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d n a o d o t Things ” . a e S “ o t s Thing Supplement to the Alvin Advertiser • July 31, 2019

“Seifried Brew, LLC (S&B)State is proud to “It’s Fun&Banking at First Bank”

announce that First State Bank Personal was ranked Loans within the 2018 S&B Top 15th Percentile with Fast &of Community Banks, which includesLocal more than Lending 5,200 banks.” Decisions

CLUTE • MANVEL • LAKE JACKSON It’s good to be First.

FDIC 19323 Hwy. 6 • Manvel, TX • 281-489-3131

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Freeport Historical Museum has come a long way By Joshua Truksa Staff Reporter The Freeport Historical Museum came to be from just one person, Nat Hickey, bringing his vast collection of historical photos to meetings for the Main Street Program for the city of Freeport. “I had a lot of pictures and stuff at home, and I began to bring it in, you know, to have it on the table there when we’d meet, and then I moved a bookcase in, and that filled up, then everything filled up in that room, and we moved over outside into that room, and that filled up, and we moved back into this room, and it filled up, then we moved in over there on that side, and then when that filled up we moved back this way,” Hickey said, pointing to the multiple rooms that filled up gradually over the years leading up to the official establishment of the museum. The first room of the makeshift museum was set up where the children’s portion of the museum now stands. Hickey said the museum still houses many things he brought from his own home, which is “just

Nat Hickey shows the ship’s wheel where children visiting the museum can “captain” a ship.


Sun. - Thurs. 11 am - 9 pm | Fri. & Sat. 11 am - 10 pm


129 W. Parkwood • Located in Friendswood Corner of 528 & 518

a little bit of everything.” Hickey personally acquired the 19th century wooden ship’s figurehead that now stands on permanent display. Hickey said a man gave it to him after his wife had purchased it for $1 at a garage sale. Hickey saved it from being tossed in the trash. “I knew when I got it what it was,” Hickey said.

(Photo by Joshua Truksa)

The figurehead is of Jenny Lind, a famous Swedish singer who toured Europe and the United States in the mid-1800s. She became the subject of many figureheads, most famously including the fast schooner “Nightingale.” Lind was so popular that brands of clothing and children’s toys were named after her.

Gina’s Italian Kitchen — fresh, delicious food at a great price Gina’s Italian Kitchen & Pizzeria opened in May 2012 next to the Bushi Ban/Friendswood Fitness Wellness Plaza. Since then, Gina’s has developed an Italian cuisine composed with French and Sicilian styles of cooking and flavor. It was voted in the top three for best Italian restaurants in the Houston area. The interior atmosphere is largely based on traditional Italian themes but with the interesting twist of an open kitchen to provide a more memorable way of eating that leaves you intrigued and your senses amazed. Gina’s Italian Kitchen & Pizzeria serves traditional fresh classic Italian dishes and hand-tossed pizzas

with superb ingredients. The food is delicious, the servings are large and the prices are right. Gina’s is definitely priced and suited for a family evening out with friendly, personable service. They cater fresh Italian food for any venue, providing a private room or catering your special event. Let’s get to the bottom of the plate — if you want family priced Italian cuisine do yourself a “flavor” and go to Gina’s. Support a local independent business and visit Gina’s Italian Kitchen & Pizzeria located in Friendswood on the corner of 528 and 518. For information, call 832-569-5314.

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In 2009, the city decided to dedicate the entire building for the establishment of an official museum. At the time, the building was being used for storage, and extensive cleanup had to be undertaken to prepare. Unfortunately, no historical artifacts were found during the clearing out of the objects the city had stored. Shortly after the museum opened, donations started rolling in. The most prominent displays seen today are the various ships’ wheels, maritime equipment and scale models of nearly every important and memorable building throughout Freeport’s history, from the laundromat to the theater, to the jail to Henry Antonelli’s soda stand. The models were built by native Freeporter Dan Kessler, who had already been building the models for years as a hobby before donating them to the museum. Hickey, who has lived in Freeport for over 95 years, recalled his father and Antonelli as competitors for a time in the soda stand business. “My dad had the same kind of stand two blocks further down,” Hickey said. But Antonelli also conducted other business around town for which he was known. “Actually, [Antonelli] was a local bootlegger,” Hickey said. “[Antonelli] and the justice of the peace were quite well acquainted. I imagine if you looked through the JP’s book back there you’d see Henry

