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“Freedom & Opportunity are the gifts that I have received from America, and how I live and use these privileges is my gift to Her.”

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EARLY VOTING Starts Feb 20, 2018 PRIMARY ELECTION on March 6, 2018 Pol. Ad. paid for by Cheryl Coleman Driver campaign in compliance with the voluntary limits of the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act 5005 Broadway #160, Pearland, Texas 77581

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Precinct 2 County Commissioner

Ryan Cade 1 Why are you running for county commissioner? Brazoria County is in a very important place in time. We are growing rapidly in some parts of the county and other parts will see this type of growth in the next few years. It is important that we handle this the right way. It is important that we make the best of the opportunities that come with a growing community while doing everything we can to not forget who we are as a community. As I run for re-election, I renew my promise to continue to fight for the conservative principles that define who we are, especially support for law enforcement, prudent spending decisions and maintaining the lowest possible tax rate.

2 Why are you the best candidate in the race? As a 5th generation resident of Brazoria County, I am so proud of this place that I call home. I know we are not perfect but I believe it is an amazing place to live and raise a family and that it didn’t happen by chance. In order to continue to be a place with great jobs, affordable housing, safety, and many other “quality of life” attributes it’s going to take someone with a passion for the work. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to pass on a Brazoria County to my kids that is even better than the one we inherited. 3 What are your qualifications? Commissioners court is tasked with making the business decisions for the county’s citizens. This fiduciary responsibility includes personnel decisions, setting tax rates, budgets for the many county

departments, among other things. As a small business owner, I have applied these principles for years. I understand these responsibilities first hand and have promised to use the same care and caution spending your tax dollars as I would use spending money in my business. Additionally, as the incumbent, I have a record of working with department heads to find ways to cut budgets or more efficiently use funds. I have also led the fight for the lowest possible tax rate during each budget. 4 What are the biggest issues facing your district? As we grow as a county, two vital issues we will continue to have to address are transportation and safety. We have already seen the effects growth in north end has had on transportation and seen how the needs of constituents for law enforcement and emergency management has changed. As we grow throughout the county, we

must take these lessons we have learned and use them to stay ahead of the curve in these areas so we can avoid playing catch up down the road.

Larry Buehler 1 – Why are you running for county commissioner? The people of Brazoria County are the best asset we have. I want to preserve that asset by serving the people of Brazoria County and Precinct #2. 2 – Why are you the best candidate in the race? For six years, I worked with all the cities of Brazoria County in many capacities. I lead efforts in transportation and community development for a better quality of place for the citizens. I worked on

several interlocal agreements to include ones with our drainage district that are bringing regional detention to relieve flooding issues. I work hard every day to enhance our quality of place for the residents here and those who will choose Brazoria County as their new home. 3 – What are your qualifications? I worked with large budgets, both in the private and public sectors. I am fully aware that it is the taxpayer’s money I am entrusted with. I have been a part of hundreds of predevelopment meetings where drainage issues were addressed. I lead efforts that brought many transportation solutions to Brazoria County. I continue to do the same for the city of Alvin to meet the needs of our growing population. I have worked with many government officials to bring hundreds of good Continued on Page 5

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Randy Weber Why are you running for Congress? To take our Texas values to D.C. and make sure that Washington respects and serves the people of Texas Congressional District 14. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I have experience and I not only talk the talk, but I walk the walk. Our Texans can see my conservative voting record when I was in the Texas House and I have put our conservative principles into practice in the U.S. House. I have voted to repeal and replace Obamacare, increase border security, improve our military, reform and cut taxes, and support President Trump’s agenda for making our nation stronger and more prosperous. What are your qualifications? I’ve grown up here and lived in a 20-mile radius for 64 years. I met my bride (of almost 42 years) at Alvin Community College in 1974. Together, we have raised a family here, she’s taught school here for 27 years and I have built “from the ground up” a business here. Before being elected to Congress, I served on city council for six years. Then, my Constituents elected me to serve as a state representative in the Texas Legislature. There I was acknowledged for my record of

U.S. Congress, 14th District defending life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment and ProBusiness groups, respectively. Before entering public service, I started and operated my own small business for 27 years. I am what I call “one of us.” Why should the voters choose you? Our Texas values and traditions need to be represented in Washington if we are going to make it more responsive and respectful to every day citizens. Whether it’s Coastal Barrier protection, enhancing our port economy, border security, cutting spending or Harvey Recovery assistance, I am working hard and delivering on behalf of Southeast Texas.

Bill ‘Sarge’ Sargent

Why are you running for Congress? Congress is dysfunctional and it is time for a change. We need a Congress that will actually accomplish the duties the Constitution establishes for them such as passing 12 appropriation bills in a timely manner and not relying upon short term stop gap funding measures. I want to be part of the solution. There are some very real federal issues that are important to this district and I will focus on them.

The Port of Freeport, for example, is on the path to be a major export hub. But in order for that to happen it needs to have its channel deepened. I will work tirelessly toward getting this done. Then there are the red snapper fishermen who last year were granted a threeday fishing season in federal waters. Although this was eventually expanded we need to address the underlying federal issues that caused this problem in the first place. The bottom line is that I want to get some things done and then come home. I am not interested in being a career politician. I worked on Capitol Hill as a staffer and for the U.S. Department of Commerce’s legislative team for over 20 years. I have the skill set to draw people together and to find solutions. I did so when I worked on Capitol Hill and also when I did legislation in Austin. I want the opportunity to do so again and then come home. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am an advocate who seeks solutions and consensus. I look for alternatives that solve issues while

doing so based upon my Constitutional conservative beliefs and values. I am not a divider or an obstructionist but instead a person who brings people together. I have a record of accomplishment. For example, over 85 percent of the bills I worked on in Austin in the 2015 and 2017 sessions are now law. While in Washington, I played important roles in getting major legislation enacted; just one example being the Export Administration Act upon which some of our current sanctions on North Korea are based. My opponent has no such record of concrete accomplishments. I will work tirelessly for this Congressional district. If the voters want a work horse that will get things done, then I’m their candidate. What are your qualifications? I have worked for: • two Republican Congressmen, one from Ohio and the other from the space coast of Florida • former Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC) • the U.S. Department of Commerce legislative team • Galveston County Clerk

overseeing the election process and handling legislation in Austin for him Additionally, I have a small business background having been a real estate broker and top producer for many years as well as being a web developer and building accessible websites for companies from Virginia to Texas. I am also the only veteran in this race, having served for 20 years in both the enlisted and officer ranks. As noted above, I have a track record of drawing people together and getting things done. Why should the voters choose you? If the voters want status quo and continued dysfunction in Washington then they should not vote for me. If they want someone who is a determined and driven legislative leader who will work tirelessly to get things accomplished for the 14th Congressional District then I’m their guy.


Precinct 2 County Commissioner

Continued from Page 4 paying jobs to the region. I bring excellent facilitation and relationship building skills to the table. Brazoria County has excellent department heads, dedicated to their professions and I will work alongside our judge and commissioners to honor their expertise and leadership. 4 – What are the biggest issues facing your district?

We need someone that is able to fully dedicate their self to the position of commissioner. Another issue of Precinct #2 is managing the growth that is here and assisting residents where the county is able to. This includes meeting with city elected leaders and staff to find solutions via interlocal assistance. We need to continue to protect our citizens and provide the infrastructure to meet the demands ahead.

As of Oct. 1, 2017, County Commissioners are paid $131,042 annually. For that salary, the citizens of Precinct 2 should expect nothing less than a full time Commissioner, with no outside occupations. Larry Buehler will be a dedicated full time County Commissioner, with absolutely no outside occupations. Proven Leadership You Can Trust Pol. Adv. Paid for by Treasurer, Jessica Buehler, 244 Lasso St., Angleton, TX 77515

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U.S. Congress, 14th District

Levy Q. Barnes Why are you running for Congress? I’m running for U.S. Congress because the values and the true concerns of our district have not been addressed by our c u r r e n t representative. A. Our lower income families need an advocate. Our unemployment rate in some of the major cities (in Jefferson County) in our district is 12.7 percent which is three times the national average. Poverty is at almost 30 percent. Subsequently, we have the highest crime rates in the state of Texas. Our citizens need an opportunity to rise and I plan on bridging the gap with legislative plans to boost our economy, which would favor our citizens as well as businesses that we will bring to this area. As a result, our crime rates should go down. B. Our senior citizens and veterans are having to beg for basic benefits which are rights that they should have as Americans. Our veterans and even active military personnel are underappreciated, underpaid and undervalued. They defend our nation so we will not be denied freedom but when they have been injured, in return, we deny them disability coverage. In addition to that, we have 22 active military personnel and veterans committing suicide daily. In addition to that, senior citizens are the largest group of Americans that commit suicide currently. The reason for this is because they have lost their opportunities to rise and they have

lost hope. My goal is to revive their hope. C. Minorities are, in some cases, being treated as if they are not Americans. We have not received justice and it is up to our executive, legislative and judicial powers to ensure liberty and justice for all. As a legislator, I will do everything in my power to ensure that all Americans are treated equally. D. I have several plans I would like to put into action to rescue our educational system and provide opportunities for educators to get better incentives for teaching in Title 1 schools and schools that do not have enough teachers. Also, I would like to see another training placed in for educators that will assist with positive reinforcement and discipline. E. Our criminal justice system needs to be redesigned and structured. Many drug offenders and mentally ill prisoners do not belong there. They’re wasting billions of taxpayer’s dollars. I have a plan to not only fix our judicial system, but to also fix America’s drug infestation problem at the same time. In the county that I live, in our District, is among the highest in crime and drug problems in the state of Texas. There is not enough funding for the mentally ill and they are being imprisoned when they really need intervention and rehabilitation. I have a plan to save taxpayers billions of dollars, reform the criminal justice system, deal with the mentally ill in the correct way and greatly reduce the drug epidemic in our country. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I’m the best candidate because I’m the most well-rounded candidate.

