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Excited for the Present and t Happy 2018 and welcome to the second annual catalog edition of the AIM Living Well magazine! We hope you find this issue to be helpful when shopping for AIM products and sharing them with others. Speaking of sharing, we are energized by Members all over the world enthusiastically building their AIM businesses. Spotlights on Chairman’s Club Directors Joseph and Emma Miller, the highest achieving Members in the worldwide Northern Lights contest, and Razia Jada, an AIM South Africa Star Sapphire Director who continues to grow her business month after month. Members helping Members is one of the cornerstones of this AIM renaissance. Since AIM’s founding, exceptional Members have been helping their downline through training, mentoring and consistent follow-up. And since 2014, Chrysalis Networx, founded by Chairman’s Club Directors Joan and Chris van Rensburg, has been offering premiere business training and mentoring to all Members interested in taking their AIM businesses to new levels.


Officially endorsed by AIM, Chrysalis Networx is an in-field entity that is focused on helping other Members realize their potential and achieve their goals and dreams. Any AIM Member can join Chrysalis Networx (visit for more information). Of course, any topperforming Member with a desire to offer AIM business training and mentoring is welcome to create an in-field entity. While AIM focuses on providing superior products, logistical support and customer service, business-engaged AIM Members are focused on growing their AIM businesses through relationship marketing. So it only makes sense that these individuals lead the way in providing the training that gives others the tools necessary to achieve top performance. For 2018, the success of Members training Members takes on greater significance. We recently renamed our webinars and teleclasses AIM Member Webinars and AIM Member Teleclasses to emphasize that the training offered is created and presented by AIM Members. I 1-800-456-2462

the Future Living By 2019, we envision Members conducting their own webinars and tele­classes without AIM’s assist­ance. To help facilitate this change, the webinarjam webinar platform and the teleclass line will be offered to Members to present AIM-related content at no charge starting this summer. Stay tuned for the details in an upcoming issue of Living Well magazine. We are so thankful to the many dedicated AIM Members that use and share the AIM products. In 2017, we reflected on 35 years of AIM history. In 2018, we look to our present success and see an exciting future ahead in our shared commitment to improving quality of life. In partnership, The AIM Companies™

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Address correspondence to: Editor, Living Well for AIM Members, 3923 E. Flamingo Ave., Nampa, ID 83687-3100 e-mail: • The purpose of AIM Living Well is to communicate vital information to our Members and to build a strong relationship with them through education, motivation and recognition. AIM products cannot be sold and advertised as cures and treatments for any disease. Our products are intended to improve the nutritional profile of the individuals who use them. Federal regulations in many countries prohibit making any claims that products are used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment and prevention of disease. AIM Living Well is written in compliance with U.S. requirements, which may not be suitable for marketing AIM products outside of the United States. We ask that you be aware of and respect the requirements of your country in marketing AIM products. Articles are for information only. Consult a health care practitioner for advice. ©2018 AIM International Inc. AIM Members are hereby granted per­ mission to reproduce any article that appears in Living Well, provided the article is reprinted in its entirety and the reprint bears the following notice: “Reprinted with permission of AIM International Inc., Nampa, Idaho.” Printed in the USA. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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whole-body health BarleyLife

US $48.00 CAN $49.00

12.70 oz/360 g powder

• Juice powder of young barley plants • Natural plant-sourced nutrients

including antioxidants, chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals and vitamins • Alkalizes, cleanses, energizes and reduces inflammation • Supports all body systems


Sample Packs

280 vegan capsules

6 single servings, 4 oz each


6.35 oz/180 g powder

US $39.00 CAN $41.00

US $3.25 CAN $3.25 US $28.00 4 I 1-800-456-2462

Whole-food nutrition may alleviate acidic body pH, cardiovascular and digestive issues, immunodeficiency, inflammation, low energy, nutrient deficiency and toxin buildup

US $52.00 CAN $53.00

BarleyLife Xtra 12.70 oz/360 g powder

• Juice powder of young barley

plants with 18 fruit and vegetable powders • Provides all the health benefits of BarleyLife with a naturally sweet taste • No added sugar

If you put regular fuel in a Ford Mustang, it runs OK. But give it racing fuel, and it runs optimally. BarleyLife gives you racing fuel. Dennis Lagarde Jr. Ponchatoula, LA

