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New NCAA president Perez says Rose supports tougher penalties belongs in Hall

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Incoming NCAA President Mark Emmert wants to get tough on rule-breakers. He also wants the governing body to get cozier with pro sports leagues and players’ unions. Sound like a strange combination? Emmert said it’s all part of a bigger plan to help police everything from unsavory agents to schools that ignore the rules. “I’m really pleased with how we’re working with the universities and colleges to try to correct behaviors that are not in the school’s best interests,” Emmert said in a phone interview Tuesday from Seattle. “Under my leadership, we’re not going to see any diminutive effect of that effort. But I like where we’re going right now.” The direction of the NCAA is clear: Those kinder, gentler days are giving way to a new, tougher approach. In June, after spending nearly 20 months debating harsher sanctions for rule-breakers, the NCAA hit Southern Cal with the most severe penalties in years. The football program received a two-year bowl ban — the first time any school faced that penalty since Alabama completed its probation in 2003 — and barely avoided getting hit with the first television ban since 1996. Now, with an increasing number of high-profile programs under scrutiny — Alabama, North Carolina, Michi-

gan, Florida, South Carolina and Georgia among them — the penalty phase is getting more attention. And Emmert thinks it is time to get tough. “I can’t talk about any one of those cases, but the fact that we’ve got strong enforcement going on, I think, is a good thing,” he said. It’s not just coaches and athletic departments Emmert is worried about. The NCAA has launched a widespread investigation into athletes who may have had improper contacts with agents. Two players — Alabama’s Marcell Dareus and Georgia’s A.J. Green — already have been punished. Emmert said he is taking steps to ensure this does not become a trend. He has already contacted the pro leagues and representatives from various players’ associations and he hasn’t ruled out lobbying states to enforce their own statutes regarding sports agents. An Associated Press examination earlier this year found that many

of those laws are unused. “It’s going to take a collective effort with the leagues and the players associations, the coaches, the student-athletes themselves, to find out what the real tools are that we can use,” Emmert said. “The NCAA’s role is pulling all of the parties together. There’s no one silver bullet here. “I’ve been involved with most of those (key) players in various stages, and it’s very early in the process. But I’m very encouraged with the progress we’re making.” Emmert doesn’t take office until the first week of October, and he’s still meeting with NCAA employees and working out details of the transition. But at least university presidents know the soon-to-be University of Washington ex-president, who wants tougher penalties, understands the challenges of running a clean athletic program. “It’s very complicated, a highly dynamic environment,” he said. “Around elite athletes, there are always people who see an opportunity to make money in the future, so the opportunities for those things are sort of omnipresent and what the university president and athletic directors have to do is be as rigorous as they can with what the university stands for, their values and be very attentive to it. “And even then, sometimes, that (rules violations) happens.”

MLB schedule in 2011 features early start NEW YORK (AP) — The major league baseball schedule for 2011 features a midweek start in March, a midweek ending in September and the Chicago Cubs’ first visit to Fenway Park in nearly 100 years. The new-look grid is designed to meet commissioner Bud Selig’s goal: to have the World Series over in October. Game 7 this year is set for Nov. 4. Five openers are scheduled for Thursday, March 31, with games at Cincinnati, Washington, St. Louis, Kansas City and Yankee Stadium. One of them is expected to be moved up to the night of March 30. Starting in 1999, the season had been slated to

DENVER (AP) — The Western Athletic Conference has filed a lawsuit to force Nevada and Fresno State to stay in the league through the 2011-12 school year before leaving for the Mountain West Conference. WAC commissioner Karl Benson said Tuesday on a conference call that the league filed a complaint last week in Jefferson County District Court in Colorado. “The damages the WAC could incur if Fresno State and Nevada left early are very, very significant,” Benson said. “That’s what has driven this: to protect the assets of the WAC as a corporate entity.” Benson said WAC by-

