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Eighteenth Edition // January 2013

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THE OPENING Eighteenth Edition – January 2013 Fresh from our adventurous trip to the heart of Africa, we reflect back with a smile in our eye and a chest filled with pride on our very first wedding of 2013. The Aleit Wedding team flew up to Zambia to execute and perfect a high profile wedding, the likes of which Africa has never before experienced. Twenty two of Cape Town’s top and most exclusive service providers flew up in order to be a part of this remarkable wedding. And what a wedding it was! At least 12 000 Vendella roses were specially imported, creating an oasis of beauty amidst the harsh African backdrop. These opulent floral pieces were enhanced by cut crystal glassware, King Silver cutlery, royal embroidered Damask linen, thousands and thousands of metres of Tulle, and enjoyed by guests from all corners of the globe. Pre- and post events of note included an exquisite dinner on the evening before the wedding as well as adrenaline pumping Safari and Lion Walks. You know it’s a fantastically efficacious wedding when Johnny, the Creative Director and head coordinator, takes a bit of an exhaustion-inspired nap on the table at 04:00AM! The wedding party as well as The Aleit Group wedding team was hosted in the exquisite Royal Livingstone Hotel. Situated on the banks of the Zambezi river, this five star destination hotel is a stone’s throw from the grandiose Victoria Waterfalls. This was most certainly one of our most amazing and memorable destination weddings to date. In between set up, the A team had unforgettable opportunities to really bond. Walks over the Victoria Falls Bridge, challenging mountain hikes down to the Boiling Pots and swims to cool off under naturally fresh mountain streams. The successful and beautiful event was celebrated by the Aleit team and all service professionals from CT, in true Aleit fun style, with a boozy boat cruise during sunset the day after the event.

Breakdown lasted eight hours. It certainly was an experience never to be forgotten, what a way to kick off 2013! 2012 Was a landmark year in that I was presented with the opportunity to hone my skills as a presenter and lifestyle editor for De Kat TV and De Kat Magazine; and I can proudly announce that my role as presenter will be reprised in the 2013 season of the fantastically successful De Kat TV. We did so many amazing shoots in 2012 it is difficult to select favourites, however two that really stood out for me was firstly, the event we covered on board the SA Agulhas II which was docked at the V&A Waterfront at the time, an amazing research ship built in Finland and a truly magnificent event. Another memorable shoot we did was the launch of the brand new Uwe Koetter showroom in the trendy Cape Quarter lifestyle center. This showroom also boasts our brand new Aleit Group office…one which we are quite proud of. What more can I say, 2013 has gotten off to such an amazing start. With stunning wedding couples, amazing corporate clients, wonderful students that have just enrolled, and great challenging bookings, it can only get better. Watch this space for many more inspiring changes within the Aleit Group…2013 is going to be a big one!

Kind Regards, Aleit Swanepoel Founder and CEO - The Aleit Group



RYNO BAKKES We headed off to the exquisite Lourensford Estate where we had a chat to Sales and Marketing Executive, Ryno Bakkes. Armed with a bottle of sparkling mineral water and a view to die for, we found out more about the man behind the venue. Q: You have been involved with sales and marketing within The Aleit Group for almost two years now. How did you come by this exciting post? A: Well, it started with me going for an interview. I actually applied for the academy executive position. The interview went very well, but the group had something else in mind for me. A new position had been created – that of sales and marketing executive. Although I have never studied anything related to sales and marketing, I have always had a knack for it. I recall one instance in primary school where we received the task of selling flower bulbs for a competition. I went out one evening and started taking the sales quite seriously. When I finally got home, needless to say way after my curfew, my folks were freaking out. I got the hiding of my life, but I won the damn competition. Q: You mentioned that you didn’t study anything related to sales. Tell us about your journey before The Aleit Group. A: I attended an agricultural school, not because I come from a farming background - I wanted to play good rugby and be in the best Afrikaans school possible. After that I headed off to Bloemfontein to study medicine for a year. We did one course that put me off the South African medical industry completely - maybe a doctor in another country, but definitely not in South Africa. I completed the year and travelled over to England and did the whole gap year thing. While over there I travelled the entire Europe, seeing every country except two. When my visa expired it was time to get smart again. So I did a BSC in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology - I can make you glow in the dark if you want to. This was followed by a law degree through Unisa, which I’m currently busy with. Whilst studying I saw the advertisement for a position at The Aleit Group, and well, the rest is history.