A. I have worked, not for politicians, but for the people. I have been honored by city councils for my peace efforts in the community. I worked so that my citizens are benefited not just the politicians. I’ve gotten ordinances passed to benefit the citizens in the communities where I’ve lived. I do my research before I back anything and I do research to push things across. B. I’m a business owner and I have worked with hundreds of other businesses. I understand ways on how we can improve our economy. C. I taught in schools that were challenged due to a lack of teachers, drug problems, failures, gang violence, and had students with poor literacy skills. I had a method that I utilized in my department that boosted the scores of our students and improved their literacy and retention rates. I understand how the federal government can work along with our school systems to do a complete overhaul of our educational system and make our public schools as competent as private schools. D. I have spent countless hours in lower income communities working as an advocate for our citizens. I have created mentorship programs to reach the minds of young men and women. I have multiple plans I’d like to incorporate to ensure that our young people have intervention instead of incarceration. I understand the needs of our community to reduce the number of lower-income families and increase the number of middleincome families. I’m the best candidate because I have a plan of action not just a list of problems.

What are your qualifications? I’m a servant to those who are in need. For this position, I believe that is the best qualification that is needed. A. If anybody would like to measure my qualifications in degrees, I have a bachelor of science in biology, a master’s in divinity and theology, and a doctorate in philosophy. Philosophers were our founding politicians and they believed that politics was to ensure the safety of the citizens and so they can have happier lives. B. I have worked with political leaders for the past 20 years to get goals accomplished for our citizens. My family has worked alongside other politicians for decades for the interest of the people. I know how to work with other leaders to get things accomplished. I have gotten ordinances passed to benefit citizens. C. I have a lot of secular experience in multiple Industries. I also have spiritual experience, as a preacher, that can embody the values of our nation. Why should the voters choose you? If voters choose me, they’re choosing someone who represent their concerns and their families in Washington D.C. I have a plan of action to secure their lives and improve it. I have a vision that all of our citizens have the opportunity to rise.

Adrienne Bell Why are you running for Congress? I have a renewed sense of the fierce urgency of now. The current national political climate is

ignoring the voices of the people, and we need leaders who will bring new ideas and f r e s h perspectives to the federal government. I will be the voice of the 99 percent, those whose voices have been silenced. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am the only candidate in this race that will advocate for women’s rights, public education, and Medicare for All. I am endorsed by the Texas AFL-CIO, Our Revolution Texas, Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress and Houston GLBT caucus. I am the candidate that will advocate for the people, all of the people. What are your qualifications? I am an educator who understands the education system, and will fight to keep public education. I am a community leader who has worked to organize neighborhoods, expand the voter electorate and trained volunteer leaders. I am pursuing my doctoral degree in Higher Education Administration, and look forward to bringing my critical thinking, process improvement, and fresh perspectives to Congress. Why should the voters choose you? I will defend Social Security and Medicare I will advocate for the rights of women I will support our veterans I will fight for Medicare for All I serve with compassion and civility

Candidates running for Congress 14th District Republican Bill “Sarge” Sargent Keith Casey Randy Weber

Democrat Adrienne Bell Levy Q. Barnes

22nd District Republican Danny Nguyen Eric Zmrhal James Green Pete Olson

Democrat Letitia Plummer Margarita Ruiz Johnson Mark Gibson Sri Preston Kulkarni Steve Brown

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U.S. Congress, 22nd District Pete Olson Why are you running for Congress? I am humbled by the opportunity to continue serving the great folks of the 22nd District of Texas. After eight years of fighting a g a i n s t overreaching and oftentimes, destructive activities by the Obama Administration, we have finally begun to successfully limit the federal government’s power and reach into our lives. We have begun eliminating hundreds of Obama-era regulations that were choking American businesses and hurting American workers. Eliminating the Obamacare individual mandate is just one example of harmful, biggovernment policy I have helped eliminate. To help propel economic strength, we passed a historic, once-in-a-generation tax reform plan that has led to millions of hard-working American families receiving pay increases, bonuses, and best of all, new job opportunities. Finally, as a Navy veteran, I’m proud to work with a president who not only supports our military, but is truly committed to national security, locking down our borders and stopping the many threats aimed against our nation. Why are you the best candidate in the race? Every day, I am committed to serve as the conservative voice of the people of the 22nd Congressional District. I’m honored to have their trust in me to deliver on limited government, conservative solutions that protect our freedoms, our nation and secure a stronger future for our children. I remain unwavering in my commitment to the conservative ideals our district believes in: lower taxes on our families, less government and less regulation, and peace through strength by having the strongest military in the world. My record is clear and I am honored to repeatedly earn the endorsements and strong support from the

National Rifle Association, National Right to Life and progrowth organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. What are your qualifications? For the past 10 years, the people of the 22nd Congressional District have placed their faith in me to: fight against the destructive, biggovernment policies the Obama Administration and his liberal allies were attempting to force on our nation; and, deliver conservative solutions that protected our Constitutional rights. I have worked to get government out of the way of our families and job creators, and reinvest in our military so our nation is prepared to stop the threats from hostile nations and radical Islamic jihadists. I am proud to have helped dismantle many of the Obama-era policies that were strangling growth in our Texas communities and I am equally proud to have successfully passed historic tax reform, increases in military funding, reforms and support for our veterans, and stronger border security to crack down on criminal illegal aliens and protect our sovereign soil. Why should the voters choose you? Whether it was the nine years serving in the U.S. Navy, my work on behalf of the people of Texas with Senators Gramm and Cornyn, or the time that I have been honored to represent our district in Congress, my focus is always to protect and preserve our Constitution and the ideals that allow us to be the most exceptional nation in the history of mankind. We face many challenges as a nation and many challenges here in Texas as well. While I remain focused on delivering conservative solutions to limit government and improve our security, we also have a new mission to help our families and region recover from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Our district needs experienced, servant leadership that is focused and capable of delivering on their needs and principles. I believe I have done exactly that and respectfully ask for their continued support.

James Green Why are you running for Congress? I want to be the advocate for all the citizens of the district. I believe it is imperative that everyone be represented by our elected officials and that those officials respond to the needs and desires of the citizens. Having retired from the U.S. Navy, I am no stranger to service and my family and I understand the sacrifice that comes with service like this. When making the decision to run for office, my family and I discussed and prayed about several issues facing our country and our district. In the end, it came down to making a difference. We don’t feel that our current representation is adequately impacting the direction of government and representing the interests of everyone in the district. It is this desire to make a difference and to represent the district that brought us to the decision to run. Why are you the best candidate in the race? Leadership experience and technical ability. This answer will blend into the answer for question 3, but to give an adequate answer, it must. No other candidate has the combination of 20 years military leadership experience, multiple years of private sector leadership experience and 24+ years of application of highly technical skills. My leadership experience gives me a unique set of skills that blend the leading by persuasion and direction while my technical skills allow me to quickly digest difficult topics both political and scientific while deducing a factbased opinion. What are your qualifications? USN Chief Petty Officer (retired) – 20 years operating and maintaining nuclear submarines, 20 years training and leading nuclear operators and technicians. Senior Reactor Operator certified instructor – 3 years training and certifying Senior Reactor Operators to ensure the health and safety of the public and safe, profitable operation of civilian nuclear reactors.

Electrical maintenance instructor – 1+ years training and certifying electrician journeyman to the standards required for work on civilian nuclear reactors. Levee Independent District (LID) 19 Director – <1 year, accepted appointment to LID19 board following Hurricane Harvey. In addition to overseeing the day to day operation for the district, the board is evaluating mitigation strategies to prevent recurring damage that occurred from flooding What are the biggest issues facing your district? Infrastructure – Especially focusing on storm mitigation to minimize impact following future storms, immigration reform, repeal of ACA, Veterans Affairs reform, energy policy.

Danny Nguyen Why are you running for Congress? I love Texas and I am proud to be an American. I deeply care for this district where my wife and I call home since 1984 This is where our families and our children’s future will be and we no longer wanted to let professional career politicians to play with our lives our futures. I see an opportunity to make a real difference to carry people’s voice and desires that reflect in the conservative Republican platform. The time is now, no time to waste, momentum to bring my strength. Why are you the best candidate in the race? My unique experience, proven success records, and result driven. I understand what true representation is and will bring results. I was a delegate at large and had participated in many Republican State Conventions I will be the best asset that will help to move forward with: a. Immigration Reform b. Welfare Reform

c. Economic Development What are your qualifications? I deeply appreciate and understand what individual liberty, freedom and opportunity are about. I have lived it, experienced, am ready to defend it. I came to America as a political refugee teenager from Vietnam 35 years ago. Graduated from Texas A&M University. Have been in commercial real estate for more than 21 years. Owned my own business. Created a lot of jobs, revenue to city. Actively involved and helped our community. Advocate for freedom and opportunity. Economic Development Committees. Have helped to create thousands of jobs and business. Why should the voters choose you? My greatest strength is action and results focus. RESULTS and PERFORMANCE ARE WHAT COUNT. I deeply care and see this a great opportunity to add strength to the president to do what is best for America, to make America Great and Proud again. Can do better than passing two bills. Respect term limit. Receive life pension plan. Have Town Hall meetings. Accessible and responsible.

Eric Zmrhal

Why are you running for Congress? Congress isn’t doing their job and I am tired of the blame, the divisiveness and the lack of accountability. Our district needs a representative, not a politician. We deserve results, not excuses. Over the past decade, the national debt has doubled to $20 trillion while Continued on Page 8

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U.S. Congress, 22nd District

Continued from Page 7 career politicians squabble over mediocre, self-serving solutions. We have the same problems election after election because we continue to elect the same type of politicians. Washington’s dysfunction needs to stop, and the only way to do that is through new representation. I want to be an active force in solving the numerous problems that plague our nation today. I commit to representing the district with integrity while bringing fundamental and strategic solutions to the House floor for positive, impactful results. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am a responsible, fiscal conservative who will put an end to government waste. As an engineer, I am wired, trained, educated and practiced at managing resources, time, budgets and people. Utilizing my engineering background, my project management and leadership skills, I will bring common-sense solutions to problems career politicians have no urgency to solve. I am the intelligent alternative to the status quo. I offer the district authentic experience in maximizing potential to solve problems and deliver results. I vow to place conservative values and individual liberties ahead of political agendas and personal gains. I have the energy, I have the passion and I have the determination to do more for the district. What are your qualifications? Personally, I am a proud husband and father and a lifelong Republican. My areas of service stretch from humbly ministering as a preschool volunteer for Second Baptist Church to grassroots political activities including diligently working for President Bush’s campaign and knocking on doors as a precinct chair. Professionally, I am an engineer with over a decade of project management experience in the oil/ gas industry, who has worked closely with many government

agencies. I’ve managed infrastructure, pipeline, security, civil and technical projects while working with a host of government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard, Ports of LA and LB, and Army Corps of Engineers, among others. I have the combined technical background and engineering ingenuity to address the problems that face us today: energy, infrastructure, healthcare and national security. Consistently delivering my projects safely, on time and under budget, I will bring the private sector mentality of efficient and effective leadership to Washington. CD22 deserves a representative who has experience solving problems and is committed to delivering results. What are the biggest issues facing your district? We have a porous border and gaps in our immigration policy. Additionally, Texas and the greater Houston area are hot spots for trafficking activities and federal support is necessary to protect our citizens and assets. A secure border and increased funding at our two major airports and the Port of Houston are needed to prevent these illegal activities. Healthcare costs continue to rise and there is no collaboration toward a solution for millions of Americans. Additionally, Congress refuses to address flaws in Medicare Part D because of lobbyist influence. Current law prohibits the federal government from negotiating prescription drug prices. This needs to be changed. Government spending is out of control. Congress has doubled the national debt in the past 10 years, and we haven’t had a balanced budget in nearly 20 years. The American people are on the hook for the debts Congress continues to accrue. This country cannot afford another decade of reckless spending. Career politicians have been given far too much time to solve these problems. It is time we elect a representative with the tenacity to attack and resolve these issues.

