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May 2012

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Happy Mother's Day to AIM Director Janet Breitkreutz & family

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Thirty Years and Beyond Hello, precious AIM Members, What a privilege it is for me to write a greeting to the thousands of AIM Members after thirty years of The AIM Companies™ being in the business of improving and extending people’s lives. The AIM Companies has been a great blessing to me and my sweet wife Opal. First, the AIM products extended my life by thirty years. Second, AIM brought me my wife Opal. Third, AIM introduced me to thousands of new friends through you, the AIM Members. Over these past thirty years, I have had the pleasure of learning how thousands of you

have overcome life-threatening health issues by using the AIM products. AIM nutrition has proven the test of time. When you join AIM and learn the benefits of the AIM products and take them regularly, you receive better health. And many of you have received increased wealth as well. For the prospective AIM Members who may read my words, please take the first baby step forward in becoming an AIM Wholesale Member as it may just extend your life by thirty years as it did mine. I’m sure you will find it to be most rewarding as you assist others to live a longer, healthier, wealthier life. Opal and I send our love and blessings to you all as we enter into our second thirty years in business.

Ron Wright AIM President, CEO, and co-owner


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44 Happy Mother’s Day from AIM



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featuring the Breitkreutz family

48 The Gluten Dilemma 2013 AIM Convention

10 Stampede Your Way to Success … AIM 2013 Boise Convention

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Rose Bird / Kathy Elson

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May 2012

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Weight Loss Success

12 Ideal weight improves fitness and confidence


May 2012

health & wealth magazine for AIM Members


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ON THE COVER AIM Director Janet Breitkreutz celebrates motherhood and health with daughters Kristen and Taneal. Meet the rest of the family on page 4.

Happy Mother's Day

to AIM Director, Janet Breitkreutz & family

Stampede Your Way to Success

See Contest Flyer Inside


May 2012


Main Feature

Happy Mother’s

Most countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day during the month of May. It is a day for honoring mothers, for celebrating the state of motherhood, and for recognizing the influence that mothers have on society. At the heart of every good mother is her concern for the well-being of her children. This characteristic comes in many shapes and forms, and perhaps one of the most vital to the life of any child is the motherly concern for good health. As an AIM Director and a stay-at-home mom who raised four children, Janet Breitkreutz is a fine example of why we celebrate Mother’s Day. When her four-year-old Mark was diagnosed with leukemia in 1991, Janet and her husband Darrel were faced with one of the worst events that life can present to parents: the possible loss of a child. With such devastating news, the lives of the Breitkreutzes changed forever. Janet found herself spending most of her time at the hospital to be with Mark. One day an answer to the prayers for their child arrived. A book entitled Green Leaves of Barley had been placed in the Breitkreutzes’ mailbox by AIM Director Linda

McCallum, a woman that Janet knew only as a mother whose children went to the same school as hers. Coincidentally, Janet’s mother and a friend had both heard the author, AIM Chairman’s Club Director Dr. Mary Ruth Swope, on the Christian “It’s a New Day” television program. Janet was impressed that Dr. Swope recommended barley grass and did further research on her own before making a decision to give it to Mark. Meanwhile, Linda McCallum consulted with Dr. Francisco Contreras of the Oasis of Hope Hospital, who recommended that along with chemotherapy, Janet should give Mark super nutrition; give him barley grass powder. For final confirmation, her son’s oncologist told her she could give Mark AIM’s juice powder of young barley plants. For two and a half years Mark received daily doses of chemo along with wearing green moustaches from drinking nutrient-rich barley grass every day. Twenty years later, Mark remains cancer-free and full of life. “Mark is doing awesome,” remarked Janet. “He continues to take AIM products and eats healthily.” Every two years Mark goes for a check-up, and in a ten-inch stack of paper detailing his medical history is a report that he was on AIM BarleyLife®.

