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Alvin High School names top 20 students Tobechukwu Phillips University of Texas - Nursing Most influential teacher — Chad McWhirter, AP English III and AP Research at Alvin High School Hadlee Morris Texas A&M University – Engineering Most influential teacher — Kelley Smith, AP Capstone at Alvin High School Jessica Anne Hogan University of Houston Business Most influential teacher — Tiffany Marchand, AP Biology at Alvin High School Jaime Louise Hogan University of Houston Accounting Most influential teacher — Rebecca Van Horne, PreAP English II at Alvin High School Erica Gonzalez University of Houston – Mechanical Engineering Most influential teacher — Wade Jenkins, Sixth-Eighth Grade Kickstart Karate at Harby Junior High Andrew Thomas Talley University of Texas - Computer Science Most influential teacher — Kyle Norman, Sixth-Eighth Grade Band at Alvin Junior High

The top 20 seniors at Alvin High School McMurry University Biomedical Science Most influential teacher — Lisa Rodriguez, Seventh and Eighth Grade Athletics at Alvin Junior High and 11th Grade Soccer Coach at Alvin High School

Madison Ayres

Emmanuel Alonso Castillo Alvin Community College/

University of Houston – Computer Engineering Most influential teacher — Teresa Witt, PreAP PreCal and AP Statistics at Alvin High School Gustavo Garcia University of Houston – Civil Engineering Most influential teacher —

Stephen Garcia, 11th and 12th Grade MJROTC at Alvin High School Haley Gaddy Tennessee Wesleyan University – Exercise Science Most influential teacher — Barbie Johnson Sixth-Eighth Grade Athletics at

Fairview Junior High Tiffany Danielle Purl University of Texas – Laboratory Science Most influential teacher — Chad Bowen, Ninth-12th Grade Band at Alvin High School Susana Hernandez

2016 - We Honor Your Accomplishments! Way To Go Senior Class of 2019

Keith S. Schauder M.D.

Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine One Medic Lane • Alvin, TX 77511 • (281) 331-3100


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Graduation 2019  

Graduation 2019