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Twelfth Edition // June 2012

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THE OPENING Twelfth Edition – June 2012

Winter is most certainly upon us in South Africa! Dress sense has taken a back seat as people opt for warmth rather than fashion... As Johnny Hamman, The Aleit Group creative director, and I get geared up for our trip to Berlin this month, we can’t help thinking that we are going into Summer! The excitement for warmth is palatable however not shadowing the anticipation for the Africa Energy Forum Event to be held in Berlin. Last year we hosted this very same dinner in Paris. We are also expecting lots of traffic as we are flying through London just in time for the start of the London Olympics. As I am writing, the Olympic Flame continues its journey around the UK. Held in London, the Olympic Games are bound to increase the number of foot and vehicle traffic, not only at and around Heathrow airport, but at all of the different venues, such as the Aquatics centre in Olympic Park, amongst others. Some precautions have been taken, such as training airport staff to ensure they are fully prepared for an enormous increase in the amount of baggage coming through the terminals – we will report back upon our return…

In the light of more local sport – the Springboks are the words on everyone’s lips. The announcement came last week and the whole nation flanked our team into their first test against the menacing England side. The Aleit Group will be watching each game with a new sense of enthusiasm as we begin work on two upcoming events with the Team of Millions themselves! Let’s just say - we are growing, growing higher and higher! Looking back at the past few months, I can’t help but recall a couple of milestones - getting married in October 2011, moving into our new house in March this year, sampling family life by buying our little Beagle named Mila and just the other day celebrating my 31st birthday. I am really proud to look back at the size and sustainability of The Aleit Group and am looking forward to a very clear productive future.

Kind Regards, Hans Roosenschoon Managing Director


My favourite restaurant is 5th on Ryneveld in Stellenbosch because its eccentric and relaxed. And Ocean Basket because I’m from the Strand! I love strawberry and cream soda Steri Stumpi the most. I also love sushi – A LOT! My favourite music to listen to is Kings of Leon. When I have spare time I jog, drink wine and enjoy a night out dancing. My family is the best! I laugh when my boyfriend accidentally falls out of the bed – it’s really funny!!


The Aleit Academy is now close to 60 students strong and Bianca Rijnsburger, Academy Executive, is almost at the top of the Academic food chain. We managed to track her down for a little chat...

Q: Why The Aleit Academy? A: Where to start!? I love that The Aleit Academy is not only a tertiary educational institution but offers subjects that can be practically applied. Students need to have some form of creativity to succeed in this industry and to set them apart. There is nowhere in South Africa really that offers such a combination course of diverse lectures and practical time so this sets us miles apart. Also, that there are so many experts on hand all the time to mentor the students – this ensures that they stay informed on current trends and features. The industry is constantly changing and evolving so it’s great to always be in the know. Students get to see a professional working environment within The Aleit Group from the word go, which also shapes them. There is also a strong sense of family here which is really important.

involved with them all the time. I can relate quite well to them as I am young and was a student not so long ago myself...

Q: Any tips for future students of the Academy?

Q: You are a crazy blonde – what makes the students look up to you?

A: A general likeable personality is a must – a false personality won’t get you far in this industry... You will need a willingness to work hard and a true fervour for what you will one day be doing. Academics are key as combining class time with practical time is tough – especially when your base is the festive Stellenbosch... Be sure that is where you want to be as the industry is not for the faint hearted – do your homework and ensure that you have knowledge of what the industry entails as it’s not all champagne and roses! Being practical minded and armed with common sense will assist you here at The Aleit Academy

Q: What has been your best moment to date? A: I had an opportunity to assist with a couple of the Year End Events that Aleit Events put together last year and travelled up to Durban and Johannesburg. I got to work alongside not only the coordinators on these massive projects but the students too – it was amazing! Until I went for a jog in Durban and got completely lost... Luckily a 3rd year student drove around to find me!! Late nights and early mornings force a team together and it is lots of laughs! This is where friendships are made.