From left to right: Colin, Kristen, Janet, Darrel, Taneal, and Mark. 4 I 1-800-456-2462

may 13 | mother's day

Day from AIM! In fact, Janet’s entire family have benefitted by being on AIM products. “I used to mix the AIM Garden Trio® and give it to my kids first thing in the morning while they were still in bed,” Janet explained. “I knew they were getting good nutrition.” All of her children continue to benefit from AIM’s whole-food concentrates and natural health products. Their eldest son Colin introduced AIM products to Zinnie while they were dating. They married and are now AIM Group Builders. Their twenty-three-month-old son Daxton loves BarleyLife. He has never had any vaccines and, except for colds, has been healthy even though he is in daycare. Zinnie is expecting their second child this month. The Breitkreutzes’ eldest daughter, Kristen, has followed in her mother’s footsteps with her passion for helping people who are sick. “I don’t know how people live without AIM products, especially BarleyLife,” Kristen said. “People often ask me why I have so much energy.” She and her husband Braden are AIM Preferred Members who use products such as the Garden Trio, AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, AIMega®, and CalciAIM™. Braden’s father and mother also take a variety of AIM products. His mother Gail has shared her testimonial at AIM Edmonton-area meetings about taking BarleyLife to relieve acid reflux. Taneal is Janet’s youngest daughter, and she and her fiancé, Kolby White, will marry in July. Taneal is also an AIM Member and loves the taste of CalciAIM. For eye health, she takes the Garden Trio, AIMega, AIM GinkgoSense™, and AIM Proancynol® 2000. Being introduced to AIM back in 1991 has led to a chain of healthy events for Janet Breitkreutz and her family and friends. “I have a deep passion to help other moms and families,” Janet said. “As a mom, I believe putting children on AIM products is one of the best things

you can do for them. Who’s to know what kind of diseases this super nutrition is preventing?” Of course, AIM products work for moms and dads as well. Along with benefits for eye health, the AIM products have helped Darrel with high blood pressure issues and have totally eliminated his frequent bouts of bronchitis. Janet takes most of the AIM products and no medication whatsoever. “I just went through menopause with no issues,” Janet added. As for building a business with AIM, Janet recalled, “I was reading about stay-at-home moms starting businesses. It was like a voice said to me, What about AIM products? I thought: I’m not a marketer, I can’t sell to anyone.” Every time Janet got discouraged along the way, signs of encouragement appeared. “I don’t need those signs anymore. I know God wants me to help people with the AIM products.” Janet continues to educate people about the benefits of using AIM products. Her annual AIM Christmas meetings have become a tradition in Sherwood Park, Alberta. “I’m so thankful for the support of The AIM Companies™, especially for Rose Bird, the General Manager of AIM Canada, Janice Chan, her Administrative Manager, and the AIM staff in Vancouver and Nampa.” With a passion for AIM, Janet continues to educate herself about natural health. She loves reading the Living Well magazines. “I want to keep sharing the benefits of taking the AIM products for the rest of my life. I’m never going to retire from AIM. I have a motto in my office: Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up (Galations 6:9).” A mother’s care endures even after raising children to adulthood, and this thoughtfulness often touches the lives of anyone in need. Women such as Janet Breitkreutz are examples of why we celebrate Mother’s Day. Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.

May 2012


Product Feature





n exciting new ingredient and an exciting new taste have come together to form the new AIM Veggie D™. A vitamin D powerhouse, Veggie D derives its D from an allnatural source never before found in a beverage: shiitake and button mushrooms. Combined with a blend of twelve vegetables and lycopene-rich tomatoes, the mushrooms give Veggie D a savory taste—smooth and rich in a beverage concentrate or hearty and full-flavored in a soup or sauce. The new Veggie D is unlike any other vitamin D product you can find, and it gives the AIM product lineup a savory, satisfying taste treat.