Q: The events industry is demanding as is. How do you cope with your job and your studies? A: I have always been good at time management and prioritising. Of course I do get a bit ruffled sometimes! It’s at times like these that I just sit down and get quiet for a little while, sorting out the most important bits and reprioritising. It’s great to have extra hands around now - for a long time it was just me. Meagan is on board now and she helps out a lot. I’ve always got a little list in my head of stuff that needs to be done and it always helps to have extra people here that can take care of that. Q: What are you planning for 2013? A: We’ve got a lot of weddings and events lined up for this season. We are bringing quite a few festivals here this year again – this is something we all enjoy working on and would definitely love to expand on. We are also experimenting with a few new ideas. I don’t want to share too much now, but we are looking at a summer concert in the park venture, as well as an old school drive in movie experience with a massive LED screen. Lourensford has so much potential – our options are endless. Q: Having worked very closely with Aleit, and being in a relationship with one of his former PA’s you must certainly know a lot about the man. What makes Aleit such a success in this industry? A: Definitely his personality. He has an absolutely infectious personality – a born entertainer and host. It has to be his honest, loving nature that just spills out. In the industry he is an absolute perfectionist – it almost borders on OCD. It is a combination of this intense eye for detail and his flamboyant personality that has earned him his position within the events industry.


EVENTS // 09

12/12/12 The twelfth of the twelfth of the twelfth marked a significant date on Cape Town’s social calendar, as The Aleit Group hosted the yearend of all yearends. Set in the historical Cape Town City Hall, this fantastic event brought together an exquisite mix of classical architecture and modern entertainment to create a magical setting for an unforgettable night. The guest list comprised of Cape Town’s who’s who. The historical Cape Town City Hall was the perfect backdrop for this once in a lifetime event. The unique, large Edwardian building, built in 1905, is situated in the heart of Cape Town. The grand auditorium, regularly used for concerts and adorned with rows of chairs, was completely transformed for this event. Red carpets welcomed guests and made them feel like royalty as they entered the venue. Waitrons, stylishly fitted with sunglasses, greeted guests with ice cold bubbly and iced tea. The old, historic theme was carried over by projecting black and white movies against the walls of the pre-drinks area. Guests were wowed at the unveiling of the auditorium - Victorian meets Cape Town nightclub. Dramatic music led up to a blackout where the large pipe organ started playing. Models showed off their beautiful bodies and designer clothes on the catwalk where the crowd simply couldn’t get enough of them. The entertainment continued with international rappers followed by a DJ enticing guests onto the dance floor. Live drummers created an interactive playground for guests deep into the night. A royal opulent setting, dressed with an unforgettable line up of world class entertainers, and trendy, Cape Town décor created the ultimate setting for the most exclusive year end event yet to hit The Mother city.



How did you meet? We met on a night out in our local pub ‘The Warehouse’. He never managed to get my number that night, and only had my first name and the fact that I studied at Huddersfield University to go with. He searched Facebook for 3 hours just to find and ask me out on a date. How did he propose? He flew me to the Caribbean for a wonderful 2 week holiday. On my birthday, he took me to sea world to swim with Dolphins - my childhood dream. When we returned to our hotel, he proposed to me on the beach while we were having cocktails! The best moment of the day: Definitely the Speeches - especially Gareth’s Tell us more about the honeymoon: We went to Mauritius and stayed in Lux Belle Mare. Once there Gareth pre-upgraded us to the villa, where we had a private swimming pool & garden and our very own personal butler. Apart from the one off activity we really utilised the villa, spending a lot time sun bathing, eating, drinking etc. Something good or great about us: The Aleit team is very flexible, and able to deal with problems with ease. No task is too big or too small. Advice to future Brides and Grooms: Organisation is key! Always have contingency plans, and if you can’t afford a professional wedding planner throughout the whole planning stage, definitely consider having someone on the wedding day!! Neither the bride nor groom should have to deal with little problems, or the setting up of your wedding day on the day!