January 2018


whole-body health Plant-based nutrition may alleviate allergies, low energy, arthritis, inflammation and cardiovascular, digestive, immune system, kidney and skeletal health issues US $41.00 CAN $43.00

CoCoa LeafGreens 6.35 oz/180 g powder

• Nutritious cocoa powders

blended with LeafGreens powder • Super source of beneficial nutrients including antioxidants and flavonoids • Boosts mood and cognitive function • Energizing, chocolaty greens



6.35 oz/180 g powder

• Barley leaf, spinach, kale,

arugula, Swiss chard and broccoli sprout powders • Vegetable source of potent antioxidants, flavonoids and other vital nutrients • Cleansing, energizing greens with a citrus flavor

US $38.00 CAN $39.00

Appropriate nutrition may alleviate cataracts, low energy, macular degeneration, nutrient deficiency, poor vision and skin problems US $37.00 CAN $39.00

Just Carrots

14.1 oz/400 g powder

• Juiced carrot powder • Concentrated vegetable nutrients,

including the antioxidant carotenoids, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and lutein • Eye, skin and whole-body health benefits without the messy task of juicing carrots 6 I 1-800-456-2462

Proper nutrition may alleviate cardiovascular issues, inflammation, liver ailments, nutrient deficiency, poor circulation and toxin buildup


US $31.00 CAN $33.00

8.82 oz/250 g powder

• Juiced beet powder • Concentrated vegetable nutrients, including betaine, betacyanins, enzymes and nitrate • Detoxifies and promotes healthy cell, heart and liver function

My husband and I both had close calls after medical operations. Thanks to AIM products, especially the Garden Trio, we astounded the doctors by making speedy headway.

Jenny and Bill Brown, Tokai, WC

Sound nutrition may alleviate acidic body pH, cardiovascular and vision issues, fatigue, immuno-deficiency, inflammation, liver ailments, nutrient deficiency, poor circulation and toxin buildup

Garden Trio


• Juiced barley grass, beet and carrot powders • Health benefits for the entire body from the extraordinary combination of concentrated nutrients in BarleyLife, RediBeets and Just Carrots

US $114.00

US $110.00 CAN $113.00

Also available with BarleyLife Xtra January 2018


whole-body health Sufficient nutrients may alleviate antioxidant deficiency, weakened immune system, inflammation, oxidative stress and premature aging

Proancynol 2000

US $29.00 CAN $30.00

60 gelatin capsules

• Seven antioxidant-rich

ingredients, including green tea, rosemary leaf and grape seed • A high quality antioxidant supplement for dealing with free radical damage • Anti-aging formulation • Fortifies the immune system NPN 80006681

I drink one Red Rush daily to top up my nitrate levels and two before a major workout or competition to help me last longer and give me the legal edge to shatter human limitations they call world records. Wimpie van der Merwe, Randburg, Gauteng

Vital nutrition may alleviate poor circulation, blood pressure issues, impaired muscle recovery and low energy and stamina

Red Rush

2.5 fl oz/74 ml 12-pack

• Beet juice concentrate • Provides beet nitrate that the body converts to nitric oxide • Nitric oxide boosts circulation, lowers blood pressure and improves physical performance, stamina and recovery


US $36.00 CAN $39.00 I 1-800-456-2462

bone & joint health Proper nutrition may alleviate bursitis, joint pain, muscle pain, osteoarthritis, sport injuries and tendonitis US $25.00 CAN $27.00

NPN 80006447

Frame Essentials 120 vegetarian capsules

• Glucosamine sulfate,

Targeted nutrition may alleviate bone-density issues, cardiovascular problems, cartilage loss, gum disease and weak tooth enamel, irregular muscle contractions and aching bones

glucosamine hydrochloride, CalciAIM boswellia extract and 14.1 oz/400 g powder methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) vitamin D, • Four effective ingredients that • Calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, help relieve osteoarthritic pain vitamin C and L-lysine HCL and support joint health types of calcium with • • Supports a strong, flexible, pain- Three absorption-enhancing nutrients free musculoskeletal system in a powder drink mix • Helps maintain healthy bones, cartilage, gums and teeth I have had chronic back pain for

twenty years. I started taking CalciAIM and Frame Essentials and applied Mag-nificence lotion nightly before sleeping. By week 2, my back pain nearly vanished and I was able to do the things I had struggled with in the past.

