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AIM can take the fear out of your personal high wire Who would have imagined? A Baptist minister with enough income to establish what is now known as Temple University. But Richard Conwell did it. How? He traveled the world giving an estimated 6,000 speeches on the same topic, titled “Acres of Diamonds.” He went from place to place extolling his idea that one need not look far for opportunity, achievement, wealth – start in the mirror and in your own neighborhood. Success, he told his audiences, is probably right in your backyard if you just take the time to look for it. We live in uneasy economic times. Understandably, people look around for a hedge. Something, or someone to provide a security net if they fall off the high wire. Conwell’s message is not so far off for AIM Members. Take a look at what you’ve got, both for yourself and for others. There is true value in an AIM membership beyond the obvious health benefits that have been the landmark of the company for its 27 years. AIM has paid out nearly $570 million in commissions to its Members since our founding. At bargain prices. For examples, using two of AIM’s popular products: • BarleyLife® powder wholesales to Members for $34. The price for nonMembers is $44.20. By becoming a Member, there is a saving of 23 percent. But it gets even better. If a Member signs up for the Automatic Monthly Reorder (AMR) program and orders at least $50 worth of product, there is a 5 percent saving. That $34 canister of barley is now priced at $32.30, a saving of 27 percent over retail. If a Member purchases $125 under AMR, the barley price drops to $30.60, a whopping 31 percent saving over the non-Member price. • Same ratio holds for AIM Herbal Fiberblend® (HFB). A non-Member price of $40.30 drops to $31 for a Member, again a 23 percent saving. For an AMR customer earning a 5 percent discount, the cost is $29.45, a saving of 27 percent. The AMR customer placing a $125 order receives the HFB for $27.80, a 31 percent saving. What Conwell was saying is that genius and success don’t have to be tortuous and winding paths. AIM has provided the pricing and the products for your own personal acres of diamonds. It is not as simple as bending over and picking them up. It takes some effort. For nothing great is lightly won. But take advantage of what AIM offers, and that high wire will not be so daunting after all.

Ron Wright chief executive officer, president, and co-owner


Rick Coffman vice president of U.S. and international operations

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Dennis Itami senior vice president and co-owner

Published by AIM International, Inc. Communications Department editor/layout/graphics. . . . Kathy Elson associate editor/writer . . . Rick Coffman lead writer . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kevan Lee contributing writers. . . . . . Stacey Aparicio Frank Burke Judy Clover Ryan Davis Phillip Jermann Address correspondence to: Editor, AIM Partners 3923 E. Flamingo Ave. Nampa, ID 83687-3100 – and – e-mail to: The mission of The AIM Companies™ is to improve the quality and productivity of people’s lives by promoting the Healthy Cell Concept ® and the highest principles of free enterprise. The purpose of AIM Partners Living Well is to communicate vital information to our Members and to build a strong relationship with them through education, motivation, and recognition. AIM products cannot be sold and advertised as cures and treatments for any disease. Our products are intended to improve the nutritional profile of the individuals who use them. Federal regulations in many countries prohibit making any claims that products are used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, and prevention of disease. AIM Partners Living Well is written in compliance with U.S. requirements, which may not be suitable for marketing AIM products outside of the United States. We ask that you be aware of and respect the requirements of your country in marketing AIM products. Articles are for information only. Con­ sult a professional for advice on your specific situation. ©2009 AIM International, Inc. AIM Members are hereby granted permission to reproduce any article that appears in AIM Partners Living Well, provided the article is reprinted in its entirety and the reprint bears the following notice: “Reprinted with permission of AIM International, Inc., Nampa, Idaho.” Printed in the USA All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



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People: The Iron Man just keeps on strumming, plucking along People: Sometimes an inkling of belief is enough A message from our company president Networking: The world of social media awaits you Recognition AIM is a family affair for latest Star Sapphire Director Product: Lifestyle, body, and outlook changed with fit ’n fiber™ People: The path to health and wealth is colored green Beauty: Cell Wellness Restorer™ isn’t just for soaking Product: It is new, it is improved, it is AIM ReAssure® SP Health: The China Study: ‘Reading it may save your life’ Health: It was a gut feeling Contest: Win a trip to the U.S. Olympic speedskating trials Product: Prills™ aren’t just for improving drinking water Convention: Viva! Lake Las Vegas 2009 Convention Winners: Congratulations to the 2008 contest winners Business: The benefits of signing up for an Automatic Monthly Reorder Health: Based on the label, it could be cat food for dinner tonight

on the cover

Preferred Member Jesse McReynolds has been taking AIM barley products for more than 20 years, and he credits them for his health and vitality. He is pictured on the front porch of the Pick Inn, his music and events venue, in Gallatin, Tennessee.

nutrition opportunity success /


people feature

The Iron Man just keeps on 


grandchildren sing in the band. When Jim passed, a musical duo that had been playing together for a record 55 years came to an end. While Tennessee is home, the world has proven to be his stage. He has performed all over the U.S., in Europe, and in Africa. He has been nominated for a number of Grammys and has won his share in his 60 years in music. Most recently he was nominated for Instrumental Recording of the Year for his collection of mostly original songs. He is credited for developing cross-picking and the split string styles on the mandolin. He has even dabbled some in rock ’n roll. Remember the rock group, the Doors? He played the mandolin on one of the group’s more successful albums, called The Soft Parade. In addition to his beloved mandolin, Jesse plays guitar and the fiddle. He is credited with creating an instrument only the most avid of music buffs would recognize, the mandolobro. It is a combination of the mandolin and the Dobro. A mandolin is a member of the lute family, an instrument that is plucked and strummed. A Dobro is a type of resonator guitar. From left: Jimmy Buchanan (he’s been Jesse’s fiddler off and on for nearly 50 years), Dave Salyer (Jesse’s nephew), Jesse, Amanda Lynn McReynolds (Jesse’s Jesse has provided background music granddaughter), Luke Bradshaw, Garrett McReynolds (Jesse’s grandson), and for the likes of legendary rocker Chuck Daniel Grindstaff. Berry and fellow mandolin player and vocalist Bobby Osbourne. One of his contemporaries says like she was in her 30s. I have taken AIM products every to be a successful and sought-after studio musician may day for more than 20 years. Whatever it does, it works.” be the highest compliment for an artist for it is a sign you It must. Jesse has been a Grand Ole Opry musician since really know your stuff. 1964 and plays in a band, The Virginia Boys, that tours the Berry once said of Jesse and his brother, Jim: “To me, country playing bluegrass music. “I usually work 40 and Jim and Jesse’s style is wonderfully unique and readily 50 festivals a year in the United States,” he says. “It should accessible to any musician who admires originality.” The take a toll, but I have held up pretty well so far.” Jesse praise comes from the media as well. Muleskinner News plays the mandolin and sings tenor. For years Jesse and his describes Jesse as “the foremost innovator in bluegrass brother, Jim, were members of the band. Jim passed away music” with “unsurpassed technical expertise” on the in 2002, but the family connection lives on. Two of Jesse’s

Photo courtesy of The Grand Ole Opry

ometimes you can tell a lot by a nickname. “The Iron Man of Bluegrass” fits Jesse McReynolds, a Preferred Member from Gallatin, Tennessee. What is not so obvious, however, is where he gives credit for his endurance and, thus, the tag his fellow musicians have given him. Jesse is 80 and credits AIM products for his health and vitality. He has been taking them for more than 20 years. “I started with AIM when I met this lady in Florida,” recalls Jesse. “She was in her 50s but she looked


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 strumming, plucking along  mandolin, adding, “most importantly there is no better mandolin player, and no better gentleman” than Jesse. Jesse and his wife, Joy, have been married for 13 years. She says Jesse may be an iron man but he also has a heart of gold. For 16 years he has hosted the McReynolds Memorial Benefit Show, normally held each year in February. It began as a way to assist Jesse’s son in covering his medical bills as a result of having multiple sclerosis. The son passed away in 2000 but the show lives on – “to help someone in need,” according to Joy. “We are blessed to be able to continue this for folks who need it.” This year funds raised from the event went to the wife and son of a musician who died from a brain tumor. “Life is so sad sometimes,” says Joy. But the benefit show can aid in lessening the accompanying grief. Jesse is no passive supporter of AIM BarleyLife®. His website calls attention not only to his belief in the product but he uses a number of testimonies as well. He even categorizes the help it provides. Asthma: One lady’s son suffered from it since he was a baby. Then one year she received a Christmas gift of the green barley powder. She began giving it to her son. His asthma became “much less severe and shorter in duration.” He is now 20, has been taking it for eight years, and his asthma is under control. Arthritis: “This product helps my arthritis and seems to improve my feeling of well-being.”

Above, Jesse on the front porch of the Pick Inn, his music and events venue, in Gallatin, Tennessee. He started building his events pavilion in his 78th year! Right, Jesse with his wife, Joy, of 13 years.

Chemo side effects: “I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2006.” The various chemo treatments and medications caused “many unpleasant side effects.” Then her grandmother told her about BarleyLife. “I was hoping it would do something good for me. Guess what? It did. I consider myself healthy again, and I am back working in my garden.”

Jim and Jesse above in 1947 and at right in 1997, the year of their 50th anniversary in music. Jim passed away in 2002, thus ending the longest brother duo in the history of music ... 55 years.