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Steve Brown Why are you running for Congress? I am running for Congress to fix the broken system we find ourselves in. For far too long, T r u m p Republicans and the climate that brought them to us, have ignored the middle class, working poor and marginalized black and brown communities. Even with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, quality access to care was hard for many working families. With the Paul Ryan/Trump tax cuts, access to this same care will be unattainable. I am running to restore the Promise of America and so that our children have a future we can be proud of. That means making college affordable, wages livable and

U.S. Congress, 22nd District making healthcare accessible to everyone. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am the only candidate in the race that can beat the Republican incumbent. My 20 years of legislative, regulatory and small business experience makes me uniquely qualified. I’ve worked to protect Medicaid and CHIP, build our region’s passenger light rail system and built a sustainable energy development firm. What are your qualifications? I am a father, husband, community and statewide leader, an advocate on behalf of our state’s solar and energy industry, and veteran of over 15 years of coalition building, political and grassroots organizing experience. In 2014, I earned statewide support and name recognition as the Democratic nominee for Texas Railroad Commissioner. In

addition to being the youngest African American to win a statewide primary in Texas history, I beat the 2012 Democratic nominee for Railroad Commissioner with 64 percent of the primary vote. Texas’ 22nd CD covers much of southeastern Houston and includes part of Fort Bend, Harris and Brazoria counties. I received 67 percent of the vote in both Brazoria and Harris, and 81 percent in Fort Bend County in my bid for Railroad Commissioner. I began my career in public service at The White House as an intern in the Office of Legislative Affairs where I assisted senior staff in their efforts to advance President Clinton’s congressional priorities. After moving back home to Houston in 1998, I joined the staff of U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (Houston’s 18th CD) and later became the budget analyst for then-Texas House Appropriations

MARGARITA RUIZ JOHNSON RUNNING: U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES TEXAS: 22ND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT In Congress, I will focus on jobs, Texas issues that will bring economic growth to our state, health care for all, veterans benefits, homeland security, quality education for our children and elder care. I will represent Texas with dignity and decorum and make us proud.

TEXAS PRIMARY: MARCH 6, 2018 GENERAL ELECTION: NOV. 6, 2018 P.O. Box 1073 Pearland, Texas 77588 (713) 870-6836 US ARMY Veteran Finance and Accounting University of Texas, Austin, BA University of Houston, CLC, MA Paid Political By The Margarita Ruiz Johnson For Congress Campaign.

Subcommittee Chairman, and now-Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner. In 2005, I joined the American Heart Association-Texas Affiliate as its vice president of public advocacy. There, I guided AHA through one of its most successful legislative sessions ever and was recognized as one of the “most influential non-profit advocates” in 2005 and 2007. As a result of that success, I launched Capitol Assets, a fullservice public affairs firm which specialized in lobbying, issue campaigns and public relations. My passion for solar and energy efficiency led to the creation of Capital Assets Sustainable Energy Development in 2015 — to help bridge the “Green Divide” by expanding access to renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. In 2015, I was appointed a member of President Barack Obama’s National Solar

Partnership. I was elected to two terms as chairman of the Fort Bend County Democratic Party, was selected as a National Delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention and, in 2012, was appointed to the President’s National Platform Committee. What are the biggest issues facing your district? Access to affordable and livesaving healthcare is the biggest threat facing not only this district but our nation as a whole. Suburban poverty is another key issue in our community. Poverty in our region has exploded since 2000 and we have done little to combat its growth or provide services for those below the poverty line.

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U.S. Congress, 22nd District

Mark Gibson Why are you running for Congress? I am a retired colonel for the U.S. Army with 30 years of military service seeking another opportunity to serve my country. My skills will be best utilized as a U.S. congressman for Texas District 22. Our diverse U.S. congressional district demographically parallels the diverse demographics of America. Polices great for our district will also be great for America and I am as passionate as I am committed to serving my community and country. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I believe that I am the best candidate in the race because of

my personal attributes (vision, confidence, kindness, patience, persistence, assertiveness and generosity) and years of experience as a leader. I am most familiar of our community issues and knowledgeable of current affairs of our nation and abroad. What are your qualifications? To qualify for the U.S. Congress, one must be of age and a citizen, however, our U.S. congressional Texas District 22 deserves more than that to qualify for this honorable position. Proudly, I am an astute listener, great communicator and the most dedicated candidate to run for office. I have experience in politics, entrepreneurship and military leadership which all have contributed to the mind frame and skills required to be an effective leader. Why should the voters choose you?

Besides being the most qualified, dedicated and persistent candidate, I truly desire to represent my community and serve my country. We should celebrate our commonality as well as embrace our differences. A strong effective leader brings about unity and the time is now as our future is near. Let me represent you as you/our district represents America.

Margarita Ruiz Johnson

Why are you running for Congress? I have lived in this community for the last 30 years. I am a r e t i r e d grandmother of six and would like to spend the next 4 years helping my community to resolve some of the large problems

dealing with jobs, health care, senior care and benefits, veterans care and benefits, the education of our children and the problems with the lack of Internet service to the country side. I have the time to work for you “full” time and I don’t need your money. I need your vote. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I have studied the problems that are impacting the lives of our citizens within our communities. I think I can be helpful in being the bridge between the local government, the state in Austin and the federal government in Washington to do a good job for our citizen to improve their lives and to help them move up the economic ladder. What are your qualifications? I am a Vietnam era veteran in Finance and Accounting with a Bachelors in Languages from the

Univerity of Texas at Austin and a Masters from the University of Houston at Clear Lake City in the Behavioral Sciences. I also have 42 hours in Management education above the Masters Why should the voters choose you? I am a MODERATE DEMOCRAT willing to work side by side with REPUBLICANS of “good will” to help fix the problems of health care, jobs, Medicare, Medicaid, Chips, DACA, Veterans Care and benefits and the problems and funding issues to fix our bridges, roads and the electric grid. I will never tell them a lie. I am a people person and I can work with large groups of individuals. When not in Congress, I will be meeting with the citizens within my community to find out their needs and dreams to see how I can be helpful to help them in their communities.

VOTE GREEN IN ’18 Border Security

“The cornerstone to any nation is its sovereignty. No nation can maintain its sovereignty without border security.” - We must secure the border - We must eliminate chain migration for non-immediate family - We must end the visa lottery system - We must insist on a merit based system that examines the individual and not the group


“Our youth are our future, and their development is an investment in that future.” - School choice ensures ALL young Americans can have access to the best possible education - School choice promotes a results based education system that places the students’ needs first

It’s time ALL the citizens of district 22 had an advocate in Washington.


“It is always more expensive to build growth than to build for growth.” - We all want our economy to grow but our infrastructure is beyond capacity in many areas - Expensive storm recovery expenses should be minimized by mitigating the exposure to losses from storms like Harvey


ELECTION TAB 2018  •  Supplement to the Alvin Advertiser  •  February 14, 2018  •  Page 11

Sri Preston Kulkarni Why are you running for Congress? I served as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer for 14 years, u n d e r Democratic and Republican administrations. But, after almost one year of the c u r r e n t administration, I decided that morally and ethically, I could not continue to serve a government that was promoting un-American ideas, like ethnic, gender and religious bigotry. The only way the situation will change is if we take control of the House, because the current Congress is not doing anything to stop the tide of division and hostility being inflamed in this country and are often contributing to it. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I have spent my entire life serving my family, my community and my country. Growing up, I saw the inequities between the lower income communities where I lived and the affluent neighborhood where I was bused to school and decided to become involved in public service. I have

U.S. Congress, 22nd District spent my career using my skills and education to find common ground between groups in conflict, such as Arabs and Kurds or Israelis and Palestinians, and standing up for the truth, including combatting the Russian government’s online misinformation campaign. I will be a strong voice in Congress for returning to real Texas values, such as compassion, reason and decency. I will fight to make sure that all the victims of Harvey get the relief they need, that no man, woman, or child in Texas’ 22nd district is without health care, that we prioritize scientific evidence over politics on addressing climate change and that our inhumane criminal justice gets reformed. What are your qualifications? I am a Houston native, with degrees from University of Texas and Harvard. I served as a foreign policy and defense advisor to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and spent 14 years in the State Department as Foreign Service Officer. I speak six languages including Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, and Hindi and have done overseas tours in Iraq, Israel, Russia, Taiwan and Jamaica. No other candidate in the race has as much preparation as I do, in both the legislative and executive branches. My extensive public affairs

experience draws a sharp contrast with all other candidates. Why should the voters choose you? In an environment of extreme polarization, voters are looking for optimistic leaders who do not add more anger to the political atmosphere. I have spent my time and energy reducing conflict in warzones, working on bipartisan legislation in the Senate and co-founding an initiative to reduce partisan hostility. My career and my campaign are focused on building trust in hostile environments and giving people something to be for, not against. My entire campaign is centered on values over positions, and every policy statement relates back to the campaign’s three themes: compassion, decency and reason.