Samuel Wu, East Elmhurst, NY

US $32.00 CAN $36.00

NPN 80033077 January 2018


digestive health High-quality nutrition may alleviate bowel disorders, constipation, poor digestion, blood sugar and weight management issues

Herbal Fiberblend

US $35.00 CAN $37.00

13 oz/375 g all-natural raspberry powder

• Psyllium, for soluble and insoluble fiber, along with effective herbs • Supports a high-fiber intake for digestive and overall health • Promotes regular bowel movements • Cleanses the body and eliminates toxins

Herbal Fiberblend 280 vegan capsules

NPN 80038617

Herbal Fiberblend 13 oz/375 g unflavored powder

US $38.00 CAN $40.00

US $35.00

NPN 80038532

10 I 1-800-456-2462

Targeted nutrition may alleviate bloating, constipation, diarrhea, digestive disorders, flatulence, impaired vitamin production, irregularity and poor nutrient absorption US $29.00 CAN $31.00

FloraFood 60 vegan capsules

• Healthy bacteria: Lactobacillus

gasseri, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum • 3 billion live cells per capsule • Boosts the immune system by replenishing friendly gut flora • Optimizes digestion NPN 80079610

I trust the quality of FloraFood and take it daily. It keeps my immune system strong, so I stay healthy even when I’m surrounded by people who are ill.

Diane Vezina, Ottawa, ON

Proper nutrition may alleviate constipation, digestive issues, inflammation, poor circulation and toxin buildup US $19.00 CAN $24.50

NPN 80031729

Herbal Release

60 (USA) / 120 (CAN) vegan capsules

• Eleven herbal ingredients (ten

in Canada), including cascara sagrada, dandelion and echinacea • Cleanses from the cellular level throughout organs and body systems, including lymphatic and immune • Promotes bowel movements January 2018


digestive health Sufficient nutrients may alleviate acid reflux, bloating, cold symptoms, indigestion, migraine headaches, toxin buildup and weight issues

PrepZymes 100 vegan capsules

US $24.00 CAN $24.00

• Nine cultured, digestive

enzymes plus alpine wild garlic and papaya fruit • Active enzymes in acidic and alkaline environments • Supports digestion • Increases nutrient absorption and use • Boosts energy

NPN 80035026

The only digestive enzymes I endorse are AIM PrepZymes, containing enzymes to digest every type of food that we eat. Leré Robinson, Irmo, SC

Appropriate nutrition may alleviate digestive disorders, parasitic infection and intestinal toxin buildup US $20.00

Para 90

90 vegan capsules

• Antiparasitic combination of herbal

ingredients and the digestive enzyme, bromelain • Helps to eliminate parasites from the body • Promotes cleansing of the intestinal tract • Supports digestive health

12 I 1-800-456-2462

heart health Essential nutrients may alleviate arthritis, autoimmune disorders, blood pressure and cardio­ vascular issues, hormone fluctuations, inflammation and skin problems US $26.00 CAN $27.00

Certain nutrients may alleviate issues related to blood pressure, cholesterol, the cardio­vascular system and bacterial and fungal infections NPN 80006364


120 gelatin capsules

• Organic seed-oil source of

omega-3 and-6 essential fatty acids plus omega-9 fatty acids and medium-chain triglycerides • May assist healthy cell structure and function for health of all body systems

US $19.00

Bear Paw Garlic 90 vegan capsules

I started taking six AIMega capsules each morning and noticed that the night-time and early morning leg aches were going away. I think adding AIMega improved my circulation.

• Alpine wild garlic • Unique leaf source of uncultivated, odorless garlic • Helps maintain cardiovascular health and normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels • Supports a strong immune system

Charlotte Thompson, Dundee, OH

January 2018


heart health Vital nutrition may alleviate blood pressure and cardiovascular issues, free radical damage, low energy and gum disease

CellSparc 360

US $32.00 CAN $34.00

30 gelatin capsules

• Coenzyme Q10, DHA, EPA and vitamin E • Plant-derived CoQ10, an energysparking, potent antioxidant, and natural ingredients for optimal absorption and rapid utilization • Ignites cellular energy • Promotes healthy gums

NPN 80006625

energy Superior nutrition may alleviate ATP deficiency, low energy, muscle fatigue and pain, poor circulation and slow, post-exercise muscle recovery