Wife Joy: “I have watched my husband, Jesse, take BarleyLife. He even takes it on the road with him. He stays so active and imaginative, always writing songs, playing music, joking around. I am taking it now and I look forward to keeping up with him.” When Jesse is not on the road, you can find him and his wife at their Pick Inn, a venue near Nashville for weddings, receptions, and any other event deemed appropriate for the resort. The location is also home base for a radio show that reaches listeners within a 150-mile range of Nashville. There is recorded music, live music, and call-ins. One listener describes it “as kind of like an old-fashioned radio show.” Jesse uses the show to plug BarleyLife, stay in touch with his fan club, and talk about the joys of bluegrass music. If the true mark of someone is the description given by others, then Jesse need not fear the path he has taken, the decisions he has made in his 80 years. “He is an inspiration to everyone,” says his proud wife. nutrition opportunity success /


people feature

Sometimes an inkling of belief is enough ings no r a list of th ow’s this fo ard to ? to look for w


When Crystal was 20, a doctor informed her that hip replacement surgery would be required before she was 30, natural childbirth would never happen for her, and difficult delivery was a certainty as well. Today hip. a dislocated s • Born with ay at 37, Crystal has yet to have hip surgery, and she is the loving mother of w al ry ility of surge . n ia ic • The possib ys h four children by natural childbirth and with no complications. ap never visiting t n e present whe m ce She credits AIM’s green barley powder for sustaining her through la p re told that hip . 0 3 e • At age 20, ag her pregnancies. “I know that it makes me feel better. I still have nasty re required befo l ra surgery was u at n days, but my heart is about raising my children. I want to stay fit and t, n e hip replacem . • Due to the le ib active to have every opportunity to be fully engaged and involved. The ss uld not be po childbir th wo AIM products help,” she says. . 7 rd to age 3 Fast-for wa When AIM was testing LeafGreens ® , Crystal was a part of a team ery. rg su ip h o N • of testers who responded to the energy it provided. She explains, ural ren, all by nat s. • Four child n io “I love it first thing in the morning. It’s like having an espresso!” She at ith no complic childbir th, w also has added CalciAIM™ to her AIM regimen of supplements. Crystal and her husband, Bob, have been married for rystal Knowles, an AIM Member from New 14 years. They have four children – Micah, 13; Rachel, 11; Minas, Nova Scotia, credits her parents and AIM Bethany, 9; and Luke, 6. Bob has been the minister of the products for avoiding problems with her hip. local Baptist Church for nearly six years. Crystal is also Crystal was born with a dislocated hip – officially called very involved in their church, particularly with the musical developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). Surgery was a programs; it is a family of singers. hovering threat in her future, and seeing doctors became a And it is also a family with a belief in health. She keeps regular part of her life. fit by using an elliptical trainer, and she makes sure that her Crystal’s parents are Ken and Cheryl Huxter, Chairman’s family lives and eats well. Bob takes AIM Peak Endurance ® Club Directors. They introduced her to AIM products; for playing hockey, along with AIM BarleyLife ® Xtra. The she became an irregular user of AIM’s green barley. Thus, children take LeafGreens and AIM BarleyLife ® to help ward she was her own test of the product. In high school, when off illnesses. Besides overseeing a busy household, Crystal Crystal did not take her barley, she felt the return of leg loves running her home staging and redesign business. cramps and shoulder pain (from bursitis). As soon as she She does not have a lot of extra time to worry about was back on barley, the ailments went away. This experiher health. She takes care of herence provided the teenager with “that inkling of belief in the self and takes some AIM prodproduct.” Throughout her years in college, supplementing ucts, so “I can be the best wife with barley balanced out her “gross dorm life.” She came and mom I can be and to do away with the realization of how well her mother my business with excellence and cooked and an appreciation for her father’s integrity.” insistence on taking barley.



The Knowles family stays healthy and active with these AIM products


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president’s message

A message

from our company president


can’t believe how quickly the past 27 years have gone by. Your AIM company began in 1982 with a dream and a vision, and here we are today – that same dream, that same vision still guiding us. Dennis Itami and I would not be here today as co-owners without the support of you AIM Members. I applaud you for making the decision to join The AIM Companies™. You made a good decision for your health and in committing to share your knowledge and trust of AIM with others. The success of the company is driven by our dedication to health products that truly make a difference. I can only estimate that we have helped hundreds of thousands of people in the past 27 years. We hear from so many that they are living healthier and more satisfying lives due to the AIM products. What directed us back in the 1980s, a belief in the Healthy Cell Concept®, is just as strong today. It is the foundation of our motto of Nutrition, Opportunity, Success. I myself am proof of our calling. Back nearly 30 years ago, I was not so sure how long I was to live. I did not feel very well. Then along came an AIM product, green barley juice, and here I am – alive and well, as is AIM. I have realized my goal to live a healthy and wealthy life, and I wish the same for each of you. Don’t let these times get you down. Prepare for a better day with AIM. As proud as I am of our products, I am no less so of what we have meant to the financial lives of our Members. We have paid out more than $570 million in commissions since our founding. We have never been late with a check, and we have never missed one. Since we are partners for many in their wealth planning, we certainly will not fail in our obligation in that area.

As president and CEO of the company, I understand that the AIM path is a journey during which we have to keep moving forward or be left behind. We are dedicated to improving our message of health and wealth for our Members. We are concerned about your health, and some added wealth along the way is not to be ignored. To those ends, we are always adding something that we think will assist in spreading the message of health and wealth. Check out AIM on one of the social media sites, such as YouTube. We have marketing and testimonial videos that are state of the art teaching and information tools. Our teleclasses are divided evenly between product presentations and business-building tips. We have a firstrate magazine and an outstanding website, both designed to help you help yourself and others. We have never strayed from the helping aspect of what we do at AIM. It is very satisfying to hear of someone aided by an AIM product, of someone who has benefited financially from AIM. The two are not in competition. Helping someone feel better and having some cash in your pocket and directing someone else to do the same is very rewarding. There is no better time to act than now. The road to success begins with that first step. Take it now, and the sooner you will realize the benefit. Twenty-seven years. Wow! I must thank you all for your loyalty and dedication to the AIM mission. Each day, each month, each year we lay the foundation for another 27 years of health and wealth. Enjoy it with us.

Ron Wright President/ CEO, Co-owner nutrition opportunity success /


networking news

AIM Members:

The world

• Discover a niche market you might not have found otherwise. • Experience worldwide reach without leaving your computer. • It’s free! Along with the benefits, the sheer number of users makes a compelling case for taking your AIM business into social networks. MySpace® and Facebook® together have nearly 300 million accounts, and their numbers are growing every day. Facebook® estimates that it attracts 5 million new users per week. In a month, that growth would equal the entire population of the state of New York.

Go viral with Facebook® (


ne way of doing business is to meet the people where they are. Increasingly, these people are on social media websites. Facebook®, MySpace®, and YouTube® are three of the biggest players in the new networking scene, and harnessing the power of these shared communities is one of the newest and most efficient ways of capturing new downline members and reaching a broader audience. Social media, at its most basic form, is essentially a community – one in which the people dictate what is popular. It is online democracy at its finest, where individuality is valued over conformity, and it is with these ideas in mind that doing business in social media truly thrives.

Benefits of social networking: • Connect with potential customers in a user-specific environment. • Use others to market your products for you. • Reach a greater number of people in a shorter amount of time. • Build brand awareness in unique ways.


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An emerging business tool, Facebook® can help you network and share with millions of users who are just a mouse click away. After you create your Facebook® account, follow these steps to share your AIM affiliation with your friends and networks: • Find AIM’s Facebook® page by searching for “The AIM Companies™.” • Click on The AIM Companies™ page, and find the “Become a Fan” link in the right sidebar of AIM’s page. • Click “Become a Fan” and you’re all set! Here’s where the networking part kicks in. When you join The AIM Companies™ page, that activity will be posted to your profile page and to the collective home pages of all your Facebook® friends. They will see that you “… became a fan of The AIM Companies™,” and they can click on AIM’s page to learn more. And they’ll have you to thank!

Join the fun with MySpace ® ( As one of the original social networking sites, MySpace® has a loyal, knowledgeable following that you can tap into.

of social media awaits you Here are two tips: Become friends with AIM by visiting my­space. com/aimbarleylife and adding us to your list of friends. This way, visitors to AIM’s MySpace® page can find your profile by looking at AIM’s friend list and clicking on your photo. Place AIM in your Top Friends. This will give your profile visitors an easy link to learn more about the company.

Share your story with YouTube ( Anyone can be a successful movie producer on YouTube, and any AIM Member can grow his business using YouTube’s broad reach. Send friends and family a link to an AIM video and have them contact you if they would like more information. And you can upload your own AIMrelated video to YouTube and e-mail the link to people you know. You can even have your video found by others by connecting it to one of AIM’s videos using the “Video Response” tool. nnn The case for joining social networks can be clearly stated. But perhaps a more relevant question for AIM business-builders is what to do once you get there? For starters, be yourself. Most AIM Members participate in the company because their lives are uniquely invested in the Nutrition, Opportunity, and Success that AIM provides. If this is the case, then AIM should come up naturally and sincerely when you describe yourself and your interests to others over social networks. Another way to be successful on social networks is to contribute to and build community. Seek out people who share similar feelings when it comes to health products. Create a group of your own to promote your personal

business and invite your downline to join. Social networks like Facebook and MySpace can be used as a community bulletin board as well. Announce upcoming meetings and leave notes about products and materials. The tools on social networking sites largely mimic the tools you may be using in the real world, so explore your options and use the ones that best suit your needs. Finally, be willing to share. This has been key to having a successful AIM business long before social networking even existed, and it remains just as important as your business grows into the web age of the 21st century. Take YouTube for instance. Something as simple as filming your kids drinking their morning BarleyLife® could become a valuable tool for sharing. Upload the video to YouTube, e-mail the link to family, friends, and downline, and there’s no telling how many eyes it will reach. You can use a similar strategy on Facebook. Announce a milestone in your health journey by changing your Facebook status, all your Facebook friends can see it and comment on it. And they might end up seeking you out for more information. The online world of social media is no longer for tech-savvy 20 -somethings and cutting-edge industry leaders. It is for everyone. And if you’re interested in reaching everyone, social networks are a fine place to start. nutrition opportunity success /


is a family affair for latest Star Sapphire Director


ancy Lynn’s promotion to Star Sapphire Director was no accident. But it wasn’t exactly a goal, either. Nancy, from Lady Lake, Florida, achieved the distinction by using the AIM products for her own health and sharing them with the people she loves the most, her children. All of her success with AIM came from her love of the nutritious, whole food products and not from a typical business plan. “I never meant to become a Director,” Nancy says, “but three months after joining AIM, there I was – simply from my enthusiasm for the products.” “My story is nothing to write home about,” Nancy says. “I came to The AIM Companies™ in 1987 simply to get their green barley product at the wholesale price. I later added AIM Just Carrots® as well. I was totally impressed with the unique processing which kept the product as a living fuel for the body. Prior to these products, I had been juicing, but it was too much mess and work.” A big inspiration to Nancy when she first started taking the AIM products was Chairman’s Club Director Janet Pauly, who credits the AIM products with helping her overcome cancer. “At the time, I was reading about Janet Pauly and her success with the cancer problems,” Nancy says. “It only made sense to me that the body has to have living fuel to maintain properly. I have always believed that ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.’ ” Once Nancy learned the power of the AIM products, she began sharing them with her children, and the products traveled around the world. “I have three children who have served in the military (and have since retired),” Nancy says. “The products have gone to Afghanistan with my daughter, Iraq with my son and son-in-law, and to Somalia with my son. So one might say we’ve been through the war with AIM.


