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Each of us is an individual—unique in our own distinct ways. We bring our strengths to given challenges to achieve positive end results. This is particularly true when it comes to maintaining our well-being. It is also true that as a result of increasingly busy lives, women often neglect themselves over the needs of others—children, spouses, parents, or friends. Fortunately, AIM Members are equally aware of the uniqueness of AIM in contributing to women’s health. When it comes to specific health issues for women, AIM has the solutions with a variety of natural health products that work.

This issue of Living Well focuses on women’s wellness. May 12 is Mother’s Day, a day that celebrates motherhood. Centered in the circle of life, moms of all ages have been using AIM products for their wellbeing and for the health of their families since The AIM Companies™ introduced its unique barley grass powder more than thirty years ago. Many of these same moms took the AIM opportunity under their wings and soared, even as they raised families and performed the countless tasks that motherhood demands. An AIM home-based business remains an achievable way to provide financial stability for women and their families while sharing the incredible gift of good health with others (see Passionate about AIM on page11). Please join me on May 15 for a webinar—Amazing Women! Better health. Better life!— an in-depth look at how women can improve their health at any age. Remember to take advantage of all of AIM’s unique webinars (see page 15). My wishes for your health and well-being, Rose Bird Chartered Herbalist and General Manager of AIM Canada™


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Empowering Moms

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May 2013 The mission of The AIM Companies™ is to improve the quality and productivity of people’s lives by promoting the Healthy Cell Concept™ and the highest principles of free enterprise. The purpose of AIM Living Well is to communicate vital information to our Members and to build a strong relationship with them through education, motivation, and recognition. AIM products cannot be sold and advertised as cures and treatments for any disease. Our products are intended to improve the nutritional profile of the individuals who use them. Federal regulations in many countries prohibit making any claims that products are used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, and prevention of disease. AIM Living Well is written in compliance with U.S. requirements, which may not be suitable for marketing AIM products outside of the United States. We ask that you be aware of and respect the requirements of your country in marketing AIM products.

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Protection from UTIs and more


Moms of all ages are em-

powered with AIM’s nutritional products for themselves and their loved ones. See page 4 to read about each of these unique women and how the AIM products have helped to enrich their lives.


11 Passionate about AIM


12 Simply the best AIM 2013 Convention


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AIM Nutrition … EmPO AIM products have been used by moms of all ages since The AIM Companies™ first introduced the juice powder of young barley plants in 1982. Eight AIM moms contributed testimonials about the life-changing effects that AIM products have had on their lives and the lives of their family members.

Carolyn Kling Chairman’s Club Director, Idaho Our excitement about AIM nutrition got everyone excited. They wanted what we had because they saw the difference in our health—how much more life, energy, and well-being we had. One product combination that is keeping my bones strong is CalciAIM mixed with AIM fit ‘n fiber® or Herbal Fiberblend. At eighty, I know I need to get enough calcium. Both of my sisters had osteoporosis, but I’m feeling really strong. AIM products have helped many of my family. One of my granddaughters was so down after she gave birth to twins. She was suffering from post-partum depression and about to be put on medication. After about two weeks on the AIM Garden Trio®, she was totally turned around. Now her four children take it and don’t like to ever be without their Garden Trio. Charlotte Thompson Chairman’s Club Director, Ohio Our boys thought we ate pretty healthy, until we came to AIM. We had what America would call rounded diets—always had our vegetables and fruit in the home. We just didn’t have the nutrition we thought we did. Thank God we didn’t have health problems. I was tired a lot and sluggish; obviously I needed AIM products back then when we were raising our boys. Today all of our sons use the products, and seeing some of the grandchildren take AIM products has been a blessing. I take most of the AIM products. I feel like I need the CalciAIM, so I take it pretty regularly. Now that I’m doing the Veggie D more, I find myself feeling good, and I am putting in some really long days without feeling tired. 4 I 1-800-456-2462