The science behind the product Few companies can boast an all-natural, food source of vitamin D. And none can say their D comes from both shiitake and button mushrooms. AIM is the first. Veggie D provides 500 Interna­tional Units (IU) of vitamin D per serving, 126 percent of the Daily Recommended Intake (US). AIM chose mushrooms as a source of vitamin D2 over animal sources of vitamin D3, which are primarily derived from lanolin or sheep wax. Wild mushrooms naturally create vitamin D2 when exposed to sun­light. 6 I 1-800-456-2462

… AIM’s

Commercially grown mush­ rooms are grown in the dark and only contain a mini­ mal amount of vitamin D. AIM’s mushrooms are exposed to UVB light, which simulates natural sunlight exposure. After this short exposure to UVB light, the mushrooms are dried and milled into powder.

The nutrition benefits of Veggie D With 500 IU of vitamin D per serving, Veggie D is an ideal source of this essential vitamin and one of the healthiest alternatives available. The importance of this sunshine vitamin is growing as research mounts as to vitamin D’s benefits for osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cancer, and several auto­immune diseases. The most commonly known benefit of vitamin D is that it aids in the absorption of calcium, helping to form and maintain strong bones. In addition, it works in the body to modulate cell growth, boost immune function, and reduce inflammation. Many cells have vitamin D recep­ tors, and this ex­plains the vitamin’s many benefits. Deficiencies in D are common due to lack of sun exposure and

N prodEW uct

sunny, savory garden blend the few naturally-occurring whole-food sources of the vitamin. Such deficiencies can lead to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Without D, bones can be­ come thin, brittle, or mis­shapen. Upwards of forty million adults in the United States have or are at risk for osteoporosis, which is most often associated with poor calcium intake and absorption. Children must be careful, too, as a vitamin D deficiency may result in rickets, a disease of the bones. Veggie D’s other nutritional calling card is lycopene, a pigment that gives tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables their red color. Lycopene acts as an antioxidant in the body, pro­tecting against free radical damage.

On its own, Veggie D has a rich taste with veggie ingredients that pop. Combined with other AIM vegetable concentrates like AIM BarleyLife® or the AIM Garden Trio®, Veggie D complements the products. Try Veggie D in a multitude of different ways in the kitchen—as a soup, a sauce, or an ingredient in a variety of dishes. Here are just a few foods that could do with a sprinkle of Veggie D: • Hearty soups • Pasta sauces • Salads Whether you try Veggie D for its savory taste, its vitamin D delivery, or its fourteen natural food ingre­dients, you won’t be disappointed.

The most common assoc­iation with lycopene is with the prostate. Several studies have shown that lycopene helps lower the risk of prostate cancer and may increase energy. Its antioxidant prop­ erties also help with reducing bad cholesterol and protecting against infertility, osteoporosis, and eye diseases.

The savory taste of Veggie D In contrast to other con­ centrates in the AIM lineup, Veggie D has a savory, hearty taste. The vegetable and tomato mix lends a robust flavor that works well as a nutritious beverage, a com­ plementary mix-in, or a tasty ingredient in foods.

8.47 oz/240 g powder US: 5749E, $33.00 CAN: 5756E, $34.00 – 30 BVP – 6-Pack US: 5752E, $192.00 CAN: 5757E, $198.00 – 180 BVP –

May 2012


Main Feature

may | celiac disease awareness month

The Gluten Dilemma

These days, you can hardly look at a magazine or newspaper without reading something about gluten—a protein found in foods made from certain grains, including wheat, rye, and barley (not the grass, just the grain). The reason is that gluten is associated with celiac disease—a worldwide health problem that has increased dramatically since 2002. In fact, this disorder is so prevalent that May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month. A 2012 BioMed Central (BMC) study on gluten-related disorders noted that ten years ago celiac disease was extremely rare outside of Europe, so it was practically ignored by health care practitioners. Statistics now indicate that 1 in 133 people have this autoimmune disorder that affects the digestive process of the small intestine. If you have celiac disease and you eat foods containing gluten, your immune system attacks the small intestine and inhibits the absorption of important nutrients. If your body cannot absorb what it requires, other auto-immune disorders may develop, along with osteoporosis, infertility, and neurological conditions. Celiac disease is a serious health problem. Symptoms can include anemia, chronic diarrhea, weight loss, fatigue, irritability, cramps, and bloating.