Native Freeporter Dan Kessner donated multiple scale models of notable buildings throughout the town’s history, including the legitimate business of local bootlegger Henry Antonelli. (Photo by Joshua Truksa)

T Stephen F. Austin Statue

San Luis Pass County Park

Resoft County Park

here’s no better way to soak in the summer sun than with a day at a Brazoria County park. Whether you’re interested in bird watching, RV camping, or feeling the sand between your toes, there’s something here for everyone. Visit us at for more information, or give us a call at 979-864-1541.

See you at the park!

Quintana Beach County Park

Kelly Hamby Nature Trail

Folletts Island County Beach

Camp Mohawk County Park

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in there quite frequently. I mean, it wasn’t any secret that he was a local bootlegger,” Hickey said. The museum includes a small room turned into a 19th century style library where the justice of the peace book can be found, and Hickey said people frequently come and find their relatives’ names when they were cited or arrested for minor (or major) crimes. Unlike many other museums, the Freeport Museum has displays that children are encouraged to interact with, including one of the ships’ wheels and an antique engine order telegraph. In addition to permanent displays, the museum has a large room dedicated to periodic exhibits. This summer, the museum is showcasing the different species of shark found in the Gulf of Mexico and oceans around the world, with life-size models of everything from great whites to nurse sharks. Finding the museum isn’t difficult — just look for Nat Hickey Lane. In honor of his work and volunteerism, the city renamed the street after the man who set in motion what became the Freeport Historical Museum.

Nat Hickey watches footage that plays on a loop at the Freeport Historical Museum of President John F. Kennedy remotely dedicating the Dow saline water conversion demonstration plant in Freeport on June 21, 1961. (Photo by Joshua Truksa)

World Series Champions Texas Ballerz

USSSA Global World Series (Destin, FL) TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS 8 & Under ~ Alvin

Alvin Little League Baseball wishes to congratulate our 8-year-old and under Texas Ballerz on winning the USSSA Global World Series Tournament in Destin, Florida. The coaches cannot express enough gratitude for each family and their commitment to the team, but above all the coaches are grateful for each boy that played a role in our season. These boys had quite the ride over the last five months and overcame every obstacle put in front of them. They worked hard day in and out and achieved their ultimate goal WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS. Congratulations Ballerz! YOU DID IT. I want to add how proud the coaches are of the boys: # 22 Mason Clarac

#4 # 10 # 34 # 27 # 90 #2 # 11 #3 # 26 # 84

Matias Gonzalez III Cade Kearns Mason Lambert Michael Leal Isiah Martinez Cannin McGee Finley Reynolds Easton Turner Michael Wightman III Ryley Williams

Coaches: Richard Clarac David Kearns Michael Reynolds Jeff Williams The team would also like to thank everyone who donated and sponsored. For information, email or check them on Facebook under Lil’ Ballerz - Texas Ballerz Baseball.

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Surfside Beach — fun in the surf while close to home By David Rupkalvis Publisher When I moved to Alvin a little more than a year ago, one of the first things I wanted to see was the ocean. So despite a cold, windy day, I drove to Galveston, found a parking place and spent 45 minutes or so walking on the sand and taking pictures. By the time my wife and kids got here a few months later, I had heard about another beach that I was told the locals prefer. So together, we visited Surfside Beach for the first time. It was a little warmer, and certainly more crowded, but we loved it. Since that day, Surfside has become a family spot for us. It seems like any weekend when we have half a day free, we end up at the beach. And whether it’s hot, cold or anything in between, we have a blast. One thing I love about Surfside Beach is every time we go, it’s a different place. The ocean seems to be constantly changing, which leads to new experiences when you visit. For example, when we went early in December, the tide was as high as I’ve ever seen it and the waves were massive. The water was so big, the beach was filled with surfers, something we had not seen before. The water was cold, so we didn’t spend much time swimming. Well, except for Samuel. My 8-year-old didn’t waste a second before jumping in. The rest of us stayed at the top of the beach, the only part that was dry, and took some photos,