Letitia Plummer Why are you running for Congress? The election of 2016 made it painfully obvious that our country is more divided than it has ever been. However, contrary to what people may have you believe, our democracy is not dying. In fact, it is being reborn. Our great nation is asking for different voices at the table, and I’ve decided it is time for me to step up. It it is time for

me to step up for middle classes families that the system has neglected, for the women who have been fighting tooth and nail for decades to earn the rights they deserve, for our planet and for our children who deserve someone who will invest in their health and education. Our nation has evolved but our Congress has not evolved with it. Congress should represent what our country looks like and I believe it is finally time that our voice was heard. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I bring something to the table which my fellow candidates do not and that is the perspective of a mother. There is no one more tenacious, compassionate and resilient than a mother. In addition to that, I am also a small business owner and have built myself from the ground up and serve on the board of six clinics in my district while also running two dental clinics of my own. There is nothing that slows me down. Being a biracial woman of color, I represent multi-cultural

communities and have a nuanced understanding of the challenges a person of color faces in our country today. I have also successfully passed legislation when it comes to surrogacy in this state because I was driven by a personal tragedy. What are your qualifications? I have been a successful small business owner for over 20 years and run two dental clinics of my own. I am also on the board for six public health clinics. In addition to that, I run my own nonprofit called Career Smiles and am an active legislative activist. Why should the voters choose you? Our district deserves someone who is used to putting in the work and will work to heal our country’s divide. There’s a reason I chose the color purple, I believe everyone’s voice deserves to be heard and each stance I hold on my issues are fair, competitive and collaborative. Our country has had enough mediocre men try and implement an effective change and have failed so far. It is time a woman, especially a woman of color, had a seat at the table to ensure that no more policies for us are decided without us.

State Senate, District 17 Editor’s Note: All five candidates running for state senator in District 17 were invited to participate in this section. Only the following two candidates chose to do so.

Ahmad Hassan

What would your top priority be, if elected? A: Priority is education and protecting civil liberties. What do you think is the greatest challenge facing your district? A: Greatest challenge is being an immigrant and becoming successful. How you remain optimistic and hopeful in the American Dream despite the

negativity that is often directed t o w a r d s immigrants and minorities What is your platform for your campaign? A: I align with the Democratic Party Platform on all significant issues. My main priorities are ensuring that all peoples regardless of race, gender, ethnic, religion or creed, have the opportunity to prosper in America. I will support legislation that will support social justice, remove institutional racism and improve economic opportunities for underserved communities.

Why are you qualified to serve as senator? I lived in the district for 17 years have 2 under graduate degrees the PHD and Law degree owner broker of Alexandria Realty & Mortgage Broker & Instructor I have been a business owner, a family man, and have a history of working across the aisle. Currently I serve on the Harris County International Economic development. Committee. I received security clearance to work with the Federal Government in 2003. I’ve worked with a U.S. Air Force Base, and have partnered with numerous private and public entities over my long career.

Fran Watson

Why are you running for state senator? I am running for state senate because I believe in people first, meaning that everyone, regardless of look or circumstance, should have access to the opportunity to succeed. The past few legislative sessions have been comprised of leaders who continuously build barriers to equitable access. District 17’s incumbent senator championed harmful legislation, voted against the interests of

already disenfranchised Texans, and led committees where some of the most discriminatory bills were filed, and allowed those bills to move out. I am running to go to Austin to re-shift the focus back to where it belongs, the issues facing Texans. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am an attorney, intersectional activist, advocate and community leader, and my approach to problem solving ensures that when elected I will be looking to hear from all constituents whose voices are missing from the conversation and how disenfranchised communities are impacted by current policies and proposed Continued on Page 12

Page 12  •  ELECTION TAB 2018  •  Supplement to the Alvin Advertiser  •  February 14, 2018

State Representative, District 25

Dennis Bonnen Why are you running for state representative? I have a deep pride for my country, my state and my House district and I want to continue making it the best place to live, work and raise a family. I am running for office for the same reason I ran the first time: to get things done. I believe strongly that conservatism is the foundation of our state’s prosperity. I am driven by the challenge of turning conservative values into good law and my record in the Texas House is undeniable proof of my efforts. During my time in office, I have helped build a Texas that is #1 in Economic Climate, #3 in Business Costs (which are 11.5 percent below the national average), and boasts a low unemployment rate of 4.7 percent (Forbes, November 2017). I have passed legislation to cut business taxes by 25 percent, exempt small businesses from the franchise tax and send 500 troopers

and $1.6 billion to our border during the past two sessions. I received a 100 percent rating for protecting innocent life over the past four sessions, and I have been endorsed by the NRA with an “A” grade for consistently fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights. Simply — we have to fix our property tax crisis. My Property Tax Empowerment Act of 2017 sought to achieve this very goal by establishing a “No New Revenue Tax Rate” and making tax information easily accessible and understandable so property owners could clearly and easily hold a taxing entity accountable when it seeks to increase property tax revenues. Gov. Greg Abbott recently announced his plan to reform our property tax system and invited me to be a part of his announcement in recognition of my leadership on this issue in the Texas House. He included many of the key transparency and accountability elements that I included in my proposal in 2017. Taxpayers are feeling the property tax strain and the Texas Legislature must make impactful changes rather than the Band-Aid proposals that continue to be falsely touted

as “cutting your taxes.” Why are you the best candidate in the race? Since being elected, I’ve worked hard to deliver conservative results for our community and our state. I am honored to be endorsed by Gov. Abbott, the National Rifle Association, Texas Alliance for Life and many pro-business groups. We’ve increased security at the border, defended our 2nd Amendment rights, supported our schools, advanced historic pro-life legislation and continue to ensure we have a pro-business environment in order to create jobs. We have a lot of work left to do. Gov. Abbott has publicly lauded my leadership in the Texas House in passing tax reform and the strongest border security plan in state history, and I am proud to be working alongside him to advance his property tax plan this upcoming session. What are your qualifications? I am a husband, father, college graduate and small business owner who was born and raised in District 25. I grew up in a strong Christian family dedicated to public service

Pol. Adv. pd by campaign to Elect Ricky Kubeczka

with parents who instilled in me the values of hard work, integrity and honesty. I was educated in our local public school system. I pay taxes just like my neighbors and business peers, and I share the same desire to raise my family in a safe and secure community. I understand the everyday issues facing residents of Brazoria and

Matagorda County. I believe I am qualified to serve in the legislature because I have a proven track record of providing conservative results for my district. I have also earned a reputation for being exceptionally responsive to my constituency, maintaining an open-door policy, and holding Continued on Page 13

State Senate, District 17

Continued from Page 11 solutions. I had an untraditional childhood. I grew up in poverty with a single mother who passed away early. When I lost my mother, in many ways, I inherited her role as caretaker. I was expelled from high school due to missing too many days and it took some time to get back on track to getting my GED and eventually graduating from law school. My past is a driving force for the work that I do in the communities I serve because I understand what it is like not to have access. And I use my skills, talent, and experience to work to ensure we all have equal access. I have leadership experience. After serving less than a year on the board of a nonprofit that serves homeless youth, I was entrusted to be the president after its founding board member and first president resigned. I have served in leadership in several organizations in and around Houston as well as at the state and national level. Through the many and varied experiences, I have been asked to speak on many panels and provide thoughtful leadership on a myriad of topics. And I show up. I have been involved in various causes. I lead when I need to lead and support when I need to support. Finally, representation matters. The government should reflect the make-up of the people of Texas. What are your qualifications? I have been a practicing attorney for 8 years. During that time, I have gained extensive experience in different areas of law, even being one of the co-founding attorneys of a legal clinic in Houston. I have been in

organizational leadership at the local, state and national level focused on various issues. I was the president of a nonprofit focused on providing services to homeless youth. I believe my negotiation, advocacy and management skills are transferable to the state senate. Additionally, I have been recognized for my work, including being named a 40 under 40 honoree by the Houston Business Journal, Public Citizen of the Year by the National Association of Social Workers Houston and the Lone-Star Legal Aid Pro-Bono Service Award. What are the biggest issues facing your district? Senate District 17 is a large, geographically mixed district with suburban, rural and urban areas. As I have traveled this district and talked to people, the biggest issue has to do with our public education system. From lack of funding, to curriculum, to a lack of resources for teachers and para professionals, to the stagnancy of pensions, there is a need to strengthen the public education system and people are looking for solutions. Hurricane recovery and flood prevention is another issue. District 17 was one of the hardest hit areas and people are making some difficult decisions on whether to stay in the district. The next issues is the potential loss of local control. While there are different pieces of legislation introduced, the theme has been the potential for the state government to usurp power from local municipalities. Whether it is taxation or spending, there is a threat to the loss of local control.

ELECTION TAB 2018  •  Supplement to the Alvin Advertiser  •  February 14, 2018  •  Page 13

Dylan Wilde Forbis Why are you running for state representative? I am running for for Texas State Representative District 29 to help repair the state of Texas by addressing: Public Education T e a c h e r pensions, STAAR testing, rising property taxes for single family homeowners, double taxing residents with toll roads built with Brazoria County tax dollars, strengthen voters rights, establish a living wage, strengthen unions and I believe all residences of this

State Representative, District 29 state should have access to health care especially our elderly, low income, youth, and persons with disabilities.

invested in the next 50 years of this state. I understand the pulse of my potential constituents, getting to know what their values are, and I am willing to fight for them. My Why are you the best understanding of all people is what candidate in the race? will guide my decision making, I am a strong progressive not a background in politics. Democrat who is informed on the issues impacting House District What are the biggest issues 29. I believe in equity for all, I facing your district? believe we currently have great Low voter turnout, corporate public programs in place that need for-profit donors/speakers fees to be repaired (public education influencing small district races, and Medicaid) as stated in the growing number of persons with Texas Constitution, and I am disabilities, Social Security for determined that when we work silent and baby boomer together we can build a Stronger generations, mental health issues Texas Together. unaddressed in our schools, growing families in search of What are your qualifications? healthcare, lack of job growth, I am honest, hardworking and rising cost of living, rising commute time and costs, preparation for intergenerational independence of residents with neuro-atypical diagnosis and unfair redistricting during 2019 session to name a few of the for the future of our state, for the biggest issues facing my district. sake of my kids and grandkids. James Presley Why are you the best candidate in the race? More than anything else, I Why are you running for state representative? believe I am the best candidate I am running for state because I am just a normal guy. Too many establishment politicians seek to cover up their past, or present some fake reality of their life. I am a normal guy, like the people I am serving...and I believe that will make me an excellent representative.