Kristine Kosturos Director, Washington I took Garden Trio plus CalciAIM throughout my pregnancy, and I will con­ tinue through nursing my three-month-old daughter, Khloe. I love the taste and tang that CalciAIM gives to the Garden Trio. Living in the Northwest, we’re definitely low on vitamin D, so I do take the Veggie D and get the extra boost of vitamins D and C from CalciAIM. Luckily I have a pretty strong immune system, and I rarely get sick. With this recent flu epidemic, my entire family—me, Zach, and Sophia (age 2)—literally are the only people I know who have not gotten sick. I definitely contribute a huge part of that to the Garden Trio and CalciAIM, which all three of us take every single day. I cannot imagine what it would be like not having the AIM products for my family and me. Melissa Dobney Director, Oregon I have been living with multiple sclerosis (MS) for twelve years, although I was officially diagnosed five years ago. AIM LeafGreens™ has helped to reduce the symptoms and possibly reverse the disease process. I try to emphasize to my four children that genetics may be the gun, but we pull the trigger. We have control over what happens to our health by what we put into our bodies. I encourage them to eat their vegetables and get their protein, so their bodies can grow and maximize their energy for the sports they play. AIM products supplement their healthy diets.

OWERing Moms Muriel McPherson Chairman’s Club Director, Ontario For people looking for something to “spice up their lives”, I highly recommend Veggie D. The very first time my husband George and I tried it was on the 2012 AIM cruise, and we just loved it. We enjoy using it in so many different ways. It is excellent in soups, stews, scrambled eggs, salads, and tomato juice. George even sprinkles it on his hot porridge every morning. We keep it in a large shaker so it is always handy. We also find it to be a pleasant “nightcap” by just adding the powder to hot water and drinking it before going to bed. Thank you, AIM, for developing this wonderful product that gives us such a unique way to get our vitamin D. We feel privileged to be a part of this great company. Cheryl Huxter Chairman’s Club Director Newfoundland I have been taking BarleyLife for over twenty years. When it was first introduced to me, I had multiple health problems, including high blood pressure. All those problems disappeared, so I do not want to go a day without it. Our three children have taken BarleyLife throughout their lives, keeping them healthy. Two of our grandchildren were always sickly, getting colds, the flu, and ear infections. They didn’t like the taste of BarleyLife, so our son Craig got them to take AIM BarleyLife® Xtra, which has had a tremendously positive effect on the quality of their lives.

Edna Smith Chairman’s Club Director, Ontario AIM “Nutrition that Works!” has been part of our daily routine for over twentyfive years. When we first joined, we were excited by AIM’s green powder—a simple and effective way to supplement our diet with a concentrated, whole food. Around that time, our youngest son was battling a severe case of acne. Even though he was faithful to AIM’s barley grass powder and a good diet, it wasn’t until he started using Herbal Fiberblend that his face cleared up. My only regret is that we didn’t have all the AIM products when our boys were growing up. I encourage all mothers to use the “AIM Arsenal of Nutrition” to help provide their family with the nutrition they deserve. Kathleen Bird-Ekman Chartered Herbalist and Preferred Member, British Columbia I started taking BarleyLife around the age of sixteen. It cleared up my skin and gave me more energy and an overall sense of well-being. I really notice the difference when I don’t take it. During my pregnancies, as long as I took BarleyLife in the morning, I had no trouble during the day. It really helped with my digestion and maintaining regular bowel movements. When they were around four months old, I rubbed BarleyLife powder on the gums of both my son, Robert, and my daughter, Alexandra. They grew to love the taste of BarleyLife (and LeafGreens after it was introduced), and now they crave their green drink every morning. Along with maintaining their digestion, it made a huge difference in keeping Robert’s immune system healthy, especially when he started school. He doesn’t get sick even when he’s around classmates that are ill.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. May 2013



Personal Trainer discovers

AIM Nutrition Preferred Member Cheryl Devine’s livelihood is fitness, a lifestyle that came naturally to a girl growing up by the sea and near the forested mountains of her hometown of North Vancouver, British Columbia. “My family was always active; I’ve always been active,” Cheryl said. She started exercising in the open air at a young age and still enjoys biking, hiking, swimming, skiing, and running. Having fun and feeling energetic and alive turned into a career of thirty-plus years in the fitness field. “Since the leg warmers of the early eighties, I’ve taught it all—step, aerobics, circuit training, boot camp, Pilates—you name it, I’ve done it,” Cheryl said. The fact that Cheryl can help people is the number one reason that she chose this career path. She became a personal trainer and a Pilates trainer, eventually opening her own business—devine fitness + pilates— which just happens to be located in the same building as the AIM Canada head office. General Manager Rose Bird began training with Cheryl, aware that they were both in the business of helping people to stay healthy. As well as getting effective workouts and excellent training advice, Rose gave advice in response to Cheryl’s questions about natural supplements. Cheryl had tried other products but found them to be quite expensive. With easy access to products and nutritional information, she became an AIM Member to help maintain her good health and the high energy required by personal trainers. “I want to always feel that little extra bit of energy, that brightness, because people are always commenting on my high energy,” Cheryl