People who do not have celiac disease can have health problems related to ingesting gluten. Incidences of gluten-intolerance are also on the increase; the main symptom is an intense, burning, itching rash called dermatitis herpetiformis, and the intestinal problems of celiac disease can also develop. The only way to avoid symptoms of gluten sensitivity is to adopt a strict, gluten-free diet. This is not an easy task since wheat is a staple part of the North American diet, and the gluten from this grain is found in so many packaged foods. Alarmingly, a large percentage of the world’s wheat supply has undergone genetic modification to increase crop yields. As a result, modern-day wheat crops contain higher amounts of the highly toxic 33-mer gluten peptide, which is believed to be the actual source of the gluten issue. To help those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, The AIM Companies™ has introduced a line of certified gluten-free products that include all-purpose flour, a pizza crust mix, and a waffle & pancake mix. These AIM products contain wholesome, glutenfree ingredients, including flours from brown rice, tapioca (cassava root), teff (grain), and sorghum (grain). It is increasingly important to care­ fully choose the source of your nour­ ishment. Let AIM help with your choices.

All-purpose flour US: 1.5 lb (5850E) CAN: 680 g (5863E) $9.00, 7 BVP Pizza crust mix US: 16 oz (58443) CAN: 454 g (5870E) $7.00, 5 BVP Waffle & pancake mix US: 1.31 lb (5841E) CAN: 494 g (5886E) $7.00, 5 BVP 8 I 1-800-456-2462

Product Feature


is Better!






eginning in May, the entire BarleyLife family will be available in 360-gram (12.7-ounce) canisters.

BarleyLife began the trend in February with a transition to the larger, more cost-effective canister, and now AIM BarleyLife™ Xtra is set to follow suit. Check AIM’s Facebook page and e-mail blasts to find out when the 360-gram BarleyLife Xtra canister will be available for ordering. First introduced last summer, the new blend of BarleyLife is the most nutritious green barley in the 30-year history of AIM. On average, the nutritional content increased by 25 percent. These barley benefits carry over to BarleyLife Xtra. Each serving contains one full serving of BarleyLife along with a blend of seventeen additional fruits and vegetables—including broc­ coli, carrot, and cranberry—that gives BarleyLife Xtra a great taste and additional nutritional benefits. One of Xtra’s chief ingredients is acerola cherry, which contributes vitamin C to its list of nutrients. Each serving of BarleyLife Xtra provides 34 percent of the Recommended Daily Intake of vitamin C. US: 12.7 oz (5865E) $49.00 – 39 BVP – CAN: 360 g (5867E) $50.00

One canister of BarleyLife Xtra now provides eighty 4.5-gram servings at an approximate cost of 61 cents per serving (one rounded teaspoon). May 2012


2013 AIM Convention

Stampede Your Way to Success AIM 2013 Boise Convention


ead ‘em up, move ‘em out to Idaho for Stampede Your Way to Success Boise 2013— the one-of-a-kind Member recognition convention in a one-of-a-kind location. Come see where it all began by joining your AIM friends and family in Boise, Idaho, July 18-21, 2013. Celebrate elite promotions, contest success, and the past year of living well with AIM. Tour The AIM Companies™ headquarters. Cowboy up at the world famous Snake River Stampede rodeo. The fun awaits at the 2013 Boise convention. Save next summer for an AIM vacation to Boise!