State Representative, District 25

Continued from Page 12 myself and my staff members to the highest standards in being responsive and available to you — we work for you. What are the biggest issues facing your district? Addressing high property taxes, funding our schools, continuing Texas’ commitment to secure the border and ensuring we keep our economy growing to create jobs and opportunities for all Texans — these are the issues I will continue to tackle as your state representative. Texas is the shining example of conservative values in action. This did not occur by accident; it takes hard work and diligent commitment to fighting for our conservative values.

Damon Rambo

Why are you running for state representative? I am running because our c u r r e n t representative is a 20-year career politician, who no longer represents the will of his district. I would also like the opportunity to fight

What are your qualifications? I am not sure there are “qualifications” for a state representative. Lawyers, plumbers, electricians, doctors, retirees.... rich and poor, all bring their own valuable, unique perspective. That said, I am a pastor and business owner, so I have experience as a servant leader, and hopefully that will be a valuable addition to the Texas House. What are the biggest issues facing your district? Property taxes. For years, people in my district have suffered under ever increasing property tax (and appraisal) rates, while government has ignored their pleas for help. I aim to bring true, lasting property tax relief.

representative because I believe as a veteran, a young person and the moderate option, I feel I will do a better job at representing the majority of Texans in our district and can garner support from a larger audience. We need more young, independent thinkers in government. I want to look toward the future and what’s to come, not what used to be. Overall, I want to be part of the solution, whatever the solution may be. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am the best candidate because I support a list of issues that most Texans can get behind. As a young person, I can introduce a new perspective and new ideas that an older representative may not have thought of. As a veteran, I am able to fight, with experience, for the issues that our veterans face every day. I am a moderate and consider myself as “independent thinking,” meaning I won’t just attach myself to party agenda.

I will look into every bill with an open mind and will work with both sides to get the important issues taken care of. I look forward to surrounding myself with all kinds of people from all different experiences and backgrounds. What are your qualifications? My qualification to run for office is that I am a human being. I have ideas to bring to the table. However, I will say that being a veteran and working for a small business does give me some experience in issues that others may not have. What are the biggest issues facing your district? Our district faces many issues that all Texans are facing. Rising property taxes, high healthcare costs, the rising cost of education, etc. We do have a few issues unique to our district, to include landfill methane emissions, some Hurricane Harvey recovery, lack of an adequate alert system for residences being affected by adverse conditions (Contaminated water, power outages, etc.) and low test scores in some public schools.

RE-ELECT “There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”

- Ronald Reagan Pol. Adv. Paid for by Friends of Ed Thompson

Page 14  •  ELECTION TAB 2018  •  Supplement to the Alvin Advertiser  •  February 14, 2018

Keith Allen Why are you running for district judge? Last year represented several milestones in my life. I turned 50, celebrated 25 years of wonderful marriage and achieved 25 years as a l i c e n s e d attorney. As I reflected over the last 50 years, I considered the many blessing in my life. I have been blessed with 50 years of life, a wonderful wife and three amazing children, a great community, an outstanding education in Texas and a career spanning a quarter of a century as a prosecutor and in private practice. The time had come for me to continue my service to the community; so, after much prayerful consideration, I decided to run for judge. To be effective, a judge needs wisdom and discernment, which are gifts, but, which are also honed over time and by experience. In the end, Brazoria County needs and deserves good judges which can only be achieved if good and qualified people run for office. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am the only candidate who has been a licensed attorney for over 25 years, was a former prosecutor for Brazoria County, was a former First Assistant District Attorney, has tried capital murder cases, and is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I have the proven experience, leadership and knowledge of the law, and a firm dedication to law enforcement. I have personally handled thousands of cases and made thousands of courtroom appearances over the last 25 years. In addition to my legal experience, I possess the necessary integrity and judicial temperament to be your next judge. As judge, I will exhibit decisiveness, strength, openmindedness, compassion, courtesy, patience, freedom from bias and a commitment to justice. I will follow the law, uphold the

Judge, 412th Judicial District

constitution and not legislate from the bench. What are your qualifications? After attending the University of Texas at Austin and receiving my bachelor’s degree in 1989, I graduated from law school at the University of Houston and was admitted to practice law on May 1, 1992. I spent the first 15 years of my career as a prosecutor and was later appointed First Assistant District Attorney for Brazoria County, the most senior position in the District Attorney’s Office aside from the publicly elected position of District Attorney. I became Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 2005. To become board certified, you must qualify based upon trial and appellate court experience, you must pass a rigorous exam covering state and federal law and you must have the recommendation of 10 fellow attorneys. Since then, I have maintained a successful private practice where I continue to serve and represent the people of Brazoria County. I was selected as a member of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers, the National Association of Distinguished Counsel Nation’s Top One Percent and have been named one of the area’s Top Lawyers by Houstonia Magazine. Over the last 25 years, I have gained the experience and knowledge required to be your next Judge of the 412th State District Court. I have been a dedicated father, husband and lawyer, and I promise to bring that same level of dedication to the Judiciary. What are the biggest issues facing your district? Managing the ever-increasing number of court cases filed due to our county’s rapidly growing population is one of the biggest issues facing our district courts. In Brazoria County, we have four full-time district courts and one district court that we share with Matagorda and Wharton counties. These courts must handle all felony level criminal cases, civil cases or family law cases filed in their court. As our county grows, so does the number of cases filed

in each court. For example, the 412th District Court currently has over 500 pending criminal cases. These felony level offenses include people accused of drug dealing, burglary, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault and capital murder, just to name a few. There are also over 300 pending civil cases. Justice delayed is justice denied! Therefore, as your judge, I will work tirelessly to reduce the number of pending cases so that justice is not delayed for the citizens of Brazoria County or bargained away.

Cheryl Coleman Driver Why are you running for district judge? I am running for district judge here in Brazoria County because I am passionate about public service and serving my community in the most useful way that I can. My commitment to public service started long before I even attended law school when I volunteered to work with children in foster care as a mentor. Later, while in law school and thereafter I continued to serve the homeless youth community along with various nonprofit agencies. After law school, I continued to serve my community by working as a prosecutor with the Texas Attorney General’s Office. In my opinion, a Texas judge is one of the most important public servants we have in our community. He or she must be a person who is willing to listen to both sides and apply the established rule of law so that we know that the system is fair and for that reason — we are safe. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am the best candidate in the race because of my conservative Christian values, my work ethic and my qualifications. As a Christian, I live my life and raise my kids to respect and serve others. I am a hard worker who paid her way through college and law school by working and scholarships. I am certain that each and every one of my clients will tell you that I treated them like family. While in law school, I worked and attended Bible College

so that I could gain the knowledge I needed to make a difference in the lives of the children I mentored. I am also qualified to serve. I have 20 years of legal experience and have tried hundreds of cases, including jury trials. I have both civil and criminal law experience and will be ready on day one to serve the people of Alvin and Brazoria County. I have been in private practice since 2005, and I have had the opportunity to work for both the prosecution and the defense in civil and criminal cases. What are your qualifications? I have 20 years of legal experience and have tried hundreds of cases, including jury trials. I have both civil and criminal law experience and will be ready on day one to serve the people of Alvin and Brazoria County. I also worked as a prosecutor with the Texas Attorney General’s Office under now Sen. John Cornyn. Since then, I have run my own legal practice with employees since 2005, and as a result I have gotten to know first-hand the laws and policies concerning small business ownership. While in private practice, I represented parties in both civil and criminal cases. What are the biggest issues facing your district? This particular Court — the 412th Judicial District Court serves all of Brazoria County. The 412th Court hears both civil and criminal cases and right now there are more than 500 criminal cases and more than 400 civil cases pending before the court. So, the new judge will have his or her hands full to insure that all the parties waiting for their day in court get a speedy trial. If elected, I will run the court in an efficient manner. No one will wait years to have their day in court. The oldest civil and criminal cases will be heard as soon as possible. If the parties to a civil case agree, they may attend mediation or arbitration before their trial date to try to work out their differences. I personally have done work as a mediator, as well as attended mediation with clients and this process works with positive results for the parties.

Justin Gilbert Why are you running for district judge? I’m running for Judge of the 412th District Court in Brazoria County because I believe in justice and public service. Justice is the backbone of our democracy, it is the safeguard of our rights, and it is the ultimate defender of our civilization. As a judge, I will be fair, independent and will faithfully follow and enforce the law. I will bring to the 412th District Court the same hard work, legal expertise and fairmindedness that has defined my commitment to service and the law. Brazoria County has been blessed with honorable and fair judges, and I would like to continue their legacy. Why are you the best candidate in the race? My experience in both civil and criminal law, knowledge of the law, and dedication to Brazoria County make me the best candidate for the 412th District Court. The 412th District Court is a court of general jurisdiction. That means the judge in the 412th presides over civil matters and felony criminal cases. I have extensive legal expertise and experience in both civil and criminal law and have spent my career preparing to handle the kind of complex docket over which the Judge of the 412th must preside. In 2010, the Community Foundation of Brazoria County honored my service to Brazoria County by naming me the “Young Philanthropist of the Year.” Because of my experience and dedication to Brazoria County, I have been endorsed by law enforcement (Back The Blue Foundation and Pearland Police Officer Association PAC), Joe King (former Sheriff and County Judge), Brazoria County Commissioners (Dude Payne, Ryan Cade and David Linder), and Brazoria County Constables (Willie Howell, David Thacker Continued on Page 15

ELECTION TAB 2018  •  Supplement to the Alvin Advertiser  •  February 14, 2018  •  Page 15

Judge, 412th Judicial District Continued from Page 14 and James Brawner.) What are your qualifications? I am licensed to practice law in all state courts in Texas. I have handled cases in county court, district court, the 1st and 14th Court of Appeals, the Texas Supreme Court and federal court. I am the only candidate that has tried a case before all 10 of the Judges in Brazoria County. In fact, I have tried more cases in Brazoria County in the last 14 years than all of my opponents combined. Because of my experience and qualifications, I have been honored and named one of the “Texas Rising Stars” by the Texas Super Lawyers publication in 2007, 2017 and 2018. Less than 2.5 percent of eligible Texas attorneys are chosen for this honor. What are the biggest issues facing your district? Brazoria County’s population is growing at a rapid rate, which

translates to an increase in civil and criminal cases. Our judges and courthouse employees have done a great job managing their crowded dockets. However, Brazoria County’s judicial resources will be tested with the growth, and the need for access to court and the ability to get a fair court hearing will remain.