explained. “I supplement my daily nutrition with AIM products because they work.” She plans to share the nutritional benefits of AIM with her clients. “Because of all the athletics I do, I need protein.” Cheryl said, so along with AIM ProPeas™, her core products are AIM Frame Essentials®, AIM GlucoChrom™, and the Daily Essentials — AIM Barley­Life® for greens, AIMega® for essential fatty acids, and AIM FibreBalance® (CAN) for fiber. “By using AIM products, I feel really good.” Feeling good is her motto: “You’ve only got one kick at the can, so make sure you’re happy and healthy,” Cheryl stated. “Health is wealth. If you don’t have your health, you’ve got nothing.” When it comes to her best advice on staying well, “Body in motion … keep your body moving. Park the car a little farther away. Take the stairs. It takes very little to make a big difference if you want to be healthy and grow old with vitality.”

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. 6 I 1-800-456-2462


Summer Is Coming …

Get in SHAPE!

Life is seasonal, and sometimes

you need to be in the right season of your life to get in shape and stay there. Why not make the warm months of spring the season to start becoming fit and shapely for the sultry days of summer. Beneath the spring sun, the energy of new life is growing all around you. Increase and maintain your own energy source with help from AIM, and make this summer work out for you! If you are trying to lose or put on weight, firm up or increase lean muscles, you need nutritional assistance and an exercise program. For your individual effort to get in shape, AIM provides necessary weight management products and helpful exercise tools for getting results.

AIM ProPeas™ Whichever exercise you choose to get in shape, protein is an essential component for building and maintaining healthy muscle structure. Supplementing your protein intake with ProPeas removes the health risks associated with saturated fats and the acidifying nature of animal protein. With ProPeas, you get a lean, rich source of protein from a vegetable—the field pea. Pea protein is slowly digested over a four-hour period, so it helps to curb your appetite for more food. One serving gives you twelve grams of protein and under 100 calories. It’s a win-win combination for building lean muscles while losing undesirable body fat.

AIM fit ’n fiber® (US) and AIM FibreBalance® (CAN)

Fiber is a fundamental part of a healthy diet and the perfect complement to getting your body in shape. Fiber helps to beat those cravings for snacks by bulking up and moving slowly through the digestive tract, cleansing intestinal walls along the way to elimination. Supplemental fiber from fit ’n fiber (US) or FibreBalance (CAN) combined with ProPeas in a shake or smoothie makes a healthy snack or a small meal that can contribute to both managing your weight and maximizing the benefits of your exercise program.

AIM GlucoChrom™

Think of GlucoChrom as an aid for boosting energy production in your body. Blood sugar from your food intake needs to be channeled into your cells where it is converted to energy. This insulin-dependent, channelling action relies on the presence of chromium, a trace mineral in the GlucoChrom formula, to help make it happen. The other three ingredients—vanadium citrate, Gymnema sylvestre leaf, and bitter melon fruit—work synergistically with chromium to help boost your overall cellular metabolism. Combining GlucoChrom with a healthy caloric intake and regular exercise helps to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle—the yin and yang of getting in shape.

The AIM Exercise Tools

Add to your exercise plan or begin one with the AIM Exercise Ball—for strengthening your core and reducing any waist issues you may have. Along with the ball, a work­­out DVD, a Smoothie Your Way! DVD, a Weight-Loss Guide, and a Blender Bottle—for mixing your protein/fiber drinks—can be purchased individually or as a combined exercise tool kit on its own or as part of the Weight Loss Starter Pack (shipped free to new Members only) that includes all three weight management products.

Summer’s coming. Make this your season to get in shape for the rest of your life. May 2013




Balance with


Why Mag-nificence?

