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Seventeenth Edition // November 2012

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THE OPENING Seventeenth Edition – November 2012 Mind Your Manners. As event and wedding planners we have the honour of meeting lots of different people. People from all walks of life. Most of them wonderful and inspiring but then you meet some of the guests that we serve and attend to at our weddings and events. Most of them absolutely divine people, there is however always the one or two that just has no manners or respect whatsoever. And we are all seeing it more and more, leading me to think that a little education session might just help. Thus the reason for my Guest Etiquette little black book below. I hope the right people get to read this. • The Wedding planner or Event planner is paid for by the Host, you have no right to order them around as you please. You do however have the right to ask them politely to assist you with something. • Never click your fingers at a waitron or front of house manager. This is extremely disrespectful. • Since when did it become acceptable to pass out at an event because you drank too much? • Arriving late for a wedding Ceremony is probably the worst thing you can do to the poor Bride. Rather just wait in your car until the Ceremony is completed.

• Placing your personal belongings at your table setting and on top of the table setting before the guests have entered the venue is completely disrespectful. The Host spent a lot of money to create a beautiful reception and now you come and plonk your ugly leather patch jacket down on the table. Not cool. • If the wine is not placed on the tables from the start do not ask the waiters to place the wine on the table. • Do not ask a waitron, coordinator or barman to keep your property safe or somewhere safe, and when something goes missing don’t be upset about it. • If you eat your meat well done rather order the Vegetarian option • For some reason some South Africans think Chino’s and Jeans count as Black tie or Formal. Jeans and Chino’s are never welcome…unless the invitations specifically state otherwise. • If you are an event planner or wedding planner yourself and you are attending a special occasion, keep your comments to yourself. It is not your day

• Swapping your names on the tables because And there you have it. Remember it’s Nice to be you are not happy with your seat is a big, big no, no. Nice. The Host usually spends hours trying to work out the seating plan. There is a very good reason why you Happy November everybody. where seated where the Host planned.

Kind Regards, Johnny Hamman - Creative Director THE OPENING // 5

MARISKA VISSER Mariska grew up in the little coastal surfing town Jeffrey’s Bay, and soon realised that she was meant for the city. She studied BA Humanities at the University of Stellenbosch but has always felt that she needs to be part of a creative environment.

So you are Aleit’s right hand lady, how did you acquire this prestigious title? When I came in for my initial interview it was so daunting, I mean this was Aleit! However we met and got to chatting and Aleit immediately put me at ease... He has a great way of doing that with people. Being quite a shy person myself and not at all as outgoing as Aleit, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. When the call came that evening I was absolutely over the moon... And haven’t had a single moment of doubt since then – promise!

Working mainly with Weddings, are you a romantic at heart? I have to admit, I have never been the most romantic of people... However, getting to know the couples as we begin working at the weddings and seeing those people so incredibly in love has had a profound and positive effect on me. Even I have shed a tear when couples have read their vows to each other - it really is special to be able to experience true love up close on a regular basis... Enough to turn even the biggest cynic into a romantic!

Tell us something we didn’t know about Aleit? Oh dear, hmm what to say without getting into trouble!! One thing that people only really realise about Aleit once they get to know him well is that behind all the confidence he is a genuinely soft person with an enormous heart. He always wants to help those less

fortunate than himself and is an incredibly generous person. Aleit is also very practically hands on, always jumping in and helping out at weddings or events, he doesn’t simply stand around and delegate. Lastly...his natural eye colour is brown!

You are super organised at work – is this the case at home? I try to be... But at home it is usually more a case of organised chaos! I tend to switch off when I get home and with that the organisational skills fly straight out the window...

What does Aleit have to do to bribe you to do very last minute crisis management? Haha! I must say we have become very good at solving last minute issues that might arise over a big glass of wine. Being part of a team as well organised and dynamic as The Aleit Group, makes it easy to take care of any crises that inevitably pop up.