may-june 2009 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

“My kids have done triathlons, and one daughter is a spinning instructor and uses AIM products for instant energy. My men in the family started on the AIM ReAssure ® for prostate health at age 40. I use AIM Renewed Balance ® , AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, AIM BarleyLife ® , AIM LeafGreens ® , Just Carrots, AIM Cellsparc 360 ®, CalciAIM™, and the dailyLife™ lotions and shampoo. My family is always looking for a handout when they stop by.” Throughout her journey, Nancy has appreciated that AIM stands apart from other companies with its commitment to world-class products and an exceptional business plan. “Unlike so many MLM companies, I am most pleased with the notion that this business will be passed onto my heirs when I am gone,” Nancy says. “But I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. I will be 70 years old in July, and I can honestly say I feel like I’m 30. I never had the first hot flash. I was widowed for the second time in March of last year, and I look forward to sunshine in the days to come. I don’t worry about how long I will live as God has already got that all figured out, but I do care about staying well. “My motto is, ‘If we don’t do what we can to take care of the body God gave us, it hardly seems fair to go begging for Him to fix it.’ So I’m just trying to do my part in maintaining as best I can, and I am so blessed to have such great products to help.

Lifestyle, body, and outlook changed with ™


think it’s one of the best products AIM has introduced,” says AIM Preferred Member Linda Murphy.

That’s high praise for a product that has only been in AIM’s product lineup for a few months. Yet Linda and many others like her attest to the fact that AIM fit ’n fiber™ fits in seamlessly right alongside AIM’s lineup of nutritional supplement stars. After only two months using fit ’n fiber, Linda noticed that her stomach was remarkably smaller and flatter. Not only that, but Linda also lost six pounds (which was 6 percent of her total body weight) in the same two-month span. The extra boost of fiber really made a difference in her lifestyle. “In addition to promoting better bowel habits, fit ’n fiber™ makes it easy to reach 100 percent of your daily fiber needs,” says Murphy, a resident of Sandusky, Ohio. With 12 grams of fiber, including 10 grams of hearthealthy soluble fiber, fit ’n fiber™ is designed to help you reach your daily recommended fiber intake, something that most Americans are not yet doing. The USDA recommends that men consume 30-35 grams of fiber per day and that women consume 21-25 grams, yet most Americans get by with a meager 12-17 grams of fiber. By including fit ’n fiber and its 12 total grams of fiber on a daily basis, you stand a much better chance of achieving the

daily recommended intake. fit ‘n fiber’s benefit is magnified even more in light of fiber recommendations from other countries. The United Kingdom’s suggestion, for instance, is 12-24 grams of fiber per day, which would be half of the USDA recommendations and would be equaled with a daily serving of fit ’n fiber. Providing help toward achieving daily fiber goals is one outstanding benefit of fit ’n fiber, but it is far from the only advantage to using AIM’s newest product. The wealth of heart-healthy soluble fiber is another plus. Soluble fiber dissolves in water, forming a gel-like substance that serves several important functions inside the body. One of those functions is reducing LDL-cholesterol, which is often referred to as “bad” cholesterol, by preventing its rapid absorption into the bloodstream. In addition to the heart-health benefits of soluble fiber, the high fiber content in fit ’n fiber also provides a feeling of fullness and is key to living a healthy, active lifestyle. fit ’n fiber works perfectly with the ideas found in AIM’s Healthy Cell Concept®, especially as it relates to Cell Food. Combined with AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, it makes for an all-encompassing fiber supplement, and with a smooth, orchard peach taste, you can make it a part of your routine as a snack and a smoothie. “fit ’n fiber fills me up so I feel fuller and don’t eat as much,” says Linda, who mixes her fit ’n fiber with Herbal Fiberblend and says it tastes “terrific.” “I’ve had no bloating, which has been a problem with Metamucil and other products. “My lifestyle has changed, my body has changed, and my outlook on life has changed.” Sounds like fit ’n fiber already has a lot in common with other outstanding AIM products.

�� AIM Preferred Member Linda Murphy nutrition opportunity success /


people feature

The path to health and wealth J

ackson and Juliet Ger are testimony to AIM’s message of health and wealth. Juliet remembers some 20 years ago when she and husband Jackson began their meteoric rise to Chairman’s Club. To help with some health challenges, they joined AIM in July 1989. Five months later they were Directors. Within that year, they were wearing Star Sapphire, Royal Emerald, and Blue Diamond pins. In October 1991 they were inducted into AIM’s Chairman’s Club, the company’s highest level of financial achievement. Theirs is a typical AIM story. Jackson particularly was battling some health issues. One son experienced terrible allergies each spring, another son had acne issues. Juliet found herself fatigued from her graveyard shift at the bank. But the shocker for her came when her sister from Virginia visited them in Texas. “I remember Jackson asked her to take care of me and our children if something happened to him. I was stunned by his request and shocked into action.” Jackson was working long hours in his jewelry business, traveling a lot, consuming a poor diet. The Gers had immigrated to the United States from Taiwan in 1978. Jackson was determined to make a success of his business. He was suffering from ulcers, severe anemia, allergies, bloody stools, muscle cramps, and was not sleeping well. It became Juliet’s mission to research something to help him with his health challenges. The search took them to Chinese herbalists in California, lots of health reading by Juliet, and to planting and consuming wheat grass. She grew the grass in flower pots on the window sills in their home. “He began to feel better,” recalls Juliet, “although there was no significant improvement in his health. Nothing we did was enough to fight the combination of his stressful schedule and poor diet.” Juliet was communicating with friends looking for some kind of magic bullet. “One friend, during a visit to California, saw a jar of green powder on her sister’s kitchen table. When she found out it was barley powder, she naturally thought of me and my wheat grass. She brought some jars back to Texas.” Thus began the Ger AIM odyssey. It only took a month for AIM’s barley to make a difference. Jackson began sleeping better and his skin regained its color. The son with allergies could breathe freely in the spring, Juliet’s energy level was boosted, and the son with the complexion issue witnessed its clearing. In fact, says Juliet, the son with the acne issue – who at first refused to consume a green powder – “began warning us when we were low on jars.” Now convinced she had found something natural that really worked, Juliet began “introducing AIM to my friends, hoping every one of them


may-june 2009 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

could experience their own benefits in health.” The lady who brought the barley to the Gers was Loretta Shu, AIM Blue Diamond Director at the time but today a member of the Chairman’s Club. “Loretta showed me AIM’s marketing literature and encouraged me to develop my own business.” It was pretty much thanks, but no thanks, says Juliet. “I was very grateful to her, but my husband’s health, my kids, and my bank job were plenty for my plate.” Then she began to hear back from friends. The barley was helping them, could they obtain more from her. She signed them up as Members so they could receive discount pricing. The first check she received from AIM was for $27. She thought it was a gimmick of some kind; she didn’t cash it. Then the next month came a check for $60. “I called Loretta, who told me she was receiving checks from AIM and it was OK to cash them. I still could not bring myself to deposit the checks. I was so used to receiving checks from a job where you clocked in and clocked out.” The next month another check arrived from AIM, this time for $400. That was it. Something wasn’t right, so Jackson called AIM to get to the bottom of this. “AIM courteously told us the

is colored green checks were real,” says Juliet. The next month, a check arrived for $1,600. That really got Jackson’s attention. He began reading the AIM literature on the products and studied the marketing plan. Then came the clincher, a check for $4,000 from AIM and two tickets to attend AIM’s convention in Hawaii. “I began collecting and relaying testimonials among my friends. I didn’t realize we were developing a business, but apparently that’s what sharing great news with friends can be,” explains Juliet. “We developed our own literature in Chinese, invited friends to our home, and even organized tours across the country to spread the news. After one year, our income from AIM was sufficient to retire both of us from our jobs and commit fully to AIM. We became the first Chinese Chairman’s Club Directors.” Fast forward some 20 years to the present. Jackson went into the financial services business as well as working the AIM business but is now retired. During his time in financial services, he saw two recessions, but the current one, he says, is beyond what he has seen in the past. This one he describes as a “financial tsunami.” So it was that during the 2008 holidays, the Gers had a talk. “Throughout all these years our bonus checks always arrived on time. We know that a stable income stream is

important to people, especially in these economic times. And that no one can be pardoned from old age and from sickness. We know that the health and wealth benefits of AIM are more important than ever.” Juliet says too many “rely on drugs and surgery to maintain their health and a great many others simply ignore the fact that prevention is the best medicine of all.” So the Gers are back at it, back working their AIM business like they once did. As they did in the 1990s, they are building their AIM presentations around their belief in the Healthy Cell Concept® – that true health begins at the cellular level which involves proper cell food, cell exercise, cell environment, cell protection, and a healthy mental attitude. They will concentrate their efforts in the Chinese community and with Baby Boomers. They are looking forward to attending the AIM convention this year in Lake Las Vegas, to renewing old acquaintances and making new AIM friends. Juliet explains: “Out of gratitude, for our own health, for compassion, we again want to journey on that green, hidden path to health and wealth. Although times and circumstances have changed, we know we are not alone in wanting to embark on this journey.”