WEDDINGS // 21 13




SUSIE & CHRISTO DIEU DONNÉ GUEST FARM What was your experience of the day? It was truly the best day of our lives so far! How did you meet? We met back in 2003 through friends at a disco, Christo asked me to dance and here we are today! The best moment of the day: Susie: Walking down the aisle and entering the reception with Christo - seeing all the guests cheering - it was very overwhelming! It was also the first time I saw all the emails come together regarding table flowers and dÊcor. It was perfect! Christo: Seeing Susie walk down the aisle was breathtaking! It was also good to see all the guests looking so happy and relaxed throughout the whole day. Something good or great about us: Simone was fantastic at every moment of planning, the service provided from Aleit wedding co-ordination was perfect from start to finish! Tell us more about the honeymoon: We chose a relaxing honeymoon to Mauritius for 9 nights at the Heritage Awali resort and spa. It was just the right length of time and exactly what was needed after the wedding as we did nothing! Advice to future Brides and Grooms: If Aleit is planning the wedding it will be perfect so really there is no point in worrying! The day goes by so quickly - just take time throughout the day to take it all in!


LESLEY & DIRK GRANDE PROVENCE How did you meet? Dirk’s sister, Fina, set up a blind date for the two of us in Amsterdam. How did he propose? On a bench in the snow in the French Alps. More about your wedding day: The ceremony was at the stunning Dutch Reformed Church in Franschhoek. A beautiful African singer entertained guests during pre-dinner, followed by an unforgettable reception at Grande Provence. Aleit transformed an already beautiful setting into a paradise. The best moment of the day: Everything was so perfect it’s difficult to choose - saying our vows in the church and of course arriving at Grande Provence, seeing the beautiful surprise that Aleit and his team had created. Tell us more about the honeymoon: We celebrated a lovely honeymoon at Umngazi In the Transkei Something good or great about us: We had such fun working with the Aleit team - this was half the fun of planning the wedding. They are true professionals who love what they do and really treat each couple as VIP clients. No wish is impossible for them. They managed to interpret our personalities and wishes into creating the most beautiful day. Advice to future Brides and Grooms: Trust in Aleit and his team. Don’t be afraid to let go and let them do their job, leaving you stress free to enjoy your perfect day.




2012 YEAR ENDS The brainstorming commenced early for the 2012 Year ends, to be hosted in five different cities within a few days of each other! This is always an exciting time for the Events team as everyone gets to sit around a table and throw around ideas, being as creative as possible. Our brief from the client was to have a fun, yet visible theme and bring in exciting elements for guests to be entertained throughout the course of the evening. The one overshadowing element of the brief was that the year-end had to be interactive... While brainstorming, we came up with a couple of concepts, one of them being the “American Diner” theme. We went back and forth on the other themes, but kept going back to the “American Diner” as our favourite! This theme also lent itself to having every element being interactive, from the food stations, to the entertainment. We presented this to the client and low and behold – they loved it!! This must have been one of the most fun themes we have had to work with to date, really allowing us to utilise all those creative juices to the max. Baby pink and blue checkered dance floors, old school red diner seating areas, sixties style sweet cabinets overflowing with good old favourites, flamingo printed scattered cushions as well as beautiful fresh pastel Hydrangeas. We even had a vintage pink Cadillac parked cheekily at the entrance which guests ogled at they entered the tent. One of the major trends last year was pastels. Our clever theme allowed us to be fun and funky with pastels, but keep to the edgy and new. Each element stood out beautifully on the white backdrop of food stations and selected furniture pieces. Guests were welcomed with trays of arrival drinks once again and this year we decided on double thick milkshake shots – what more would you expect from an American Diner?! Our custom made bars were branded with cleverly designed vinyl art to add to the décor and pastel colours. The coffee bars also catered anything from cappuccinos to mocha java’s for those not drinking alcohol as well as the night owls looking for their caffeine fix! The food stations played a big role and the idea was to make this as guest - friendly as possible... There was definitely no lack of food options either, Stir Food once again blew guests out of the water with imaginative and inspired takes on old Diner classics.

