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On another, we saw schooling fish leaping into the sky, clearly running from something bigger. I will never forget the Sunday we pulled up and noticed no one was in the water. While I found that intriguing, it didn’t stop me and three of the kids from running in. That was until my wife started yelling at me a few minutes later that there was a shark in the water. Needless to say, we got out fast. One week, there were dolphins, on another baby seagulls were everywhere. In early December, there was very little obvious animals or birds. • It can be an all-day or all-night time of fun. In the middle of the summer, we liked going near sunset. That put us on the beach when the temperature wasn’t too hot and the lowering sun provided some shade to avoid sunburns. But there are many who come and claim a spot, setting up for a day or night of fun. I’ve seen people cooking for their crowds, fishing and eating what they caught, napping in the late afternoon, bringing their dogs for a swim. You name it, you can probably do it on the beach. At Surfside, the beach is also home to dozens of private homes, many available to rent out if you prefer some more privacy or a place to escape to. Regardless of why you go, or frankly when you go, Surfside Beach is a fun getaway. It’s close, not overcrowded with tourists and when the beach is calling you, it’s a great place to run to for fun.

Academic Program 6 wks. - 12 yrs. Private Kindergarten

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For special needs & non special needs children

Open 5:30 am-7:00 pm M-F Part and Full Time Programs Year Round PT, OT and Speech Therapy Music, Spanish, Art and Sign Language After School Program • Tutorials

Our unique set-up in our Kindergarten classroom allows the children to gain their education in a very conducive to learning environment. Following the Texas curriculum, a combination of individual, team, and group work, creates a common bond with all levels of children.

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Additional Location in Clear Lake: 14045 Space Center Blvd. • Clear Lake, TX 77062 281-488-0436

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Summer Fun 2019  

Summer Fun 2019