Cell Wellness Restorer ™ isn’t just for soaking M

ost commonly, Cell Wellness Restorer™ skin. Take your time and rub it in thoroughly. You may jump (CWR) is thought of as a great bathtub soak. into a shower 30 minutes after applying the CWR to rinse Just add some to bath water and feel the stress it but don’t use soap or you will melt away. Many Members report sleeping betremove the CWR residue.For ter after using it, some say they have experia facial, I put a little in my hand enced an increase in energy levels, others use it and massage it in, leaving it on as a treatment for sunburn and insect bites. for 15-20 minutes before I wash Fine enough, says Preferred Member Jenée it off.” Sherrel from Nashville, Tennessee. But, she would Damaged hair? “I use it before I add, let your imagination be your guide with CWR. wash my hair. It has made my hair Want to give your feet a treat? “Pour an entire bottle much softer.” of CWR in a glass baking dish and soak for 30 minutes Looking for something to give every day for six weeks, then three times per week to your teeth a boost? “I brush my retain magnesium levels. In the winter, I warm it in a pan teeth, spitting out the excess. Jenée of water on medium heat so it will absorb more readily, Now I do not have plaque on my plus it won’t be so cold. You may re-use it again until you need teeth, my gums are healthier, plus my smile is whiter.” to add more CWR. It will last about a month.” Jenée advises to use CWR daily and you should feel the Want to keep your skin in good shape? “Apply CWR to results in about six weeks. She is so enamored of the prodthe skin by pouring a teaspoon into your hand and rubbing uct that she also sprays it full strength on the skin during the from your neck to the feet. Avoid the sensitive parts of your day for achy joints and muscles. nutrition opportunity success /


achieve success

achieve success

director growth bonus pools

U.S. Directors recognized AIM is proud to recognize those Members who have been promoted to Director. AIM’s motto of Nutrition, Opportunity, Success could not be complete without business builders like these: Stephen Tung, a Director from Santa Ana, California says, “We believe that AIM products are incorporated by users as essential parts of their daily lives and are not easily substituted for by other products even in this current economic climate. Quality nutritional supplements such as AIM Herbal Fiberblend® and BarleyLife® will always have a market as people make more purchasing decisions based on quality and value.” It took Fumi Ozasa, a resident of Irvine, California, only three months to achieve Director, having started with The AIM Companies™ in December of last year and reaching the Director level by February.

director promotions January 2009 Canada Stevenson, Petra

February 2009 United States Ozasa, Fumi Tung, Stephen

three-deep bonus pool January 2009 Participants earned bonuses from $403 to $2,418 in this pool.

February 2009 Participants earned bonuses from $392 to $2,484 in this pool.


heck out “Everyone wants high energy, good colon health, and nutritional knowledge” on Tuesday, May 19, at 10 a.m. This AIM teleclass is hosted by Royal Emerald Director Gerald Phillips. Call AIM’s Customer Service Center at 1-800-4562462, Opt. 1, to register. See other teleclasses in product promo flyer with your product orders.


may-june 2009 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

January 2009 316 Members earned shares worth $170.19 U.S. each in this pool.

February 2009 268 Members earned shares worth $186.91 U.S. each in this pool.

elite leadership bonuses 2-Star Bonus

January 2009

Casey, Kevin A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tennessee Combrinck, Eben and Marcelle . . . . . . . . . South Africa Erceg Investments, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Idaho Knight, Connie and Steve . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Florida La Vie c/o Y & J.P. Holdings . . . . . . . . . . . South Africa Realities Dist. Serv. Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Canada Select Ventures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Florida Swope, Mary Ruth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Texas Van Rensburg, Chris and Joan . . . . . . . . . . South Africa

4-Star Bonus Pauly, Janet and O’Ferrall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Texas

6-Star Bonus Kling, Carolyn and Jim . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Idaho

February 2009 2-Star Bonus Casey, Kevin A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tennessee Erceg Investments, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Idaho Knight, Connie and Steve . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Florida La Vie c/o Y & J.P. Holdings . . . . . . . . . . . South Africa Realities Dist. Serv. Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Canada Select Ventures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Florida Van Rensburg, Chris and Joan . . . . . . . . . . South Africa

4-Star Bonus Pauly, Janet and O’Ferrall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Texas

6-Star Bonus Kling, Carolyn and Jim . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Idaho AIM Herbal Fiberblend® is a combination of soluble fiber, psyllium, and cleansing herbs to help maintain bowel regularity. It also provides dietary fiber, assists in removing toxins from the body, and helps maintain healthy cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. Available in unflavored or raspberry powder, Fiber-onthe-Go singles (shown at left), and vegetarian capsules.

product feature

It is new, it is improved, it is





he loyalty created by AIM products is a big part of what makes The AIM Companies™ so effective as a health supplement leader and as a one-of-a-kind business opportunity. Therefore, when products are reformulated, there can be pause for concern among the loyal users of the former product. Fortunately, AIM ReAssure ® SP, a reformulation of the old ReAssure product, is even more potent, powerful, and appreciated as its forebearer. Member confidence in ReAssure has given way to a loyal following of ReAssure SP, as more and more AIM Members are discovering the unique power of saw palmetto, done the AIM way. Jim Halstead, a Director from Sandusky, Ohio, is one of the Members who has made the switch.

}I am taking the ReAssure SP each day,”

Jim says. “I believe the new SP is working even better.~

Saw palmetto, the new, key ingredient in the ReAssure SP formula, is one of the most popular prostate supplements on the market. It seems to be in almost all of the top-selling prostate supplements around, yet in very few cases is it as powerful and unique as it is in ReAssure SP. The saw palmetto found in traditional remedies is generally a ground-up powder derived from dried saw palmetto berries. For Reassure SP, AIM uses saw palmetto berry oil extract for use in its capsule formula, ensuring an optimum amount of supplement nutrition that contains select phytosterols needed for prostate health.


Among the good stuff with a saw palmetto formula are fatty acids, and the phytosterols sitosterol and campesterol. Research has shown that the impact of 320 milligrams of saw palmetto (the same amount that is found in ReAssure SP) can improve urinary symptoms as effectively as prescription drugs … without the dangerous side effects. The results speak for themselves.

}I have noticed that I don’t need to urinate

during the early morning hours like I did before,~ says Jim.

It’s not just the saw palmetto that’s doing the miracle work, either. AIM’s unique ReAssure formula also includes zinc, lycopene, and pumpkin seed oil for an all-encompassing prostate product. Take a look at what each of these ingredients has to offer: • Zinc. Studies have found that the amount of zinc in healthy prostate cells is greater than the amount found in cancerous prostate cells. Also, zinc is key to protecting DNA and repairing cell damage from free radicals. • Pumpkin seed oil. This supplement helps inhibit overproduction of testosterone in the prostate (a leading cause of prostate enlargement). Multiple studies have confirmed that a diet high in pumpkin seed oil can help to improve bladder function, provide stronger urinary flow, and lessen the frequency of nighttime urination. • Tomato lycopene. This antioxidant may be responsible for slowing the growth of prostate cancer cells and reducing the likelihood of developing prostate cancer. Added to saw palmetto, these parts make up a whole lot of prostate help. And for Jim and many others like him, they have found a new AIM product, that started as an old AIM favorite, to fall in love with.

}At age 72, I’m still going strong, and I know

that AIM products really help in so many ways,~ Jim says. nutrition opportunity success /


health feature

The China Study ~

‘Reading it may save your life’ (Note: This is the second of a two-part story on the China Study and how its findings relate to health and the AIM products. The first part in the series was published in the March-April Partners Living Well magazine.) nnn hen the China Study was first introduced in 2005, the New York Times profiled it, proclaiming the book as “the Grand Prix of epidemiology.” Whole Foods CEO John Mackey called it “the most important book on health, diet, and nutrition ever written.” Dr. Dean Ornish, an author and personal physician to such famous stars as Oprah Winfrey, said that “reading it may save your life.” But in the four years since its debut, it has been met with significantly less fanfare and even less of an impact. The dietary world of today remains largely the same as the one that the China Study warned against. Eating habits have gone unchanged, whole food nutrition still remains a niche movement, and cancer is just as troublesome as it was four years ago. What is the reason for the relative anonymity in which the China Study has lived? Its nutritional breakthroughs should have been enough to get any person to sit up and notice. The China Study was the first of its kind to provide substantive evidence of the benefits of eating a plant-based diet – benefits that included a lower risk of disease, including cancer. (For a more detailed look at the China Study’s claims, visit and search “China Study” for Part One of this series or refer to your March-April magazine.) Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the book’s author, has some theories about why his research has stayed under the radar. One of his assumptions is that there are a handful of influential people who fear the ramifications of the China Study being put into practice. Many businesses



may-june 2009 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

stand to lose a lot of money if a conversion to plant-based diets were to actually come to fruition. Fast food chains, food suppliers, and much of the health field would be drastically trimmed if the dependence on current dietary status quo waned. Another criticism deals with errors in the study’s methods. At face value, the research done in the China Project – a 20-year study covering 880 million people in 2,400 Chinese counties – is not entirely bulletproof. The mortality rates that Campbell and his associates used for comparison were taken from nearly a decade earlier and extrapolated to fit the study’s timetable. The measurement of nutrients that the China Project used was dietary data from a broad table measure rather than the individual foods themselves. This would have neglected the specific nutrient benefits of particular foods that were otherwise grouped into the generic categories of “bad” animal proteins and the “good” plant proteins. Generalizations, too, are another issue that some have with Campbell’s China Study. Statements like “eating foods that contain any cholesterol above zero milligrams is unhealthy” tend to be looked at with a critical eye when there are so many variables left unaccounted for. What these criticisms fail to mention, though, is the unique, original voice that the China Study provides that contradicts the current standard of diet and health in Western cultures. Campbell’s research may lack specifics on certain results, but it does not lack for a compelling case to reconsider the way that animal-based proteins are used in contemporary diets. The sheer volume of disease-related research that the China Project compiled is enough to warrant a serious look. The following is a list of diseases that the China Project claims could be avoided and lessened by using the proper diet. n Diabetes n Brain disease n Breast cancer n Colon cancer n Eye disease

n Heart disease n Kidney stones n Obesity n Osteoporosis

A movement toward whole food health is the China Study’s desire, and it is a foundational principle of The AIM Companies™. AIM Members have seen the benefits of whole food nutrition, and these benefits are exactly the types of results that Campbell and the China Study would expect. AIM Member Jacqueline McDermott, a Director from Fonthill, Ontario, Canada, is one who discovered the health benefits of plantbased nutrients through AIM BarleyLife ® and a host of other great AIM products.