Whether visiting in the summer or the winter, Surfside Beach offers family fun about an hour away from Alvin. watched the surfers and looked for shells. In the summer, shells are virtually nonexistent because of the larger crowds and more people picking them up. But in the winter, when the beach is relatively deserted, there is much more space and a

surprising amount of shells. So why Surfside Beach? Well, a couple of reasons. No. 1, it’s relatively close. The drive is about an hour and pretty easy without much traffic. No. 2, the massive crowds often seen in Galveston just aren’t there. Even in the

Square Cow Moovers can do it all If you need it moved, we can make it happen. Have a piano? Yes, we can move it. Commercial grade equipment? Yes. Aquariums? Moved. Lots of stuff? You betcha. Just a few things? Sure. For those incredibly unusual and fragile pieces, we offer crating services. Simply tell us what you want to do. If you want us to pack it up and unpack it for you, we would

love to. Or we could just come pick it up and drop it off. Mooving is about your needs and meeting them. Our No. 1 priority is making sure you and your stuff are happy and fully intact. We are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. At Square Cow, we want to execute at a high level. Our list of services includes the areas where

we’re confident we have the ability to provide the highest level of service. We can stop by your home to move that heavy armoire from the master bedroom to the playroom or can we provide a full service pack, load and unpack to a new city. Either way, expect great service and friendly smiles. For information, visit www. or call 281-419-8282.

middle of the summer, there is parking — free parking — and ample space to pick your own place on the sand. No. 3, it is always changing. We have been to Surfside 10 to 12 times, and here are some of our experiences. • A few times, the water has been calm which allows even my youngest to head out into deep water.

(Photo by David Rupkalvis)

• For more fun, go when the waves are big. There is nothing quite like almost getting knocked over when a big wave crashes on top of you. On days like this, you must keep an eye on the smaller kids just to be safe. • The fish and birds are always amazing, and they seem to change every time we visit as well. On one visit, we found a bunch of hermit crabs just under the sand.

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On another, we saw schooling fish leaping into the sky, clearly running from something bigger. I will never forget the Sunday we pulled up and noticed no one was in the water. While I found that intriguing, it didn’t stop me and three of the kids from running in. That was until my wife started yelling at me a few minutes later that there was a shark in the water. Needless to say, we got out fast. One week, there were dolphins, on another baby seagulls were everywhere. In early December, there was very little obvious animals or birds. • It can be an all-day or all-night time of fun. In the middle of the summer, we liked going near sunset. That put us on the beach when the temperature wasn’t too hot and the lowering sun provided some shade to avoid sunburns. But there are many who come and claim a spot, setting up for a day or night of fun. I’ve seen people cooking for their crowds, fishing and eating what they caught, napping in the late afternoon, bringing their dogs for a swim. You name it, you can probably do it on the beach. At Surfside, the beach is also home to dozens of private homes, many available to rent out if you prefer some more privacy or a place to escape to. Regardless of why you go, or frankly when you go, Surfside Beach is a fun getaway. It’s close, not overcrowded with tourists and when the beach is calling you, it’s a great place to run to for fun.

Academic Program 6 wks. - 12 yrs. Private Kindergarten

• • • • •

For special needs & non special needs children

Open 5:30 am-7:00 pm M-F Part and Full Time Programs Year Round PT, OT and Speech Therapy Music, Spanish, Art and Sign Language After School Program • Tutorials

Our unique set-up in our Kindergarten classroom allows the children to gain their education in a very conducive to learning environment. Following the Texas curriculum, a combination of individual, team, and group work, creates a common bond with all levels of children.