A: Natural blonde, correct! I am close to some of the students’ ages so we can really relate to each other on many levels. I also do silly things often so they realise that I am just human and can laugh at myself which makes them comfortable around me. I am not often “bad cop” which helps, but when I need to lay down the law they listen – I think! Q: Where do you see the Academy in 5 years from today?

A: At the moment we tend to lose 15% of our initial Q: What do you enjoy most about working with 1st year intake of students due to them realising that The Academy students? this industry is either not where they want to be as they didn’t do their homework or that it’s too tough. I A: I love working with creative people! I also love that see us retaining that 15% and moving forward with a my job allows me to open the doors of creativity for full class. Seeing that we have such a strong family them further, right in front of my very eyes. This is culture in the Academy, I see an Aleit Academy such a diverse environment – not one single day is Hostel where the students can live together under the same here and I thrive on that! No matter if it’s one roof. Maybe then they will be on time for class...! a student having a dilemma or a colleague having a ☺ laugh – I love it! I am also constantly learning by being


MANDI AND COBUS MADRÉ’S KITCHEN AND MOSSELBERG GUEST HOUSE How did you meet? We met at a friend’s house two years before we started dating – he was one of a few bachelors left in Stellenbosch and needed some encouragement to take me out on a date. So this same friend persuaded him to take me out two years ago. How did he propose? We were travelling America for three weeks over December and he waited for the very special moment of the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building (just a pity that the security guards confiscated the bottle of Moët that he was trying to sneak in). How did you experience your wedding day? Everything was perfect, thanks to the Aleit team (perfect weather, food, entertainment and company). Your best moment of the day? Cobus definitely thinks it was when I walked down the aisle, for me it was arriving at the evening venue and seeing how absolutely stunning everything looked and walking in on “Jy dink jy is cooler as ekke” from Jack Parow. This put everyone in a party mood instantly! Your Aleit Group experience. I had absolutely limited stress planning our perfect day thanks to Johnny at The Aleit Group - everything they do they do perfectly and without taking shortcuts. Johnny even touched up the silver chairs with spray paint the previous evening… need I say more? I would highly recommend them to anyone because the service and style that they offer are definitely priceless. Tell us more about the honeymoon. We spent a week at Kapama Game Reserve in Hoedspruit the new Karula Camp and Spa is highly recommended!!!!! WEDDINGS // 11




GINA & WARREN 401ROZENDAL How did you meet? Warren and I first met at a gas station ten years ago, a couple of weeks later we bumped into each other again at a nightclub (shock horror!). As clichéd as it sounds, it really was love at first sight… we have been a part of each other’s lives ever since! How did he propose? Warren always knew that if he ever proposed it had to be a surprise. The morning of Sunday, 17 May 2010, I woke up at 6am to him staring at me blankly and telling me he cannot sleep. (I never thought anything). A few minutes later he arrived back in the bedroom with a beautiful breakfast for me in bed (I STILL never thought anything). He then started to shake and battled to get the words out; he eventually asked me to be his wife and slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger. Me, still in absolute shock, continued to eat my delish breakfast and cried. He then said: “Well, is that a yes then?” How did you experience your wedding day? WOW! No words will ever describe how I felt on the day. It was the most romantic day of my life. From the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep I was floating on a different planet. I truly felt like a princess. Your best moment of the day? Seeing Warren for the first time (we had not seen or spoken for seven days prior) - absolutely no contact. Your Aleit Group experience. WOW! (again) Where do I start? I would have to say that without The Aleit Group my wedding would not have come together as smoothly and swiftly as it did. Everything was thought of and believe me everything was noticed. From bringing me “champers” to the hotel, taking my presents back to my hotel room, running, organising EVERYTHING! I can happily say that I have no idea how our wedding would have turned out to be without you guys.