Scott Siscoe Why are you running for district judge? I have always had a desire to do things that I thought were important for myself, my family, my community and my country. I have spent most of the past 30 years working to protect the community and defend the constitution. This is the greatest

country on earth because its citizens are free. Our country was founded on its dedication to individual liberties and the conviction that all men are created equal. The courts are the gatekeepers of those liberties. There is no person more crucial to protecting those liberties and keeping our community safe than the District Court Judge. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am the only candidate in this race who has extensive experience in law enforcement, criminal prosecution, criminal defense and civil law. Working all aspects of the justice system, gives me unique experience that my opponents just do not have. Along with handling thousands of cases (including civil and criminal) as an attorney, I worked as a Houston Police officer for 23 years. While there, I worked with and supervised all aspects of the criminal

investigative process. I have been working to keep the community safe for most of the last 30 years. Along with protecting the Constitution of the United States and defending our liberties, the citizens of Brazoria County can depend on me to continue to keep this community safe. What are your qualifications? I attended the University of Houston and received my bachelor’s degree in 1984. The following year, I was accepted into the Houston Police Academy. Not long afterward, I began working night shift in one of the most dangerous areas in the country. I had a front row seat to the best and worst of human nature. I made lifelong friends — friends who always ran toward danger — never away from it. I had nightly experiences that I would have otherwise never been able to have. On many occasions, I was able

to protect society from those who had no conscience and no respect for their fellow human beings. At the same time, I began going to law school at the University of Houston. I worked my way through law school while my wife and I started our family. I graduated in December of 1992 and was licensed to practice law the following year. Shortly after being licensed, I went to work at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office under Johnny B. Holmes. While there, I worked with some fabulous attorneys and learned a lot. I represented the state of Texas in thousands of cases. I tried everything from minor violations to serious felonies. I supervised new attorneys and taught them how to try cases. I returned to the Houston Police Department and served in a variety of capacities including representing the department Continued on Page 16

Pol. Adv. by Keith Allen, Candidate, Gerald Koza, Jr, Treasurer

Page 16  •  ELECTION TAB 2018  •  Supplement to the Alvin Advertiser  •  February 14, 2018

Contested elections in 2018 March primary Republican primary U.S. Congress, 22nd District Pete Olson Eric Zmrhal Danny Nguyen James Green U.S. Congress 14th District Bill “Sarge” Sargent Randy Weber U.S. Senate Ted Cruz Setfano de Stefano Dan McQueen Geraldine Sam Mary Miller Bruce Jacobson Jr. Texas Governor Greg Abbott Larry Secede Kilgore Barbara Krueger Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Scott Milder

Commissioner of the General Land Office Davey Edwards George P. Bush Jerry Patterson Rick Range Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller Trey Blocker Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick Weston Martinez State Representative District 25 Damon Rambo Dennis Bonnen State Senator District 17 Joan Huffman Kristin Tassin State District Judge 412th Judicial District Justin R. Gilbert Keith Allen

Cheryl Coleman Driver Scott Siscoe Judge County Court at Law #1 Greg Hill Dora L. Bonner Judge County Court at Law #3 Jeremy Warren Leigh Lehmann County Commissioner Precinct 2 Ryan Cade Larry Buehler Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, Place 2 Norma Moreno Garcia Robin Rape Randy Smith Justice of the Peace Precinct 3, Place 2 Roy Castillo Sondra Gajevsky Brazoria County Conservation

Reclamation #3, Place 1 Nelson Blackwell Ricky Kubecka Democratic primary U.S. Senate Sema Hernandez Beto O’Rourke Edward Kimbrough U.S. Congress District 14 Adrienne Bell Levy Q. Barnes U.S. Congress District 22 Letitia Plummer Margarita Ruiz Johnson Mark Gibson Sri Preston Kulkarni Steve Brown Texas Governor Adrian Ocegueda Cedric Davis Sr. Grady Yarbrough Jeffrey Payne Joe Mumbach Lupe Valdez Tom Wakely

Andrew White Demetria Smith James Jolly Clark Lieutenant Governor Michael Cooper Mike Collier Comptroller of Public Accounts Joi Chevalier Tim Mahoney Commissioner of the General Land Office Miguel Suazo Tex Morgan Railroad Commissioner Chris Spellmon Roman McAllen State Senator District 17 Fran Watson Ahmad R. Hassan Rita Lucido State Representative District 29 Dylan Wilde Forbis James Presley

Judge, 412th Judicial District Continued from Page 15 during the 2009 legislative session, providing legal counsel to the police chief and command staff and overseeing gang and tactical operations in part of the city. In my private practice, I have represented hundreds of people in courts throughout the state of Texas, Federal Court, and the Court of Appeals in a variety of matters.

I counsel and advise parents who are scared to death that their child will have a criminal record for life. I help clients who have been sued for the possessions that they have worked their entire life to obtain. I represent regular people who are quite often going through the most stressful event of their lives. I work just as hard on their cases as I did when I was working on the streets.

My wife Karli and I have been married for over 30 years. Our three adult children all graduated from Pearland High School and are successful, self-sufficient adults. I coached youth sports for 12 years and loved every minute of it. I coached youth soccer, basketball, baseball and football. I grew up attending St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Pearland. My family

and I moved to Pearland over 20 years ago. What are the biggest issues facing your district? Brazoria County is growing at a tremendous rate. In the past 20 years, the population of our county grew from around 220,000 to almost 350,000 people. Historically, this has been a very safe place to live.

That safety is one of the many reasons I moved my family to Pearland more than two decades ago. However, as populations rise crime rates often rise with them. Along with our dedicated law enforcement officers, I will work to ensure that doesn’t happen here. I want to continue to keep Brazoria County safe for our families.

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Early voting polling places in Brazoria County

Angleton (Main) ...........................East Annex, 1524 E. Mulberry Alvin .............................................Alvin Library, 105 S. Gordon Brazoria ........................................Brazoria Library, 620 S. Brooks Freeport ........................................Freeport Library, 410 Brazosport Boulevard Lake Jackson.................................Lake Jackson Library, 250 Circle Way Manvel ..........................................North Annex, 7313 Corporate Drive Pearland East ...............................Tom Reid Library, 3522 Liberty Drive Pearland West..............................Westside Event Center, 2150 Countryplace Parkway Shadow Creek ..............................Pearland Westside Library, 2803 Business Center Dr. #101 West Columbia.......................................New Precinct 4 Building, 121 N 10th Street Dates and times February 20-23 — 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. February 24 — 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. February 25 — 1-6 p.m. February 26-March 2 — 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Political ad paid for by Nelson Blackwell Campaign, Terry Blackwell, Treasurer, 300 County Rd. 545, Alvin, Texas 77511

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Judge, County Court at Law No. 1

Dora L. Bonner

Why are you running for judge? After over 25 years of experience, knowledge, a compassion for the law and helping hundreds of families in Brazoria County as an attorney, I am now passionately running for judge of the County Court at Law #1 in Brazoria County. Because now it is time to serve the great citizens of Brazoria County as their judge as I have served them as an attorney.

every person who enters a courtroom is looking for at least three (3) things: a judge that knows the law, someone to listen to their facts and then to render a fair and just ruling based on the law applied to the facts and equity where the law provides for discretion in ruling. I have shown over the years that I meet each client where they are in life regardless as to what their legal matter is. I have always tried to understand what the client is going through and how I would like to be treated if I was in their situation and then treat them according. I believe my relationship with my client manifests itself in the fact that I am now representing new generations of persons I have previously represented.

Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am the best candidate for the job because I have over 25 years of practice and experience litigating and representing clients in Brazoria County in the very same areas of law that County Court at Law #1 is required to make decisions on for the citizens of Brazoria County. I believe

What are your qualifications? I am an attorney licensed to practice by the state of Texas. I graduated from the University of Houston Bates College of law in 1989. I took and passed the State Bar Exam in July 1989. I have more than 25 years of experience in private practice as an attorney in Brazoria County practicing family law, juvenile, law, imminent

domain law, probate, and civil and criminal law. Furthermore, I faithfully make it a priority each year to take more than the required number of continuing legal education hours each year to stay abreast with the changes in Texas law to ensure that I can zealously represent my clients in the courtroom. What are the biggest issues facing your district? In Brazoria County as in most courts, the primary issue is making sure that the citizens can get a fair trial in as expedient a manner as justice will allow.

Greg Hill

Why am I running for Judge? Brazoria County is my home, and where I am from, and I have enjoyed serving Brazoria County in various capacities as a council member and mayor protem for the City of Pearland, and currently as the city attorney for

Experience Competence Justice CURRENTLY A MEMBER OF: Advisory Board, Brazosport College Police Academy Brazosport Rotary International Brazoria County Bar Association State Bar of Texas - Licensed for more than 20 years Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association True Honor Baptist Church, Treasurer, Trustee and Choir Member Licensed to Practice in the United States Southern District of Texas Graduate of Brazosport College Graduate of Houston Baptist University, B.S. in Finance and Sociology Licensed for the Federal 5th Circuit Brazoria County Bar President, 1999-2000 Graduated University of Houston, Bates College of Law Practice in Brazoria County for last 25 years Licensed in Federal District Court for Galveston and Houston Youth teacher for nine years in Bible Study Fellowship Native of Brazoria County Political ad paid for by Dora Bonner in compliance with the voluntary limits of the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act

the city of Liverpool and as the associate judge for the City of Alvin. I want to keep my service going, and the current judge for County Court at Law #1 is retiring creating an opening for that seat. Ultimately, I enjoy public service, and still believe in the hope of making a difference. Why are you the best candidate, and what are your qualifications? I am the best candidate for this Republican Primary race on March 6th (early voting starting on Feb. 20th) for County Court at Law #1 because of my qualifications. I have the most well rounded experience when compared to my opponent. I have practiced law for 12 years, both civil and criminal law, I have worked as a prosecutor and Assistant District Attorney, and as a defense attorney, I have prosecuted CPS cases and handled those types of cases in the family law arena. I have practiced juvenile law, and I have a diverse background to draw from, as a former high school Spanish teacher, former U.S. Border Patrol Agent, etc. These are the areas of law that a County Court Judge will oversee. These qualifications give me real world experience both in and out of the legal field, and will translate into the proper

temperament necessary to make a good judge. I am also a Republican running in a Republican Primary, whereas my opponent is a Democrat, who has ran twice before in Brazoria County, as a Democrat candidate for judge, and has now switched parties, as of last year, in order to run for this seat. What are the biggest issues facing the county? The race for Judge for County Court at Law #1 is a countywide race, so there is no specific district concern. Further, this is not a legislative seat, but rather a judicial bench, so the usual concerns countywide such as infrastructure, public safety and taxes are not governed by this judicial bench. Having said that, the biggest issues facing the judicial system today, in this county and others, which is the more appropriate question for this race, are mental health matters and indigence requirements. Municipalities within Brazoria County, as well as the county itself, will need to fight to address how, in the future, we will deal with the lack of mental health facilities, in light of new legislative requirements, as well as emerging rules in how to handle indigent defendants.