Hitch your wagons at AIM headquarters Before the roping, riding, and rassling at the rodeo, the convention heads to headquarters. The famous AIM building in Nampa—home of AIM’s international operations—will host afternoon festivities, including tours of the facilities, meet-ngreet with staff, and a good old-fashioned barbecue. Yee-haw! AIM headquarters

Saddle up for the Stampede Idaho’s very own Snake River Stampede rodeo will be celebrating its 98th anniversary, and AIM will be there. Convention attendees will enjoy a riproaring good time at the Stampede with bareback and saddleback bronc rid­ing, steer wrestling, Snake River Stampede roping, mutton bust­ ing, and, of course, bullriding. The Stam­ pede is in the Top Ten among regular season pro­fessional rodeos in North America. This is the big time, pardner! 10 I 1-800-456-2462

Hit the books on Saturday An AIM convention would not be complete without nutrition news, business tips, and more from AIM staff and experts. On Saturday, meeting sessions and break­ outs will take place where you can learn more about AIM’s latest products and initiatives and get the boost you need to build your business. Book learnin’ will take

place at the newly renovated Riverside Hotel, our gracious hosts for the convention.

Polish those belt buckles and boots for a gala event

Enjoy an evening under the stars at Idaho’s renowned outdoor Shakespeare Festival. Botanical Gardens

On Saturday night, join us in celebrating the success of the past year with a fantastic, formal Gala Dinner. Among that evening’s activities, we will honor those Members who achieved elite promotions during the year, recognize those who won cash and prizes in AIM contests, and celebrate health and wealth together.

Mosey on out to Idaho’s outdoor activities Make the most of your free time or spend some extra days enjoy­ing Treasure Valley’s many outdoor adventures. Wet your whistle (and much more) by floating the Boise River or rafting the mighty Payette. There are courses and forks for veterans and greenhorns. Downtown Boise

Hop a train up to the mountains and see first-hand the beauty of Idaho’s national parks and the quaintness of its small, mountain towns.

Visit the Birds of Prey center, and see if you can spot the area’s raptors, falcons, shorebirds, and fowl. There are enough Idaho activities to keep you here all summer. Pick your favorite to make your Boise convention trip that much more enjoyable. Check upcoming Living Well magazines and other AIM printed materials for more details on the Stampede Your Way to Success convention and payment options for making your convention trip as easy as possible. We’re shining up our spurs in anticipation of your arrival. So saddle up and hit the trail to Boise next summer! May 2012


Weight Loss Success

Ideal weight

improves fitness and confidence For nutrition that really works, nothing does the job quite like the AIM products. Customer Service Specialist Teresa Ward found this to be true with her weight loss. Needing to lose 10 pounds to fit into a healthy weight 118 lbs. category, Teresa turned to a variety of weight loss solutions—exercise, changing food habits, and more—and none of them seemed to solve her problem.


107 lbs.


“I thought I would never lose the weight,” Teresa said. Then AIM intervened. As a participant in AIM’s employee weight loss chal­ lenge, Teresa, age forty-nine, began tak­ing the AIM Lean Team™ combo—AIM ProPeas™ and AIM fit ‘n fiber®— and meeting regularly with her weight loss team. Prior to starting on the Lean Team, Teresa had lost three pounds using AIM CranVerry+, a cranberry supplement with added ingredients like resveratrol and mangosteen. The Lean Team took off the rest. In addition to the Lean Team and CranVerry+, Teresa also followed the AIM Weight Loss Guide and increased her exer­cise by fifteen minutes a day. She credits the accountability from her weight loss challenge team for making a huge difference. “You are accountable to your team; you’ve got to have some support to fall back on,” Teresa said. Teresa reached her goal of 110 pounds in only a monthand-a-half. She then set a goal to go even lower: Lose five more pounds to reach 105, a weight she had not seen in twenty-three years. Teresa set her weight loss based on a healthy body weight, one at which she would feel fit, healthy and confident. “I just didn’t feel good about myself,” Teresa said, adding that her ideal weight was 105 to 110 pounds based on her height and bone structure.

And now that Teresa weighs in at 107 pounds, she couldn’t feel better. “I don’t have the joint pain that I’ve had for years,” Teresa said. “My knees are feeling so much better; I don’t have pain every day, and as an added bonus my skin looks better. I feel great about myself. My husband loves this newfound it.”

