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May 2014 | Volume I | ISSUE II

The Ali Ledger The Official Publication of Division 14 of the New Jersey District of Key Club International

In this issue:  Kiwanis Family  Spring Regional Training Conference  Eliminate Project  Public Relations Committee  International Conference  Contact Information

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The Kiwanis Family This is the only service The Kiwanis Family conclub for adults with sists of Kiwanis Internadisabilities in which tional, Aktion Club, Circle they develop initiative K International, Key Club, and leadership skills through hands-on service. These adults return to the Builders Club, and K-Kids. community the benefits, help, and caring they have received.

Kiwanis International is a global volunteer service for adults. These Kiwanians all share the same goal: To serve the children of the world. It is your job as key clubbers to keep in contact with your sponsoring Kiwanis Club as it will make your club stronger and receive guidance and support.

K-Kids is a studentled community service club that teaches elementary students the value of helping others through participation in community service projects and club activities. It’s never too late to start a new K-Family around you. Contact

As you all know, Key Club is a student-led organization that provides high school students with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership skills.

Circle K is a collegiate service program sponsored by Kiwanis International that promotes service, leadership, and fellowship. Every year Circle K has a picnic in which all the different branches of the KFamily come together. This year’s picnic will be held on July 20, in Toms River, New Jersey. Circle K wants input from Key Club members and Kiwanis members so I encourage you all to attend. Feel free to contact your ltg for more information. Page 2

your ltg for more information.

Builders Club is the largest service organization that allows middle school and junior high students to work together and develop servantleader skills as they serve their school and community.

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Spring Regional Training Conference

Mount Service: From Zero to Hero Hello fellow Key Clubbers! This year, we decided to go with a Greek theme for RTCs. The Northern Spring Regional Training Conference was held at Roxbury High School on May 4th, 2014 and Southern Spring Regional Conference was held at Cedar Creek High School on May 10th, 2014. Regional Training conferences are conferences in which Key Clubbers in a specific region come together and learn various workshops that help strengthen their clubs. These include workshops about the roles of officers, service project ideas, how to recruit & keep members, fundraising ideas, public speaking, partners of service, the Eliminate Project, advocacy and more. Don’t worry if The agenda for the Northern and Southern RTCs were the same. you were un- They both began with information presented by District Governor able to attend Samantha Levisay, District Secretary Jacqueline Dragon, District Treasurer Daniel McCormack, District Editor Patrick Quinn, Disthe Spring RTCs. There’s trict Webmaster Srikar Gudipati, and Lieutenant Governors who going to be attended. After this, key clubbers went to their various workshops another RTC and had lunch right after all sessions were over. During the lunch in the Fall for period, there were raffles and prizes were given out. you to attend! Overall, the Northern & Southern Spring Regional Training Conferences were both a huge success!

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Salutations Key Clubbers! This year, the New Jersey District has once again chosen the Eliminate Project as the District Project! The Eliminate Project is a global effort to eradicate maternal and neonatal tetanus, a life-threatening disease that takes the life of one baby every 9 minutes, from this world. A baby that is infected with tetanus only lives between 3 and 7 days, dying after suffering excruciating pain and sensitivity to light and touch. In 2010, Kiwanis International teamed up with the Eliminate Project to help in the effort to rid the world of tetanus. With 25 countries remaining still afflicted with the disease, and one more year left in the Eliminate Project campaign, Kiwanis and Key Club International are making their best efforts to help the Project reach its goal. This year, the New Jersey District of Key Club has set a fundraising goal of: $109,325.15, representing the following: • 10: For 2010, the year Kiwanis and the Eliminate Project joined forces to eradicate tetanus. • 9: For the one baby that dies of tetanus every 9 minutes. • 3: For the series of 3 vaccinations needed to immunize a mother and her future babies. • 25: For the 25 countries that remain affected by MNT • 15: For 2015, the year the Eliminate Project campaign ends. The only way to achieve this goal is with the help of all of you! Do what you can to benefit the Eliminate Project. Throw some of your biggest events yet, like sports tournaments, pie-eating contests, or Penny Wars; even small projects, like bake sales and Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF are all great ways to benefit the Eliminate Project. Every donation matters! To find more information on fundraising ideas, visit Happy fundraising! Page 4

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Public Relations Committee A message from the Public Relations Committee of the New Jersey District of Key Club International: The New Jersey Key Club has big plans for this service year. Lieutenant Governors David Guirgis, Jae Shin, Darren Khong, Harsh Patel, Webmaster Srikar Gudipati, and I, District Editor Patrick Quinn, are excited to serve you all in this committee. This great group of people has hit the ground running together as we are already hard at work on our committee directives. We started off by making flyers for the Spring Regional Training Conferences. If you saw them, you would see our attempt to follow the theme established by the Regional Training Conference Committee: Greek Mythology. We also created a flyer for the District Project Steering Committee which was used for Eliminate Week. Our Publicize SubCommittee recently finished work on two presentations: One presentation is for Lieutenant Governors to use at Divisional Council Meetings which advertises Regional Training Conference; the other is one on Fall Rally which will be used at the Regional Training Conference. Now as we submerge ourselves into the roles we have in this committee, we are making big plans for the future. Commercials have always been a great way to promote district events; we plan to do a commercial for the fall Regional Training Conferences as well as one for Fall Rally. Expect to see those by August along with other promotional materials for these events. Overall we have an excited committee ready to serve the district. We hope to reach out and help all who are in need of help. My Co-Chairperson, David, and I are ready to put a lot of work in public relations and we hope to lead the committee to successfully achieve our goals.

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Contact Information Samantha Levisay District Governor Email:

Jacqueline Dragon District Secretary Email:

Daniel McCormack District Treasurer Email:

Patrick Quinn District Editor Email:

Srikar Gudipati District Webmaster Email:

Latifa Ali LTG of Division 14 Email:

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The Ali Ledger Volume I Issue II  
The Ali Ledger Volume I Issue II