In the incredibly busy life of a woman, it is essential for her to take

time to rejuvenate her giving spirit. Quiet, relaxing, alone time can help her to regain the perspective lost during the course of a demanding day. A luxurious bath may be one of the simplest ways to achieve this, along with a few candles and AIM Mag-nificence™ magnesium crystals. Among its hundreds of activities in the body, magnesium helps to relax muscles and produce and transport cellular energy. So after a long, hard day, a relaxing soak in Mag-nificence may be just what a woman needs. Simply dissolve two scoops (1/4 cup) of magnesium crystals in warm to comfortably-hot bath water and relax for a minimum of twenty minutes.

More than 300 enzymatic reactions inside the body involve magnesium, so a deficiency can contribute to any number of symptoms including a lack of energy, headaches, and muscle pain. A deficiency can result from inadequate intake, reduced absorption, or excessive excretion of magnesium. The daily U.S. Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for elemental magnesium for women is 310 to 320 mg. However, the average intake of most American women is only 73 percent of the RDA. Mag-nificence can help balance this essential mineral.

To soak or not to soak When there isn’t time for a bath, or even a foot soak, a woman can rejuvenate by applying magnesium gel to her skin and topping it off with magnesium spray—a combination for the perfect skin toner.

EVERY woman deserves to feel magnificent. Mag-nificence can help to take her there.

For after a bath, Mag-nificence magnesium is also available in a spray and gel, providing two additional topical applications of this required mineral. 8 I 1-800-456-2462

By trying to step over our sleeping cat while going down the basement stairs, I lost my balance. With no railing to grab hold of, I used my right foot as a brake to stop me from falling. This caused extreme soft tissue damage, and I ended up on crutches. I gently rubbed Mag-nificence spray on my foot and immediately felt a tingling sensation around the sore area, so I could feel something working. I did for this for three days and nights. It really eased the pain and healed the damage. And that’s not all, using the spray everyday helped with clearing up the blemishes all over my face. —Anemone Jobin, Vancouver, British Columbia Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.


Overcome the Symptoms of Menopause No matter what you think about meno­ pause, it most certainly is not the beginning of the end. It is only a new beginning in a woman’s life. The years following menopause free you from even thinking about periods or becoming pregnant. Whether this natural change is just on your horizon or you are smack dab in the middle of it, the often talked about physical or emotional symptoms do not have to be a part of your reality thanks to natural solutions from AIM and perhaps a little change of attitude.

The Right Attitude

Approximately 10 percent of Japanese women have hot flashes while up to 80 percent of American women experience this symptom associated with menopause. This is a strong indication that differences in diet, lifestyle, and cultural attitudes toward aging make a huge difference as to whether or not you experience any symptoms at all. The Japanese word for menopause is konenki, which can be loosely translated as a season of renewal. The renewal of hormonal balance is the transition to life beyond the reproductive years.

AIM for a Natural Transition AIM Renewed Balance®

Progesterone deficiency is an increasingly diagnosed problem in women of all ages in industrialized nations. Renewed balance cream contains plant-derived progesterone from wild yam extract along with complimentary ingredients that help with its absorption. Renew the balance.

AIM RevitaFem® Herbs that can help to relieve symptoms such as hot flashes, irritability, and mood swings include black cohosh root, ginseng root, and red clover flower. RevitaFem is a combination of these natural ingredients and more for a total of eight botanicals that help provide relief from a wide range of possible symptoms of menopause.

AIMega® Omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) are a daily dietary requirement to support the repair, growth, and activity of every cell in your body. Hormonal balance is only one of the many benefits from a high-quality source of these healthy fats. AIMega offers a balanced 2:1 ratio of omega-3 and -6 from organic seed oils for enhancing your hormonal balance during the transitional years.

I’m fifty-two, and I wouldn’t be without Renewed Balance, having decided to use this natural product twelve years ago. Any time that I show any symptoms—irritability, hot flashes, etcetera—my husband and children

rightly ask if I missed a couple of days of the cream. As long as I use the product as directed, I am completely 100 percent symptom-free. —Meg Johnston, AIM Member Orlando, Florida