851 N. Dilling St. • Alvin, TX 77511


Additional Location in Clear Lake: 14045 Space Center Blvd. • Clear Lake, TX 77062 281-488-0436

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Grilled lemonade a Taqueria Chay Chan — growing perfect summer treat to serve the region better GRILLED LEMONADE Ingredients, For 8 glasses • 5 medium lemons • 1 lemon, sliced into rings • 1 cup white sugar, plus additional for coating • 4 cups water • 4 cups ice Preparation 1. On a cutting board, halve the lemons and coat the cut sides with a thin layer of sugar. 2. Place the lemons on an 11”

(28 cm) griddle pan cut side down and cook them over medium-high heat for 6-8 minutes, until caramelized. 3. Remove lemons from the griddle and rest them for 5-10 minutes. 4. Juice lemons over a fine mesh strainer into a half gallon pitcher. 5. Once all the lemons are juiced, add the white sugar, lemon rings, water, and ice. Stir until the sugar is dissolved.

First State Bank dedicated to Brazoria County First State Bank was established in 1958 and is dedicated to serving Brazoria County by keeping a step ahead of the current standard in banking. First State Bank offers personalized customer service and the highest quality of products such as digital banking, E-Z Mortgage, SBA Lending with fast and local lending decisions. In fact, out of 5,200 community banks nationwide, First State Bank is proud to announce that they were ranked in the Top 15th percentile for 2018 by Seifried & Brew, LLC based on risk

management and bank performance! “At First State Bank, we’re here for you, not just as your convenient community bank, but as a solid financial resource that is deep-rooted in the community. We take pride in our history and getting to know each and every one of our customers. We remember you when you walk through our doors. “Here at First State Bank we care about our customers and their satisfaction. That’s why we say – ‘It’s good to be First!’” www., Member FDIC

On Cloud9 helps make the best day ever At On Cloud9 Event Rentals, their goal is to enable the client to enjoy the event they are hosting. Lisa Belletto, owner, is a lifetime Alvin resident, and On Cloud9 is in its fifth year of business. They offer a wide range of services from complete wedding planning to simple rentals. Adding to the list, they offer linen and decor styling, as well as table and chair delivery/pick-up. Most of their business is brought about by the wedding industry; however, they have attended several events in various categories. No gathering is too large or too small for Cloud9.

They have done everything from backyard birthday/graduation parties to extravagant weddings in state-of-the-art venues. They recently had the “Best Day Ever!” mural painted on the side of their building in Alvin, on South Gordon Street. The positive impact this artwork has had, so far, on the community has been incredible, and they are so thankful to all who have shared their photos and stories. This feedback has inspired On Cloud9 to host a First Day of School Photo-Stop Festival on Aug. 15. For information, visit or call 281-796-3566.

Taqueria Chay Chan thanks you for your support the last three years as they have grown along with their menu. To please their customers and friends, they serve breakfast all day, have a daily special dish, fried mojarras, breaded shrimp, shrimp and mixed grills, rib plates, enchiladas of different styles, burrito plates and many more. They also serve tacos with their authentic homemade flour tortillas. On weekends, fresh menudo and pozole are available. For now, they are a small place but we serve you with respect and affection. They only have a couple of tables outside, which is a nice and quiet environment. They look forward to growing more in the future and continue to strive to serve you better. The owners, Alicia and Antonio Chay Chan, will attend you. Business hours: Monday 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday 7 a.m.-9 p.m. Friday 7 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Saturday 7 a.m.-9 p.m. Sunday 8 a.m.-3 p.m.


23027 County Road 143 Alvin, TX 77511 281-738-8637

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The need for speed can be found at Motor Speedway Resort By Joshua Truksa Staff Reporter Summer is perfect for outdoor activities, but during the hot Texas summer months, many may wish that that summer fun came with air conditioning. Humans may be built for endurance to run longer than quadrupeds using nothing but our two legs, but what makes us the fastest animal on earth are the masterpieces of engineering we design for speed, all within the comfort of a climate-controlled interior — these are the cars that can be seen at Motor Speedway Resort outside Angleton. Founded in 2005 as a cooperative among committed racers, the facility came under the management of Romerica and has undergone expansion both in structure and in services provided, including a go-kart track that opened to the public in 2007. Though most races take place in the spring and fall, MSR never sleeps. “We’re busy all year long, basically. We have so many things going on. If it’s not race — races,