Appeals Court candidates Justice 1st Court of Appeals District, Place 2 Gordon Goodman, Democrat Jane Bland, Republican Justice 1st Court of Appeals District, Place 6 Harvey Brown, Republican Sarah Beth Landau, Democrat Justice 1st Court of Appeals District, Place 7 Julie Countiss, Democrat Katy Boatman, Republican Terry Yates, Republican

Justice 14th Court of Appeals District, Place 3 Brett Busby, Republican Jerry Zimmerer, Democrat Joseph R. Willie II, Democrat Justice 14th Court of Appeals District, Place 4 Charles Spain, Democrat Marc Brown, Republican Justice 14th Court of Appeals District, Place 5 Frances Bourliot, Democrat Martha Hill Jamison, Republican

Justice 1st Court of Appeals District, Place 8 Michael Massengale, Republican Richard Hightower, Democrat

Justice 14th Court of Appeals District, Place 6 Bill Boyce, Republican Meagan Hassan, Democrat

Justice 1st Court of Appeals District, Place 9 Jennifer Caughey, Republican Peter Kelly, Democrat

Justice 14th Court of Appeals District, Place 8 John Donovan, Republican Margaret ‘Meg’ Poissant, Democrat Michele Barber Chimene, Democrat

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Judge, County Court at Law No. 3 Leigh Hughes Lehmann

Why are you running for judge? I am running for judge because I truly believe in justice, mercy and public service. After b e i n g approached by others to run for this particular court, I put a lot of prayer into the decision. There is a scripture in Micah 6:8 that sums up why I feel so strongly about running, why I became a lawyer and why I believe I will bring honor to this position: “Seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly.” That sentiment is the guideline I use in my life, both professionally and personally. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am the best candidate in this race because of three main reasons: experience, commitment and character. It is imperative that someone running for a position in which their judgment is at issue every single day should demonstrate good, sound moral judgment themselves. I have never had my ethics challenged by peers, colleagues, clients or any legal governing body. I have never been sued for misconduct, nor have I ever had any complaints lodged against me at my places of work. My reputation for truthfulness, integrity, hard work and fairness is one of my greatest sources of pride. I have been faithful to my God, my family and my friends, and I will be faithful to the citizens of Brazoria County. What are your qualifications? A proud Alvin Yellowjacket. After AHS, I received my bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M and went to South Texas College of Law. As a practicing trial attorney for over 20 years, I began my career at the Brazoria County District Attorney’s Office. During my 7-year tenure as a

prosecutor, I tried hundreds of cases, including felonies and misdemeanors. I then went to work for a large civil firm, representing multi-million dollar companies, such as Monsanto. I am the only candidate in this race to have operated an office, representing actual clients depending on me and my expertise. In 2006, I started my own practice. Since then, I have tried and handled civil, criminal, juvenile, probate, guardianship and family cases. Because the jurisdiction of this court is responsible for all of those types of cases, my experience, from both sides and different perspectives, makes me uniquely qualified for this judgeship. What are the biggest issues facing your district? The biggest issues facing this court are those of character, integrity and humility. This position demands that the holder of it act with dignity and treat others with respect. I believe that character does indeed count, in life and on the bench. The judge of this court should be someone the constituents know has moral fiber, is fair-minded, has courage of conviction and a servant’s heart. I pledge to honor those principles.

Jeremy Warren

Why are you running for judge? I currently am the Judge of County Court at Law #3 and am running for re-election. I am running for re-election to continue my public service career in Brazoria County as I have done for 15 years. As the judge for the past nine years, I have presided over jury trials and hearings for all the types of cases that come through our court. I have made rulings that are fair to all sides, efficient and just within the bounds of law.

Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am the best candidate to continue to serve as the Judge of County Court at Law #3 because I have over nine years judicial experience in the courtroom; and I have over 15 years legal experience. I have tried and presided over 200 plus jury trials. This is a trial court, so the best choice for judge would be a lawyer that has been in trial. I started my career at the District Attorney’s Office trying cases. I also wrote five appeals during that time. I am Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization; the only Judge so certified. This certification makes me uniquely qualified to remain judge because this court hears and tries mostly criminal cases and juvenile cases. What are your qualifications? My qualifications include practicing law for over 15 years and being a Judge for over nine years. I was elected by the voters in Brazoria County in 2010 and again in 2014.

I am also very familiar with our judicial system here in Brazoria County, our new electronic filing system and electronic signatures that will speed the disposition of cases that come through our court. I have presided over criminal trials, juvenile trials, civil trials, family trials, probate trials, and guardianship trials — the only candidate in this race that has that experience. What are the biggest issues facing your district? Our “district” is all of Brazoria County. T h e biggest i s s u e s continue to be the growth of the county. W i t h growth,

comes more criminal, family and juvenile cases being filed. The ability to keep up with these cases and continue a speedy and just disposition of all cases without wasting taxpayer money remains the biggest issue we face in the judicial system. I am always on time for court and have increased the number of court days to maintain this goal of having cases heard and disposed of quickly, fairly and justly.

Keep Jeremy


Judge, County Court at Law #3, REPUBLICAN

Pol. Ad Paid for by the Jeremy Warren Campaign, Jeremy Warren Treasurer, P.O. Box 1523, Angleton, TX 77516.

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Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 2

Norma Moreno Garcia

Why are you running for justice of the peace? I have always been raised and taught that the service to others and giving back to your community is important. My public service career has always been one of fairness, honesty and being a passionate representative and liaison for my constituents. Judge Miller has served for over a decade and I have been right along by his side for most of his honorable career and service. Working within the JP office for the last 16 plus years provides me an integral working knowledge of the court and the ability to continue his great legacy of service and also the platform for me to take the court and our service to the community to the next level. I have always been an advocate for our community and those in need. The JP court will be a fair, honest and passionate court

under my leadership to support the efforts and issues within the court after all it is the people’s court. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am the best candidate for the position because I am a proven leader. A leader with an open-door policy. After serving with Judge Miller for the past 16 plus years, I have a clear understanding of court operations and am ready to serve day one. I have received years of training within the JP court system and I would be honored to continue the great legacy of service of Judge Miller’s decade of service and build upon his successes. What are your qualifications? I have served the JP office for the past 16 plus years. I have an intimate knowledge of the courts and its operations. During my service in the court, I received extensive training within the court system and operations. With my knowledge of the court and my training, I am ready to serve on day one. I feel it’s imperative to remain a court of the people where people have a voice and they know

there is always an open door to hear their concerns. What are the biggest issues facing your district? There are several issues within the court that will be my priority once elected. We are a people’s court and we need to have an ease of use in the courts for the people, where we are a welcoming court of law. Our systems and processes have to follow the parameters of law; however, we will be a userfriendly court and one where you will always be greeted with a warm smile and a passionate heart. Another important issue is within our schools. We have a lot of work to do working with BISD to address issues of truancy, delinquency and school related violence. Working within these issues we have the opportunity to understand root related issues to make our schools safer and our communities stronger.

Robin Rape Why are you running for Justice of the Peace? I have inspired to be a Justice of the Peace since I was a child. I

served as your e l e c t e d Constable for 16 years; and when Judge Milan M i l l e r announced that he would be retiring, I made the decision to retire as constable and seek the Justice of the Peace position, so that I could further my public service and hope to make an impact on the juveniles that will come before the bench. Also, I want the citizens of Precinct 1 to feel that they can get their cases heard in a timely manner and that a fair decision will be made, no matter who you are. Why are you the best candidate in the race? Having been a peace officer since 1994 and serving for 16 years as your elected Constable of this precinct, I have over 1,500 hours of training in both criminal and civil law. As a sheriff’s deputy on the courthouse security team, I’ve observed many bench and jury trials and have learned courtroom procedures from the best of our Brazoria County judges and attorneys. As Constable, I’ve been trained in civil law by the Justice of the Peace and Constable Association, the same association that trains our JPs. As Constable, I was tasked with creating a budget for my department and always had the most conservative budget and never went over. I have the experience and understand the different aspects of managing a county department. I believe that I always treated my employees fairly; and I’m proud of my record of being efficient, honest, fair and compassionate. I feel that my unique background will enable me to hit the ground running on day one. What are your qualifications? I am a former small business owner. I graduated from the Brazosport College Law Enforcement Academy with high honors and have been a public servant for over 24 years. I attained a Master Peace Officer certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, and I am

certified in civil law by the Justice of the Peace and Constable Association. I have over 20 years of courtroom experience from observing district court judges, county court at law judges and the justices of the peace. As Constable, there were many times when I would work hand-inhand with the Justice of the Peace on matters and am very familiar with all the different types of civil cases that are filed, some more complex than others, as well as the Class C Misdemeanors. What are the biggest issues facing your district? The biggest issue facing our district is the growth. I want to open the JP court to five days a week for better public access, yet allow the employees to continue working four tens, if they desire. I want all of the JP clerks to be cross-trained to be able to assist the public more effectively. Also, I am hoping to make a positive impact on our youth that come in front of me, impressing upon them the importance of staying in school and being a responsible and respectful member of society.