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. May 2013



CranVerry erry++ AIM

Protection from UTIs and more

Cranberries: You know the beverages. You know the sauce. But did you know about the wide range of benefits for women who regularly supplement with the extracted nutrients from this tart red berry? For centuries, Native Americans used cranberries as food and, rightly so, as medicine for treating problems with the bladder and kidneys. Modern-day analysis also shows that along with supporting heart health and fighting gum disease, the antioxidant-rich cranberry nutrients provide protection against urinary tract infections, commonly abbreviated to UTIs. However, a persistent, recurring UTI is anything but short in duration. The conventional treatment of killing UTIcausing bacteria with antibiotics has led to increasingly antibiotic-resistant strains of E. coli bacteria—a UTI’s most common cause. The indigenous peoples of North America had it right from the start by using the harvest of medicinal gifts from nature. The natural properties of the proanthocyanidin compounds (PACs) in cranberries do not allow bacteria to adhere to the cells of the urinary tract and bladder, so they are simply flushed out. PACs also play a role in avoiding yeast infections by preventing Candida albicans from adhering to cells that line the gums. Taking one capsule a day of AIM CranVerry®+ is a natural way for women to reap these benefits and many more from cranberries … without side effects. CranVerry+ contains 500 mg of CranMax®, the most concentrated cranberry extract available. Plus CranVerry+ contains phytonutrient power from mangosteen fruit concentrate. 10 I 1-800-456-2462

The anti­bacterial activity of the plant phenols in the rind of this exotic fruit can kill Candida within twenty minutes of exposure, inhibiting overgrowth that can lead to yeast infections. The U.S. formula of CranVerry+ also provides resveratrol extract and the enzyme betaglucanase—ingredients that combat Candida infections. Resveratrol has fungicidal effects that minimize these infections along with providing antioxidant activity. Beta-glucanase breaks down the slimy film that protects growths of bacteria, yeast, and fungi. The Canadian formula (NPN 80035305) contains antioxidant-rich juniper fruit extract along with cranberry and mangosteen extracts. Juniper’s antimicrobial activities inhibit both Candida albicans and E. coli. Both formulas are equally effective in combating UTIs and yeast infections and increasing antioxidant activity. CranVerry+ makes it easy to give your body more of nature’s preventative nutrients daily.

I love CranVerry+. I’ve been challenged with rashes in certain parts of my body that seem to create their own tropical humidity. I will let your imaginations take care of that. I’ve tried every kind of soap, ointment, and powder for fungus and yeast with no relief. I started taking one capsule of CranVerry+ three times a day. The rash improved—healed over almost instantly. Wow! This is huge! —Sandy Combs, Chairman’s Club Director, Debary, Florida Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.

Business Feature

Passionate about AIM Leré Robinson lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps AIM products. “I’m married to AIM,” Leré stated to strongly emphasize just how much positive effect AIM has had on her life.

In 1997, Leré was struggling with irritable bowel syndrome in Menlo Park, South Africa. Bible study was recommended, taking place in the home of Chairman’s Club Directors Chris and Joan Van Rensburg. Joan sponsored a series of nutrition courses, inviting Leré to attend for free. Along with changing her diet and supplementing with barley grass powder, Leré started seeing significant changes. With her own health improvements, Leré was soon selling so many units of this AIM product that Joan asked her to sign on. “What’s that?” Leré responded. Today, Leré is a Star Sapphire Director living in Irmo, South Carolina, with her husband, Eddie, and their three daughters. Among the many successful ways she promotes good health and AIM products, Leré has her own family-health business, Alive Again LLC (; appears now and again in health and well-being segments on South Carolina’s WIS-TV; holds Nutrition Boot Camp courses; does community talks; and organizes a Raw Truth Wellness morning every April in Columbia, South Carolina. By getting local businesses involved in these Raw Truth events, even more attention has been brought to AIM. Leré acknowledged, “Hard work got me here.”

Many folks are encouraged by what Lere has achieved. However, for Leré, it is not about the business of making money. “I share good health as well as AIM because I love the products,” Leré explained. “They’re an absolute joy for my family and me.” She took products like the AIM Garden Trio®, AIM FloraFood®, AIMega®, and AIM Herbal Fiberblend® before getting pregnant, and her children grew up with AIM, almost never getting sick. Leré and her daughters’ good health are shining examples of what eating well and supplementing with AIM nutrition can provide. “When you use a product like AIM BarleyLife® for years and years and it never fails you, why use something else?”