Peak Endurance

10.6 oz/300 g

• Adenosine 5-triphosphate disodium

US $37.00 CAN $39.00

(ATP), 6 major electrolytes, 6 B vitamins and vitamin C • Boosts body energy: ATP • Improves blood flow • May increase strength, muscle thickness and lean body mass NPN 80065411

14 I 1-800-456-2462

Supplement Solutions Cross-Reference Chart women`s health

weight management

neuro health

men`s health

heart health


digestive health

bone & joint health

whole-body health

AIM has all your health needs covered

• BarleyLife Xtra • CoCoa LeafGreens • Just Carrots • LeafGreens • ProPeas • RediBeets • Red Rush • AIMega • Bear Paw Garlic • CalciAIM • CellSparc 360 • Composure • CranVerry+ • • • fit ’n fiber • FloraFood • Frame Essentials • GinkgoSense • GlucoChrom • Herbal Fiberblend • Herbal Release • Para 90 • Peak Endurance • PrepZymes • Proancynol 2000 • ReAssure SP • Renewed Balance • • Mag-nificence • BarleyLife® ®

January 2018


price list Products US CAN BVP Code Member Retail Code Member Retail Whole-food concentrates BarleyLife® 6.35 oz/180 g powder


5806E $28.00 $36.50

BarleyLife 12.7 oz/360 g powder


5809E $48.00 $62.50 5809E $49.00 $63.50


BarleyLife 280 vegan capsules


5656E $39.00 $50.50 5658E $41.00 $53.50

BarleyLife® six 4 g powder packets



BarleyLife Xtra 12.7 oz/360 g powder


6165E $52.00 $67.50 6165E $53.00 $69.00

CoCoa LeafGreens 6.35 oz/180 g powder


6381E $38.00 $49.50 6381E $39.00 $50.50

BarleyLife, RediBeets, Just Carrots BarleyLife Xtra, RediBeets, Just Carrots

89 88

5565E $110.00 $143.00 5565E $113.00 $147.00 5574E $114.00 $148.00

Just Carrots 14.1 oz/400 g powder


3779E $37.00 $48.00 3782E $39.00 $50.50

LeafGreens 6.35 oz/180 g powder


6302E $41.00 $53.50 6302E $43.00 $56.00

ProPeas 16 oz/456 g protein powder


6251E $38.00 $49.50 6251E $40.00 $52.00

RediBeets 8.82 oz/250 g powder


1953E $31.00 $40.50 1953E $33.00 $43.00

Red Rush 2.5 fl oz/74 ml 12-pack


6200E $36.00 $47.00 6200E $39.00 $50.50

AIMega 120 gelatin capsules


4033E $26.00 $34.00 4036E $27.00 $35.00

Bear Paw Garlic 90 vegan capsules










Garden Trio powder

Natural Health Products $19.00 $24.50

CalciAIM 14.1 oz/400 g powder


4634E $32.00 $41.50 5227E $36.00 $47.00

CellSparc 360 30 gelatin capsules



Composure 60 vegan capsules


2021E $17.50 $23.00 4377E $22.00 $28.50

CranVerry+ 60 vegan capsules


5768E $21.00 $27.50 6388E $23.00 $30.00

fit ’n fiber 16 oz/456 g powder


6343E $36.00 $47.00 6430E $37.00 $48.00

FloraFood 60 vegan capsules


6551E $29.00 $37.50 6556E $31.00 $40.50

Frame Essentials 120 vegetarian capsules


3645E $25.00 $32.50 3647E $27.00 $35.00

GinkgoSense 30 vegetarian capsules


2733E $22.00 $28.50 2734E $24.00 $31.00

GlucoChrom 60 vegan capsules


5736E $19.00 $24.50 5738E $20.00 $26.00

Herbal Fiberblend


3217E $35.00 $45.50 4485E $37.00 $48.00

$32.00 $41.50 1576E $34.00 $44.00

13 oz/375 g all-natural raspberry powder

Herbal Fiberblend 13 oz/375 g unflavored powder 28

3202E $35.00 $45.50

Herbal Fiberblend 280 vegan capsules


3636E $38.00 $49.50 4483E $40.00 $52.00

Herbal Release 60 vegan capsules (USA)