Randy Smith Why are you running for justice of the peace? I have enjoyed my years serving as a Municipal Court Judge and would like to take my experience and knowledge to the next level. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I am an experienced judge and I’ve been making fair, honest and ethical decisions for the past 12-½ years. I’m also very dedicated to my positions. You are basically on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Being a judge takes commitment, and I will bring this same commitment to the Justice of the Peace Office if elected. I believe a good judge should have knowledge of the law, compassion for people but still be able to make sound, legal decisions. I believe Continued on Page 21

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Educate yourself and vote for the best candidate One of my pet peeves with voting in Texas is those who cast straight party ballots. I get it. I know there are some who support almost all the candidates from one party or another, but allowing voters to hit one button and walk out leads to lazy voting. And voters should never be lazy. Being allowed to pick our leaders, our representatives, is a sacred right. Men and women much greater than me have fought and died to ensure that right. It seems the least we can do to honor them is spend some time looking at, listening to and researching the candidates to make sure we make the right choice. The founding fathers of our country risked their lives and their livelihoods to stand up for what they thought was right. To them, voting was sacred and something that should be taken very seriously. Consider this quote from Samuel Adams. “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual — or at least that he ought not to do so; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.” Now, our founding fathers had flaws and did not recognize the right of women and most

the easy way out. Whether you choose to vote in the Republican or Democratic primary, you will

My Turn by David Rupkalvis minorities to vote. They were wrong on that, and we as a country have changed it. That’s the way it should be. This year when votes are counted, men, women, minorites of all colors and backgrounds will have decided the winners. And if you look through this section, you will see the same with the candidates. There are excellent candidates representing both political parties who are putting themselves out there because they want to serve. Many are running for open seats, others are challenging incumbents because they are not happy with the status quo. The candidates represent all of society. They are young and older, working and retired, men and women, highly educated and taught by life, military veterans and many who served in other ways. They deserve for voters to take their time and pick the best candidates. The good news is during the primary election voters can’t take

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Place 2

Continued from Page 20 I’ve been doing this for the past 12-½ years. What are your qualifications? I have been serving as the Clute Municipal Court Judge for 12-½ years, the Municipal Court Judge for the Village of Surfside for 2-½ years and the Assistant Municipal Court Judge for the City of Oyster Creek for 2-½ years. I have over 200 hours of judicial training and I have presided over 600 trials. What are the biggest issues facing your district?

I believe the biggest issue in Precinct 1 and all of Brazoria County is keeping up with the continued growth. I believe the biggest issues in the Justice Courts are Juveniles and people who claim to be Indigent. Unfortunately, under the current laws, a Judge in the Justice Court has limited authority with a juvenile who refuses to go to school or abide by the law. Also, when a person commits an offense and claims to be indigent and unable to pay, the Judge has limited abilities to make this person be responsible for their actions.

have to go down the list of candidates and pick the best in each race.

And then vote. It’s easy in Texas, and there’s no excuse not to. Study and then go vote.

LLOYD COX for Alvin Community College Board

ABOUT LLOYD: • Catholic • Married to Joyce 1965 to present • Honorable Discharge U.S. Navy • Master Electrician State of Texas • Retired Electrical Inspector City of Houston

EXPERIENCE: • Alvin Community College Board • Federal Credit Union Board • Treasurer of IBEW LU 716 • Instructor U.S. Coast Guard Aux. • Instructor Electrical Training Ctr.

COXLLOYD@ATT.NET 281-331-5595 I will not accept any campaign contributions of any kind. PD. ADV. BY LLOYD COX

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Roy Castillo

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, Place 2

Why are you running for justice of the peace? I have always been interested in the work of a Justice of the Peace. Working around them as a jailer and later as a police officer gave me an i n s i d e perspective on just some of the duties a Justice of the Peace performs. Then in 1984, my father in law Bill Todd ran for that office and was elected. He served in that office for 13 years. We would talk about his experience as a police officer in Houston and then as a Justice of the Peace. As a Pearland Police Officer, I have been fortunate enough to see many JPs conduct business in the court room and on active police investigation scenes. I have worked with many of the judges, securing warrants, approving probably cause affidavits and conducting death investigations. I enjoy the work I do now for the community and enjoy serving the public and I just

know I am going to really enjoy the work a Justice of the Peace performs. And given the opportunity I look forward to serving the people of Precinct 3 with the same dedication, leadership and strength with which I have served during my Law Enforcement career. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I heard the position would be open, so after careful consideration and prayer with my family, we knew there was a reason for this opportunity to serve. I consider myself an applicant applying for a job with the people of Precinct 3 my employer. I am trained in and have taught classes in dispute resolution, active listening, de-escalating hostile situations and hostage negotiation. I have over 25 years of practical in the field experiences in which I have utilized these skills, some in somewhat controlled settings and some in dynamic, fluid situations with grave consequences. In addition, I have experience in handling juvenile matters in our schools, responding to civil issues, investigating criminal matters,

making arrests, testifying in court proceedings, preparing warrants and probable cause affidavits, approving affidavits and police reports, conducting and supervising death investigations. I believe this is the type of skill set any employer would want in an applicant for this position to possess. I know with the office of Justice of the Peace there will be much to learn and my experience, knowledge, training, work ethic and demeanor will make the transition go much smoother. What are your qualifications? My 10 years experience in the private sector working at RonCarter Chevrolet in Pearland, and over a quarter century of work in law enforcement at the Pearland Police Department have prepared me like no other candidate. During my years of service in Law Enforcement and today on patrol I respond to disputes. Some of these are physical and some are verbal. I arrive at these incidents and I must de-escalate the situation and calm those involved. I listen to both sides explain their version of events and then evaluate the facts and examine the evidence. I then

determine the controlling statute and apply the law and then make a decision which is legal, moral and ethical; tempered with fairness and justice. Education: Graduate Pearland High 1980 Alvin Community College, Associate Degree Alvin Community College Law Enforcement Academy University of Houston-Clear Lake, Bachelor Degree, American Jurisprudence Professional: Ron Carter Chevrolet, Pearland, 1980–1990 Jim Dandy Convenience Store, 1990-1992 Pearland Police Department, 1992-Current Master Peace Officer designation Police Officer of the Year Supervisor of the Year Extensive training in Law Enforcement techniques and case law, including periodic legal updates regarding new laws and statutes. Personal: Married to Virginia Lee Todd, PHS class of 1982 Son, Dominick Castillo, PHS class of 2006, University of Houston, Bachelor Degree Daughter, Danielle Castillo, PHS class of 2014, Stephan F Austin, Junior Member St. Helen Catholic Church Pearland 100 Club member Texas Municipal Police Association member Member Knights of Columbus Member Pearland Chamber of Commerce Member Alvin/Manvel Chamber of Commerce Board Member Pearland Lions Club Board Member Pearland Neighborhood Center Member Pearland Police Officers Association Member Justice of the Peace and Constables Association of Texas

area has seen tremendous growth. And the future growth looks to continue as more people discover the great things Brazoria County and particularly Precinct 3 has to offer regarding business, residential and family friendly venues. I will ensure that the office of Justice of the Peace maintains sufficient resources to keep up with that growth so that all members of our communities know they can turn to the Justice of the Peace Office for equity, fairness and justice in a timely and efficient manner. I would work with Commissioners to keep Precinct 3 safe and strong.

What are the biggest issues facing your district? Precinct 3 has a large and diverse population. The precinct covers a great deal of Pearland, Alvin Brookside Village and Hillcrest Village, basically northern Brazoria County and this

What are your qualifications? I have completed over 100 courses that relate directly to the role of Justice of the Peace, and, as a result, I was inducted into the College of Justice Court Judges. Because of my knowledge and Continued on Page 23

Sondra Campbell Gajevsky Why are you running for justice of the peace? I am running for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, Place 2, because I have worked in the office since 2008 and because I want to assure the citizens that the integrity of this office will be maintained along with the quality and efficiency this precinct deserves. I am the only candidate with the education and judicial knowledge to continue in this manner. Why are you the best candidate in the race? I already know the day-to-day operations of the office. I am in my second term on the board of directors with the Texas Justice Court Judges Association as Clerk Director serving on the Education Committee ensuring that the judges of the State of Texas receive the training needed to properly perform their duties in accordance with the law.

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Election day polling places for March 6 primary Alvin Alvin Angleton Angleton Brazoria Brazoria Clute Danbury Freeport Lake Jackson Manvel Manvel Oyster Creek Pearland Pearland Pearland Pearland Pearland Pearland Pearland Richwood Sweeny West Columbia

Alvin Library Nolan Ryan Center East Annex (Old Walmart) West Annex Brazoria Library Mims Community Center Clute City Hall Danbury Community Center Freeport Library Lake Jackson Civic Center North Annex JP 4/1 Courtroom Oyster Creek City Hall Drainage District #4 Building Pearland Recreation Center Pearland Westside Library First Church of Pearland Silverlake Recreation Center Tom Reid Library Westside Event Center Richwood City Hall Sweeny Community Center New Precinct 4 Building

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, Place 2

Continued from Page 22 work ethic in 2015, I was named by the judges “Clerk of the Year” for the State of Texas. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Pearland High School and continued my education, receiving degrees in accounting and court reporting. As a court reporter, I have observed court proceedings and the manner in which a court should be conducted. I understand that both parties to a case really want their sides heard fairly and justly, regardless of the type of case. Additionally, I am the most qualified candidate to handle the duties of the office of Justice of the Peace on the first day and every day thereafter. I am very familiar with arraignment hearings, magistration, warrants, as well as criminal and civil proceedings, all

of which will most likely take place the first week on the job. What are the biggest issues facing your district? In my opinion, the biggest issue facing this district, as well as the State of Texas, is the fines, fee and court costs assessed to citizens who have difficulty paying them. I will work to find a way in which to collect these costs that will be agreeable to the citizens and to the state. Truancy (students not attending school) is another common issue. It is important for students and parents alike to understand the effects of not attending class. Because I understand this need, I created a scholarship for truancy students to continue their education through a trade school or college, and I will continue providing this opportunity.

105 S. Gordon 2925 South Bypass 35 1524 E. Mulberry, Room 144 451 N. Velasco 620 S. Brooks 4283 FM 521 108 E. Main 6115 5th St. 410 Brazosport Blvd. 333 Hwy 332 East 7313 Corporate Dr. 3633 CR 58 3210 FM 523 4805 W. Broadway 4141 Bailey Road 2803 Business Center Dr. #101 1850 Broadway 2715 Southwyck Parkway 3522 Liberty Dr. 2150 Countryplace Parkway 1800 N. Brazosport Blvd. 205 W. Ashley Wilson Road 121 N. 10th St.

Experience Matters Justice Court Clerk Since 2009

Clerk Director and Board Member of Texas

Clerk of the Year, 2015

Justice Court Judges Association



Justice of the Peace

Precinct 3, Place 2 Experienced • Dependable • Dedicated to Justice The Republican Primary is: March 6, 2018

Early Voting starts: February 20, 2018

Pol. Adv. paid for by Sondra Gajevsky Campaign Fund, Rhonda Barchak, Treasurer

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CALL 1-855-579-5299





2018 Primary Election Preview  
2018 Primary Election Preview