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. 12 I 1-800-456-2462

People & Places

BarleyLife Health & Education Mesa, Arizona, February 18, 2012

AIM co-owner Ron Wright and his wife Opal hosted a meeting at Paradise Café in Mesa, Arizona, in February. Over thirty people turned out to hear presentations on lifestyle illnesses and cardiovascular diseases and the AIM products that could help, as well as testimonies on the loyalty of The AIM Companies™ and the generous Compensation Plan. Speakers included AIM Group Builder Melissa Dobney from Payette, Idaho, and Chairman’s Club Director Jackson Ger from Palm Desert, California. Attendees received information packets with AIM brochures, liver and gallbladder cleanse resources, and articles chosen by Opal Wright.

AIM Canada™ Meeting

Abbotsford, British Columbia, March 10, 2012 AIM naturals – a Force of Nature was the focus of the AIM Canada-sponsored meeting, which was held at the Columbia Bible College. Along with her featured testimonials, AIM Director Masako Moriyama assisted in finding this ideal location and organizing a luncheon for the meeting. AIM Director Jensina Donald emceed the event that featured the Five Vital Health Statistics presentation by Rose Bird, Chartered Herbalist and AIM Canada General Manager, and The Choice is Yours presentation by Dr. Lanny Donald, dentist and AIM Chairman’s Club Director.

May 2012


News & Meetings New edition

Fast Facts cards

Get Well Acquainted for the Future Do you believe it is possible to help people live well? Of course you do! Do you have the knowledge that it takes to make a difference in someone’s life? Perhaps not. Starting May 1, you will have the opportunity to participate in an educational program: The AIM Academy of Nutrition & Success. The AIM Academy is made up of the School of Nutrition and the School of Success, and the coursework will prepare you to become certified as an AIM Living Well Coach. As an AIM Living Well Coach you’ll possess the knowledge required to guide others to better health by sharing the Healthy Cell Concept and by showing them how easy it is to supplement their income. To get started, log in to your AIM Member account at the AIM website, select Member Tools from the green menu bar, and click on AIM Academy. If you need help, you can use AIM’s online chat feature or call 1-800456-2462 and a Customer Service Representative will be glad to assist you.

The latest version of Fast Facts cards are now available to order (5695E, $7.00). The pocketor purse-sized information cards contain brief overviews of nearly 30 AIM products. Eighteen cards have been added since the Fast Facts debuted in 2011. Some of the new cards include AIM GlucoChrom™, AIM ReAssure® SP, AIM Veggie D™, Healthy Cell Concept™, and products unique to the U.S. and Canada.

May AIMing Higher webinar training and prize drawing





The webinar schedule includes:  Five Vital Health Statistics Related to Your Health and How to Improve Them by Chartered Herbalist and AIM Canada General Manager Rose Bird  NEW! Veggie D Savory Garden Blend from AIM Quality Assurance Manager Ryan Davis  Cash in with AMRs contest information from Information Services Manager Eric Henscheid  Quick Start to Success by AIM Regional Meeting and Training Director Keith Duff 14 I 1-800-456-2462

The next AIMing Higher at Home webinar series takes place on Saturday, May 19, from 9:00 a.m. MT to noon. Enjoy hearing the latest on health, nutrition, AIM products and businessbuilding. To register, visit the webinar sign up page at or on AIM’s Facebook page. Members who register and participate in all three hours of the AIMing Higher at Home webinars will be entered into a prize drawing for a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Plus, five Weight Loss Starter Packs, will be given away. We hope you join us Saturday, May 19, for an educational, informative, entertaining morning with AIMing Higher at Home webinar training.