What do you do in the free time that you hope to have? I am a total and complete bookworm, I absolutely love reading. I am a happy camper as long as I am busy with a good book. I love spending time with my awesome friends, going to the beach and cooking - I really enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. Of course living in the beautiful Winelands there is nothing better than spending a day on a wine farm enjoying our wonderful wines.



Burgundy Bourgogne

How did you experience your wedding day? Very relaxed, lots of fun and great food. Exactly the way we wanted it to be. Altogether it was a very special day for us and for our guests. How did you meet? We met at a party and started to talk. When the party ended we were still talking so we decided to go into town to a pub. The pub closed and we watched the sunrise together, from that moment on we have been together. Your best moment of the day? The moment when we walked together to the spot where the ceremony took place was very special to us and of course when we said ‘ja’ to each other. And we had a wonderful South African dinner. Everybody around a big table in the garden, with flowers and lightbulbs above our heads. Great food, great stories to tell, lots of laughter. One of the best things was that we celebrated everything with only our closed family and friends. Something good or great about us: We think you are the best. Very good at turning our ideas into a wonderful setting for our wedding. All looking perfect but still with a natural and relaxed atmosphere. Tell us more about the honeymoon. We had a kind of pre honeymoon. Safari in Botswana and Vic falls. After that a relaxing week on the west coast. All beautiful places and perfect to unwind after a year of hard work. And as we are real city people the week after the wedding we spent in a very nice apartment in the centre of Cape Town. Just spent some time at the pool, having nice lunches, seeing some friends and thinking about the next honeymoon.

Best advice of our wedding officer: go on a honeymoon 3 times a year. Advice to other Bridal couples tying the knot soon. Do it your own way! If possible make your wedding part of a longer vacation, no stress! And find yourself a wedding planner, it makes things a lot easier.




AVASHNI & PIERRE HIDDEN VALLEY WINES How we met A mutual friend suggested that I bombard Pierre with my many questions about the actuarial fellowship exam which I was preparing for. Many months later we met for the first time when he too joined Liberty Life. Now, 4 years later we are happily married. The Proposal Pierre booked a weekend away at the truly amazing Karkloof spa and was planning to propose then. However, the ring (which he designed by himself) needed to be sent in for adjustments at the last minute and wasn’t ready in time. The weekend still turned out to be amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed the “timelessness”, intimacy, awesome food, and stunning views that the spa has to offer. He then planned a romantic private picnic at Lethabo estate. Only after many hours of enjoying the delicious food and soaking up the beautiful environment, with their weeping willow trees and the sound of the river and birds, he proposed while taking a walk along the banks of the Crocodile River. I was so excited to get back to my family and share the news with everyone. The Preparations Well, we have very busy careers and so for 5 months we tried and failed to start the preparations! It was then that we made the best and most important decision of the whole process; we decided to ask Aleit and his team to take our high level ideas for our wedding day and make them a reality. They honestly took every stress away and created a wedding experience beyond what we could ever have dreamt of. We knew we wanted a wedding away from home to avoid everyone running around like headless chickens. We wanted to create a relaxed holiday mood amongst

our guests and ourselves. Stellenbosch was perfect for this. The wine farms, good food, mountain and sea views, what more could we ask for. Our priority for the wedding was the food and the photographer. We couldn’t have been more fortunate with both Bertus (Chef at Overture), who was willing to accommodate the different tastebuds of our different cultures, and Joe (photographer), who so artfully captured so many special moments like a ninja (for the most part no one was aware of his presence). My grandmother, the creative genius that she was, always sewed clothes for us when we were growing up. She inspired us to love and appreciate quality material and the art of designing and creating clothes with different textured fabrics. It was with this in our hearts, that my mother took it upon herself to design the flower girls’ silk dresses and ask Biji to create a raw silk wedding gown for myself. It was an experience that I will always treasure. Knowing that I had the emotional support and blessings of my family to do what made us happy, relieved a lot of pressure and gave me the freedom to dream outside the box and create a wedding that reflected the spirit of our relationship. I could trust my aunt and sister, two very wise souls, to ensure that I didn’t abuse that freedom. The Big Day The day before, my father organized a relaxing day on the lawns of the Devon Valley Hotel sipping tea and enjoying sweet treats.