5969E $19.00 $24.50

Herbal Release 120 vegan capsules (CAN)


16 I 1-800-456-2462

2658E $24.50 $32.00

SAVE $12.00 on nutritional product six-packs! Products US


BVP Code Member Retail Code Member Retail Natural Health Products Para 90 90 vegan capsules


4406E $20.00 $26.00

Peak Endurance 10.6 oz/300 g powder


6366E $37.00 $48.00 6372E $41.00 $53.50

PrepZymes 100 vegan capsules


2123E $24.00 $31.00 2171E $24.00 $31.00

Proancynol 2000 60 gelatin capsules


2120E $29.00 $37.50 2170E $30.00 $39.00

ReAssure SP 60 gelatin capsules


5181E $28.00 $36.50 5183E $29.00 $37.50

Renewed Balance 2 oz/56 g body cream


1224E $29.00 $37.50

Mag-nificence CWR 12 fl oz/354 ml


6546E $8.00 $10.50 6546E

Mag-nificence 6.4 oz/181 g lotion


6415E $19.50 $25.50 6415E $19.50 $25.50

Mag-nificence 4.4 fl oz/130 ml spray


6313E $10.50 $13.50 6313E $10.50 $13.50

Topical Magnesium $9.00 $11.50

Starter Packs Body Booster 1 Garden Trio with

110 5566E $138.00 $179.50 5568E $139.00 $180.50

BarleyLife and raspberry Herbal Fiberblend

Body Booster 2 Garden Trio with BarleyLife and unflavored Herbal Fiberblend

110 5567E $138.00 $179.50

Body Booster 3 Garden Trio with BarleyLife Xtra and raspberry Herbal Fiberblend

109 5673E $141.00 $183.50

Body Booster 4 Garden Trio with BarleyLife Xtra and unflavored Herbal Fiberblend

109 6477E $141.00 $183.50

pH Test Kit 100 strips


5488E $12.50 $12.50 4656E $12.50 $12.50

Combination Packs Daily Essentials Packs BarleyLife, AIMega, Herbal Fiberblend

88 5570E $105.00 $136.50

BarleyLife, AIMega, fit ’n fiber


CoCoa Smoothie Pack


6172E $105.00 $136.50

Lean Team fit ’n fiber and ProPeas


5583E $71.00 $92.50

Sports Pack


6269E $103.00 $134.00 6269E $111.00 $144.50


5856E $118.00 $153.50

5571E $106.00 $138.00

CoCoa LeafGreens, fit ’n fiber and ProPeas

Peak Endurance, ProPeas and Red Rush

Weight Loss Pack 2 ProPeas, 1 fit ’n fiber, 1 GlucoChrom (USA)

Weight Loss Pack


5857E $122.00 $158.50

2 ProPeas, 1 fit ’n fiber, 1 GlucoChrom (CAN) January 2018


men’s & women’s health Appropriate nutrition may alleviate bladder infections and other urinary tract infections, Candida overgrowth, cholesterol issues, inflammation and immune deficiency

US $21.00 CAN $23.00

CranVerry+ 60 vegan capsules

• Cranberry extract plus resveratrol, mangosteen and beta-glucanase • Polyphenolic antioxidants in cranberries aid the entire body, particularly the immune system, gut, heart and brain • Maintains urinary tract health NPN 80070414

Popular among menopausal women to help alleviate dry and thin skin

Renewed Balance 2 oz/56 g body cream

• Body cream made from soothing, plant-

based ingredients, including lemongrass oil, rosemary leaf extract and progesterone • Natural cosmetic easily absorbed through the skin and quick to deliver beautifying results 18 I 1-800-456-2462

US $29.00

US $28.00 CAN $29.00

3 steps to living well NPN 80028153

Targeted nutrition may alleviate benign prostatic hyper­plasia (prostate enlarge­ ment), bladder infections, delayed urination, dribbling after urination, frequent nighttime urination, incomplete voiding and weak urine flow

ReAssure SP 60 gelatin capsules

• Saw palmetto berry oil

extract, pumpkin seed oil, zinc citrate and lycopene • Natural ingredients that synergistically support prostate health • Helps men and women maintain a healthy urinary system

Fundamental lifestyle choices for a healthy body Eliminate. Don’t make lifestyle

choices that result in poor health. Exercise regularly, get enough quality sleep and eliminate toxic stress in your life. Of course, don’t smoke, drink to excess or abuse drugs. Regularly cleansing the body of toxins (detoxification) is vital. Toxins can be eliminated from the body with the right foods and AIM products.