start on either a Sunday night or Monday afternoon — except for some special neutral-site trips. The regular season is set to end on Wednesday, Sept. 28, with games such as Philadelphia-Atlanta, Colorado-San Francisco and Yankees-Tampa Bay. The last time a season finished on any day other than Sunday was 1990. This new way, the playoffs could begin in September. The Cubs open interleague play on May 20 with

a three-game series in Boston. The Cubs last played at Fenway Park in the 1918 World Series — they also played regularseason games at Fenway against the Boston Braves in 1914-15, STATS LLC said. “Maybe it would be fun. It’s good, no matter whether it’s Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium, and it’s a new city for me. I’ve never been to Boston,” Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano said before Tuesday night’s game at St. Louis. Interleague play began in 1997, and the only Cubs-Red Sox series since then was in 2005 at Wrigley Field. After a weekend of in-

terleague action in May, the rest of the AL vs. NL matchups will take place from June 17-July 3. The Yankees will visit Wrigley Field, the Los Angeles Dodgers will be at Target Field and St. Louis travels to Camden Yards. The Florida Marlins will open their final season at Sun Life Stadium on April 1 against the New York Mets. The Marlins move into a new ballpark in 2012. The Cardinals play at Dodger Stadium on April 15, which is Jackie Robinson Day throughout the majors. The All-Star game is scheduled for July 12 in Arizona.

laws state members must inform the conference it is leaving for another league by July 1 or that departing member is obligated to stay through the next two school years. Nevada and Fresno State announced they had accepted invitations to the MWC on July 18 and both have indicated they would like to leave the WAC and be in their new conference for the 2011 football season. Benson said he has contacted the leaders of Nevada and Fresno State, seeking assurances that they will remain in the WAC through June 30, 2012. But those assurances have not come,

he said. “I thought the filing of the complaint would initiate some discussion,” Benson said. But Nevada and Fresno State have still not contacted the commissioner, Benson said. Both presidents expressed dismay in statements released by their schools. “It is unfortunate that this matter has moved to litigation before any discussions between the parties were undertaken. We have been very public about our desire to resolve these matters directly with the Western Athletic Conference and to do so as expeditiously as possi-

ble,” Nevada president Milt Glick said in a statement Fresno president Dr. John Welty said: “We’ve been advised by the WAC that it has initiated legal action. That is unfortunate. We believe that all the issues can be resolved through discussion rather than through costly legal proceedings.” The WAC also expects Nevada and Fresno State to pay a $5 million exit fee. Benson said the fee is not mentioned in the lawsuit and is a separate issue. Boise State accepted an invitation from the Mountain West Conference in early June and will leave the WAC after this season.

WAC sues Nevada, Fresno State

Kick, Continued from 1B

then got into the altercation. The offical briefly stopped the contest, but never handed out any penalties. “I understand it was after the play, but how you don’t card a player and have him removed from a game is beyond me,” said Alpena coach Jeff Gilmet. Aside from the aggressiveness of the second half, the first half was highlighted by a slow start from the Wildcats. Alpena had trouble getting anything going on offense until the final moments of the half when it had a couple of good opportunities in which it couldn’t convert. Part of Alpena’s ineffectiveness on offense stemmed from losing sweeper Jake Kendziorski last week in a game against Tawas. “I had to make some adjustments. Garrett Mead is usually up front, but he played sweeper a little with Nick Wilson back there. The team needed some time to get the chemistry going,” said Gilmet. “All in all the boys played a great game. Obviously we wanted to win. We were right there. We had three or four opportunities right on the goal step. I felt like after we had such a slow start the boys were on fire.” With Alpena trying to work out the kinks with its new defense, Cadillac got

on the board in the ninth minute of the game on a goal by Kyle Dickinson. That lead stood up despite a couple headers that were just off the mark by the Wildcats, including one by Ben Gould that hit off the crossbar, along with a