The flower girls and page boys played around practicing their walks. It was a very calming and fun filled day. My sister spent the night and morning of the wedding with me watching movies, indulging in a big breakfast, and ensuring that nothing and no-one came in the way of my happy wedding experience. The hair and make-up artists joined us early on the morning of our wedding day. Alicia, was so accommodating and even came after the ceremony to do touch ups because it was a sunny day – how thoughtful and kind! Our wedding ceremony and reception were splendid! It was the happiest day of our lives. A day spent with friends and family, laughing, eating, more eating and dancing. We treasure every single moment of the day. No one (us or our family) had anything to worry about. We were confident that Simonè and the Aleit team had everything under control. The whole experience was unforgettable and to think that I thought I just wanted to sign a register! It was all absolutely worth it! The Honeymoon After midnight, it was time to say our goodbyes and depart for our honeymoon, which began in the fairytale Bell Tower suite of Asara Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. As if that wasn’t surprise enough, the Aleit team so thoughtfully decorated the suite with little reminders of our wedding. The honeymoon destination was also a surprise and only

when we took the connecting flight from Zurich, did I realize that we were headed for the historic city of Venice. What can I say? It is as they say the most romantic city and so for 7 days we leisurely strolled through the alleys and enjoyed experiencing the city as husband and wife. We then travelled to the picturesque city of Florence, where we also enjoyed shopping before coming back home. Our Advice The best advice I was given was that our happiness should be a priority. Everyone will sense the love and care between the two of you and the entire mood of the event will be lifted. It is important to bear this in mind during the preparations, when sifting through the many opinions you will no doubt receive. A wedding planner is essential if you don’t have the time to run around playing project manager, negotiator, creative thinker, and carry on with your usual fully packed life. Aleit and team were phenomenal. From the planning stages to the day itself, everything fell seamlessly into place (at least from our perspective ☺). Hire service providers who are experts at what they do so you can relax on the day and trust that they will do the job better than you ever could. Every decision that needed to be made, we made together and it made all the difference to our relationship and wedding day.


LIESL & ANDREW MOLENVLIET WINE AND GUEST ESTATE How we met The story of how we met is quite embarrassing. As young graduates embarking on our new careers London, we met in a bar/club that does not have the best reputation. We lost touch for 2 years, albeit with the odd, sporadic Facebook message from Andrew, which remained unanswered. He was quite persistent! After 2 years as mere Facebook friends, Andrew noticed from my online status that I was headed to New York for a holiday. He promptly sent me a message to my inbox which recommended a champagne and chocolate tasting, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I messaged him back to thank him for his recommendation, a response he skilfully turned into a date to discuss our respective New York experiences when I got back to London. And the rest, they say is history. His persistence certainly paid off, and I couldn’t be happier for it. How he proposed In July 2010 Andrew and I were lucky enough to secure tickets to join my family at the World Cup Final at Soccer City in Johannesburg. After arriving at Johannesburg International Airport and heading home to unpack and catch up with loved ones, Andrew snuck into my Dad’s study to ask for his permission to marry me. I am told my dad’s response was as follows: <<Long pause>> “We love our daughters <<Pause>> And only want the best for them…. <<Long pause. Again>> We also trust them to make their own decisions… <<Even Longer pause >>