Tell us more about the honeymoon. Due to unfortunate circumstances we could not go on holiday straight away. This worked to our advantage as we were able to take lots of “mini moons” we spent a week playing in the snow in gorgeous NYC, a beautiful week in Plettenberg Bay and our official honeymoon is going to be a year late in Greece. Advice to other bridal couples tying the knot soon. Stay calm, take every little moment in and remember that absolutely everything will always work out perfectly, even if at times you think it is all falling to pieces... IT’S NOT! Get involved in the process and try your best to make it as personal as you can. Do things differently (your guests will enjoy this too). You never know what can happen a few days or weeks prior to the wedding… so make sure you enjoy every moment. It truly is a life changing experience and one I will treasure forever.



How did you meet? Anthony and I met through a mutual friend having lunch at his restaurant. How did he propose? At the stroke of midnight... It was dark and there were only sparklers going, everyone was counting down... 10, 9, 8... Anthony took my hand and placed a ring on my finger and because it was so dark and so loud, I really did not know what was going on. I then clicked and said OH EM GEE! YES!.... 3, 2,1... HAPPY NEW YEAR! Everyone was screaming and shouting, but the room was very still and quiet as we kissed. I then turned to all our family and friends sitting around us and at the top of my lungs I screamed “I’M ENGAGED!” The lights went on and I could see... Everyone in the restaurant stood up and clapped, tears of joy filled the room and that’s how 2010 started. How did you experience your wedding day? It was the best day of my life. A dream come true... I seriously loved every minute of my special day. I had the time of my life and was the last one on the dance floor. It really was magical. I wish I could re-live that day, every day! Your best moment of the day? There are way too many to just pin point one moment of the day that was my best... But I have to say it would be the first moment I saw Anthony, walking down the aisle. I was about to marry the man of my dreams at that very moment, I felt like nothing else in the world mattered. Just to see the look on his face for the very first time... Also when I walked to the wedding venue and saw everything put together... It was breathtaking and perfect.

Your Aleit Group experience. Johnny and The Aleit Group really made the wedding amazing. I loved that Johnny understood me and made it all come together even better than I expected. I love the fact that he took all the stress away and allowed me to really enjoy every moment. They worked so hard to making every detail perfect, every situation was under control and everything just went so smoothly. Tell us more about the honeymoon. We went to the Maldives on honeymoon and stayed at the W Hotel. It was just so great to have time out and enjoy what had just happened. The wedding was now over, the stress gone, so then the only thing to do was to enjoy each other as husband and wife for the very first time. We ate, tanned, snorkeled, ate again, slept and… well the rest you can just imagine. Advice to other bridal couples tying the knot. If I could give any advice to anyone embarking on the whole wedding journey, I would definitely say: Try not get stressed out and end up making it all about the wedding, because at the end of the day it is not just about the wedding, but it is about the two of you getting married and choosing to spend your lives together... Try not to fight over the wedding because, believe me, it can get ridiculously stressful! So what I ended up doing was hiring Johnny and The Aleit Group and THAT, my friend, saved me and probably my marriage!



MARIËTTE & GERT MADAME RESTAURANT, CAPE TOWN How did you experience your wedding day? The best day of my life – I could relax, laugh and spill a glass of red wine without getting upset! What a fantastic day – everything was well taken care of; well-organised and a huge success! How did you meet? I felt attracted to him the first time I saw him in the Shoprite Head Office parking lot! It was a business meeting that brought us together and where the “connection” was established! Your best moment of the day? The whole day… Gert continuously stared at me with complete admiration, a sense of pride, passion, warmth and lots of love! Your Aleit Group experience. The Aleit team consisted of highly-skilled and creative individuals who could interpret my unique needs... The Village Wedding “feeling” and atmosphere I wanted… without them I would never have managed to create a wedding with a difference, with “Bread, Milk and Honey” as the main theme. Their creativity and “out of the box thinking” made this a memorable experience! Tell us more about the honeymoon. “A dream come true”!! Gert managed to organise the most romantic honeymoon at The Lux Resort, Maldives – where the blue ocean, white sandy beaches, daily Spa treatments, romantic dinners and water villas became a reality! The best treat I’ve ever received in my entire life. (In exchange I had to complete my open water Scuba Diving Course at PADI – something I was really scared of… but I discovered a new “world” out there!!) Advice to other bridal couples tying the knot soon. Get yourself a Project Leader with excellent organising skills, but with a creative mind set!