Leré has helped an uncountable number of families to embrace the benefits of balance and health. “My focus has been to educate people,” Leré said. “I believe that because my focus was in the right place, God blessed me with AIM—a company that has been stable for so long. AIM will always be part my future.” As a wife and a mother, Leré believes that every woman has a plan and a purpose. “My passion is working with people,” she admitted, “and I have a passion for encouraging women to discover theirs.”  For an in-depth interview with Leré Robinson, watch the Success My Way video at via the YouTube link or purchase a copy (5962E/$1.75) with your next order.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. May 2013


2013 AIM Convention


e’re just a couple months away from Simply the BEST! AIM convention in Boise. Attendees will enjoy learning about what’s new at AIM and simply the be given an incredibly effective tool that will help them share AIM with others and build their businesses!  Members on the move will be recognized for their accomplishments and BIG announcements will be shared. Boise is the 2013 AIM Convention place to be July 18-21.  AIM – Simply the BEST! 

best Speakers include:

Brand new product launch Education on nutrition and business Share your success stories Time with Members and AIM family

J.R. Celski

Ron Murray

Rose Bird

Matthew Rademan

Melinda Lewis

Ryan Davis

Phillip Jermann

Keith Duff



• Three Million Dollar Club inductees Connie and Steve Knight

• Two Million Dollar Club inductee Richard Ekstrom • Elite Director Inductees



Matthew and Karen Miller

promote to Royal Emerald Directors “We could go on forever about how AIM has made a difference in people’s lives,” said Matthew and Karen Miller, who recently promoted to Royal Emerald Directors in the AIM Compensation Plan. “So many people have experienced such tremendous results by faithfully using the AIM products. Connecting with families in other states and building relationships with them has been very rewarding for us. We have heard and personally experienced people share their testimonies of what the AIM products have done for them in their lives. We have established some wonderful friendships, and we thank God for all the people we are connected with in our organization, downline, and AIM family. “ The promotion to Royal Emerald Directors was made possible by consistency—being consistent with the products and consistent with followup. The Millers hold several quarterly meetings in and around their hometown of Dundee, Ohio, and they stay connected with their organization and potential customers through phone calls, newsletters, and mailings. To spread the message of AIM nutrition even further, the Millers advertise nationally. “We have placed advertisements for the AIM products in two different magazines that circulate throughout the country,” the Millers said. “A large number

of people in our organization have called or written us directly from a response to one of those advertisements.” Members since 2004, the Millers make AIM a part of their daily routine. Karen is a stay-at-home mom of three children (Grace Elizabeth, age six; MaLena Faith, age two; and Christian Matthew, six months) who takes care of the family and the AIM business. Matthew owns Back Country Logging. Together, they travel and share the message of good health and improving the quality of lives with AIM products. “We travel as a family and share at home meetings and AIM-sponsored events the benefits of how the AIM products can improve not only your lives, but the lives of your family,” the Millers said. “We have been able to meet a lot of new friends that we never would have met without being involved with The AIM Companies™ and through sharing the AIM products.” The Millers count AIM Herbal Fiberblend® and AIM BarleyLife® Xtra among their favorite products. They also enjoy the new AIM Peak Endurance®. Their blueprint for success with AIM is simple. Care for others, and follow-up. “Share the AIM products,” they said, “because you never know who that person may be that is needing or looking to improve their own or their family’s health.” Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.

May 2013


People & Places

Idaho Athletic Club Expo Nampa, Idaho, January 28

Royal Emerald Director Cathy McCrea and Group Builder Heather Deam shared AIM nutrition at an evening health expo at the Idaho Athletic Center in February. At their booth, Cathy and Heather served ProPeas granola bars along with beverage samples of Peak Endurance and ProPeas. An AIM product gift basket was used as a giveaway. Chairman’s Club Directors Carolyn and Jim Kling stopped by during the three-hour event, and the expo yielded dozens of quality contacts and conversations.

Ohio Ladies Conference Dundee, Ohio, January 23

Despite a windchill of 10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, seventy women braved

the cold temperatures to attend the second annual Ohio Ladies Conference in Dundee, Ohio. Fea­tured speakers included Royal Emerald Dir­ector Marlene Miller who spoke about weight loss, Royal Emerald Director Karen Miller who spoke to young mothers, Royal Emerald Director Emma Miller who spoke about her experience with AIM as an expectant mother, and Chairman’s Club Director Charlotte Thompson who emceed and spoke about women’s health and hormones.