BUT…I encourage you to ask Liesl” After the final, we checked-in at our gorgeous lodge on our safari trip I had planned as a surprise for Andrew. One evening, as we returned from our room to go to dinner, our tour guide offered us a view of the stars, which they usually did on their guests’ last night. Of course Andrew accepted and as we arrived at the lodge’s helipad (only used for emergencies/VIPs!!!!!!), with the expanse view of the Madikwe Game Reserve, all I saw was: • One table for two in the centre of the helipad surrounded by a circle of paper lanterns on the floor, each weighted down with sand and filled with burning candles; • Oil lanterns hung from the bushes around us; • The manager on hand to cook us a special dinner. • Our own bar (Think: make-shift table with spirits and wines etc…) • Two barrels with holes cut into it, filled with a burning wood fire, throwing out heat to keep us warm; • The vastest expanse of black sky around us LITTERED with stars as though someone had thrown glitter into the sky; • A waitress at our beck and call; • Hyenas barking in the distance; and • (I kid you not….) A shooting star! Amazingly I still had NO idea. Our ranger shortly left us to enjoy our evening. Then, as Andrew stood up next to me, about to open the champagne, he turned to me and said: “Before we open this, I need to ask you something”. He then got down on one knee (yes….he did!!!!) and asked me to marry him. Without any hesitation in my mind I exclaimed “Of course I’ll marry you!” WEDDINGS // 23

As we returned to Johannesburg after our adventure-filled safari, I went with Andrew to pick up my GORGEOUS ring that Andrew had specially designed. I am a very spoilt and lucky girl. My man did good, and I couldn’t wait to marry him! Our wedding day: the experience Having lived in the UK for so many years, one thing was certain when we started to plan our big day: we were going to get married in the most beautiful region on earth! With the help of The Aleit Group we were introduced to MolenVliet, which epitomised everything we were looking for We had a beautiful and romantic garden ceremony on the lawn in front of the MolenVliet Manor House boasting pure white décor. When the heavens decided to open momentarily with a light sprinkling of rain,Andrew and I heard our guests’ pop open their white parasols in unison, and we all burst out laughing. The sea of parasols looked just gorgeous, and actually added an extra dimension to our outdoors ceremony! For our reception dinner, MolenVliet was decked out for a wedding feast with a regal royal blue lit hall laced with regal crystal chandeliers above long white tables with blue trim, adorned with tall white floral arrangements. Our guests (and Andrew, because he’d forgotten!) were all surprised with the confetti bomb which exploded half way through our opening dance song, littering the dance floor with white and blue confetti butterflies. Our best moment of our wedding day It’s difficult to single out the best moment of our wedding day! But the things that immediately come to mind include: • Classical arrangement of U2’s “Beautiful

Day” as we walked down the aisle as the newlywed Mr & Mrs • The confetti bomb being deployed with blue and white butterfly streamers during our first dance, which caught everyone by surprise • The sermon delivered by our minister, which summed us both up so perfectly The Aleit Group review They certainly don’t call you the “A-Team” for nothing – that’s for sure! Andrew and I struggle to find the words to express the extent of our gratitude to The Aleit Group for creating the most breathtakingly memorable and beautiful wedding day at MolenVliet Wine & Guest Estate. From the very first moment we met Aleit and his team, Andrew and I were filled with nothing but confidence that our day would be nothing short of “wow”! It was a sheer delight working with them. We commend each and every one of The Aleit Group for their endless enthusiasm, professionalism, organisation, support and hard graft. Johnny – a very special and sparkly thank you from us for his infectious love of his profession, his dedication to making our ideas a reality, and his creative flair and passion. Johnny never ceased to make us feel like VIPs, and tirelessly went the extra mile throughout. The meticulous attention to the tiniest and last detail did not go unnoticed, and is still talked about amongst us and our guests. The indelible memories of that truly magnificent and romantic day will remain with us forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re a true asset to any bride(and groom?)-to-be!

More about our honeymoon Before returning to the UK, we enjoyed a very indulgent and luxurious 2 night stay at La Residence in Franschhoek after our wedding. It was the perfect wedding night and opportunity for us to relax, enjoy each otherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s company and reflect on our magical wedding day. For our honeymoon, we took a very long haul flight to the fabulous islands of Fiji for a week for sun, sand and R&R, followed by three weeks of road tripping and adventurous activities across the North and South Islands of New Zealand. As it was such a far way to fly, we knew we wanted to spend a long time there. We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend a month on honeymoon. Advice for future brides With our Delft theme in mind, our biggest help was the use of the exceedingly professional, creative and talented Aleit Group. Their assistance in planning a wedding from the other side of the world made the experience an absolute pleasure. By communicating with them over countless emails, our vision (and more!) was achieved, and unforgettable memories were created. Using a wedding coordinator when planning a destination wedding would be my number 1 recommendation to any bride abroad. Also invest in a very talented photographer (and videographer if you can!) as they will capture those special moments and elements, which you will treasure forever as a reminder of your wedding day. Very importantly, remember to enjoy the planning phase ahead of your wedding! There are times when certain elements can prove difficult and challenging, but you need to remind yourself about the purpose of your wedding day: you are marrying that one person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. The rest may be utterly gorgeous extras but it all comes secondary to what you are there to do.