MINING INDABA The African Mining Indaba is the largest gathering of the Mining industry’s most influential stakeholders and decision-makers vested in African mining. Each year this event is even better attended, with more and more individuals representing over forty African and non-African government entrustments each year. Key mining analysts, investment specialists, fund managers, governments and other global professionals clearly define Mining Indaba as their preferred venue for obtaining the most current economic and mining advancements from these leading experts on African mining. The Aleit group recently coordinated the 5th annual Mining Indaba cocktail event for one of our top clients at The Lookout. No wonder this has proven to be one of the most successful events hosted in Cape Town each year! The Mining Indaba is a one-of-a-kind cocktail party, elegantly hosting 150 guests from banking South Africa and Africa. Guests had no choice but to feel as though they were being hosted by royalty, as they were treated to tantalizing canapés and heavenly bowl food prepared by the renowned Stir Food – one of our preferred service providers. Keeping cool, calm and professionally sophisticated - guests sipped on Shake & Serve’s creatively designed cocktails, made from carefully selected ingredients to entice each and every taste bud. A Jazz Duo ensured for a relaxed, but cultivated vibe throughout the evening. The Aleit Academy students took care of waiter staff duty as they made sure to not have a single glass empty in the room! The theme and décor was a combination of African Eclectic with an Eccentric African twist. Modern Africa was the focus, incorporating more abstract or if you must, “absurd” elements, such as the tin mug chandeliers and safari look-alike chairs. The golden thread of the décor was the dark creams, complemented by chocolate and warm dark browns. All and all, a well put together event that pushed the creative boundaries to a new level, only leaving guests wanting more! Watch this space for inside info on next year’s event...

EVENTS // 35


SPIER DINNER Cape Town recently hosted yet another international banking conference where Aleit Events was involved. Not only did we get involved with the large conference but we also were asked to host an informal but extraordinary event for the top guests... Being slap bang in the middle of Autumn, we drew inspiration from the beautiful surrounding Winelands. The theme for the evening’s decor was a rich Autumn orange and a deep navy blue almost like the Winter sunsets ahead. Now that we had an idea of colour we needed to match this warmth with a venue – we didn’t want to use somewhere ordinary for our extraordinary evening, so we chose a wine farm in Stellenbosch. Spier Wine Farm to be exact. So before you ask yourself if we were being crazy, let me tell you about the venue within the venue... We were lucky enough to have the internal wine cellar that is usually off limits to all guests! This industrial wonderland was going to be the perfect space to set our long elegant table seating all forty five guests. We began by setting our table in between the six massive stainless steel wine tanks and then proceeded to light the venue to the max with numerous par cans and LED lights. We also

brought in deep button blue suede lounge pockets with charcoal gray elements to set off the industrial feel of the venue. As guests arrived they were treated to an intimate wine tasting in the usually off limits Barrel Cellar by the wine maker himself! They then meandered across to the dinner area where a meal to end all meals was being prepared by head chef Gustaaf Boshoff of Stir Foods. Gustaaf blew the guests away with a complicated menu that sang itself off the plate and we had to escort guest after guest to the kitchen to personally thank the chef themselves!! Each course was expertly paired with one of the award winning Spier wines including the Creative Block range and of course the esteemed Frans K Smit. Just when guests thought they couldn’t take any more first time treats, special gifts of twin packs of the Creative Block wine range were passed to each of them to allow them to celebrate this first in their own homes. A successful event all around and as guests made their way back onto their Mercedes shuttles, we watched them look lustfully at the vast Spier Winelands with envy as they made their way back in to the city centre. Until next time...