A Lotus Exige 360 Cup housed at MSR Houston in Angleton, one of only five in the United States. The other four are also at MSR Houston. (Photo by Joshua Truksa) we have corporate events. We offer experiences as well,” MSR’s chief financial officer Antonio Alvarez said. The track has a fleet of Lotuses with which it offers a “ride and drive” experience, where members of the public can learn firsthand what it’s like to zoom at over 150 miles per hour in a British muscle

car. “It was very big during Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Those days are good for us,” Alvarez said. Alvarez said the track is used by both professional and hobby drivers. Many professional teams will run their seasons on either the East or West Coast and travel half

the country, ending in Texas, and have their final races at MSR. Other professionals with primary residences in the north come to MSR for training during the winter because the weather conditions are favorable. Alvarez said Angleton is a good geographic location for a racetrack for other reasons, as well.

County parks fun for the whole family With great public beaches, 11 parks and more than 20 boat ramps, the Brazoria County parks system provides guests with comfortable, high quality outdoor recreation. Located a short, one-hour drive south of Houston, Brazoria County features beautiful landscapes of beaches, bottomland hardwood forests and relaxing rivers. Surfside Jetty Park, Quintana Beach Park and San Luis Pass Park offer fantastic saltwater

fishing for speckled trout, redfish and flounder, with access to the Gulf, a fishing pier, jetties, Christmas Bay, West Bay and Bastrop Bay. Quintana Beach Park and San Luis Pass Park also have full hookup RV campsites, cabins for rent and Wi-Fi for those looking for a night under the stars. The inland parks have hike and bike trails, picnic pavilions, cabins, dorms and freshwater fishing. Brazoria County is lucky

enough to have some of the best birding opportunities anywhere in the U.S., and the professional park staff hosts numerous familyfriendly events and activities all year round, such as paddling and fishing events and living history reenactments. Brazoria County is proud to present its parks as true examples of all that the Gulf Coast has to offer. Learn more on our website, or call 979-864-1541.

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“It works pretty well. For a racetrack you need to have a lot of land. So, you know, being inside a city, you know, for example — Houston, it’s not — it’s impossible. So being outside of the city, you know, helps with that in terms of the land. We are not very far away of Houston, so we’re just 30 minutes away,” Alvarez said. MSR offers classes for those new to the sport of auto racing. Alvarez said the track stays busy at all different times of the day in good weather due to members’ very varied schedules. “We have so many members with different backgrounds, so let’s say we have a lot of people who are doctors and just come here after surgery just to, you know, to take down the stress,” Alvarez said. Recently, a go-kart track open to the public was added, and MSR hosts classes teaching both youth and adults how to drive safely on the track. MSR is the only place in the United States where one can see a Lotus Exige 360 Cup, which accelerates from 0-60 in under four seconds and has a top speed of 170 miles per hour. Only 50 exist worldwide, with five in the United States housed at MSR.

Radiologist Frank Cavallo, M.D., came out on the morning of July 11 to drive his Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

(Photo by Joshua Truksa)

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

and 2 snacks provided

A Christian based curriculum that brings out each child’s unique, individual and creative ability. • Real life experiences • Hands on activities “We provide a safe groundwork for life long learning.”

Quality Christian Childcare for 37 years at Reasonable Rates

State Licensed Call to sign up at:

281-331-6082 We are located at 315 W. Ho : use Alvin, TX ,

Heritage Christian Dayca

re & Learnin g Center FO UNDED IN


982 HOURS OF OPER AT 6:00 am - 6:30 pION: m

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Blakeney Hike and Bike Trail winds through Alvin By Joshua Truksa Staff Reporter The Tom Blakeney, Jr. Hike & Bike Trail, named for the former Alvin City Charter commissioner, Alvin Rotary Club member and community servant in numerous capacities, was established in 2003 and has proven itself to become one of Alvin’s most enduring recreational amenities. The trail begins at the historic Alvin Train Depot, where, conveniently, the Alvin Convention and Visitors’ Bureau is now located, making this trail the perfect welcoming carpet into Alvin. Making a short wind through National Oak Park before crossing Mustang Bayou via the historic Maury Maverick Bridge built in 1932 that once served as the County Road 207 crossing of the San Antonio River outside Falls City, Texas. “It complemented the trail nicely, just because of the way that we got it and the historical significance of it and then being refurbished and everything,” Alvin