Liesl and Andrewâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wedding was truly spectacular, here is their highlight viedo.


REUBEN RIFFEL DINNER An intimate dinner is always daunting to coordinate as the focus is less on the overall look and more on the smaller details. Making use of an absolutely spectacular venue that is much too large for the planed dinner, also posed an interesting challenge. Not only was Lourensford Wine Estate a perfect location, but having our favorite celebrity chef Reuben Riffel on board was an added bonus. Inspired by Aleit’s recent high school reunion held at Laurent, we decided to make use of a fairy-light cage for the guests, so creating a cozy atmosphere in the large space. Lounge pockets filled the area outside the cage allowing guests to relax and mingle before enjoying the culinary treats that Reuben was busy preparing for them. We were able to create an open air cooking space for Reuben inside the venue seeing as we had so much space to work with! The elaborate food station was alive with all the flavors escaping from the pots and pans... The first of the six course menu that lured guests to the table was a beautiful Cannellini Bean Soup with Truffles and Parmesan. Even Lourensford’s own executive chef from Stir Food, Gustaaf Boshoff, couldn’t keep himself out of the action and joined Reuben in the kitchen to plate the second course consisting of Burrata with Tomato Raisins, poached and fresh Tomatoes with Pine Nut Rice Crispies and Basil oil. The third starter dish, Porcinis with Butternut, deep fried Gnocchi and Brown Butter, had guests wondering how Chef Reuben could top what they had just tasted! The first main course, Crayfish Risotto with Tarragon and Mascarpone, definitely did not disappoint. But without a doubt, the highlight of the evening was the Oxtail and pickled Tongue Sausage roll, glazed larded Fillet, Parsnip puree and Bordelaise. The Lourensford wines perfectly complimented each dish as waitrons kept the glasses filled to the gleaming brim throughout each course. Ending on a sweet note, not only with dessert which was Panna Cotta with Fruit Jellies, Purees and Crisps, but also with Reuben signing custom made chefs jackets for each of the guests who attended. “I cook with Reuben Riffel” were the bragging rights that guests had the honor of leaving with at the end of a wonderful evening... EVENTS // 31


AFRICAN SUMMIT ATRIUM DINNER On the last night of Africa Summit Conference, delegates were treated to a lavish Gala Dinner hosted in a private office building in the Sandton CBD. Guests were amazed to see how what is usually a methodical and corporate workspace had been transformed into something they could not quite imagine themselves. Two long banquet tables exquisitely styled beneath the colossal DNA original art piece that had been floodlit in striking blues. The windows and glass elements of the interior of the building did wonders for lighting, as the blue hues reflected and danced all the way to the ceiling. The tables were elegantly dressed with blue traditional shwe-shwe tablecloths, while Perspex ghost chairs were found neatly aligned beside them. Floral displays in the centre of the tables comprised of striking Karoo roses, magnificent proteas and chinks. Votives with glimmering tea lights as well as robust pillar candles completed the elegant look. As guests arrived in the Atrium, they were welcomed by the energetic sounds of African drummers. For those from countries abroad, this was quite a spectacle and a well-received token that reminded guests that the hard dayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work at the earlier dayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s conferencing was over, it was time to relax and unwind. Guests were then offered flutes of Spier Methode Cap Classique and made their way to the deck outside where they socialized and watched the sun set in the clear Johannesburg sky.

