Lord’s Cricket Ground to host an Indian Premier League event to raise funds - attended by over  QFPQMF

JOTUJUVUJPOBMEPOPST and 32 Celebrity Ambassadors engage with The Trust

First major investment into Sri Lanka supporting livelihood QSPKFDUT MJWFT touched in South Asia through the work of The Trust


We aim to touch 2 million lives and raise bNJMMJPOJOUIFOFYUZFBST

The British Asian Trust’s Friends & Patrons are donors who include some of the world’s leading companies, charitable foundations and individuals. In joining this group, you will enable The Trust to support grassroots charities who change the lives of the most disadvantaged.

Transform Vision into Reality Join our Friends & Patrons Network £5,000 - £10,000 per annum Join our network of like-minded individuals who believe in “collective philanthropy” as an effective way of achieving social change. The Trust will invest your funds in supporting our portfolio of high-impact charities. During the year, we will offer, through our quarterly events, the opportunity to share best practices in philanthropy with research and impact reports on our collective achievement. Adopt a Charity £25,000 - £50,000 per annum For a further contribution, not only will you become a Friend or Patron, but you will be able to decide which of our charities, from our current portfolio, you would like to support. Our team will work closely with you to help you identify charities best aligned with your philanthropic aims and manage your investment to ensure you achieve your desired social return. Become a Philanthropy Partner £50,000 plus per annum If you are ready to make a significant investment in South Asia, we would be delighted to welcome you on board as a Philanthropy Partner. Our support will be customised to your needs – identifying charitable organisations that best meet your objectives in your preferred geographies. We would effectively manage your investments by working closely with the chosen charities to establish performance targets, conduct regular project visits, monitor and evaluate performance and offer six-monthly impact reports with our recommendations on future grant strategy. Not only will our support ensure scale-up and sustainability for your chosen organisations but we will ensure maximum social impact.

Photograph: Chartlotte Anderson

Backing The British Asian Trust Leading investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Mayank Patel, OBE has supported The Trust for three years. He is now a Patron of The Trust. Investment in ‘grassroots organisations that are not in the limelight and are doing incredible work in education, health and livelihoods’ have inspired his support. “It is led by individuals who are committed and passionate in bringing people in a position to support The Trust closer to charities that are in need of this support. It’s an engaging and meaningful two-way relationship that makes one feel a part of all the good work being done, which positively furthers one’s commitment to The Trust.”

We do hope you choose to support the work of The Trust. Together we can make a real difference to those most in need.

The British Asian Trust - About The Trust  
The British Asian Trust - About The Trust  

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