The Tom Blakeney, Jr. Hike & Bike Trail winds its way through Alvin, offering locals and guests an opportunity to see things such as this butterfly garden. (Photo by Joshua Truksa) Parks and Recreation Director Dan Kelinske said of the bridge. The bridge is one of only two still-existing bridges in Texas with a “polygonal-top-chord Warren pony truss greater than 100 feet in length as a main truss span,” as Kelinske explained in an email to The Alvin Sun and Advertiser in 2013. Just before reaching the Alvin

Helping children find distinct abilities Distinct Abilities Academic Program is an academic program, where children 6 weeks through 12 years old, can build a solid foundation in which they can explore and discover their own “distinct ability.” The preschool, private kindergarten and before/after school programs offer a full inclusion classroom where each child receives an individualized program. This allows all children to reap the benefits and rewards of working together. The preschool curriculum is

based on the Montessori philosophy which is a very “hands on” approach emphasizing independence and self-directed activities. This is used in combination with the Read It Once Again curriculum, a literaturebased program proven to be effective for children with Down syndrome, autism and other developmental delays. The kindergarten program has a unique set-up that allows the children to gain their education in a very conducive to learning environment. Following the Texas curriculum, a combination of

individual, team and group work creates a common bond with all levels of children. The before/after school program offers a warm environment conducive for homework, winding down and sharing with friends. The children participate in fun activities that sharpen their social skills. At Distinct Abilities, they celebrate diversity and strive to instill integrity, compassion and confidence in each child to become his or her own unique self. Contact them at 281-585-5140 for information.

Sno Country a popular summer treat Nine years ago a new “country” was founded in Alvin. Sno Country is more than your average snow cone stand, boasting over 70 unique and classic favorites. It is located on 1113 S. Johnson St., right across from Alvin High School. Sno Country is thankful for all their wonderful customers/friends who appreciate a cool summer treat in this Texas heat. Hear what some of their regular customers are saying about their Sno Country experience: “Best snow cone place ever! I

go here all the time when I want a snow cone. I love most of the flavors on there. I love adding ice cream and cream its awesome. And by far they have the best prices for the size you get! And they also have floats.” Melinda “Best sno cones in town and nice young ladies serving them up.” Barbara “A lot of other places can try to match the quality and craftsmanship of Sno Country but it is hard to beat what is truly GREAT. I love this place.” Brian

“Love this place have great time with my boys we sit at the picnic tables and eat our sno cones and play I spy.” Sandra “I drive from Santa Fe all the time. Me and my kids love this place.” Michelle “If you love sno cones like I do this is the place to be on hot summer day.” Christopher Come chill with them today. Summer hours are from noon to 7:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

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EMS station and crossing Adoue Street, hikers will come upon Prairie Dog Park — a pocket park so named for the prairie dogs that once called it home. The trail then winds along Mustang Bayou before ending on South Street. The long-term plan is for the

hike and bike trail to eventually extend to Alvin Community College and Briscoe Park, creating a network of hike and bike trails that traverse the entire city that would not only provide more opportunities for recreation, but make the city more walkable and bikeable.

Ramirez — local and successful in real estate

Salter-Clark State Farm will help manage risks, realize dreams Voted “Best Of” Alvin/Manvel 2019, Claron Salter-Clark established her State Farm Insurance agency 32 years ago and is located at 408 E. House St. in Alvin. She has a fully licensed staff helping her customers with auto, home, life, health, business insurance and financial services. Their mission is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams.