News & Meetings 2011 AIMing Higher Cash Crop winners Congratulations to the winners of the AIMing Higher Cash Crop contest, which ended in February. The winners are as follows: $1,500 – Loren & Kathleen Schiele, Royal Emerald Directors from Dallas, TX $1,000 – Bettiann Lloyd, Director from Austin, TX $750 – Dixie & Eddie Shaw, Royal Emerald Directors from Gilmer, TX $500 – Cathy McCrea, Star Sapphire Director from Meridian, ID $250 – Amy Houston, Director from Epping, NH Holiday Closures AIM Canada (Vancouver) office and the Calgary warehouse will be closed for Victoria Day, May 21, 2012. AIM USA will be closed for Memorial Day, May 28, 2012. May 2012 AIM Teleclass Schedule Register for a one-hour May teleclass by calling 1-800-456-2462, Option 1. May 2 Ca$h in on AMRs contest, Eric Henscheid, AIM Information Services Manager. Wednesday, May 2, 4:00 p.m. MT / 852.051 May 9 Learn about AIM’s NEW Veggie D, Ryan Davis, Quality Assurance Manager. Wednesday, May 9, 4:00 p.m. MT / 832.051 May 10 Women everywhere — balance your health and your life in 2012, Rose Bird, Chartered Herbalist and AIM Canada General Manager. Thursday, May 10,10:00 a.m. MT / 826.051 May 10 The art of boothology, Yoli Huron, Star Sapphire Director. Thursday, May 10, 2:30 p.m. MT / 860.051 May 15 Good health is a good business, Keith Duff, AIM Regional Meeting and Training Director. Tuesday, May 15, 4:00 p.m. MT / 831.051 May 17 Overcome sugar cravings, (Chinese) Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen, AIM Chairman’s Club Director. Thursday, May 17, 2:00 p.m. MT (Chinese) / 856.051 May 24 Thursday, May 24, 5:00 p.m. MT (English) (English) / 856.052 May 22 Is gluten adversely affecting you?, Darla Upton, AIM Chief Communications Officer. Tuesday, May 22, 3:00 p.m. MT / 837.051

Upcoming Webinar Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. MT, plus 3-hour AIMing Higher Webinar on Saturday To attend a webinar: 1. Sign up by e-mailing 2. When you receive an e-mail response, follow the directions to register for individual webinars. May 2 It’s AIMazing what advertising can do!, Judy Clover, AIM Customer Service Specialist May 9 Making your mark in the marketplace, Judy Clover, AIM Customer Service Specialist May 16 Learn about AIM’s NEW Veggie D savory garden blend, Ryan Davis, AIM Quality Assurance Manager May 19 AIMing Higher training event with the experts. First webinar at 9 a.m. MT May 23 Learn about AIM’s Weight Loss Plan, Phillip Jermann, AIM Biologist May 30 Is gluten adversely affecting you?, Darla Upton, AIM Chief Communications Officer June 6 The art of follow-up, Yoli Huron, AIM Star Sapphire Director June 13 The dangers of energy drinks, Tami Cole, AIM Director June 20 Navigating the AIM website, Eric Ingram, AIM web designer June 27 Manage stress with nutrition, Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen, AIM Chairman’s Club Director To watch past webinars, go to www. webinars-index.aspx

New and improved AIM products Recently AIM has rolled out improvements to favorite prod­ucts, a new whole-food concentrate, and a new line of gluten-free foods. AIM BarleyLife® Xtra (US—5865E, $49.00, 39 BVP; CAN— 5867E, $50.00, 39 BVP) is now available in a family size canister with a price as low as 61 cents per serving. AIM Veggie D™ (US—5749E, $33.00, 30 BVP; CAN—5756E, $34.00, 30 BVP) contains a vegan, all-natural vitamin D source from shiitake and button mushrooms and is unlike any other vitamin D product you can find. The gluten-free foods in the AIM family include all-purpose flour (US—5850E/ CAN—5863E, $9.00, 7 BVP), pizza crust mix (US—5844E/CAN— 5870E, $7.00, 5 BVP), and waffle & pancake mix (US—5841E/CAN— 5886E $7.00, 5 BVP). May 2012


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Living Well - May - 2012  
Living Well - May - 2012  

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