n July of 2004, four years after a lumpectomy due to breast cancer, I was diagnosed with bone cancer. The cancer had metastasized very rapidly into my bones causing my femur to break. The cancer not only attacked my left leg, but my pelvis, ribs, vertebrae, and skull as well. “Six heavy doses of chemo were prescribed and completed in December 2004. “All the while, I continued under the direction of a homeopath who included natural products to help keep my immune system as strong as possible during the treatments. I have always kept a healthy eating lifestyle and often entertained new health products. It wasn’t until four months after my last chemo treatment that a friend introduced me to BarleyLife by giving me some samples. “I was so touched by his visit that it led me to sign up immediately. This product testified to cleansing and healing, so why wait, when something sounded so good. At that time no matter what I ate and took, I still lacked energy and my body remained very acidic, which is a prime state for cancer to thrive in. “I also know from past experience that when you begin a new product, whether for cleansing purposes or building your immune system, you have to give the product a fair chance; therefore, I knew that when my samples ran out, my first shipment would have arrived and I could continue taking the BarleyLife without interruption. “The big question for me was, ‘How much should I take?’ The cancer had already done massive damage, eating away at my leg and my spine. “This is where AIM Member Muriel McPherson (a Chairman’s Club Director) came into my life, giving me her ‘recipe’ for cancer treatment, which I faithfully began to take. It involved taking the AIM Garden Trio ® eight times per day. The Garden Trio is BarleyLife, AIM Just Carrots® , and AIM RediBeets ®. It sounded like a lot, and it was. But my body had been intruded by an ugly disease and had left me weakened and in pain. Two weeks into the Garden Trio recipe, not only did I notice a tremendous increase in energy but for the first time ever, my body was no longer acidic. BarleyLife was the only product that worked for me and brought me into the healthy neutral acidity zone. I was thrilled. “I have been told that I am a walking miracle. My oncologist says that I’m still full of cancer, but it is not active and not eating at the bones. The cancer remains quiet, and that is glorious news for a bone cancer patient. “I faithfully take a good portion of the Garden Trio each day as well as a number of the other products such as AIM Proancynol® 2000, AIM Cellsparc 360 ®, AIMega ® , and AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, which I have found to be ‘my happy balance’ for maintenance purposes.” Jacqueline and others like her are prime examples that there is enough evidence in the China Study to at least constitute a reconsideration of current habits. The China Study’s research was unique: rather than

blame disease on genetics, it turned the attention to nutrition and nutrition’s role in activating good and bad genes. It would be a shame if revolutionary ideas like this were forgotten so quickly. nutrition opportunity success /


health issue

It was a gut feeling


ippocrates understood the value of good gut health. “All diseases begin in the gut.” These are the words of Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician often referred to as the “father of medicine.” His work with medical standardization helped shape early medicine, and today he is remembered in the eponymous Hippocratic Oath. He spoke those words in the 300s B.C. Gut health plays a major role in the overall health of our bodies, and there is a wide assortment of ailments that can be traced back to a faulty system. Irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, celiac, and any number of gastrointestinal issues are just a few of the diseases that begin and end in the gut, which is why gut health – as Hippocrates warned – is so important. AIM’s products can be a valuable part in practicing good gut health. Some of AIM’s most popular products – AIM BarleyLife®, AIM RediBeets®, and AIM Just Carrots®, which make up the AIM Garden Trio® – can do serious good for those in need of intestinal help. By alkalizing the body and helping to detoxify, the whole food formulas of these products make a remarkably effective gut health supplement. Star Sapphire Director Patricia Downing of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, had a Member in her downline put AIM products to work when he was having gut trouble. The Member wishes to remain anonymous.

This Member’s story is no different than that of many others who have discovered just how important taking care of one’s gut can be. The Garden Trio has helped many people get back on track to feeling good and living well, but it is far from the only AIM product that is designed with the gut in mind. Here are some others: l AIM Para 90®: An antiparasitic and intestinal cleanser that combines 16 cleansing herbs. l AIM FloraFood®: A probiotic formula that provides intestinal flora to maintain digestive and intestinal health and enhance the immune system. l AIM PrepZymes® : A digestive enzyme supplement that aids in digestion and improves utilization of food nutrients. The wide variety of AIM products for gut health speaks to the importance of keeping the body’s intestines in optimal condition. Hippocrates began spreading the word more than 2,000 years ago, and AIM products are carrying on that message today.


s a 56-year-old male, God has blessed me with good health. I eat basically organic foods and exercise regularly, participating in events like 100-mile bike races. However, all that began to change about one year ago. “I’ve been working as a flight attendant for 30 years in the airlines. For no apparent reason, I would have sporadic bouts with a burning sensation in my stomach. After multiple doctor visits and exams, both inside and out, the best diagnosis was a mild case of gastritis. The pain continued, and I was desperate. “I crossed paths with my old friend, Patricia, who is an AIM distributor. She told me about the Garden Trio. I promptly placed a call to the AIM office in Nampa, Idaho, where I placed my first order. I’m happy to report that the burning in my stomach has stopped 95 to 98 percent of the time, and I lost 3 inches off my waist and have dropped some 7 pounds. “Today my routine is to take the Garden Trio upon awakening, followed by AIM Herbal Fiberblend®. When I go on my trips, I always take the powders with me. I want to thank Patricia and AIM for making such a profound change in my life.


may-june 2009 / to order call 1-800-456-2462


Short Track to Success contest

th or

e Am


Win a trip

to the U.S. Olympic Speedskating Trials


here is still time to earn your place at the U.S. Speedskating Olympic Trials in Marquette, Michigan, this September. AIM’s Short Track to Success bonus contest runs through May 31, 2009, and points in the contest are awarded for follow-up orders on new Member sign-ups. Throughout the contest, bonus points can be earned by completing various tasks and reaching certain benchmarks. See the Short Track bonus contest details at under the Member Resources tab.

In May, the last month of the contest, we’re offering a bonus lap that can be achieved above and beyond your standard lap earnings.

MAY BONUS LAPS Members who purchase two of J.R. Celski’s six favorite products will receive one bonus lap. AIM proudly sponsors Senior World Speedskater J.R. Celski on his quest for gold at the 2010 Olympics. J.R.’s favorite products include: LeafGreens®, AIMega®, AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, Cellsparc 360 ®, AIM Proancynol® 2000, and AIM Peak Endurance®. Those with the most laps win!


rills aren’t just for improving drinking water ™

The thin water resulting from boiling a handful of Prills, placing them in a gallon of water in a glass container, then waiting 24 hours renders even the best water even better. Members have been using Prills for years to assure water quality, to provide better absorption of the Prills water, and to use when mixing AIM’s various powder products. While those are the most common uses of Prills, Greg Wright, an AIM Director from Emmett, Idaho, has this advice: Try them in your fountain and in your spa. Greg used about 3 pounds of Prills secured in a nylon stocking in both a 400-gallon fountain and in a spa with about the same gallonage. The fountain, he says, no longer requires chemicals to keep it clean and algae free. “The water stays very clear with no algae growth. There is no chemical smell and no staining of the fountain finish.” With the success of the Prills in the fountain, Greg thought he had nothing to lose by trying them in his spa. He was correct. He says the spa water now has a “softer, almost silky feel to it. It is much like a natural hot spring. Plus, I have reduced the amount of chlorine in the spa water, which is good because I know the chlorine is hard on our bodies.” Greg attributes the variety of applications of Prills, which he calls “miracle beads,” to its ability to enhance the natural pH of water. “A wonderful product,” he says. “Now that I know what it can do I will be looking for other uses of it.” nutrition opportunity success /


2009 convention


eautiful Loews Lake Las Vegas resort – an oasis far from the lights, hustle and decide to bustle, and traf fic of the strip. Whether you ll around the enjoy Spa Moulay, frolic in the pools, stro opter ride, lake to shop, or take in the thrill of a helic resort is the fun offered at this Moroccan-themed nal memories. endless and will provide you with exceptio July While attending AIM’s 2009 convention, the lake 15 – 19, enjoy the breathtaking beauty of ing and surrounded by awesome desert landscap of the lush golf courses. And that’s all because iration, resort! We haven’t even touched on the insp e. knowledge, and friendships you’ll experienc n will entio Life’s all about relationships. This conv eone’s provide you with tools to understand som ing personality thus allowing you to star t build t would relationships that make a difference. Wha ? Your an AIM business be without relationships as you ed passion for the AIM products will be fann s. listen to fabulous testimonies and teaching time ! Make plans to attend now – there’s still Registrations are due May 31, 2009. (A $50.00 late fee will be assessed for registrations postmarked after Sunday, May 31, 2009.)


may-june 2009 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

Program Highlights

This year you’ll enjoy learning about AIM’s newest products, fit ’n fiber™ and AIM ReAssure ® SP, as well as learning how to build your AIM business four people at a time. Contemplate how you relate to people and learn skills to communicate better. Let’s not forget, you’ll have countless opportunities to catch up with all your AIM friends. We have the privilege of honoring a new Million Dollar Club inductee, a long-standing Member who reached a new commission level, and celebrating with those Members who won prizes in the It’s In the Cards 2008 contest. AIM is always excited to honor milestones like these and, as usual, we will do it in our own unique style. Dr. Robert Rohm, Ph.D., communication and relationship development expert, will entertain and educate us on how to raise our level of awareness and appreciation for differing perspectives. Learn how to understand and relate to people better. Are you approaching all prospects the same? Or are you able to relate to them, on an individual basis? Relationships make the difference!

Young AIM Member Mixer Thursday evening – Zoom, zoom, zoom. This year we’re taking the AIM Members between the ages of 18 and 35 to Pole Position Raceway (www.polepositionraceway. com) for a thrilling evening of indoor track racing. You definitely won’t want to miss this get-together. Get to know the other young adult AIM Members or reacquaint with those you’ve

V iva! already met. This is a time for fun as well as sharing ideas on working your AIM business.