EVENTS // 37

After chasing the sunset, guests were ushered back into the Atrium where they were treated to a delectable four course meal was created by Reuben Riffel. The dinner started with a delicious pre-starter of light creamy mushroom pot au feu, butternut ravioli, spring vegetables and pine nuts. Dinner was accompanied by the soft sounds of a live pianist playing sweet melodies on the grand piano as guests chatted and networked to their heart’s content. Guests were in complete awe of the delicious fare and loved that Reuben himself left his hot and bustling kitchen to take the time out to explain each dish in detail at the table. The night ended with a culinary high note, as waitrons served Reuben’s delicious olive oil and pistachio cake, served with raspberries, white chocolate ice cream and raspberry sorbet finished off with a light rose jelly. Each course was perfectly paired with the delicious and award winning Spier Creative Block range – a real treat! With a last night-cap, delegates had a one last chance to take in the magnificent scenery amongst them – the entire building lit up in the night sky. As guests departed with the astonishing building in the background, the Aleit Events team couldn’t help but think – success!


SUMMIT CONFERENCE This year banking in South Africa was dedicated to showing the rest of Africa and the world that we can not only handle their investments but also all their business banking! What better way to showcase this than with the Africa Summit Conference? A full day conference with Video calls to six countries and numerous guest speakers. Summer House at Summer Place in Johannesburg was the chosen venue for this event. Known for its opulent décor with elegant touches of gold and rich cream, the Aleit Events Team was excited to create a serious yet exciting event in this beautiful space. With the worst JHB weather forecast, we decided to bring in a warm chino colored Bedouin tent to allow us to still have a beautiful lunch on the Summer Terrace. We enclosed the area magnificently and created a warm intimate space for the 50 delegates topped off with the very necessary addition of a dedicated coffee bar set with two top Barista’s making some of Joburg’s best cups! The conference room upstairs was set with state of the art screens and video conferencing equipment. The serious and corporate feel was broken by the soft décor added in the form of fragrant flowers and wheat colored linen cloths on the school room style conference setting. Lilac, pink and cream flowers were styled in glass vases with bright violet and white striped fabric ribbon. Giant cerise and power pink peonies the size of your hand were left on their very graceful own for all to enjoy – only in bloom for a full month a year they deserve the attention! Delegates were treated to sumptuous snacks throughout the morning paired with the coffee of their choice. The barista’s were kept busy with the demand for a good cuppa! Lunch eventually drew near and delegates were treated to a seated lunch under the enveloping Bedouin on the Summer Terrace. The weather was smiling on us though and we had little rays of warm sunshine upon us giving the tent an ethereal golden glow throughout the day… Grabbing a little bowl of heaven in the form of Banoffee Pie, delegates made their way into the afternoon session content and enticed with the line up to follow… Until next year I guess! EVENTS // 43



ANAND NAIDOO DINNER When we were asked to host a small and cozy dinner in Jo’burg – we were delighted! The dinner was for a small group of guests with a surprise element… Reuben Riffel!! We were so excited to get to work with the well-regarded chef on yet another event! Seeing as October is a month of changing seasons, we wanted to make the most of the dramatic Sandton Views and skyline. Number 03 Desmond Street is a roof-top venue with the most remarkable views overlooking the skyline. As the sun set, the night lights started to shine brighter and bolder, twinkling in the dusk. As the weather doesn’t always play along, a Bedouin tent was erected on the veranda area to block off any rain, but not hide the breathtaking view. Reuben arrived early to start prepping the four course meal which filled the air with the most incredible aromas. Guests were welcomed with a cold glass of MCC, while being entertained by a Saxophonist who set the opulent theme for the evening. The aroma of the pre-starter course of Pumpkin Ginger Chai Soup invited guests to the kitchen to have a closer look at what Reuben was up to. After licking their lips from the soup, the Norwegian Salmon and fresh Tataki with Condensed Milk, Miso Mayonnaise, Jalapeno and Yuzu starter blew their minds. The combinations of flavors were so unexpected and kept guests guessing what was coming next! No one could keep their interest at bay and the kitchen started filling up as Reuben was busy preparing the Beef Fillet, Oxtail and Foie Gras with Parsnip White Chocolate Puree and Bordelaise Jus. Again, another exceptionally made course had guests smiling from ear to ear. After a rather scary hail storm (especially for us Capetonians), we continued to treat guests with everyone’s favorite course… Dessert! Chef Reuben then signed one of his cook books for each couple to take home and try his delectable dishes themselves – lucky fish!