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REUBEN RIFFEL DINNER Earlier this year, Aleit Events was approached to host an intimate dinner for VIP clients in Johannesburg. Seeing as the dinner was only for nine special guests, we needed to engage our creative brains to create the perfect event... We wanted to give the clients an interactive dinner experience that would give them something to remember. Then it hit us – when you mention interactive and dinner in the same sentence, the first name to pop to mind is Reuben Riffel! Once we got Reuben on board, our plan started to come together piece by delicate piece. Seeing as the event was now going to revolve around the actual dinner element, our next mission was to find the best location to compliment this. We decided that an elegant and modern villa with an open plan kitchen would be the perfect setting to host this interactive cooking experience - White Truffle was that perfect venue! Reuben, along with his right hand man Maritz, arrived early to start prepping the delicious five course meal which filled the air with the most enticing aromas. Guests arrived at dusk to a glass of sparkling wine and entertainment from an edgy live Jazz Duo which set the elegant, yet playful theme for the evening. Each guest was offered a custom made chefs jacket as encouragement for participating in the kitchen activities. As guests were busy enjoying their Amuse Bouche of Rock Shrimp Tempura, Vodka Crème Fraiche, Parsley Juice, Daikon, Yuzu and Wasabi Salmon Roe, the corks were popped off the Waterford Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2010 that was to compliment the pre-starter of Hot Pot of Tuna with Fine Noodles, Shitakes and Cucumber. The beautiful wine also accompanied the starter of mouthwatering Duck Rilette with Phyllo, Orange, Olives and Cumintruffle scented Mushroom Broth and a Bell Pepper Salsa.

Guests were still a little shy after the first couple of courses, but by the time the main course was being prepared; full attention was devoted to the preparation of their next mouthwatering course. Guests assisted in putting together the Aged Rare Roasted Beef Rump, Asparagus, Carrot Crème Fraiche, Potato Fondant and Red Wine Jus. The Waterford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 perfectly tied all the elements of the meal’s components together while the fire kept the guests warm and cozy. Dessert was just an added bonus with a Bitter Chocolate and Olive Oil Ganache with Red Poached Rhubarb and the most perfectly home-made peanut brittle you have ever tasted. After enjoying the evening to its fullest, guests left with their chef’s jackets tucked neatly under their arms signed by kitchen master himself – Reuben Riffel.


2ND YEAR PLACEMENTS Each year, our 2nd Year students start chomping at the bit when it comes to the middle of their academic year... This is when they need to make decisions as to where they would like to spend their first set of external industry placements. Students are able to intern within their preferred company of interest - be it a florist, media publication or even assisting with the preparation and management of world class musical productions. Being presented with an opportunity to gain experience in any area of the hospitality industry that their heart desires is one of those worthwhile extras that The Aleit Academy has to offer. Starting at the beginning of August and ending at the end of January – this is usually where students gain their most unforgettable memories made during their studies at The Aleit Academy! Some of our previous 2nd year students had delivered such fantastic work that their company of interest had even asked them to stay on permanently! The Aleit Academy 2nd Years of 2012 have now been given the green light to start researching their placement options outside The Aleit Group and we cannot wait to see where they have chosen to go. This seems like a simple task, however, this task ensures that each student looks into their proverbial future to see where they want to be to allow them to gain the most worthwhile experience while they still can. Following various one-on-one sessions with the students, they have already come up with some great ideas. We are fascinated to see what independent individuals each student has grown into and how their interests and focuses have changed while being exposed to the hospitality industry from their 1st to 2nd year... Word is that some students have international plans in mind, while others have something a little more exotic and eccentric planned - like Mozambique and Kenya. Yes, these students are not afraid to face the world to show what they have got to offer... We are truly excited to see their final decisions and will keep you posted!