Club Fun! Club Fun is a youth activity on Thursday and Friday specifically designed to help entertain those children from 9 to 18 years of age. Each day, the outing will be led by a team of AIM staff members, and AIM will pay for lunch. This year, AIM has opted to keep the kids on-site and will utilize the grounds of the resort, including pools, the beach area, and even some of the ballroom space to keep the kids busy. We’re setting up a “Club Fun lounge” so the kids have a space to hang out indoors. The lounge will have a variety of activities for the kids, with lunch and snacks available as well. One day we’ll play laser tag on a custom-made course, designed just for our youngsters. On the other day, maybe we’ll reserve some paddleboats and kayaks and play around at the beach. Who can build the best sand castle? We might even strike up a volleyball game in the pool. Regardless of what we decide to do, you know it will be fun. Hours for Club Fun, both Thursday, July 16, and Friday, July 17, are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Although there are no admission fees, there are still expenses that need to be covered, so we will be asking you to pay a nominal fee to help us cover

those. The price to attend Club Fun on both Thursday and Friday is $40.00 per person. Registration for Club Fun can be done online, or watch for the registration information in your confirmation packet. Deadline for Club Fun registration is May 31, 2009. Stock up on sunscreen and meet us at the Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort in July. You’ll enjoy networking with other AIM Members and don’t be fooled into thinking that the only thing there is to do in Nevada is gamble. We’ll be less than an hour away from Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, or perhaps you’d like to visit Red Rock Canyon which evolved from ancient seabeds into magnificent geological formations. Is shopping more your style? Well, then you won’t want to miss visiting The District at Green Valley Ranch, or maybe you’ll want to take a trip to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets Mall on Saturday afternoon. There is so much to do here it’s impossible to fit it all in. You’ve heard the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Well we certainly hope not! We hope you’ll take all that you learn at this convention and share it with your family, neighbors, and future prospects. Our bright oasis is waiting for us, and there’s no better place to gather than the Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort for a celebration of another year of AIM and your accomplishments. We hope you can relate … after all, Life’s all about relationships! nutrition opportunity success /


contest winners

Congratulations to The following North American Members earned prizes in the Level 4 Winners Baty, Erin and Michael Brogan, Larry Clemmer, Ronda and Paul Donald, Lanny and Ken Gloria Smith D/B/A Aim for Health Greens for Life, Inc. Hayward, Carol Howlett, Timothy Kling, Carolyn and Jim Mary A. (Toni) Lund Family Trust McKenzie, Bill D. and Barbara J. Mikoll, Norbert and Lorraine Purple Mountain Products, Inc. Rawls, Marlene and David Schiele, Loren E. and Kathleen Scott, Robert and Pat Shaw, Dixie and Eddie Spinale, Sandra Level 3 Winners Chen, PhD, Yu Shiaw CTD Enterprises Ctre Nutritionnel & Corporel 2006 Dukes, Jean A. and Sid L. Houston, Amy Huron, Sil and Yoli Huxter, Ltd., Ken and Cheryl M & M Healthy Sales Inc. Miller, Karen D. and Matthew Miller, Malinda J. and Mark P. Phillips, Mary and Mike Pugh, Debra A. Sante 2000 Select Ventures Shorter, Gwen and Richard Swope, Mary Ruth Teresa Schumacher Family Trust Van Essen, Cathy Vladimirsky, Bella I Yoder, Elizabeth J. and Dan O. Level 2 Winners Adam, Sylvie Bates, James W. and Carolyn Bird, Barbara E. Breitkreutz, Janet D. and Darrel Bright, Merrily Brown, Charlie and Joyce Brown, N. Jean and Donald Bulka, Nancy and Gene


Cole, David F. and Linda Craig, Kathy and Evan Cully Jr., Richard Downing, Patricia J. Fernandez, Christina Foucher, Ray P, Gallagher, Huguette Ger, Juliet and Jackson Gerhardt, Ulrike E. (Rica) Green, William A. and Joyce E. Halls, JoAnne Hampshire, Fred C. and Marlene M. Hunter, Heather Sloane Jones, Leigh and Donald Keefer Chiropractic Clinic, PC Kenny, Paul Thomas (Tom) King, Michael and Mary C. Ko, Jeanne Kwon, Eunhee Liu, Xue McCrea, Cathy S. McPherson, Muriel and George Miller, Emma M. and Joseph W. Natural Way Travel & Tours, LLC Pauly, Janet and O’Ferrall Peterson, Ralph S. and Phyllis Poswiata, June Robinson, LerÊ and Eddie Rowe, Judy D. Vandertil, Rita and Eno Warren, Patti and Larry Zimmermann, Elizabeth A. Level 1 Winners Abrams, Jann and Stan Anderson, Martha and Michael Anderson, Robert Angeliss, Dolores Arcand, Lorraine M. Archer, Trevor O. Askew, Rosalyn Baldi, Cheryl Baldwin, Eugene A. Balsys, Laura Banta, Michelle L. and John Barger, Tonya Barnes, Robert W. and Barbara T. Bartz, Harry Beaton, Saskia and Larry Benbow, Christine B. Bendure, Linda K. Biggar, Maina

may-june 2009 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

Blasingame, Pat and Gene Bonino, Donald and Lynne Brower Enterprises Inc Burgess, Judi and Mark Burkholder, Sharon L. Burnham, Rebecca Byard, Terry and Favian C & S Knight Enterprises Inc. Campbell, Carol E. and James R. Casey, Betty and Bob Celski, Robert J. Cha, Young Chamberlain, Helena Champagne, Antoinette Chang, Jane and Chang, Shi-yaw Chen, Lisa Cheng, Sophia Choi, Kyung A. Clark, Rick D. Clark, Ricki and Rob Collins, Marilyn and Loren Crawford, David and Polly Create Focus Consulting Inc. Cross, Diane E. Cuevas, Stella B. Damask, Janis A. and Dick E. Darbro, Elise M. DeFelice, Jayne DMR Enterprises Donald, Anitra Donohue, Joe and Mary Douglas, Brent and Alison Drinkard, Emmette B. and Loretta Earnest, Scott A. Eckle, Elizabeth Falls, Marie Farnsworth, Margaret A. Feaser, Robin R. Francis, Phillip and Linda Geiser, Shirley and Larry Gellman, Alexandra Genesis of Health Gersema, Helen and Douglas Grove, Sasha and Bryan Gullion, David and Loretta Halstead, James M. Hay, Kristen and Kyle Health Nuts, Inc. Hendry, Martha L. and Dr. James Henrichson, Betty Ann Hicks, Darryl D.

Hicks, Sandra Hill, Mary D. and John Q. Hobbs Nutrition & Massage Therapy Hoff, Charlotte Ann Horak, Marilyn Huang, Su Ling Hurd, Frank and Rosalie Jalissa Benitez Vega John and Joyce Verkaik, Tenants by the Entirties Jones, Carmela L. and Walter L. Jones, Kim Jung, Sung Cha Kaiser, Fred Kepke, Theda Klink, Mary S. Ko, Alexander Ko, Carol Kopalyan, Liana Korobanik, Ute Laflamme, Claire Legister, Jean J. Lin, Li-Hsiu Link, Lawrence A. and Martha Litt, Henry Living Water Inc. Lunt, Harlan (Max) and Carol McAneney, Doris E. McHenry, Lee Medley, Ernest R. Melcher, Steven and Elizabeth Michael, Pietro Michalski, Pat Miller, Anna Mae and David A. Miller, Crist A and Nettie D. Miller, Marietta E. Miller, Melvin R Moffett, Alicia Morgan, Naomi R. Moriyama, Masako Muradyan, Alice Ng, Ching Nussbaum, Harry and Linda Okui, Mitsuko Olson, Angela W. and Jerome Pamphile, Jane Pareja, Monica J. Park, Sheryl S. and David L. Parr, Daniele Pavluk, Sonia and David Peak, Gary R. and Martha Peeler, Alva L.

the 2008 Contest Winners It’s in the Cards contest. We look forward to honoring them at the 2009 convention in July. Perfect Health Peterson, Jaqueline V. and Turner, Mike R. Ponce, Louis Puggy Enterprises Quintana, Maria and Gilbert Rabb, Arthur Glenn and Wanda Reimer, Elaine and Rudy Revolution Solution, Inc. Riesenberger, RaeJean and Mark Ripley, Elvia Road to Health Rucker, Colenton and Lelia Salmon, Raema Jane Sanchez, Yolanda Sargeant, Sharon A. Savage, Dorothy G. Schneider, Irma Sherwood, Linda Shively, Tracey Shu, Loretta C. and Joseph S. Simmons, Henry and Jane Smith, Christine Smith, Edna and Hilton Solano, Jasmin Sontag, Ann L. South, Saundra Stanley, Ronald Stevenson, Petra Stevenson, Petra Stewart, Linda and Robert Stone, Cutie Suh, Jung Kyun Supratman, Selly Swaim, Dr. Ken and Linda Talbot, Arlene J. and Dan Teeter, Mary L. Tong, May Lee Tung, Stephen Turner, Cecily A. Vandermey, Darlene and Kees Verkaik, John and Joyce Villarreal, Sylvia Wagner, William U. and Mabel (Ruth) Wang, Yingxing Warren, Michael D. Weaver, Nelson and Clara Welch, Annie B. Whetten, Minnie L. Whitcher, Irene L. and James R. White, Genevieve

White, Maymie D. Williams, Sylvia J. Williamson, Holly B. and Matt Wilson, Caroline and Bill Wright, Rita and Dennis M. Wydick, Gay Yoder, Atlee and Mary Yoder, David V. and Sylvia Yoder, Mark and Mary Sue Yoder’s Nutritional Products, LLC Yvonne Leasure dba Manna for You Zarnay, Debra and Paul Zitzman, Frank and Susan Zwart, John and Nanda $500 Convention Cash 3 John 2 (Joe and Jan Patuc) Adam, Sylvie Adventist Book Center Baty, Erin and Michael Breitkreutz, Janet D. and Darrel Bright, Merrily Brown, Carol Z. and Todd L. Carolyn D. Kling Chang, Jane and Chang, Shi-yaw Chen Lin, Rachel Cheng, Sophia Choi, Jae K. Chunisingh, Julianna Clarke, Carilyn L. Clemmer, Ronda and Paul Create Focus Consulting, Inc. CTD Enterprises Ctre Nutritionnel & Corporel 2006 Cutter, Janice L. Dold, Steve Donald, Anitra Donald, Lanny and Ken Downing, Patricia J. Earnest, Scott A. Fernandez, Christina Flournoy, Barb Fontaine, Gertrude Goertzen, Lena and Irv Greens for Life. Inc. Gross, Jake Hampshire, Fred C. and Marlene M Hayward, Carol Hicks, Sandra Hults, Harry

Huxter, Ltd, Ken and Cheryl John and Joyce Verkaik, Tenants by the Entirties Lagarde Sr., Dennis and Madeline Lien, Yeh Chiao Lin, Li-Hsiu Liu, Xue M & M Healthy Sales Inc Max, Deloris and Richard McCrudden, Brian Miller, Andy L. and Maryann Miller, Fannie J. and Norman J. Miller, Jonas Miller, Karen D. and Matthew Miller, Lizzie and Wayne Miller, Malinda J. and Mark P. Noakes, Barbara A. and Art Okui, Mitsuko Pareja, Monica J. PDK Consulting, Inc. Peeler, Alva L. Peterson, Ralph S. and Phyllis Petrak, Anna and Rutchinski, Susanne Rawls, Marlene and David Sauer, Kim M. Schmucker, Eugene M. and Elsie Shorter, Gwen and Richard Stanley, Ronald Stevenson, Petra Suh, Jung Kyun Trak Consulting Inc. Vladimirsky, Bella I. Wamboldt, Wendell C. and Gabriele Warren, Patti and Larry Welch, Annie B.