EVENTS // 43


The mini hamburgers, hotdogs, roti’s, southern fried chicken with fries and nibbles (to mention a few) were such amazing bites! The elements that definitely brought out the child in every attendee however, were the Dessert’s! The stations included a milkshake, ice cream, popcorn, doughnut and candy floss station – our little version of heaven... Our professional staff manning all the stations were also dressed in pastel striped aprons to add to the fun theme element. An arcade corner was the perfect entertainment for guests to test their skills in Wii, Foosball and the real old arcade consoles with the likes of Pacman! A vintage jukebox added to the theme and was displayed in front of the DJ booth. This had the guests dancing the night away in style. The entertainment line-up for the events was carefully thought through and Soweto’s finest dancers warmed up guests on the dance floor, followed by a few well known DJ’s including DJ Loyd, DJ Lulo Café and DJ Kent who made sure guests were entertained to the max! Guests were ensured of a safe journey home with shuttles or the option of a personal driver at the end of their night. We then sped across the country trying our best to duplicate these awesome evenings so that each and every guest got the very best and original American Diner experience. Watch out America, here we come!”



EVENTS // 49




LOURENSFORD WINE ESTATE Lourensford is most certainly a “Jewel among the Winelands”. Home to town of Somerset West and nestled in the fertile basin of the Helderberg Mountains, lies the prestigious Wine Estate, Lourensford. Its proud history joins with a dynamic new vision producing a connoisseur among South African brands which has become a well-recognized icon with a trademark of true style and sophistication. Apart from being a trendy venue for local and international events, the Estate embraces its natural charm – yielding an array of organic produce from honey to cheese and exquisite wines. In 2011 Lourensford upgraded its venue and rebranded it as Laurent. The newly renovated Laurent is an architectural masterpiece which stands royally overlooking the rolling lawns of Lourensford’s Polo Fields and extending its view from the majestic mountains to the nearby ocean. This can aptly be named the best of both worlds, and sets the scene to be a perfect backdrop for any exceptional occasion. A beautiful setting paves the way to a beautiful function, and you’ll find this to be true when you set foot on the glorious Estate where Cape Dutch grandeur combines with sleek and modern architecture. Laurent presents a clean, yet elaborate canvas, complete with detailed crystal chandeliers and a veranda that overlooks the entire Estate. Lourensford proved itself as a leading destination for large scale festivals such as the much-anticipated Kamers Vol Geskenke craft market, celebrating its 10th birthday in 2012 settling in at Lourensford Wine Estate for its sevenday creative showcase from 21 October 27 October 2012. It is so exciting to experience the constant evolution of this magnificent venue into a cultural hub and a proudly South African setting for truly iconic events. PHOTOGRAPHER: CATHINE MAC


THE ACADEMY The Aleit Academy bid farewell to our 3rd years of 2012 last year and are missing them already! We thought we would update you as to where a few of them are and what they are up to…

Lindi van Heerden Project Manager – Aleit Events


Vivacious, kinetic, sociable and optimistic are only a few words that describe Lindi. After joining The Aleit Group family in the middle of 2012 as Project Manager for the events team, Lindi focused her attention on private events and large corporate functions. Deciding to relocate to Sandton was no difficult choice for her, having the advantage of being young and unattached, Lindi grabbed the opportunity when it arose. The Johannesburg branch was quite a challenge in the beginning and adapting to the busy lifestyle took a while for her. “Working for The Aleit Group these past few months has been the most difficult, most fun and satisfying experience I have ever had and I’m excited; looking forward to 2013 and all the possibilities it holds!” says Lindi.

Cassandra Eichhoff Event and Staff Manager for Thirst Bar Services





“Wow, what an incredible past three years it has been - I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing companies, inspiring people and my passion for the events industry has grown outrageously” says Cassandra, a recently graduated student from the Aleit Academy. Her plans for 2013 are slowly and surely falling into place. “Thirst Bar Services are a creative cocktail and premium mobile bar service based in Cape Town. With all that I have learned throughout the years, I’d like to extend their training section into a full-time running Bar Academy, whereby we’ll train the ultimate bar and waitron staff for Cape Town’s biggest parties and festivals.” says Cassandra. She is looking forward to doing various courses, such as molecular and brand mixology to upgrade her skills within the bar services and at a later stage teach those who have the same flair for the industry. “It will take a few solid months for me to get where I’d like to be, but I’m up for the challenge - I’m young, wild and free... and ready to get my hands dirty!”