Nourish. Eat a balanced and sensible diet built around whole foods. Avoid overeating and large portions. Drink eight glasses of pure water daily, and use AIM whole-food concentrates and supplements to help nourish your cells, enabling them to operate at peak efficiency. Replenish. Our bodies often require nutritional supplementation to replenish vital nutrients. As you can see in this catalog, The AIM Companies™ offers a variety of products to assist with your health and nutrition. January 2018


neuro health

Sound nutrition may alleviate anxiety, muscular and nervous tension, restlessness, sleep disorders, stress and worry US $22.00 CAN $24.00

US $17.50 CAN $22.00

NPN 80008114

NPN 80007112

Composure 60 vegan capsules

• Combination of calming herbs • Natural stress reliever day or night • Helps maintain neurological health • May lower anxiety levels • Relaxes tense muscles • Promotes natural sleep patterns


Proper nutrition may alleviate memory loss, poor vision, poor circulation, depression, glaucoma, low energy and macular degeneration

GinkgoSense 30 capsules

• Ginkgo biloba, bilberry, omega-3, lutein and zeaxanthin • Natural nutrients that help circulate blood to the extremities • Improves memory and vision • May aid cardiovascular and nervous system health I 1-800-456-2462

topical magnesium Magnesium may help alleviate a deficiency, which can result in bone and joint aches, blood pressure and cardiovascular issues, headaches, muscle cramps, spasms and stiffness and overall poor health

Mag-nificence • Topical magnesium in a

lotion, spray and CWR bath additive • Increases magnesium levels in the body • Delivers an essential mineral for cellular energy and overall wellness, from healthy bones, brain, heart, muscles to skin 6.4 oz/181 g Body Lotion 12 fl oz/355 ml CWR Bath Additive 4.4 fl oz/130 ml Body Spray

US $19.50 CAN $19.50

US $8.00 CAN $9.00

US $10.50 CAN $10.50

We are only as healthy as our cells—the basic units of our bodies. Cells form organs, which, in turn, form body systems. Strong, healthy cells equal a strong, healthy body. The AIM Healthy Cell Concept™ is a five-step guide to personal health.

Our cells need the nutrients 1 Food from fresh, whole foods as well as highquality nutritional supplements. Consistent nutrition for your body can improve pH, prevent inflammation and support the immune system. Exercise provides strength, 2 Exercise endurance, flexibility, mental alertness and stress relief.


Environment A clean environment, beginning with the water we drink and the air we breathe, has a healthy impact on the body’s cells.

A healthy 4 Protection immune system is the best defense against disease and illness. Proper nourishment, rest, and stress management will help support and strengthen the body. A positive attitude 5 Attitude yields positive results. Laugh, be happy and you can help your cells fight off illness and disease. January 2018


weight management

Recommended nutrition may alleviate blood sugar, cardiovascular and cholesterol concerns, constipation, low-fiber intake, poor digestion and weight gain issues

US $36.00 CAN $37.00

fit ’n fiber 16 oz/456 g

• Acacia, apple, flaxseed,

konjac, oat and psyllium fiber as well as unique botanicals • Increases healthy fiber intake daily • Helps maintain the digestive system • Ideal for managing weight NPN 80073693

22 I 1-800-456-2462

US $38.00 CAN $40.00

Plant-based nutrition may alleviate issues with blood sugar, low energy, poor metabolism, weak muscles and body weight


16 oz/456 g powder

• Pea protein powder • Alternative, alkalizing protein from a vegetable source • Helps build and maintain strong, healthy muscles • Promotes satiety (feel full) • Supports healthy weight management

Targeted nutrition may alleviate blood sugar and weight issues, poor metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, sugar cravings and weak muscle mass

GlucoChrom 60 vegan capsules

US $19.00 CAN $20.00

• Chromium, vanadium, Gymnema sylvestre and bitter melon • Nutrients that effectively support healthy blood sugar levels • Enhances carbohydrate and fat metabolism • Supports lean muscle mass NPN 80006166 January 2018


starter packs Body Booster Starter Packs

deliver plant-based nutrition that may enhance all body systems. Taking BarleyLife, Just Carrots, RediBeets and Herbal Fiberblend on a daily basis may result in a wide range of benefits, including balanced body pH and increased energy.