Salter-Clark graduated from Sam Houston University with a BBA. Her business was awarded the Chamber of Commerce 2011 Small Business of the Year award. She is a past chairman of the board (2013) and is currently serving on the Ambassador Committee as a legacy ambassador. Salter-Clark enjoys volunteering and cares deeply for this community. Her favorite pastime is enjoying

her husband, two sons and two grandchildren. She enjoys networking, making new friends and just having a lot of fun. Taking care of tomorrow so you can take care of today is the goal at Claron Salter-Clark State Farm Insurance Agency because “never” happens all the time. Call for a free quote today and make sure you are getting all the discounts you deserve. Contact her at 282-331-7546 or visit

Heritage Christian — helping Alvin families for 37 years Heritage Christian Daycare & Learning Center was founded in March of 1982 by Diane Shorey in response to the community’s needs for a Christian childcare at an affordable rate. From an initial enrollment of nine full-time children, the center has grown to become one of the largest and most respected childcare centers in Alvin. The center is located in the heart of Alvin. The outdoor play area is expansive with lots of grass, an

in-ground swimming pool, climbing structures, tricycle paths and more. The program encourages children’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development. Stop by anytime to meet the staff, teachers and visit the facility. Heritage Christian Daycare & Learning Center is grounded in the conviction that every child is a “Heritage” of the Lord, a gift from God. They believe that children deserve to be treated and respected

as individuals in an environment that welcomes exploration, questions and imagination. They value each child’s need for safety, security, warmth and acceptance in the promise of God’s love. Heritage strives to create an atmosphere that promotes the emotional, social, intellectual, physical and spiritual development of each child enrolled in the center. Contact them at 281-331-6082 or visit w w w.

Local means something in the real estate business. And Robin Ramirez has been serving the real estate needs of this community for over 28 years. As a REALTOR for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Anderson Properties, Robin has a large support group to help you buy or sell your home or business. She can land you the right property to start from scratch and build your own dream come true. Ramirez is active in her hometown and the surrounding areas and here is a list of current properties she has been a part of: 901 Terrace Dr., Alvin - SOLD; 15431 Wandering Trail,

Friendswood - SOLD; 3230 Eaglewood Dr., Pearland - SOLD; 2503 Florence Dr., League City; SOLD; 2944 Mandy Lane, Alvin - SOLD; 1309 Pinto Pass, Alvin SOLD. New listing, 1297 Pinto Pass, Alvin. For Sale, 2163 Colonial St., Alvin. Pending - 2485 Ryan Dr., Alvin. Robin Ramirez is grateful to be able to help others realize their dreams. She gives thanks to God for allowing her to live, work and prosper in this great community. “Out with the old or in with the new, buying or selling, I’d love to help you.” Contact Robin at 713305-8160.

Robin Ramirez - REALTOR®


Big Backyard For Summertime Fun! Welcome Home to 1297 Pinto Pass in Alvin. Beautiful 3-2 1/2-2 is ready for new owners! Great eat-in kitchen offers ample counter & cabinet space & opens into the comfortable living area with tons of natural light! Formal dining or study option, spacious master bedroom offers 2 walk in closets, master bath features dual sinks, garden tub plus separate shower. Custom paint throughout! Must see to appreciate all this lovely home has to offer! List Price $214,900 A member of the franchise system of BHH Affiliates, LLC.

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Brazosport — fishing, beaches and much more The Brazosport Area is just 50 miles south of Houston on the Texas Gulf Coast and includes Clute, Freeport, Lake Jackson, Quintana and Surfside Beach. This is your destination if you are looking for miles of sandy beaches and fishing that is unmatched anywhere in Texas. Enjoy one of the beach-front parks or park on one of the area beaches. Cast a line off the Surfside jetties to catch a game fish without having to go offshore. Stroll along the jetties and watch the ships sail in and out of the harbor or spy a porpoise or two. Rent a beach house or stay in town at one of the numerous hotels. Family fun can be found at Sea Center Texas, an aquarium, nature center and fish hatchery. Take in a planetarium show or explore one of the largest seashell collections in the south at the Center for the Arts & Sciences. Nature lovers can explore the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge or the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge; both have driving tours and a variety of hiking trails that are perfect for spotting alligators, a number of birds and even the largest live oak in Texas. For your free visitor’s guide log onto visitbrazosport. com

Profile for The Alvin Sun & Advertiser

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Summer Fun 2019