Bruce Thurtell Manager – Shake and Serve Bruce is enthusiastic and hard working and always ready for a new challenge. Being apart of The Aleit Academy, he has been exposed to all the different elements in the hospitality industry and has found his passion for the service industry. Bruce has been given the opportunity to take his talents and knowledge to a new level with Shake and Serve. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help with anything and will bring a new meaning to the service industry. I love going to work every day as I get to deal with people, interact with staff and enjoy the satisfaction of executing functions to the best of my abilities. It makes me happy to make other people happy. BRUCE



FEATURES | THE ACADEMY Kirsty Hartmann Project Manager – The Aleit Group




Kirsty was snatched up by The Aleit Group half way through her 3rd and final year with the Academy and absolutely jumped at the opportunity! Working alongside Johnny and of course Aleit, Kirsty has been mentored by the best. Thrown in the deep end and finding that she was not only a strong swimmer but could stand firmly on her own two feet, Kirsty is thoroughly enjoying the responsibilities of her new role within the Group. Kirsty has already executed two weddings on her own and has four coming up for 2013 with a couple more on the horizon that she still needs to charm into signing on the dotted line… “I am loving being around such creative and energetic people and learning more and more each day. It’s fantastic to finally be the one in control with all the answers! I feel that 2013 is going to be my year so watch this space!” says Kirsty.

Fanie Fourie Project Manager and Media Liaison – The Aleit Group As he finished his final internship with The Aleit Group at the end of 2012, marking the completion of his studies with The Aleit Academy, Fanie was offered a position within the group that he simply couldn’t resist. The dream job – that of Project Manager and Media Liaison. This combined the two things that make Fanie tick – designing functions and journalism all in one breath. “The journey so far has been exhilarating, and I simply cannot wait to see what the year ahead holds.” says Fanie FA NI E FO UR IE

Leandri de Leeuw Food, Beverage and Events Manager for Cape Pillars Boutique Guest House



“Wow! Can’t believe three years have passed already – it feels like it was only yesterday that I took my first steps into the big world of events management.” Says Leandri. Lola (as she is known in the Group) is now working at one of Durbanville’s most exclusive Guest Houses, Cape Pillars Boutique Guest House. Leandri completed an internship there last year February and was assisting in the kitchen and helping with the all the conferences. Now she finds herself running them! Leandri had the following to say “It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you are capable of managing something that only a few people are able to. Catering, marketing and managing are all part of my job, I can only be thankful for being part of the Aleit Academy which taught me everything I know today and making my job seem like a walk in the park.”

Meagan Bridger Venue Manager at Lourensford Wine Estate The New Year has started off with quite a bang for Meagan working a Lourensford Wine Estate. Even though for the rest of January the venue is pretty quiet, Meagan has made contact with all her couples with whom she will be working with to coordinate their weddings. The planning has been set in motion and it’s full steam ahead from here on. Meagan likes to be in control of her work; she prefers to get the small things sorted before the rush begins, with the venue having weddings every weekend for most of the year. Meagan is certainly easing into the New Year and believes this is going to be a great, yet very busy year with a lot to look forward to...




TO CLOSE IT OFF The Aleit Group is hitting 2013 with a BANG!!! Our renowned excellence and innovative ideas will continue to captivate the industy throughout the upcoming year. The Aleit Academy has recently been refreshed with a new sillabus and a brand new bunch of 1st Year students - Their most exciting year lies ahead! The Aleit Wedding coordinators have had an eccentric start to the year as they set up for one of the most beautiful weddings in Zambia while the Event coordinators were already working full steam ahead on new innovative ideas to blow the industry away. We look forward to impressing every new client with the superior service they deserve. Hospitality has been listed amongst the fastest-growing industries in the world prior to the 2005 recession. We are proud to say that this trend is decreasing its intensity. An industry that was fragile in excistence, is now a competitive and profitable venture in South Africa’s economy. There are many diverse sectors in the hospitality industry however and vital to all areas is competent and efficient service. A high degree of satisfaction should be the ultimate goal. Event and conference planning has moved from an amateur occupation to a full professional operation, with highly skilled trained staff and specialisation within the company involved.The expansion of convenience services has forced hospitality business

entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves and ascertain the competitive advantage needed to succeed in this volatile market. Positive globalisation is the result of the high standard of service provided by Aleit and other Event companies alike. On a personal note, I went traveling abroad to visit my extended family this holiday. Getting aquinted with the Dutch in Holland and experiencing their rich culture (specifically their food) was fantastic and well worth the year’s wait. Spending time with my dad on his 60th birthday made me appreciate an event from a guest’s point of view again which sadly doesn’t happen very often.This gave me some new insights into what exactly the client wants from a guest’s perspective and got me thinking of some new exciting ideas for 2013. So with no further adue, watch this space!