• New Members who order Starter Packs within 60 days of signing up receive free economy shipping

• Ideal way for new Members to begin ordering AIM products Body Booster 1 • The Garden Trio featuring BarleyLife plus natural raspberry-flavored Herbal Fiberblend


US $138.00 CAN $139.00

Body Booster 2

Available in the U.S. only • The Garden Trio featuring BarleyLife plus unflavored Herbal Fiberblend US $138.00

24 I 1-800-456-2462

Money-Saving Choices for New and Established AIM Members

Body Booster 3

Available in the U.S. only • The Garden Trio featuring BarleyLife Xtra plus natural raspberry-flavored Herbal Fiberblend

US $141.00

Body Booster 4

Available in the U.S. only • The Garden Trio featuring BarleyLife Xtra plus unflavored Herbal Fiberblend US $141.00

January 2018


money-saving packs

Targeted Support

Nutritional essentials for healthy body systems may help create energy, a balanced pH body environment and an optimally functioning digestive system for maintenance of good health

Daily Essentials Packs Available in Canada only • BarleyLife, AIMega and Herbal Fiberblend or fit ’n fiber • Greens, essential fatty acids and fiber are daily essentials that

human cells need to cleanse, detoxify, build and energize the body

Daily Essential Pack 1

• BarleyLife, AIMega and Herbal Fiberblend

Daily Essential Pack 2

• BarleyLife, AIMega and fit ’n fiber CAN $106.00

CAN $105.00

Active Nutrition

To help enhance athletic performance, enjoy anti-aging benefits and maintain wellbeing, combine the regular use of supple­ mental nutrition in the Sports Pack with healthy food intake and consistent exercise.

US $103.00 CAN $111.00


Sports Pack • Red Rush nitric oxide boost,

ProPeas vegetable protein and Peak Endurance ATP enhancer • Exercise and sports nutrition for anyone striving for physical stamina, lean muscle development and energy I 1-800-456-2462

Weight Management

Three choices of nutritional packs to assist with appetite control, lean muscle mass and a nutritiously safe way to manage weight Tasty snacks or meal replacements for calorie watchers

CoCoa Smoothie Pack

US $105.00

Available in the U.S. only • CoCoa LeafGreens, ProPeas and fit ‘n fiber • Makes chocolate-vanilla-peach flavored protein smoothies full of filling fiber

Lean Team Pack

Available in the U.S. only • ProPeas and fit ’n fiber • Makes peach-vanilla flavored protein smoothies full of filling fiber US $71.00

Weight Loss Pack • ProPeas (2 canisters), fit ’n

fiber plus GlucoChrom to help metabolize carbo­­hydrates and fat • Ideal for weight management • Aids in appetite reduction • Delivers nutrients that help build and maintain lean muscle

US $118.00 CAN $122.00

January 2018


sales tools BarleyLife Mover & Shaker Pack

BarleyLife Sample Pack with six 4 g single servings and a Nutrition that Works! 28-ounce Blender Bottle. Blender Bottle and six-count Sample Pack also sold separately. US $8.25 CAN $8.25

6-pack US $21.00 CAN $21.00

Mini Hand Mixer US $4.00 CAN $4.00

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one health probcomprise the number becoming igestive issues our bodies are ent America. And lem in North in the environm with toxins found increasingly polluted we eat. ng) are and in the foods , (aka detoxifyi fiber and cleansing only digesGetting adequate maintaining not ed elements of two often overlook health. also whole body tive health but that is often lackd provides the fiber unique Fiberblen This AIM Herbal cleansing herbs. digesand it contains to maintain your ing in our diets the perfect way experience combination provides system clean, and your digestive tive health, keep whole body health. are indicative of other benefits that