STIR FOOD NEW BEGINNINGS Our brand spanking new kitchen at Laurent on Lourensford has given us a definite new lease on life. Designed and built to our specific requirements, it has a simple and effective layout that just works. The metaphorical new leaf has turned for the Stir Team and we’re taking this season head on with new gusto as we appreciate our great ovens, extractors and walk in. You know what they say; the little things! Gustaaf’s treasured cookbooks have now found a home on the shelves in the new office space and Gustaaf himself has found a place where he can “get away from the heat” and plan his menus and play the executive role. We want to thank everyone who played a role in making it all work and invite anyone who would like to come have a sneak peek at what it all looks like. KAMERSVOL GESKENKE Being involved in this years Kamers was such a great experience and learning curve for us. The vibe and hum of the market place was tangible as people flocked through the gates at Lourensford Estate to feast their senses and use every ounce of willpower not to empty their pockets. We landed with our rumps in the butter with this one, as we were able to run all our prep from the new kitchen, literally meters from our customized food stall. Market food being relatively new to us, we planned the menu for day 1 and hoped it was what people wanted. As the days went by we changed the menu to keep things new and fresh and responded to what

was the most popular. Fish and chips, Thai green curry, flatbreads, oysters, sushi and “Plankie vleis” with chips and aioli were amongst the top sellers. We used funky, recycled packaging and wooden cutlery, which conveyed the Stir image to the hungry shoppers. Interacting with the market goers and traders over the course of the 6 days was a real buzz and we felt privileged to be part of this great event and hope to be again. ON TRENDS Keeping in theme with the recent success of Kamers, we really love the new street market and mobile food trend. Hitting Cape Town in a big way are food trucks offering meals on wheels with a difference. Fragrant curries, flatbreads, freshly tossed salads and gourmet burgers and hot dogs are the order of the day. We’re imagining an old airstream trailer converted into a food truck serving all of the above, be it at a wedding, market or somewhere off the highways and byways, drawing hoards of hungry Capetonians en masse. WIN There isn’t long left before this competition comes to an end so LIKE our facebook page and in 30 words or less describe your ultimate dinner party.






TO END IT OFF “Corporate orphanage” is one phenomenon that has of late been a term thrown around by many. Modern day corporate lifestyle results in many innocent, care-free and young ones being subjected to this undesirable circumstance. This cannot be more relevant as we find ourselves in the midst of the busiest month of the last quarter in the entertainment industry. Yes we are just a month away from a brand new year - 2013. As we wind down what has been a phenomenal year of note, it is with a bright smile that I proudly reflect back on the many impeccably executed events. The ever-evolving approach in conceptualizing and execution by The Aleit Group is what sets us unmatched and second to none. “ Change is inevitable” and the only change that we constantly strive for is a progressive one. In closing one event that I eagerly look forward to dates 12/12/12 – keep your ears on the ground for this one.

Kind Regards, Thabo Matlhako Director - The Aleit Group

SEASONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S GREETINGS As this busy year draws to a close and the holiday season sets about us, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made this prosperous year possible.

Kind Regards, The Aleit Group - Team

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Molenvliet Wine And Guest Estate Jean-Pierre Uys Vicky Goslin Productions Okasie Hireworx Something Different Presentation Staging and Something Different Elsje Designs Stir Food Nelle Cakes Aleit Shop Shake and Serve Le Look Wynland Executive Tours Aleit Music DJ Piet Nomfusi and the Lucky Charms

The Aleit Group Online Magazine Edition 17  

The Aleit Group Online Magazine Edition 17