Kind Regards, Hans Roosenschoon Managing Director - The Aleit Group

SERVICE PROVIDERS EVENTS 12/12/12 Venue Contractors Bar Waitrons Lighting & Sound Furniture Flowers & Décor Hiring Transport Stationery Photography Fashion Show After Party Venue DJ Food Entertainment 2012 YEAR ENDS DURBAN Flowers & Décor Photographer Hiring Stationery Lighting & Sound Flooring Bar & Staffing Food

Cape Town City Hall Anreon Contractors Thirst Bar Services Shake & Serve Presentation Staging Red Hot Events Okasie Top Table MK Exotic Tours A-Design Joe Photography Periquita Boutique The Reserve Club DJ Darren Tamatiestraat Sellah Red Hot Events ZaraZoo The Jukebox Company A-Design Presentation Staging Connecta Floor Thirst Bar Service Ferdics

CAPE TOWN Flowers & Décor Photographer Hiring Stationery Lighting & Sound Flooring Bar Staffing Food Tents Coffee Station

Red Hot Events ZaraZoo The Jukebox Company & Woshbox A-Design Presentation Staging Connecta Floor Thirst Bar Service Shake & Serve Stir Food Nomadic Tents Coffee Right

JOHANNESBURG Flowers & Décor Photographer Hiring Stationery Lighting & Sound Flooring Bar Staffing Food Tents Coffee Station

Red Hot Events ZaraZoo The Jukebox Company & Woshbox A-Design Presentation Staging Connecta Floor Thirst Bar Service Shake & Serve Stir Food Nomadic Tents Coffee Right

BLOEMFONTEIN Venue Photographer Décor, Styling & Floral Design Draping Bedouin & Bar Structure

Emoya Hotel & Spa Lana van Reenen Envie Draping Inc. Simply Industries

SERVICE PROVIDERS WEDDINGS ERIN & GARETH Venue Transport Travel Flowers & Décor Entertainment Decorative Lighting Lighting & Sound Food Cake Bar & Staffing Stationery Photographer Videographer Hair & Make-up Hiring SUSIE & CHRISTO Venue Entertainment Sound & Lighting Bar & Staffing Make-up & Hair Styling Hiring Florist Flooring Photographer Cake Stationery LESLEY & DIRK Venue Transport Flowers & Décor Travel Entertainment Decorative Lighting Sound & Lighting Tents Cake Bar & Staffing Stationery Gifts Photographer Hair & Make-up Hiring

Beloftebos Wijnland Executive Tours Gilt Edge Travel Okasie Aleit Music & Entertainment, Gary Deacon, Sticky Triggers DJ Piet, Sarene’s Dance Studio Something Different Concepts & Shows Presentation Staging Stir Food Nelle Cakes Shake & Serve Elsje Designs Cari Photography Vicky Goslin Video Productions Le Look Top Table, Exclusive Hire, Tablecloth Hire Dieu Donné Restaurant Aleit Music DJ Dario/Darren Presentation Staging Shake & Serve Le Look Top Table, In & Out Events, La Maison, Tablecloth Hiring Company El le Fleur Event Flooring ZaraZoo Photography Mila Cakes Secret Diary Grande Provence Estate, Dutch Reformed Church Franschhoek Wijnland Executive Tours Okasie Gilt Edge Travel Aleit Music & Entertainment, DJ Darren Something Different Concepts & Shows Presentation Staging Nomadik Nelle’s Cakes Shake & Serve Secret Diary Aleit Shop Joe Photography Le Look Top Table

The Aleit Group Magazine - Eighteenth Edition  
The Aleit Group Magazine - Eighteenth Edition  

Eighteenth Edition