Photographer: Reinée Terreblance-Brand

ALEIT’S 20 YEAR SCHOOL REUNION As the class of Stellenbosch High School of 1992 arrived at sunset, they were awaited by golf carts to transport them to the magnificent venue, Laurent, on Lourensford Wine Estate. Attendees walked up the elegantly lit white marble stairs to the veranda and were welcomed by Aleit himself whilst waitrons served frozen Mojito’s and Cosmopolitans. Guests gathered around burning fire baskets and lounge pockets while feasting on the scrumptious canapés prepared by Stir Food… Oxtail croquettes with caramelized onion gravy, salt and pepper squid served in bamboo cones, curried potato and onion bhajis; only on introduction to the delicious cuisine to follow. Inside the venue, iridescent blue-violet mood lights flushed the air and a fairy light curtain enclosed dining area awaited. Tying in with the theme of crisp white, grey and lavish green, white porcelain vases were placed in pairs on the table containing grey-green eucalyptus and bluegum stem-and-leaves with various shaped and sized candles in between. The long table, draped in a dove grey cloth was placed on a swanky astro-turf “carpet”. As the night progressed with soft jazz in the background, the delicious slow roasted tomato soup with basil pesto was served to the ladies and a truffled cauliflower soup with red wine poached pears were poured into the bowl at each individual gentleman’s seat. Soon after, platters containing roasted free range chickens, butterflied leg of lamb, roasted potato and individual green salads were served to the table.

To finish the sumptious three course meal attendees enjoyed warm chocolate pots with macerated cherries and chantilly cream to help ward off the cold. And for the brave, there were miniature Magnum ice creams in antique champagne coolers! Then the party started… The checkered black-and-white dance floor was packed with “pupils” flaunting their dance moves while the others dressed up in assorted hats and wigs, posing at the Polaroid station. It was as if time was turned back 20 years…


A CHILL IN THE AIR Winter has arrived - what a wonderful time to enjoy winter cocktails in front of a cosy fire! A winter cocktail for the ladies would be a godly martini called the “Winter Wonderland Martini”… Made from vanilla vodka, crème de cacao, white chocolate liqueur, cream, coconut flakes and completed with a white chocolate wafer stick. Snow white in colour and complementing the icy winter look, but from the first sip there is a delightful warm sensation in the mouth that tempts you to have more. They say that a martini is a man’s drink, but we say a man should know how to make a martini! There are so many different types of martinis, so guys, grab the opportunity this winter to take the time and learn how to make and create new drinks! Shake and Serve is taking the time during the quieter season to learn how to make new and different cocktails with an original touch. Watch out summer!


TO END IT OFF WOW!! Arguably the most influential US president to date, Barack Obama has recently passed a law on homosexual marriages – controversial? Now that I have captivated your is with great pleasure and joy that I find myself writing this piece for our newsletter. It affords me the opportunity of expressing how my team and I feel about the opportunity of making your dream wedding and event a reality, cementing it into a moment to always cherish and remember. Despite these challenging economic times, The Aleit Group continues to prove and showcase its remarkable organizational skills and its unique ability to create moments that will capture the hearts of those involved. Class, attention to detail, and an uncompromising attitude to perfection is the very thing that sets us apart from others in the field. As you are well aware, weddings and events are what we are most fervent about. Many still look upon a wedding as their rite of passage, their most important experience of their lifetime. It is no secret that in life there are no manuals that dictate how we should handle life altering events. However, weddings and events can be planned and with our expertise these life altering events are executed in ways never before imagined. Competition and expectations are so high that we find ourselves rising to challenges, breaking limits and reaching new spheres of business acumen and creativity every time we undertake a project. The thrill of making dreams a reality and the happy faces when the couple says “I do” is what it’s all about. We look forward to hearing your feedback, and showing off our next issue. Like always, it has and continues to be a great pleasure

Warmest Regards, Thabo Matlhako Director

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Aleit Group Magazine Twelfth Edition  

The twelfth edition of the Aleit Group magazine

Aleit Group Magazine Twelfth Edition  

The twelfth edition of the Aleit Group magazine