Whitcher, Irene L. and James R. Yoder Organics Yoder, Atlee and Mary Yoder, Elizabeth J. and Dan O. Zimmermann, Elizabeth A. $350 Convention Cash Hood, Denzil and Rebeca Desouza Franks, Mary E. Revolution Solution, Inc. Pranaitis, Ronald Tan, Lily S. Cullins, Lily M. and Carl A. Gullion, David and Loretta Rowe, Judy D. Sauve, Laurier Hunter, Heather Sloane Hughen, Mary E. Keefer Chiropractic Clinic, PC Realities Dist Ser, Inc. Le Chrysantheme Gallagher, Huguette Hay, Scott and LaNell Raber, Andrew and Esther Denny, Harold W. Castonguay, Audrez Des Coudres, Holger Gross, Bob Martin, Laurene and Clarence Schlabach, Alvin H. and Lucinda Mitchell, Joan C. McHenry, Lee Miller, Leroy A. and Laura Banta, Michelle L. and John $250 Convention Cash 118 Members not listed $150 Convention Cash 539 Members not listed

Prize Level 4 winners will receive two convention packages with air travel, $500 (US/CDN) allowed per individual traveler. (a $2,372 value) Prize Level 3 winners will receive their choice of two convention packages without air travel or one convention package with air travel up to $500 total (US/CDN). (a $1,186 value) Prize Level 2 winners will receive one convention package without air travel. (a $686 value) Prize Level I winners will receive one event package. (A $450 value) Convention cash winners will receive money that may only be used toward the price of attending the 2009 AIM Convention in Lake Las Vegas. nutrition opportunity success /


online business tool

The benefits of signing up for an Automatic Monthly Reorder (AMR)  Save on products and/or sales tools with a $50 minimum  Save 5 percent on orders of $50 or more  Save 10 percent on orders of $125 or more  Be assured that your order will be processed between the 5th and 25th of every month  You pay the lowest shipping charge available, unless you opt for a quicker delivery method. Note: AIM does not profit from the shipping charges.  Your AMR(s) may be modified to suit your needs, as often as you like, prior to 11:59 p.m. MT the evening before your AMR is scheduled to process.  You may set up multiple AMRs  Don’t worry about calling AIM, or hopping online every month to ensure you have a qualifying order. Set up your AMR today!

new AMR } The program is won-

derful because of its flexibility. I can now customize my order online every month. I am so grateful to AIM for creating this new program! – Laurel Easton, AIM Director from Mena, Arkansas

To take advantage of this program and learn more, contact the AIM Call Center at 1-800-456-2462 or go online to


may-june 2009 / to order call 1-800-456-2462


good things are happening


IM’s longest-running state meeting, the Texas BarleyLife Convention, was held at the historic Fredonia Hotel in the oldest town in the state, Nacogdoches. The theme for the event was “Focus on Healthy Families.” Featured speakers included Chairman’s Club Directors Janet Pauly and Jim and Carolyn Kling, Director Cathy McCrea, and Rose Bird, chartered herbalist and general manager of AIM Canada. The 2008 meeting was hosted by Tom and Barb Flournoy. The 2009 meeting is scheduled for San Antonio under the direction of Yoli Huron and Jean Dukes.

Texas BarleyLife Convention January 29-31, 2009 • Nacogdoches, Texas


Based on the label, it could be cat food for dinner tonight H

ow does this ingredient list sound? Potatoes, corn, sunflower seed oil, onion powder, salt, and cheddar cheese. How about this nutrition facts panel? Twenty-one grams of protein, 30 percent daily value of calcium, 10 percent daily value of iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and only 160 calories. If you were tempted by either of these foods, then you might be surprised to find out that they are flavored Lay’s potato chips and a Lunchables snack pack, and not the healthy alternatives you may have expected. AIM Chairman’s Club Director Darryl Hicks from Apple Valley, Minnesota, has seen his fair share of tricks over the years, and he has made a point of educating his downline and potential Members about the danger of processed foods and food labels and the virtues of whole foods. “People need to realize that you can find bad products – unhealthy products – that are labeled healthy,” Darryl says. “If companies want to put on the big words that it has fiber and glucosamine but it has 12 grams of sugar, frosting, and


may-june 2009 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

sprinkles, I think your knower knows. I think your innards really know whether it’s right or wrong. “You can find a good label to support a bad eating habit. It takes what you really want to do, and if you really want to shop by the labels, then you’re better off finding out what the whole thing is about and not just picking items based on a first impression.” Darryl has made a career out of selling this idea of whole food health to everyone who’ll listen … and everyone who’ll participate. Darryl’s pitch can be as straightforward as a friendly chat and as hands-on as a presentation. One of his most effective visual aids involves the ingredient lists of Cheerios and cat food. Darryl takes two unmarked paper bags and fills them with one of each product. Then he writes down the specific ingredient list of each product on the outside of the bag, has the person read the ingredients list to himself, and lets him pick which one sounds like the best option for dinner. Invariably the cat food is the one selected. “It tells us in this day and age that we can’t shop by labels alone,” Darryl says. “My experiment is an attention-

getter. If you think you’re just going to shop by the labels of today’s foods, then we’re in trouble. My experiment sets the platform to introduce whole food, whole-food concentrates, enzymes, even basic cell metabolism.” Darryl’s cat food and Cheerios visual serves to point out a very important lesson: there is great danger in the foods we eat, and we are getting little help from the labels. Nutrition labels have been around since 1994, but people still tend to misinterpret them and ignore them all together. Their set-up is basic enough; each label has three main parts: servings, nutrition information, and ingredients. And there is much to learn about all three. Servings and nutrition information present similar challenges for understanding what they say. Rarely is a product’s label as simple and straightforward as it seems it should be. Serving sizes often are listed as fractions of the product’s actual size, split up into amounts that declare attractive nutrition information without belying the product’s overall unhealthy message. For instance, a bag of potato chips will show nutrition information per serving, but there may be four and five servings in each bag. Therefore, a consumer has to do some quick multiplication to find out the real damage done by the whole bag and not just a small portion. While serving size and nutrition information can be confusing, the real trouble on product labeling is in the ingredients. As Darryl is able to point out with his experiment, there can be a lot of hidden meaning found in the ingredients list of certain products, even products that consumers typically trust. Companies will go to great lengths to make sure that their products don’t get passed over for something that might read better. One trick to be aware of is the way that companies hide sugars in the ingredients list. With the goal of moving sugars out of the top three ingredients listed, they split up the sugars and give them different names so that they can be listed further down. For instance, names like sucrose, dextrose, and high fructose corn syrup are commonly found in ingredient lists because they keep sugar from being the first ingredient listed. The nutrition or value doesn’t change, but the information does.

“Label padding” is another popular ingredient label trick that specifically targets those who seek out healthy ingredients, fooling shoppers into thinking there is more of a certain ingredient than there really is. Label padding occurs when companies include desirable ingredients that appear in negligible amounts in their product. Herbs and superfoods are popular additives that make the ingredient list look better but don’t really have any impact on the overall health profile of the product. Another seedy strategy is hiding harmful ingredients behind complicated and ambiguous wording. Terms like sodium nitrite might not cause a consumer any pause, but sodium nitrite is actually highly carcinogenic and can cause certain cancers. Other ingredients to be wary of include sulfites, MSG, and tartrazine. One of many ways that AIM is set apart from the competition is in its honest, enviable product labeling. AIM has always sought to be straightforward and transparent in its product packaging, which is why so much care and attention is put into every detail of the products’ nutrition labels. There is no “label padding” and misleading verbiage. AIM’s products have nothing to hide, and the labels reflect that. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about most of the other foods that consumers purchase. Excluding the safety of shopping with AIM, health-conscious consumers have their work cut out for them if they want to find the right foods to eat. One strategy, according to Darryl, is in changing the way you navigate the grocery store. “If you’re shopping on the interior aisles of the supermarket, you’re probably in the bad area,” says Darryl, who also has a website set up at to help people learn about eating and cooking right. “Just shop on the outskirts, and you’ll be fine. The vegetables, dairy, and meats are all on the outside; that’s where you want to be. On the inside, where everything’s in the box, that’s trouble. Whatever you crave is your worst enemy.” If the supermarket operated like an AIM product label, shopping would be an honest, efficient breeze. But since it doesn’t, consumers will have to be a little more careful in their shopping regimens. If they’re not, it could mean cat food for dinner.

nutrition opportunity success /



Consider the benefits of these AIM products … AIM Peak Endurance ® The Mayo Clinic supports the use of vitamin B12 to help prevent memory loss. Research has found that one of the symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency is memory loss, and regular B12 supplementation can help restore some of the memory loss among those who have been vitamin B12 deficient. The vitamin is said to be responsible for helping maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells. (Peak Endurance contains 50 percent of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) of vitamin B12 per serving.)