2nd Annual Women’s Hormones and Health Meeting Topeka, Indiana, March 1

Seventy-five women, including forty first-time attendees, gath­ered at the Community Room in the Topeka Branch Library for a health meeting hosted by Marilyn Lehman, AIM Royal Emerald Director. Women’s health speakers included Charlotte Thompson, Chair­man’s Club Director; Karen Miller, Royal Emerald Director; and Marlene Miller, Royal Emerald Director, who taught about weight loss.

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News & Meetings

Contest Winners — 2012 AIMing Higher

AIM Members who participated in the 2012 AIMing Higher training webinar were eligible to participate in an AIMing Higher Cash Crop contest. Congratulations to the prize winners. $1,500 (1st prize) — Franciska and Henry Davis, Directors from Pretoria, GP, South Africa; $1,000 (2nd prize) — Amy Houston, Director from Epping, New Hampshire; $750 (3rd prize) — Lanny and Ken Donald, Chairman’s Club Directors from Surrey, British Columbia; $500 (4th prize) — Leré and Eddie Robinson, Star Sapphire Directors from Irmo, South Carolina; $250 (5th prize) — Bettiann Lloyd, Director from Austin, Texas.

Holistic Nutrition for a Healthy Life When: Sat., June 1, 10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. Where: The Educational & Cultural Center of WMHO, 97 P. Main Street, Stony Brook, New York 11790 Speakers: Yu-Shiaw Chen, Ph.D., author, biochemist, certified nutritionist; Keith Duff, AIM Regional Meeting & Training Director Hosts: Yu-Shiaw Chen, Chairman’s Club Director & Miriam McDade, Director Contact: Yu-Shiaw Chen at (631) 751-4267 Email: Website:

Webinar Wednesdays Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. MT Register by e-mailing AIMWeb­inar When you receive an e-mail response, follow directions to register for individual webinars. May 1 Magnesium deficiency and its effect on women’s health Presented by Lendy Murray, Director May 8 Getting rid of pain—from testimony to reality Presented by Yu-Shiaw Chen, Ph.D., author, biochemist, cert. nutritionist, and Chairman’s Club Director May 15 Amazing women! Better health. Better life! Presented by Rose Bird, AIM Canada General Manager and Chartered Herbalist May 22 AIM Custom Print Shop Presented by Stacey Aparicio, AIM Print Production/Events Coordinator May 29 Super-charge your AIM business! Presented by Yoli Huron, Star Sapphire Director

Contest Winner — Cash in with AMRs

Congratulations to Emma and Joseph Miller, Royal Emer­ald Directors from Dundee, Ohio, who won $4,000.00 in the Cash in with AMRs contest.

Contest Winner — AIM’s Facebook Pet Photo

Congratulations to Kyera Reams, a Preferred Member from Osage, Iowa. She submitted a testimony and photo of her daughter with their rescued family pet, Teddy, in AIM’s Facebook Pet Photo Contest. Kyera won $150 in AIM product, and other entrants each won two AIM BarleyLife 180g powders. Congratulations!

Healthy at Every Age with AIM featuring AIM Mag-nificence

When: Friday, May 10, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Where: Travelodge Hotel Saskatoon, 106 Circle Dr. West, Saskatoon, SK Speakers: Ron Murray, AIM Director; Rose Bird, Chartered Herbalist and General Manager of AIM Canada Contact: Ron & Lendy Murray, 306-652-2421 When: Friday, May 24, 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Where: Delta Edmonton South Hotel & Conference Centre, 4404 Gateway Boulevard, Edmonton AB  Speakers: Ron Murray, AIM Director; Rose Bird, Chartered Herbalist and General Manager of AIM Canada Contact: Janet Breitkreutz, 780-449-3322

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Teleclass Tuesdays

Register for one-hour teleclasses by calling 1-800-456-2462, Option 1. May 7 Peak Endurance for physical fitness and sports Debra Pugh, Director and Certified Sports Nutritionist 552.051 • Tues., May 7 • 3:00 p.m. MT May 21 AIM Custom Print Shop now open Stacey Aparicio, AIM Print Production/ Events Coordinator 267.051 • Tues., May 21 • 11:00 a.m. MT

Holiday closures

The AIM Canada (Vancouver) office and Calgary warehouse will be closed May 20 for Victoria Day. May 2013


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Living Well - May 2013  
Living Well - May 2013  

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