Key Benefits

and Features

whole body health Helps maintain digestive health Helps maintain movements regular bowel Helps maintain the body ves toxins from  Detoxifies—remo more time—provides  Reduces transit on of waste thorough evacuati healthy fiber helps maintain  Water-soluble blood sugar levels and rol choleste losis, es of diverticu incidenc reduce health is achieved when all body systems are maybody  Fiberhole citis appendi in cancer, balance.and AIM BarleyLife is an all-natural, green barcolon l use ley grass juice powder safe and beneficia concentrate that helps provide the daily 22 years of  More than best food nutrition you need sto develop a strong foundation for your Fiber d as one of the AIM Member byhealth. been recognize good BarleyLife iscleansing availableherbs and preventing in a number of varieties: Fiber has long regularity and psylliumBarleyLife can BarleyLife maintaining bowel powder,  Contains Xtra powder (with 18 differmovements, it ingredients for per it normalizes bowel ent fruits and Consumfiber: 5 grams vegetables), of BarleyLife capsules (vegan), and source constipation. Because manage chronic diarrhea.  Good BarleyLife Sample treat and (7 g) serving Packs. in a more thorough also be used to one-tablespoon time and results all product transit ation improve reduces to p” detoxific ing fiber . It is thought  Simple, “one-ste waste materials in unflavored evacuation of g) canisters available nt vegan function.  13-oz (375 a wide indigestaspects of colon spectrum 280-cou potent nutrients plants. It is an y flavor, orof and raspberr any, only in fruits and Research in the late 20th century revealed that young barley , adds few, if Fiber is found rate and, therefore capsules ater- grass is the most nutritious of the green grasses. While barible complex carbohyd are two main types of fiber—w in the ley has been used as a grain since ancient times, the value diet. There of calories to the fiber are required . Both types of fiber to barley as a grass was overlooked. Japanese researchers dissoluble and insoluble ratio of 3:1 insoluble covered that recommended fiber the young, le green barley grass was in oat an incredibly -solub daily diet, in the Watersource of nutrition, in water and is found complete containing a wideand spectrum variousof luble fiber dissolves water-soluble fiber. Water-so pectins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nuts, beans, proteins, enzymes, that chlorolegumes, psyllium, in the intestine bran, phyll, a bulky gel and phytonutrients. Researchers also discovered that It forms and vegetables. through the digestive fruits young barley materials is atflow its nutritional best before waste the beginning of of regulates the cycle, when the plant channels the reproductive nutrition to the preventing seedtract. ol by heads. In fact, when harvested this early stage, young may loweratcholester from cholublea fiber barley leaves have are madefrom Water-so different nutritional acidsmakeup their bile acids. Bile them adult the counterparts. reabsorption of , fiber binds with they aid fat digestion to pull after when A dilemma then has arises we, as humans,liver lesterol, and attempt to derive of the body. The nourishment fromthem thisout nutrient-rich barley grass. The human and escorts ol from the blood. more cholester blood sugar by stabilize also fiber may into the blood. Water-soluble of carbohydrates found the absorption slowing down Researchers have blood sugar levels. the body’s Plus, it can lower in a decrease in fiber intake results that increasing




Barley grass juice —



Key Benefits and Features Helps maintain whole-body health with a natural spectrum of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and enzymes* Offers unique and powerful plant antioxidants Contains superoxide dismutase (SOD) 22.4 mg chlorophyll per serving  Each tablespoon contains the equivalent of 6.24 cups of leafy greens  Delivers two to three times more nutrients per serving than a typical serving of green vegetables  Promotes a healthy cardiovascular and immune system  Provides anti-inflammatory benefits  Increases overall energy  Enhances performance for those with active lifestyles  Helps alkalize the body  Built on 35 years of safe and beneficial use by AIM Members  Holistic approach to barley grass crop management—crops cut only once  Grown in clean, green, pristine environments  Eliminates the task of juicing  Pure juice, not milled grass; minimal fiber 11:17:02 AM 

* A full nutrition facts panel is available at

Herbal Fiberblend


indd 1


non GMO I 1-800-456-2462

body is not equipped with the enzymes to break down the fiber in the barley grass. Thus, without intervention, this nutrition remains insoluble and is, therefore, not bioavailable to the human body. As research progressed on young barley grass, it was discovered that, when grass was juiced and fiber removed, the vast nutritional profile of barley was unlocked for human consumption. Barley grass became bioavailable. However, the nutrients in the liquid state were quite fragile and had to be consumed within a very short time to retain their nutritive value. To provide a realistic shelf life, one more step was needed to make this barley juice readily available to humans.

BarleyLife-DS-0917-R19.indd 1 9/29/2017 3:57:44 PM

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Living Well – January 2018  
Living Well – January 2018