AIM Proancynol® 2000 A recent study has found that low levels of selenium may be linked to anemia. The study, done by Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and the National Institute on Aging, says that low levels of selenium could be responsible for an 11 percent greater likelihood of developing anemia. A difference was documented between study participants with the lowest levels of selenium compared to those with the highest levels. Anemia, a blood disorder, typically affects an older demographic with elderly women making up the highest occurrence. (Proancynol 2000 contains selenium.)

AIM ReAssure ® SP and AIM Just Carrots ® Bone loss in older men and women could be reduced by carotenoids, according to a recent study funded by the USDA. Results showed that carotenoids, antioxidants found in plant pigments, helped improve bone density results in the lumbar spine of women and the hips of men, all of whom were over the age of 75. Researchers credit the antioxidant properties of carotenoids – lycopene in particular – for the boost to skeletal health, because the antioxidants help relieve oxidative stress that can lead to bone loss. (ReAssure SP and Just Carrots contain carotenoids.)


CalciAIM™ and AIM ReAssure® SP A positive correlation was found between high levels of zinc and lower risk of diabetes in women, according to a Harvard study. Researchers report that the decreased risk of type-2 diabetes could be as much as 28 percent. The study, which tracked more than 82,000 women between the ages of 33 and 60 who were taking part in the Nurses’ Health Study, compared the numbers of those who were diagnosed with diabetes during the course of the study with data from food questionnaires completed during the study. (CalciAIM and ReAssure SP contain a combined 112 percent of the RDI for zinc per serving.)

CalciAIM™ A U.S. study shows that increased calcium levels may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Both men and women may benefit from increases of calcium through diet and supplements, according to the study, and women stand to see a 23 percent decrease in colon cancer risk. The findings, which were drawn from a study of nearly 500,000 participants, offer support to the current dietary guidelines of consuming 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day. (CalciAIM contains 38 percent of the RDI for calcium per serving.)

fitbits briefs … n The average American consumes a whopping 460 calories daily from added sugars. That is more than 100 pounds of raw sugar per year – and enough for 3,628 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, according to Men’s Health magazine. n A study on women’s nutrition identifies six foods that every woman should consume to maintain wellness. In order of importance, they are low-fat yogurt, fatty fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel), beans, tomatoes (substitute foods include watermelon, red grapefruit, red navel oranges), vitamin D fortified low-fat milk and orange juice, and berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries). n The cure for the common cold may be as close as the nearest mattress. Researchers report that people who regularly get eight hours sleep per night are three times less likely to catch a cold than those who sleep seven hours and those who sleep fitfully. Sleep, say the researchers, rebuilds the immune system.

may-june 2009 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

You can do something about

arthritis pain


rthritis affects more than 46 million Americans, and millions more are at risk for the condition. Are you one of them? A survey provided by the AARP would suggest that you very well might be. To find out, take a look at the following statements, and see which ones apply. • You are over the age of 45. • You are 10 pounds or more overweight. • You have had a serious knee injury. • You did, and currently do, spend more than three hours per day doing heavy lifting on a regular basis. If any one of these conditions applies to you, then chances are good that you are at risk for arthritis. Such a broad survey might seem overly simplistic, but it makes sense when you consider the broad scope of arthritis’s reach. Arthritis is a blanket term that describes more than 100 specific medical conditions ranging from back pain to fibromyalgia. Generally speaking, arthritis deals with problems of the joints, which include swelling, pain, stiffness, and joint damage. In these terms, it is easy to see just how prevalent arthritis can really be. Dee Sanders, a Director from San Antonio, developed carpal tunnel syndrome – a form of arthritis that affects the wrists – and was very happy to find relief in the AIM products.


n 2003 I was working as a computer program analyst and was required to use the computer mouse a lot for spreadsheets. I started suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain was from the wrist to the elbow, and I was gravely concerned about having to retire early and have surgery on my wrist. “My upline, Star Sapphire Director Betty Casey, asked me if I had ever tried the glucosamine in AIM Frame Essentials ®. It was foreign to me at that time, but I said I would give it a try. I took two capsules morning, noon, and night. I can honestly say that within three weeks the pain subsided. I then went to two capsules daily. I have not had an occurrence of carpal since!

Glucosamine is the key ingredient in Frame Essentials. It stimulates the growth and repair of cartilage, helping joints to heal and recover faster and more effectively. Frame Essentials also contains methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Boswellia serrata. MSM is found in healthy joint fluid. Boswellia extract helps improve blood supply to the joints, which helps reduce joint swelling and pain. Together, these three ingredients help make Frame Essentials a powerful joint supplement and one that many Members – like Cathy Palacios, a Preferred Member from Pharr, Texas – can’t imagine living without. She was tired of suffering from pain in her hands, elbows, and shoulders.


wonderful friend of mine introduced me to AIM products and told me she thought I would really benefit from taking them. I read all about Frame Essentials and decided to take them. In a matter of days I felt relief, and I’ve been on them ever since. I maintain with two capsules a day. “I’m 65 years young and I do altar service at Mass that requires me to kneel several times on the tile floor, especially when I do the incense in front of the altar. I can honestly say that I never complain about joint pains.

The nutrients and organic oils in AIMega® may also help to alleviate the discomfort of arthritis. AIM LeafGreens® contains quercetin and kaemp­ferol, which can improve circulation and inhibit inflammation. nutrition opportunity success /


news briefs

Commission statements offered in summary form The AIM Companies™ is committed to reducing the impact of paper and printing on our environment and to initiate cost-saving policies for Members and the company wherever possible To those ends, beginning in June 2009 AIM will summarize the commission statements for all Members with earnings. The new summary statement shows your earnings by type as well as contest and bonus-pool information, all in the convenience of a single page. AIM recognizes that some Members rely on the detail portion of their commission statements in managing their business. If you wish to continue receiving detailed statements, please contact AIM Customer Service (1-800-456-2462) or e-mail AIM Online AIMOnline@ to register your request.

Convention registration deadline is May 31 The final registration date for the 2009 AIM convention in Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, Nevada, is Sunday, May 31. There will be a $50.00 late fee assessed for registrations postmarked after May 31. The convention will be held at the Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort. The keynote speaker is Dr. Robert Rohm, who will share his insights on how best to communicate your message to others. He will do both a formal presentation and a training session. The event will feature product and business-building presentations, roundtables, and break-out sessions. A new inductee will be recognized into AIM’s Million Dollar Club and a long-standing Member will be honored for reaching a new commission milestone.

Automatic Monthly Reorder program officially under way AIM’s auto-ship program, called Automatic Monthly Reorder (AMR), began in April. It features a 5 percent


discount on orders of $50 or more and a 10 percent discount on purchases of $125 or more. The program allows Members to change their AMR every month, and Members have the ability to swap products, move the processing date, change the shipping address, and alter the payment method. Shipping charges will be the responsibility of the Member. AMR replaces the Insta-Order program that ended in March. It is easy to sign up for the AMR program. Go online to the AIM website,, to sign up for the customizable and convenient AMRs.

Olympic Trials contest ends May 31 r th


e r i ca n

The Short Track to No Success contest began in February and runs through May, so it is not too late to participate to win a trip for two to see AIM-sponsored athlete J.R. Celski compete at the Olympic speedskating trials this September in Marquette, Michigan. An additional bonus lap may be earned when you purchase two of J.R.’s six favorite products. They include LeafGreens®, AIMega®, AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, AIM Cellsparc 360®, AIM Proancynol® 2000, and AIM Peak Endurance®.

Your e-mail address could be worth $50 to you Contact us by June 30 with your e-mail address and be eligible to win $50 in AIM product purchases. When AIM has your e-mail address, you will receive AIM updates and notices by e-mail, and receive the latest information on AIM products, contests, meetings, conventions, specials, and more. Plus, you’ll be helping to conserve paper and our natural resources. To provide us with your e-mail address, just call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-456-2462, Option 1, Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. MT, or send an e-mail to

may-june 2009 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

Direct deposit option a convenience offered by AIM Do you want to save time, money, gas, and have one less worry? Sign up for AIM direct deposit and let AIM do the leg work and deposit your commission earnings to your checking or savings account. AIM direct deposit is secure, reliable, ideal for your active lifestyle, and, best of all – it’s free. You can be off traveling on holiday or out sharing the life-changing effects of AIM products and the wisdom of an AIM business with new contacts and know that your earnings will be automatically deposited in your bank by the 10th of each month without having to do a thing. Go to and click on “direct deposit form” or call AIM Customer Service (1-800-456-2462) to get started.

AIMing Higher training set for September 24-27 AIMing Higher is a two-day training seminar held at the corporate headquarters in Nampa, Idaho. The fall session is scheduled for September 24-27. Arrival is on Thursday, September 24, departure on Sunday, September 27. The training is built around product knowledge and business-building. AIM pays for accommodations, local transportation, and most of the meals during the conference. Members are responsible for their transportation to Nampa. Registration forms are available online at Contact the Call Center or Joyce Janzen, 1-800456-2462, or by e-mail at jjanzen@ with questions or for registration information. Details on the meeting agenda will be included in the July-August Partners Living Well magazine as well as in AIMmail, in commission statements, and in the teleclass flyer included with orders.

news briefs / product specials

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J.R. Celski does well in world competition AIM-sponsored speedskater J.R. Celski finished second overall and the U.S. team third in world competitions held in Austria and the Netherlands. The meets, held in March, were the last major competition for the team until the Olympic Trials in September in Michigan. At the individual competition in Austria, J.R. won gold medals in one individual event and in a team relay. He also collected bronze medals in two individual races. The four medals earned him an overall ranking of second at the meet. The team championships were held the following week in the Netherlands. The U.S. team finished third behind China and Korea.

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r te a sk d e e p S 2 . o N ’s d rl o W i, k J.R. Cels J.R. wins overall silver medal at World Championships in Vienna, Austria. – Plus two gold medals in 3000m and team relay – J.R.’s nutritional and energy needs are supplemented with AIMega®, CalciAIM™, Cellsparc 360®, AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, LeafGreens®, AIM Peak Endurance®, and AIM Proancynol® 2000.

J.R. Celski AIM-sponsored speedskater since 2004

Partners Living Well - 2009 - May June  
Partners Living Well - 2009 - May June  

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