MIAMI (AP) — Hall of Famer Tony Perez says former teammate Pete Rose has changed and deserves induction. An emotional Rose was contrite after being roasted Saturday at a casino near Cincinnati, said Perez, one of several former Reds in attendance. Perez said Rose cried as he spoke at the end of the event. “He talked about he disrespected the game,” Perez said Tuesday. “He apologized to everybody, to us, to the fans, to baseball. He was very emotional. He got to me, too.” The banished all-time hits king made a rare on-field appearance earlier Saturday while the Reds commemorated the 25th anniversary of his record-setting hit No. 4,192. Rose agreed to a lifetime ban in 1989 for gambling on baseball. After long denying guilt, he acknowledged in a 2004 autobiography that he bet on Reds games. Rose is barred from the Hall of Fame because of his ban, but Perez said his ex-teammate deserves to become a member. “I would love to see it,” Perez said. “He’s a different guy now. He’s changed. I believe it. He knows he made a big mistake. He apologized late, but he’s doing it. He said he was wrong.”

Bush, Continued from 1B the 2005 Heisman will be vacated or given to Young remains to be seen. “Reg will continue to be the 2005 Award recipient and I will continue to be honored to have been in the 2005 Heisman campaign with such a talented athlete,” Young posted on his Twitter account. Allegations of improper benefits to Bush and his family were first reported by Yahoo! Sports in September 2006, months after Bush had already been drafted No. 2 overall by the Saints. The NCAA and Pac-10 began investigating him and the USC football program soon afterward, and Bush immediately denied any wrongdoing. One of the marketing agents, Lloyd Lake, sued Bush in trying to recoup nearly $300,000 in cash and gifts. Eventually, the case was settled and Bush never had to publicly tell his side of the story. In handing out its penalties, the NCAA cited USC for a lack of institutional control. Its report cited numerous improper benefits for Bush and former basketball player O.J. Mayo, who spent just one year with the Trojans. The penalties included the loss of 30 football scholarships over three years and vacating 14 victories in which Bush played from December 2004 through the 2005 season. USC, under coach Pete Carroll, beat Oklahoma in the BCS title game on Jan. 4, 2005, and won 12 games during Bush’s Heisman-winning season, which ended with a loss to Texas in the 2006 BCS title game. After the 2009 season, Carroll left USC to take over as coach of the NFL’s Seat-

tle Seahawks. “It is my hope that this situation serves as a teachable moment to all involved, especially for the young athletes and university and high school administrators of tomorrow,” Carroll said in a statement. In July, USC replaced athletic director Mike Garrett with Pat Haden, and one of the first moves Haden made was returning USC’s copy of Bush’s Heisman Trophy. “It was a very noble thing for Reggie to do,” Haden said. “In my opinion, he made the right decision. It was a thoughtful decision by Reggie. “It’s never a good thing to give a Heisman back. But at the end of the day, USC did the right thing when we gave our Heisman back and now Reggie did, too.” Bush’s decision ends four years of questions, debate and turmoil surrounding allegations that tainted one of the great performances in college football history. “It doesn’t matter if he gives it back. Everyone still knows Reggie Bush was the best player that year. Look at the runs. He was clearly the best player,” said Johnny Rodgers, 1972 Heisman winner from Nebraska. “O.J. Simpson got accused of a murder and they didn’t take his back. That was a far greater allegation, and they didn’t find O.J. guilty on that.” Former Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch, who won the Heisman in 2001, called it a “sad day.” Eddie George, the 1995 Heisman winner from Ohio State, felt the same way: “I don’t think he should’ve gave his Heisman away. I think it’s a shame that it’s come to this for Reggie.”

Comedian C omedian B Bryan r ya n McCree M c C re e Friday, September 17th

missed rebound attempt by Wikaryasz. The loss leaves the Wildcats as the last winless team in Big North Conference play, though Gilmet was happy with his team’s effort. “I’m proud of the boys,” he said. “We knew we had

some adversity to overcome with the loss of Kendziorski. They really hustled well up front in the second half.”

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Registration Tuesday, September 14th, 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, September 15th, 6 to 8 p.m. 30. 00 FeeDueatRegistration NoLateSignups Intereste...